Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says at first she didn’t think the chum bath was a bad punishment …but it is!!

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11:20am Brendon and Britney talk about how they never thought they would get on the show. Britney says that she almost didn’t even go to the casting because it was such a far drive and she figured there wouldn’t be much of a chance on getting one the show and that she didn’t want to be away from Nick. Britney says that she wouldn’t have ever come on the show if Nick wasn’t okay with it. Brendon says that she wouldn’t want to resent anyone though if she didn’t go and try out. Britney says that she would always wonder if she didn’t at least try. Brenden says that he still can’t believe that they brought Rachel back and kicked him out and that Matt got the diamond power of veto when he did it. Britney says MmmmHHmmm. Britney and Brendon lay down to take a nap.

11:45am Big Brother wakes up Britney and Brendon with the bell for him to go take another chum bath. Brendon jumps in the shower and then the hot tub after. Matt comes out into the backyard and asks him how it was. Brendon says that it was chum-rific. Britney and Brendon then go and lay down on the backyard couch to take a nap before Brendon’s next dip in the chum bath.

12pm Matt is laying in his bed in silence…. Ragan comes into the bedroom and whispers something to Matt. Big Brother yells at Matt to put on his microphone. Matt keeps asking him questions about his shower and about the music this morning… Ragan tells him that he can’t talk or he will get yelled at again. Matt asks him if his mic is in the bathroom. Ragan says MmmmHMMm.. Ragan then leaves to go get it.

Ragan gets dressed and goes out to the backyard and asks Britney and Brendon if they got any sleep. Britney says about 30 minutes. Ragan tells them where everyone is and what they are doing. He says that Lane is being silly, and Hayden and Enzo are still sleeping. Britney asks …they’re still sleeping. They start talking about Brendons chum baths. Ragan tells them that Brendon only has 16 more to go. Britney talks about how each time they would just fall asleep and the bell would ring. Britney says that when she read the competition thing it said there would be punishments and she was expecting really bad punishments. But after they got the punishments she thought that a chum bath isn’t too bad …but it is!! Ragan says that its a lot more than 24hours that they are up …because it started up at 9pm at night so they had already been up all day. Ragan and Matt head inside. Brendon says that he wonders how Matt and Ragan would have reacted if he had picked them to be handcuffed. Brendon tells Britney that she is handling it a lot better than a lot of other people would. Britney says thanks. Brendon says that he picked her for the 24 hour handcuffing because he wanted her bed. Brendon asks her if they would have a shot to the end if it was Ragan, Britney and Brendon. Britney says it depends on how mad Ragan is going to get. Britney says that she wants to be able to talk to Ragan by himself, but Brendon says you have to watch what you say to Ragan because it goes back to Matt. Britney says that she doesn’t want to make an enemy out of a friend. The whole time Brendon is picking his nose….

12:30pm – 12:45pm Brendon asks Britney who she thinks she could win against in the final two… Britney says thats the question because she feels that she would lose to everyone she goes up against. Brendon says that he feels the same way. Brendon says that Rachel is going to vote for who she feels played the game better. Brendon tells her that he thinks Rachel would vote for Britney over a Matt for sure and probably even over Enzo and Hayden. Brendon mentions that it is Britney’s birthday today, its really tomorrow but they say that Big Brother celebrates it on the sunday. Matt comes out into the backyard and Britney tells him that they found a monster dead roach in the pool last night. Matt goes to look for it by the hot tub and its not their. They wonder if it was still alive or if Big Brother got it. Britney asks Matt what he talked about in the diary room. Matt says that he talked about the POV. Britney asks still?!! Big Brother cuts the feeds…. When they come back Enzo is out in the backyard talking to them about last night. They can hear music coming from outside the big brother house… Enzo says BLANK I am going back to sleep…

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Audrey II

“Brendon says that Rachel is going to vote for who she feels played the game better.”

more bullshit, she gone vote for whoever wronged her the least….”enzo,lane, or hayden” thats if brendon isn’t in the final 2

Audrey II

did he get chum up his nose i know he went head 1st in there…


now that Brendon and Brit are talking about a final 3 with Ragan i hope they realize in order to do this i think it would be better to take out enzo or hayden now and save matt for another week. who knows when they would get a chance to take one of them out again.

i happen to be one of the team matt ( brit and ragan) people. but i wouldn’t mind brendon joining and taking matt out later. i just don’t want one of the bg to win. i couldn’t stand brendon with rachel but just over these hours with him joined to brit, you kinda see another side to him.

i just wish he would stop picking his nose – please no more pics of this!! -lol


I so agree on those nose picking pictures…


If Britney doesn’t pick Matt this time he won’t be going home anytime soon.
Now is the time to remove Matt from the game, he controls Britney and Ragan.
There are plenty of opportunities left to set up Hayden and Enzo, neither of these two can win HOH or POV competitions especially if Britney and Brendon team up and work together.


haha brit and brendon look dead XD no one should be put through that torture

the " Brain "

Looks like chum bath & chained to mantis are over for Brit. Yo!


