Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt says if he doesnt go this week and doesnt get HOH he wants to go up to fight Brendon for the POV..

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2:10pm – 2:30pm Britney says that she is not laughing at Matt or anything … but that she has already talked about how the next person that gets evicted has to go be in the jury house with Rachel. Matt says so you are already talking about me leaving. Matt laughs. Britney starts talks about how Lane hasn’t been a have not yet and how he hasn’t been on slop yet. Britney thinks that it should the people that haven’t been on slop that have to go on it. Britney says that Lane is so insensitive to her and other people who are have nots. Britney says that Ragan has been on slop three times already. Lane tells Britney that he was going to volunteer to be on slop. Britney tells him that he should have done it sooner to keep one of them off of slop. Britney tells Lane that he has no idea how bad it is. Matt tells Lane: that is no way to get votes.

The conversation changes to talking about sports and football. Lane says no that he has a year to go back but doesn’t want to.  Matt asks why cuz you’re all Hollywood now …like Hayden?!  Britney says that Hayden hates it when you call him that.  Matt says what Hollywood Hayden…  They laugh.  Britney, Lane, and Matt talk about how hard it is to become a firefighter. Britney says that Lane reminds her of a fireman Brit’s father is fireman Britney says that her real dad is real tough and a big guy … she says that hes a fire fighter.  Lane says that his friend was studying to be a fire fighter and that he couldn’t even go wake boarding one summer because he had to study so much.  Lane says that to pass the test there were a 100 questions and you had to get at least 85 right.  Matt asks Britney if she was to introduce a boyfriend to her real dad or her step dad who would she rather introduce them to.  Britney says her real dad.  Matt says that when he met his wifes dad for the first time he was sharpening an axe …right then big brother switches the all the cameras on Enzo, Hayden and Kathy sleeping.

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Britney gets called to the diary room.  Matt and Lane talk.  Matt says that Brendon is such a coward BLANK! Lane says that he tells everyone something different.  Lane says that he had a deal with Brendon when he talked to him that if Brendon put him up he wanted to be put up with Britney so that he wouldn’t have to vote and then he goes and does this.


3pm Lane says that Brendon wants to keep Kathy here. Matt says he is such a pussy! Matt says that Brendon talks about how much he wants to go up against competitors and then he says that he wants to keep Kathy here … he is such a pussy. Matt asks Lane what he thinks Enzo and Hayden would put up Brendon? Lane says that he doesn’t know. Matt gets mad and ask how could they let him stay in here and not try and get him out. Matt asks how do you think you would play next week out if I end up leaving, would you stick with them or would you go over to Brendon and Kathy’s side? Lane says that he thinks he would just keep doing what he is doing. Matt says so that’s why I like talking to you because we are in the same boat. Lane is hoping there is a power in the house. Asking Matt if it’s been handed out. Matt not sure, says it’s America’s vote. Matt thinks that Enzo might have it, would be awesome if someone has it.. maybe Britney. Matt doubts that it exists. Lane says that Enzo freaked out about being called the saboteur but ….we have been called the saboteur for weeks and we don’t care. Lane says the Brigade has the worst luck. Matt agrees and says they also suck. Lane says that we just got to cocky ..thinking that we control all the votes. Matt says that he just doesn’t know what he is going to do if he stays and Lane leaves. Lane says yeah I don’t know … Matt says well if you figure it out let me know. Both Lane and Matt hope that there is some kind of power that will save them. They both think that if Kathy had anything she wouldn’t use it on either of them. They say that Brendon definitely doesn’t because he would have used it last week if he did. Lane says if he goes this week that he better see Brendon right after him. Matt agrees. Matt says that if he doesn’t go home this week and doesn’t win HOH next week he wants to be put up against Brendon and then be able to play for the POV and kick his BLANK.

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3:15pm Matt and Lane are on the backyard couch talking. Lane says that Brendon is playing this game as if Rachel is still here. Matt says Brendon needs to get over it… it’s some broad he met over a month and a half ago. Matt and Lane think the next HOH will definitely be a quiz and probably a double elimination week.

