* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: How is Britney ever going to win tonights competition if she has to take a break eating slop??!

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8am Ragan wakes up and goes to lay down in the cabana room. Ragan is studying out loud. Ragan starts going over all of the events in the house, who was evicted when and what happened next. After a while of studying Ragan rolls over and tries to sleep.

9:10am – 935am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we will be right back screen to wake up the house guests. Matt is talking to Britney and Ragan in the have nots room with the lights off. Matt says that Hayden and Enzo said they were going to talk in the Taj or Cabana room late last night. Matt says that he suspects that they will just cop out and say that they are going to do what ever Kathy wants where they split the vote and Kathy decides. Big Brother tells them that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Britney Ragan asks so Kathy was talking to them too? Matt says no it was just them. Matt says that there isn’t much else that he can say …he has said it all. Britney asks Matt how late he was up and Matt says that he Enzo and Hayden and Lane stayed up till 4am. Britney can’t believe it and says that her and Ragan went to bed at midnight. After laying in silence Britney asks what time it is and then says that she’s going to go make slop. Ragan and Matt go back to sleep.

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9:45am Britney finishes up making her slop by dumping a huge pile of sugar on it and then goes to eat it in the cabana room. Brendon came down earlier made breakfast and went back up to the HOH to eat it and then went back to bed. In the cabana room Britney gets through half of her slop and then takes a break for a few minutes and then goes back to eating it.

10am – 10:20am Matt comes into the Cabana room. Britney says that she tried to finish a whole bowl of slop but just cant do it because it hurts her stomach. Britney says that they will have to go up to the HOH room for the lock down in an hour. Matt says yeah. Britney says that hopefully Brendon will lock himself in the HOH bathroom again. Matt says yeah that would be amazing. Britney asks Matt if he knows why Enzo and Hayden were up in the HOH for so long. Matt says that they says they were just up there gathering information or they were sucking his dick. Britney and Matt talk about how they can beat Brendon in the quiz competitions where its numbers of things all then need to is find out what Brendon is going to answer and then add 10 to it. Matt says one person just needs to answer one and the other one over whatever he is going to say and we will win 100% of the time. Matt says that Brendon is wasting so much time because he wont be here after next week anyways. Britney says that she thinks Big Brother will not use questions that they talk about …Matt says that he thinks Big Brother will definitely use questions that Brendon talks about and that they will probably use his answers too. Matt says that from hearing of what Brendon was talking about from Enzo he already notices a couple things that he has wrong. Matt says that he has the number of saboteur messages wrong and the order.
** Updated **

10:20am Britney and Matt are talking in the cabana room. Matt says that who ever wins this HOH …it doesn’t matter ..it all comes down to who wins the POV. Matt says that it will be so hard to get excited for the diary room ..and after each question he will be like I don’t care… I don’t care. Matt and Britney talk about how much they dislike being a have not. Britney talks about how she has thought about all the ways she could cheat and eat real food and nto get caught. Britney talks about how Enzo used to cheat and eat all the time but that he got caught. Britney says that she just kept thinking what would Enzo do?! Matt starts talking about how he found out why Kathy was so upset last night. Matt says that Kathy had a premonition that something bad happened at home. Britney talks about how Kathy is so depressed and doesn’t do anything and how she wont even go in the pool.

10:30am – 10:55am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we will be right back screen and when the feeds return all the house guests are heading up to the HOH room for the HOH lock down. Everyone comes into the HOH room and finds part of the bed or the floor to sleep on. No one is talking. Brendon goes into the bathroom and closes the door. Britney and Matt along with the others are probably hoping he will stay in there for the entire lock down like last week. In the bathroom, Brendon is in the HOH shaves …and then gets into the shower.
11:15am Brendon finishes his shower and then grabs his clothes and suit case from the HOH room and then goes back in to the bathroom, shuts the door and packs.


11:45am Brendon is all packed and ready!! He is just sitting in the HOH bathroom all alone waiting for the HOH lock down to be called off… Brendon gets up from his chair in the bathroom and lays down in the bath tub.

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214 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: How is Britney ever going to win tonights competition if she has to take a break eating slop??!

