* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that Brendon walks like a Clydesdale T-Reks.

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11:40am Matt asks Ragan what the chances of it being a double eviction this week. Ragan says high, very high… 85 – 90%! Matt says that he really doesn’t want to be stuck in the jury house with Rachel this next week and then him the week after. Britney says that they need to start winning competitions. Ragan says that even when he does well he’s punished. They talk about how they worry that the double eviction competitions will be more suited to Brendon’s strengths. Britney gives Ragan pep talk telling him that the only way Brendon has a chance of staying is for him to win the POV. Then Britney says that she doesn’t know why everyone is worried about Brendon winning it because he is good at physical challenges. Britney says that Lane, Hayden, Enzo are all physical guys that can beat Brendon. Britney leaves the have not room and then lays down in the cabana room to take a nap.

12:15pm Brendon is finished his workout and then goes around cleaning up the yard in his sweat drenched shorts. Hayden is passed out on the backyard couch.

12:20pm – 12:45pm Matt is in the have not room talking to Ragan about how Kathy told him that she wants to help him. Matt says that he doesn’t know why Kathy told him about how Rachel left Brendon a message. Matt wonders if she wanted to help him why wait till after he was nominated to tell him that info when it couldn’t help him. Ragan and Matt continue to talk about Kathys game. Matt says that this is not the way for Kathy to get on my good side. Matt says that if she knows some way of saving me and waits until the last minute I am not going to be happy. Matt says that if she knows something she should have told me the minute she knew it not wait until the last minute. Matt says that he talked to the diary room about how Rachel wrote that message to Brendon using the pretzels and they said that they were unaware that she left a message and that they are going to revaluate what to do with it in the future …but as of right now it wasn’t against the rules. Ragan starts to says that there is no writing allowed ….Big Brother cuts the feeds. Britney comes into the have not room and Matt says that he is going to go lay out in the backyard. Britney says that she wants to but that Brendon is out there watering the grass and the deck. Matt asks what the grass that doesn’t grow?! Britney says that Brendon walks like a Clydesdale T-Reks.  Matt asks like a what? Britney says it again and they Matt leaves the have not room to go out into the backyard.

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12:40pm Lane and Hayden are in the cabana room talking about the scenarios for next week.  Hayden talks about what would happen if they putting up Britney and Ragan, Enzo and Kathy, Lane and Enzo.  Hayden says that if Lane is up then he is safe because he has Britney’s vote.  They talk about how they think the the only people that they have a chance against in the final two is Brendon, Kathy or each other. Britney comes in and asks what they are doing. Hayden says that they are game talkin… They tell her that they are talking about the scenarios. Britney tells them that the POV competition after the double eviction is always a physical challenge. Ragan comes in and joins the conversation. Hayden tells them that they all really want Brendon out!!

1pm – 1:25pm Big Brother calls for an outdoor lock down. Brendon starts talking in his annoying robot voice.  Matt is floating around in the pool, Britney and Hayden are laying out on the lounge chairs. The rest of the house guests are sitting on the backyard couches. None of the house guests are talking.

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1:40pm Lane asks Kathy if she is going to play pool tonight? Kathy yeah …training one on one, give you one more to play with. Lane says that Brendon won the pool trophy last night. Lane then says that he will erase Brendons name when he gone. After awhile of silence Lane and Kathy start talking. Lane asks Kathy if how many fish are in the fish tank are how many people started off in the house. Lane asks so ..four of them died and then they replaced them. Kathy says yeah. Lane says that there is no way he will let Brendon win the POV … that he will burn his legs off before he lets him win. They talk about how hard it is to be a have not ….and how if you are a have not for a week it is really like two weeks because you have to retrain your body. Lane says that they all need to fight like their life is on the line …like its Kathy’s son Shanes life on the line… Kathy says yeah.

2pm Big Brother calls an end to the lock down. Kathy and Brendon go inside to make something to eat. Britney, Matt, Hayden talk in the pool about how Rachel got to leave a message that compromises the game for them. Britney starts going off about how its not fair ….she jokes that its just for half a million dollars and that they gave up their jobs in a bad economy and they are away from their families… Big Brother keeps freaking out at them to stop talking about their diary room sessions. They continue to talk about their diary room sessions. And after about the third of fourth time of being told not to talk about their diary room sessions big brother cuts the feeds.

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126 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that Brendon walks like a Clydesdale T-Reks.

