Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane says he asked his Mom if she smoked weed. She told him she slept around but she never smoked pot. Lane says why are you telling me this, we’re talking about smoking.

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11:30pm Britney, Enzo, Hayden and Lane are all sitting around the hot tub talking and joking around. They are talking about flirting. Enzo gets all worked up when they start asking him about people flirting with his wife or her flirting. Enzo tells them don’t put stuff in my head like the diary room. Enzo talks about getting upset about his wife’s facebook friends. Britney is laughing. Ragan comes out of the diary room and joins the rest by the hot tub. Enzo asks Britney if she is still friends with her ex-boyfriends. Britney says that she is. Enzo says that he’s got a headache now, Yo! I love you wifey. The conversation changes to talking about the girl Hayden was dating before he left for Big Brother. Enzo and Lane ask him that if he got back home and found out she had slept with 6 other guys would he still be with her? Hayden says that she wouldn’t sleep with 6 guys in 3 months. They ask him what if she slept with one guy? Hayden says yeah he would still date her, if she got tested. Lane says that he wouldn’t have told a girl he was dating to do whatever she wants while he’s away in the Big Brother house. The guys say that girls are evil. Britney says that’s not true! Britney says that she is not saying girls can’t be douchey but guys can be douchey too! Britney says there are just as many crazy girls as there are crazy guys. Britney says that there are some girls out there that probably think Hayden is a douche bag and that there is probably some guy out there that thinks she is crazy! Britney says that you have to wait to find the right combination with someone, until then you’ll get crazy. Hayden says that’s my point girls are insane! Ragan says that Rachel is crazy. Britney says and Brendon is a douche. Enzo leaves to take a shower. Lane get up to go inside as well to make something to eat. Lane, Britney and Enzo head up to the HOH room. Enzo asked to take a shower up there. Britney is listening to the CD.

12:30am Lane and Britney are talking. Britney tells Lane about what she spoke to Ragan about. Lane says that he wants to know what points Ragan was making for keeping him and evicting Hayden. Brithey says that the points he was making were that Hayden and Enzo are really close and if one of them won HOH it will be her and Lane up on the block. Britney says that the points that Ragan made make sense for her game but it may not make sense for his (Lane’s) game, that’s for him to decide. Enzo gets out of the shower.

12:40am In the Taj bedroom Hayden and Ragan are talking. Hayden tells Ragan that it sucks to be on the block against him. Hayden says that he has mad respect for him and wants to keep in touch with him after the game. Ragan says vice versa, I like you a lot Hayden. Hayden tells him that he doesn’t want him to feel awkward. Ragan tells Hayden that Hayden has never been on the block when he was the target, he says it is a categorically different experience. Hayden says he just wanted to get that out. Ragan tells Hayden he felt like he went into the POV as a 4 on 1, and it just feels really different to be on the block and actually be the target. Hayden says that even if he was the target this week he wouldn’t go off and trash Ragan. Ragan says he sees the writing on the wall and if it seems like he is distant, then it is what it is. Hayden tells Ragan that he is sorry and that Ragan should keep his head up. Ragan says thank you. Hayden heads up to the HOH and then heads back down stairs for a drink.

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Up in the HOH room Lane, Enzo and Britney are talking about Lane’s beard. Lane has his box of just for men facial hair dye. Britney asks him if he is going to put steps into his beard, he says maybe tomorrow. Lane says that he invented the steps, I was the first one to do steps. Britney tells them that she had a dream about Enzo having a full blown gray beard by the end of the game… she says that it was like growing in different directions and it looked like a bush.. Britney says that in her dream Enzo told her YO! ..this game is stressing me out!! Lane tells them the different ways he has worn his beard. Lane reads the warnings on the box to them. Britney explains how to do an allergy test spot. Lane says people just don’t realize about the warnings because they are printed so small. Lane says that he is thinking about dyeing just the middle of his chin. Britney tells him that it will look like a butt hole on his face! Lane wonders if America wants him to change his beard up, he worries that he isn’t allowed to dye his beard because it might screw up production, he says he cant shave his face without asking Big Brother. Enoz and Britney are trying to get Lane to either dye or change up his beard. Enzo tells him to not worry about the warnings it is just precautionary BLANK, like telling a pregnant woman not to smoke. Enzo says that he wants Lane to grow out his beard. Lane says it gets long like pubes. Enzo says that he wants it like that. Lane laughs. Britney says that she doesn’t think he should grow out the beard. Lane has on a blue do rag and Britney says that his head looks like a penis with a condom on it.

