Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden tells Enzo what the 6th Saboteur message is again and then says he is going to punch him in the dick if he doesn’t remember it..

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12:40am Lane,Hayden, Kathy and Enzo are talking. Enzo tells Lane he is all BLANK right now because he’s on the block, when he gets off the block he’ll be back. Enzo is joking around with them. Enzo says Hayden was all BLANK up too when he was on the block but he came back! They start joking around about Kristen. Lane asks Hayden if he loves her, he says he’s got to love her, she’s his sister! Kathy asks Hayden if he and Kristen kissed, Hayden laughs and says no, I didn’t kiss her Kathy! Kathy is wrestling with Hayden on the bathroom couch. Kathy is asking him what went on with Kristen. Kathy keeps telling him he lies. Enzo and Lane are laughing at them! Hayden says Lane can you get her off me? Kathy tells Hayden he should grow his hair out and give it to Locks for Love, he says his cousin did that last year. Kathy says goodnight. When Kathy leaves the room Enzo says to Hayden about Kathy ..get outta here! They head into the kitchen. Enzo says that wanted some candy bar. Lane tells him that it has 400 calories. Enzo replies 400 calories in that whole bar?! Enzo decides not to eat it! Lane wants to make sure the guys are keeping him in the safe with Brendon. Lane decides he its time to head to bed. Hayden and Enzo start whispering in the bathroom. Enzo asks Hayden what they should do about Matty. Hayden says they can’t tell him. Enzo wonders if they should split the votes, because Kathy is voting for Lane. Hayden doesn’t think that is a good idea. Enzo thinks maybe they should tell Matt Wednesday night. Hayden says that he thinks that Matt won something and that he isn’t telling them about it. Hayden says that he guesses they could tell him, and that they we owe it to him. Enzo says that he thinks they need to just tell him. Hayden says they just need to tell Matt that he could beat them in the game and that’s why they are keeping Lane. Enzo says that another major part of it is that Matt wanted to get Rachel out and that is the reason he is up. Enzo says that Rachel went home and Brendon won HOH and that’s why Matt is going home. They think that Matt could lose it. Enzo plans on telling Matt that the three of them have gotten close and Matt is always off with Ragan. Enzo and Hayden open the backyard door and say goodnight to Brendon who is in the backyard by himself. Enzo asks him why he is still up. Brendon says that he’s bored. Enzo tells Brendon that he might come outside if he can’t sleep.

1am In the bedroom Enzo, Hayden and Lane are whispering about Matt. Hayden and Enzo tell Lane about how they talked about maybe telling Matt before the vote. Hayden asks what if he has a power? They agree that if that’s the case they just need to vote him out and not tell him beforehand. Enzo says that they may have to do it dirty. Enzo starts to say if Kathy wins HOH… Lane says oh BLANK …laughs and says then we are a bunch of dodos. Enzo asks Hayden who do you have bro? Hayden says that he’s got you two! Enzo says they just have to tell Matt that they can’t beat him in the game, that’s why they are voting him out. Enzo says that in another week or so we are going to be fighting for our lives in here. Enzo says that Britney has got to go! Enzo says that Ragan is legit and that when he says something he means it. The guys hear Brendon come back inside and they all pretend to be sleeping. When they figure they are okay …they start to talk again. Enzo starts going over the saboteur messages from last night. Kathy tries to recite the messages back to them. Enzo and Kathy are always forgetting the sixth message which is “House guests, am I keeping you up?” Kathy asks Hayden and Enzo who they think Britney and Ragan would put up against Brendon. Hayden tells her that they would probably put you up.

1:40am Enzo says that it could be one of them though. They tell her not to worry if she goes up against Brendon, she’ll have the votes to stay and they’ll get rid of Brendon. Enzo says that if we win HOH who do we put up? Kathy says Brendon. Enzo asks if they should put up Brendon against Britney? Enzo says that if Brendon wins POV they can send Britney home. Kathy says the longer Britney stays the farther she will go in the game, she is smart and manipulative … and she will be five hundred thousand dollars richer! Enzo says BLANK her! Enzo says that Brendon messed up this week by not putting up Britney. Enzo says that Britney got in Brendon’s head! Hayden and Kathy say that they are ready to go to bed but Enzo wants to go over the saboteur messages again. Enzo starts to recite the messages again and gets stuck on the sixth one again. Hayden tells him what it is and then says that he is going to punch him in the dick if he doesn’t remember that one. Kathy and Hayden say goodnight to Enzo. Enzo asks why? Hayden asks him if he wants to keep talking, Enzo says that he does and then says that he misses everyone. Enzo says that he didn’t think he would make it 1/2 way in the game. Hayden says his first goal coming into the game was to not get evicted first. They talk about how dirty it was the first week when Annie was evicted; she didn’t even get to play in the POV. Hayden says who cares she was the saboteur! Enzo and Hayden both think that the saboteur messages are going to be important in the game. They start quizzing each other on the saboteur message time line and then decide to go to sleep.

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1:50am All of the house guests are now sleeping.

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I hate the fact that production allowed Matt to drop so many hints to Hayden and Enzo that now Hayden pretty much knows that he has a power. Doesn’t that change the course of the game?? Now Hayden and Enzo won’t tell Matt before hand, which would have planted a seed of distrust among them when he does use it. That’s bullshit. Matt should be punished for that, like not being able to use it at all.

just a thought

I guess because he hasn’t come right out and said what he has, production will let him use it? I think it was dumb on Matt’s part to even talk about maybe America will vote for a special power and keep making comments to the affect. Hayden seems to be clueing in. Are the others? What else is Matt saying about the power? I don’t have the feeds, just relying on this site for info.