  1. i love how every week they always think its a double eviction which i dont think there will be one because one houseguest dropped out only giving them thirteen

      1. The week before they were going to enter the house, the 14th HG, a real estate agent, decided to ditch the show. Therefore they had no time to recast a 14th HG.

        1. Boy, they must have dropped out minutes before the show. They always have a few backup contestants. However, there probably wasn’t enough time for them to get them back there and film the start showing them being pick, etc. A Real Estate Agent, boy, that would have been a real plus to the cast…………………………………

        2. that 14th person did not leave…the 14th person was the original sabotuer, but during the press junkit she was telling people that she was chosen as the sabotuer and could not keep the secret, so she was kicked off the cast and they selected Annie at the very last minute to replace her.

  2. so im a little confused the only way matt can use the D Veto is if he uses it at the POV meeting? So he can use it on lane to take him down and put someone else up… but if he doesnt then Brendon puts him up he cant use it on himself because there is no POV meeting and wouldnt the 2 weeks be over once the POV meeting is over?

    1. Per the show last Thursday, Julie Chen stated that Matt has until this Thursday to use the DPOV. They have it set up, so that if it used, it is live for all to see and give them a ratings boost. Just IMO

    2. Matt can use the D POV at the eliminations to save someone that’s up for eviction and instead of HOH replacing the nominee, Matt gets to choose who the nominee will be. So if he takes himself off he gets to choose who goes up against Lane not giving the house the chance to strategize. Or if he takes Lane off he can put someone up against himself to be voted out.

      1. Exactly. Matt’s best, BEST option is to save himself because he can still be a target of Three Brigade member’s if they still want him out, even after saving a BG member.

      2. Do we know if Matt can use the DPOV to remove himself (or Lane) Lane then put Brendon on the block? Traditionally HOH cannot be on the block; just not sure if we know how far the power of the DPOV goes?

    1. Wait til she gets really pissed and makes her head spin around! She is one to be reckoned with. She hung in there as best she could for last week’s HOH. I wonder how far Rachel would have made it? Probably dead last behind Kathy and Enzo and almost choked to death by Mopsey and Flopsey (her boobs) as she tried to get them out of her way to undo the knots.

  3. Brittany has to be one of the meanest girls ever. She should be put under the definition of a mean girl. How she talks about people is just unreal she realy needs to look in the mirror if people in the house were anything like her they would be talking and making fun of her eye but they only talk about her charact which usualy what they say is right.

    1. In a house mostly of men, she stands out more. If she was in a group of catty females, she wouldn’t even be cute. I know many that can out cat her. You throw an old tiger in there with her and she will be torn to pieces. Kathy is a dead cougar. I am no longer a cougar, myself. More an old coyote. But I could take her down a peg. And, if Lane shined a flashlight in my eyes, he would find it up him where the sun don’t shine. (even if he is good lookin’) How is that, LJ? And I ain’t started drinking, yet.

        1. Excitement, I wasn’t saying either of those ladies weren’t nice looking. I was referring to their behavior. I am not counting flirting but I think Kathy might even need some help there, too. But, I am sure her badge helps on the outside. I know I would sure use it…………………………wink.

        2. Yes, Kathy is breaking out the big guns now! Her female competition has dwindled and now she has to start playing some sort of game….interesting that it would be “that” sort of game………If we are lucky she will drink too much tonight too and do a little table dance and really put some effort into winning!

          1. Yah, LJ, and maybe tell Lane to bend over to be frisked by the sheriff in town. Dawg might just get that shot you have been waiting for, yet.

      1. I always enjoy your posts. They are on-the-money 99% of the time. I’d say 100%, but I didn’t want to put undue stress on you to come through in the future…LOL.

    2. Didn’t we all go to high school with a Britney-type? I can certainly remember a few and I’m way up there in age!

      1. I did, Kathie. I was the only one that ever conforted her in school. And, at our 40th Class Reunion, she wanted to sit by me. All my girlfriends from school were laughing that she asked to be by me. Of course, I was nice to her and she had changed a lot with age. But, I still remember all the trouble she caused among us in school. Oh, would I ever go back……in a New York min!

  4. Need a pic for Ragan—I’m thinking Kazoo off the Flintstones….just seems right him floating around and popping up from time to time!

      1. Seriously?! Where do people like you come from? I’m sick of her mouth. There is being a funny catty WITTY bitch that makes the world go round with laughter and then there are people like Brittney whose gutter jokes are permanently stuck in HS. I can feel my IQ drop a peg or two when she opens up her vitriol ridden mouth.

