*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Lane are Convinced they have won, Hayden: “We don’t even need to win sh!t and we’re getting final 2”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


5:35pm HOH Brit, Hayden, LAne, MAtt and Enzo Ragan’ sbeen in the DR for a very long time. Enzo is telling them that he thinks ragan is going to quit playing because he’s so upset about Matt. Brit doesn’t think so she thinks he’s just being emotional and talking alot in the DR. Matt: “this house is real dead”.. BRit: “I was napping real good when they called the lockdown”….Lane leaves. Brit wonders why the two dead fish haven’t been removed when they called the lockdown. Brit: “I don’t care about those fish though”. Matt: “neither do I”… Brit: “Kathy’s last words were to take care of her fish”.. They start talking about Lady Gaga, Brit hopes she got a lot of money for the tickets she had. Hayden says he would love to go see lady gaga because it will be wild… Hayden leaves (and for some reason all 4 cameras on the feeds follow him)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:52pm Pool table Lane and Hayden Briefly talk about why Ragan has been in the DR for so long.
Lane: “Dude you and me guaranteed final 5 even if Ragan wins .. its ours”
Hayden: “We don’t even need to win BLANK and we’re getting final 2 man.. ”
Lane: “Dude we’re in the best spot for final 2.. in the entire house. ”
Hayden: “Final 3 we’re going to get rid of brit because we’ll never beat her”
Matt joins them and they start talking about Ragan being in the DR, Lane asks Matt if he thinks Ragan quit. Matt doesn’t think so.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:07pm HOH Brit and Enzo Brit is talking about ragan being upset because Matt pretty much told ragan that ragans “Hardcore campaigning” hurt Matts game. She says that Ragan’s speech earlier today was confusing and she felt that he came across like he was mad and HAyden and Enzo. Enzo agrees he doesn’t know what is going on int he house right now. Brit tells him the reason she didn’t put hayden up is because she didn’t want Enzo to go home. She also believes that Enzo and Brendon were the only 2 that fought for the veto and she doesn’t think it’s fair to have enzo go home. She doesn’t think Matt tried for the veto. Brit thinks that everyone in the house is friends and work together and only Matt and Ragan are on the outside working for themselves. Brit says that Ragan is also upset with her for putting matt up because Ragan thinks theres this house pairs going on and i’ll be left out. Brit mentions that Matt had thrown enzo over the bus by saying that enzo isn’t playing his hardest during the comps. Brit starts saying that Matt is so weird right now he just lurks around, nobody wants him around. Enzo: “Yeah he should just go to sleep”. Brit all of a sudden panics when she sees that Matt is in the kitchen she thinks he’ll come upstairs. Her and enzo scramble to get out, they meet matt at the stairs and treat him like he has the plague.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:23pm Hammock Ragan and Matt Ragan says that people have been telling him that he was telling everyone in the house that brit should put up Ragan. Matt wants to know who said that to him. Ragan won’t say he doesn’t there to be any drama. Ragan tells him last week Ragan risked his game by campaigning for MAtt when matt knew he was safe with the power and then matt spins it around tell ragan that Matt didn’t appreciate it. Ragan says that he never would in a million years do to Matt what he did to Ragan. Ragan: “I’m really glad all this has happened because it has open my eyes that this is a game…” Matt says he’s sorry, asks if theres anything he can do. Ragan tells him there nothing Matt can do or say ragan will decide after he views the episode and figure out all the BLANK that went down. ragan says that from what he heard Matt was trying to get me put up. Matt says if he had intentions like that, he wouldn’t have told Ragan the entire conversation with brit. MAtt is so sorry he wasn’t trying to get Ragan put up on the block, what he told Brit was more of a defensive move. Ragan tells him that these past few weeks Ragan has seriously damaged his game because of MAtt. Matt tells Ragan that he’s a real friend and Matt wouldn’t turn on him in this house. ragan thinks that his friendship with Matt is realer than any in the house.. he does think that Matt’s back is against the wall so he did what it could to stay.. ragan will not know what to think of matt until after he’s seen what really happened in the house.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:03pm Ragan tells Matt that Matt is going home. Matt asks him what can he do to survive. Ragan doesn’t think there is anyting MAtt can do.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:25pm ragan tells matt that Hayden, Lane and enzo are not as mentally deficient as they once thought, he’s throughly convinced that they have not been trying at all in any competitions. Brit briefly goes to tell them that dinner is ready. Matt tells Ragan that Brit is more dangerous then Brendon. Ragan knows that. Matt tells him that when Matt goes to the jury house he’ll fight like a BLANK to get him the votes. Ragan doesn’t think he has a chance to get to the final 2. Matt: “BLANK this BLANK i’m going to try to stay in this house and if I can i’ll fight to help your position”. ragan knows that his survival solely hinges on him winning HOH on thursday. Matt tells him he can, Matt: “Just go do your chocolate bar studying”. They head in to eat dinner

