Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane: “Even if I’m stabbed and shot 3 times in Vegas I still wouldn’t talk to Rachel

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm Lane/Hayden Kitchen Lane is eating with a pair of grilling tongs. They are looking at the memory wall and doing some studying. Lane mentions how Jeff did so bad in the face challenge. Lane whispers that Brit has no idea about the Brigade. hayden brings up how big the house feels now that theres just 5 of them. Brit comes in and starts making food.. Lane says that the DR told him to stop talking about Brendon. Lane: “Dang we rat on Rachel so bad” hayden: “She’s going to hate us”. They all agree it doesn’t matter if Rachel hates them they never want to see her again. lane: “If I go to vegas… if even i’m stabbed, shot 3 times injected with heroin and I see her run by I won’t talk to her… I call” They start talking about Rachel and Brendon and how weird it was that Brendon loved rachel after only a month. Hayden says he didn’t understand why they would brag about a 20K bottle of tequila, HAyden: “Who wants that just give me the money instead”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:14pm HotTub Ragan, Lane and BRit Lane is jokeing with brit that he can see her “rats Hair”.. Brit says to not talk about that there on showtime. Brit tells them that when she was in spain she had a wax done she didn’t want. She knew how to speak Spanish well enough but the she agreed to the wax and what happened was very humiliating.. she’ll tell them in September. Ragan asks LAne if they can have a uncomfortable conversation later tonight.. Lane says sure. Ragan starts telling them that his Father was a big time wine collector. When Ragan was in highschool him and his friend were drinking all his fathers win for a couple days and it was very expensive win. Lane asks if he was caught. Ragan says his dad never noticed… Talk is dominated by what alcohol they like to drink. Enzo joins them yo

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:45pm Small talk


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:25pm Drunk Stories

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OK you forced me to repost my comment about brit’s spanish inquisition…Soooooooooo the Spanish wax lady found something in Brit’s ass…. My guess it was the Diamond Power of Dildo.yo…………….


When can I sleep again???


Lane might end up being stabbed and shot 3 times in Vegas for all his roostering in the diary room


If I was actually stabbed and shot I would have NO problem calling Rachel to help me…yo. Help…yo help me yo I been shot…and stabbed yo.. it hurts. yo


she’ll prolly end up bringing a cocktail as first aids


These people are so boring that if Rachel didn’t come on the show, they would not have anything to talk about. That usually is the case with dumb people. The topic of their conversations seem to be: Who did what. Who went where. Who said what.
I want to quote my favorite old man, Fred Sanford: “You big dummy!”


Lane keeps saying that Brit is spoiled, but from his recent stories it seems like he is the spoiled brat. If hs father didn’t work hard, Lane would be an unemployed ex-con.


I don’t doubt you one bit.


he should be in jail


10:14 pm “Ragan asks LAne if they can have a uncomfortable conversation later tonight.. Lane says sure.” … here we go…. If Lane was smart, he would get ready to switch camps. With him, Hayden and Enzo, he won’t win $$. Hayden & Enzo will make it to the money. Lane should vote to knock Hayden out .. target Enzo for next week and go into final 3 with Brit and Ragan … then Ragan goes … Brit & Lane are the final HG’s and we see who gets the jury’s votes … (I bet on Lane!)


What yo? Why you wanna knock me out? I am just as deserving as these lightswitches.. yo. Give me a shot, let me prove myself in the final hour….yo


I know. The time has come to make the hard choices. If Lane gets rid of Hayden then his path to the 500k is set. If Hayden is the kind of friend he appears he won’t hold it against him, and CBS is probably really hoping this happens because they are dying for twists at this point. Lane, be smart. (also, Enzo’s reaction might be so bad he finally gets removed, icing on the cake).


Why do all of their stories sound familiar to me… being drunk on a restroom floor…seeing people that saw me there later… getting pulled over and getting out of it.. leaving my door open with keys in it… having a Diamond Power of Dildo in my ass in a foreign country… all seems strangely familiar… shit. am I on Big Brother right now yo?


in your own mind you just won HOH.. you’ll soon get pictures of home, a t-shirt, and maybe some beer.. I’ll say congrats, smile and steal the rest of the stuff in your basket when you’re not looking.. I’ll also start a lie that you have crabs, because I’m sure I saw one and you’ll be voted out.. sorry.. but at least you got head of household..


Yo, I am good with that yo!

The Bash Brothers

it sounds like paris hilton and lindsey lohan joined the house…


The only way lane doesn’t make the final 3 is if Britney wins HOH and Enzo wins POV. So really keeping Regan makes no sense.


Third place doesn’t win anything. He wouldn’t get the votes in final 2 against Hayden or Enzo.