    1. Dollars to donuts say that Britney is no different in the BB House than she is in real life. You can’t become a raging bitch overnight like she has for the sole purpose of the game. She is hateful, disrespectful, childish, and CLEARLY spoiled rotten to the core. If she is just “playing the game” then she needs to get into acting when she gets out of the House, because I see an Oscar in her future.

  5. I hope when matt uses the dpov he puts up brit, i CAN NOT stand her, shes just a spoiled little brat like brendon said!

  6. Oopps guess BB bringing back Whorachel is bitting them in the ass, my guess is there are going to have to throw a bone to the HG to get them to stop talking about the message she left for her boy toy..

        1. On the Big Brother site, you can select from a slideshow of topics. You might want to look under the Community or Forum tabs as well. Hope that helps. my eyes aren’t too great so it helps for mr to enlarge my screen resolution to 150% (bottom right of IE screen).

      1. Whats up with BB, let America decide what to sabotage, I’d have Ragan sab Matt or Brit, don’t let him choose his own, that compromises the game completely!!

            1. They are buddies…why would he want to put him back up there….Poor Ragan has been fretting non stop about Matt going up in his place…..I don’t think Matt would do that….just sayin….

            2. As far as we know the HOH and POV winners are both safe from Matt putting them up. There are some things that never change in the BB game and so far from past seasons no power has been able to touch those two positions once they are won. The Coup d’etat didn’t even allow those positions to be touched if I remember correctly. The Coup d’tat allowed two nominees to be replaced, while the D-POV only allows for one. I think that’s why they give that power while there are plenty of HGs remaining so there is still a solid pool of players to select from other than the HOH & POV winner.

              1. Coco, I just wish we could find the rules on this damn DPOV. I still think production has kept it up in the air because they don’t know themselves how they are going to play it out.

  7. Britney talks in a way that shows her cards too much. I like her but that’s the main issue I have with her.Not that I care about what’s she’s saying about the others because I don’t. But she doesn’t know when to stop. She even shares her knowledge of the game or stuff she’s memorized too much.

  8. Sounds like Kathy is getting the boot now. Or will Matt play smart and take out the strongest player. Either way Brigades are going to act like giddy school girls when they find Matt has the dpov. It will boost their ego even more

  9. Big Brother is DEFINITELY compromising the game by letting an eliminated houseguest leave messages after leaving the house. It ruins the integrity of the game, and BB obviously did it for ratings as well as so Rachel could start her usual drama. This season is horrible because of production in my opinion.

    1. Agree’dddd! Every year they get more involved. They seem to forget that the popularity of the show started because of the premise of the show, letting people vote each other off for their own reasons, not productions reasons!

    2. When Matt asked Production about rachel’s message to Brendon and how Matt thought it was unfair to the others, they gave him some lame rxcuse “that they have to look it up, or something like that? I think to be fair that bitch should LOSE HER JURY VOTE. She got an unfair advantage by coming back in and manipulating the “weak-minded” players (Enzo, Kathy, Hayden) in favor of Brendum!

      1. Yes, she broke the rules, therefore her privileges should be taken away. It takes away from any integrity in the game by letting that slide. I’m so not over that. It’s changed my excitement about the game. CBS doesn’t care because their ratings are up though…

    3. Gee, you think? Hmmm, maybe you’re starting to get why I’ve disliked Allison Grodner for many years? Maybe you’ll start looking back and questioning the integrity and authenticity of the outcome of the past few seasons? This isn’t some 9/11 or JFK conspiracy theory, it’s a fat bitch habitually manipulating a game we all love, so that it’s no longer the same show. Production doesn’t constantly cheat, but there shouldn’t even be one case of unfair manipulation at all, yet it happens every week or two each season. It’s so bad that we no longer even question the unfairness of a Diamond Power of Veto given to a random person without a competition. I’m pretty sure Simon will back me up on some — if not all — of this. Production has made up rules in a few of the previous seasons in mid season, and there’s tons of suspicious diary room guidance each year.
      Sorry, Allison Grodner. I know you’re only cheating so that you can make more profits to try and pay off your obesity health insurance and surgery bills.

  10. /yawn … Brendon walks like a …. Brendon talks like a … Brendon is a … Brendon’s shirt was … Brendon is SO going on the block … Brendon is a cheater … Brendon Brendon Brendon …. these people seriously need to find a new topic to be bitchy about before they put their entire audience into a coma.

