**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt and Ragan have a plan “instead of good cop bad cop it’ll be straight cop gay cop”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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6:08pm hammock Ragan and Matt Ragan is thinking that they should talk to people and tell them that Matt and LAne are equal competitor but there is one difference and that is Matt has taken out rachel who was a huge taget for the house you got your hands dirty for everyone. Ragan: “You need to tell Hayden that you avenged Kristen getting evicted”. Ragan thinks the only way he can see them surviving is that they can make a final 4 del with hadeyn and Enzo. Matt isn’t sure that he should make a deal with people because he thinks theres a power in the house and if he sides with a group and then the power is played he might find out he’s screwed. Matt explains there was that one week were Amercia didn’t vote and he thinks a power was voted into the house. Matt: “Do you think hayden and enzo are trustworthy over a final 4 deal? ” ragan thinks they are he thinks that Enzo will go with whatever brings him further to the end but Hayden is 100% trustworthy. Matt is worried that it’ll get back to lane for the next couple days. I don’t want to be like i’m taking away an opportunity away from people. Matt tells
Ragan: “I will cry like a baby if you stay… I’m such a pussy i’m such a pussy boy”
Matt: “we’ll work for that, but please, don’t cry”
Matt: “i gotta play the social game with these guys, there guys guys they like to talk about sports they like to screw around and talk shit.. I’m going to continue to play that game with them”
Matt: “instead of good cop bad cop it’ll be straight cop gay cop”
Brit talks to them from across the backyard asks them if they’ve seen Brendon all day. Matt say no he’s been hiding in his HOH room all day he’s scared to come down.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:30pm all 4 cams sexy bitch abs

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:04pm Kithcen brendon finally comes down from his HOH and starts making BBQ pork. Outside is Ragan, Lane and Enzo working out they are joking about having a fight for HOH this week.

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122 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt and Ragan have a plan “instead of good cop bad cop it’ll be straight cop gay cop”

  1. Let’s break this down for all the haters out there:

    1. Matt needs to play DPoV and put up Kathy, NOT Brittany because Brit will certainly vote to keep Lane whereas Kathy would vote to keep Brit and Brendan might have to break the tie. A bad situation so, bye-bye Kathy. Another good thing about this is it keeps a strong player in Brittany who will help take Brendan out. Kathy is only a vote.
    2. Matt should definitely NOT put Enzo or Hayden up no matter how much YOU hate their sorry butts because doing so would earn him the disdain of the whole Brigade and cost him their final votes effectively sacrificing $500G. Also he may or may not need their votes to keep going to the final four, but he DOES want people in the final four that he can beat and if he loses to Enzo or even Hayden at that point then he doesn’t deserve the money.
    3. Finally, when asked by the jury why they should vote for him should he make it to the end he needs to say, “I don’t want to bring my wife into this so you should vote for me because I played the best game”, which he has done and thus divorces himself somewhat from the lie.

    Matt is a smart player and knows all of this I’m sure. Watch for him to make these moves.

    1. Kathy has been tirelessly campaigning for brendon to backdoor Britney. I doubt very seriously kathy would vote for Brit to stay over Lane.

    2. “Matt should definitely NOT put Enzo or Hayden up no matter how much YOU hate their sorry butts because doing so would earn him the disdain of the whole Brigade and cost him their final votes effectively sacrificing $500G”

      I like your logic but if Enzo and Hayden switched alliances so easily and turned their back on him and vote to get him out, then I don’t think that even if they stay in the house they will have no loyalty to him. They will still be pissed about the DPOV being used, and they will still target him, and really ……. the only person on his side will be Ragan. I also think that Ragan and Matt are brother-in-laws or maybe cousins or something. They are way too close. I also think that Ragan should approach Brendon and ask him who is he favouring to leave the house, since Hayden and Enzo are good at keeping secrets yo Brigade!

    3. what who you do if enzo and hayden come up to you and tell sorry were vote you out bye. who would u use dpov on kat,brit or those two?

    1. I hope, I hope that your new server will make it easier for me to access your updates on my mobile. I can usually finagle to see the first part of the updates but when I hit “read on” the page goes almost black. The only thing that shows are the graphics, no text. It may be that my phone sux tho.

    2. Things are great here in the East Coast. Thanks Simon! The real test will be Thursday night! But I am sure it will be fine!

  2. when Matt opened Pandora’s Box it unleashed the Saboteur for 2 weeks and gave Matt the DPOV. when Brendon opened Pandora’s Box, it unleashed Rachel for 24 hours but did it give Brendon a power that we don’t know about?? That would be only fair.