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          1. I rest my case kettle. This convo is pointless, but since you initiated it…you took the time to”chastise” me originally, (“u have no life), which was not relevant to the house, it could be easily ignored but I can always count on getting under the skin of morons like you as I have posted nonsensical comments previously most of the time to point out how completely irrelevant all these posts are. Thanks for proving my point. My guess is you’ve got the live feeds going all the time in ur parents basement with ur pasty white skin thinking how clever u are for putting some schmo on the Internet in his place. Congrats… No life. If u read the very next comment, was relevant (by me) but nonetheless pointless as you say. It’s funny u chose mine among all the nonsense and irrelevant posts below. Rachel seems to have difficulty seeing when she is criticizing other people for the very things she herself has done, it seems you after from the same delusions as every statement in your rant is everything ur complaint about my one simple word…first. Get a life nerd.

            1. Technically it’s the sixth visible post but about the 213th overall post, I’ve proably blown 15 minutes posting this stuff, no life? Sure why not. Married, kids job so yeah I can agree with that. What is hillarious is your desire to waste your time dealing with this, which suggests to me that you are much worse off than I am, which is how I qualify my previous statements. But you used big words and it was well articulated but the entire premise behind the response just reenforces my opinion of u. Let’s keep this going shall we? Nerd? Are you there nerd? Is your mom making you put your clothes away that she washed and folded? It’s cool, I’ll wait.

  1. Does it not occur to anyone that they wouldn’t use saboteurs comments because it would give an unfair advantage to the sab?

        1. goincrzy – he was by himself in the have nots room trying to remember them all. it was not for show, he was actually trying to remember them. If I read something once off a note, I still wouldn’t remember what I said especially what I said in order.

    1. Yes, I agree but BB has done other things that seem unfair. Ex: pretzel message from Rachel. Letting that slide is totally unfair.

  2. Ok. I am new to writing to the chats, but I follow them. Do you really think Enzo knows that Brendon has any answers wrong?

      1. That is a good point. I think Matt may be choosing his plays way under the radar. I would vote for him, yuck, if I thought he was more than just a victim of dumb luck. It all depends on who he chooses, his reason why & what his says to The Brigade.

        1. I agree with your “dumb luck” comment. The one time he’s had a chance to make a “power move” – his first time as HoH – he blew it. Tonight will be his second chance. Let’s see how he does.

  3. I wish Matt knew what we knew. I think he should put up Hayden and Enzo. Since they are not gonna do what they said and split the vote. I love Enzo and Hayden but I am mad at the way they are doing Matt. I love the BraGade! Enzo is the biggest FLOATER in the house. Does anyone else see this? I am just wondering. He has not even come close to winning anything in the house. Oh wait he did win the Luxury comp, with the help of Hayden and (gag) Brendon. Just my thoughts! Hope everyone has a great day!

    1. omg Barb I said the same thing days ago. I am so sure he is going to put up Kathy as his replacement with the DPOV but man I wish he would get Enzo out. Enzo was always my favorite until he kept calling Brit the C word for no reason and until him and Hayden turned on the Bra_gade….

      1. Please Matt has been playing everyone in the Brigade plus Ragan from the very begin! I can’t wait until every one finds out he is a big fat LIAR.

      2. I am totally down for Enzo’s eviction, but it would screw Matt’s chances of getting enough votes to win if he makes it to the final two because E/H/L plus R/B would all vote against him. He can’t take that chance. But if I have to listen to Enzo eat one more time I’m going to lose my d!min

      3. I can’t agree with you more on Enzo and his repeated use of the C work. Shame on him as the father of a daughter. It’s almost like he’s playing a role as a bad guy for the brigade movie he’s planning on making. The meow meow has cats protesting because they don’t want to be associated with him in any way. Vote him out tonight Matt (unless the DPOV allows Brendon to go up on the block)

    2. I agree…Hayden & Enzo have the biggest advantage because they’re the ones that have an “in” with Brendon so they can use him. It’s not fair to Matt since he’s the one that did the dirty work & now they’re going to take advantage of him by voting him out. He needs to rethink his alliance & shake up the house and make it interesting. If he takes Kathy or Britney out he just either gets rid of an easy target (Kathy) or a possible alliance with a smart player (Britney). The others aren’t going to have his back anyway so he might as well go with Ragan who is definately on his side.

