Matt: “I pulled a Gremlin move on the house”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:05pm Hammock, Matt, Brit and Ragan

Matt asks Brit whose she thinking of putting up. Brit isn’t sure she wants to call a house meeting and ask people who wants to go up as the pawn. Matt asks to please not put him up, Matt thinks that Enzo should go up as the pawn becuase he’s never been on the block before. Brit agrees she was thinking the same thing. Lane joins them and tells them they missed Brendon saying some “Good Stuff” . Brit: You just trapped Hayden.
Lane tells them that when him and enzo were out side playing pool Brendon came out after his DR session and started talking to Lane about how his Goodbye speech was really sweet to lane and that he said he didn’t want Lane to go home this week. Lane adds that Brendon was reminding them that you shouldn’t be rude to people in the house because you’ll need their vote if you get to final 2. Brendon told him that he wasn’t going to be rude to anyone because he doesn’t want to win Jury votes. Matt and Brit interrupt says theres no BLANK way she’s making it to final 2 so why does he care. Ragan: “So starting now Brendon is not going to be a jerk?” Lane: “he was telling us you should play the game with integrity like he did” They all start to laugh. Ragan: “Oh my god”. They bring up Rachel going through Matt’s bags and how Brendon was saying Rachel would never do that. They are all convinced she did because she was reading through the rule book to try and find out it she was allowed to go through other players stuff.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:28pm Brendon and Hayden pool table Brendon saying that Matt is taking it personally, when Brendon was HOH he put matt up because matt took out Rachel. Brendon: “You call me a dummy come on matt you put websites together” Brendon: “I hope people are now intelligent enough to know that if you vote someone out you do it with grace because those people are jury votes… matts BLANK cocky he got BLANK lucky BLANK lucky little BLANK ” Hayden tells him that if Matt makes it to the final 2 he’ll probably win because he’s made a lot of moves in the house. Brendon: “Kathy doesn’t like Matt because he’s rude to other players”, Hayden doesn’t think that kathy knew they were always making fun of her. Brendon thinks she did.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm Jumanji Room MAtt, Ragan and Enzo
Matt says look what we have the final 6 just like we planned. Ragan says this years final 6 will be the coolest and nicest ever. MAtt brings up that he knew all along that there wold be no double eviction because he was going to play the DPOV.

All three are talking about how awesome it is to be still int he house. Ragan says he feels like he just had sex, now all they need to do is get the ogre out. They talk about how close Enzo was, Enzo says he really wanted to see picture and get a letter from his family. Enzo mentions that Brendon was Cheering for enzo to win. Enzo says he’s ready to get POV and take this Donkey out (Brendon) ragan says that now that Kathy is gone they’ve lost their pawn and Brendon’s only true ally. They start Drilling enzo for information about Kathy. He tells them Kathy talked about getting Brit out a lot, she also wanted to keep Lane because she thought Matt, Brit and ragan were in an alliance. Ragan says he has little respect for Kathy’s game play because when she was up against Andrew she would tell people she needed to stay because of the money but when Matt was on the block she didn’t care about the fact matt needed the money. Ragan: ” I can’t believe Matt is in the bed right next to me right now, I just can’t believe it”. Matt smiles says they all thought they were going to get him out but he pulled a Gremlin move on the house. Ragan asks how many weeks was it go for. matt says 2 weeks and today was the last day. MAtt explains to them how happy he was when he first got the DPOV, he was dancing around the HOH by himself because he knew he was guaranteed to survive for 2 more weeks.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:58pm Pool going on Have nots have just a few minutes until they can eat real food again

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:15pm Talking about what downtown LA is like

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:18pm A Gremlin and a Ogre play Pool.. The Ogre wins the pool game

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124 thoughts on “Matt: “I pulled a Gremlin move on the house”

  1. “i cant wait for brendon to leave. it will a peaceful house filled with rainbows and butteflies and we will all be best friends b/c this is a season of friendship not alliance” OMFG, STFU ragan

    1. Why do you hate Brandon?
      These people need to scumbag SOMEBODY out of the house. If they don’t trashtalk Brendon …it might be them. He’s just a convenient target. Has been since the beginning.
      What is YOUR problem with him? Use your mind. Don’t eat up whatever you hear.

