**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilage – Theres a New super Alliance In the house “The Athletics”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lots of new things have happened over the past 12hours check out The early morning Big Brother Update and the Late Night Big Brother Update

12:01pm cabana room enzo Brit confronts them tells them that Brendon told her that one of you three guys has been tellign him to put her on the block and she wants to know who. Enzo: “Whose saying to put you u?” Brit: “I dunno Brendon just told me that” they start to talk about Brendon and all the deals he tried to make. Enzo starts saying that they all hav to watch out for Brendon and the way he’s playing the game, he points out that Brendon and Matty had a deal. Enzo: “He’s spreading BLANK all over this house yo..He wants to play with everyones minds because he has a beef or two”. Talk moves to the stupid sabetour, they all think it’s rachel or america (same round and round talk about the sab) Enzo: “I think the BLANK paranoia is starting to set into people.. everyone is going crazy about this BLANK sab”. Enzo: “whose winning HOH this week yo” Brit: “I am”. Enzo: “you think it’s double eviction.. if so lets get Brendon out yo”. Brit: “yeah but he’ll win POV” Enzo and Hayden both say that theres going to be a lot of pressure on Brendon and unless it’s another physical comp he;’s going to crumble under the pressure. Hayden mentions that theres something going on with Kathy and Brendon he tells them to listen how kathy laughs with him. Enzo: “Sorry I can’t stomach to do that”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:59AM Backyard couch Matt and Ragan

Ragan is saying that he’s working on the angle that Matt is being punished for doing something everyone else in the house wanted to do. Ragan believes it’s there only chance to steer votes over to them and away from Lane without throwing Lane under the bus.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:21pm cabana room Brigade, Ragan, Brit Brit, Matt and Ragan telling Lane, Enzo and hayden that Brendon has made deals with everyone in the house to ensure his safety next week. Brit says that Brendon told her that he wants her to stay so her and Ragan can take out the other players. Brit asks if they should put brendon up against a strong competitor so that they are guaranteed to have them play against Brendon. Brit tells them that you can feel the grooves on the chips so you might be able to figure out whose name it is an not pull his chip, she brings up that they could try and backdoor him and not pull his chip in the POV comp . Matt thinks it’s a little risky gambling the entire game one feeling a groove on a chip. They start running through scenarios, putting hayden up with Kathy to backdoor Brendon then he wins POV and kathy comes off, they all agree that it’s too risky. Matt: “I think it should be brendon and a strong person that way you use kathy if the pov is played” They talk about the veto in the haystack competition and how brendon will probably do well at it. Enzo saying that it sounds like a fun competition. Enzo: “grabbing, throwing picking up thats my type of game”. Matt: “Brendon will win it if because they’ll place his medallion right at the top and the rest of ours will be barried to the bottom”. Brit: “well at least his speeches have gotten better” .Ragan explains that when brendon is in power his speeches are decent but once he’s at the bottom his speeches turn into everyone being a pussy, you all better watch out, floaters don’t deserve to be here etc etc.. Brit and Ragan leave

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:20pm Brendon HOH talking to himself Brendon feels like his plan has worked Matt is going home this week and Ragan is going to be depressed and useless in the next HOH comp. Brendon nows he’s looking like a hypocrite because he’s going back on his word but he needs to get Matt out it’s what is best for him and Rachel.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:39pm cabana room Brigade Matt starts off by telling them there is a power in the house and therefore they have to keep the brigade a secret to make sure it gets used. Matt wants to know how deep Hayden and Enzo are. They say they are deep but they don’t give a BLANK about Brendon. Enzo brings up that Brendon had an alliance name for the three of them it’s called the Athletics Matt: “are you BLANK serious?” everyone laughing at Brendon’s wicked alliance name. Matt asks them if they are going to be buddy buddy with Brendon for the rest of the week. Hayden say of course he will be you never know what happens next, Brendon could win POV during double eviction and then win HOH. Hayden: “You don’t want to burn bridges unless you have to”. Matt asking a couple time about Brendon and the types of deals hayden and Enzo have with him. Both tell him they nothing long term. Matt asks if they’ll put Brendon up, and both Hayden and enzo say they will. Matt asks them what the future has in store for them. Enzo and hayden say they need to get Brendon out first then brit/ragan then Kahty. they all agree that if anyone takes kahty to the final 2 then that person will not get anyones vote they’ll give it to kathy. Matt gets called intot he DR.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00pm backyard Laying around the in the sun talking BLANK

