Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit tells Matt/Ragan they’re safe, Enzo tells Lane to watch out Brendon is going to start Sh!t, Lane: “It’s fighting time”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:15pm Cabana Room Matt and Ragan
ragan: “I really think you deserve to be here and I think anyone that takes you out becuase your a competitor doesn’t”. Ragan brings that taking out kathy speaks volume of the type of player and person he is. Ragan: “I don’t know many other people in the house would of done the same things”
Ragan: “the fact that he went back on his word and lied to you and now look at what happened”
Matt: “Thats what you get when you break promises, break deals, shake my hand Karma is a BLANK”
Ragan says that hayden warned him that brendon is going to start throwing people under the bus like made, Ragan has noticed that Enzo and Hayden are looking a bit down.
Matt is very relieved, “its a good night”. Ragan says how excited he is, now he doesn’t have to start at square one his best friend is still in the game. Ragan says he tried very hard to contain his excitement after Matt pulled out the Diamond POV but it was hard he was shaking. Ragan was so happy that Big Brother gave Matt the DPOV. Matt says he couldn’t believe it when it happened, he was expecting something bad. Matt says all week he was trying hard to tell ragan to relax and be positive, he adds that it’s kind of funny how Ragan stressed way out even though he tried calm him down. Matt tells him that if he’s on the block again and it’s looking as grim as it did last night he would of been trying way harder and being much more emotional. Matt: “things didn’t work out so bad for us guys we live to fight another day.. assuming that brit doesn’t have a schemey plan we have a 1 in 6 shot” He calls brit into the Cabana room. Matt: “would you say we have zero percent chance of us going up?” Brit says there is no way they are going up. The three of them are talking about how awesome this week is going to be they are going to bring back just the tip. Matt: “congratz people we have a 1 in 6 chance to win 1/2 a million”. Ragan thinks the ogre has given up, otherwise he would be talking BLANK to everyone. Matt tells them to just get ready Brendon’s wrath is coming.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

They start a parade “HE GONE… HE GONE”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:38pm Enzo and Lane, Enzo saying he’s ready to go off on brendon but we’ll wait till after the POV. Lane says he’s not putting up with any of brendon’s BLANK once Brendon starts tlaking about him the gloves are off. Enzo says the fire is now in his belly after he got so close to winning that HOH he’s stoked. Enzo: “Once Kathy was taken out I was like I gotta fight for this YO”. Lane: “It’s fighting time we gotta fight from here on in”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:40pm They’re talking about how brendon is probably going to give up


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:51pm Hammock Ragan
“My first best friend is safe for another day and my second best friend wins HOH…”
“I really feel like all that BLANK with hayden and enzo was really BLANK now I need to reboot and think strategy”
“Becuase that decision with hayden was very telling to me ”
“So i think a final 4 is best with brit, lane and matt.. makes a lot more sense them the other option (Enzo, Hayden, matt and Ragan)”
“Which means if I get HOH next week it would have to be enzo and Hayden but i don’t need to approach that conversation until it happns.. Please please let me win POV I would love to be the person that doesn’t use it”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Pool Table Enzo and Matt
Enzo is saying this is going to be a week of Drama, Matt tells him there will be only drama with Hayden, enzo and Brendon. Matt: “The rest of us will have it guys are going to have to find a way to crawl out of his asshole that you guys been stuck in these last couple days… matt you guys are going to be hounded all week”. enzo says he told brit to come to him right away the second Brendon talks any BLANK about him then enzos going to call a house meeting and go off on Brendon. Matt: “you guys are going to kick me out of the BG you assholes” Enzo:”we were going to split but you said not to incase the sabetour….” Matt says it’s ok he understands.

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193 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit tells Matt/Ragan they’re safe, Enzo tells Lane to watch out Brendon is going to start Sh!t, Lane: “It’s fighting time”

      1. Bahaha!!..Correcting spelling?..really? guess everybody thinks that they are a comedian..try to be witty about it next time..because you failed last time..

