Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden Plans to Backdoor Matt, Enzo figures out the saboteur and Brendon’s “bag of urinary tract infection”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:40pm Hayden and Lane Hayden telling Lane that he wants to keep ND this week. Lane tells him he doesn’t have a feud with ND he just doesn’t want to see ND make it to final 3. Hayden thinks if they don’t make a power move now they’ll just get lost in the mix. hayden says If Enzo wins he’s pulling himself off, If ND wins he pulls himself off and if i win i’ll pull ND off. Hayden thinks the only people that will be pissed will be Ragan and Matt and one of them will be going home. Hayden is worried that Brit might be mad, Lane assures him that Brit won’t be. hayden: “if we don’t get rid of matt and ragan now they are going to win… right now matt thinks he has the brigade he thinks he has ragan and brit”. If hayden wins POV he’s going to take down Enzo and MAtt goes up. They have 3 votes to evict matt he goes home. Hayden thinks they should throw the next HOH comp to Brendon he puts Brit and Ragan up and Ragan goes home, The following HOH Brendon can’t play whoever is left will put ND up.
Lane: “Brendon is a big hypocrite though he’s a big dodo ”
Hayden: “he’s a HUGE hypocrite biggest one every”
Lane: “maybe he just forgets things.. you know forgets what he’s done”
Hayden calls Ragan the biggest floater in the game, they both agree that Matt’s getting a huge head right now and that they need to backdoor him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:57pm Cabana, Ragan and Brit Ragan telling her that he’s really missing going on with his friends. Ragan is worried that once BB is over people will want to talk to him when he goes out on the weekends. s Ragan Brit is worried that Matt doesn’t want to win the POV, she really wants him to. Ragan thinks Matt is going in tormorow fighting for his life. Brit hopes so. Ragan tells her that he doesn’t want Brendon to get in her head. Ragan tells her that if it’s a puzzle comp then to study the set wile MIKA (production which tells them what to do) . Brit is worried about the “how bad do you want POV” comp she thinks BRendon is going to win it. ragan tells her to not get feaked out about a competition they haven’t had since season 7. ragan cannot believe Brendon makes so much food, he mentions the huge amount of slop he made. Brit: “It looks like a bag of urinary track infection” hayden: “Brendon, Rachel and I live in a different reality”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:13AM Have nots, Enxo and Brendon Enzo is telling Brendon that Matt is the saboteur. Enzo thinks that part of opening the Pandora’s box for Matt was giving him the good and the bad. He got the special power thats good and he become the saboteur. Brendon believes it says it coincides with his Pandora’s box. Brendon’s good thing was getting out for 24 hours and the bad thing was Rachael, Brendon goes on a tangent how Rachel coming back into he house wasn’t a bad thing in his opinion. ..

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Brendan is absolutely right, Rachel coming back in the house wasn’t a bad thing at all…from an entertainment aspect that the producers have been wanting for quite a while I’d imagine. As far as everybody in the house and the majority of the bb fans that I’ve talked to though it’s definitely the negative.



I have no idea why most of America is on the “I hate Brachael” bandwagon. I liked them because they were fun to watch. I love Rachael because she was my entertainment, and played a good game. Brenden is a pussy, but I respect the guy. The way it looks like, Brenden is going to final 3. I could see him get second place, even though he deserves the 500K most of the jury members won’t vote for him.


“Brendon is a pussy, but I respect the guy”

It seems to me that your standards to get your respect are REALLY low.


You are strange! What’s wrong about respecting a sensitive guy? I have no respect for guys who constantly bash ppl
Coff coff ragan! So here!