  2. How do you guys feel about the way special powers are awarded? Because I don’t understand how fair it is, seeing Matt open the pandora box and get the DPOV and then Brendon open his and get some bullshit vacation. Is this a way for BB to manipulate who stays in the game by giving special powers to people of THEIR choice? Or is it pre-determined in which week a power is awarded, before the season starts but are we all in the dark as far as when it happens? I am thinking that it would be much better if they maybe hid a power necklace or two somewhere in the house and tell people to look for it, like they do on Survivor. That way, everybody would have an equal chance of getting it. Or at the very least, they should post the dates when powers will be up for grabs on the CBS website during the first week after players are in the house already. Because I keep thinking why Matt got the DPOV and Brendon a stupid vacation. I am not for either player, I just want the game to be completely fair and to take away BB’s ability to control who stays and who goes. The way it is, it just doesn’t seem fair to me. Maybe I’m missing something. Anyone wants to maybe explain it to me or just post a comment? Thanks.

    1. You are right, it’s not fair. That gave Matt a big advantage. Why the DPOV just for one week? Why not give it out every week? Make it fair for all HOH.

      1. the only rule that i would change is to let all players play for the hoh, even if they just got through with their hoh reign

        1. Yeah, I don’t know why that isn’t that way. If a player is good enough to keep winning and getting HOHs, so be it.

        2. It makes the game more challenging. A person who is really skilled at comps could potentially just bulldoze their way through by winning every HoH. However, it requires an entirely different type of skill to be able to gain other people’s trust and persuade them to do what you want them to do.

    2. I agree and tar as they all having a chance well they do all have a chance to win HOH. However I totally agree with you on not knowing the power before HOH. That vacation shows they make it as they want. showing Rachel making him think he was going to see her. What was the point of bringing her back? Matt gets the biggest power but Brendon gets to go into seclusion and wow a massage? It was equivelent to the fake dollar Matt supposedly had. Im no longer team Brendon as he made a complete idiotic choice for his HOH when he should have used that power to make an true game winning alliance. Talked all that smack about true game players but then just revenged his honey. The best revenge would have been making final 2. With all that said I still think that pandora box shhh was not right. He still one HOH and should have gotten the same or equivelant deal as Matt as it showed CBS favioratism which is never fun as a viewer. Even if thats like it is we like to think it isnt. I am now Team Regan and Brintney as final 2. I always liked him I hated her but she has proved herself and 2 be the only female left speaks volumes. Regan may be all Sunshine and Rainbows but he sure stood up in the paint when Rachel came in tryn to throw down. I feel bad he has such a big heart and is so worried about matts wife. But he was an awesome Sab and he plays with Integrity. Enough rambling Basicaly I agree we should know ahead of time about the powers.

      1. I also agree about the way power is distributed amongst the weeks is completley unfair, they should tell us ahead of time or even the players themselves so they fight harder to win HOH. I felt really bad for brendon that he got such a crap luxury out of pandoras box, like that is sooo unfair for him they could have atleast just let him see rachel. Instead bringing her back to the house while ragan did nothing but yell at her and put her down the entire time was just discusting behaviour by ragan and hard to watch. If i was rachel i would have dropped kick ragan in his ugly face, she didn’t even do anything to him and he went on and on like he was in highschool. Wow ragan shes already been evicted whats the use in putting her down anymore? Its sad because if he ends up being in the final two thats one jury member you will not get the vote from. I agree with you that brendons HOH game play should have been wayy better hes so stupid all he thinks is rachel rachel rachel and not once for himself forget seeking revenge and try to win she will be much mroe impressed by you. Hes an idiot for that but he still deserves it more than britney and ragan who are the two nastiest people in the house who talk BLANK on everyone and make fun of people. People who have characters like that do not deserve to win money, and if britney does win thats a shame to bb

    3. What isnt fair is Brendon couldnt play for HOH. Once his HOH nominations were changed he should have been allowed to play

    1. IF CBS rigs some sort of competition or vote so that Rachel gets back into the house as a player….I think some of the houseguests might quit. Matt and even Brendon were talking about how DR and production were manipulating them so that Matt was up on the block and the DPOV would be used…. I know that CBS loves the Rachel ratings but she’s really sickening. Now, I’m sure that they are having some kind of plan to have Brendon win the POV — like a Physics competition of something BUT Rachel coming back into play would be beyond the pale.

        1. We should ;) have a competition on the site about what kind of competition they’ll have to guarantee a Brendon POV win. Maybe a comp using numbers that aren’t correct but are the numbers that he’s come up with for the rope course?