    1. That would hilarious and it would be equally hilarious to see Bozo go out the door next Thursday and then Lane, Ragan, or Matt can win the next HOH and send Brendon out 15 minutes later. It would hilarious, I tell ya. HILARIOUS!

    2. “The only interesting, nice, sweet, and true person is brendan”

      LMFAO delusional just like brenchel…seek meds

      1. uhm NO. you’re a cold scumbag just like everyone else in the house then., obviously you’re the only delusional one.

    3. “he has been nothing but nice to everyone and just seems like an over-all nice guy in general.”

      the delusion of a person high on drugs…

    4. Isn’t talking BB and needing a ‘noble’ winner some kind of oxymoron?? Right up there with jumbo shrimp??

    5. I hate all of them a lot more than Brenchel combined, so whatevs….Specially, lame Ragan and Matt.

      But I would never go as far as saying anyone on this season deserves to win. Also, Brendon tried to show he had some balls and unfortunately, he just looked stupid trying to defend Rachel.

      I want Brendon to stay because it would mean that those cowards in the house have finally decided to make power moves…and realize that Brendon is an opportunity for them to get ahead in this game. Brendon is desperate for a team to play on, he will go through with whoever backs him but they’re all cowards.

    6. you must be related to Rachel or Brenden cause the world hates them both,,,its not cause they were in love in 3 days its cause they are classless morons

      1. uhm no I’m not I just actually have a heart and see through all of these fake people., I can obviously see what kind of class of a person you are tooo.,

          1. Agree with Simon! This year has turned Machiavellian! Evil Matt is amusing, Biting snarky weepy Ragan is amusing and Brit…well, I never thought I’d like a little dimpled face southern girl as much as I like her. Smarter than Jordan and a great competitor.
            SO glad to see Kathy Gone!
            Kathy was turning into one of those players I can’t stand…or she was all the time and with less people it was magnified. Annoying, clingy, loser at all competitions, and just worthless…..all the time saying “she was playing with integrity” Thank you for feeding the fish, Kathy….doing laundry & making beds. You were the best housemaid we’ve ever had but your jealousy over the smart, talented, beautiful AND WINNING… Brit was just pathetic. Bye bye!

            1. Get Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Evil Dick, Janelle, or Danielle in there and they’d wipe the floor with these people.

          2. THEY ONLY SEE IT COMING due to watching the damn spoilers. If people just watched the television part of BB, then they would have NO CLUE on why people would vote the way they do.

      1. At first I found myself not really liking anyone but I’d say it is turning out to be my favorite season yet. I love seeing Brendon squirm.. He is suuuuch a tool. Go team britregmatt! Whoo.

        Also I hoped Matt would throw Enzo up instead of Kathy but oh well! I liked Enzo at first but ugggh.

      2. Really? I’ve had a hard time watching CBS when Rachel or Brendon are HOH. Maybe if there were two more likable “villains” it would be better for me. Rachel and Brendon are just morons!

      3. I disagree. The season sucks. Like season 8 and season 11
        were the best. I miss evel dick and daniel and jeff and jordan.

    1. started off decent but this cast is just not likeable..and it’s seems BB is trying to mold Matt into a Dr.Will evil type just make it’s funny though that Matt and Rachel are the only two who came into the game and really have had what you can call a strong BB game/plan..either of them deserved to win..which I guess now is Matt..

    2. We’ve been spoiled rotten (much like Britney…LOL) by the likes of Dr Will Kirby, Mike Boogie Malin, Evil Dick Donato, or even Dan Gheesling from past seasons. There just wasn’t anyone in the house that met those standards this year. They can’t help it, but these HGs just aren’t genius game players like those named. The BB formula for casting sure gave us an strange mix this year. They aren’t very interesting but everyone keeps on watching. BB is an addiction.

    3. Hate BB when they have lots diamond of veto, coup d’etat, pandora box. This is not a HG’s game but the producer’s game. BB is becoming a stupid game lately.

