*UPDATED* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Starts to work for votes, Matt to Lane: ” I’m hardcore BG.. if thats the route you want to take”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:20pm Matt and Lane Kitchen
Matt says starts bringing up the advantages of keeping him around, he mentions that he’s the best out of the brigade with quizzes and Brendon is after him so he can shield Lane/Hayden. Matt tells lane that he is hardcore BG and it that is a route Lane and Hayden want to take then Matt isn’t turning on anyone. Lane says there getting down to the final here they have to be with people they can trust completely. Matt points out that theres still a lot of strong players in the house being with someone that can win is also important. Lane agrees. Matt starts in about his wife how he feels like he’s really let her down and the thought of that is weighing him down.

Lane mentions that him and Matt have been in the same boat since day one because they took the side alliances. Matt tells Lane he’s 100% BG, he’s not going to go with Ragan or anyone over Hayden and Lane. Matt brings up Brendon and how with Matt gone Brendon’s 2 targets are Lane and Brit. Lane says he’ll think about it, after talking to his family today Lane is starting to realize that he’s here to win the money not make friends. He calls the BB experience to be Dreadful and wouldn’t want to wish it on anyone. Matt appreciates lane listening and hearing him out. Lane adds that he’ll talk to Hayden today and they’ll see whats best for them. (the curse is still alive)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:40pm MAtt, Brit, hayden, enzo sitting in silence. Brit is cleaning off the polish from her nails.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:50pm A Gremlin, a blonde, a penguin and a douchey corpse talking about lane’s phone call with his mom.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:08pm HOH Brit and Ragan ragan tells her he’s spent.. he heads to the Taj to complete his nap, Brit curls up in the HOH bed to rest.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:34pm Enzo and Lane Bathroom There talking about how great the phone call was for Lane to get. Lane mentions the good position they are in, Enzo agrees. Enzo: “Where almost done”. Lane: “We’re not done yet”. enzo: “We still have some unfinished work yo… Then we start celebrating yo.. If its me you or hayden that wins it’s like be winning yo”. Lane: “Yup”…. Lane goes to take a shower.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:36pm Brendon telling Lane this is the first time he’s ever felt that the whole house is against him. He adds that he’s only threatened by Ragan right now. Hayden tells him that the entire house is after Ragan so whoever goes up against ragan is just a pawn. Brendon says that Matt has made some smart moves in the game but ultimately it was his cockiness that did him in.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:44pm cabana Ragan talking to himself
“One of these pairs needs a third it’s Brit/Lane and Enzo/hayden… So maybe it’s not as bad as I think if Brendon goes in this last eviction… I become very powerful because playing for final 3 is better than playing for final 4. If Hayden and Lane leave…. and bust up both pairs …I can beat beat of them at endurance.. I might be able to pull this off… but I have to win the next HOH”
“I have to I have to I have to … its my only chance in the house”

Ragan starts to study…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:25pm Enzo doesn’t understand why they use teaspoons to measure shit in baking and nutritional labels. Brit explains how to measure a teaspoon and show him that theres nothing inaccurate about it. Enzo isn’t convinced he thinks that his teaspoon might be bigger then her teaspoon..

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152 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Starts to work for votes, Matt to Lane: ” I’m hardcore BG.. if thats the route you want to take”

    ur goin out . and u cant do anything about it .


    enzo: useless pinguin
    hayden : useless & shirtless
    lane : beast for nothing. cant win shit
    ragan : drama queen gay
    brit: hm two face but shes playin the game
    mat : OUT :)

      1. Brendon went threw a bunch of crap to stay in this game. Dumb dumber and dumbest have done nothing but lie lie and lie. But the jig will be up when Lane and Britney walk out hand and hand and Hayden is left with nothing but his ego.

