**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt is going to give Brendon a special message and Brit’s “Beef is hanging out”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:59pm Cabana Matt and Ragan Matt is going to make a note for Brendon up in the HOH with Pretzels. It’ll read I ‘heart” Brendon. (Rachel made a note to Brendon that said I “heart” Matt implying that she wants matt gone from the house” Ragan asks if he’s talked to Enzo much, Matt says not really very little game. Enzo came up to matt today and they breifly talked about the vote and Enzo wanted to know if Matt would be upset if he voted for Lane to stay. Matt says he explained to enzo if he has a good reason to get rid of him then by all means but if its some bullshit reason then yeah the gremlin will get pissed off. Matt: “That is the extent of my game talking with Enzo”. Matt brings up how Hayden, enzo and lane came up to him last night and they were very awkward, Matt: “they wanted to know if we were still going to hang out. Ragan asks if they are leaning to lane.. Matt thinks enzo might be but hayden has more influence then enzo. Matt thinks that maybe hayden is voting for matt and enzo is voting for lane and that is why Enzo hasn’t talked to me much. Matt saying he could hear Brendon and Kathy talking about POV and the saboteur while matt, lane. hayden and enzo were in teh cabana. matt: “enzo would say something every 10 seconds I swear he has AdhD I couldn’t hear much because of him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Hammock Brit and Lane
Lane are you going to vote against me
brit you going to take me to the final 3
Lane are you going to vote against me
brit you going to take me to the final 3
(they go back and forth)
lane finally says he’s going to give a mean speech about her on thursday, Brit: “Lane you know I would never vote against you” Lane: “I dunno your tricky”
Lane: “we all know your running around with your ASS sets out your flaunting around with your beef out”
Brit says she will vote for him if he gets to the end unless he had something to do with her eviction, but if he’s up against Brendon or Kathy then he’ll have her vote regardless. . Brit asks him if who is going after BRendon and Kahty are taken out. Lane says sooner or later you’ll be in a position that it’s ragan and Brit up. Brit: “I have the votes thought don’t I?” Lane tells her that he’s been trying to keep her safe by telling people he can manipulate her and not Ragan. This way the house thinks Ragan is less useful then Brit since they can persuade Brit to do things. Lane tells her he doesn’t know if she has the votes to get that info he has to go deep.. sometimes he likes to go slow but other times he goes deep.. “you’ll feel it in your stomach” Brit: “Ok alright thats enough lets just focus on getting ND out”. Lane tells her not to talk to Hayden or Enzo what he’s telling her.

lane runs down some scenarios with her, Lane: “lets say it’s double eviction and Brendon goes home first then after that you win HOH and bout up Kathy and who…. lets say Enzo.. or Hayden and probably Kathy goes home”..”That leaves in the house, me you, enzo, ragan and hayden.. you can’t play HOH so lets say Enzo or Hayden win they will put up you and Ragan”. They start talkign about how they are perceived by the fans.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm cabana Room Enzo and Matt Enzo wants to know if matt thinks they should get rid of Brendon next week. Matt thinks that Brendon and Brit want each other out it might be easier to let Brit take him down, MAtt suggests they throw the next HOH. Matt tells him that if Brendon makes it to final 2 matt will probably vote him the money because if any player can survive in the house this long and have everyone hate them they played a amazing game and deserve to win. Enzo is worried about lettign Brit have the HOH because he thinks she’ll put him up with ND (needledick aka Brendon). matt doesn’t think it’ll matter because Enzo has the votes. Matt says if he’s around next week he’ll volunteer to go up. Enzo says he’s real sorry matty is up he wanted Brit to go home this week.