Brenden sucks

How can you respect a guy who has backed out of every deal he has ever made then says he plays honestly!! Brenden and Rachel are by far the worst houseguests EVER! He is an idiot! He doesn’t have a clue about anything! They are both ugly people on the inside! I also think it’s strange that when Rachel and Brenden were on the block neither one of their families were interviewed! What’s up with that?

rachel rocks

Deff agree with Amazing! everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon about them two. Rachel was the most entertaining person on the show! now that shes gone im rooting for brendon all the way cuz the rest of the people annoy the crap out of me! Lane’s kinda funny and if ragan dosent leave the house soon im gonna flip cuz i hate how fake and just all around annoying he is! ugh………..


that should be “urinary tract” not track lol


It was a typo. Big deal.


no typo, when the k isn’t near the t on keyboard lol…….i call it ignorance, like lots of the poor spelling and grammar with these posts………looks like english isn’t the first language for most………most of you aren’t smarter than even a 3rd grader

(********** bear, Insulting everyone on this site is a quick way to get blacklisted -just another 3rd grader ***************)


So now are you going to pull a Russell and critique someone who isn’t a good speller, even though Matt, the super genius, can’t spell for sh*t, it shows in his HoH blog.



Ragan biggest floater? Is Hayden serious? What has he done?


he won hoh.
Ragan won POV
both floaters.

Tom & Jerry

He was HOH Week 1.
Has Ragan got a HOH under his belt?
Hell No. Just a POV!


Hayden won because it was a group thing. Matt tricked him into going last on the hot dog because he didn’t want to be the first HOH. Hayden hasn’t won anything by himself. Ragan won a POV that saved his life and he threw 2 HOH comps to Matt. How anyone can say he is a floater is beyond me. He has been on team Matt from the start. Everyone knows where he stands. Enzo is the floater. He isn’t loyal to anyone. He hasn’t won anything. I couldn’t believe his comments about how he made Matt. What a tool! Matt is the only reason the brigade is still intact. If he hadn’t won HOH and used the DPOV, the brigade would have been toast. I hope Matt wins the POV this week. Brendon needs to go. I can’t stand watching him.

Bridgade minus Matt sucks

I have no idea why Hayden, Lane and Enzo think that w/o Matt they will win!!! If they aren’t careful they are going to make the common mistake of carrying someone they don’t like b/c they think they can beat them in the end. Now watch them carry Brenden to final 2 and he wins!!! That will make me sick!! Matt has never turned on them and yet they hate him all of a sudden! They are jealous! Hayden is a POS and thinks that Matt is the only reason he won’t win?!?1 Brit, Ragen and Brenden have a chance of winning of Hayden, Lane and Enzo-those three together do not form a normal functioning brain!!


Hayden has done more than Ragan, but it was week 1. The biggest floaters are Enzo and Lane, they have not won a single competition.

Bridgade minus Matt sucks

Hayden is dumb as a box or rocks!! He won’t win anything! He never comes CLOSE! Enzo is not what you would call a think for yourselfer! I don’t think he has a vocabulary over 15 words! Seriously the dumbest guy I have ever seen on TV! What a waste of a spot!


I used to like Ragan, but after his little tantrums and all the nasty things that came out of his mouth during his confrontation with Rachel, I find him to be disgusting. While it’s true that Rachel started it, but she was trying to irrate him, and was teasing him with cookies. Ragan went personal on her and hit below the belt numerous time. He did that with Brendon was well. Make me think of how nasty people act when they fight with their spouse…like what Mel Gibson was accused of. Just nasty.

I hope Matt wins, and if he doesn’t, I want to see Brendon, Enzo or Hayden wins.


Ragina’s vitriolic diatribes are brought on by jealousy and a the love he had for Brendon….he hates Rachel because she stole Brendon away from him…..There is a close line betwixt love and hate and he is walking the line. I agree he is getting to be a bore and kinda sucks the air out of the room with his ego and negativitiy…..


It’s pretty funny every floater this season has called everybody else floaters because somehow everybody believes that nobody was aligned with each other other then brendan and rachel. Lots of kettle calling the pot black this season.


arg. hayden and enzo are idiots that don’t deserve to win. and everyone else in the house are idiots for trusting them. disappointing end to the show if it turns into the enzo/hayden/lane show. brendon as much as i don’t like him deserves it more. please britney….wake up!!!