  3. I am still wonder about Brendon getting something else from his openning Pandora’s Box. I know when he started to talk about it, you were posting that the feed went away. They don’t want you to hear anything about it. We heard about Matt’s claim of getting the dollar and letting out the Sab. But the truth was that Matt got the DPOV. All we have heard is Brendon was blindfolded and got a beer or two. I think there has to be something more. He is beening pretty quite and layed back. Perhaps BBAD may give a clue.

        1. Kathie, I think it might be something that tops the diamond or at least gives it a balance. I just can’t believe that there isn’t something else. Heck, I have been wrong before.

            1. Kathie, platinum certainly trumps gold. I wasn’t disagreeing with you by no means. I was just saying that it might just balance out Matt’s extra power. I don’t think just having Rachel back or even seeing her was everything. After all, she had just left.

        1. Jimik60, I got some bad news today and I came here to get my mind off of it. But, there sure is a lot of hate out there right now. I know people get carried away with their favorites. I have had a hard time finding one to pull for this year. I try just to give a different point of view without offending but it doesn’t seem to work. However, I don’t hold it against them.

          1. Sorry to hear you have had a tough dat BBGrandma. Remember you have a lot of friends backing you here o the site!

            1. Jimik and Kathie, Thank you. And, I do know that. It is just that the vet had bad news on my great dane. He has been my consistent companion through my illnesses. And, he loves Big Brother, too.

              1. Ouch! That is upsetting! I hope e is not in any pain or suffering. That’s the worst. I had to take my mother’s cat to the vet today to euthanise him. He was 19 years old but the last couple of days was agonizing for her. It hurt to see him suffering and even more so to have him put down. He was a great cat too! He had a great life, and I am sure he knew that. The look in his eyes as he was going to sleep will stay with me. It was as if he was thanking me for ending the pain and was so forgiving – it’s hard! Sorry! Just make the most while s/he still with you.

                1. Jimik60, our cat was hit by a car on Thursday and killed. The young man that hit her fell to the ground crying. He felt so bad but it wasn’t his fault. I know your mother appreciates you taking care of that matter for her. I am glad that you were left with a comforting feeling from the cat’s expression. She probably was grateful. Our other cat, who was 18, died just 4 mos ago. We just didn’t need this right now. Muc, our dane, is a fighter and doesn’t seem to be in pain. Just tired. We are taking him to a cardiologist in a week. He has an enlarged heart, which is common for danes as they age. He will be 8 next mo which is old for them. I love him so much and we have been through a lot together. We will battle it out again. Thank you for your thoughts and my love back to you.

          2. I hear you. Well, at least your doing something constructive to take your mind off things. There is a lot of hating going on , but there are some good debates. Just hang in there. Things get better, it may not be the result you were hoping for, but it will be better.

    1. He got a trip out of the house. I don’t think he got a power. I THINK that he had communication with Rachael while she was in the house and/or right after she left. I think the good of pandora’s box was her as a spy also creating havoc.

      1. But, Matt got the same havoc with Ragan as the Sab. He may have seen Rachel but I don’t know why they wouldn’t let you know that. And, she didn’t learn anything more than he already knew.

        1. But they have always been able to talk about that. I remember when those girls went on that Million show. They got to come back and tell everybody about it. I just think this is secretive like Matt’s power has been. I might just be imagining things, tho.

  4. Team brigade was cool until Enzo showed his true colors. Enzo and Kathy are the biggest floaters in BB history. Enzo would have sealed his fate by telling Matt he was going home but now because Matt keeps talking about a power he won’t say anything. Matt calls himself a super genius but he really is a moron. If he was smart he wouldn’t have mentioned the power and seen everyones true colors. And as for Matt losing votes if he puts Enzo up, it won’t happen. There is still so much time left that by the end of the game Enzo would forgive him and if Matt is the most deserving player left then he will vote for him. I do hope he puts Kathy up if not Enzo because she is so annoying. When rachal was hoh she loved rachal. Then when Matt was hoh she hated rachal. Now Brendan is hoh and she loves rachal and Brendan. I hate her so much. She looks like a clown with her make up.

      1. Glass houses / casting stones. Matt HAS TO use the DPOV or he goes home. He’s also been planting seeds all day so that he has a great story when he does use it. He also can tell the truth that he couldn’t tell them because of the rules BUT he tried to tell them.

    1. At this point, I’m beginning to think Matt could wear the damn DPOV around his neck with flashing arrow pointing at it and the others still would not put it all together.

  5. Will Brendon be able to play for hoh if Matt uses the dpov? I’m so confused, are Enzo and Hayden for or against Matt? How come Matt is allowed to keep hinting about the “power”?

