**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy Mad f*cking game talker “We gotta work hard we gotta study and go to bed early”


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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5:33pm Hayden, Kathy and Enzo taj Room Kahty telling them about her talks with Rachel and Brendon and how she was given a personal message from Rachel to give to Brendon. Kahty seems to be under the impression she has an alliance with Hayden, Enzo, and Brendon. hayden tells Kathy they all need to vote to keep lane, If him, Enzo and Kathy vote they can get a person on the other side out. Hayden: “It doesn’t matter who Brendon puts up either Brit or Matt LAne must stay” Enzo: “This week we’re safe but next week we’ll have to use HOH or we’ll be in trouble” Kathy says she thinks Lane is with them, Hayden tells her they need to take out Brit, Ragan and Matt first. Kathy: “We gotta work hard we gotta study and go to bed early” Kathy mentions they are going to be stronger because the other side isn’t eating so they will have a good chance. They want to keep Brendon until the other side is gone because they will continue to fight it out while Lane, Enzo, HAyden and Kathy watch. KAhty thinks the other side will take her out second after Brendon. Enzo: “You’ve been acting weird lately” Kathy: “Yeah I know Brit brought it up already.. she a expert at everything you know”. Kathy says that she will put up 2 out of a possible ragan, MAtt and Brit. hayden tells Kathy she should really try and win that next HOH it’ll help her case alot trying to get Jury votes if she rolls in the finale with a critical HOH win.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:45pm Have nots BRit, Ragan and Matt talking about how far they woudl go to get a letter from home. most if the talk is just speculation about what they would do if they had a chance to take out th sab, how far they would go to win HOh or POV. Brit brings up that she’s not even worried about the sab “it’s stupid” Matt agrees he mentions that the messages are getting worse and worse every time.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:06pm All 4 feeds show houseguests sleeping
6:35pm All 4 feeds show houseguests sleeping


7:10 Preparing food

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:45pm Pool Brit and lane talking about their family.

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105 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy Mad f*cking game talker “We gotta work hard we gotta study and go to bed early”

  1. LOL @ Kathy

    Nothing against her, but really? She’s gotta go home. Her physical game is terrible, her mental game is terrible, even her social game is terrible. Brendon talks about floaters all the time, and wanting real competitors in the game but he wants regan gone for personal revenge, mmmk. Brendon im on your side but be straight up about your intentions. Did anyone else notice how CBS edited Brendon to look arrogant and power hungry? Reading these spoilers and watching the live feed that was not at all how he was. Guess they need a new “villan” since Rachel is gone. Anyways, I’m sure either way Brit will be going home next week. The only 4 players I think should actually be in the final 4 are Hayden, Lane, Brendon and Ragan. Would have been Brit but I’m positive she’s a gonner.

    1. But Rachel is NOT gone. The powers that be can bring her back any time they feel like it. 24 hours here… 48 hours there…

      She’s like herpes. Just when you think its gone… It comes back.

  2. If Matt was smart he would keep Britney and Regan and put up Enzo or Hayden cuz their the ones turning on Matt when hes the only reason the brigade is any good!

      1. Haha. Yeah he does annoy me with the super genius comment all the time but he’s the only good player left in house to me. I hope that Matt sees the brigade isn’t loyal and sticks with Regan and maybe they can pull Britney in or something. Im sick of Lane, Enzo, and Hayden because they are all talk and no game.

    1. i agree matt has been carrying the brigade throughout the game…. i think he will dfntly make it to final 2, but he may not get the votes b/c of his wife is sick lie…8*(

  3. Let’s hope that the brigade follows Hayden’s idea of taking out Brit, Ragan and Matt first. I can’t wait to see the 4 faces of Brit and Ragan out of the house. Hope they are put on the block together so we can watch the Brit and Ragan cry a new river in BB house. And Matt’s extremely over inflated ego – can’t wait to see it burst.