  2. If matt can pulll this off i’ team matt and brendon

    if he cant then boo hoo

    it takes a special type of person to convince the house, if he can then thats amazing

  3. matt just give up already. i bet u will feel so stupid watching this season and thinking about what u did. using your first veto to get rid of andrew and then using the summers most powerful power on kathy after the brig told u they were voting u out. yeah b/c kathy was going to win hoh that week and come right after u. then after that, u throw the veto comp to the brit or brig knowing u just got the #1 pawn evicted.

  4. Just the TIP:

    You boys better tune out the Ratt. He’ll say anything to stay, which was evident from day one when he made up the lie about his wife.
    Ratt is a weasel. Time to exterminate the varmit!!!
    Keep Brit for eye candy, maybe make her put out. Be careful, Ragan wants to put out, too. Better keep the lights on.
    I’m still casting my vote for zingbot. He has a facebook page now. ;-)

    1. Yeah he’s the rat. The 3 stooges have been ratting and lying this whole week. Not to mention Matt still hasnt “ratted” out the brigade when he easily and should have to advance himself last week.
      He made up a FAKE illness about his wife which by me and other logical people see as smart. He knew a real illness would upset a lot of viewers, I guess he didnt take in consideration that some viewers are still crybabies, and oh btw it’s a game worth 500k. If the morons in the house believe him then that’s on them.

      1. It IS a real illness, handi-tard. Wow. And “me and other logical people”? You and a bunch of dumbasses. Give Brit her eyeball back and watch NBC. You suck at this.

        1. Haha. Play nice you guys. It’s all a matter of opinion how you want to look at Matts gameplay. But he’s trying to be too sneaky, and he looks awkward when he lies. I wouldn’t trust him if i was in the house. I’m glad he’s probably going, and it has nothing to do with the disease thing. He tried to play too hard (like Brian did in BB11…or 10, whatever it was). It becomes obvious that he would walk over his best friend to further himself, and everyone can see that. And the disease idea is a good plan to win the final 2, but no no one wants to go against him in the final 2 for that reason, so in my opinion, that was bad gameplay.

      2. “He made up a FAKE illness about his wife which by me and other logical people see as smart”..your so simple..why would anybody want to take him to the final 2 knowing he will get sympathy votes because of his wife’s fake illness?..It is a bad gameplan..so it seems you are the moron..BAHAHAHAHA!!!

        1. In all reality, he won’t get sympathy votes….If everyone is turning on him, and they don’t like him, they will not vote for him! More reason to keep him! As far as the illness…lol Who really cares?

        2. “..your so simple..why would anybody want to take him to the final 2 knowing he will get sympathy votes because of his wife’s fake illness?..It is a bad gameplan..so it seems you are the moron..BAHAHAHAHA!!!”

          Calling me a moron with grammar like that. PRICELESS!

          “BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Are you 12? I certainly hope so in your case. Just to let you know becasue you obviously need help, it’s YOU’RE not your. As in YOU’RE the moron.

              1. Don’t sweat it..my other eye is making a fool out of herself all over the board..she can’t spell “because”..ZING!!!..

  5. I give it to him it’s his only hope. There isn’t one possible way this is going to happen. He needs 3 of 4 votes. Does anybody see this working?

  6. At this point I think people just see thru him too much…they will tell him what he wants to hear but they know they cannot trust a word out of his mouth. He just lied one too many times.
    Watch Lane and Hayden will “yup” and “uh huh” him to death before voting him out. They know they cannot win with him in final two, especially since they believe the bullshit about his wife.

  7. Best news today!!! I can’t stand Matt and can’t wait until his lies come out. This is certainly going to make for a very interesting Thursday!!!

    1. What lies? Have you been watching? Cause it sure looked to me like the ones lying were the 3 stooges.

      Oh you’re gonna say the lie about his wife, arent you? Well news flash, that wont come out.