8:50pm Hammock Lane and Enzo Enzo is tell lane about his conversation with Matt. Enzo says Matt is going to vote for Brendon if he makes final 2, “over a brigade yo”. Lane thinks that Matt has been talking to the Ragan about the Brigade.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:14pm The Alliance formally known as the brigade works out Lane and Enzo acting all “pumped”. enzo: “I’m pumped i’m ready to do an HOH”,lane jokes that they will fight ND tonight Lane: “We’re going to fight ND tonight”
ND = NeedleDICK
Needledick = Brendon

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25:38 cam 2 August 17th


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:04pm Ragan crying because he’s crying to much this season, the rest outside playing pool and bullshitting


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:21pm Pool tournament

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121 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt is going to give Brendon a special message and Brit’s “Beef is hanging out”

  1. I have a new idea for BB13
    mix of 7, 8 and 9
    Bring back 2 houseguests from seasons 8,9,10,11 and 12 who hated eachother and make them a pair so they vote to evict together and all that stuff
    two seasons will have two pairs
    my pairs
    Season 8:ED and Jen
    Season 9:Ryan and James
    Season 10: Renny and Jesse
    Season 11: Lydia and Gnat
    Season 12: Brendan and Britney
    Bonus pairs
    Season 10:April and Keesha
    Season 11: Ronnie and Russell

    Just a thought

      1. yeah. they need to get more diverse with casting and spice it up. that is what made bb10 great, there was only a trick for a week.

        1. The live feed is so boring. This season is so boring? I hope this show isn’t cancelled because of this lame cast. I eally love this show but come on spice it up a little.

          1. Ratings are up…I think because of Rachel. I don’t know about After Dark though. I can’t imagine those ratings would be up…so boring. I’m not watching that anymore.

            1. On BBAD, it’s really “special” when the feeds linger on Enzo sleeping with his mouth hanging open.
              But at least words aren’t coming out …

            2. THOUGHT IT WAS ME LOL
              i stay up and watch bbad and i am like woa sleep take me away nowwwwwwwwwww, yes this cast sucks sorry but it’s true. now rachael is gone and they still keep talking about her. Brit with those pink short on ok brit no no no and more no, then she lays down putting the blanket on her legs and turns her non ass having self lanes way so her cheeks could show. the sab is a joke, enzo and kathy are floating hard, hayden and lane is sitting by watching the targets target each other. ok when is the action coming….bb please next time get a better cast please

    1. I have an idea too. BB 13 has a cast like they had on survive, 3 whites 3 blacks 3 asians 3 latinos and 3 other (just to cover all the basis) and watch them duke it out. Of course similar races will combine but the dynamics will shift once the have to unite. I like how it worked out on Survivor and it brought out thier “true colors”. I say that because you notice how everyone is on Enzo now (the Italian) and Brendon (with the latin last name) after those two are gone, its “Pale People City” (as enzo says). It would be nice to see the playing grounds even and not just the one token black, the one token gay, and the one token “other” amoung all the remaining white cast. AND NO I am not a racist. I am a Pale person too. LOL

      1. You may not be racist but that’s pretty naive if you think that the races will combine.So maybe that’s just ignorance of other cultures and races or maybe you are joking.But people tend to gravitate toward each other because of different things other than race sometimes when you have that many people in the house. So I highly doubt it they would all go in “combining”. But I do agree that they need to mix the cast up some as far as differences.

    2. Hmm…

      Rachel and Kristen. Ooooor Rachel and Ragan. lol.

      Libra and Jesse.

      I’d also like to see Janelle and Rachel play in the same game. Cause I wanna see if Janelle would actually like Rachel like she thinks. Chill Town and Dan and Memphis. 4 horse men and the brigade. I dunno I just wanna see the originals vs the imitations.

      1. That’s the good idea.
        Chilltown vs Renegades
        4 Hoursemen vs Brigade
        Brendan and Rachel vs Jeff and Jordan
        16 HGs

    1. u KIDDING me????? so she won a few veto’s….she is most definitely THE biggest liar this season….and some people thought RACHAEL was irritating???? Brit is SUCH a witch…

      1. I agree what has Brit won besides pov the only way i see her going through is final 3 because they know shes weak n wont win. Kathy,Brit,Lane,Enzo, Regan are just floaters I hate when floaters stick around.

  2. Brit again asks Kathy why Brendon always tells her (Kat) “all this stuff” that Kathy keeps telling everyone when Brendon isn’t around. This time Kathy offered up to everyone that Brendon said he is going to make them all scatter like cockroaches. Brit wonders (again) why does he only say that stuff to Kathy. If Kat is going to spread that stuff, she better have an answer. Brit has asked that in front of everyone a few times.

