Big Brother 12 Spoilers Lane: “I feel as safe as a girl whose with Hugh Hefner ….cause he’s shooting dust”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:14 enzo and hayden Enzo is worried who MAtt will put up if he wins HOH next week, he doesn’t think it will be ragan. Hayden agrees. Enzo: “if one of us wins HOH we can put up Matt and Ragan if POV is is used biam put Brit up there.. tell her she’s a pawn”. Hayden: “right now best case scenario is…. ” ragan wakes up in the hammock and walks over. Hayden asks him to explain the HOH comp “how bad do you want POV”. Ragan explains it all all. They ask him how far would he go in the competition. ragan says that last week he was praying that it was going to be “how bad do you want POV” because he would win it. Ragan says he treats this week as if his life in the BB house depended on it… Enzo brings up that Brendon was complaining that Matt got the DPOV. Ragan says Brendon is too dumb to see that Matt got the power because America likes him and they hate Brendon.

enzo leaves
Lane: “I feel as safe as a girl whose having unprotected sex with hugh hefner ….cause he’s shooting dust”
Matt asks Hayden who he thought Brendon and Rachel will vote for in the final 2 Hayden or Enzo. Lane and Hayden both say that Enzo has Brendon and Rachels vote locked in. Matt: “wow thats 2 votes”. lane thinks that Enzo will have Kathy’s vote, Hayden isn’t sure. Hayden: “I think if Enzo goes to final 2 he might beat anybody” Matt agrees

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:19pm HOH Matt and Brit He asks her how the bath was. Brit says it was fine, she’s been going over the timeline. They both start studying..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Have nots Brendon and Enzo Brendon complaining about being on the block, He’s really pissed at Ragan and MAtt for being mean to rachel. He feels that Brit stabbed him in the back and he’s disgusted that matt is “fighting for his wife” yet is grabbing ragans ass. Brendon is upset about the big dummy comment, Brendon: “Lets break it down I’m smarter then you period” (enzo just giggling) Brendon tells him that if He goes home he carries with him 3 jury votes so voting him out is stupid. (Brendon’s 3 jury vote logic is so incredibly BLANK i love it) Enzo tells him he’s gotta win POV. Brendon knows he’s winning POV and next week he knows he’s winning HOH.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:52pm Cabana Room Matt and Ragan talking about how tomorrow’s POV has to be the “how bad do you want POV”. Matt thinks its a perfect time for production to do it because there is so many people fighting for their lives. Matt tells him that him and Brit did the math and it’s double eviction next week it has to be. Ragan tells him they have to win HOH next week or they are going up together. Matt agrees. They think there odds are good for the double eviction. Ragan: “As long as we survive this eviction theres 2 of us going into the HOH” Matt brings up that it’s going to be a quiz.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:50pm Pool table Brit, HAyden Brit tells them about Double eviction next week. She goes over the math with them and they all agree. She tells them she’s worried about the POV because if Brendon wins she’s screwed. hayden tells her not to worried there is a lot of people fighting for it. Hayden mentions that Matt told him if he wasn’t on the block he wasn’t going to use the DPOV. Hayden thinks that Matt would of used it to save Ragan, Lane Agrees. Hayden says he would rather play in comps against BRendon then Matty. Hayden tells them not to mention that to Matt because he might get upset.

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Yeah, Matt was very stupid for saying he wouldn’t use DPOV. He should have lied and said to Brigade…I would have saved Lane if I wasn’t up — he should have said to Britney and Ragan that he would have used it for either one of them.

– I’m really starting to dislike Hayden. He’s just as underhanded and evil as Enzo but he’s much better at it. I wonder who he plans to have in final 2 — I think he really wants Brendon.


Hayden evil? Not my balloon boy. But, I think he is more with Lane than Enzo.


I would like to see the fireworks when (if) Enzo realizes that Hayden has set it up to win it all. For example, it would be fantastic if Enzo overheard Lane-Hayden talking about a final two. A girl can dream….


It’s a game where there can only be one winner. It is impossible to play this without lying a bit or backstabbing someone. I have no problem with the game aspect of BB. What I base my like or dislike for someone is how they treat other people. Hayden is the nicest person on this year’s BB, IMO.