Britney has been trying so hard to be accepted by the guys, and that’s why she’s lost right now. She had to asked for approval from the guys before putting up Brendon and Enzo. The girl acted like she wanted to get laid by Lane and Hayden from day one. Good thing Hayden was smart enough to ignored her, and he was attracted to Kristen.
She spent a lot of time bad mouthing everyone else and now she’s clueless when the power is in her hands. If only Matt put one of his many brain cells in her tiny head, she’ll wake up. Matt is planning, scheming, being cool with both sides. Britney on the other hand, is still looking for approval from everyone, including the people who had not won a competition since they set foot in BB house. Now that’s pathetic. Dumb little girl.

Bridgade minus Matt sucks

She is dumb! Why the heck would she want Matt up!! Matt could have put her up over Kathy and he didn’t! and yet she is considering putting him up! Lane and Hayden won’t even make a deal with her! She is stupid and I don’t think her bf Nick is going to be happy when she gets out of there by all the Lane and Hayden d*ck she’s been sucking! Gross! She would be a better player if she got her head out of their a$$’s!


It’s not that one person deserves to win more than the others. It’s a game of back stabbing, lying, contradiction and some luck. When it’s all said and done, everyone has either back stabbed or lied to somebody in this game, to some degree. So it’ll come down to luck.

big brother fan

i agree


agree completely. and Matt’s letting them play him.


so funny all of them are freaking out over what they think POV competition will be….they are guessing “before and after”, “timeline” or “how bad do you want the veto”…….doubt will be any of them……Julie generally hosts all the question comps unless they have a guest host……..more than likely, it will be puzzle or some random skill thing


Julie never hosts POVs unless its a double eviction. BB might host a POV, but Julie doesnt. She hosts all the HoHs


I know Julie hosts only the HOH comp………was saying that the types of comps they were guessing POV would be are hosted by Julie, meaning for HOH


Brit is telling America on BBAD that they (the house) couldn’t give us more drama if they tried. Seriously? I think there needs to be MORE drama. We are bored!


BG are so useless. Matt pretty much carried that whole alliance and they are dumping him. The rest of the BGs can’t even win anything and I hope they won’t be in the final 3 since they don’t want to have any blood in their hands at all.


Hayden meowmeow and lane are TRAITORS


Totally agree. I used to like Hayden, but he is a backstabber. He is backstabber of the highest order. I hope he gets kicked out soon.

Brigade minus Matt sucks

Hayden backstabbed Kristen, Matt, Enzo and Lane! He couldn’t even have enough sense to wait until they made final 4 before he started throwing them under the bus! Just wait until they are see the show when they get out!! I really hope Matt beats then all!! I don’t see why he couldn’t, he is smarter and then them plus the other three (besides Enzo the other night) have never come close to winning a comp! They always have the “duh” look on their faces! When Hayden is asked a question his whole face goes blank!!hahaha Did this guy really go to college! Typical dumb jock for ya! lol


brendon could save a fortune on Halloween costumes by just going as frankenstein every year. he doesn’t even have to do a damn thing and he’s the scariest freak in the pool. delusion, thy name is brendon. “maybe he forgets what he’s done.” bwhahahaha


no way if anyone is Frankenstein it’s definitely Ragan.. seriously check out the identical foreheads


I give up! They’re all a bunch of knuckleheads … except Matt. I hope Matt or Ragan wins POV tomorrow, and HOH on Thursday. Enzo, Hayden and Lane need to go – Britney, Matt and Brendon at least try to win! IMO


Yeah! Someone agrees with me…..Mat and Reg for final 2

Brigade minus Matt sucks

Me three!! Matt and Ragen all the way! The only 2 that haven’t backstabbed!! Matt even told the brigade that he couldn’t put Ragen on the block! Ragen could have kissed Rachel’s a$$ and he didn’t! True to himself! I just wish Brit would open her eyes and see that getting with Matt and Ragen will take her farther in the game!! If anyone besides Matt had that POV she would have gone up!


Yeah, I love you all. Team Matt!