BFF’s oh that is funny. I do hope it lasts.


Brendon handled the cuffs and the chum bath like a champ. Shows what a good guy he is. I didn’t hear him complain once about the bath or the cuffs. If it was Ragan, he would be crying and saying the game is rigged. lmao


I didn’t like Brendon but that was because he was in Rachel’s Slave Quarters. With her gone, there is indeed a different side I am seeing. I have a new outlook on Brendon. He may be turning into Brendon and leaving the Brenda behind. Maybe….we will see. He could just be playing the game and go back into that Revenge Rachel mode.


Actually Britney and Brendon both are handling it well as far as what I can tell. That would be rough getting up every hour.


Wrong. The chum bath was the deal he made to get PoV. I wouldn’t be complaining about it either if I knew I wasn’t going home.

Audrey II

big brother is fake, their not really enemies they playing a role for the audience



yeah you must only watch him on the feeds then

since ragen and matt and company talked about how its rigged for brenden when they thought he had a POWER

but no, they gave t he power to MATT..brenden hasnt complained AT ALL about the chum/handcuff

grow up

Audrey II

your brenchel drones more sensitive than brenda and rachore


It’s Brendan and Rachel. Learn how to spell. The nicknames are old and stupid. And so are you for being so rude and telling someone to shut the ‘f’ up, when they don’t agree with your opinion. If you don’t like someone opinion, then don’t write any yourself retard!!


I’m as retarded as you and your pathetic self is. LMAO at you loser!!

Audrey II

WOW he’s not whining about the chum/handcuffs but he’s whinging every time he loses and the only one throwing tantrums


Nice language. Your opinion isn’t the only one that counts.


They were cast for this season because that is exactly what they are. BB has a casting formula and they find contestants that fit those roles. They aren’t acting out a role, they are cast because that is the way they are normally.


What Coco said. They’re not that good of actors, people. They’re just deeply disturbed individuals.


Will Enzo’s penalty point be used against him this week?

lost bunny

you are so right Jordan…… im surprice that Matt doesn;t have his hand in his pant today? I hope Brendon stop picking his nose…….. Ragan is a big baby, and need to grow up. His given the gay people a bad name……..


Its pathetic that Lane is still in this game, yest hasn’t accomplished a SINGLE thing this whole time. As long as he and Enzo do not win.


I don’t understand why these houseguests don’t get both sides and compare notes. Briney should talk to Matt and tell him what the others are saying and then see what his response is and follow her gut with who’s lying or she can compare what’s she’s seen from both sides. That way she may just realize that Hayden got the gifts and the rest probably threw it to Brendon. It just makes more sense than just hearing what everyone else says and not letting Matt defend himself. If she doesn’t buy what Matt says she can still put him up. I’m hoping since she wants to talk to Ragan alone he can stay calm and logically explain to her how they are lying and keeping Matt is her best protection since she can’t play in the HOH


matt played his hand…its why he should have kept kathy and got rid of brit


you are correct. Or Enzo, he even said in his DR session tonight he didn’t trust him anymore


Worse, imagine if it were Enzo taking the chum baths…OMG, he won’t shut up about how bad his situation is — no clothes and a penguin suit and he didn’t even win the POV. Enzo has rapidly become the most annoying HG. He complains like my Greek Grandmother used to. He’s like an old woman with a foul mouth.


Actually marigold you sound just like a typical Greek Jealous


Britney doesn’t want anymore information to clutter her mind. She has been hammered all night with no sleep and constant gameplay in her ear. I think that she will not seek out new information because she wants to be resigned to her decision. It’s unfortunate but that’s what’s going on. People think it’s crazy for the HG’s to lay low when it is all on the line, but if they were an hoh in the past they may understand when to jump in with what may save them. Or maybe not.


Looks like one of the fish is dieing now. From the sounds of it, the fishy didn’t make it.