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129 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden and Lane are Convinced they have won, Hayden: “We don’t even need to win sh!t and we’re getting final 2”

  1. if haden and lane are final 2 this will be the worst season ever i mean atleast get brit or brendon to final 2. they were actually playing the game

    1. Hayden, Lane and Enzo are playing a good game. It’s not all winning competitions you know. So far they control everyones vote. They’re playing a great social game. So far every single eviction vote, the person they wanted gone was evicted. They even convinced Britney to put up Matt. And they controlled the whole house from day one without even getting any blood on their hands. You may not like them, that’s fine, and I admit they aren’t very exciting to watch, but they are playing a very effective game.

  2. wow, brit is truly the most two faced person ever, just last week she was dancing for matt staying and now she is saying she wants him out.. wow.. just wow

  3. As much as many might hate Britney and Brendon…Honestly I’m glad Matt is (hopefully) going to leave. From the moment Matt made that lie up about his wife, I’ve hated him. Having dealt with both people with cancer and a situation where someone made up cancer (it was an aprils fools joke) its honestly just very low.

    Brendon, really, is the only one who deserves to win the game. He is the only one who has played hard competition after competition. Hayden, Enzo, Lane have not tried at all, Enzo finally came to play in that POV, and he deserves points for that…if he is up against Lane or Hayden i guess that gives him the upper hand. Ragan is just a whining baby.

    Brendon has become a completely different player since Rachel left, and after seeing him cuffed to Brit, his attitude has changed. I don’t think he thinks he is running the house(as hayden, lane and enzo seem to infer), but i think he is actually playing for himself right now. And hopefully the longer he stays in that house away from rachel, the more he realizes how much of a crazy, clinger she is.

    1. i agree i think brendon and britney shoudl win this game also i wouldnt mind of meow meow won becuase i have a feeling hes going to step his game up from here on out now that he was on the block. i want one of these three to win.

      1. ok dude lets let go of the disease ok.. its not the worst thing that has happened in the history of BB, and as far as enzo stepping his game up… sir enzo has had his game stepped up all this time… its just not that much of a step to take

        1. I agree, lets examine the pro’s and con’s of Matt’s lie:

          Pro – It raised awareness of a rare disease (possibly sparking donations).
          Pro – After Matt’s DR session he would have honored his word to donate some monies to a related foundation.
          Con – 12 people in the containment of a game show for a period of three months will think he has a dying wife.

          Get over it…

          Russell said he was a huricane katrina survivor, Johny Fairplay faked his grandmother’s death, countless people have sworn on their families and gone back on their word. IT’S GAMEPLAY! In six months you won’t even remember Matt’s lie, much less be offended by it. Stop picking flavors of the week to be self righteous about.

    2. I agree….no one has gone through as much abuse as Brendan, he’s like the whipping boy they all go to. His dunking himself in slop every hour shows how hard he will try. None of the other guys play as hard as Brendan. Granted, Matt won two HOHs, but they were competitions that were truly suited for him and Ragan. Ragan threw them both to Matt. Matt was fortunate to have a pandora’s box while he was HOH and got the DPOV, otherwise he would have been gone last week. I hope that Brendan can make it to F2, he deserves to win the game. The boys had long gone undetected and didn’t play hard overall. I don’t like the lie that Matt told about his wife either and continues to try and use it. Then his buddy Ragan was another tool he used…..Ragan is waking up to that fact and how it’s not so good to play emotionally.