    1. Brendon will NOT be able to compete for HoH next week even if Matt uses the DPoV. The only difference between the DPoV and a normal PoV is that Matt (not Brendon) decides the replacement nominee. Sadly, Enzo and Hayden have turned against Matt because they have found another strong player (Brendon) to carry their useless behinds through the game. Matt is allowed to to talk about a special power, but if he specifically says “i have the Diamond Power of Veto” then it becomes null and void.

      1. Thank you Ryan. I’m new to all of this blogging. Those of us “middle agers” feel out of the loop! Love this site for the last 2 years and big brother for the past 8 years. Thank you Simon for the site and Ryan for the response!

  6. I love how Brendan says he doesn’t want floaters in the house yet he doesn’t put the 2 biggest floaters ever to play BB, Enzo and Kathy up. BB needs to stop putting book smart people in this game and start putting street smart people in who have comon sense and can read people.

  7. Simon I saw that you are posting nude photos of the girls. Since this is becoming a porn site for people to whack off to…can u please post a link to the Brigades dink pictures please. On second thought…please dont.

      1. Get a life…I’m a female and I looked. It didn’t bother me. Actually, Rachel’s boobs looked better than Kristen’s. Kathy has a better body than I thought. Rachel for sure flashed the boobage on purpose, too! Come on…she loves the attention.

      2. Oh yeah…last year this site did show some photos for the ladies. There just isn’t much to see this year. I don’t want to see any of the guys…well except…Hayden…I’d take a look at that…for sure…hehe. Simon…you have any nudes of the men?

      3. That’s about the only type of work that hosebag is gonna get – auditions for those torture porn horror movies. Straight to DVD.

        1. You have a point – I think? But Kathy’s son’s an adult and can make his own choices. I am sure he has chosen not to read BB Blog. If he has, then it is up to him to decide who he feels, not you or I?

      4. Here, here for some equality on the nakedness front. I may not be quite so vehement as you but your core statements are correct.
        Simon & Dawg please show some equality on the skins page. The boys have told you when they slipped up and showed their nakedness. Please go find some! Tit-for-Tat seems fair and just.

      5. Then don’t open the link dumbass. Also while you’re at it; learn how to spell or use spellcheck. Dumbasses are frustrating too.

  8. what did brenden get for opening the pandora’s box? It has to be more than just seeing Racheal back in the house. What is the bad that will happen to the house?

    1. I think Brenda got a prize of some sort but nobody is questioning him. The punishment to the house for his prize was Roach coming back and confronting them all.

    2. The Good – Brendan got treated at the local community health center for his STDs. The Bad – Hosebag was unleashed on the house!

  9. is it me or does brit alway wants to kill her slef. how funny will it be enzo and hayden tell matt were voting lane so bye. and he uses it and put there ass up

        1. STFU u piece of vile shit! I are no doubt a lozer pencil dick sitting behind ur computer whacking off because you cant get none in real life. Must suck to you!

          1. calm down I don’t have time to hunt for male nudes right now i haven’t even posted a female nude in weeks. Please just go somewhere else if you want Nudes

              1. Simon, don’t give it anymore of your time. My great dane has more than any of those guys anyway. I will be happy to send you some pics. I love you!

              2. Yeah Simon, I wouldn’t bother with this person again. And perhaps these wonderful mothers with teenaged sons should think twice about applying for reality television shows that record and film their every move 24/7 if they don’t want to have accidental nudes posted on the internet. Just a thought.

      1. Doesn’t Simon do enough already? There is just no pleasing you ungrateful slags! Besides – all the guys were neutered by Rachel. Except Ragan, but I don’t need to see that, thank you very much!!!! Somethings are best left to one’s own imagination!

    1. I don’t think Simon is being chauvenistic in the least. If you actually watched the feeds, you’d know that the guys are crazy careful about showering/changing etc. Rachel was an attention starved sexpot who was more than happy to flash her nipples every now and then, along with a sly look at the camera. Ditto for Kristin, The women make it easier to get those shots than the guys do, plus factoring in the BB camera men, who like to put all four cameras on Kathy while she’s sleeping than one of the guys in the shower. The nudes link is something you have to make a conscious decision to click on in order to see…If you don’t like it, don’t click on it. Simple as that.

      1. And, those shower doors are a lot more easier for the guys to hide their stuff than the gals. I mean they can get a top angle shot and catch the gals but I don’t think there is a camera on the floor to get under the door and angle up. I know they got Kathy bending down, so, maybe Lane could drop the soap. Come on, gals, you only have to watch out for one area, We have top and bottoms to worry about.