  1. Go Brit! Put up Brendon and Enzo and just pray Brendon doesn’t win POV. Or should she put up two pawns and hope Brendon doesn’t get picked to play for POV?

      1. Brit will put up Hayden and Enzo, and backdoor Brendon. Since it is double eviction Enzo will win HOH & put up Brit and Ragan they will all but Lane vote out Brit

    1. I am crossing my fingers that Brendon wins POV, I don’t care if he wins at the end…I just want the house shaken up. The dynamic NEEDS to change so that the show can actually get interesting.

      If Ragan/Enzo leave I’m o.k. with that. Everything will unravel and the others will be left re-evaluating their game strategies. And finally, a no longer predictable show.

  2. I am confused…Enzo hates Brendon, then likes him, then hates him, then likes him. I don’t have the live feeds, so maybe I am missing something, but why is he saying he’s ready to go off on him? Because he put up Matt? Is it a front for the Brigade? I don’t get it.

    1. Enzo thought that Brendon could get him further in the game….but now that Matt isn’t going anywhere and Brit is HOH, he doesn’t like him.

  3. It would be nice if Brenden could go out with his head held high and not throw any tantrums but based off his past behavior I’m sure he will do something epic. On another note, even though I think Matt is a good game player, probably the best this season, he has no reason to say anything about Brenden going back on his word and claiming karma. It is absolutely crazy that he told the lie that he did about his wife, that’s got to come back and get him eventually. All the same he’s safe as long as Brenden goes home and doesn’t win the second HOH and he would deserve to win based on his game play. I just hope he doesn’t get a vote because people feel sorry for him about his wife.

    1. I do agree Matt has played a good game and could of won it without the B.S about his wife..if he does win..the fake illness sort of taints it..

      1. Sadly, yes. If he was so smart, then he would know he didn’t need that horrible lie.
        His wife seemed sweet too. Well, kinda.

  4. Watching Brendon moping around alone this week is gonna be painful to watch.
    I feel bad for the guy. He’s an outcast. The whole house hates him.

    1. I know, I feel sorry for brendon, i really hope that he can win Vetos or HOHs and make it to the final 2, but i dont know if that will happen…just hoping!

      1. Brendon is exactly where Brendon put himself with his words and actions. He’s alone because he aimed guns and made no bones about it.

        1. Yeah, I have to agree..Brendon just didn’t play a good game..Him and Rachel made themselves targets..they could of tried to keep the romance a secret..but they put targets on their own backs..

        2. Exactly… and I do NOT think his tantrums are over. Wait til Enzo and Hayden throw him out to the sharks. He’s going to fill Brit on everything that has been said. I’m waiting with a great big smile on my face. Brendan will implode.. but he’s going to take at least Enzo with him.

      1. I agree. Brit might have won comps but lets NOT forget the kind of nasty little BLANK she is! Brit who is 22 years old & lets not forget her BFF Monet who is 24 and how they both talk about people as if they were 14 years old. How in the world could Brits parents be proud of the way they raised her to judge other people the way she does?

    2. I feel bad for him just based on the fact that he has no balls and is stuck being this emotional man that is no longer good looking in my eyes due to his lack of manliness.

      My 5yo niece has more balls than Brendon.

  5. brendon for pov win. i cant waait to see the look on their faces. oh, i thought matt said he wanted to be up against brendon so he would fight him for the pov.

    1. oh yea that’s right, Matt did say that.

      I am going to literally pray that Brendon wins POV…just so that they’re high comes down oh so fast. I don’t like any of them, sorry. Yea, not even Brendon.

    1. I am confused. Who is Matt with? Was he telling the Brigade he knew they kicked him out.? I want him to be with Ragen and Brittany

  6. I kinda hope Brendon wins and Enzo goes home then Matt wins hoh next week and Brendan goes home then Brit wins hoh and hayden goes home and it’s lane, Brit, Matt, and Regan in the final 4

  7. Brittany should hold up her deal with Brendan. She said if he didn’t put her up she wouldn’t put him up or backdoor him. If she puts him up she gives up the 500K because she will automatically lose 2 jury votes.