          The more I think about it, maybe they are having a double eviction this Thursday so that they can bring back Rachel without messing up the numbers.

      1. I’m willing to bet everyone plays for POV this week. More than likely it will be a luxury comp. If this is the case then you can count every brigade player out except for Matt. Truthfully you can pretty much count every brigade player out besides Matt no matter what comp. Enzo and Hayden are pathetic. Lane is finally starting to look like he wants to win. BTW, absolutly loved how Matt threw the hoh comp tonight. If he isn’t out soon we’ll be seeing a Matt/Lane final 2.

  3. The only way Brendon survives this week is if he wins both the POV and the next HOH comp next Thursday. You never know….

  4. is it just a coincidence that in the panel with the pictures displayed from the the HGs in this site, the left part are the ones that left and right one are the ones evicted!!

    1. LOL i think simon new something we didn’t especially the big “L” that was the evicted HGs after andrew got evicted

  5. Matt took out Kathy. She wasn’t a power move but she needed to be removed. Safe for him, too, because that allows him to remain in the middle of the road. Kathy left and appeared ready to go, anyway. I swear in the comp Enzo looked like he has lost more of his hair. Again, he is second place. We will hear this a lot, I feel. Hayden, sweetie, I think your hair is too heavy for your brain. Lane, you can go home with Britney! Nick, (and there is a Nick. He was on another show a couple of weeks ago) I might have been watching my future in-laws tonight and say “What the F!” Lane’s family seemed nice, tho. Britney, you sweet mean girl, you won that fair and square. You can dance and sing (oh, no singing!). I am sure we will see you in your most entertaining self this week. Ragan, I know you are the one that is the most happy tonight. $20,000 and your friend is still there. For the rest of us, more pool!

    1. I forgot Brendon. Brendon, you let that girl you think you are in love with, rule your head by having power over the other one. You were playing good on your own. I think you will be going up but that was going to happen no matter who won HOH. This house is going to be lonesome for you this week unless you win that POV. Good luck. I wouldn’t do the dishes, tho.

    2. That was a no-brainer for Matt. He kept both of his alliances with this move. It also helps him remove his biggest nemesis, Brandon.

          1. I think he has a stocking cap that he puts on and pulls down to his eyes and then trims around. Because the rest of his hair looks like it has been under a cap for awhile.

        1. AGREED!!! Evel dick was the one of the players in big brother history and put and evel dick shouldn’t even be put in the same category. Matt is a spineless weasel who should have been eliminated in the first round. Evel dick played the game 100% real the entire time and with a real straregy not a pitty card thats why the jury voted for him, matt is just discusting.

    1. You are assuming that the jury members will vote for personal reasons, which is not necessarily true. In fact, it is rarely true. They will be in the jury house for another month, and a lot can happen during that time. I have a feeling that they will vote for Matt simply because they think he needs the money to save his wife’s life, regardless of how they feel about him.

      1. don’t you guys think that cbs just inform all the jury members of matts discusting lie?? its totally unfair that people could possibly vote for matt thinking he needs the money and not know that hes a lying heartless bastard. That would be sooo unfair bb should not allow him to get away with this

  6. Dear Brendon – Stop doing the dishes and cleaning up. Let everyone else do it. Go rotate your sock drawer or do something, don’t let them push you around. Right now, I consider you 3rd fave. So please, shut up about Rachel and win POV. Enzo and Hayden need to go.

    1. I agree I am SO SICK OF RAGAN OMG at least Brendon stirs things up this guy is annoying Butterflies….whatever this is BB Lane is not bad but the rest boring….worse BB EVER

    2. Agree, but at least now it will start picking up. I’ve been wishing production would lock the pool table up. Pretty lame but I suggested to Reagan to hide the pool balls during his sabby stage. Unfortunetly it went unexcepted. I’m sick to death of seeing these fools play pool.

  7. how funny will it be bredens wins pov then thurs he will win hoh and he kick matt or regan out. all the house guest start crying.

  8. I don’t know why any of you f**kers like matt. The guy has went way to far with his lying. to say that there is something wrong with your wife when there isn’t is way uncool.

    1. I know that Ragan is going to be hurt when he finds out. He keeps saying how Matt needs the money for his wife and that Matt is playing with integrity. I think the Brigade guys will be disappointed.