        1. after the show doesn’t matter…the game will be done…matt has been pretty loyal through this game…the only mistakes he has made is not putting brenchel up during his first hoh, not putting enzo up when he used the dpov and throwing ragan under the bus…he has had the brigades and ragan/britney’s backs and enzo turned on him and convinced everyone else because he believed rachel’s lies about him…rachel of all people…there are only 3 people in there playing a real game and that’s matt/brendon/britney…and britney’s game isn’t much better than the remaining…lane is only playing by manipulating britney and the rest of them are floating through…i will give ragan some credit because he at least tries most of the time!…if matt walks out that door i hope enzo goes right behind him in the double eviction!

        2. Wow, resort to name calling. Shows who the “dumb ass” is now doesn’t it. No one will talk to him after the game? Boy I bet that’s just gonna rip him apart inside. Just so you understand better becasue apparently you don’t. He made up an illness, didn’t say she was dying, and his wife seemed to play along. That’s called playing the game. How far would you make it in that house while carrying 3 back stabbing floaters? You can bet Matt wins Americas vote.

          1. I guess I wouldnt last long in the house because I would not disrespect my family and make up a dirty lie just to better myself. I hope this doesnt blow up in matt’s face and he wife becomes sick.

      1. See, another vote that you are a dumbass. You need to change your name to Britney’s Dumb Ass. That would fit you better.

        1. You mean another fool beside yourself has nothing logical to post? “keep Britney around for eye candy”… brilliant advice Einstein!

          1. What lies? seriously? you have to be kidding me…umm…have you been watching? LMAO at you…lets see…the lie that got Andrew kicked out..the lie that got Kristen kicked out…The lie about the ‘non-agreement’ between him and brendon his first HOH …the lie about the dollar…oh yea…the lie about his wife…the lie to ragan to have him turn on rachel…dang i could do this all day

      2. Sure, it will come out at the last show and where ever Regan is in this game he is going to have a heart attack. I would suspect he will be in the Jury house, but he has won some too. The law of average is with Hayden and Enzo to win something, but if Brendon wins HOH and puts up Britney and Regan, then Brendon will have to take them off if they win pov and one of the three dumb, dumber and dumbest will be going on the block, but dumb and dumber will vote to evect Britney or Regan and then the next HOH Brendon has to sit out.

        Then the following week Brendon has to sit out and then it won’t matter any of the four are going to put him up, his only chance will be to win pov.

        Brendon would be better off not to win the HOH this week and then be able to play in the next one, but he trusts the wrong people and it’s probably going to cost him the game.

  8. I can see Brendon and Reagan teaming up but not Brendon and Brit. Brendon is, sadly, driven by Rachel and I dont think she would like that.

    If Matt were to out the brigade now it’s pointless. He might as well do it anyway, but he will just look desperate to Brendon, Britney, and Reagan. Enzo will deny it to no end with Hayden and Lane on his side. Matt had his chance to do it all last week when the two knuckle heads who were safe this whole game becasue of Matt told him they were voting him out. Matt could have made, and should have made, a huge splash outing them but instead sat on it and got Kathy voted out… very stupid decision on his part and becasue of it, he’s leaving now.

    1. I think that outing the brigade might just work, Brendon Brittney and Ragen will believe him because he will admit to being part of it. Then Brendon Brittney and Ragen will realise that they can’t trust Lane, Enzo and Haden. Brittney will be pissed at Lane. Brendon will be pissed off that they were playing him. And Ragen will realise that he cannot fight the Brigade alone. Then Brendon and Ragen will vote for Enzo, and Hayden and Lane will vote for Matt. Then Brittney will break the tie by voting to break up the Brigade and vote Enzo out. It might just work. Yo

      1. Exactly what I was thinking. But seeing how Matt is playing now, I don’t see him doing it until maybe his last speech. That might be the best time, b/c Enzo, Lane, Hayden won’t be able to say anything then, but anytime earlier this week, word will get back to all of them and they’ll scramble. However, waiting until that time might make it seem like a desperate ploy, so who knows. Brendon doesn’t seem to want to team with anyone. It’s stupid b/c you need to at least try for an alliance, but it’s also smart b/c then he doesn’t have to worry about being turned on. I think he might feel like he’s avenged Rachel by now, but I don’t seem him aligning with Brit, Matt and Ragan b/c there’s still some hard feelings there.