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I am the saboteur

SIMON – I have another drinking game rule to add for this week…
Everyone drink when it is mentioned that Brendon gets to make the DPOV nomination replacement.


but it’s wrong. Matt gets to name the DPOV replacement….not Brendon.


uh …remember last year? it s the game. no right or wrong in bb


I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the drinking game.

just a thought

Someone really needs to tell Brendon that Rachel is no longer in the game and has been evicted. He’s friggin’ nuts! Matt seems to be fishing to see where H/E’s alliance truly is.


Agreed…hes trying to get a fix on where enzo and hayden stand. I wouldnt doubt or blame him for a second if he thought their loyalties lay elsewhere. to put them up. I believe once they see him use the DPOV the brigade will return to normal….at least until Brendon is gone.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Really? Rachel’s not in the game anymore? Hmmm, let’s see an EVICTED player shows back up in the house, talks game and leaves a parting message spelled out in pretzels for her (whacko) boyfriend to do her bidding..me thinks she never left. I’m not even convinced she won’t be back again before it’s all over.


Matt keeps mentioning the “secret power” shouldn’t he lose the power now cause it is clearly no longer a secret! He should try use it on Thursday then Julie should tell him sorry Matt but you spilled the beans, your power is now void!! That would be awesome, see ya Matt!!


Did he specifically mention what the new power was? If not then he can still use the DPOV

Other K

People are always saying in the house “I bet there’s a power” “I definitely think there’s a power” it’s not breaking the rules just to say there is, it’s breaking the rules to say “I have the DPOV”


I agree 100%. He should loose it!


lose, not loose.


can matt use the dpov to put brendon?


As long as he is still Head of Household, nope. He can take himself off and put anyone else up in his place (except Ragan I think, who has his own PoV? Unless that is no longer valid since already used?)

Love ToEat Brit the Clit

It was never stated who he could or could not put up this be mostly likely told to us by Julie on thursday or mentionded on Wednesday after the POV ceremony as the show is going off .


Matt should put up Brit. She is the only one who can give Matt any competition for HOH. He isn’t gonna put up any brigade members because he will need their votes in JH. If he keeps Brendan until final 2 he would get the brigades vote plus Ragan and Britney.


If he puts up Britney, he loses Britney’s vote — how is that a good plan?


if he puts up kathy he looses kathies vote to. And pisses off Brendon by wasting his HOH week. thats 3 votes against him.


Britney would be gone. sounds like a great plan.


so im confused if matt has the dpov around his neck did he use it or not


That is a crafty bit of photoshop work by this site.

I am the saboteur

Photoshop by Simon. I liked the wizard wand and hat last year.


Its not really the DPoV, its simon being goofy 😉

Uncle Cool

It is digital magic. I was tricked. Just for an hour though.


Someone needs to get those images to Matt when he’s out of the BB house. I think he’d get a great kick out of them. He has a great sense of humor, even about himself (Thank you Simon and Dawg for providing the link to the HOH blogs to me — his was great — Rachel’s was just as crazy as Rachel.)


matt may lose the DPOV for saying there is a special power!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he should…amatt sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He won’t lose the DPoV just because he suggested that someone in the house might have a secret power. The rule is that he can’t tell anyone that he has the DPoV. He long as he doesn’t say that, he won’t lose it.


I LOL at Simon’s use of the DPOV…it looks pimp. I don’t have Live Feeds so I don’t know if Brittney is spreading lies (of course) or is she telling the truth about Brendon saying that one of the guys is gunning for Brit and that he wants the guys out etc? Its ridiculous on its face because who would tell Brit anything secret, might as well put on BB intercom.


Matt should put up Kathy.if she does make it to the final 2,she will get the votes though that wont happen and the brigade will be the only ones semi mad and they already are using him. i think thats the smaertest thing to do.


