Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden & Enzo talk about how they are going to tell Matt on Thursday that they’re voting him out..

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3:15pm Ragan is in the bedroom crying to Kathy about the whole situation. Ragan is pissed at Brendon. Ragan says that this whole week feels like a tit for tat. Ragan says that Brendon is getting back at people because of Rachel going home. Ragan trashes Rachel saying how disgusting she is. Ragan says that Brendon actually said to him that he was glad that he won the POV. Kathy asks …he said that?! Ragan is upset that Matt is on the block because of him. Ragan is crying. Ragan says that Brendon is full of crap. Ragan says that he had told Britney that all they need to do is make sure Ragan doesn’t win POV. Ragan says that then he told Britney that all they need to do is keep making these one week deal and picking people off. Ragan says that he won’t make any deals with Brendon. Ragan says that he is a very emotional person …clearly.. Ragan says that Brendon had to him that he is emotional… Ragan says that he thinks clearly and that Brendon is the one that was willing to give up an opportunity that tens of thousands of people would give their limbs for to have. Lane comes in and Ragan and Kathy stop talking. Lane tells them what every one is doing and where they are. Matt then joins them. Matt says that if he (Brendon) doesn’t leave next week he will be mortified. Kathy says that the only way he wont is for him to win the POV. Ragan says here is another juxtaposition he is playing for a girl that is a horrible person that he met a month and a half ago and you are playing for your wife that has a really rare disease. Ragan says that he (Brendon) is playing for an evil monster. Lane comes in and says something about Rachel coming back again. Ragan says hello BLANK, I am back again!! Matt says coup BLANK.


3:35pm – 3:40pm Matt is talking to Kathy and saying that Brendon is such a coward. Matt says that Brendon shook his hand and said that he wouldn’t put him up and then now he goes and does it. Matt says that he did the same thing to Britney that he told her she wouldn’t go up either knowing full well that he would go back on his word with one of us. Kathy says he did that?! Kathy agrees that he has to go. Matt and Ragan go to the kitchen to make protein shakes.

3:40pm – 4pm Hayden, Matt and Enzo are in the storage room talking. Hayden asks Matt if he has a power … says that he wishes. Matt talks about how they need to get Brendon out next week. Matt says that he doesn’t want to be blindsided and that he wont say anything bad about Lane. Hayden tells Matt that Rachel left Brendon a message. Matt asks how do you know that? Hayden says that Kathy told me. Matt asks really how did she know. Hayden says that Rachel gave Kathy the HOH key to give to Brendon. Hayden says that Rachel left a message using the pretzels. Hayden says that it said I heart you and then had Matts name in pretzels. Hayden tells Matt not to tell any one about the message. Matt says that he wont. Hayden says that Enzo knows about it too but that it cant get back to to them that they told him. Matt says that he wont even tell Ragan. Enzo says that he had it in his mind already we tried to get him to put up Britney and he just wouldn’t go for it. Matt says that he will be so livid if he goes home this week and Brendon doesn’t follow him out next week. Matt asks them to keep him informed about what is going on. Matt says that he wants them to give him and Lane a split vote.
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Enzo and Hayden both say that they will give him a split vote and that Kathy will be the deciding vote. Matt says that she will probably get confused and not know what to do. They talk about how Ragan winning the POV was the worst thing that could happen. Matt tells Enzo and Hayden that they should watch how much they talk to Brendon because the whole house is watching. Matt says that Ragan is festering and is pissed at him and if they’re seen around him too much it will transfer on to them. They talk about needing to start winning BLANK. Matt asks them to just tell him whats going on and that he wont talk BLANK against Lane. They leave the storage room. Enzo and Hayden are in the kitchen whispering. Enzo says that this sucks… Enzo says that maybe they should just tell Matt on Thursday that they are voting him out…. Hayden says that he knows just how to tell Matt the news. Enzo says that they gotta just do it and then says that he started it.

4:20pm – 4:30pm Kathy, Ezno, Britney and Hayden are sitting on the couches in the backyard. Britney says what are you thinking about Hollywood Hayden? Ezno answers for him and says that he is thinking about having to make a BLANK decision this week. Enzo says that this is the worst week. Britney asks Hayden what was his worst week. Hayden says that it was when he was on the block. Enzo and Hayden laugh about how Matt keeps talking about how he wishes there is a power that could save him… They all say that there isn’t anything that’s going to change things and that no one has any powers. Enzo says that if the amazing Enzo doesn’t have a power, there is no BLANK power. Enzo says that its impossible to not get attached to people in this house…. it sucks. Kathy says yeah the longer they are in the house the harder it gets…

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we’re going to be moving Servers tonight, I’ve tried to set it up that there will be no downtime but things might not go that way.