      2. He should have outed them in secret to Brit before the POV ceremony. Now it is pointless, it will only make him look desperate. And WTF with throwing Ragan under the bus for the BG who has done nothing but throw Matt under the bus. Sad to say, Matt is a dumb ass. Even sadder, Brit ruined her game by putting Matt up. Unless Matt manages to sway Brendon or Lane, and Brit breaks the tie in his favor, he’s gone and we will have Brendon and floaters in the final 4.

    2. again…you are an idiot…if he outed the brigade he could potentially sway ragan, brendon and britney to vote to keep him…silly lil girl, go back to watching sesame street

  9. That’s the irony of it all too…the LIE…everyone felt sorry for him at first but they all know deep down they cannot beat that sympathy vote in the finals…so best to get the idiot and his sad sack story out. HAHAHAH the lie turns out to have worked against you diabloical super-tard!!

  10. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but all Matt has to point out is that he’s burned his bridges with both the Brigade (when talking to Lane/Hayden) and Ragan (everyone else). He’s more alone at this point than Brendon ever was, and the house can easily wait another week to take him out- every remaining houseguest will work to evict him. However, they may not get another chance to get rid Enzo, and there’s no way Meow Meow can continue on in the game without breaking one of his final four deals.

    If he can work that train of thought on Brendon, Lane, Hayden and/or Ragan, he’ll survive another week.

    1. Lane and Hayden will not vote to keep Matt for sure…they will not go against Enzo like that…the only thing Matt can do is get back to Ragan and offer an explaination to him as to why he threw him under the bus and then out the brigade to Brendon and Britney who will make the deciding vote if it becomes a tie…

    1. Brendon doesn’t care about the Brigade, Brendon wants Matt gone and now he knows it will happen, he keeps him Matt could make it to final 2. Brendon knows he has to win competitions no matter who is left in the game. With Matt gone, that is one less competitor for him to deal with and not to mention the fact that he’s playing to avenge Rachel be evicted at the hands of Matt. If you think Brendon will vote to evict Enzo instead of Lane, I’ve got some swampland I would like to sell you!!

  11. brit just made the decision that will end her game. and if lane and hayden had half a brain between them they would keep matt who is willing to go brigade all the way over his friend then enzo who has been very quick to sell out a member of his own alliance before anyone else. he would stay even if ragan went on the block. and would have someone who knows how to win challenges on his side to go after brenden. brendon will have a good chance to hoh and pov all the way to the end with his biggest competition out of the house and once he figures out you really want him gone he will get him out.

    1. absolutely not true…Matt is all over the place… a complete liar and will throw anybody under the bus and create any lie to further himself in the game…plus Enzo has been a true brigade member from day 1 and never have betrayed them in any way…Enzo looks out for their interests and Matt only for his own…this is why it is not smart for them to keep him in…

      1. besides matt lying about his wife i can’t think of any lies he has told…care to share?…he won’t even let ragan think they were in an alliance…like him ot hate him matt is not a liar…and the brigade didn’t go south until enzo threw matt under the bus…enzo will turn on lane next!

        1. What kind of a fool are you. He lied about his wife. A lie is a lie. His wife will probably end up with some terrible disease Matt brings home. Let’s face it Matt has been introduced to a life style without his poor ailing wife.

          What goes around comes around.

      2. Enzo is a true Enzo member. Of course he looks like he’s a true Brigade member because it benefits him. If he was the won winning earlier he may have shifted in his alliance as well. Not buying all the loyalty talk about Enzo.