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Yes. This should be interesting… I am definitely jumping on the Matt wagon 🙂


Britt needs to shut the hell up!!!! She’s going bye bye!! Biatch!! She’s the one making fun of brendon last week ……nows she;s mad because he picked her for slop….oh well!!!

angela melini

I totally agree. She’s a total hyprocrite. I think she’s so annoying


That makes 2 of us that agree!!!


everyone in the house r hypocrites. its okay to put brendon on the block twice and take out rachel but it iss not okay when brendon does it? it is okay for them to break a promise but brendon is a bully when he does it? ragan is now crying to kathy about how brendon didnt keep his words but everyone who had a deal with bren will prob break it too. i cant wait to see cry baby ragens face when he finds out matts lie. it will be hilariously sad


I agree. I am tired of Ragan’s whining and trashing that seems to be a never-ending cycle. I hope he ends up in the jury house very soon.


Good Point. Brendon FTW, i would hate to see Floaters who talk big *cough* “I’m big and bad and i’m part of the brigade and we decide who leaves this house” *cough* make it to the end.


IMO, Brendon didn’t have a deal with Ragan. The deal was, if I don’t put you up, you won’t put me up. He didn’t promise he wouldn’t put him up, he just said that if he didn’t then he expected to be safe next week. There was no deal, so no deal got broken. They are all a bunch of cry babies. I like Dr. Will’s philosophy: “you were smart to put me up, I’m too good not to be” hahahah!


And wasn’t it crybaby Ragan who came up with the plan to make Rachel think she was staying in the house all the while he knew she was on her way out the door. He can dish it out but he can’t take it and Britney needs to keep her mouth shut because she is in no position to talk either.


matt is calling brendon a pussy but he went after b/r when he kept kathy.


matt is just a sorry as loser and is just mad because brendon was able to backdoor him when he couldn’t pull it off when he was hoh


I can’t wait to see Brendon’s face when Matt whips out the Diamond POV.


Yesss me either…really hoping Matt puts up Enzo if not Kathy….I want Matt Brit and lane to stick together


I am so with you sister!! Lane needs to wake up and stick with brit matt and ragan !! ENZO NEEDS TO GO!!!!


I agree! I started off not really liking Brit but I absolutely want her to stay in the game. Her comments in the dr crack me up. I would like to see Matt, Lane, Brit and Ragen in the ff.


i know britney may be young and need the money less than other contestants but i like the way she plays the game and she is absolutely hilariousssss…i’m tired of people saying her and ragan are 2 faced it’s the way the game goes!


its going to be a chima meltdown all over again!!! classic!

sickoftheir shit

It’s going to be the best day of the season when he whips it out and puts Bozo on the block. Bye bye lozer…


Rachel pic.




OMG! That picture is perfect!!!!!


Absolutely Hysterical!!!

I'm just saying.......

That is some funny shit!!


Simon, you need to make this Rachels picture, it is way better than the other one.


yeah your right as soon as I have a chance i’ll change Rachel’s pic and add one for Ragan


Matt is the pussy. Anyone who lies about his wife being terminally ill is a pussy. Game or no game there is just no way to excuse or rationalize that type of lie. He could have made up a baby sister or other non-existent person. He is seriously tempting fate, bad karma for sure, something bad will come of this . He will not go home obviously, but he deserves to.


I AGREE with you 100%! To LIE about someones life and their healh is just PLAIN STUPID! It ALWAYS comes back and bites you in the butt. Just image how bad he will feel when something bad happens to her. HE will ALWAYS wonder “WAS THIS MY FAULT, BECAUSE OF MY LIE”?


Oh please. You’re saying that just because he told a lie about his wife’s health, and something bad happens to her, then he caused it? That is absurd, not to mention ignorant. And furthermore, you should read more about karma before you start preaching about it. Karma (if such a thing even exists) supposedly punishes the wrong-doer, not the wrong-doer’s loved ones.


