**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon they are all Idiots: “I’m worth 3 Jury votes”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:45pm hot tub Brendon, Enzo and Hayden Enzo says it sucks to be on the block even though he’s well liked in the house it still really sucks. Brendon says he over Ragan and Matt he’s too old to be acting the way they are, He doesn’t like Ragan and he doesn’t plan to talk to him again. Brendon starts in about how unfair the game is because Rachel won HOH 2 and he one once and they never got a power. Enzo bring up that there was that rope competition so it all kinda worked out. Brendon’s weaving some awesome mad conspiracy’s “they” knew that rachel was going so “they” planned the rope comp and “They” gave matt the power knowing that he would go after Brendon. Brendon says he’s not going to lie to people because that not who he is, He knows people say it’s big brother and that is what you’re suppose to do but he’s not going to be that way. Enzo says you shouldn’t lie to people theres jury votes, enzo points out that brendons worth 3 jury votes. Brendon: “Exactly i’m worth 3 jury votes I have Kathy, my own and Rachels”… Feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:45pm Talking about how expensive the new grill is, Matt and Brit think 500bucks.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:12pm Backyard Ragan, MAtt, Lane, brit and Hayden Ragan is telling them that the comp tomorrow is probably “how bad do you want POV”. Ragan explains how it works by giving examples. He says they ask you questions like will you shave your head, eat slop for X amount of days, put the enitre house on slop for X days, Get a tattoo, be in confinement for X number of days, give up the ability to win HOH.. They all start talking about the slop saying it would be the worst. Ragan tells them that you write down how many days you will be on slop then whoever puts the highest number wins but the person with the lower number has to be on slop for the number of days they wrote. Lane asks Brit if she’ll get the tattoo, Brit say no way. Matt: “I’ll get it i’ll let brendon pick what it is to”. Hayden thinks that Brendon might just give up, Brit: “I don’t think he will he says he does but I think he’ll go all out” Matt agrees says that Brendon will do whatever it takes. Ragan suggests that maybe it’l be a puzzle based one with questions or series of event. Matt says he was thinking along the same lines.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm Lane and Brit Hottub Lane: “I think Nicks going to get mad at me again..” Brit: “What did you do”. Lane: “I didn’t do it”. BRit: “What did you do now” Lane: “Nothing” Brit: “Just quote it”.. Lane: “ummm hmmmm uhhh what if there is a lot” Brit: “TELL ME” Lane: “OK… Let me see how I can explain” Lane asks Brit how long long has Brit and Nick been engaged, Brit says 3 months… Brit demands he tells her. Brit: ‘Fine.. I said you’ve all been engaged for only three months then yeah I have a chance…. I’m telling ya brit it’s getting bad in the DR” BRit: “You did not say that LANE” Feeds cut… Lane is saying that the DR is always asking him questions about Nick and if he likes Brit. Lane says he’s looking like a baffon in the DR. feeds cut out .. Brit: “your in so much trouble.. ” feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:39pm Studying

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:58pm Ragan on Hammock, MAtt on the bench, Hayden spotting and Lane on the lawn chair Matt asks if Brendon has been BLANK. Hayden laughs says BRendon BLANK any chance he gets. Lane says if your will to listen he’ll BLANK to you. Matt mentions that Brendon told Brit he’s going confront him about matt calling him a big dummy. Matt says earlier today they were alone doing dishes for 20 minutes and Brendon had the chance to say something but he didn’t. HAyden leaves Matt asks Ragan how he’s doing, Ragan says good Matt agrees. Matt: “The stars are aligned i’m feeling good”. Ragan mentions how Brendon has a fake confidence pose. Ragan: “He’s the most insecure scared little boy i have every met…. which is funny because he’s twice my size”. ragan: “I’m surprised he said those things to Brit about being worth 3 Jury votes” Matt: “BLANK Chump”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm HOH Bath Brit studying the timelines

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:18pm Have nots Brendon whimpering about how much he loves Rachel he pretends to be talking to her.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:23pm Backyard Hayden, Enzo and Lane Enzo is saying that this is the new brigade and it’s missing one person.. MAtty. Enzo starts in calling Matt BrokeBack MAtt. LAne laughs: “BrokeBack Matt”. Enzo:”That Matty he’s got his head so far up Ragans ass yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


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206 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon they are all Idiots: “I’m worth 3 Jury votes”

      1. I think the same thing. When the show first started he said that he likes to walk all over women and get them to do whatever he wants. It seems like that’s what he’s doing with her…

  1. i have a question to ask: are the houseguests informed in advance if there is going to be a double eviction? or, do they just surprise them during the live eviction on thurs? i can’t remember.