I can already feel the people shaking violently as they start to “Jones” for their BB updates. Pad the walls, lock the doors, and have plenty of cold wet compresses ready, this may be a lonnnnnnnng night.


Oh no, it will just about kill me……………… LOL.


means that tonight and tomorrow morning the site may be slow or unresponsive. I had to upgrade the entire system and move the server location to a facility that can better handle the traffic.


everyone calm down. hands out some valium to the readers. stay calm, keep your seats in an upright position. and most of all don’t be hating.


Good luck with all that.


I’m addicted to this site even though I have the feeds.


They’re all so stupid. Matt is practically telling them he has a special power. How many times does somebody have to use the phrase ‘special power’ until they figure it out???


No kidding…give me an f….ing break


I know what you mean. It’s driving me nuts that it hasn’t “clicked” with any of them yet. I mean, don’t they think Matt should be freaking out by now or at least a little more pissed off? And aren’t they wondering why he’s so damn calm? It’s like every one of them forgot about his suspicious Pandora’s Box story.

Me Me Me

Im annoyed with the Brigade. They do nothing, except for Matt. Enzo is a kiss ass, lazy dude that what to make no waves. Brendon and Lane don’t do much either. (I can watch Lane all night long though). I want those guys to do good. But come on.


Hayden did come out and ask Matt straight up if he had any “special power”. I do understand though, Matt could not tell them yes, but I thought that maybe somebody would understand what he is saying without really coming out and saying, ” I have SPECIAL POWERS!!!”


Thanks for the warning Simon. You are doing an awsome job.


Ragan and Britney are the two most hypocritical people in the house. Ragan is a cry baby pussy. Britney is a drama queen who backstabs people and lies about everything. Actually, Ragan is more of a drama queen than Britney.


britney lies about EVERYTHING? really? you’ve got it all documented?


ummm pretty much

Dr. Phil

Bozo is the most useless bag of wind in the house. Well, Kathy and her brown-nosing to the max of anyone with the power makes her a pretty useless bag of wind, too, but she doesn’t stir things up like she’s a big shot. Bozo appointed himself to that position. As useless as Kathy is, Bozo has only done slightly better than her in most competitions, but he runs his mouth like he’s dominating. LOL! Bozo needs to go on Thursday.


Jersey knows exactly what he’s doin. Built strongest alliance. Made friends with everyone in the house (including production) Get outa here…


Kat doesn’t stir up things, put she sure know how to keep it going


Ragen is one of those typical west hollywood homosexual who criticize people notoriously because how they physically look like…. When Ragen criticize Rachel not because of her game but the way she look, it was just so below the belt and most likely, something you will regret for your whole life.

Fags like Ragen are so shallow because the looks are more important to them. Ragen acts strong and won’t be intimidated by anyone, but at the end, he cries like a 3 year old girl….it just shows how coward and worthless he is.

Britney always mentioned that Brandon is vile and a disgusting person, but come to think of it…how many times did Brendon say anything vile and disgusting to Britney…even at the diary room? I guess…NONE!

It’s a game…when Brendon wins and have an upper hand and control of the house…they call him a disgusting human being. Britney and Ragen does not get it…they play with theu stupid emotions. Not bright!

Ragen and Britney toilet bathmouthing Brendan and Rachel makes them that vile thing you flush on the toilet bowl.


i find this comment to serve no purpose whatsoever! Just here to “gay-bash!”


so apparently, when I describe a gay guys attitude, you take it i instantly become a ‘gay basher’? LOL! funny


yeah, calling him a f** isn’t gay bashing at all. how stupid of people to think that! he is hypocritical with how he talks about people but that’s going way too far. brit talked about the way rachel looked all the time too.


yeah, calling him a f** isn’t gay bashing at all. how stupid of people to think that! he is hypocritical with how he talks about people but that’s going way too far. brit talked about the way rachel looked all the time too.

just me

I totally dissagree, keep in mind that Ragan and Britney have also been on slop for the 3rd time this week. Not eating totally messes with your stability!!!!!


what, may I ask, are you eating that would cause such a shitty attitude?


grilled eggplant with parmesan and tomato sauce… and don’t forget to say ‘f’ u before you the eggplant…ala Britney style…you should try it


haha too funny. matt is the only and best game player this season and i hope he puts up enzo. there should be bodyguards for matt b/c enzo will snap

just a thought

He is the best game player, but I like him the least!


yea he blew brenchel right out the water….because unlike them he playes a GREAT GAME in both competitions and in the house…. while they only played well in competitions, but they played far below average in in the house playing a personal game it did not help them at all…..