    2. I’ll ask you what I ask all the Brenchel fans — do you have the live feeds? If you have the live feeds and have spent an hour watching Brendon belittle people and boring his faux friends, I can’t see how you like him. And I think most of us Matt-fans have the live feeds, so we are able to see how he really is a pretty darn good player, funny, and not a boring prat like Brendon.

      1. I don’t have live feeds and I love MAtt ! He’s the best and smartest player in the house. Anyone who doesn’t like him isnt watching how the game is being played. Yeah he lied about the wife sickness but so what. Its about getting votes and even Lane said if Matt was in the final two with anyone who was left in the house, everyone would vote for Matt and even Rachel said she vote for him cuz hes playin a strong game. I think Matt is one of the best players in bb history!

    3. R u sure? His wife looked pretty ugly and messed up to me. He can use the money for her some plastic surgery or something. Her mouth was just plain ugh!

  9. If Matt makes it to the end he is almost 100% gonna win. He may not have Kathy’s vote but lets say he goes against Lane. He has Hayden, Enzo and Regan votes for sure. Hayden and Enzo would both vote on who has been stronger in the game. Regan would give matt his vote no matter what unless matt screws him over completely at some point. Even if he doesnt get Brit’s vote he will get Rachels vote. She wants a competitor to win and if brendon does not make it to the finals the only other true competitors in the house are brit and matt. So if matt goes against Anyone that is not in the brigade he is guaranteed to have 4 votes in the brigade plus regan. The dream final two would be Brit and Matt with Matt winning a 4-3 vote. They deserve the money at this point the most unless one of the other HG’s does something drastic within the next couple of weeks.

    1. rachel and brenden play emotional games, i don’t think that they will vote for him. he evicted rachel and made brenden’s hoh useless and put kat on the block. it will be very difficult for him to win

      1. They won’t find out about the lie until the finale after they have made their choices, unless production sticks it’s nose in and hints at it. The same goes for Ragan being the saboteur.

  10. yes it is. cant wait for him to win pov and then hoh and see these hoe cry there going to lose each other. shit i dont want friends i want to see drama

  11. have you guys noticed the the pictures of the people who got out looks like a game of mind sweaper XD or waht ever its called all the evicted peple surrounded kathy and now shes out

  12. BB must be happy with the joy and peace that will be in this house, and how boring it is going to be, not only that, I guess BB wants to see the preppies fight it out.

  13. B4 they even started the hoh that matt won and got the DPOV Julie said that this weeks hoh will be the most powerful ever. So they didn’t just give it to Matt. If regan wouldn’t have jumped off he would have had the dpov. So basicly everyone had a chance at the DPOV

    1. exactly, just brenchel fans making up bullshit as usual… everyone who played in that comp had a fair shot at the HOH and DPOV, thy all jumped off

      1. They are also pissed because Brendon’s pandora box sucked, lol….I doubt that one was planned in advance…they just needed Rachel back in the house. You guys are right about when Matty won the DPOV, I didn’t notice that :)

    2. are you sure she said that to the houseguests?? I know she said it to America, but not sure if she said it to the houseguests. May have to go back and watch the episode…. but I don’t think she did say it to the houseguests, but I admit I could be mistaken.

  14. Watchers asleep at the wheel. Live Feeds Matt, Ragan, and Brit are talking about production people — and haven’t been cut yet — one woman is really nice, another is more standoffish, etc.

  15. Omg this show is startin to suck big time. They lettin all the lame people stay… And omg ragen r u f*%+ surious get over ur self and start playin a game.. Friendship??? Wtf its a game dumbass. Rachel was the only one playin this game right. If Brendon leaves am out and everyone that i kno that watch it would be out too…. Gosh pls start makin it interestin put Rachel back in or let Brendon win pov and hoh to make it interestin..

    1. Agreed! Go Brendan. Get rid of Matt! Insensitive jerk! Watch, in a few years his wife will end up with a fatal disease. He wants to jinx her like that, he will feel the effects of it.

    1. Haha! That’s funny, but you never know! I don’t think Brit is rich…not because of the Hamburger Helper tho. She doesn’t come off as rich and she works in hotel sales?…Don’t think she’d do that if she is rich. Gotta love that she likes Hamburger Helper and Reeses. She gets a bad rap, but she’s hanging in there and she ain’t no dummy. I’m rooting for Matt tho. Ragan will get over the lie. He knows it’s a game.