    3. Please people get over the fact that he lied about his wife’s illness. I’m a cancer survivor and I don’t give a f**k that he lied. I wouldn’t give a crap if he said she had cancer. It’s a friggin game. In fact if you go the website of any foundation involved with the illness you’ll see that he actually helped by bringing attention to it. Donations have skyrocketed since he mentioned it. So if you really feel so bad about it then go give money for it yourself or shut the f**k up about it already.

      1. Speaking of folks returning…..DID Jessie really come to Britney in the HOH room? Where was the GOOD thing she was to get from Pandora’s box? Or was there a big prize that she is glossing over and lying to the other houseguests about?

        1. Brit got the bad, Jessie make her work out and belittling her and making fun of her, while the rest of the house got the good, a BBQ dinner out back.

  4. Matt really stinks.with the way things are goingLane and Hayden really will be final 2.such a waste of a season.Matt,Enzo and Hayden and Brendon need to go.even though he has changed there is no excuse for being a wimp and picking on the three smallest people in the house.Hayden and Enzo are obnoxious floaters and Matt lied about his wife.thats just low.if he had won he probably wouldnt have made a donation to a charity for that disease.

    1. For anyone who thinks it’s alright for Matt to have lied about his wife (cause it’s a game), you are just as bad as him… I lost my father to cancer at 50 and am now taking care of my uncle who lost his leg at the age of 71.. He was very independent and now needs to be taken care of.. So it utterly disgusts me that Matt said that, and so do the comments from people saying get over it and it’s a game and good game play..

      I appreciate all of you who agree that it is repulsive what he did…

      1. losing a limb at any age can be devistating, I’m a survivor of a pit bull attack, I lost a hand and my other arm is tore up and my leg. It’s just a game, he’s not hurting anyone, he’s not making fun of the disease or the people who have it. I really believe people get offended so quickly over this because they they are unhappy in their own lives and need to bitch about something to make themselves feel better

      2. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.. You are all entitled to your own opinions such as I am. I am aware of what everyone says about things that they have done. Most of them, I would not do in my life but I realize that people live differently. As for the lie about his wife, it is not good game play (since he’s on his way out), its a disgrace as a husband and a human being. Also, I would never swear on my family, I would be a better game player and coniving in my own way without involving anything to do with my loved ones..

        My down fall is I am as bad as Evil Dick so I would either be out in the first week or win like he did.. I would just be honest, which bites me in the romp…

  5. All of these people think that once they are in the BB house, they will become celebrities and opportunities will open for them and they will become rich and famous. Has anyone gone on to do anything besides Dr. Will???

    1. Boogie owns a really successful restaraunt that a lot of celebrities go to. Jeff has his own show coming on CBS. I think Evil DIck became a bit of a celebrity. But besides those people I don’t know of anyone becoming rich and famous.

    2. They will not reach A list celebrity status. What they will do is make plenty of money in appearance fees for the next few months. Clubs pay a pretty penny to have the cast come in order to bring in a big crowd. They will ride it out as long as they can.

  6. Ok if I was Matt I would take Brendon, Brittney, and Regan into the HOH and I would say first thing I want to day is I know I am going home. But if I can make up for some of the things I did during my time in here then I will feel better about myself. First of all to Brendon I am sorry I did what I did to rachal. You guys didn’t deserve that and I truely will make it up to you after the game. To Regan I am sorry for throwing you under the bus. I was an ass to do that to the only friend I had in the house. So now I’m going to tell you guys something that you cannot let lane, Enzo, and Hayden know. From day one the 4 of us had an alliance. We were called the brigade. It was enzos idea. Brittney lane has been playing you really bad. He is using you to get him further in the game. Brendon, Hayden and Enzo are using you to get me, Brit and Regan out so none of them have any blood on there hands. These 3 guys don’t care about you at all. They just want the money. If you notice who is always together? Lane, hayden and Enzo. I was part of them but I got close to Regan and they saw that as a target. I know I am going home and I’m not going to campaign. I just want you guys to keep this quiet between the 3 of you and just watch those 3 closely. You will notice just how close they are. I’m going home and that’s that but I want to go home with some dignity. After this is all over you are going to watch the show and see that they got everyone in the house. You 3 need to just keep it quiet. Remember it’s for $500k. Don’t blow it by telling them everything because the reason they are walking through this game is because they haven’t told anyone outside there alliance………. Ok people read this and tell me what you think