    1. Brendon very likely may have put Britney up if he didn’t get his instructions from Rachel via the pretzels. She just told him that so he would keep her another week. I doubt he will vote for her anyway, it will probably depend on who Rachel votes for.

  8. Live Feeds: Matt, Ragan, and Brit on the hammock in the yard. Matt “how close are you to deciding who to nominate” (meaning who besides Brendon) Brit “I don’t know” Matt, “Enzo hasn’t been on the block yet” — “I mean if you are looking for reasons you can just say he hasn’t been on the block and tell him at the ceremony that he’s just a pawn”.

    (Beautiful. Matt is smart in starting to plant seeds and get either Enzo or Brendon out.]

      1. Matt is NOT that damn smart for telling Britney that. Remember, Britney said in the diary room that she would’ve promised Brandon her first child, just so Brandon won’t put her on the block. What does that tells you about Britney? ————- She’ll say anything to anyone, in any situation, any time of the day/night. Meaning? She can’t be trusted. Once Brandon wins the POV, Britney will tell Brandon what Matt said about him.

        1. I’ll take that back. Matt is smart. He has proven that over and over again. But this time, he under estimated Britney’s ( I don’t have to heart to type what I really think about this little girl).
          So it’s a matter of time before she’ll turn Matt in. I want to see Matt wins simply because he’s a good player, smarter than most of the house guests. It’s a mistake to trust Britney. I have a feeling it will come back to bite him.

        2. I mean, she will tell Enzo what Matt said about him…wanting her to put Enzo on the block….It’s getting late and I’m making all kind of typos… Good nite.

  9. @CMB. Because Enzo is a piece of garbage. He floats on whoevers back is the hoh. And he talks more shit about everyone in the house then all of them combined. I hope Brendan wins pov and Enzo goes home. Enzo is the only one who hasn’t been on the block. So her speech should be that who ever she puts up will come after her so it should be Enzo because he’s the only person who hasn’t been up. But Brendan is the target

  10. Damn, Ragan was waving his Matt pom poms tonight!!!
    I can’t till u know about your almighty matt’s lie and the end of the season.
    Ragan is brainwashed by jimmy jones.

    1. It’s called forgiveness and most all responsible adults do, as I see clearly you don’t as it is 6 weeks later and still matters….karma and whatever is overrated, just bc a person is unlucky as all hell the usual excuse is blamed on crap you did wrong before. He was already doomed with the wife that could eat a apple through a picket fence! Doubt anything will get worse. Plus Regan is to horny for matt to give a damn whatever the lie. Lol

  11. I was torn between who i wanted up it was either enzo or kathy, neither one of them do anything ing the house but talk shit. now i cant wait for everyone to start kissing britneys ass. matt is probably one the best player in the house making all the big move.. taking kathy might be huge but like i said she didnt do nothing but talk behind people backs. time for her to go.

    1. Matt does make good/smart moves but I was hoping the DPOV would be more exciting. Kathy to me is not a huge threat so why get her out. She drops early on all the comps.

      1. She was the smart choice to get out. He isn’t ready to throw a grenade at the brigade by voting one of them out. Now he has two alliances in the house going. Kathy couldn’t be trusted anyway.

        1. Britney knows she’ll lose one vote by putting Brendon out but if she doesn’t put him up she could lose all the other jury votes in one shot. She’s forced to put Brendon up no matter what. Brendon just needs to win POV to f*ck w/ all their plans. that would make me want to keep watching this show.

  12. Let us all raise our glasses to Simon. …sniff… I love this website and all of you….sniff.. You have been my best friends of the month. I…I…can’t stand the thought of anyone leaving…please don’t hold it against me if I talked bad about you to my …real friend… I know…sniff…you have been the best ever….sniff…..I couldn’t imagine my blog without you……sniff…..please have crab dip waiting when I drive 763 miles to visit. Thank You for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Winner.