  3. I’m gonna throw up if I hear Britney talk one more day about Rachel…..she got what she wanted-Rachel was voted out-so move on. She goes on and on and on about Rachel every hour of every day. Her and Ragans lives revolve around Rachel…Im beginning to wonder if Britney hasnt been just jealous of Rachel this whole season. Why on earth would people think Britney is a smart player? She does absolutely NOTHING but give Lane all kind of massages! She hides behind the guys and only by sheer luck was she able to win those two POV comps! Somebody stick a sock in her mouth and give the rest of us some peace!!!!

    1. That is what I am watching right now!! I have it and afterdark on dvr and wanted to bust thru Americas got no talent first! It is about as boring as BB cause they have brought back all the people who were already voted off this season for a second chance….hhhmmmmm……who does that sound like???? Remember the old days BB-Ma when you were voted out you were never seen or heard from again til the after party??? Ahhhh the good ol days!

      1. All these guys on the show talk so tough about getting in Brendon’s face or getting into one anothers face but they do nothing but play pool. I want someone to go out there and tell one of them that their mommy kisses peepee’s in the alley for a dollar just to get something happening. Come on, let’s see something! Don’t make me start missing Rachel!

    1. The GB messages are one thing…but what about their stuff? Does the DPoV nom at least get a minute or two to pack their bags, or does BB send their belongings to the JH afterwards?

      1. last week everyone was worried bout a double eviction cause production told all of them to pack their bagz, they probably did the same thing this week

    1. im wondering the same thing.
      i think its “i know youre secret” but i cant make out the “k” or the “n”

      it could be “i showed??? youre secret” …no clue

      how did he write it down btw? im always impressed how people find ways to communicate to each other.

  4. Not sure why they are doing GB’s tonight. Heard Brit tell Ragan that’s what she did in DR and that Matt is in there now. Ra said he was going to cry and he didn’t want to do that. Brit said she got choked up but didn’t cry. Ra is thinking about what he wants to say. ???
    Don’t guess any of them will be heard. Matt’s safe and I think Lane is safe regardless, too.

    1. haha I love that she keeps joking with Matt laughing saying hes going to be alone with Rachel in the house. It’ll be like Happy Birthday Brit!!!

  5. Brit is asking everyone what they’re getting her for her birthday on Monday and about the cake. She wonders what kind of cake she’ll get. She’s asking for a red velvet one plus brownies. She wanted red velvet because it’s Razorback colors. Hey, so is Rachel’s hair so happy birthday, Britney!

    1. LOL. Although I hope Matt isn’t stupid enough to put her up. Putting her up plays more into Enzo and Brendon’s hands than it does his. Brit WON’T put him up next week (unless he wants her to).

  6. Or as Enzo says: HB in the JH, Britney!
    IF Matt put up Enzo, he won’t get GB messages, will he? Too bad. The Brig could tell him “GB, Meow Meow – Have fun with the GT in the JH!”

  7. Oh, I hope Enzo finds the note during BBAD so I can see him freak out. He nearly lost it when he thought someone was saying he was the Sab. Getting this note is going to drive him crazy and the end of what’s left of the hair on the top of his head!

    1. Me too, BBGrandma! I wish production would tell Enzo to go to bed while BBAD is on so I can see his reaction! He’s gonna flip his wig!

      1. Ha ha. If he finds it, I wonder if it will be a dilemma for him to show it to others. They may think he’s the sabo and he wrote himself the note ;)!

  8. Simon, maybe Ragan’s note is a Sabo maneuver?
    Lane said earlier to Enzo he thought Mattt might have told Ragan about the Brigade though.
    Still – could be a Sabo thingl
    Will get the Meow Meow’s back up. If he thinks Matt told Ragan about the Brig, think Enz will push hard with Lane/Hay to get Matt out fast…. If that’s a Sabo move, it’s gonna mess with Matt’s game for sure, I think. Would love to see Enzo’s GB message to Matt but guess we won’t get to.