    1. I agree, but also think Matt should then align with Brendon, Britt and Ragan after they find out about the Brigade. Britt would be the tie breaker vote for Matt. Why do you think Matt is taking the Brigade to the grave with himself when he has nothing to lose.

      1. Don’t know why BB production doesn’t suggest it to Matt in the DR. They seem to pull strings and make “suggestions” to the HG’s frequently.

        1. Production wants this quasi alliance to make it as far as they can. Someone how in their head it creates a dramatic effect for the finale. Matt’s not going to out the Brigade out of some sense of misplaced duty and out of fear. He doesn’t wanna have to deal with the wrath of Enzo if it comes out.

    2. agree fully…been thinking that too. Tell them the full plan…they were all to have side alliances. Hayden’s job was Kristen, Matt’s job was Ragan, Lane’s is Britt, Enzo is Bren’s. Tell them the rhymes they hear about BG are Brigade. Tell Brendon ND is him…Needledick (remember Brendon asked them the other night what that meant?) Tell Ragan the reason he threw him under was because that was BG plan if there were 2 on block at same time. Tell Brit that Enzo has called her a C word countless times & Lane heard. They planned to get Brit out until she won HOH & now BG has thrown him out even though he saved them again last week because he put out Kathy instead of Brit. Like you said tell them he knows he’s going home so they need to believe him when he says he won NO prizes yesterday! Remind them Kristen was on to them (if Matt knows that, Ragan does for sure); You know what though Mike, we are wasting our time LOL They are all so stupid because DR was hinting the BG out weeks ago – clear back when Hay & Kris were on the block & they are still so oblivious. (anyone remember that??) DR apparently hinted them out again to Brittney the other day too. I bet production is so sorry about the casting of this season LOL They are thinking “Geez, we can’t even cheat with these idiots! We practically tell them straight out & they still don’t get it!!” LOL

      1. LOL. That’s what I was thinking. I think it’s hilarious that they apparently gave all those hints to Britney last night and then she believes Lane after an hour. I think I may just go with the hints production gives. I’m betting the casting agent is looking for a new job as we speak

      2. Fat chance of that happening. Ragan brought up that the guys were in an alliance and that Matt was a part of it. Matt still denied it and even went questioned why Ragan would think that. As if it’s the craziest thing ever. Punk move Matt.

    3. He could totally say that. But they would be confronted about it. Lane can then take Brit and say “yeah, we used to have an alliance, but it crumbled. That’s why Matt is leaving. I’m with you now Babe, we;re a pair” and she would buy that. Then Enzo and Hayden say to Brendon “yeah, we had an alliance, but we kicked him out to take you in” And he would buy that. You have to stop and look at why those 3 got this far and are still not targets. It’s because the come across as nice guys, and everyone in the house believes everything they say. You have to give them credit

    4. Mike I think you are spot on and I so hope that is what happens but the more I see Matt moping around the less I think he will do what he should do. The three stooges have been good at covering up and hiding most of their double dealing and backstabbing from Matt and he’s not totally clued in to how completely they have thrown him under the bus.

    5. I agree 100%. Although I would have Ragan probably call the others in after Lane, Enzo and Haydent go to bed and show up due to the fact it looks like everyone is avoiding Matt now.
      He has nothing to lose. Although I don’t know if I would apologize for the Rachel thing. I would explain to Brendon that his first HOH everyone was pissed he didn’t put them up so in order to not have everyone coming after him when he couldn’t play the next HOH so the second time he had to do that to Rachel and Brendon. But I would also explain that it was the Brigade’s idea to try to break them up in the first place, mainly Enzo and Hayden, especially after Rachel got out Kristen.