This is so perfect. Usually I would be yelling at my computer screen at Enzo for being so clueless but this time I was beyond happy.
If Brendon wins the pov tomorrow, he takes himself off and Hayden most likely goes up. The best case scenario is for Hayden to win POV, take Brendon off, then Brit would be forced to put up Matt.
She won’t put up Lane or Ragan. Then Matt will think he’s a pawn, then BOOM, Matt gets evicted by a 3-1 vote.
That’s best case scenario. I just want Brendon to stay.

Brigade minus Matt sucks

Brenden is a fricken retard!! If Brenden wins I will NEVER watch BB again! Rigged!!!




Can someone please fly a banner over this house and tell Brit what is going on? I will pay for it


Great late night convo between Brit and Lane just now…But then, I’m a Brit/Lane fan, so I think they’re funny. Although, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if Lane had decided to go shirtless.


How dumb can this cast get. “It’s always who you least suspect it” What happened to that?


I meant – no one’s even suspected Regan. Lol. (Sorry, 4 am, tired.)


Half of Bredon’s brain died from something he caught from Rachel, the other half
shrivelled up and died from loneliness. Where did he get his doctorate from the
back of a cereal box.? Fruit Loops would be my guess. Maybe that is why he loves
Rachel so much she reminds him of the Tucan .

BigBrothers Big Brother

He doesn’t have a doctorate yet. According to him, once BB is over,he starts his ph.d program.


I now hate lane. Brit is going to listen to this idiot. There is no way Brit is going to win now. Even if she mKes the final 2. If I was her I would tell Matt every thing. I swear these people say that they watch it all the time but then when they get on the show they forget what people do. I’m telling you all. It’s going to be hayden and Enzo in the final. They should call finaly night “battle of the floaters”

Brigade minus Matt sucks

I agree!! She needs to tell Matt or at least leak it to Ragen!! I keep waiting!!!!!! Come on! Why does she think Lane would take her far! He avoids her questions regarding loyalty and putting HER up! She is an idiot!




I can’t stand Matt either…it would be interesting though, to see him make it to the end and then lose to just about anyone else, that is, if the Jury House learns of the lie that he has been telling all along about his wife being sick. What a piece of work!

Brigade minus Matt sucks

People in the house have done worse things than Matt saying his wife is sick. I like Matt b/c he never dogs people and he is always cool, calm and collected! Yesterday Hayden was saying some mean stuff about Brit and Matt just walked away…he never personally attacks and he always knows what going on in the house! He is never blindsided by the brigade and I like that he is smart, b/c he is! and loyal!


Gooooo Hayden backdoor Matt…..wud luv dat 🙂


Worst case scenario: Hayden wins POV, takes Enzo off.

Best case scenario Brendon wins POV, replaced by Hayden.

Now that would be a power move, Matt should realize they are gunning for him, and expose the Brigade!

Enzo needs to go! No HOH, no POV, no money won. (Biggest Floater)
Lane is 2nd on the list, no win either. (Floater)
At least Hayden won the 1st HOH.


Let’s be real, Hayden didn’t win the first HOH competition, he got it by default. There was no skill or planning involved in that win. He has failed to win anything else since. Any competition that requires some skill or intelligence has been beyond the capacity for the entire brigade, sans Matt.


I totally agree!


Sounds like they are finally waking up and are ready to make a move. Get Matt out and get Ragen out… move those two could make right now. Good for them for finally figuring it out. Keep Brendon. The only thing they have wrong is the fact that the outgoing HOH is eventually going to be able to play for HOH again.

Ms Kewl

If the producers want to up the ratings, they don’t need to bring back Rachel. Just get the Lane & Britney show going hot & heavy! Love those 2!!!!!!

I'm A Fool Wit It.

GODDAMMIT I DIDN’T PRESS ENTER….. continue Monet:????????? Matt by far played the best game conniving backstabbing, but ultimately will lose because if Brenchel’s need to play a personal pathetic game those are 2 people not made for this game and bring them back for ALl-Stars would be horrible for them because everyone right away will see right through their BS they’ll be eliminated quick.