    1. double eviction. 2 are going home.

      if i were to put money on what will happen: Brendon doesn’t win POV, evicted…(because for him to win POV would be too good to be true)
      and then MATT wins HOH and puts up Enzo whom won’t win POV and is also evicted.

  13. Live Feeders: Doncha love when Matt calls out Enzo and Hayden when they start complaining about Brendon….saying stuff like “well he’s your friend” “well you were fine spending all that time with him last week” – I love it because what can they say — it’s true and they don’t have a good response.

    1. its amazing… cant wait to see Brendon gone.. The only that sucks that it seem like the jury is going to take things personal like Brendon and Rachel.. sure she had to fight to stay but that the whole point of the game bitch. so hope when Matt at the end.. they only think about his game plan and all the great moves he made.

  14. Well, I think Brendon knew he only had last week for sure, that only how long HOH lasts. He knows he’s still a target and that since Rachel left he’s on his own. But I got to say, I wonder how this guy passed the psych eval.? Half the time he is like some emotional whack job. I’m not going to dispute his feelings for Rachel, b/c I know from personal experience that you can fall hard and fast for someone and it can last. (I dated my husband for a month, married him 5 months later and am still happily with him 16 years later.) But he needs to get out of his depressive funk and start playing smarter. As for Brit, Matt and Ragan, I can’t stand any of them right now. Matt and Ragan are being downright mean and Britney, I don’t think anyone’s HOH power trip is going to be anything compared to hers.

    1. “I don’t think anyone’s HOH power trip is going to be anything compared to hers.”

      LMFAO your joking right??? why would she be on a power trip her target is the neanderthal/caveman brendon….. so the “trip” will be a short one, and onthing compared to the rachel’s 2 HOH power trips

  15. I am so psyched now! This is my fave night of BB and I didn’t think Jeff’s CDT could beat anything. To everyone who thinks Matty is a pansy for evicting Kathy…..she betrayed him big time (her only gameplay other than sleeping was kissing HOH ass) and Matty needs to feel out the Brigade and not burn bridges. I think it was an awesome move….now everyone is thinking twice before crossing him. Hayden was my fave (hence my screen name) but Matty stole my heart tonight. He busts ass and does all the dirty work and NEVER talks shit about anybody. Team Matty all the way!!!

    1. I agree…I would love to see Matt win, if not, Ragan or Brittany. All the rest of the house has only “kissed butts”, Brendon can win competitions, but his new “love” just ruined it for him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a houseguest I disliked so much as her!!!

      1. I agree, sending Kathy up was a safe move. It’s not like Enzo has much of a chance at winning anything or Hayden for that matter since the first HOH. If they’ve been throwing competitions and was ready to vote out Matt, Matt has plenty reason to ride their ass about their choices. Enzo, saying all the vulgar things he does about women/britney, he has it coming to him. He’s a poor sport even when it came to the pool games for fun. Kathy was just a pawn the whole season. If she had had any loyalty to Matt or Brit (who she claimed loved in the house) why didn’t she go to Matt right after she found the message. Had it been me and the idea of fair game was being thrown out the window, I would have picked the pretzels up and put them in the bag.. either kept it to myself or went to Matt. That would’ve been a good move for her. Instead.. she gets put up. There you go! Enzo might have gone home instead. It’s good and I agree this is going to be the best week.
        Thanks Simon and Dawg! Love you guys!

        1. I agree…she had a really good opportunity to get her hands dirty there…she could have rearranged the pretzels into the name of her own target…now that would have been pretty interesting.

  16. Since Brendan’s noms were messed with I think he should have gotten to compete in the HOH comp – even though he was the outgoing HOH. Just a thought.

    1. totally agree very unfir he should have put ragan and brit up and ragan would have won he takes himself of then put matt then matt put kathy and brit would be packing but he never though of that because of the stupid unfair diamond pov, very unfair he desrves power, i hope he wins pov and laughs in alll their faces, so is no one on his side is enzo not friends wit him wats going on don tgot the live cams

      1. dpov is an undeserved power…i mean cbs should do something that makes you earn the dpov without you knowing you’re competing for it.