    6. I hope Matt does something like that.. if he does then Enzo goes home, the Brigade is over and Hayden and Lane who havent been doing anything the entire game, will be the next to go and someone who actually played and deserves to win, will :)

    7. mike its a great idea, but i wish he had done in before it was to late i honestly believe the only ones that deserve to fight in final 3 are matt brendon and britney (even though she has pissed me off for putting matt up) it doesnt seem very fair to me. sometimes i beleive this game is fixed i do enjoy the show, but not interested in watching the rest of this season, cant watch my boy matt be voted off and i dont want to see lane hayden or matt in final 2 just cant watch it

      1. Matt does have a chance. He can tell Brendon, Britt and Ragan everything!! Then they vote out Enzo! Matt stays to play another day!

    8. Like jw said, tell Brendon, Ragan, and Britt everything, the proof. Don’t tell Lane, Hayden, and Enzo. What does Matt have to lose? And he has everything to gain. It would totally throw the house upside down and give viewers something to watch these last few weeks.

    9. Yep, but there’s still a few days left. I have a feeling Matt will do this eventually, but it would be a bad idea to do it too soon or too late. He’s probably waiting until tomorrow night or Wednesday morning, and hoping that there’s a big fight in the house before then so it doesn’t have to come to him spilling the beans.

      1. I’m behind reading comments, so forgive if this has been explained. Why wouldn’t Matt just call a house meeting and tell ALL of them together about the brigade rather than keep it a secret from the 3 BG’s?

        1. Judging by Matt’s personality and play style, I’m guessing he’ll first do a 1 on 1 with just Ragan, and reveal all or some of the secrets, and then tell him he’s going to reveal it all to the whole house meeting, and to watch Enzo/Lane/Hayden’s face as he reveals it. That their faces won’t lie, and it will confirm that Matt’s telling the truth. Doing this in private first will help get Ragan to help him convince others to make him stay, and also show Ragan that Matt’s choosing him over Brit/Brendon for final 2.

    10. I wish he would do that, and there’s still time, but somehow I don’t think he will. Now wouldn’t that be a game changer.

    11. Awesome…he should say exactly that, but drop all of the BS he does and come from his heart. He has nothing to lose at this point….if he does that he may have a slim chance but they have to believe him which is the problem. Bren and Brit will go straight to them and blab….Oooh…maybe he should say, “If you do confront them, do it with me present so that they can face me” (then he should really let it ALL out)

    12. I wouldn’t keep Matt as I could never trust him….but the three should use it to form an alliance, putting their differences aside.

    13. I totally AGREE!!!! If he does as you say, I bet Ragen and Brenden will vote for for him to stay. It will be a TIE vote and Brittney can do the right thing and break the tie in his favor and vote ENZO OUT. Then we will have a game. Two sides fighting it out.

    14. i so agree – and if he does that he should also come clean about his wife so that they know he is really telling them the truth. if he does this he could become jury house favorite.. because he really did play the game.

    15. Nothing but sour grapes. Just him turning his back on his alliance from day one, Hay,Lane, and Enzo smelled a rat a called the exterminator to get rid of it. I’m sorry’s isn’t going to work, your only reason for coming up with this scenario is that you obviously don’t like the remaining members of the brigade. Give them credit, they have sat back and controlled who got evicted almost every week. Brilliant!

  7. i wouldn’t call Hayden a floater, he’s just on the DL.
    everyone is so biase this season. i guess its cause of the shitty cast this year.
    *sigh*but still love BigBrother, next time; they shuld pick a better cast.

  8. Shitty cast? Well acording to the people in the house they are the greatest cast ever to play big brother. Lmao. These people are delusional.

  9. Ratt: I’m so sorry I tried to put you on the block. Can I make it up to you?
    Gaygan: Yeah, let me go down on you, and we’ll call it good.
    Blah blah blah yada yada yada……..
    Tired of hearing these two bitches.