        1. but aren’t they all…everyone is in it for themselves…but Enzo is a better bet for Lane and Hayden because Matt throws everyone under the bus and creates any lie to get things on his side…he has loyalty to the brigade for now…and Matt doesn’t have loyalty towards anything really, which is why Matt needs to go in their point of view

  12. Please whoever interviews these people please tell Enzo how much America really hates him. I wish CBS would follow Brit around with a camera to let us see her face and reaction when she sees how lane played her. How is it that BB picked some great characters in the past but all of these jerkoff made it?? They need to fire casting. CBS stop showing the Enzo you want america to see and show what a low life he is. And stop making it look like lane is in love with Brittney. Show america how he just is really using her.

    1. You are so right Mike…the casting was terrible this time around. No one see’s that they need to get Lane out….he could have played the game well and not been so horrible to Brittany. He doesn’t realize that America and its’ female population are now seeing what a creep he is….he thinks he is a ladies man and most of us ladies would’t ever give him the time of day. He reminds me of Natalie from last season….having a completely false idea of who they are….same with Enzo….how creepy is he…..and he thinks he is a celebrity! Brittany didn’t deserve this treatment….they are very intimidated by her…including her beauty. We see who these guys really are (Lane and Enzo) by the garbage that comes out of their mouths! Play the game but don’t be unessesarily nasty. Enough BB let America see what we see on the feeds with these two jerks!

      1. Lane I can tolerate,just barely though. Enzo I cannot. Both him and Hayden keep talking this trash about ‘we gotta win HOH or POV’ and they never do. Hayden is still a dick to me for letting Matt take the blame for the prizes he won and poor Brit will have to recycle that expression she used last Thursday when Matt’s DPOV was played. She’ll need it when she finds out the Stooges felled her hopes for making it to the finale.

      2. Who are you trying to kid about Lane and Enzo being so nasty towards Brit? She has done nothing but lie and gossip every second she gets… She kicks people while they’re down, takes personal hits on people (when it is just a game), it’s so bad that when she won HOH and was in the bath alone, she was talking to the camera and other than talking about her family for a short time, most of the time was spent running down Brenden and Rachel personally… How is she a beautiful person? Don’t speak for every woman about them not approaching Lane.. Who are you to state that?

        While Kathy and Rachel are out of the house, she still runs them down and talks bad about them personally… So BB does show a lot and we all see the live feeds as well, what show are you watching?

        There’s your reality check!!

  13. why does everyone think Matt is so strong at challenges?? First of all Regan jumped off to let Matt win them. They both could have stayed there forever. For Matt to make the final 2 he would have to keep flipping wins for the hoh and pov and now that he threw Regan under the bus Regan would vote him out. And even if Matt did make the final 2 this season is such full of idiots that they will all give it to Hayden or Enzo who have done nothing. Rachel has already said she wants Hayden or Enzo to win. The big dummy will do what Rachel wants him to do so that’s 2 votes for them. Kathy lives hayden and Enzo that’s 3 votes. Rachel and Bren both hate Matt. They will not vote for him. And Matt took Kathy out so Kathy won’t vote for him. So right there Matt has 3 votes against him and Enzo and Hayden has 3 votes for them if either went up against him. So the decision is simple. Vote Enzo out.

  14. random question,
    who any ones favorite this season?

    mine is Hayden, i dunnoe. just cuz; i think there’s something more to him. he’s being laying on the DL, he just needs to start thinking on this own.
    matty is an ass,

      1. I totally agree, I know I never use this term in my daily life, I think once you get into the BIg Brother house you can’t help not using that stupid term! SOOOOO annoying.

    1. My favorite is Britney. Yea, she can be a mean girl, but her wit shows her intelligence and she has played the game hard when she had to.

  15. EARTH TO MATT!!!…IF U WANT TO STAY…TRY OUTING THE BRIGADE AND STICKING WITH BRITNEY AND RAGAN…but plz dig yourself out of this hole first and give Ragan an logical explaination as to why u would throw him under the bus first…or else u are gone!!!