1:10am Up in the HOH room Enzo tries on the blue do rag. Lane tells Enzo that he is wearing it like he a nun. Lane tells Enzo the proper do rag technique. Lane and Britney laugh at Enzo in the do rag. Enzo says look at me YO!… I look like I could killed someone, I’m 8-10, not 25 to life but at least 8 to 10 maybe 10 to life. They start talking about Mike Tyson. Enzo says he feels bad for him. They talk about him losing his daughter in a freak accident. Enzo says you’ve got to be kidding me, I’d kill myself. They talk about Mike Tyson and his downfall. Britney asks why Mike Tyson talks like that? They tell her that he has always talked like that. Enzo does his Mike Tyson impression. Britney says that she doesn’t ever remember a legit Mike Tyson she has always known him as a joke. Lane says he remembers the Tyson Holyfield fight. Enzo says Tyson was a beast back in the day. Britney asks why Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear? They tell her that he was frustrated. Enzo says you’ve got to be an animal to bite someone’s ear off. Britney says during the POV she thought Enzo was going to bite Ragan’s ear off. They then start talking about the POV competition. Enzo says that he almost died over a CD with Brendon and Andrew’s name on it. They laugh about Ragan and Enzo during the POV competition. Enzo asks Britney if she was scared that they were going to crash into her? Lane says Enzo came off the ramp in a Superman dive. Britney does her impression of Enzo during the competition.. how he threw Ragan out of the way and sailed in the air down the ramp. They laugh.

Enzo is now listening to the Eminem CD. Britney tells Lane and Hayden about talking to Ragan in the cabana room. Britneysays that she told Ragan that Hayden and Enzo were never after Ragan until Matt told them that Ragan was coming after them. Britney says that she thought Matt was lying about that and Ragan was 100% after Brendon, but Ragan was after Hayden and Enzo. Britney says that Ragan said that was going to be his power move. Britney says that she can’t believe Matt was telling the truth. Britney tells Hayden and Lane not to tell Ragan that she told them that. They start talking about the saboteur …who every one thought it was. Then they talk about the life long pair in the house. Lane jokes with Britney about the two of them being the pair! Britney says that he is stupid we’re not long lost relatives either. Britney says maybe him Lane and Enzo are long lost brothers. Hayden says he sees the resemblance. Lane tells them that he had an adopted brother when he was younger, but his dad caught him doing drugs in his bedroom and kicked him out. Britney says that for a minute she thought Hayden and Monet were the pair. Britney says that she never told that to Monet though. Lane tells a story about his mom. Lane says that he had asked his Mom if she had ever smoked weed and she told him she slept around but she never smoked pot. Lane says why are you telling me this, we’re talking about smoking. Britney says that her mom has only slept with people she married. Lane takes offense and thinks that Britney is comparing their moms to each other. Britney says that if I talk about my college degree is that me calling you stupid? Britney says that she wasn’t comparing their mom’s she was just making a comment about her mom. Britney and Hayden start talking about schooling. Hayden asks her how she got two bachelors in 3 1/2 years? Hayden says that he has been in school five years and he still doesn’t have even one degree. Lane says that he has friends that have degrees and they have no work. Britney says that is why people are going back to school and getting Masters. Hayden agrees and says that having a college degree will be like having a high school degree in a few years, thats why he has taken his time at school. Lane says that he didn’t go to school because he didn’t have the desire to do a job that required a college degree. Lane says that he knew he wasn’t going to be a doctor or a lawyer.

2:40am Lane jokes around with Britney and talks about them being the lifelong pair. Britney says we’re not the pair; you’re making us look bad! Lane says that its been this long it doesn’t matter anymore they can come out as the pair. Britney says we’re not the pair Hayden! Hayden gets up and says that he’s going to bed. Britney tells Lane that she isn’t trying to be cool when she brings up her family, she’s just trying to be sociable and contribute to conversation. Lane says that his mom is not a BLANK. Britney says that nobody said she was.. Lane tells her he knows she’s not trying to be cool. They start talking about Lane’s HOH photos.