    1. Hayden and Enzo are nothing but scheming parasites. They do nothing whatsoever, and Matt is getting tired of picking up their slack. Matt is most likely going up on the block after Ragan uses the PoV on himself, and Matt will see exactly how disloyal Hayden and Enzo are. They are in for a rude awakening because Matt is going to use the DPoV to send one of those useless ingrates to the jury house.

  4. Please brendon put up matt. Matt can then use dpov on himself and put up the worthless kathy…can anyone please explain to me her game play bc as of right now its just stupid!!!!!

  5. Although I agree he is the reason The Brigade is so strong, you do realize that he has no idea they are ready to turn on him. The only thing the HGs know for sure is that of those remaining Matt, Britney, and Brendon have pretty much dominated all comps so far. They don’t know how far any alliances they have or THINK they have will last. If the lesser HGs were smart they would team up and get rid of (in order of eviction) Britney, Matt, then Brendon. There is no way anyone else can win the game if those three are still around to compete.

  6. Totally nothing to do with the moment but I have to point out something. I think it is really unfair that BB supplies a pool table for the guys and nothing for the gals. I mean, the guys have an escape from the game but where can the gals go to escape. Work on a tan, that ends when the sun goes down. They can hangout around the pool table but I stopped doing that once I had a guy and they stopped buying me drinks. Really, where are the games for the gals? Gossip? Hell, the guys get into that too. Just thought I would point that out.

      1. Not 24/7 like these guys are. Yes, I have played pool but it isn’t something that I would love to do all the time like these guys do.

        1. Oh, F–kBB, i am not a chick but an old hen. Like I said, I stopped hanging out at PoolHalls when guys stopped buying me drinks. Maybe i am just bitter. Anyway, I would not like having just pool to escape the game to play. It is just an old woman thing.

          1. Thanks for clarifying, BBG. That really had me perturbed. It seemed so contrary to your usual point of view, I was thinking maybe you were having a reaction and needed medical attention. Then again, I do have a pool table in my basement and I have no problem taking cash off of unsuspecting dopes at the local bar who think they can always beat a girl at pool.

      1. Do you think that is all we do? I would take a pinball machine. Or video poker. I am old but I don’t quilt or play bingo, yet. Do crochet in the winter.

  7. If Mat is put up with his special POV. Mat can choose the replacement and this si what he wants and guess who he will put up…your right Brennen.

    Brennon needs Rachel and should be together in the Jury house.

    Enzo and Hayden needs to get out as soonas possible therafter.

    Ragen will be the WINNER $$$$!

        1. Pandora’s Box doesn’t always offer special powers. Last year it didn’t. It always does something good for the HoH and bad for the everyone else, or something bad for the HoH and good for everyone else. Matt’s PB was obviously good for him (DPoV) and bad for everyone else (saboteur). As far as we know, Brendon’s PB was bad for him because he was the only one who didn’t get to see Rachel.

    1. w;hat would be good would be if hayden and enzo reveal their true colors and tell matt on wednesday that they are voting against him. Then when matt uses his dpov…he puts one of them up. That would teach them to turn on their own!

  8. i wish that matt would stand up and say at the ceremony…i really dont like the noms so i want to change them..and you know what..i will…and BAM throw the dpov down on the table and dance a jig…LOL

    1. I think that will only happen if he is on the block.. He says in his blog that he doesn’t want to have to use is bc it will put a huge target on him.

  9. Can Matt use the DPOV on Brenden or Regan cause he has the POV? Or are they both safe? What are the stipulations on the power?

    1. I think the stipulation is that if Matt uses the DPOV, Rachel will come back into the game permanently.

      or, if Matt doesn;t use the DPOV, Rachel will come back into the game permanently.

      Either way…

      1. No way is Rach coming back to play the game again. They’d have to do a triple eviction and that’s just not going to happen. Not to mention that everyone in the house would straight get up and leave and everyone outside the house would storm the offices of CBS.

        1. lol people don’t understand this D.P.O.V it’s just like the Coup D’etat except with only 1 person. P.O.V and HOH are safe.