I'm A Fool Wit It.



Geez! Can’t believe Hayden would use POV on ND. What’s he thinking? Lane seems to have the most sense. Go Lane– hope he’s figured out how to clone that dog.


HOH will be something that Matt is good at. Probably a comp that is geared for small people. BB12 wants Matt to win.


which is why they NEED to get him out this week. He is due a win and the only way they will survive in this game is to get him out now! I agree with everyone that Enzo and Lane haven’t won comps, BUT there are more ways to play the game than win comps. Mentally, they will have a spot on game if they can convince Brit to backdoor him this week. Power move!

the " Brain "

Make or break day for Matt. Win POV or he’s in trouble.
Don’t think Brit will save him. Put up Lane as renom? Yo !
Should have pre-emptived the brigade, Thurs. Yo !
Shouldn’t have thrown HOH .No loyalty, it is BB. Haha.
Brigade gonna B-3 strong and one big dumb ogre.


Maybe we will get lucky and Enzo or Brendon win the POV and take themself off and Britney puts up Hayden.


I am so sick of this blend cast !
They keep talking of what happened in the past seasons.
They are sooo niiiice to each other and really care about ratings or how famous they can get after the show.
Give me an Evil Dick or Chicken George or that Funny Doctor whatever his name was anyone who has real game will do .
At least Rachel as crazy as she was made it fun to watch.
These people are so afraid to be evicted they are coexisting and making time pass.
Some not playing at all ! like Enzo. He did say he liked everybody , really ???????
Watched all past seasons , yes I did!
This one is my least favorite


Brendon may feel slighted about his Pandora’s box prize compared to Matt’s diamond power of veto prize. But before the competition Julie gave them an inclination that it was an important HOH that week. So if someone else would have won the story would be different.

Rachel coming back makes me question the integrity of the game. I believe there is already a level of production’s influence on all the reality shows anyway. So too blatant to have her come back.The Pandora’s Box was just for Brendon I believe. Other wise, they wouldn’t have had that cheesy video of her in Pandora’s Box. Who else would to tempted by that other than him.


Marisa , I agree with you about the cheesy video he fell for.
But the house is so boring that Rachel coming back as annoying as her voice is was the highlight of the season.
Otherwise I pretty much fastforward nowdays.
Lots of flip flopping going on and pool games…..


This is the perfect opportunity to backdoor Matt. If they don’t, he’s going to win it all. His brilliant lie about his wife’s illness has paved the way to 500K. He has the jury votes and proven endurance to win that pivotal final HOH competition. I can’t wait for the moment when the HGs discover Matt’s lie. It’s going to be great!


I would like to see Brendon make it to final 2 cause he has been fighting for his life since day one. If he makes it to finals he should have everyones vote.

Go Brenchel!

I agree completely. Get Matt out NOW and I am ALL FOR seeing the houseguests faces when they find out Matt lied about his wife being sick.


BTW people, everyone lies about something or other. Their jobs, their wives, their girlfriends, so get a life……it’s only a game. You have to take it all with a grain of salt. Matt lying about his wife…get over it America. It was just a ploy of sympathy. Brenda being a scientist/physicist…..liar, liar. He does not have an ounce of intelligence. If he wanted to win the 500k, he should never have got in with the skank. That’s dumb, where are his priorities. He does not deserve to win anything! For all those who say, Rachel played a good game…are you crazy???? Why is she not in the house then? It’s because she played a lousy game. The whole house kicked her to the curb except her so-called boyfriend.

Lane so far, is the only guy who is playing the game. Let’s face it, if he goes to final 2, nobody is not going to vote for him as they all like him. There’s your winner.


Im so sick of everyone wanting to throw HOH and POV comps……This season is a bunch of B.S!


I agree, seeing the look on everyone’s face is going to be priceless – especially the foot doctor! Go Matt and if Brendon can hang in there he deserves to win since he has had to fight since day 1 to stay in the house.