    1. Yes! The note will actually hurt Matt, exactly what Ragan doesn’t want to do. After Lane told Enzo he thinks Matt told Ragan about the Brigade…Enzo will freak out.

    2. yes it’s a sab move…….found this on cbs.com on list of ideas for sab…………Jason DElia Make the house believe Enzo is the sabateur and turn the house against him..

  9. i think matt needs to put up enzo and vote him out- no way is britt going to vote out lane, ragan will vote to kick out enzo b/c matt put him up, and then matt is the 3rd vote
    that leaves kathy and hayden and brendon but brendon isn’t really a factor, so kathy and hayden are going to have to start kissing butt or form their own alliance w/brendon which will be a total joke

    1. Matt could also put up Hayden. I think getting rid of Hayden would be a smarter move because he is physically stronger than Enzo, and he has been constantly throwing Matt under the bus ever since week 4. Either way, the person that Matt nominates is leaving no matter what.

  10. Ragan is either going to be totally pissed that he has been crying all week or totally elated when he finds out Matt has the DPOV. The crying does take any speculation, if there was any, that he could be the sab. The houseguest would never imagine America voting for a sappy crier for the sab.

  11. The Big Brother house is sooo boring right now. Nothing eventful except for everyone bashing Brendon…. blah. Come on Big Brother house, lets get INTERESTING!!!

  12. Ragan, Ragan, Ragan, I think you are more in love with Matt than Brendon is with Rachel. Kid, get a grip! You are even commenting yourself on your actions being too much. You are going to cause CBS to go broke on Kleenex’ and AG won’t be able to eat!

  13. I love Lane’s description of slow/deep. Really gets the imagination going. Gives a girl shivers. I’d settle for watching!

    1. I will be going to sleep after BBAD since I don’t have the live feeds, but I can guarantee you that if you are up all night, Simon, I will be checking all night in to see what you have said!!

        1. If I’m awake when he does it and notice it on the live feeds (oh, the glories of not being able to find a job in this economy!), I’ll post what happens in the comments.

    2. Well, of course I will….I will be here as long as you are like usual! Will you say “nite” like you did last nite so I know when to stop posting drunkin slurs?!?!? :o)

          1. I know!! I felt like he saw my 4 crazy posts and was like…”OK…gotta go now this bitch will stay up all nite if i let her!” He did save me some humilty tho, cause I was just gettin started!
            Im worse on those nites I spend at my moms house with my nana…..they are both aged and semi handicaped…..story for another time….and I spend a lot of time over there “Helping” them and when i get home Im taxed!! I didn’t go tonight so Im in a better place.

    1. Makes sense to me … picking Enzo is beneficial to Ragan’s game because Enzo can’t do shit. Brit is a bigger threat.

  14. I hate hearing these people smack their food. No manners. Lane drives me nuts crunching ice, sounds like he is eating gravel. Where are their manners? Mat put Enzo up!

  15. Can I just say that I like Matt more and more the more I see of him? He was just telling Ragan that if Hayden and Enzo (and other guests?) vote him out because they think it’s best for them, he won’t hold it against them outside the game — he’ll be annoyed in the game, but he won’t be made at them outside of the game (meaning after BB).

    What an adult, mature, thoughtful reaction — How different is reaction is than Enzo? Enzo has to always criticize and smack talk about anybody he thinks is against him.

    1. Yes – but before you give him too much credit – remember he is sitting VERY PRETTY right now….he knows that he secretly controls this week……….you know what I mean?

    2. Enzo is like a cat that arches its back and then turns and runs up the tree. After several hours, you have to call the Fire Department to get him down.

    3. Matt the “genious” is logic based. He plays with him mind and tries to use other people’s emotions strategically (thus the lie about his wife). I still hate the lie about his wife, but I always thought Matt has played the most strategic game and is keeping the game foremost in his mind. Not being swayed by all the BS is part of that logical mind of his.

    4. you know I was thinking the same thing about Matt I think it was the nicest thing I heard all season. Actually at this point I would love to see Matt win the big bucks…he really has played the best and thought almost every move from all perpectives.