Karen S

I agree! How the worm has turned eh? I hope Enzo and Hayden do spill the beans about keeping Lane. That gives Matt the perfect amount of time to put up Enzo and form a new alliance with Brit, Ragan and possibly Lane. : )


i hope that enzo and hayden break it to matt that there voting to keep lane. and wen matt uses the special veto, and stays, it ruins the bridage alliance. they sucked anyways


i knowww i hope they tell him early enough so he knows to put one of them up instead of brit

Evel Jim

Oh shit, that would be awesome. Fingers crossed that happens.


my fingers are indeed crossed

Aaron C.

They never do.


cry baby ragan should know that he also just met matt a month ago and he is crying for him to stay. he even wanted to not use his veto so matt isnt backdoored. at least brendon didnt cry for rachel to stay.


Ragan is one of the biggest hypocrites around. He says one thing and completely does another and than bitches abt it when others do the same. He’s annoying as heck and needs to go soon. BB has done a poor job of picking gay HGs. Not one of em’ are remotely likeable.


i agree, there are other gay people around that are likeable even though they bitch around. Ragen is not even funny nor entertaining. Bad taste in the mouth for the gay community….spoiled one among the egg basket.


Orlando – take your gay bashing rhetoric and blow it out your ass! I am sure if S/D were not busy transfering to a new server, this and all your other gay hatred would not have been posted! You have every right to dislike Ragan’s game play, but let’s skip the personalities! Your vile for homosexuals is scary!


umm brendon “bullied” brittney and regan for the whole week to get his ho to stay and threw a” hissy fit” when he couldn’t get his way which is actually a lot worst than crying.


I don’t think Matt will get upset by this. They had to vote one of them out anyway.

just a thought

GRENADES will be going off if they tell Matt they are voting him out and their reasons why. WOW, maybe this will actually get exciting again and for longer than a few hours!


dude, it will be SO awesome if Matty replaces himself with either enzo or hayden for voting him out. That will be da bomb. cannot wait.


I am HOPING that is what will happen….Enzo and Hayden said they were going to tell Matt before they voted him out that was what they were going to do…..I think Matt should replace himself with Enzo.
I thought that the DPOV made it so that Matt could replace BOTH noms….but I think I’m the only one that thinks that.


I think he can only replace himself, if I remember correctly. I guess we will see. I just cannot wait until Thursday.

The Playa

I’m not so sure Matt will be able to vote after using the DPOV…


He can replace both nominees. I just wonder if Big brother will explain that or if Mat can get away with saying he can only take himself off.


can he replace one with brenda?


i cant wait! bc matt will stay calm like he has the whole time and then bring out the dpov and they will be sitting there with shit in their faces….someone please capture the pic of this….its gonna be a keeper..maybe even a christmas card….LOL. matt is trying to give the guys an out but they are so focused on themselves that they cant see it….poor brigade is about to get a grenade!!!!


and Matt should out the Brigade at that point.. won’t that be fun watching the reactions. so it’ll be Lane/Enzo or Lane/Hayden up on the block. COOL.


I don’t understand why ppl don’t see that there are other ppl that Brendon can put on the block. Just b/c Matt has dpov, 1) doesn’t mean he has to use it, 2) if he does use it, either he can choose to veto ONE or BOTH of the noms, or 3) if he vetos both noms, that leaves Kathy, Brittney, Enzo, and Hayden who can go up. If anybody goes up against Hayden or Enzo, they WILL go home and I don’t think ppl understand that. Do I personally think Brendon would put one of them up on the block? Yes, but only as a “pawn” to guarantee that the other (Kathy/Britney) goes home.



The Playa

hay and zo may pull the pin to early..if so then boom a backfired grenade yo


Oh I really hope they will tell him that they are voting him out and than he uses the DPOV and puts up Enzo. I’m crossing my fingers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Puff the Magic Dragon Kathy go either though. She seems sweet as a person, so nothing against her there. But I tired of seeing her in the house and the type of butt kissing she does is unbearable for me to watch


Matt still has to worry about jury votes…and if he puts up Hayden or Enzo…he has lost both of those votes for sure.


holy crap. just read the thread. enzo and hayden: YES.. tell matt you’re voting him out so he can put your ass on the block with the DPOV.


I don’t think Matt would nominate Enzo or Hayden even if they tell him that they plan on voting him out. 2 Brigade members are on the block & they have to vote for 1 of them. I think Matt will be true to the Brigade & put up the bratty Blonde!