Audrey II

big brother needs to stop putting fish on the show, and expecting the HGs to take care of them… how many fish done died already??


It’s ‘have’ died, not done died you big dummy.

I Can't Feel My Face

RETARDS telling people how to spell on the INTERNET, that is too pathetic. Get off his Sack

I Can't Feel My Face

says the retard who spelled Brendon’s name BRENDAN


BTW, .you’re not worth the effort to respond any further. Now go and sit on the toad stool BLANK!! You are on IGNORE!! HAHAHA

I Can't Feel My Face

your reposes tells me how you really feel, did i make you that upset now yo don;t want to reply with insults anymore? awwwww more proof of how sensitive rachel and brendon fans are. ill leave you alone im sure watching Big Brother is the highlight of your summer.

The Excitement

Brit is so adorable! I can’t help but to just want to squeeze her and have mind-blowing sex with her.


I agree that Brit should talk to Ragan and Matt, but can anyone really trust anything Matt says? He lies to Ragan his best friend ,why wouldn;t he lie to Britt? You know he’s all about the bg .He doesn’t realize that they all want him out. and probably won’t believe britt if she tells him the truth about what they are planning.


that picture gives me nightmares

Audrey II

yea, where did the sexy brittney go??? damned you k-fed


I’m totally sick of Enzo. He’s constantly talking about floaters, what has he done? Mostly accuse others of being floaters when he’s just hiding behind “the brigade”. He has no class and needs to get tossed. I hope Hayden gets put up against him. Oh please oh please Brit get some sense and listen to Ragan???


I think Matt should talk to Britney and tell her about the Brigade. He has nothing to lose because he is going up on the block to replace Brandon. Matt should talk with Britney and Ragen and let them know he wants an alliance with them and that he is switching sides from the Brigade to their alliance of three. He needs to do this before she decides to put him up. This just may make Britney change her mind about putting Matt up expecially if she knows that Lane is also in the Brigade. Everything needs to come out in the open. Matt needs to blow the lid off of the Brigade then everyone will know where they stand and maybe Matt just won’t go up on the block. Just saying …


You are correct. Matt should also let Brendon know about the Brigade and have him join forces with Britney, Matt, and Ragan otherwise they will not have enough people power to influence the votes. A sort of ” Garbage Pail Superfriends”




someone need’s to tell brendon to keep his damn finger out of his nose .
and i hate to say it , but i really do think lane is gonna win this game , or atleast he’s gonna make some money by the end , cause he’s either gonna be in final two or he’s gonna win america’s favourite.
and if britney had a brain she would realize that keeping matt till next week will help her , cause everyone already told her that she’s gonna be a pawn next week next to ragan , but if she used her damn brain she would realize that by keeping matt everyones targets will be matt and ragan , and she’ll have another week if the BB house


Brendon telling Lane and Enzo he wants Matt out.

Enzo has clothes on again. Orange shirt, shorts and black socks. Guess he dosn’t have to wear the penguin suit 24 hrs a day. Maybe it’s getting cleaned. lol

I Can't Feel My Face

this season is sooo boring how could anybody with braincells root for ANYBODY in that house


I completely agree with you. There hasn’t been enough game-play, strategy, back-stabbing, or much HUMOR for that matter. This is probably one of the worst BB seasons so far….::::::SIGH::::::….


Brit needs to team up Brendon, Matt, and Ragen for final 4. They need to get rid of Enzo and Lane who have been riding everyone else’s game-play throughout the whole season. Everyone else has been so busy voting each other out that they forget about the floaters. This is a game of strategy, and there is NO WAY that either Enzo or Lane should make it past final 5. I am praying Brendon wins HOH next week 🙂


You’re right and you even forgot about Haystack.


People you seem to forget that Jordan last year floated the entire game and she WON!!! but I agree this time Brendon should win, he is fighting like crazy and he deserves the votes.. the others all they do is talk crap.. Booring Season ever… tired of the pool games.. the Showtime at night is so booring I sometimes fall asleep… No Drama, No talking.. omg.. cant wait for this BB to be over… If Rachael was still in the game.. It would have kept it alive.. I didnt like her, but at least it was intresting TV…



mrs. villegas

i wish there was a “Like” button that i can click on…just like what facebook has lol


The comments on this post were more entertaining than the action in the house. Gotta love the grammar and spell checkers we have here! I’m especially amused at those who BLANK about the boring season but yet comment on each update as if you were playing yourselves! This site is great, lol!