Hayden and Enzo need to quit being punks and get rid of Brendon. They shouldn’t care if they get blood on their hands. They would only lose Brendon and Rachel’s vote. Who knows how they would vote if its matt and H/E. They would hate them both.


Jordon won last year, she was the ultimate floater who couldn’t put together a coherent sentence and she ends up winning all because of Lydia’s grudge against Natalie. Jessie had the hots for Nat and Lydia couldn’t deal with being his ‘ho’mance. Thus, after last years win, the houseguests think if the person with less blood on their hands gets to final 2, they will win and not the person who kicked ass through-out the game for instance Dick. He was hated but he played the hardest. Even Zack liked him and the both of them were against each other. Zack went to make sure Dick was okay. Dick’s hands were really bloody and yet he won. Jordon’s win has turned the game right on it’s ass and Enzo, Hayden and Lane are all thinking that if they can make it to the end they will win. I think they might not against Matt though because Rachel and Brendon are all about the game and I think a floater might not win this year.


agreed 100 percent Jordan winning last year, has ruined the game for me. bring back the backstabbing, lying, and cheating. I miss those days


No offence but Enzo is useless. Hayden won one HOH and that’s about it. When Brendon is gone, Matt will be the only none-floater left along Britney and Hayden.


no offense taken.. because you’re right. he’s won nothing. not really tried. he’s counting on continually flying under the radar while others do his dirty work.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Joe, You hit it dead on. After that Jordan fiasco last year, I pretty much gave up the game. You should use floating selectively, not as your entire game. It’s lazy and speaks of an inabillity/unwillingness to have a mixed bag of tricks. I know if I were part of the jury, I absolutely would not vote for a floater. Its not game play at all, regardless of what people think. Its the ultimate form of laziness to me. To sum it up, Enzo and Kathy need to go. Enzo more because he talks so much and does so little. Hayden is capable but he better step it up. Same with Lane. Kathy does NOTHING. Housesitting is not part of the game to me.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Oops,I was actually responding to Rockstar’s post,not Joe’s.


mats gonna get blindsided he thinks he safe so he wont use it, unless cbs forces him to use it cuz this season blows ballz.


Matt only thinks he is safe because he has the DPoV, and he intends to use it. He even told Britney to throw him under the bus because he wanted Brendon to nominate him. He also knows that if he doesn’t use the DPoV, then either him or Lane is leaving. If he is planning to stay by relying on votes (instead of the DPoV), then that would mean his plan is to get rid of Lane, which makes no sense whatsoever.


Mike – check the site updates. Matt is nominated now. He has to use the DPOV

J.P. Brigade

Simon, you REALLY think this “new” allance is for real? You KNOW my opinion. This is the storm before the Brigade hurricane.

Come on man. Let me know what you think.

Uncle Cool

I think Matt should impose a power move and get rid of the lovable Britney, in the name of the Brigade.

He would then replace Enzo as ‘leader’.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon – You need to use the red demon image next to Brendon whenever he is talking to himself or thinking of Rachel. You know which one I mean.


what will the brigade think when matt used his hitting power and ends up putting one of his brigades along with brittney


He won’t put up Britney. If his plan is to have Britney up against Lane, then he would have just convinced Brendon to put her up instead of him. Instead, Matt told Britney to throw him under the bus so that he would get nominated. I think he has another target in mind (hopefully Hayden or Enzo).

tony b

Wishful thinking I am afraid. Why would he evict one of them and have the other two and Brendon squarely after him. He can put up Kathy and only have Brendon after him (bcuz Brigade will understand his actions) or put up Brit and also avoid too much trouble. It will be one of those two.