Ahhhh, Goofy, you like my Hayden. Well, you think he is nice? I like him. Team Balloon. yo


I don’t know that he is evil as much as he is just lame. Where has his game been so far? He is likable because he flies under the radar and is low key. I’ve never even heard his voice over a whisper! But I don’t see him having any strategy. He just listens to what others say and goes with what benefits him. The only thing I see in Hayden is that he is a college student and used to studying so he has been quick to memorize things for quizzes.


Simon, I think I love you! You’ve agreed with me twice today, I think. And today was an ego-busting day in my personal life so that little bit makes me feel better. 🙂


I really hope Brendon wins the POV tomorrrow .
hes diffinitly my favourite and i dont want him to go , the show wouldnt be as good without him.
& if he does win , and then he wins HOH next weeek, i hope britney goes.. i find her so fake and annoying. shes lies a lot , im pretty sure she likes lane & she turns on people when she knows that they dont have a chance of winning.

Britney's eyeball

Yeah, let’s keep the whiny, crybaby, love sick, pussy whooped, dunce around. Great entertainment…not! Guy has as much personality as a box of rocks. Please…

Tom & Jerry

He Has the personality of a box of rocks? R U Serious?
Let’s see you go onto Big Brother next season.
We’ll all see if you have a better Personality!


he has a personality , but hes just staying out of BLANK thats not his . rachel was the drama queeen , not him . & him and rachel were goood together , & they played a goood game. if him , hayden and enzo all teamed up, theyd all be final 3 for sure , & i really hope they figure that out and do it .. just as long as one of them wins POV .

I'm A Fool Wit It.

you joking right? exactly how did they play a good game? by refusing to get back with the house week 2 instead of keeping the house against them?? by getting out people for personal reasons instead of strategic ones??? by throwing their wins in the faces of everyone expecting no consequences for it?” now if you mean in comps yes they played a good game they were great in comps, but in the house they played a BLANK game. just because your causing drama does not make it good game “entertainment for us” YES but not good game.


BB Experts: Who do you think Production wants in the house besides Rachel? Here is my thought on the order. Notice that I only see one that production would prefer an eviction rather than keeping in the house

1) Rachel and pseudo-Rachel (Brendon) because he causes drama (even though live feeders know he’s incredibly boring)
2) Lane and Britney because of their will-they-won’t they romance?
3) The eviction of Matt — Has the evilness of Matt (not really evil when you see the live feeds) been played out so that CBS is ready to close that door and do a “good-triumphed over-evil” and get him evicted? And relish any blow-up that might occur if blind-sided — although I DON’T see him being a blow-up type person
4) Hayden because of his good lucks
5) Enzo because of his Jersey speak (they can easily leave out all the offensive, prejudiced comments in the short clips shown during the show)
6) Ragan because of his tears and occasional really good argument?


If it’s a “what would you do?”, I think it should be that BB will reveal a secret about you. This would be the perfect set-up for Brendon to win it all because Brendon doesn’t really have any big secrets. Enzo, Hayden, Lane, Britney, and Matt would all be too frightened of having a secret revealed. I know that this would mean that Matt would be out this week, but if the dufus isn’t smart enough to realize that his brigade frienemies are gunning for him, maybe he deserves to go.


If BB12 = Entourage . . . then
Vinnie = Hayden
E = Matt
Turtle = Lane
Drama = Enzo


lol did you guys here ragan was like is because america loves matt and not brendon. HAHAHHAHAAH America hates matt. he a liar and coward. Im so tired of hearing ragan saying ohh america loves me and stuff like that. NO WE DONT your annoying and a little bitch.


If Brendon wins POV tomorrow prepare for the drama!!!
Everybody will be shaking on who will be the replacement and many people would be upset!!


Wow you’re a genius.


The real drama occurs if Hayden wins POV. He removes Enzo. Matt is put up. Enzo, Lane, and Hayden vote Matt out. Does Matt realize that they are voting him out AND does he blow their covers — tell Brit about what they’ve said about her? tell everyone about the brigade? tell Brendon what they’ve said about him (yo Rachel and Brendon are two votes so why not hurt the brigades chances if they’ve ousted you?)

Britney's eyeball

If he wins, then buh bye Enzo which would be just fine with me.