It does make sense if he’s confident in his ability to win comps against Enzo and Ragan. He knows Brit will keep, and Enzo will still get rid of Brit and/ Ragan over him. Also, Hayden is the last person left who really compares to him physically so he’ll prob have the first round of HOH finals as his with out Hayden


I still hoping that Ragan will escape thursday conviction, and ultimately would end up winning the $500.000. Ragan isn’t my first choice, but out of all them jokers, it would be a damn shame to hand that kind of money to anybody but Ragan, someone with intelligent and has proven that he has what it takes to endure life’s most difficult struggles, to face all of its trials and tribulations, and in the end, he managed pull it off and achieved greatness.


I know. Ragan is the best by far, and if he does escape this week, maye he’ll take HOH and POV.


It does make sense if he’


it makes sense when he can’t hayden, who he plans on taking to final 2, he can beat brit and ragan in the end


sorry if he can’t beat hayden


Are Britney’s boobs real?


they are not a figment of your imagination like Santa, the tooth fairy or dawg. however, I don’t think they are but either or, she has nice boobs.. haha


yeah hers are real cuz they dont melt when she tans XD but she said they were real earlier in the season


WTF? What do you mean Santa’s not real? You’re a pathetic liar! :0)


They’re real enough. Leave Brite alone, shes about to make $500k, maybe she can have an ass installed with that doe-rae-mi. Aaaand FYI I’ve been riding her crazy eyed skin chomping self from the get go. Shes got a Paper Moon quality thats still endearing but only because shes a youngin. She should consider stopping her mean streak, it just doesnt go over well when you’re 30 and above. I dont like anybody in the house for 2nd place so I dont give a shit who else is there as long as Brite wins it all.


Did Hayden say he would have played pro ball if he didn’t get hurt?? How could he fit all that hair under a baseball cap.


I live in Tempe, Az I have been a Sun Devil baseball fan my whole life, Hayden played in seven games in 2008, batted seven times and only had one hit. Hayden was aweful in the outfield he cound not judge a ball hit in the air. Hayden hardly played and he only dressed for home games, he didn’t get to travel for the away games. If Hayden said that he would have been a pro, he must of meant in wiffle ball, because he wasn’t good enough to even stay on the teams roster the next year. He was cut loose.


EVERYONE claims they could have played pro ball IF…


Lol. get over his hair already, its gonna be long for a while, get use to it. when he comes out; he’ll get a hair cut. but for now, we get it, hayden’s hair is long.


Yea, I think they are.




No, her boobs are not real. Men don’t seem to care about it anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Its so pathetic that brit is about to take lane to final 2 or the other way, and it was EASILY avoided by keeping kathy OR brenden both who would NEVER get 4 jury votes.

stupid hg’s! stupid brigade! they thought matt was the only issue? this lane/brit thing has slid by for way long…so incredibly dumb


Where did they find these morons? Please find better people next year!


i feel so bad when i see these people talking so harshly and trashing Rachel and Brendon and the worst part is that one of them will win the 500 K i just hope that Brendon wins the 25 K he deserves it more than those 5 pfff i am so pissed
their live is boring they have nothing to say other than bashing Brendon and Rachel all the time
they’ll be ashamed on themselves when they go home for sure otherwise they’re not human


Hayden needs to get a damn haircut. He just keeps looking stupider

Yep Yep

Hayden reminds me of the guy on my work elevator who has one of the worst comb overs I’ve ever seen…. he just doesn’t get how really awful it looks. Hayden said he likes his hair, so he and the comb over guy have rose colored glasses on.


It shows his immaturity!


The more I listen to Britney and Lane, the more I want Hayden to win this season. He seems to be the only one left that isn’t mean spirited. Enzo, Lane, Britney, and Ragan ALL have been complete dicks and/or bitches to others in the house. Am I totally forgetting an obvious moment when Hayden attacked someone in a brutally personal way. That’s all I ever remember the others doing albeit usually behind the other person’s back.


Except Hayden is a bore-fest… I seriously always forget about him.

Yep Yep

I am not sure I would want Hayden to win,…hell, I don’t even know WHO at this point I would want to win, but I will say this. Hayden is seems to be ever-conscious of the fact that his family (his grandmother mostly, because he does shout outs) are watching the show. I’ve not heard him say vicious things about anyone, and I have not heard him cuss, even on the free for all After Dark.
The others amaze me…the things they say and do….it ends up on camera and in the face of everyone watching. They have to go back into public to face those things they have done and said.


Why is everyone up in arms about b/r still. While she is obnoxious, they very well could be in love and live happily ever after. Yes folks some people fall in love the first time they MEET and stay in love even 18yrs later. It can happen and does to many people. They may be just what the other needed, stranger things have happened. Just can’t stand all the how dumb are they comments because it is possible and if would have happened to you, you would not be to thrilled about the comments either.