Fate? Karma? Are you serious? Who died and made you the arbiter of morality? Newsflash: everyone on the show lies. Lying and deceiving people is what this game is all about. So what if Matt lied about his wife? The point of the game is to win half a million dollars, not become the next Ghandi. IMO, it is downright arrogant to say that someone doesn’t deserve to win this game just because their behaviour doesn’t measure up to your standards, and to rant about how “fate” and “karma” are going to punish them. Get over yourself.


you took the words right out of my mouth ryan…this is called bb, not morality police. the object is to win..not win with the most integrity or the highest morals…but win. if u can keep your PERSONAL morals intact you are doing well and good for you, but not necessary.


LYING is the name of this game but you NEVER say something like that about a loved one! NEVER! Mark my words KARMA NOT FATE WILL BITE HIM IN THE ASS!


Matt is playing a smart game. The lie about his wife’s illness is an unnecessary lie to me. I don’t wish any harm on his wife. He keeps bringing it up when talking to the others. I just wish he had kept lying about game play not illness. It isn’t getting Kathy anywhere and she has battle cancer. I just see this, should he win, causing future HG’s coming in with every deadly illness they can think of. It is sort of like the guy on the corner with the sign saying “please help. My wife needs medicine and I don’t have a job.” Then later you see him a couple of blocks down getting into a new car. It makes you look at all the other guys on the corners differently. Some may be needing real help. I know it is a game and lying is part of it. I just wish he had used a different lie. My opinion and I probably shouldn’t even comment since it is personal with me. But, you know me, I just have to type!


Wow, and you tell me to get over myself? His behavior doesn’t measure up to the standards of anyone with a conscience, morals or ethics. Wrong is wrong, and maybe you should re-read what I said. Doesn’t matter how much money is on the line, or what kind of game you’re playing, it does not excuse making people feel sorry for you saying your loved one has a terminal illness when they don’t. Like I said, make up a fictional sister, grandmother, whatever, but this crosses a line. My opinion, you’re entitled to yours.


“His behavior doesn’t measure up to the standards of anyone with a conscience, morals or ethics.”

I completely disagree. I don’t mean to be rude, but like I asked you before, why do YOU get to decide what qualifies as moral behaviour? Matt obviously has a different code of ethics than you, but that does’t mean that YOURS are better than his or anyone else’s. And, it most certainly doesn’t imply that he lacks a conscience. You are entitled to your subjective opinion, but don’t try to pass it off as an objective fact. And furthermore, if the rules of the game allow Matt to lie about his wife’s health, then why shouldn’t he do it? Because YOU say he shouldn’t?


I don’t get to decide, the rules of society dictate what is and what is not accepted behaviors and morals or our basic code of conduct. The Bible is also very specific about morals. and the % of Christians in the U.S. is greater than 75%. We could debate about this for days, but what would be the point. I didn’t say he couldn’t lie, I stated that in my opinion he shouldn’t.


I don’t get to decide, the rules of society dictate what is and what is not accepted behaviors and morals or our basic code of conduct. The Bible is also very specific about morals. and the % of Christians in the U.S. is greater than 75%. We could debate about this for days, but what would be the point. I didn’t say he couldn’t lie, I stated that in my opinion he shouldn’t.
“What is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is
doing it. Right is still right, even if no one
else is doing it.” – William Penn


im sick of ragan and matts “bromance” but if my wife looked like matts i can understand




you really dont understand the game if you think Matt is going this week…
Save your wishes for next week when it is possible…
Just sayin 🙂


Matt is safe as a bug in a rug for this week! I don’t like the fact he lied about his wife being sick, but at least he CAN win something! Kathy, Lane, Enzo and Hayden can’t! They are pityful…..they should have picked another game to play, maybe Let’s Make A Deal or something!! LOL

Lennon's Ghost

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Thank you.


Hopefully Brendon can pull it off next week to and if Hayden and Enzo are smart, they will join Brendon. Matt and Brendon are the only strong players left, and maybe Hayden. Enzo is a failure who talks big along with lane. BUT without the Brigade, they would be peeing in their pants right now. Brendon and Matt should deserve final 2. Screw the rest of the floaters (ENZO, LANE & KATHY).

angela melini

Absolutely agree with you..