Look at that picture up there of Hayden. He has his finger in his ear. He is trying to keep the air in. You can do it! I’m pulling for you.

Common Sense...



lol. You are one funny lady. He is an airhead, but a likable airhead.


Thanks, Goofy, but I think we may be out numbered.


By the time this group is done with this house there is going to be nothing but boogers and dick cheese everywhere……they are going to have to call Kathy back just to clean the house for the next season……


LOL Don’t forget the hair. Both Rachel and Hayden’s. The drains will need snaked. They may need to tear it down and start again.


now THERE’s a have not suggestion: boogers and dick cheese. between brendon and enzo they could supply the house for decades.

The Excitement

Extended Kathy Interview with Julie Chen after last night’s show (13 mins long):


Kathy Interview — LOL…Brendon’s third vote, yeah right. I also loved how quickly she answered about B / R ‘s weird relationship “won’t survive past BB.”


Thanx for sharing that! Very interesting interview….especially her take on Brendon and Rachel!


Well .. BB will definetly have a game changer on the double eviction.. Finally.
DO agree this is the most unprofound, disappointing, mediocre seasonn ever.
DO think it has something to do with money – one way or another, erverythig does.

Yah- I think that BB has handed Matt he golden (oops. plantinum!) golve because the planet still won’t accpet a female versionn of Evil Dick.

This will likely be the last summer of BB. Whether America has tired of the game play or the casting directors have lost touch with the universe at large: who knows? Point is: it sucks to be them.

This USED to be my favorite reality show and i cannot fnd a human on this plant that likes it anymore. Enjoy this episode. Trust me ~ it is the last.


i hope brendon wins pov tomorrow just because its going to be so boring wtih the other people who are left unless they really start fighting and turn on each other. i think britney is pretty stupid to get rid of brendon because she should realize he is a bigger target than she is so if she doesn’t want to go out with double eviction next week she should leave a big target in the house.


not gonna lie, although this hasn’t been my favorite season by a long shot i’m glad to see that the ratings are up and cbs won’t be canceling any time soon

even if they do rig the seasons so the fans stay hooked, it’s all about the benjamins in the end

The Excitement
The Excitement

I really like this season a lot, actually. But then again, I usually like every season anyway.
You people have to remember… with every season it starts to get boring as the season progresses because less people remain in the house. The Final 3 gets boring as hell, with every season.
Speaking of Final 3…. BRIGADE YO! (TG ain’t in the BG, now yo)


I think Matt, Ragan & Brit are the 3 biggest losers that walked this earth. First, Matt, someone needs to kick your a** for making that horrible lie about your wife’s disease. Second, Ragan, you are truly a disgrace to the gay community. You are a fake gay. Thrid, Brit, your an a** for kissing everyone’s a** when they get hoh. You have all floated. Matt, if your soooooo smart & in Mensa, why would you fake a disease for your wife, when you know ppl would hate you for that?


Hey Maribella, you dont know what the heck talkin about. i guess it tells a lot about your charecter and the type of person you are. Ragan is a beautiful strong human being and will not be kicked to the ground by the likes of people like Rachel who are full insecurities that they feel they have to attack people by their hated words. Shame on you


Doubledip has a point. Rachel is the female version of Evil Dick. While America loved Evil Dick, my sister thought he was great, all the people on this blog can see is that Rachel and Brendon bonded. Just because she found someone in the house does not make her or him a bad person. I think the Britt, Monet and Ragan bashing of Brendon rubbed off on some of the bloggers. Rachel is a strong, pushy, loud person. Same as Dick. Brendon gravitates to needy girls. I have a son that does that. Brendon would tell Rachel when she went too far.
I know Allison is partial to Matt, but I hope Brendon wins POV so the cocky one can leave. How will Ragan function without Matt? (those two have a special attraction for one another)
Then the game will be played. All of the couples have been parted except for Ragan and Matt. I see them as a couple since they spend so many hours together each day, alone. It doesn’t matter that Matt is married, they spend a lot of hours together.
Let us hope Brendon wins POV. Then hope Enzo or Hayden wins HOH. The way this summer is going it is going to be Matt and Ragan in the end. It will be a summer wasted.


Brendon seems to think he can control Kathy’s vote…I don’t think so…