    1. OMG I’ve said this before! Thanks for repeating it. I bet Matt and Ragan will take a page out of Steven BB10’s success book and make a gay porno together for big bucks when this is all over.

  10. Britney is an idiot and should have thrown the HOH to Enzo. She’s still playing the high school cheerleader following the jocks, who will sell her out in a second.

    Matt and Ragan are both out of that club, so they’re done. The only reason Brendon is still there is because BB wants him there; the competitions have favored him.

    The only ally Britney has is Lane, and the jocks will sell out a stupid bimbo cheerleader to a teammate in a second.

    Yet she seems to actually believe that she and Lane will make it to final 2, and even if that happens she won’t win because she’s been nasty to and/or betrayed too many in the jury house.

    Enzo is useless and hasn’t won anything. But neither has Lane, and Hayden hasn’t done much since winning the first HOH. The entire brigade is floating their way into the finals.

    Brendon is the only one even somewhat deserving, but between his stupid showmance with annoying Rachel, and the fact that he’s a whiny baby make me not want anyone to win.

  11. “7:03pm Ragan tells Matt that Matt is going home. Matt asks him what can he do to survive. Ragan doesn’t think there is anyting MAtt can do.” – CORRECT … Matt IS going home and there is nothing that can change it – he made a huge mistake putting Kathy up last week instead of taking out at least one of the other Brigade guys (especially Enzo). At the Finale .. when they talk to each of the contesttents, Matt will acknowledge that he made the mistake of thinking he could still play it with the Brigade even thought they would have voted him out if he hadn’t had the DPOV. Biggest strategic mistake of the season so far by someone who ‘could’ have made it to the final 2.

    1. Sorry, don’t buy that Matt would have ever made it to the final two (unless BB wanted him there of course). He’s just been too slimy and with the exception of Ragan (who was blind) I don’t think anyone has ever trusted him.

  12. This is absolutely disgusting. If Matt gets evicted, I am done with this season. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane have done nothing in this game except ride on Matt’s coat tail, and it is absolutely appalling that those three pathetic floaters are going to make it further than him. Matt is the only Brigade member who deserves to win this game. Brendon doesn’t deserve to win either because he is a hypocritical, self-righteous, whiny poor sport who plays the game emotionally, not rationally. Ragan is a bit of a floater, but he is rational, and he won a critical PoV, so I would say that he deserves to win more than Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Brendon. At this point, if I had to pick a player to root for, it would be Britney. She is just as devious and calculating as Matt, and she has won four competitions. Unfortunately, she cannot compete for HoH on Thursday, so she will probably follow Matt to the hury house. What a travesty.

  13. @ jw. Lmao. Your right It is a waste of our time. These people are idiots on this show. But this is why I should be on next season because I would say all of this . Lmao

  14. Wow….what a turn. Yes I think Matt took too many things for granted. I was Team Matt but now I’m ****can’t believe I’m saying it**** Team Brendon!!!!

    I am now anti-Brigade (unless they start winning things). And I want Britney to go home next (revenge for putting up Matt), then Enzo, Then Hayden, Then Lane. It will be Ragan and Brendon and Brendon will win. Not the most exciting and highly unlikely that Brendon will put up Hayden or Enzo but anything is possible!

  15. @ Nannieinva. Your right I was hoping he would have said all of this to atleast Brit and Regan b4 the pov ceremony. But for some reason he just layed there looking around with his hand down his pants instead of going up there. He is so afraid to throw the brigade under the bus. If I was Matt I would have asked Britt who everyone wanted put up and after she told me that they all wanted me up I would have spilled the beans.

  16. I just found out that the clip that i submitted of Lane jerking off in the shower made it on the Big Brother Clips, in the Live Feeds thingy.

    1. omg! too funny, i just found and watched it. Lane thinks he’s being sooo sneaky, pretending to wash his ear for about 2 min, his eyes tell all!