        For example, maybe CBS sets them up in an HONESTY or TRUTH test of some sort (without their knowledge) and if they fail by doing the dishonest to further their game then they forfeit the dpov.

        It’s an easy trap that most will fail. I can’t think of an actual ‘set up’ right now…maybe after some sleep.

    2. only 1 of his noms was changed, so it wouldn’t;t make any sense to let him play in the HOH, last year BOTH chima’s noms was changed making her HOH useless THATS why she got to play, brendon still had one of is noms left on the block….

    3. yea me to.
      last year chima was able to play for hoh when
      jeff mess with her nomination i dont see why
      brendon couldnt.

  17. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo brit won baby!!!!!! I dont think I have ever been so nervous for an hoh…im surprised enzo was the 2nd last standing. but holey god!!!!! I hope brenden doesn’t win pov….cuz then that would mean seeing his face for one more week…. BUT who cares cuz brit won woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOO. Brendens facial reaction was hilarious, when she won…ahhh he looked like he was gonna shit himself. But I do think he knows…unless hes stupid…hes going up!…Even tho brit promised on her relationship…he should know its a game and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  18. Simon, thank you for posting the hammock conversation. I was watching the candy empire so I missed it. So happy that Ragan finally has a clue too — Matt did a good job planting those seeds the last two days with him too. I’m totally sure that Matt lost HOH because he doesn’t want to get brigade blood on his hands but he’s gunning for Enzo and Hayden after Brendon. I’m sure he wants Ragan to win next so that Ragan has the Enzo/Hayden blood ;).

  19. Lane may be the best player in this game. He didn’t crawl up Brendon’s ass but he had Enzo and Hayden convincing Brendon he was a good guy. Matt doesn’t see him as two-faced like he does Hayden and Enzo.

    1. I agree. From what I’ve seen, Lane has been the most upstanding player this season. And he’s nice to look at. :)

  20. Yo Enzo is the biggest waste of oxygen Yo. Nice job trying to cheat on the HOH comp Yo. I guess I should give him credit for actually trying to win for once Yo.

  21. The dancing around the house singing “He is Gone” is just cheesy..let’s be honest ..Brendon isn’t some amazing player who looked unbeatable..the guy is alone and has really no chance to win..the dancing and the singing is just an example why they are not likeable…Brendon is not either but it’s just cheesy..


  22. I agree, I think this is my least favorite seasons to date. I still don’t have anyone I’m pulling for, just a couple people I want to see out of there. Brit is 1 I want to see go so bad. She is so full of herself and really seems like a snot to me. Now, I enjoy seeing her walk around in those bikini’s, but notice she’s doing it a lot more now that it’s getting down to the end. She is very superficial in my opinion and it seems like she thinks everything is owed to her.

  23. god i hate these people…its no longer the brigade, its know the brit-gay. i hate that evil crooked eyed c u n t

  24. I could swear Matt called Ragan his little colon buddy. I replayed it (again) and that’s what I keep hearing…..
    Matt, Brit & Ragan are all too full of themselves. I can’t wait for other HGs to knock them down a few pegs! This is one of my least favorite seasons. CBS needs to fire their casting team for BB

  25. My best case scenario to make this a really interesting season would be as follows. Brit holds up her bargain with Brendon because she realizes that this is a game and that she is going to need the jury votes to win, so she doesn’t put him up. She decides to put up Enzo and Hayden because she realizes that that will weaken Brendon’s game in the long run anyways. The POV happens and Brendon gets chosen to play, Brendon wins and uses the POV to take off Hayden or Enzo, thus ensure their loyalty to him. Now Brittany must put up Lane, Matt or Ragan. It will leave the house with two three people alliances and the winner of the second HOH of the Double Eviction week will paint the way for the rest of the season, but it would make this week so much more interesting. I am hoping she hopes to backdoor Brendon, and just say that he is her last option when she puts him up. It would be a smart move for her and would show herself to be a smarter game player, but then it would make things awkward in the house. In fact if she does put up Enzo and Brendon to begin with I hope Hayden wins POV and saves Brendon or Enzo and Brittany has to put up one of her alliances.
    However I have no hope that Brittany will keep her word, or that she will play smart for herself, she is Matt’s puppet this week….. and hasn’t made a good game move all game. BOOOOO Brittany