That scenario would make the brigade stronger than ever!!!


Definitely. Provided Matt doesn’t take it personally if they warn him ahead of time. If he’s smart, he’ll put Britney up, then expose the Brigade to show that they can now be four strong against Brendon. No more faking with him.

another newbie

whatever happens, it should be fun to watch!!!


Enzo needs to get over himself. He’s a monster now with his huge ego being almost as big as his swelled head. I wanted him to at least make it to final 2 or 3 but now that he is breaking his alliance I hope Matt puts him up.

I hope Enzo and Hayden tell Matt they are voting him out. Then Matt can put up a brigade member and they’ll be voted out because Lane won’t be.


i cant wait for the rest of his hair to fall out……maybe the ego will follow


Wow Rockstar, my thoughts exactly.


I totally agree with you Rockstar. I am gravitating towards Matt, and it’s no secret I like Brit because she plays the game and makes me laugh. I don’t think she can win, but I want to see her try. Enzo has gotten on my last nerve. He is even more useless at competitions than Kathy, at least she eliminated Rachel. Enzo doesn’t even seem to try. He lets Matt do the dirty work and thinks he can cruise to the end and dump Matt. I will be so pissed if another floater wins this year. The only ones that deserve to get to the end based purely on gameplay are Matt, Britt, and though I don’t like him, Pussyboi Brendon. I would even say Ragan deserves some credit for winning POV and who knows if he might have won an HOH if he hadn’t bowed out and let Matt take it. He is a lame saboteur though. He really is the only one that has said things to people’s face and not just talking behind their backs. As for Kathy, Lane, Hayden and Enzo, they haven’t done shit. Still I can’t help liking Lane, but he doesn’t deserve to win unless he really does something amazing very soon.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Matt should have a mini competition between Sleeper Cell Kathy and Enzo. Whichever useless fart wins is the one who doesn’t get put up as a replacement nominee. Scratch that, it’ll end in a tie.


Matt – STFU with the power stuff. Don’t you know that people will love you more if you blindsight one of them – preferably Enzo!


Hayden will explain to Gremlin that the stronger player must go. Matt will understand his reasoning. Matt nominates the next strongest player after using the dpov. Alliance still intact. Brit gets the boot. Brigade still 4 strong.


Sorry, but the Brigade is finished. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane have put a hit out on Matt. Meanwhile, Matt is fed up with carrying their dead weight through the game, and was even suggesting to Lane today that whichever one of them stays (which will actually be both of them) should ditch Enzo and Hayden and team up with Ragan and Britney. I can definitely see Hayden or Enzo getting backdoored this week, especially if they tell Matt before the eviction that they intend to vote him out. Matt would be a fool not to. He couldn’t ask for a more loyal ally than Ragan, whereas the other Brigade members are closer to each other and would throw Matt under the bus in a heartbeat.


Enzo’s Epitaph: “YO, If only I started winning me some HOH’s,YO!”


Im just curious Hayden and Enzo, after you (think you are) vote out Matt, who is going to win all the comps for the Brigade??? Who is going to pull you all forward? Ohhhh Yeahhhhh, your new coat tail……Brendon……..


Regan, you gotta pull it together and quit crying! you won the POV….you should be happy for this moment and saving your tears for when you have a real reason to shed them!


Its a good thing he doesn’t use mascara!


I hate to say this, but Kathy is really playing the game by continuously jumping sides, and if Enzo and Hayden tell Matt that they are voting him out, then they both have just sealed their fates. They will join Rachel in the Jury House much sooner than later. I’m almost positive that Matt will take himself and Lane off and Put up Enzo and Hayden. So much for the Brigade.


I was under the impression that Matt could only replace one person and pick one person to go up. He can not take Lane and himself down. Just one. Am I correct Simon ?


card said that he can take down 2 and make replacements just like jeff did in the coup de etat




OMG! this is so funny….this should be ragan’s avatar


Kathy I nominate you for “Biggest Floater 2010″………and i have a feeling in a couple of weeks I will be crowning you that honor too! Not sure whether to hate you or cheer you! As much as I would like to tell you all the horible things about yourself I must remind myself that you are playing a game that requires you to be all those horible things ! With that being said…..”Good Game Chuckette”


I hate to admit it, but she just may win this game


seems like hg’s would start getting suspicious of how much time brendon is spending “alone” in HOH……..I have a theory that rachael’s in PB or that production is shuffling her in and out and more chit’s about ready to go down in BBH……dang keep trying to post, keep getting……you are posting too fast, slow down


Matt has to trust the brigade more then brittany and kathy to take out brendan. If matt puts up enzo he loses 3 jury votes…5 if you count how he already has lost rachael and brendan’s vote. he can not win this game if he outs the brigade or puts up enzo… So lets be honest here, it won’t happen. Brittany or Kathy are clearly going home this week.