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3am Britney and Lane talk about how close they are to the Finale. Britney says that after Thursday it will be less than two weeks! Britney and Lane both agree that next week could be really sad; they don’t know what is going to happen. Enzo says that he is hoping for at least one more luxury competition. Enzo says that they are going to be in week nine, ….hook us up with something! Britney says that tomorrow, the 31st is officially Day 60! Enzo says they should have a Day 60 luxury competition, shut it down out there and put two cars out there. Enzo says that he would love to win a car, put a target on my back. Lane jokes and says that he wants to compete for a target. Enzo leaves the HOH room and goes to the jumanji room where Hayden is still awake. Enzo flies his tinfoil space ship around the bedroom. Hayden asks Enzo what are they going to talk about tonight. Enzo tells him to let Britney do the talking, he says she puts him to sleep. Hayden agrees and says when she started talking about hotel stuff last night it put him to sleep. Enzo says that we’ve got to get BT out man! Enzo and Hayden talk about ex-girlfriends. Enzo says that he probably slept with around 20 girls. Enzo says that he’s been with the same girl 7 years. He says he doesn’t have ex-girlfriends really; he just has girls he’s had sex with. The conversation changes to talking about it being day 60 in the house. Enzo says they are in an elite group, only so many people have made it this far in the game over all of the seasons. Hayden tells Enzo that his friends are going to want to meet him. Enzo says that’s why I’m coming to Arizona. Hayden says that Enzo could get paid to make appearances. Hayden says that he, Britney and Enzo could do it as a group, and that they could charge more.

3:20am – 3:45am Up in the HOH room Lane asks her what side of the bed she wants and she says the jumanji side! Britney says she’s going to go to bed. Lane asks her to stay in the HOH. Britney says no, she’s going to jumanji. Britney says goodnight! Britney heads down to the jumanji room. Enzo and Britney talk about all the things they can’t wait to do when they get out. Enzo asks Britney if she talked about his airplane in the diary room. Britney says I am not telling you will just have to watch. Britney then says that she said it looked like something a kindergartener made and put in his backpack and he got beat up on the way home from school. Britney is laughing. Enzo says oh BLANK. Britney says it got beat up in his backpack. They start talking about last season. Then the conversation changes to talking about the saboteur. Britney says that the second saboteur was stupid. Britney says that they got out the first one and Big Brother had to scramble for another one. Britney says that she thinks the second one was Matty. Enzo says that he wishes they would have gotten a message confirming Matty as the saboteur. Britney says that she wonders if they’ll have, have nots again. Enzo says that he doesn’t think there will be anymore have-nots because it would be a disadvantage going into the final four. Enzo says that he thinks a luxury competition is coming. Enzo says that he also thinks there is going to be one more Pandora’s Box. They talk about how the Diamond POV was the best Pandora’s box. Britney says that she got the worst one by far. Enzo agrees. Britney complains about being stuck in there for an hour with Jessie. They talk about past house guests. They say that Janelle is a legend and that they think she will be at the wrap party. Enzo asks if Janelle is hot. Britney says that she is! Britney says that she thinks that Janelle hates Rachel and that Janelle probably throws up in her mouth a little bit every time Rachel talks about her. Enzo and Britney decide to go to sleep….
7:40am All the house guests are still sleeping…

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Aaron C.

The poll results are interesting IMO.

Ragan won a lot of the more liberal states. You knew he’d get California!

Lane won in the South.

Britney won just about everywhere else.

Hayden got his home state I guess and Enzo got Mississipi?

I voted for Ragan and I’m from OK. I’d probably have changed it to Lane at this point though.




wow…and just when i though ragan had a chance, brit goes and talks to lane and hayden. she coulda just talked to lane but hayden too? grrr.. her and ragan shoulda tried to talk to enzo but i think he just might be to hardcore BG .


I don’t think Hayden was in the room when she told Lane, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, I don’t see Lane getting out Hayden. I think Enzo would do it before Lane would if Enzo was in Lane’s position.




My thoughts exactly.


just goes to show how smart Lame really is.


you can see how smart he isn’t by watching his diary room


Even Enzo couldn’t top that one. My mom sleeps around.


But look on the bright side, Lane’s mom won’t be lonely for a while. Her phone is going to ring off the hook.


I ain’t need no stinkin coll-ege, no way, no how! I never ain’t wanna do no smarty pantz colleje jobb like thinkin o’stuff and usin yer brane n’junk. Lane ain’t need no brane!


tbone, bet it wasn’t easy to act that dumb!!! Seems contestants in general are getting wise to kick off the best and brightest in all so-called ‘reality’ shows. Reality shows are such a formula now that they are better watched with the fast forward button, skipping through all the “right after the break” stuff, the repeats after the break. You can hone a 60-minute show down to about 15 minutes.