            1. rach was not upset that the two were conversing, she was upset because chose to talk to brendon behind her back while she was asleep, and brit had planned it that way

    1. and it takes even less intelligence to understand in a game about jury votes, the best player can lose….russ lost the first season…why? jury votes…2nd season he didnt deserve it…different game? yes…but same concept…

      3 votes is a LOT OF VOTES…75 percent BOOM…all you have to do is use that brain 3 times the power of the people mentioned…and you get 3 votes…how hard is thaT?

        1. If he’s not smart Then you must not be either.
          If you got what he meant. It is 75%.
          Because you only need 4 VOTES to win Big Brother. 3 out of 4 Votes is 75%!!!

  2. What is Britney thinking. She is delusional if she thinks any of these guys after Brendon leaves are going to want to keep her. She is the next target after him and its a double eviction. What a beautiful irony. She will probably go home next week.

    1. I’m just enjoying Hayden lifting up his shirt and showing off his beautifully built body ;) on the live feeds while Matt works out.

    2. sure i’ll take a hug!!! I’m alone tonight except for the animals. Did you get my fudge brownie w/ homemade ice cream this afternoon? you’re the best.

          1. I didn’t go back to read anymore, my poor little nerves couldn’t handle it.. but none the less thank you for the brownies and ice cream, it’s not a good day on my butt today.. haha

            1. Rockstar, I did put up a couple of web sites for your aunt to look at for her thyroid troubles. I have had thyroid issues for years. Mine had to be removed because of you know what. Anyway, if you care there are back there or I will give them to you again.

  3. Brendon goes to jury house. Him and Rachel ignore Kathy and get drunk and act stupid . I think Kathy will be sick of the pair and their thoughts on voting will have no bearing on her

  4. he isn’t worth sh*t. Rachel controls his vote. She controls his everything. That’s actually why they let her back in the house. She forgot to take Brendon’s nuts when she left and had to come back and get them.

  5. I dont think brenden is a good game player


    I have said this for awhile now

    how can everyone throw away 3 jury votes? if ONE person that makes final 2 comes off as LESS of an ASS…they win…is that right? heck no, but he controls 3 of your 4 votes needed to win…you do the math

  6. You just can’t kill the Gremlin yo. It’s like trying to take a picture of the tooth-fairy, you just can’t do it. LOL

  7. Will someone please refresh me on the double eviction process. I know they vote early for the first eviction and have the HoH comp and immediate nominations shortly thereafter. Do they play for PoV that night as well as HoH or do they skip it and go directly to the second round of voting?

    1. If I remember correctly, they do the 1st eveiction, then the HOH, then immediately nominations, POV, POV ceremony, then eviction, and another HOH comp for the next week

  8. Is it just me or does it seem like Lane speaks the less smack out of anyone else left in the house? Most time when the brendon slagging starts he just walks from it.. (is it just me or am I not watchin enough)

    Evertime I seem him he’s so quiet I keep that I can’t help but think all he worried about is not the money but how to snag Britt away from Nick …

  9. I don’t understand why Britney doesn’t want to win $500K. Makes no sense why she would make such a horrible move and GUARENTEE herself zero chance at half a mil now. Even if she makes it to the end she won’t get more than 2 votes now. These have got to be some of the worst players in BB history both strategically and in comps.

    1. How long til Brit is doing porn once out of house? I give her 4 weeks and she signs a 100 movie deal with Vivid. Especially since she now has no chance of winning the half mil.

    1. Yeah what a hoot. What if the final two are Matt and Brit or Brit and Ragan or Ragan and Matt? The jury has to vote for someone!

  10. I hope Lane doesn’t hurt that innocent little duck swimming in the pool. Lane is kicking his feet in the pool screaming he doesn’t want to be on tv tonight.