  16. So no Nick in the CBS interview with Britney’s family today, no letter (or part of letter) in the HOH room, and her mom’s words that she’d be OK if Britney decided to go with Lane instead of Nick now. It’d be one thing if they were just boyfriend/girlfriend, but if they are engaged to be married, it should mean they are the closest of all the family members. Something’s really screwed up with that relationship.

      1. I think Goofy is getting at the fact that Britney’s mom seemed to be happy that she was developing a relationship with Lane. Wow, Nick is probably wondering WTF. I don’t think he will be sending his future mother-in-laws flowers.

    1. It was strange that Nick wasn’t there and her mom was fine with Lane. Maybe her mom thinks Brit is too young to get married or thinks Nick isn’t the right guy. Do Nick and Brit live together? I got the feeling they do because she was giving Nick a Honey Do list on BBAD the other night. It’s obvi (as Rachel says!) that Brit has a thing for Lane and vice versa.

  17. Britney got a picture of Nick. He is real. On another show they had a picture of him, too. On that show they did have a better picture of him, tho.

      1. The diffrence is Kristen and her boyfriend have only known each other for 2 months, Britney is fricken engaged! Could you imagine what a horrible person she would be? It would be 10X worse than what Danielle did.

    1. Yeah, I caught that. Nick seems to be real. But I still question just how good a relationship it is, especially with what her mom said earlier today.

  18. I really think Matt, Britt, and Reagan should form a final three pact should Brendon leave. That would guarentee an excitng final 3 comp. The rest of these clowns are just pathetic.

  19. this is what i see every time a brenchel fan posts…….”WAAAAAAAAHHHWAAAAAAAHHHH why cound’t brenchel play a good game an not take everything so personal? why did they play a horrible game why why why waaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaa why did brendon’s pandora’s box suck so hard rachel didn’t do shit but make the target on brendon bigger waaaahahahahaha im gonna stop watching when brendon is gone and im taking all my friends with me”

  20. Tonight’s BB episode made my night! Matt’s speech was hilarious, the HG’s reactions were priceless, Brit winning HOH was my dream come true, right next to Kathy leaving. The only thing that could’ve made the night better is if all of Lane’s shirts had acid spilled on them so that he would be forced to go for the rest of his time in the house without wearing one. I do kinda feel for Brendon though…I wonder how different his game would’ve been if he hadn’t hooked up with Rachel. I feel like he could’ve been a whole different character, and be in a totally different standing in the house.

        1. Shienara – I typed it ass up. Most times I agree with everything you type but I meant to say that while I agree with you 100%, you’d agree with me 99.99% but now that I think about it, that doesn’t make sense either

  21. Have never commented, but read here quite a bit and have always enjoyed the banter (night crew). Thank you Simon and Dawg (I too like your personal comments within the recap).
    OK, Lane and Brit, Lane looked a little peeved and seems a little surly. I think reality hit him. Whole thing is cute, but that’s just the chick flick stuff.
    Please get rid of Enzo, just don’t care for the guy, he’s jumpy. Brenden looks defeated, Raygan giddy and Hayden just rolling along. Have a strange new respect for Matt, but that is depleted by the illness lie.
    Lastly, don’t understand why many don’t understand the DRINK concept. I joined a long time ago, made perfect sense and hey, evenings have been fun around here!

  22. brendon needs to go that guy is like a little kid.Come on saying that matt is mad b/c
    you put him on the block for taking rachel out no shit you did she made a mgs for you on
    the table to put him up what a dummy. matt and britney are the best players in the house.

  23. NOMS enzo / brendon = enzo wins pov replaced by hayden.
    hayden / brendon = brendon out 4 votes

    next hoh lane wins ragan / matt as a pawn

    = regan 3 votes outt

    regan and brendon gonnneee

  24. Ragan is so annoying with his comments about how horrible Brendon is and how everyone else is great. He is like Natalie from BB9 who constantly talks about religion and good guys prevailing over “evil”. I just hope that Brendon can be like James from BB9 and keep saving himself with POVs.

  25. Two things……EVERY YEAR, people get on the feeds and say “Worse BB EVER!”. Gaaa. get over it….every year is different, but I don’t think this cast is the worst ever. And now things WILL get even more interesting as the Brigade will have to make tough choices.

    And… the end, most jury members vote on gameplay-most have forgotten words and slights directed at them in the house. And if Matt is final two, he will win on gameplay. The ‘sick wife’ lie won’t be as important a factor as how he played the game, and he HAS played it best so far.

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