    1. I have to agree I was thinking of get BBAD but after reading the logs I just cant; see myself spending money just to hear them Brenda bitch all day long.

        1. Evil Dick is thinking that he could mop the floor with this group of losers without the help of his daughter as an ally along the way. He would chew them up and spit them out day after day after day. Ragan would be curled up in the corner rocking back and forth crying 24/7 if Evil Dick was in the House.

          1. You just won’t let up on Ragan will you? What happened, did your husband or boyfriend leave you for another man? If he did, I can why! You are so BITTER towards gay people!

            1. Ragan is an embarassment to the gay community. The stereotypes that gay people fight against, Ragan does them on national tv. He’s weak, too emotional, trash talker, cry baby…..really???? Ragan will vote for Kathy if Brendan and Kathy are final 2? As a professor, he doesn’t think logic….not bright at all

              1. Hey Kermit! I am part of that gay community you happen to mention! STFU! How DARE YOU speak for me! I do not appreciate assholes, like you, who feel they can speak for one sector of the population! I was out before being out was in, sweetie pie – and when I came out it was a political statement, NOT A FASHION STATEMENT! Shame on you, you omni-sexual piece of shit! You’ve obviously had your clit pierced one to many times, or your tits are braided too tight!

  11. I like Brit, yes she is playin’ a catty game…..but that is her game play…and they all have some kind of undesirable game play going…….what Im curious about is if her game play has made her fiance Nick see her in a different light and regardless of whether or not she gives in to Lane, if Nick is going to still love her the same after this show as he did before the show!

    1. I think nick must be aware of what Brit is like but as the saying goes “love is blind” or in this case it might be “love is deaf”. The real problem for Nick might be getting green around the gills about lane and Brits flirting, but in the end she will tell him its all game..

    2. The ease she let’s stuff rip, I think he is pretty wise to her by now. She is young. I am sure he will still have her. After all, your husband and Rattlesnake Jake have stuck it out with us. 15 and 28 yrs. And, I ain’t young and things on me have shiffed a lot.

      1. Hahahah…soooooo true!! She is my second fav behind Lane irregardless, but I remember in the beginning when her and Monet would sit and just talk smack, I was undecided about how i felt about it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about anyone in this house, but then the more Rachel annoyed me and the more Brit dished on her the more my anger toward Rachel turned to laughs from Brit’s dishing and Im much more happy laughing than ranting about someone who i wouldn’t give the time of day to on the streets!
        And Ragan is whiney, but I try to keep his name out my mouth as to not offend anyone who might think I am gay bashing. Personally I prefer a happy more spunky gay like Ross Mathews! I love him!

    1. I’ve thought that for a long time, I mentioned it a couple of times here. Why else would Ragan be soooo upset for Matt this week????

  12. How great would it be if on Thursday everyone voted to evict either Lane or Matt and after Julie revealed the results, Matt interrupts her and says ‘I have something to say Julie’, and then he pulls out the Diamond Veto and Enzo goes up and he and his mouth are sent packing. That would be hilarious!

    1. What REALLY would be funny is Matt standing up to use the D-POV and Julie interrupting him and saying that although he never directly said HE had a special power he was told not to discuss a special power with anyone so he can NOT use it afterall. The look on his face as he was booted out the door would be ratings gold!

      1. Matt is too smart not to have asked what he could and could not get away with regarding mentioning the dpov. I’m betting production told him he could suggest there might be a power, but that mentioning either a) that he held it, or b) exactly what the power is, would void it. I hate to say it, but boy genius is playing the best game in the house and the “brigade” has been riding his coattails. I truly hope they tell him he’s leaving, but he stated that he needs to hear it’s because they feel he’s the strongest player, which is exactly what EnzYO and HAIRden were saying they would tell him. If that holds, he probably puts Kathy up and the Brigade plus Bitchney make sure Brendumb goes home next week. I think Brendon has played a good game competition-wise, but an extremely silly one in personal interactions with the others.

        1. I should have added the proviso that “Brendumb goes home UNLESS he wins POV, or because of the dpov, they allow him to compete this week again for HOH. Ragen is safe from Matt’s wrath and unless Brendon wins HOH again, he has no chance of leaving next week.