        1. Okay, Rockstar. Did you look at that site I put up that has Nick on it? It also has the cowboy that became the Porn Star, too.

                1. Well, I was going for the conversation that Lane had in the diary room about Britney and Nick. But, Enzo and Brendon might be interesting.

  11. So since no one else seems to really want to see Brendon’s point of view, I will. If I were in his shoes I would kind of think it unfair too that Matt opened Pandora’s Box and got a (at the time potentially) game changing power and he got a luxury. I think it would have made things a lot more fun if they’d upped the ante and offered Brendon a coup de tat with some really evil consequence for the house that would also make him miserable. Makes me wonder what if anything they will offer Britney. And in conclusion, what is the rope competition they are talking about? I don’t recall that one and don’t want to have to re-watch the episodes to find out.

    1. Some might also feel the special attention that CBS gives Brendon / Rachel, because Rachel is a drama queen, is distorting the game. It’s a show and CBS doesn’t really play fair with any of the contestants.

      On a more personal level, I don’t think that it’s fair or good sportmanship to try to blackmail people with that “I control 3 votes!”

    1. Well, they just showed her shave her armpits in the bathtub. I was hoping she’d whip out and shave her vagina next, but I guess they won’t show that. :(

  12. Live Feeds: Have Nots at 9:14 pm Calif time — Brendon crying. After Rachel made fun of Ragan for crying … this is kind of ironic. I feel a little sorry for him even though I dislike him and wouldn’t want to spend time with him; it must suck to be in his position — his only “friends” in the house are fake friends.

    1. I agree. I think it’s crueler to pretend to befriend him while laughing at him behind his back than is is to be honest and upfront about it. I think he’ll be crushed when he finds out how badly he was played by his ‘friends’.,,,,,and I don’t even like the guy!

      1. britney has been doing just that the whole season, or has eveyone forgotten! and im on team brendan, gotta cheer for the underdog!

  13. omg po po ND in HN room talking to himself, kleenex next to im…….think heard something like.these damn f’in ppl……..it’s personal but wheb I do something lmao…..go to that feed now…..wow….he’s losing it big time


  15. If she didn’t put Brenda up he would have put her up next week any way. So what is everyone suppose to just be scared of Brenda if he uses that against them?? First of all Rachel will tell Brenda who to vote for because she’s the one who is the man in that relationship and Kathy will vote how she wants so Brenda has no control over any one.

  16. Oh My God I wanted to post this and I will But I read tonights goings on. are you joking are we a 8th grade camp. poeple do you really wants this for 3-4 weeks. maybe you do, and it you do I’m sorry. anyway this is what I really wanted to post. Ok I’m Walking to the plate And pointing The bat at center field, and this ones going out of the park. Brendan wins POV, buts up Matt, Matt goes home. He wins HOH puts up Brit; she didn’t keep her word from Last week. She goes home. Then Somehow Regan gets the boot. There you go. BB Will love all the drama for the next 2 weeks. If it ends up Brendan goes this week then the drama is all over, the rest will just bore us to death. I would take my glove and ball and going home, I could not watch the snooze fest for the rest of the session. LOL everybody have a good night.

  17. I don’t understand how these people can be so inconsiderate and cruel towards Brendon. He has not done anything that bad to be treated the way they are treating him.
    It disgusts me. Brendon isn’t a bad guy. He’s one of the only people in the house that hasn’t back stabbed anybody. He’s a sincere guy and I hope he wins the pov.
    These houseguests disgust me by the way they treat him.
    Ragan is a hypocritical cry baby bitch. He thinks he’s always right and everyone else is wrong.
    Britney is a twofaced bitch. She talks bad about everyone. I can’t stand her. She needs to go. I’m definitely rooting for the underdog this season, which is Brendon. He’s a nice guy. I want him to win this whole thing.

    1. Jordan, I’ll ask you what I ask all the Brendon defenders (and so far I haven’t gotten a “yes”) — do you have the live feeds? have you spent more than 1 hour watching Brendon on the live feeds? Watching Brendon on the live feeds is like watching toxic paint dry, he’s boring, the atmosphere around him is noxious, and you want to get into another room as quickly as possible. He has bullied / tried to bully everyone in the house that’s smaller or weaker than him. He is passive aggressive. He’s a know-it-all that actually knows a lot less than he pretends — he’s driven by insecurity and a poor childhood / lack of attaining his dreams to disparage everyone who had it easier than him.