Wow, because he doesn’t have a college education he’s automatically an idiot? That makes you an effing idiot for even writing that comment, honnestly people like you are the worst. And no, dont correct any of my mistakes, i really don’t care.


Does anyone know why they havent shown the Jury House yet? Last year they showed each week a person going to the jury house, are they not doing that anymore? I say Lane and Enzo final 2!


Good point! My guess is that we’ll see both Kathy and Matt/Brendon’s arrival all in one shot on Thursday’s episode.


There aren’t that many people (DR sessions) left so hopefully Wed night after the quick POV ceremony (not THAT much drama or sources of drama left), they will at least show Matt/Brendon entering (if not Kathy).


Britney is an intelligent young woman overall. But she completely loses me with the way she talks and tells Lane things. She had the conversation with Ragan last night and she talked with a lot of sense. She she knew that she’s next etc. Then she tells Lane it’s smart for her game if Ragan stays, but she doesn’t know if it will benefits Lane’s game? I don’t get it. I guess she wants to make it seem like she’s not campaigning against Hayden. But it doesn’t matter because she’s going up on the block if she doesn’t win HOH or POV.


The true Brit is with Ragan. She is playing the game with the rest. Her vote this week should go to keep Ragan since she is probably out next time if she doesn’t get HOH or POV. Although, if there is a tie, her vote won’t mean much, with the exception of Lane keeping Ragan. Brit and Ragan will carry each other to the end.


Your first sentence makes me say: “Hell to the NO!”
Hell no that little girl is NOT intelligent. If she was intelligent, she would’ve kept her mouth shut once in a while, insteading of running it all the time and let people see how trashy her personality is.


I’m done with watching this year. better luck next year CBS. Matt was the show! Reminded me of eveldick


I personally think CBS owes us a winter season of BB after this one;)


I agree




Off-topic, but I just had to say that the avatars on the right NEVER fail to crack me up. Even more brilliant than last year’s;)


Thanks! we still need to find one for Ragan…


How about Andy Dick for Ragan’s Avatar?


How about the Professor from Giligan’s island?


I’d either photoshop devil horns onto an image of Andy Dick, find a fitting bowtie image, or some pic having something to do with tons of tears/crying. He reminds me so much of Kevin from last year (not just because they’re both gay), I’d LMAO at a picture of Kevin with a bowtie as Ragan’s avatar. You’ve got to come up with something, Simon… you just gotta, and I know it’s going to be brilliant!:)


The professor from the Simpsons



gb bb

The young Forrest Gump from the beginning of the movie


A box of tissues for all his cry babying!


By the way, I’m not really the type of viewer that needs all the over the top type people for it to make it enjoyable to watch. It doesn’t have to be the like the Real House of New Jersey, yo. But I do need to see people with more street sense than the people in the house playing for 500,000. You had people in there acting like they are long lost buddies. You had a seemingly intelligent guy falling for a borderline stripper to the point he doesn’t’ care about the money. Kathy was supposed to be a sheriff but was nothing but wall art with a cigarette.Who occasionally showed she had a pulse enough to do chores and ass kiss. They all virtually voted the same when evicting etc. Whomever was HOH, was Jim Jones so they would drink the koolaid and follow through who that person wanted as far as eviction.The drama comes when you get people in there with strong aspects in their individual personalities together. Enzo can really irritate me at times, but he’s actually played more so on a hardcore I want the money line. Even though, I was wanting Ragan or Britney to make it to the end.


if enzo was playing hardcore like he really wants the money he would vote hayden out, but he won’t so he’s still a dumbass


Lol, but Enzo isn’t a part of a “side alliance” like Lane so he doesn’t have a stronger reason to vote Hayden out over Ragan this week.


Marisa, you are dead on, couldn’t agree with you more, and massive kudos to you! Very well said!


Marisa, Jim Jones / HOH dictating who to vote out is because production didn’t enforce the rule that somebody quoted a couple weeks ago about not being able to discuss anything about who to vote for! Rules being broken left & right have surely changed the course of this year’s game.


Yeah, production needs to get it together . I never saw it but people were saying that Enzo was eating a mini chocolate bar while he was a have not.


GODDAMN “borderline stripper” thats exactly what rachel is.