      1. Matt is despicable. I cannot stand him. To lie about your wife having a horrible illness is disgusting. I am a breast cancer survivor and the thought of someone close to me lying and saying that I had an illness that I didn’t have would make me want to throw up. He deserves to win NOTHING!!!! I just want to wipe the smirk that he always has on his face off with my fist. If he makes it to the end, I WILL DEFINITELY NOT WATCH.

  16. Remember when the guy made the fake medallion on Survivor and tricked everyone into thinking he was safe? I was kind of hoping that Ragan had made a fake “you have this secret power…xyz” note and given it to Enzo — it would be hilarious for Enzo to go into Thursday thinking he had a special power, go to play it, and biam, they’d all laugh at him, yo yo yo!

  17. Why don’t they have cards this season? They were talking about it yesterday. Other seasons had cards — cards are more interesting — and involve more people in the game than boooooring pool!

    1. Yeah, in the past people were always playing games…real games….cards, chess, pool, jacuzzi…James streaking thru the backyard……and yes, I rewinded that 1 plus million times just to make sure I was seeing what my eyes were telling me they were seesing!! I am still waiting for Lane to do that same thing!! Anyways, this season started with a bunch of face sucking for weeks on end and now is nothing but BULL-sheeting all the damn time! BAD casting…..real boring dumb sheets here!! And snooky needs to shut the hell up and do something real entertaining if he wants anything from America!!

  18. Are you people smoking crack?? To say how great the Gremlin is?? Please, he sucks more than anyone on this show–hate, hate, hate him!! Hate Meow Meow too!! AG–FIND A FRIGGIN WAY TO GET THEM BOTH OUT, PLEASE!!!

  19. One season they should start every player with some kind of special power and they get 1 chance to use it. So let’s say this year Matt used his pov and put Brit up but Brit had the coup de te and she used it to put 2 different people up. They also need to do something with the HGs from Sunday to Wednesday cause it gets so boring. What about a season of 4 sets of 4 friends. I know how BB works but I don’t see how if you win hoh you should get the DVOP. That should either be won in a totaly seperate comp or voted by America. Giving it to the hoh is basically giving them atleast an extra 2 weeks. Whoever Matt puts up they should get a chance to come back in the game. Imagine going the entire week thinking your safe and then that happens. Atleast last year everyone was told about a power. So they had some heads up

  20. Ok I know Brittney talks but Enzo talks more about people in this game then anyone. He calls Brittney a bitch and all these other things and says she does t need it because she’s 22. It makes me sick how he talks about women especially since he has a brand new daughter. So if his daughter goes on this show at 22 should everyone call her a 22 yr old bitch who doesn’t desereve the money. He should be ashamed of himself. He makes me sick. If anyone doesn’t deserve to win it’s that balding loser. I wish one of these so called smart people would see the true Enzo and boot him out. They don’t have a clue how people play this game. Kathy keeps saying that Brendan tells her all this mean stuff. To me that would make me think that Kathy must be talking shit about everyone too. And Enzo and Hayden are up with Brendan in the hoh alot. That would make me think that they are making deals with him. Everyone just walks around playing pool and they are forgetting that the first 11 BBs people are always talking shit about everyone and making deals and alliances. BB needs to do a better job of casting people who know this game inside and out.

  21. HGs are creative thinkers. they use nail polish to write notes when they have nothing else. Remember the portraits Natalie used to make on BB9? She used nail polish and paper towel. Where did Ragan get the paper for the note – paper towel? WHY does Britney hate Brendon so much??? Is it because he ignores her? What is the basis for her dislike of him?

  22. I think the Brendon hate coming from Britney is because of the way acted. Plus he did that you are spoiled brat speech. I hardly think it’s because he ignores her. I really don’t think she likes him and can’t get over it. Brendon when he was there with Rachel acted like a bully that last week. Complained about competitions and was an overall douche when she was shoved up Rachel’s ass. He’s still shoved up her there but we don’t have to see it play out on the screen as much.

  23. Simon, i saw the recent comment and there again. Is this a rule of not allowed post filters with adult rated comments.

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