    2. yeah, brendon is so sincere right? he totally kept his deal with matt huh. totally didnt backstab anyone. this is big brother! why is brendon all pissy that he got lied to? has he not watched any of the previous seasons? thats what the game is based on, jeeze.

        1. Jordan, your right and wrong. your wrong because he has did a fair share of complaining, but compared to Regan and Britt and Rachel, he’s is nowhere close. eh’s fighting back, they are just ugly people! Britt/Regan/Matt have been the center, egging it all on or making it up all show. So hang in there girl and Have a good night.

    3. Forget others. Enjoy the show and go for who you want. And I agree with what you are saying. I think Britney and Ragan are complete jerks. It’s as clear as day how they behave and talk about people – all the time.

      1. Your right Dal. Jordan stick to your guns, we all have the right to enjoy the show, and like someone else posted, “root for the underdog, players, and etc.” we all like and want to be entertained. It’s just a showwwwwwwwwww. (And a ridged one at that). That shows business!

    4. I used to like Regan until he showed his true character. Whenever he and Brit are talking madness about Brendan I fast forward my tape as I don’t find it entertaining or worth my time. If they hate his very being so much they shouldn’t be so obsessed with him. I hope Brendan wins the POV to turn this game around again. Yes, he’s having a bad day today but who wouldn’t in his position. Brendan’s bad day makes more sense than Regan CRYING for days over a married man………………..Matt certainly wouldn’t be shedding tears over Regan.

    5. Jordon, you keep pulling for whomever you want. But, I hope you can understand that I have to pull for Hayden, my balloon boy, this week. I am not going to say anything against your guy, just have to root for that cute air head for awhile. Not to many are. Did you go to that site I gave you?

  18. how enzo got a shirt with “meow meow” on it??? did he bring it in the house or did they have it made for him/??

        1. i guess it’s understandable why matt put up kathy as the replacement, but i still would have put up enzo instead. he KNEW they were gonna vote him out when he was on the block.

      1. He also has had many pretty chauvo things to say. America please don’t give him your vote AND please Hollywood don’t give him any movies offers.

  19. Yeah, what was Brandon doing just now? Talking in his sleep? Having a nightmare? Talking to Rachel? Sounded kind of crazy.

    1. look at my post above…..yes he was bawling, kleenex beside him..could make out some of what he was saying to himself……”i love and miss you Brenda Sue, I will see you soon” anybody out there know who he’s talking about? I remember he has 2 nieces, maybe that’s one of them…….anyway, was hoping enzo or hayden would have gone in there while he was having his meltdown…..omg that would make e1’s night for sure

    1. It’s kind of funny — there was a Christian org (christwire.org) that came up with a list of “how to know if your husband may be gay” — the list is hilariously weird and wrong, but there was one on the list that fits Enzo “”A man who is secretly engaged in homosexual activity with others may exhibit feminine qualities when they get together in a group. In a sense, he has “let his hair down” and this will be seen in excessive back talk and speaking with one’s hands.” There is also one for Brendon: “If your husband owns skinny jeans and looks at his buttocks in the mirror, it is probably worthwhile to pay more attention to his private activities.”

      – Now, the list is wack and I don’t think either of them are gay — and if they were, there is nothing wrong with that, but I found it funny that the statements fit well the 2 more homophobic guys in the house.

      1. I just read that list. Unbelievable. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone.

  20. OMG OMG Britney just said what I told her to say. OMG. I told her to say hello to the live feeders and she did. Okay, now I’m telling Matt that the brigade is backstabbing him. I hope it works. fingers crossed.

  21. Ok again I will say this. It was fair that matt got the DPOV. B4 the hoh comp Julie said that the hoh winner would be the most powerful hoh ever. So whoever won that hoh would have got the DPOV. Is Brenda wasn’t a light weight he would have hung on until he won. They didn’t decide to give the DPOV to Matt after he won hoh

      1. I am, in fact, perfect. God-like. By the way, when they do a close-up of Britney’s face, she really isn’t that good looking. Kind of ugly, actually.