Ms Kewl

Hoping like HECK that Brit wins the POV & leaves the noms the way she has them. Brendon leaves, levels the playing field for the next HOH – who HOPEFULLY would be Ragan!!! Thereby, Enzo & Hayden would most likely be up & again – HOPEFULLY – Enzo would go home! GO TEAM BRIT & LANE & MATT & RAGAN!!! Fan favorites!

Brendon sucks

UTI …lol. bredon should get checked for STD’s when he gets out of the BB12 house.I think hes going to take more then memories back to the OC with him,Herpies anyone…lol.Rachel is not that hot sorry. ill argue that with anyone shes like what 26 she looks like shes 40 cathy the chain smoker had better skin.


How is it that Matt has been so dominant? What brilliant strategy did he devise? His HOH’s were defaults by Ragan, who dropped out in honor of his hero, Matt. His DPOV was handed to him by BB. WHAT has he done? He didn’t get Brendon or Rachel out until his Brigade browbeat him into it. I just don’t see how he has become so important — he’s self important and the most exciting thing that could happen is if he gets evicted. He is so smug right now and so proud of his DPOV — you’d think he thought of it and gave it to himself — he’s WAY OVERRATED. HE NEEDS TO GO and I will stay up nights to watch that happen. If he stays and Brendon goes, the friction disappears and it all becomes very boring and quiet and predictable. Who will they all have to complain about? Frankly, I want Brendan to win and then I want him to dump Rachel and find a girl who is intelligent, classy, and moral. Brendon or Enzo need to win today’s POV unless L or H do and take one or the other off. Britney needs to put MAtt up. Matt needs to feel some heat in this game. talk about floating and coasting! Either Ragan or BB have handed all his victories to him — he is the actual floater, lying and receiving is all he’s done. Cannot stand him.


How is it that Matt has been so dominant? What brilliant strategy did he devise? His HOH’s were defaults by Ragan, who dropped out in honor of his hero, Matt. His DPOV was handed to him by BB. WHAT has he done? He didn’t get Brendon or Rachel out until his Brigade browbeat him into it. I just don’t see how he has become so important — he’s self important and the most exciting thing that could happen is if he gets evicted. He is so smug right now and so proud of his DPOV — you’d think he thought of it and gave it to himself — he’s WAY OVERRATED. HE NEEDS TO GO and I will stay up nights to watch that happen. If he stays and Brendon goes, the friction disappears and it all becomes very boring and quiet and predictable. Who will they all have to complain about? Frankly, I want Brendan to win and then I want him to dump Rachel and find a girl who is intelligent, classy, and moral. Brendon or Enzo need to win today’s POV unless L or H do and take one or the other off. Britney needs to put MAtt up. Matt needs to feel some heat in this game. talk about floating and coasting! Either Ragan or BB have handed all his victories to him — he is the actual floater, lying and receiving is all he’s done. Cannot stand him. He’s not really so smart. He just thinks he is.

Brigade minus Matt sucks

To me if Brenden wins that means Rachel wins and I will NEVER watch this show again! Rachel is EVIL and doesn’t deserve (meaning as a person) any rewards for how she treated people in this game!


Am I the only one that sees that Big Brother is writing this whole thing?
Brendon is not that good of a player, Brendon is not that good of a strategist. From the start it was Rachel (I can’t believe that I just said that) She was the brains and brawn of that pair. Now that she is gone Big Brother needs a villain and it is Brendon by default.
This cast is so lame that the writers are working over time. Come on, you mean to tell me that when Rachel gets knocked out of the house that Brendon game turns on? Right.
I have been a fan of Big Brother but they have insulted my intelligence with this Brendon guy. I do not like Rachel at all. But I do believe she has more game than anyone in that house (except for the writers).
Lastly …. Why would Enzo hesitate about shaving his head?

Big Brother please stop with forcing the “bad guy” Brendon on us or write in Lane as the guy who takes Brendon out and wins the 500K. Then have Britney leave Nick for Lane’s money.