  13. Kraechesh, while Ragan is somewhat annoying, what about Wamber (Amber that cried and whined ALL the time) OMGosh…

    1. oooo I hated Amber. AND SHE kept saying how pretty she thought she was. And bragged about winning beauty contest???? I’m sorry she was the most plain unattractive person in the history of BB, but maybe it was because of all the crying…..

  14. Please get off the Brit is a Bitch bandwagon. I like her as a competitor and most everything she says about everyone is TRUE. I’d much rather listen to/watch her than Kathy any day! And she’s way better than Rachel too.

    1. Agreed. At least she competes. Not everyone is going to like everyone but seriously, Brittany is at least playing the game and not floating it. Just sayin

    1. Both her and Ragen, and they were also the ones saying Rachel was a sore loser and weren’t they also crying after Brendan won HOH. They both make me sick, Brit is just as big an ass kiss as Kathy.

  15. I know a lot of people are hard on Britney. I do like her but I also see her flaws unlike fans of people like Rachel and Brendon. I myself find myself nauseated by Kathy’s butt kissing and find that much more intolerable. She will throw anybody underneath the bus to get real good smooch of someone’s ass. She’s passive aggressive. If that gets her further more power to her, but I personally don’t want to watch her in the house any longer. Either that, or the brigade cracked up . I’m hoping they will tell Matt they are voting him out or something like that out of respect.And than have him whip that DPOV out.lol. That would be good TV. Better than them bringing Rachel back which really turned me off.

    1. LJ, wher am i??? i’m drunk as a skunk. Everybody here feed my par-tay addiction. Thanks L.J. but you can take this on while I sober up. Sounds like yyou ar still the MORNing LJ and ;you can handle it.

  16. Off topic, does anybody else notice how nasty the BB house is or the fact that Brendon and Sleeper Cell Kathy are the only ones who seem to ever be doing any house work? Dirty houses drive me crazy! I can imagine the smells in that place!

    1. Yes very true brendon and kathy are the only ones that clean especially after themselves, the others seem to just not care, imagine what their houses look like. I think that on thursday mornings they are all supposed to clean the house.

    2. My god the least Kathy could do is clean, hell she does nothing else except fail in comps and smoke oh yeah and ass kiss the HOH of the week..If it wasn’t for her cleaning I would think BB might send in a dr to check to see if she still has a pulse..

      1. Maybe we have finally discovered Kathy’s game play. Her strategy is to be the only one to clean up after these lazy a-holes so they will keep her around. Didn’t Jun (Season 4) do all the cooking so they kept her around and she ended up beating the manipulative bitch Allison (much like Britney this year) in the final?

  17. Wow! Did someone skip their afternoon meds? What else is there to do in the BB house to entertain ones self? Pokin fun at someone….hell they all do it … ALL OF THEM .. part of the game…two face, lying, making up stories, passing the buck……all the necessary tools for the game play…..Why is it when the others talk shit about each other it’s “oh well” game play…but when Brit does it she is trashed for it……Amazes me the double standards some of you have for the game…..just sayin……..

  18. Dinosaurs never died out. It just took really long for Allison Grodner to thaw out from the Ice Age, and she was hungry. She’s just lucky that Pangaea was a big enough plate for her tectonic tummy.

  19. She does have one lazy eye that tends to wander a bit, but how can you say anything negative about that body. WOW! Then she opens her damn mouth and ruins it all.

  20. Wonder what happened to Kathy’s morals that she talked about earlier in the game? Seems she forgot what her grandma taught her. Brown noser, for sure even if she does do a little cleaning.

  21. For all the crying about the “pretzel message”, I think Rachel may have been given a clue from production about circumventing the letter of the law- they need Matt to use the dpov or it’s a useless twist they badly need to keep people watching. While I don’t think production determines the outcome of anything, I believe they “suggest” on a constant basis for the sake of ratings. Who can blame them? This is, after all a television show that must have viewers to make money. If the houseguests choose to follow production’s subtle hints or advice, blame the houseguest, not production. I guarantee you there have been many situations that did not go the way CBS hoped, in spite of their intent/hope with these “suggestions”, no matter how subtle or overt they might be.

  22. Yup, there was a 14th house guest that walked out just before the show started. It showed a picture of him with his back-pack over his shoulder. He was a different race but not white or black. Julie showed it on The Early Morning Show. So I don’t think two well be leaving the house, unless bb throws in another bomb shell, to help Brandan. { Here Mr. Brandon, we want you to win , but shuuu, don’t tell Amercia } Sad, just sad.

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