          1. I think goofy is a better nickname that jaybob. WTF is a jaybob? Are there two of you over there or is this some kind of hillbilly thing? Are you inbred?

            1. you got me guess i am an imbred hillbilly from “wrong turn” movies or “the hills have eyes”
              or better yet “I eat like a doggy”. woof!!! i dont know you no more than you know me so it’s all good :)

          1. Now you got me thinking. Disney should come up with a new character… Dumbo’s ears and Goofy’s teeth. I think it’d be adorable.

  22. ok where im sitting it seems like brendon is gonna threaten anyone who wants to put him up with three jury votes when all it would boil down to is that there is noway anyone could win in the event that everyone takes his word. am i the crazy one here or is brenda basically telling everyone to throw the game because his vote is the most important??

    1. yeah, I don’t get where he thinks it gets him. I would just say yep you do and it take 4 to win. And since the other 4 hate you and the other 2 I’ll take my chances

  23. Why does everyone want Hayden in final 2? Lane has a deal with him. Enzo has a deal with him. Brendon wants him to go at least to final 4. Matt has the deal with him to go to final 4 via brigade and then yesterday with Ragan was talking about a Lane, Hayden, Matt, and Ragan final 4 as his wish. Hayden is a much bigger threat than Matt in final 2 and should be Enzo’s enemy #1 — Everyone likes Hayden…they’d all (including Kathy) vote for him in final 2!

    1. Hi Jordan. It is starcasm.net/archives/category/tv If that doesn’t work it is starcasm.net/archives/61103 Has pictures of both of them and Nick’s comments on Lane. Interesting. Let me know what you think.

      1. lol. Anyway, they have to masturbate somewhere. No one is going to tell me they don’t do THAT for two months straight. Probably in the bathroom. I was thinking they should set up a “sex room” in the house. Watching Ollie and April do it like a couple of ghosts under a bed sheet was too freaky.

      2. On August 17th, at 12:19 AM, Lane is in the shower definitely jerking off. The camera zooms in on his face, and he is definitely making orgasm faces all the way to completion.
        it’s disgusting actually. just thought i’d let you guys know!

        1. Excitement- then he looks down at it on his hand and then washes his face. it was vomit worthy. it was bad, I saw it on the big screen. I was eating veggie soup.

          1. Last night: Matt holds his hand in his shorts (I bet it was all sweaty because he kept it in there for a long time), then gets an itch right under his nose, so he pulls THAT hand out and scratches himself with the side of his index finger. Looked like he just wanted to smell himself.

          2. Oh, don’t ever tell me if Balloon Boy does that! I don’t want to see that kind of expression on his air head! I can’t imagine how his teeth would look with his eyes rolled back. I know, I know, he does it but I don’t want to know.

        1. thank you nemesis… I really appreciate it on a human level, not just as a character I play on this site. You didn’t congratulate me on my HOH win.. haha I played the three legged race with my cat.

  24. I was worried that Britney wasn’t going to have anyone to talk trash about but this girl can talk trash with herself about Rachel and Brendon. Gotta luv her.

  25. It’s funny how being on the block makes people cry.
    lol! poor Brendon, but this is a taste of his own medicine.
    also, if i was him, i’d just be happy because i’d finally be out of that damn mad house and into a nice mansion where i’d get to be with the one i love(Rachel).
    He might as well accept his fate. he’s not gonna win this game.

  26. Enzo just said to Matt and Hayden that his dick is a lot smaller outside there. It doesn’t want to come out. No Enzo, your dick is tried of you too.


  27. I wouldn’t do it out in a back yard in front of 3 other guys while millions of people are watching me on the live feeds and BBAD. Lol

    1. Mike I don’t think he was going to do it out there. He was just making a comment. Of course, he is like Matt and likes to put his hands down his pants. You never know.

      1. and rolling his foreskin around the nasty dirt head, then smelling and enjoying the aroma of his blue cheese, smearing it on pool sticks, refrig door handle, milk bottle, soda bottles, kitchen counter…heck all over the house…pass the crackers!