Gavin's Lola

I like Matt because he’s smart & he’s the one who got Rachel out where the others just let him do the dirty work so they’re hands would be clean. Hayden & Enzo are nice, but because they are the ones that are working Brendon, they get the benefit of him not going after them which is not fair to Matt. However, if Matt had been AS smart as he says, he would not say anything to see if these guys are really on his side, then when he sees the deception he would take one of them out. I also like Ragan simply because he’s not afraid to Rachel what he really thinks about her behavior as far as the laughing at him like a hyena & being a total bitch. He was calm about it, but honest, where as the others want her vote so bad that they just pretended like everything was a okay. At least he has didn’t raise his voice during that conversation even though Brendon acted like he attacked her. Also, Britney & her constant messing with & biting her nails is driving me CRAZY!!!!


I don’t have live feeds either but from the text which Simon put up he seems to state it ad nauseam. He told them in not so subtle terms that he thinks there is a power out there that hasn’t been used, combine that with his relaxed demeanor in not even trying to save himself, anybody would be able to piece together that he knows something I don’t or has completely lost it. Also, he told Ragan that if he goes up there will be a huge surprise. If this was suppose to be a secret then he as good as spilled the beans, if he can freely tell people well then it was a tactical risk.


That’s the thing Rachel has no idea what was going on after she left. All shw did was tell him to put up Matt.

just a thought

Dumb and dumber are at it again. What do we do about Matt? Tel him? Not Tell him? UGH! Listen to Hayden BLANK…. he is right, Matt has a power and you don’t want to mess up your game further. Granted, it would be fun to watch them tell Matt and then be shocked when the DPOV is used, LOL! I just with those two would make a decision and stick with it.


Best game play for Matt would be to put up Hayden and Lane and boot those 2 out. Enzo will have nowhere to go because Matt would realize he tried to betray him and Brendon is just a goofball who has no sense of the game. With Lane gone, Britney would feel vulnerable. Kathy will try to align with Enzo and Brendon while Matt Ragan and Britney come together for final 3

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that Matt gets wind of the Br0gade trying to shank him and oust him this week. Then the game will get fun. That being said, I honestly think Matt suspects something is going on with those 3 and he doesn’t fully trust his Br0gade alliance.

btw, the br0gade is just br0ked0wn. They aren’t worth BLANK without Matt at the helm saving all their BLANK.


#1 if they wanted Matt out so bad then they did not have to put the DPOV in Pandora’s box for Matt.
#2 If you pay that close attention then how come you did not realize his name is BrEndon, not Brandon.


#1 if they wanted Matt out so bad then they did not have to put the DPOV in Pandora’s box for Matt.
#2 If you pay that close attention then how come you did not realize his name is BrEndon, not Brandon.

#1 He gained it before Rachel and Brendon left. Production loved them obviously as they focused more than half the show on those two

#2 Who cares? It’s obvious the show is rigged and it is a shame. The main point is to create the most drama in the house to entertain people and keep the game dynamic.



Kathie from Canada

Hey Simon – just letting you know in case you didn’t realize – earlier, if I tried to leave a message, my name was not there nor could I enter it. Below the box it said – sign in as Simon and then the next said sign out. All seems fine now obviously as I have been able to send this. You are amazing – the work you put into the sie is unbelieveable!!

Kathie from Canada

sorry site not sie. My bad.


What is up with this site today??? No Updates ALL DAY! I am going crazy over here!


Sorry we had a major server crash i have been working all night to repair it.. updates should be coming shortly


It is going to suck when Matt uses the DPOV to get Kathy out. What a waste of a power, he needs so use it on someone that plays the game not a floater.
If Matt is so great why would he waste it on Kathy and doesn’t he realize Hayden and Enzo have flipped.
Matt has the opportunity to make a huge move and he wont because he is an asshole.
The show is so boring right now I cant imagine how you people watch the feeds there is nothing happening.






Hayden is the only smart one in the brigade right now given how he’s playing, won the first HOH when it mattered, plays fairly strong enough in the endurance comps to make it look believable but bows out to keep blood off his hands, plus he was working the Brendon/Rachel thing right before Kristin left, Enzo has never mentioned targeting him, Lane’s got a final 2 supposedly with him, and Matt has also never mentioned targeting him. Plus he isn’t looked at as a floater like Kathy. Hayden’s on nobody’s radar right now.

Matt’s attempt at backdooring Brendon by putting Andrew on the block is still absolutely the dumbest move of the season. The only real ally he has is Ragan which isn’t bad since Ragan’s a pretty good competitor (although a horrible Sab). Plus sooner or later Matt’s whole wife thing is going to come out and something so stupid that basically hasn’t done much of anything for him in the game could end up killing his game in the end.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon – I hope that webpage image I sent is helpful.
Good Luck.
You and Dawg are doing an awesome job.


Here’s what I would like to see happen;
Matt takes himself off the block & puts up Hayden.
Then Matt, Ragan & Britany vote to get Hayden out.
The only votes left are Enzo & Kathy.


Matt can only take ONE person off, which will be himself. He can then put up a replacement of HIS choice but it CAN NOT be either HOH Brendon or POV winner Ragan. Lane will STAY on the block.

T that's Me

Ok, just my two cents worth, but I HOPE Hayden convinces Enzo NOT to tell Matt. That way the two of them will be safe when Matt uses the DPOV at the last minute before voting. If they tell him before, they will be the two on the block. Also, if they convince Matt that they are voting out Lane, he may choose not to use the DPOV and that would suck for him!!!! Personally, if he is stupid enough to believe them and not use it, then he deserves to go.


I hope they don’t tell Matt, too, just because that would mean Hayden isn’t listening to Enzo. Matt is smart and I am sure he would be in a tight spot if it was up to him to be the first one to vote out a brigade and who to choose. Tough spot for the guys even if they are looking like they are turning on one another.