  10. I thought with this special POV all rules are change and that Mat can use it on anyone he wish to do so including the HOH… that is why it is laced with diamonds and it rules…

  11. Well, ideal would be Matt gets put up and he uses his DPOV and then he win HOH so that way the other Brigade Members start sucking up to him. That would change their tune in one swift heartbeat! At this point Matt HAS to win HOH if he wants to survive since he doesn’t realize the others have turned on him!

  12. To my knowledge this ? has not been asked….Suppose Matt uses the DV and names the replacement….IS Matt eligible to vote in the eviction??

    1. Not sure if Matt gets 2 vote. Jeff last season didn’t get 2 vote with his wizard power.
      TEAM BRIGADE YO!!! If there still is 1.

  13. they are both safe if he himself is not on tha block he can change both noms if he is raegan has pov he takes himself off, he can take lane off and put up a replacement nom brendon is safe hoh is always safe.

  14. Okay, where are the rules for this DPOV? Did they ever say what they are? Or, did they keep from telling everything so they can change it when the time comes? Everybody keeps guessing how it can be used but does anyone know for sure? I have a feeling that you can’t tell for sure because that is the way the show wants it.

    1. I thought it said Matt could use the veto to take one person off the block, be that him or someone else, and he gets to name the replacement, I didn’t think it said he could take both of the nominated off the block. I may be wrong but thats my take on it.

      1. Canadian Fan, I would believe you and Rockstar but everyone is coming up with something different and new. I would like to see if there were rules to it. I guess we will see.

        1. Hey Grandma, I have been wrong before, but let me explain when- it was the late 80’s and the only reason I was wrong was because I thought I was wrong and then I found out I was right, lol.

    2. The DPoV holder can veto one of the nominations AND choose the replacement nominee instead of the HoH. That’s it. Also, the HoH and the normal PoV winner cannot be nominated.

    3. I rewatched the DVR of the show when Matt gained the D-POV power. It only said he could remove one of the nominees and name the replacement in either of the next two weeks (last week and this week). Although it never clearly stated the HOH and POV winner are safe I can’t believe that they are in jeopardy. All other powers can’t touch anyone holding HOH or POV so I’m sure this can’t either.

      1. But, Coco, did it say at the POV ceremony or at eviction? Those are two different times. At POV the person that Matt would use to replace has time to compaign for themselves. At eviction, they have no time before people vote. See, no one knows this for sure and everyone is guessing.

        1. A guess can be educated. Based on history and ratings effect, BB will promote the DPOV on Wed night for everyone to tune in live on Thurs to find out if Matt uses it right before eviction.

        2. Again Grandma, I think Matt can change the nomination at POV ceremony or on the night of eviction, but he can still only change, and name one. That part is a bit unclear, and I think its a bit unfair as well but look at last season with that coup de tat, most unfair twist in BB history. Not saying I was against Jeffs picks but the game went into the shitter from there.

          1. I agree that it is sort of unfair. It makes HOH’s win pointless. Even if he made a power move, the DPOV changes it. And, if it is at eviction, the replacement is left with no chance to save themselves. Everyone pulling for Matt will think it is great but if he wasn’t your favorite it wouldn’t be. I see it from both angles because I don’t have a favorite at this point. But, if I did and it wasn’t Matt, I would think it stinks. I thought that last year with Jeff.

  15. Now I don’t want to toot my own horn but I think I might have done well in that comp with the ropes. I crochet and that damn yarn gets like that all the time. I have done that routine all night sometimes. Okay, that rope may be heavy but i know how to untangel yarn.

    1. the ropes are too darn heavy, even the guys has issues with it. Brendon has the fire in his bottom, the rest of them hardly made it half way and they were grunting

      1. Yes, that heavy rope I may have had some trouble with but not the mud and hay. I have slopped hogs in my past, too.

  16. okay, 2 questions. I know man can take someone done AND pick the replacement, but does he do it at the POV ceremony OR at the eviction. Second, when is the POV ceremony???