Yep Yep

I just figure there is such a huge spanse between Rachel’s wild Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Clutching 100 bills ways versus Brendon’s seemingly calm lifestyle. While I think it was baaaaaad of CBS to interview the ex-fiance, she said Brendon was constantly trying to change her. I saw Brendon telling Rachel to not put so much eye make up on, and when she put on one of her short short dresses, he asked if she wore “those” a lot…. I don’t think Rachel can change who she is, be it good, wild or whatever, and I don’t think Brendon will be able to keep calm when she lets loose like we saw her do. Who else would forget their panties on a challenge and everyone got to see blurred out areas. She did table dances shaking her arse in everyone’s face….she got drunk, in their faces, …. It may be love, but I can’t imagine it will last. But if it does…good for them.

tipsy topsy turtle

Has Enzo lost a lot of weight or is it my imagination ??????


I just asked my husband the same thing on Sunday. He looks much more slim than I recall in week one….


That’s usually what happens when a man is not around his wife, he looses weight from missing out on her good cooking.


this is so boring now!


these players left have played safe the entire game. the last unforseen move came from brendon. so predictable. the first unpredictable move by one of the followers will result in victory, now who will make it. oh and i must give kathy credit for doing the one thing that no other houseguest has done all season. vote how she wanted to. these guys seem to always vote based on whats best for someone else. assholes your vote is secret. if someone asks just lie.


Why should the “brigade” go back on their alliance and vote hayden out? Ragan is definitly goin home no matter how much campaining he does because the “brigade” wants to go down in BB history has the best alliance that made it all the way..even if votin out hayden benited enzo he wuldnt do it becuase they want a final 3 between the BG..bye bye ragan


first the brigade was done when they voted out matt, if you turn on a member of your alliance you are not the best alliance ever, did chilltown turn on each other did the renegades turn on each other NO
2nd lane and enzo cannot beat hayden, lane cannot beat enzo so if they want the 500,000 they better vote out hayden


Matt made it watchable. I agree. I can’t watch now.


Couldn’t agree more. Boring. Boring. Boring. Miss Matt too.


They didn’t talk about Rachel for a long extended time from what I saw last night. It was all matter of fact. Besides, they were the ones that lived with her. So she must have been over the top. A girl like Rachel is oblivious about her own behavior and Brendon didn’t help. She probably thinks it was okay to act that way because she’s a strong woman when a strong woman is about how loud and how much drama you can start.

Cheryl McQuade

If you were the target from day one, you would act just like Rachel did. I am not her fan, however, Brendan and Rachel never had a shot. As far as Matt goes, he turned me off with the lie about his wife. He could have come up with another lie that would not have been that bad. That is like an omen. You say something is wrong, it probably will come true. Shame on him, I am glad he is out of the house.


First, if I was the target from day one, I would not act like Rachel or Brendon did. When they were winning they were cocky, when they lost they were bad losers. If I was the target from the start, I wouldn’t be spending my time alone with my showmance. I would cool it and socialize and try not to annoy anyone. And second, you have to ask why they were early targets. The main reason is because from day one they were openly together. How could they not be targets? It’s their own fault for letting their hormones get in the way of the game. What did they expect? That everyone would let them sail to the end?


It Is hard to watch this show without matt and rachael


Hayden is a piece of backstabbing shit for what he did to matt. I hope he loses.


Enzo doesn’t deserve to even be there. He threw a BG member under the bus. I can’t watch this crap anymore. I’m done. See ya nexÞ year.


I love to watch but, but, yo, please vote out Enzo. I’ve had enough of this floater, attached to the Brigade.


Come on Lane, get a clue. If you want a chance to win, you need to take Hayden out. Why take out Ragan? He can make the finals but he won’t win no matter who is is up against. Hayden will win no matter who is against. Enzo and Lane can only win if they are sitting against Ragan or Brit. Get a clue you two idiots! The brigade hasn’t existed since the week of the DPOV, if it ever did. And for those that feel sorry for Hayden because he doesn’t have a car or any money and still lives with mommy, I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for a 24 year old that doesn’t have the ambition to get out there are live his life. Either his parents have the money to support him, or he is sucking them dry while he cruises through life. My kid is in her last year university. She moved out on her own, works and studies full time and doesn’t want my help because she wants to feel like she did it herself. That’s the kind of attitude that gets you ahead. Hayden is a spoiled child that doesn’t want to grow up. He doesn’t deserve the prize any more than anyone else, or any less. Having money shouldn’t be a reason to not win a game. If Hayden wins, I bet he will have spent it partying within a year or two, he will still be living in mom’s basement and whining about how poor he is.


If Ragan really wanted to turn the tables and stay he would not have opened a bottle of wine and drank out of the bottle all night without even asking if someone wanted some. Gross. Enzo did the same yesterday but he poured half into a bowl for Ragan.