Brittany is one of the strongest players along with Matt and Brendon. Ragan has also thrown two HOH comps and won POV. Hayden didn’t really win HOH, it was a group effort and Matt tricked him into going last. Lane, Enzo and Kathy have done nothing. Hayden made the fatal mistake of doing a showmance. I hope Matt puts up Enzo or Kathy. He could use Brit to take out Brendon, Hayden and Enzo. She gets the blood on her hands, he gets their vote. His smartest move is to take out Kathy this week. Between Matt, Brit and Ragan they should be able to win a HOH. I am not convinced that Enzo and Hayden would put up Brendon in the unlikely event that they actually won. Matt needs Brit to take out the trash for him.


WAYYY smarter to stay in Brigade…
They have the numbers and if they get rid of Kathy NOBODY wants Brendon…
Bye bye Ragan then Brit and voilla Brigade is final four…Then the three get rid of Matt and it is every Floater fo themself


Not if you’re Matt, who is the only one that has won anything and the only one that has gotten blood on his hands. The Brigade is only a safe bet for the other three, and not so much Lane. Just looking at how it’s going down, Enzo and Hayden would take Matt out before they would take each other out or Lane. Why? Because Matt is stronger than they are and they know that they couldn’t win against him with the jury. Matt doesn’t need them anymore. He can’t count on them to win shit. He can’t count on them to stay loyal. He can’t count on them to not flip on him. And he keeps getting blood on his hands. He is way better off sticking with Brit at least until final 4. Let her win a HOH and take out Enzo or Hayden or Brendon. The best way of keeping Ragan in the game, which is obviously what Matt intends to do (final two, him and Ragan) is to keep Brit, because Brit will keep Ragan safe and Matt can use Ragan to keep her onside. Matt would probably win against Brit, I’m pretty sure he would beat Ragan but I don’t think he would beat Lane, just because Lane hasn’t burned anyone unless people vote based on gameplay and not on revenge.


This is the thing: If Ragan is crying daily in his real life how on earth is he going to react to finding out that the ONE person in the BB house he has put ALL his faith/trust in is lying about his wife having a serious illness AND that he has been in an alliance since day 1?!?!?!?!


Could you imagine Crybaby Ragan as your college professor? He couldn’t get through an intro without breaking down.

Okay class (mild whimpering), today we are going to discuss (tears start to visibly flow down his face) Greek Architecture. We will talk about both Doric (mild sobbing ensues) and Ionic styles. (TOTAL meltdown and has to leave the room).


If Enzo’s wife is out there will you PLEASE teach him to chew with his mouth CLOSED!?!?!?!


OMG!!! Yes! He makes me so sick when he is eating I have to put on the Mute.


Matt is the one who is such a wimp. Would he still be saying “put me up next week so I can go head to head with Brendon” if he didn’t have the dveto. I don’t think so, also he is planning on winning HOH, because Brendon can’t play and the rest of the house are Losers
I would of loved to see Matt play for HOH last week, he never would of been able to handle all of the rope.


Since Matt can only use the D-POV to replace one of Brendon’s nominees and he will clearly save himself, he has only four HGs to choose from to go up in his place:

Enzo…can’t win a comp if his life depended on it
Kathy…more worthless than Enzo in comps
Hayden…hasn’t shown a whole lot in comps, but has SOME potential (I guess)
Britney…can win any comp of any kind

Unless he has a rock solid pact with Britney then he is an absolute fool to not get rid of her when he has the ultimate power to do so. If he is solid with Brit then he should put up Hayden and dissolve The Brigade. Matt IS the Brigade so nothing will be lost there.


Plz explain this 2 me!! I just read the CBS site re:Diamond veto…Matt can put up anyone rite…even Brendon????