Hey wait a minute guys! You forgot about me, I am the moth and have been staying in the backyard! I am the 14th HG. I am part of the BG, and have been privy to everyone’s conversation. They thought I was dead because of the bee they fed me! But they could not be more wrong! I get to vote this Thursday night too! Wait til you see my DR session!


hahaha@ Stealth, I thought I was the 14th houseguest. I’m hiding in Matt’s pants. Rub me for good luck. haha


1 million more viewers on Thursday night then Wednesday. 8 million viewers. Jay Leno only gets 4.5-5 million viewers.. just sayin’ BB is ratings gold. It’s bigger then BB 11.. so for any of the naysayers who think BB is flopping, umm no.


onlinebigbrother.com is ranked #3 when you search BB 12 and it is ranked #10 when you search BB. Wicked job simon and Dawg. Wooooo


I believe Enzo and Hayden tried to get Brendon to put up Brit. I do agree that Matt’s hinting around about a special power should void his. Anyone with half a brain should know that he got something more out of Pandoras box then a dollar


I agree 100%! He spilled the beans & should not be able to use it!


No he didn’t. He only suggested that someone in the house has a secret power. He didn’t say what the power is or who has it. What Matt is doing is no different than Ragan talking about the saboteur.


OK people, wishful thinking on your part but don’t you think Matt is smart enough to ask what the guidelines are on what he can or can not say? It will not get taken away from him. He was told he couldn’t tell anyone HE HAD THE POWER, that is all.


If Matt got called into the DR after he told everyone about the special power maybe they are taking it away from him, I hope so. We will be able to tell by the way he acts after he gets out of DR. I hope he is all sad now what a jerk !!!



sickoftheir shit

He didnt say HE has any power. He just floated the idea that there might be in one play. Matt is safe and didnt expose himself.


what did brendon get? A massage compared to a diamond veto?


he got Rachel back in the house and him out of the house just like he wanted. That was his DPOV.

J.P. Brigade

Simon, you relly think this is a new TRUE alliance and that the Brigade (as we knew it) is dead?

Let me know.


Yea, this whole thing has me saying “I can’t wait for Thursday”. Of course, come Wednesday, we will see what Brendon got out of the Box, but as I said before, I think he just got the ability to see Rachael and her go into the house for 24 hours to cause Hell. I don’t know, but we will see.


I don’t think Enzo himself knows and Enzo has been the prime mover in the creation of the brigade and the breaking of the brigade and creation of Brendon-Enzo-Hayden-Kathy slimy, lazy alliance.


LMAO ~ My Hubby just looked at the photo of Matt with DPOV and was like what he is wearing that around the house.

*me: *giggles* Yup!


Is he really cuz in the pictures it just looks pasted on. you can really tell its not on


I am hoping Brendon got a type of veto power otherwise the use of that Pandoras box is lame


I personally think all Brendon was told was that if he opened Pandora’s Box, ‘Rachel would get to come back into the house’. He may not have been told up-front exactly what that entailed or for how long.


You would think the box would get more powerful with each use – both good and bad/


If Matt is truly smart, he will put up Kathy – cause then both his alliances stay true to him. Since he is picking the replacement, he is even taking the blood off of Brendan’s hands which leaves room to deal with him if he wanted to – which I dpubt he would.



Lennon's Ghost

ANNOUNCER: Site Guest. Please stop shouting and release the caps lock.
Thank you.


Looks like Matt is just going to be a loser and put up Kathy once he uses his DPOV. I guess he doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands but if he’s really as smart as he thinks he is, you put Britney up and vote her out. That way Matt still has the Brigade and a side alliance with Ragan. Taking Kathy out is plain silly at this point.

sickoftheir shit

I am sure that matt is onto these guys and will put up Bozo.


YO Simon! I’ve been surfing your website for I dunno … 3 – 4 years now, how long yous guys been doing this? I just wanted to tell you SIMON AND DAWG … YO yous guys are the BEST!!! I’m orginally from the east coast NJ but live on the west now … All the YO’s are make me feel like I’m at home YO! I just donated to yous, YO! If it weren’t for SIMON and DAWG, I dunno what I’d do! I love all your comments and everyone else’s too! You keep our days so exciting YO! ‘4 DEEP”! Keep up all the fabulous work yous do! Lovin’ yous all!


I’m confused, when is Matt going to use the DPOV if not at the POV ceremony? Thursday night for the live eviction?????


If Matt is smart, he will put up Enzo against Lane. Enough with constant lazy floating letting Matt do EVERYTHING. Matt loses nothing by getting rid of one of them.