    1. and if Matt really thinks he is still part of the brigade after they’ve been trying to get him back for like 2 weeks…he’s dumber than i thought…

  16. The only way for Matt to save himself is to “out” the Brigade and how they are playing Brendon and everyone else. That way he has Brendon’s vote and Ragan’s vote, Enzo gets Hayden and Lane’s vote and Brit is the tie breaker..

    1. Yes this makes the most since, but I don’t know if Brendon would believe him or not. Brendon has a personality defect that makes him want every body to like him and be his friend.

      He sees Hayden as the cool kid he always wanted to be and I don’t see him turning against him , if some one hit him over the head with a bat.

  17. Simon, who is worth rooting for after Matty leaves? I hope Ragan takes it all. Or Brendon, lol. Just please not those tampons Lane, Hayden, and Enzo!!!!

    1. Hahaha I look like an ass now – I just realized my name is still “haydenfan”. Perhaps I can change it to Tampax Fan.

    2. not sure, we’ll have to see how it plays out these next couple days. I don’t think matt’s out of the fight but he’s in a very bad spot.

  18. I’m starting to feel sorry for Ragan now a bit…because everyone that he thinks that was keeping him safe is now throwing him under the bus../not sure what he should do now on his part

      1. Also, when Ragan had his blowup with Rachel, didn’t he end up with his finger in her face? Something about her expierence in the house – his final words – ‘Learn from it!’. OUCH. Now he can have the same conversation in the mirror.

        1. btw,i think Rachel was asking for that a little bit..i don’t like Rachel at all…actually none the less…i don’t really like anyone…but Rachel was offending him with all the shit about being gay and shit…i agree Ragan took that a lot farther than that should have gone…but i think that’s what Rachel wanted…to provoke him and make those 24 hours hell…but i don’t knoe…i’m not in house…although i would love to be…

          1. I agree. And I am no fan of Rachel. But Ragan came across to me as very selfrighteous. There was more than enough disrespect on both sides to go around. If Ragan wants to give advice, he has to be able to take it too.

    1. I hope it is just a little bit sorry – PLEASE ! Ragan was sooo two faced in the beginning that whatever he gets, he deserves. He made his bed, now he should wallow in it. If you’re going to feel sorry for him, it should be because he is obviously not being properly treated with the proper medication . . . lithium would be a good start . . .

  19. The whole time Brendon and Brit were handcuffed together, I kept thinking how pissed off Rachel would have been seeing the two of them. (LMAO) Given her clingy, jealous, territorial nature, it would have made her even crazier.

    1. I don’t think Rachel would be upset. This was part of the game, and Britney followed what the game. It wasn’t like Britney took it upon herself to try to get close to Rachel’s man. It was the order from the above.. BIG BROTHER! Rachel ain’t that crazy. She’s wild but not retarded.

  20. I got a question for u guys and gals. When they did all stars season 7 was there anyone there from cast of season 6?

    I started to watch during the first year of bbad with ED…. that dude was nasty he would smoke and spit all over the backyarf turf!! He always name dropped too, he hung out with person that person. Back then they would let it ride now u can’t say anyones name without them putting the camera on another conversation.

    1. Answer to question-4 members of S6 were on Allstars
      ED did not name drop actually, he knew all those people he said he knew. his friend from guns n roses said “people drop his name.”

    1. When Enzo or Matt get sent to the jury house, there will be a double eviction. One person will win HoH, nominate two people, then POV, then the ceremony and then eviction, around one hour after Matt or Enzo get sent to sequester.

      1. There has never been a POV on double eviction night they have HOH who puts 2 people up and they have to vote right away .

  21. What’s up with this Matt love?!! He’s a useless player who thinks he’s smarter than he is. He hasn’t done anything of worth. Yes he won two endurance comps but he wasted the first HOH by evicting a nobody in Andrew. Then he made a “power” move to get Rachel out. Wow…good one Captain Obvious. Then he blows a DPOV that was given to him by sending Kathy home?!! Wow…what a diabolical genius. Take your ball sack coated hand and ur loser self home. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  22. You can totally tell that Enzo is a real a** hole in real life. The things he says about the others in the house have nothing to do with gameplay. Calling Brit every curse there is and saying he wants to punch Matt in the face and punch Regan. I hope I run into him one day cause I swear I will beat the crap out of him.