    1. In that situation, it would be a 2 – 2 vote, Britney would still be the decider and she’d have pissed off Hayden, Enzo, AND Brendon and have pissed off Ragan and Matt as well because she didn’t keep the bargain to put up Brendon. And btw, what kind of deal-maker is Brendon — he tried to make a deal with everyone (If I don’t put you up, you won’t put me up next week) — you don’t make those deals and then get to pick/choose which one to keep. That kind of deal-making negates the Brendon-Brit deal. And Brit should be smart enough to know that she’s already lost Brendon and Rachel’s vote.

  26. Brendon has brought being disliked upon himself by being outwardly obnoxious and isolating himself with Rachel too early. He also took up for Rachel even when she was at fault. Plus him wanting to avenge Rachel crap was way to emotional. I don’t have anything against two people falling for each other quickly in life. But they have the rare opportunity to play for 500,000. So they could have did the majority of getting to know each other after the game was over and not in that Truman Show type fish bowl.

  27. HOH didnt matter since brendon couldnt play. Brendons on the block no matter what since he couldnt play. Im only interested in POV. and matt thinks hes so smart LOL. diabolical super genuis? hes next out of the house if brendon wins POV. cant wait! MAtt would be sitting on the couch telling julie losing was all part of his super plan

    1. hahaha to the part about matt sitting on couch telling julie losing was part of his diabolical genius plan. I can picture it too.

      I really want Matt to go home at 2nd eviction Thursday. It’d be so sweet because then all his cocky talk about being a genius would be squashed like a roach. And his use of the DPOV would seem so pointless at that point.

      He acts like he earned the DPOV. You earned HOH, and then got another treat for unzipping his hoodies to show off his non-chest.

  28. Do they ever show clips from the jury house? I would love to see the expression on Rachel’s face when she sees Kathy come through the door.

    1. Since they’re doing double eviction next week, there might not be time to show the jury house, but I’m sure they will get around to it at some point. They even showed Jessie getting his goodbye messages in the jury last year.

  29. Ok so u say she should not put up Bren and she should play for herself but if she did that then like u said she would have to put up one of her alliance. So really you don’t want her to play for herself. You want her to make a move that gets her out sooner

  30. Matty deserves to win !!! i kno i kno, the lie really pissed me off too, it was not needed, but we all got to agree he is the only one that played the game didnt talk a lot of smack AND got his hands dirty, plus he is cluing into Enzo And Hayden’s Shady backstabbing.

    I am not a fan of mat personally but as far as game play he should win.
    second runner up is lane, although he hasnt won anything, people like him and he has both brittany and enzo and hayden wrapped around his finger. at the moment.. im not saying enzo and hayden wont screw him over but as of now he is in good hands either way! :)

    I use to like Enzo but im so over him. he is weak.. such a joke
    Hayden isnt doing to much
    brittany i love her but she is a spoiled brat
    and ragen won 20 grand

    brendon needs to go, he would just spend every dime on his hoe. such a waste.

  31. The “Meow-Meow” is not the cat with the nine lives. Go Gremlin. Enzo’s gameplay is as receeding as his hair-line. The only key player in the Brigade to do anything was Matt. He needs to trade-up and stick with the ones that will get him to the end.

  32. Lane is my new lover….I think he is so sweet..and has a good old heart….his family looked so cute too…..i want LANE!!!!