  17. ONLY shot Matt has of staying is by pulling Brendon ragan into the HoH with him and Brit and telling them EVERYTHING about the Brigade and convincing them that they can be a final 4 or else Hayden, Lane and Enzo will beat them.
    By keeping him over Enzo they would have Brendon, Ragan, Matt face Hayden & Lane in the next HoH.
    It would obviously be a tough sell but it’s his best shot. Key would be convincing Brendon who thinks he already has a solid final 4 with Hayden, Enzo & Lane.

    1. I don’t know why Matt wouldn’t try doing that. He could tell Brendon how Enzo and Hayden told him about “the Athletics” Alliance. Surely Brendon would have to consider it, however, Brendon is playing strictly for revenge, and doesn’t seem concerned about the money at all.

    2. i agree wit you all the way. btw that is not hard to do(sarcasm). you just need to convince britney who believes everryyything that lane says.brendon will believe anythng but the key is britney. but i dnt think he can think of the idea or pull it off. Britney loves enzo nd thinks she is going far.

  18. LMAO!!!!

    Matt must think everyone left in the house is a “Diabolical Genius” as he is, and will take the non power move and vote Enzo out (can’t win shit) as he did not putting Britney up. Sorry Matt, getting you out of the house would be one strong player less in the house. Not stop it! Please go take care of your sick wife and leave good game play to the rest of the lower IQ bracket.

      1. I think you have mistaken this BB site for a gay porn site — move on with your nastiness, it’s not cute any longer, you are just obsessed with penis like a 5 year old.

  19. ummm hayden is delusional he said they don’t have to win shit to be in final 2 but sorry you guys can’t win shit you dunnies……the brigades are getting in my nerves why can matt say something about them there’s nothing left for him they throw him out like a dog,why is he staying num,is he waiting for thursdat that would be a bad move,he needs to create drama now

  20. I don’t think Brit is as logical as Matt. Seems like her bond with Lane clouds her instincts. Matt can detach himself absolutely. I think that even if Matt had put up Britney last week instead of Kathy, the Brigade already was afraid of him enough to come after him this week. Britney wouldn’t have been here to win HoH this week but Enzo (?) would have won HoH? I know – defies logic, right? Hee hee. But nonetheless, Enzo would either put up Matt or backdoor him this week anyway…against Ragan. Then Matt would have competed for POV maybe (if put up).

    I don’t doubt Matt will fight his tail off to stay so it isn’t over in his mind. But I am afraid that if he took the above approach – simple, direct, humble, mostly honest – “leaving with integrity” – that one/more of those 3 will not keep quiet. They think Matt is sketchy and I’m not sure they would just out and out buy it and at least one of them would want to “test” it by confronting one/more Brigs (who will, in turn, inform the others so Operation “BS” is implemented wherein they vehemently deny all Matt says). Maybe crushed Brit goes to Lane for reassurance he is with her or heartbroken Ragan, at his wits’ end, looks for a “tell” while fishing to confirm it…..but I’m afraid someone will show their hand. If the 3 Players (Brit-Ra-Bren) did take it to heart and just observed quietly for the next couple days, and pinky-swore (for what that’s worth at this point), that would be a A-bomb on the 3gade! If it worked, the 3 Players might – might – decide to keep Matt (not because of their character judgment but because of their need to believe) and send home Enzo in a surprise eviction Thursday. One of the (new) 4Play would likely win HoH on the lightning eviction round and send home Hayden or Lane (Lane if they want to ensure Britney doesn’t “slip”). Next week take out Hayden with him having a full week to dread it – being shunned. Then 4Play has the Final 4 locked up. Anything’s possible – expect the unexpected.

    Unless Matt pulls this one out of thin air, I agree: He’s toast and Ragan is likely sharing the limo with him – which will delight Rachel to no end.

  21. Umm Britney, Enzo was on the block so yes that’s why he played hard for the POV and the Veto. Britney is intelligent. But maybe isn’t “street smart”. She has maybe never dealt with a manipulative man or men before lol. She doesn’t know the signs or have the intuition it seems yet. As for Matt I want to see what he does in the next couple of days.Maybe he’s trying to keep the peace until it’s closer to Thursday.