  23. It’s funny how they all think there season has the best charcters ever. And the most. Lmao. Meanwhile we are the ones who know truely how lame they all are. Please if you interview these losers dont coddle them. Tell them the truth. Of course this season is going to have high ratings. There’s nothing else to watch because all the shows are off during the summer

  24. Honestly, What has Enzo done? What are we at now? like day 50? Enzo could have walked in through the door right now formed the brigade today and nothing would change. Thats pretty sad.

    1. How quickly we forget that Enzo is the one that came up with the brigade along with the nicknames. He IS very much playing the game by letting others do his dirty work. This sounds very similar to how a certain organization does it business that which I’m sure Enzo is very familiar with…………The MAFIA. Meow Meow has just officially changed his name to the GODFATHER!!!

      1. You’re so right…no Enzo has not won an HOH nor a POV (gotten close)….but if you watch him he is the “meowmeow”, he is like a cat, sneaking around the house and he steathily finds out information…..There was a character in Goodfellas (not a major one at the bar and his claim to fame in the mob was that he said everything twice…I think he was called Tommy Two something).. Not so much now, but he has always when talking to people just repeated what they have said….he made a side alliance with brenden….people seem to think that bb’s strong players are just the ones that win comps, it is also about scheming and sometimes, laying low

      2. They have even said it the house that this is a social game! Some players might not be winning the comps but the social game they are kicking ass in!

    1. everbody had to buss in for the prizes and that was not one that they talked about just the $5000.00 and the trip ther was nothing said about a power so I do not think so.

  25. I went to wikipedia and looked at the results of all of the past seasons. To my amazement every single season there is somebody that manages to make it to the final that did nothing until that point. Most of the time the individual who stayed under the radar made it to the final two and eventual didn’t get enough jury votes, but nonetheless had a 50/50 chance of winning. Maybe Enzo/Hayden/Lane are a little smarter than people on here give them credit for.

  26. I guess Britney taught me how to be a “mean girl” because I feel like trash talking most of the HG.

    Matt – Sneaky snake that he is, he is the most gross HG in BB history. What’s with the hand down the pants routine??? On SAD last night, he got up from the couch and actually walked all the way to the pool table without taking his hand out of his pants. It might be funny if it wasn’t so repulsive & socially unacceptable.

    Enzo – Obviously been taking after Matt and lately outright playing with himself. C’mon dude, America doesn’t want to see that crap. Sure, we are voyeurs, but we don’t want to be reminded of it like that. Surprised that the BB house is actually big enough to hold his ego.

    Lane – Maturity level of a 10 year old. Thinks he’s all that when it’s obvious in a few years he will lose the little bit of looks he has now when his hair is gone and he is fat. He is good for laughs in DR sessions though & has more game than I originally thought.

    Ragan – House is making him bipolar. Hope he survives without a total meltdown.

    Britney – Cute & smart, but too damn mean. She gets almost orgasmic trash talking. It’s just sad. Maybe it’s that pageant training kicking in.

    Brendon – Obviously hungry for love, but that makes his judgment a little less than perfect. I wish him & Rachel the best, but don’t feel hopeful that relationship will stand the test of time. Got to give him credit for scratching & clawing his way to this point. Makes me want to root him on.

    Hayden – When he pushes his hair off his face, he reminds me of a young Val Kilmer or a young Kurt Russell. I think he’s playing a good game in a low-key way. He’s also smarter than he wants to let on. He’s especially good at not making enemies or stirring up drama. My pick to win it all.

    So glad to get that out. I think I’ll revert back to a nice girl now.

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