  33. Matt was trying to get b/r out his first HOH. and he put NEITHER on the block. wears feety pajama onesies everyday, says his wife has a disease and calls himself a genius. he is almost as dumb as lane thinking he could upgrade from one of his farm goats to a hottie like britney

  34. would want his mom to send muscle milk? LOSER. i wish julie asked him to spell milk! he’d be lookin to the brigade for a spell check

  35. I really hope Britney nominates Brendon and either Enzo or Hayden. I don’t care that she made a promise to Brendon. Brendon made the same promise to Matt, which he then broke by trying to backdoor him. That just proves how little Brendon’s promises are worth. It is amazing how, after preaching for weeks about how important it is to keep competitors in the game, he chose to go after Matt, Ragan, and Britney – the only other competitors in the house. What a disgusting hypocrite. He really needs to get evicted, followed by Enzo and Hayden.

  36. I really hope Britney nominates Brendon and either Enzo or Hayden. I don’t care that she made a promise to Brendon. Brendon made the same promise to Matt, which he then broke by trying to backdoor him. That just proves how little Brendon’s promises are worth. It is amazing how, after preaching for weeks about how important it is to keep competitors in the game, he chose to go after Matt, Ragan, and Britney – the only other competitors in the house. What a disgusting hypocrite. He really needs to get evicted, followed by Enzo and Hayden.

  37. A list of who each person wants to win the game the most and would give there vote to if they reached the final 2:
    Rachel: Brendon, Brit, Matt, Toss up between Enzo and Hayden, Lane, Regan
    Kathy: Brendon, Brit, Regan, Toss up between Enzo, Hayden and Lane. Matt
    Brendon: Enzo, Hayden, Lane, Brit, Matt, Regan
    Enzo: Matt, Hayden, Lane, Brendon, Brit, Regan
    Hayden: Matt, Enzo, Lane, Brendon, Brit, Regan
    Lane: Matt, Hayden, Enzo, Brit, Brendon, Regan
    Regan: Matt, Brit, Lane, Hayden, Enzo, Brendon
    Brit: Lane, Regan, Matt, Enzo, Hayden, Brendon
    Matt: Regan, Brit, Brendon, Lane, Hayden Enzo
    Feel free to voice where you think i went wrong but i took into account how i think each person would vote if they were in the jury today and of course a lot could change between now and the final two but as of now it looks like Matt is in the driver seat to win if he makes final 2 and regan has a lot of ground to make up.

  38. Go britney! enzo has to go. yes enzo, there will be fighting, not on your part though; because you’ll be just sitting on your ass like you have been this whole time.

  39. omg i hope she does not nominate Brendon or iif she does i hope Brendon wins POV omg i would like to see Brendon in final 2 and win the game he deserves it


  41. I just love how fans rate peoples gameplay on honesty. This game is not an honesty/ deceit game it’s a numbers game. I’d lie my whole way through if It means I got into the final 2. I only hope the person next to me did the same thing too because of this attitude I’m sure the HG share. A game that is based on deals that at one point or another will contradict each other or when power changes and you need to throw someone under the bus would you rather be Kathy who gets mega back doored or play like the rest of the house. Hg’s have to learn that word means nothing in this house. I’d go in saying how I am a hotshot lawyer that can sapena CBS for footage backing up any deal I make in verbal contract. Nowadays verbal contracts with proof can be upheld in court. Don’t believe me enter a verbal contract with a cellphone carrier, don’t honor it and wait fir them to sue you.

  42. im rooting for brendan. the dude has a very slim chance and i love seeing underdogs prevail. i understand people when they call rachel a BLANK but brenden seems like a pretty nice dude. i have to admit he may be a tool but the dude has morals. i despise ragan get that loser out of the show hes so gay its not even funny. no homo. also britney is an asshole she talks BLANK to much i want to see her cry and get evicted while sobbing i wish that would be a priceless moment. enzo is a cocky guy considering he cant win BLANK but for some reason i sorta like him despite the fact he runs his mouth every chance he gets. hayden seems like a chill dude but hes not someone im rooting for or going against. matt is cocky and smart but lying about a disease that people really suffer from simply to win money is pretty low to me so i cant really rally behind him. damn i wish captain andrew was still in the game the dude was one hella cool jew, his eviction speech was epic.

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