I totally agree. Matt IS the Brigade, and Enzo, Hayden, and Lane would have never made it this far without him. Hayden is the best option for Matt to use the DPoV on because: (1) He is coming after Matt; (2) He is stronger than Enzo; (3) It would give Lane a reason to form a super alliance with Matt, Ragan, and Britney.


agree with everything you said..except for brit. she has won 3 povs so i believe she can win comps.


sorry! i misread what you wrote..i agree with everything you said:)


Isn’t the brigade going to be pissed that Matt didn’t tell them he had the DPOV? Enzo and Hayden want him gone. He’s a rat and when the jury house finds out his wife isn’t sick…he won’t get the votes.


How is the jury house going to find out before they vote? Did Matt confide in anyone in the house that his wife’s illness was a lie? BIG MISTAKE if he ever did. I know Andrew was told by Julie, but none of the jury members will ever hear from Andrew before they vote.


He can’t tell anyone he has it or he will lose it.


The jury house won’t find out unless he tells them, which I doubt will happen.


I think Ragan gets “backdoored” often outside the BB House…LOL. I know, it was a cheap shot and I’m sure the holier-than-thou liberals will come out of the woodwork to crucify me for it. IT WAS A JOKE, PEOPLE!


lmfao !!!!!!!!!!

Brendon is P whipped

OK Simon, time to put up a pic for Regan. Any ol’ pic will do.
Lovin’ reading all this info. Don’t even watch the show now! LOL


Just put a pic of Matt up next to him. They look alike (cousins or half brothers) anyway. DRINK!

Brendon is P whipped

Good comment Coco! Drink!


Kathy is an embarrassment to law enforcement. She gives new meaning to stupid. I have to mute it every time she talks.

Brendon is P whipped

I agree Sammie!! I thought you had to be physically fit and have a few smarts to be a sheriff.
I wonder how “truthful” their bio’s are. Rachel was really from NC. lol


The Texarkana Ark Sheriff Kathy serves a population of 30,221 as of 2009. Not a booming community …


Is there a chance that Brendon has a power too that could offset Matts? Just because it hasn’t happened before BB could always throw something at them.

Kathie from Canada

I” ve had similar thoughts. Matt said he go a dollar but has the DPOV. Brendon said he go beer and 24 hours away. What if he got a platinum POV that he could hang onto for the next couple of weeks? That would foul up all of the planning and scheming that has gone on. Matt would not have the same sense of security that he is currently flaunting.


Hey I was enjoying the DPov stapled to matt’s chest in all of his pics. 😛


This is awesome….I wanted Matt to use the DPOV and I have a feeling that Rachel is coming back! I can’t stand that these floaters are talking so much smack. I am rooting for Matt, Brandon for the win. I can’t stand Brittany and Ragan as they are just horrible ppl. Kathy, Enzo, Lane and Hayden needs to be evicted, ulitimate floaters…. I really hope Matt nominates Brittany….EPIC!


Did you hear that if Matt uses the D-POV that it unleashes Rachel back into the house as an active player? Did I miss something?


Matt will make a BIG mistake and put up Kathy. Who couldn’t win a HOH competition even if they gave her all the answers. She is an absolute embarassment to ALL law enforcement. If I were a Law Officer I would want her off the show as soon as possible. She gives dumbness a new meaning……and its “attached” to the Sherriffs’ dept. You dont get rid of the WEAKEST link in the game……YOU WASTED YOUR SUPER POWER!!!

Brendon is P whipped

Brendon HAD to receive something good for going away for 24 hrs. $$ or power. He would’nt have gone if he wasn’t lured because he was in power. We won’t find out till Weds show.

The Playa

Hey Simon…..
I’m not so sure Matt will be able to vote after using the DPOV…
Last year Jeff had the CDT and when he nominated Pig Pen and Muscle Man, Jeff was not allowed to vote.
I not sure, but I think BB does not let anyone who nominates another player to vote.
If so then there will be four votes and Brendon breaks the tie.
WOW !!! BB is back
I was worried but it’s on now.
So if Matt noms Brit there could be a tie….Kat and Rag for Brit…Hay and Enz for Lane
Brendon breaks the tie


would love to see the final 2 as Matt and Brit. Those two deserve it, not necessarily my favorites, but they are playing their butts off in this game.