                1. Being sober has given me a new outlook tonight….I think I might be gay cause I really wanted to jump in that tub with Brit! That girl has the most perfect lips! Soooo jealous!
                  I sure wish Lane could have climbed in there with her too!…yeah…me, her and Lane!

                  1. You evil girl, you! I knew you would have to have Lane in there, too. Now you leave my balloon boy alone. I know you will because you don’t like his hair. Well, I don’t either but I am hoping that someone will catch him asleep and get the clippers. I think that hair is weighing him down.

    1. I would not want to be in the have nots room later tonight. No way. Let me go to jury with Rachel and have her scream Are you Kidding Me in my ear but no, not the have nots room with 3 guys eating bean dip. -plugs nose-

  28. Ragan is talking about all the things BB might ask them to do for a competition. Shave you head, go on slop for 40 days, get a tattoo. hahaha

    BB will award the CDT to whomever tattoos a picture of Julie Chen on their ass.

  29. MY WISH
    brendon wins pov…
    shitney replaces him with lane (as a pawn)
    skuzzo gets slamed out yo yo yo out bro
    brendon wins new hoh
    shitney and haydon up on the block
    brendon wins pov keeps nominations
    buh buh lazy eye shitney
    lane finally wins hoh
    matt regan up
    buh buh matt

    Just my wishes

    1. if brendon wins pov, there’s a chance that hayden, lane, and enzo’ll try to convince brit to put matt up and vote him out

  30. LJ – I never posted earlier but I just wanted to give you a hug and thank you for your kind words. I won’t get into everything but it’s one of those times when you pass someone you nod, smile and know that they know what you’re thinking and it is okay that they know and feel the same way. make sense?

  31. Ok, I am officially addicted or have no life. My free Showtime ended tonight and I panicked……signed up for the Live Feeds!!! Will I ever sleep!???? Simon and dawg…..how the heck do you function? This is gonna kill me!! :0)

  32. Enzo and Brendon in Have Nots spreading peace, joy, and cheer with their nasty statements. Neither of them have a clue that some statements can be a death knell to a Hollywood career. Jersey might be ok with Enzo being a real dick, but he’s not going to make it big time with some of the things he’s said hanging over him. Say what you will about Britney, she hasn’t said sexist, racist, and other prejudiced statements — unless you consider ;) Vegas waitresses a protected class.

    1. That they are! Matt has “carried” everyone of them, they have done absolutely NOTHING! They have now positioned themselves to jump to either side if necessary….damn SNAKES!

  33. Britney you stupid britch! Believe everything Hayden tells you. He’d prefer Brendon over Matt AND you. He doesn’t want you in the game, but he’ll ride your coattails and let you do the dirty work to get others out. He’s going to fly under-the-radar spreading his “I act with integrity” act until he wins 500K. Oh and Rachel and Brendon would give the 500K to Hayden before Enzo.

    1. Hayden has definitely put himself in the best position. He has no enemies in the house. He has Brendon, Rachel, and Kathy’s vote. And all the Brigade votes. and Britney’s vote. and Ragan has not problem with Hayden either.
      Plus, Hayden has been studying his ass off lately. BUT he hasn’t won any competitions other than that first one where he got HOH just for being the last person to ride the weiner across. You really can’t call that a “win”. He hasn’t won anything. Neither has Enzo or Lane.

  34. BB house is like rachels vajayjay… so good at first but leaves u itchy, paranoid, and missing the good old days when things were less bumpy

  35. brit makes u realize when it comes to google eyes and ugg boots it must be the inside that counts…. and im defly not talking about personality

  36. Who fast forwards or turns the sound down when Brendon talks? I want to barf when he talks about how much he loves Rachel, or complains, or boast how bad he is and how everyone should be afraid of him. BB get rid of Brendon so we can enjoy the rest of the competitors and competitions. Envo should be next… He is such a yes man. I have never heard anyone eat so loudly it’s like he does it on purpose. Again the sound goes down but I miss the conversation. BB turn his mic down when he eats or drinks… Thanks!!!

    1. When Brendon talks I get this really uncomfortable feeling in my stomach…..I cant explain it but I really get why everyone flees the room! (And it’s not just so they dont get hit by flying boogers)

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