  22. Not that I am a big fan of Enzo, hayden or lane but everybody keeps saying how floaters should not win this game and I agree, but what is the big difference between them and Dr. Will who is labelled one of the greatest to play this game. How many HOH and POV’s has he won. So why is Dr.will one of the greatest ?

    1. for me dr will wasn’t the greatest but we use to be entertain there were good strategies with him things were moving around but this season is crazy enzo with his stupid yo yo,brendon is way better than those brigade’s combine

    2. Dr Will was put on the block alot and got people not to vote him out. Even though he threw the HoH comps, he didn’t float in the game at all. Most of the house didn’t like him much or hated him and he still was able to stay in the house by not winning the HoH and there was no PoVs back then to rely on.

      1. Well I shouldn’t say alot, but a few times. When you thought he was going home for shure, he somehow sweet talked the people who didn’t like him, to make him stay.

        How the hell Bunky went home when everyone loved him and he stayed when every one hated him, was just pure genious on his part.

      2. I remember one eviction ceremony he begged and pleaded with everyone in the house to vote him out because he hated them all so much. he didn’t get one vote against him.

    3. Dr. Will was one of the original architects of winning strategies for the game. However, as is true of all past winners, their methods are never successfully replicated. Example: Both Will and Evil Dick took on these antagonistic, drama-inducing personas. But Will opted to charm the houseguests (and America), even while declaring his malicious intentions. Dick Donato, on the other hand, came in and vehemently declared war. He made no attempts at humor, yet he was amusing to watch. Will kept telling people he was going to lie to them and that he had no regard for anyone but himself. He said all of the negative things that no one wants to admit about themselves. But he did it with a winning smile and a dash of humor. Evil Dick terrorized the house, but despite all the close calls, he was always just persuasive enough to pull out a save. Plus, he won some challenges when it counted.

      Soooo, why is Will one of the greatest? Because he won, despite being forthright and unapologetic and never giving in to the temptation of trying to paint a pretty picture of himself. He meant it when he told someone he was going to lie. He didn’t pretend to be anyone’s friend. They just never believed him until it was too late to get rid of him. He made people laugh. That’s a gift. He was crafty and clever and no one has been able to copy him (or evil Dick, for that matter). When the show was in it’s infancy, you saw more raw emotions. Nowadays, though, the houseguests are vying for on-air time, planning for careers in show business (that rarely happen), or busy speculating on how many fans they have…A lot of the early spirit of the game has been lost because no one wants to be portrayed as anything but heroic.

    1. ok – here is my theory – what if there was no Jesse – did we see him?? (Brittney never works out, and if Jesse worked her out as hard as she says she would be BLANK about how sore she is. And I mean she would be sore! We haven’t heard a peep. Thats not like her.. So something else happened from her opening Pandoras box. I say she got a safety pass of some kind for the double evection.

  23. Come on BB, Please make a twist MAKE A COMPETITION THAT Enzo will win (Before elections) and have the chance to open A pandora box and then it send him home (FOR GOOD) , save Matt and send Racheal back to the house. This would be interesting! I am still team Matt! However I think Matt, ND, Bit, Ragan should be Final . Please save Matt Big Brother! Do a twist and Bring the pimple faced Racheal back. We need some drama!!! Enzo, Lane and hayden need to leave. I do not like them and think they have played it safe and are the most boring people out of the whole bunch of Big Brother. WE WANT MATT, ND, RACHEAL, RAGAN AND BRITT in the house. We want some competition Big Brother! Make your audence happy and shake up the house a bit! Send Evil Dick back to BB! He will KNOW how shake the crap out of the players. What has happened to the year of twist and stuff. Don’t tease us and then make this year worse then ever. Save your rating BB!!

  24. Do we know what prizes were available in the pov comp?
    Is it possible there was a mystery prize that turns out to be another power (I hope not) Because Matt doesn’t seem overly concerned with going home and I could see him throwing Ragan under the bus as a test to see if Brit really was loyal to him.
    Either that or maybe he has resigned himself to going home.

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