Matt won’t lose any jury votes no matter what he does because everyone thinks he desperately needs the money to save his wife’s life. I dont think anyone in the jury would be so bitter as to condemn Matt’s wife to death (or so they think) just because he screwed them over on a reality show. Not to mention, it would be downright hypocritical of Enzo, Hayden, and Lane to be pissed at Matt for backstabbing them when they are planning to do the same thing to him. In fact, if Matt evicts on of them with the DPoV, they might even consider it a smart gameplay move.


This season is the opposite of last, where Jeff flipped on his alliance with Russell b/c he thought Russ was after him. Now Matt should flip on his alliance but likely won’t.


he will once they let him know they will evict him, but once he use that DPOV he will make his move


it’s going to be the most interesting part of this season to see what the brigade(who wants to evict matt) does when he pulls out his “grenade”(DPOV) and drop it on the whole situation, and no doubt he will win HOH again and the brigade and “the now less of a pussy brendon” are on warning…


Ok I like Matt but why is he aloud to keep bringing up the power? Enzo and Hayden were all ready to tell him they were voting him out but now because Matt can’t keep his mouth shut they won’t tell him because they think he has the power. I thought Matt was a “genius”? If he was so smart he would have kept his mouth shut and seen everyones true colors. Enzo needs to go home. Him and Kathy are the biggest floaters in BB history. Enzo talks about everyone in the house and then tells everyone that Brit is talking about everyone. Now E/H will probably tell Matt that Brit should go. BB needs to step in and tell Matt to either shut up about the power or he won’t be able to use it.


I totally agree! I feel like screaming at the TV for Matt to shut up about the “special power”. That being said, I don’t think it really matters what they tell him. If they tell him that they are voting to keep him, I doubt Matt would believe them anyway. He has to know by now that the other three Brigade members are closer to each other than they are to him. I’ve noticed that he has been hanging out with Ragan and Britney alot more now, so I’m wondering if he has already ditched the Brigade. I find it interesting that he was telling Lane today that it would be easy for them to ditch Hayden and Enzo and team up with Ragan and Britney instead. If that is his plan, then it would be in his best interest to get rid of either Hayden or Enzo this week.


Remember the season when they kept having a plane fly over the house with signs? Why doesn’t someone fly a sign over that says Enzo is playing everyone get him out now?


I hope dimwits Hayden and Enzo do tell Matt they are not voting for him. Let them feel like the fools they are. If he doesn’t nominate either of them, I hope he tells them he knows they were not for him and then nominates someone else, I guess Kathy so he can align with Britney, Ragen and perhaps Lane. Hayden is the one that got all this stirred up with Enzo. Can’t stand either of them now.


did any of the house guests ask brendon about pandoras box? what his deal was? or did they just let it go!

The Playa

we will find out tues….he probably got some type of luxury prize and a few beers…but if he got a power to then BB has really turned this shhh…tt up a notch


It would be great if Matt didn’t use the veto thinking he was safe and then ended up getting voted out. Or better yet if he used it on lane (to make everyone think he was a “team” player and put up kathy) and then Matt got voted out. THAT would make me watch again.


ok I was a brigade fan until enzo and hayden started acting stupid enzo needs to go he is so stupid saying that matty is spending to much time with reagon um wasnt that the plan for them to have a side alliance of course matt isnt gonna be up your ass all day enzo if you havent forgot the brigade is a secret so why would he be with you all day and if i remember correctly hayden has some nerve to talk about loyalty isnt he the same one who told christine that he would pick her over the brigade they both need to go up simply for being stupid matt is the only one hold this alliance together cause the rest of them cant win shit cant wait till thursday


I cant wait till matt throws a gernade in enzo and haydens face i cant wait to see there face it will be priceless how are they gonna talk there way out of that one when matt comes off the block that will be interesting to watch

these guest sucks

i think it will be breden and matt last 2 i think breaden will keep winning hoh and povs

these guest sucks

and rach and braden the 2 long life friends huh




This is getting sooo old. The only thing Regan, Brittany, Matt and Kathy is BLANK moan and cry and then start it all over 5 min later. This show is catering to elementary school kids. They go to grow up. Their are 4 women and 4 guys in the house now. This is not fun listening to Regan, Brit and matt they are the worst, then Kathy who so to faced it driving me crazy. They used to be funny and smart, now it well you know.