    2. You need to chillax a bit about the nude photos…you sound a little bitter. It’s obviously easier to get pics of women. They aren’t showing womens’ private parts…just boobs. Do we really need to see the guys shlongs? haha…it’s just making me giggle at this point….shlongs…I think we need a good fight in the house so we stop discussing this stuff.

  10. Exactly my point xman. Enzo is street smart and he’s still there and will most likely win. Brendan is book smart and he looks like an idiot in the house. Just because I don’t like Enzo doesn’t mean I don’t think he will win. I don’t like Enzo because he’s letting everyone else getting, as they say, “blood on there hands” and Is really just floating through. Now get an entire house of street smart players and they’ll see right through him

    1. I doubt if he’ll win. Enzo’s excelled tooo much at the brown-nosing — to the extent that others are suspicious (Matt earlier about how deep was Enzo). I think he, like Britney, will be outed before the end of the game and not vote for him. To my mind, Enzo also wants Kathy in the final 2 — and he was a little displeased today when Matt and Ragan said that they’d vote for Kathy rather than the other schmuck if someone took Kathy to the final 2. I think Hayden also wants to take Kathy. It’s the favorite option of floaters.

  11. Just turned on my BB video, and I saw Ragen and Lane in the hammock talking. Then all I herd was BB on the loud speaker say, “You can’t talk about what you said in the DR”. To whom it was, I have no idea.

    Anyone know who that was ment for and what did they say?

  12. I think that Brenden must of gotten something more then several beers and a massage. Afer all he saw how Matt’s lie of a $1 went over, and so he is trying to be a little more clever then Matt. But has anyone ask themselves, if they both got a special power should’nt they be realizing that the other must of gotten something also, and anyway you look at it, when Matt play his veto thery are all going to be wondering what Brenden got.

  13. Def Team Matt, Regan., Brit and Lane… So want these four in the final! I know Lane hasnt do much but the other three have.. Enzo I liked him at first but he is just a shit talker… Not meaning he talks about people which is does to an extent but I mean all he does is talk.. He has won nothing execept to see a movie but that was in teams. Enzo talksbig but does shit! Same with Hayden.. They are weak just like Kathy but yet they are viewed as strong players? I dont see how really. This season is a popularity contest not a strong comp. because if so Kathy would have been gone week one!

    1. I definitely agree with you about Matt, Ragan, and Britney (not sure about Lane yet). At this point, they deserve to be in the final four with Matt as the winner. They have all won competitions, often when they really needed to. Brendon has won comps too, but IMO his social game sucks and he plays the game emotionally instead of rationally.

    1. They can mix milk with their protein powder (that’s what she’s drinking). They can also mix sugar and milk with their slop.

  14. It disgusts me how happy Britney is now that she wasn’t put on the block. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when Matt whips out the DPOV and backdoors Britney! see ya, honey!

  15. Xmen I never said matts a moron and he should tell people he has a power. I said Matt is a moron for bringing up that there is a power out there at all. He should have never said anything because Hayden and Enzo were all ready to tell Matt they were voting him out but they changed there minds because Matt keeps saying he thinks someone has a power and may save him. So now Hayden thinks matt has the power so there not going to say anything. Matt would have found out that hay and Enzo were voting him out and realized that his brigade didn’t want him any more even though he has win 2 hoh and lane hasn’t won any.

  16. Hey davor I think they have some kind of shake they can drink. I’m not 100% but it’s either a protien shake or a slop shake

    1. Thanks Mike. OMG, Enzo just said to Brit, “”You look pregnant in that shirt”

      Oh my right in front of everyone. Do they talk like that to everyone?

  17. Simon! I just want you to know that Im not using “shitofthishit” as handle! I think s/he needs a time out! I know I did when I started to rant like that!

      1. Good! This is a great site, but speaking from personal experience – too much of a good thing. I have to moderate myself – a hour or so just to keep up to date. It’s working for me.

  18. She lifted up her shirt and said “I look pregnant?” Then thought nothing of it. I guess they joke like this all the time.

  19. Please keep his sexual orientation out of it please! If you don’t like him that’s one thing, but no need for being a dick about it.

  20. Watching bbad and want to smack kathy! She is too old to be this 2 faced! In past seasons u knew where everyone stood. This is the most spineless group ever! Even ;ordan had balls!

  21. so im a little confused the only way matt can use the D Veto is if he uses it at the POV meeting? So he can use it on lane to take him down and put someone else up… but if he doesnt then Brendon puts him up he cant use it on himself because there is no POV meeting and wouldnt the 2 weeks be over once the POV meeting is over?

  22. Ok so what if Brendons PB prize is POV/HOH. Since there may be a double elimination, maybe CBS catered a special power because they know he will be a target from here on out. Dont know, just throwing random “what ifs” out there.

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