CBS you owe us do-over. This show blows now. You owe us big time for this season! Boy george was an ugly bitch but at least interesting. Matt was the man making moves and protecting the BG, he was interesting. Even brendon… Well he was a deuchbag but watchable. No one wants to watch the hairdo and the balding yoyo talk about a football game they saw 7 years ago. Lane is just a dummy and britany is the smart dummy but she does nothing for the show but DR shows. Token gay is played out. He figured it all out 1 week too late and now this show is boring. RE DO!


brendan wasn’t anymore of a douche than the rest of them, brit is probably the biggest one

BB King

I feel sorry for Hayden, his future is bleak if he dosen’t win BB. It’s been 5 yrs and he still dosen’t have a college degree, although he is majoring in excercise and wellness (it’s true, check out his ASU baseball profile). He is not that good of an athlete to have a future in baseball, since he only starred in seven games and he has not made $5K in two years, he must have very bad employment prospects or lives off his parents though he is 24 yrs old. It also implictly seems that he dosen’t own a car, based on his conversations with fellow HGs. Lane may be a parasite but he is a very well fed parasite, not the case with Hayden.


Hayden is poor, but I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He’s healthy, so all he needs to do is cut some of that wig off, and decide whether to work full time or go to school full time. The boy said he’s taking it slow with his schooling. Hurry up and graduate and join the unemployment line fool.


I agree with both of you. BTW, did you catch Brendon’s comment while he was still in the house talking about being close to their families — he said he wasn’t very close to his family, until recently since he’s been living at his mom’s…..but they still weren’t close. Not saying he’s a parasite — he has school bills for sure — but can’t help wondering if he told Rachel he’s living with his mama!!! Ewwww, not her type! But she can support him while he goes to school, so maybe they can use each other.


enzo needs to get over himself, no one is going to pay these idiots for appearances, I guess they could appear on E!


With no game play yet again this week , it means we have to watch 20 minutes of the previous episode to fill the time slot. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIINGGG


AGREED i have yet to see gameplay this entire season, i think we should sue CBS for wasting our time with these 13 of the worst HGs in BB history.


Ragan needs an avatar! He would feel very left out.


I honestly wish a few of you guys who leave comments here would try out for the next season, if you haven’t already. Judging from some of the posts I’ve read here, any combination of you guys would have me ordering the feeds for the first time, LOL!


the more I read this damn spoilers the more I hate bitchney


I hate to say it but these houseguests are so lacking of any balls that it’s gonna be the summers eve alliance in the final three! I watched some of the on you tube and they got more excitement in one episode than we had all season! Watch your ass Grodner, the red coats are coming!!


Omg! Summers eve alliance is more than perfect. Good one


next season, they should have a non typical gay man. Don’t know if American know they exists, but a big burly “bear” that doesn’t lisp or cry. Can bench press a ‘Lane” while torquing a bolt on a Harley engine. That would blow them away. All the chicks would think he’s hot and available, the guys would think he’s the Alpha dog be imitated……


The only non stereotypical gay was Bunky. He was cool. He hung with the guys. For the first week or two, they all just assumed he was a nice married guy and he was approached the first day by Kent (I think that was his name), a homophobic right winger to be in an alliance. That relationship was cool to watch. Bunky never said he was straight or married, and it was a dilemma for him to keep the misconception going or to come clean. Funny enough, Kent and Bunky ended up being pals at least on the show. Kent changed his view on gay people, and Bunky met Kent half way too. That was interesting to watch. Season 2 really was one of the best. It was still fresh, the competitions were still unexpected. The houseguests had to work to get basic items like a toaster. They had to unlock the hot tub by working together. Those were the days! Now the competitions are predictable and tailored to favour certain people. They spend more time studying and anticipating what’s going to happen than they do playing the game. Casting has become a boring repeat with the same stereotypes year after year (the dumb blonde, the girl with big tits, the muscle with no brains, the heart throb alpha male, the funny guy, the gay guy, the angry black woman, etc,). Honestly, there is nothing unexpected about BB anymore.


I AGREE!!Bitchney needs to take her ‘rat hairs’ and go!!


Survivor allstars on BB would be interesting.


i know that they forget the cameras are on and say what they mean. friends and family will remind them of what they said/ i would not want ti watch the tapes ater some of the goofy stuff. they all talked too much about private things

The Playa

russell would chew the lame 5 and spit them out…..go russell, best survivor ever….i mean he changed the game…finding idols with no clues….
now i cant watch survivor because of the travesty (jury members not realizing its a game, taking the sh..t to heart. sorry jeff but im no longer a fan if jury members are going to continue to be weak-minded.) same for these bb12 lames.. they could have voted along with the houseguest from there sofa’s


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! wake me when this BLANK is over. on second thought don’t…worst waste of time in a decade of bb.