  17. Without Rachael it’s boring. I need only to watch Joker’s Updates to keep up with the game. And it’s so obvious, the 1st Pandora’s box was good the next will be evil.

  18. like with Matt, how do we know that Bredan didn’t get a power along with the exchange with Rachel. anf they are not letting antone know about it.

    1. No kidding and especially following Rachel’s box. Can’t they think of anything new so we can see the so called UNEXPECTED.

  19. I just heard Enzo say that Rachel told him if Brendon doesn’t win then she wants Enzo to win. Really? I thought Brendon and Rachel wanted the floaters out.

  20. matt can use dpov to remove and replace one evicted nominnee…but it wasnt specific to whether or not he can put u hoh or pov winner, but i doubt he can, which takes the fun out of it…looks like ragan wins pov

  21. Brittany is small but she has a real big mouth if people new what she was saying behinde their back they would hait her…..

  22. Hey guys I don’t get it. First Matt has been hinting all day long that there is a special power and don’t worry he will be ok. Go ahead and put me up and so on. He has done everything but saying it straight out. He can’t stop talking about a special power, and I was wondering, with all the twist in BB, if they (BB) could say on Thursday night when he is sitting there ready to jump up and go “I got you, guess what I have” that they call him into the DR and say “hey we told you not to say anything about this power, so now you can’t use it or you don’t have it”. Leaving him hanging out to dry, he brought it on himself. That would be fitting and so great, I am sick of him. God knows he needs to go, with all his lies, and the lowest being about his wife. I hope it comes back to bite him. Second what if Brendan got a better power and they are not letting us know, something that trumps Matts. That would be great TV. #2 It seem to stink that Brendan only got to have Rachel replace him for 24 hours, and he had 24 hours away from the game, and it really hurt his game, having Rachel getting everybody upset, because Rach/Bren are join at the hip, and that’s not very a big as prize compared to other PB’s prizes especially this late in the game.

  23. matt s to cocky he thinks hes got this game hes got ragan on one side and the brigade onthe other and his wifes illness in the middle and the dpower of veto how many times have you seen bb players get cocky and leave the game so watch out matt theres no way to know who going to win the next 7 hohs and power of veto hmmm

  24. So you guys mean that if Matt uses the DPOV, that Rachel comes back into the house permanently?

    Please clarify that? If that is true, I’m going to praise Big Brother for doing that. :D

  25. When I visit this website, it shows this as the most recent update (8/15) rather than today’s date 8/17. I thought when I was on here yesterday it showed that Matt was on the block… is it just my pc?

  26. Why aren’t the questions that people ask about what the DPOV powers are answered?
    Can Ragan be put back up by Matt?
    Can Brendon vote on the 2nd nomination?
    Can Matt vote on the 2nd nomination?
    Does the DPOV have any negative results on the house if used, and what are they?
    Is there a negative to Brendon taking the “out of house” trip?
    This would make things clearer for readers and we won’t have to ask the same things thru out the blog….

  27. Ragan cannot be put up – he won POV.
    HOH – Brendan only votes if its a tie.
    POV’s get to vote
    DPOV only has negative effect on person who he puts up – DPOV gets to chose who goes up instead of HOH.
    I would assume the negative was Rachel got to come back for 24 hours to confront the people who voted her out.

    1. where are the rules that say that Ragan can’t be put up. The card did not say who was excluded or who could be included, it only said that Matt could name the replacment.

  28. The question I have about the DPOV is when he is allowed to us it. I assume he was told to use it just before the vote to evict. Makes for better tv. Otherwise, strategically, it would have been best to use it right after Ragan came down at the POV ceremony to avoid chaos in his alliance.

      1. Actually- the time is off. I assumed it was a time zone factor but the 8:50 post I just did was sent about 9:25 my time (Central)

  29. Simon and Dawg, I’m having a problem with your site. It seems stuck on “Kathy talks mad game” from a few days ago and isn’t updating at all. Any ideas on how to fix it? Love your site and it’s a part of my daily routine and I miss it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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