If they let Matt keep the DPOV then what good are rules, he was not to say anything but does it anyway. This game is going to be a big joke if they let this continue, oh wait !! here is a thought this is what they want that way they can make there own outcome.


kathy needs to get booted. talk abt kissing butt and throwing people under the bus, and floating.
up until know kathy has been saying how britt is her little baby and now she talks game
talk abt a liar, not that everyone else in the house doesn’t lie but kathy has been completely useless and now she is all buddy buddy w/brendon, did brendon forget abt the fight between kathy and his soul mate?


until now


Anyone wonder what brenda got when he opened pandora’s box???? I mean he’s saying he got a massage and some beers but it’s more than possible that he got a power that he can use in the future as well…. I’m guessing more towards money since he was convinced that matt got 10k and i really think cbs just really wanted to unleash boy george back into the house to stir up some drama and add more excitement…. what do you think he got with pandora’s box?


Rumor has it that Britney and Lane are really engaged in real life. Makes perfect sense to me. Whatcha all think?


Question: I think I missed this topic (if it was discussed) but why is Brit’s nudie pics taken down and not the other girls? Just askin..not hating…very innocent question.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon explained it on that page. Someone was hotlinking Brit’s pictures and costing this site money. Please go to the Big Brother 12 Nudes link and see the comments.
It’s all good.

Lennon's Ghost

I’m figuring that with all that went on in the house this week it will be too much for a double eviction this Thursday.
If they do it like last year with the coup de tat, the double eviction will be held the following week.
Does anyone agree?


Bah bye Brit. Brit and Rachel in the jury house…goodtimes.


Here is how the DPOV works according to CBS: Inside he learns he is getting the Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to save himself or anyone else for the next two weeks, and also solely pick who will go up as the replacement nominee. The deal is he can’t reveal he has the Diamond Power of Veto until he uses it.

Before the DPOV you could save yourself, and then depending on who the HOH nominated.. you got the sole vote to evict… I guess they changed it a little.

sickoftheir shit

Isnt there suppose to be a nomination ceremony to put him up officially? Did I miss something? If there was no official ceremony Brenda can change his mind. Dam I am itching for an update.

What is going on right now???


Brendon deserves to win this competition unlike Enzo, Ragan, Lane and kathy. Besides Ragan’s recent POV, Enzo, Lane and Kathy are totally useless in this competition. THEY’VE DONE NOTHING, WON NOTHING AND I DOUBT THEY WILL. Question is why are they still around? Why are they even in they bregade, if Rachel, Brendon, Matt, and Hayden were in an alliance. They would ahve gonnnnneee FARRRR…


Lmao at the photoshopped DPOV! 😉 😉 nice job guys.


Wait who is the new alliance??


Matt has never said “Diamond Power of Veto” which must be the key to getting it taken away. I am sure he probably asked b4 even talking about a “power” someone may have???
BB probably likes the added drama.


he was told he could not tell anyone he had it…but now i see he is sporting a coat with a diamond v on it? what’s up with that?


LOL That’s a photoshop!

Lennon's Ghost

Enzo is looking a little nervous.
Did Meow-Meow develop a case of Cat Scratch Fever from getting too close with Rachel the other night or did he catch it from Brendon?
Matt: “How deep are you with him?”
Meow-Meow: “Really deep.”
Yikes! Rachel’s Legacy is still potent.


Wait… Can’t Matt use the DPOV to take down both nominees and nominate two of his own? So he can take down Lane, too, and put up whoever.


I doubt that Lane and Brit have any connection because Lane would/should have been all over Brendon after his attack on her about Nick. If they do have a connection then Lane is pretty lame for not standing up for her.


matt needs to put up enzo but doubt that will happen i actually think he will put up brit who could be a possible ali along with raegan. i hope he puts up kathy floaters should not be here enzo at least won a group comp,lane was close in the last hoh, hayden won the first hoh, and raegan just won a pov so she is really the worst floater of all if i were there iwould wan’t to fight against someone who deserved to be there just as much as i did brendon,matt,lane,raegan,brit final 5!!!!!!