      1. same here. I would love for matt to put up enzo or hayden just to cause drama and shake them up. would absolutely love it. and i hope he, brit,and ragan form an alliance themselves. with the 3 of them, they would win just about all of the comps.

        1. It seems that maybe Matt is rethinking the whole Brigade thing. I would love it if he put Enzo up. I agree that he is the worst floater in the house. Winning the luxury comp was a joint effort and didn’t really involve any skill…the 3 most physical competitors were in it together. I want to see the house shaken up!

          1. I think Lane is basically just a vote and completely expendable to Hayden and Enzo, regardless of a Hayden / Lane final 2 deal. If Enzo ended up going home this week, then Lane would be open to join a Matt / Brit / Ragan alliance

    3. Enzo – Hayden – And Lane are bigger floaters than any of them Kathy at least keeps busy cleaning after there lazy a$#% s

    1. I’m not trying to be rude but can you please say Brendon? People have told you over and over it’s NOT BRANDON it’s B-R-E-N-D-O-N!

        1. It’s Rachel…Breeeeennnnnndddddoooonnnnnn! He doesn’t care what you call him unless it’s neanderthal because everyone knows it’s neandertall

  4. My thoughts EXACTLY Paco. I thought of that right away when this site talked about the incident and how people thought it was for a memory competition.

    Then again, some of the HGs think there isn’t a Saboteur and it is production or Rachel. That *may* by their validation for thinking that. Who knows!

  5. It just dawned on me that this may be the first season where nobody has cared enough about the HGs to send a plane with a banner flying overhead. Someone quick send up a plane letting Matt know Enzo is talking behind his back!!!!

      1. Yes, there’s been planes overhead in nearly every season warning HGs who not to trust and throwing people under the bus. In the past they’ve really caused a ton of drama and have been a lot of fun to watch the fallout.

    1. In between Financial blessings right now, dont have the cash to spend on banners (more important things like.. hmmm i donk know MORTGAGE).. PLUS i am sure BB has taken precaution (hiring look outs) for such things.

    2. As we speak, QAZ is fueling up his bi-plane now and will be flying over the BB12 house with a banner which says, ALLISON WILL YOU MARRY ME?

    1. Last week BB told everyone to pack. They will probably do that again this week. Really, the hgs should have clued in to that and should realize there is definitely a power in the game instead of just wondering.

    2. Last week when there was a possiblility of the DPOV being used they had all HG’s pack. They are all so suspicious of a double eviction that that was what they thought. I think that BB will tell them all to pack again today. They will think that there could be a DE tonight.

      1. The think that gets me is the fact that H/E/L have put together all the facts about the DPOV, but they think Enzo has it and not Matt. I thought Ragan figured it out a few nights ago as well. He and Britney were talking in the hammock about a secret power and after they talked about two weeks and taking people off and how Matt ddin’t seem too concerned, Ragan stopped talking and had a odd look on his face. Tonight will be great to watch.

  6. If Matt puts Kathy up that is a waste of the DPOV and it shows Matt is a ass. He could make a big move and get rid of Brit, instead of playing it safe with Kathy.

    1. So keeping a friend and ally in Brit in the house is a better move than getting rid of Kathy who worked with Rachel to pass a message on the Brendan to put up Matt? How so?

      1. lol Britney is the most untrustworthy person in the house and one of the strongest!! Him putting her up and getting rid of her would put no blood on his hands at all Im sure if she won HOH she would put up matt i know i would cuz hes a strong player aswell hayden n enzo only want to vote him out cuz they think they have to choose between him n lane n matt is a strong player so yeah i would vote him out too using that dpov on anyone other than brit or ragan is the dumbest move ever!!! well… obviously he cant use it on ragan n plus hes got ragan eating out of the palm of his hand so that leaves britney n thats the best move strategically for him cuz she aint that dumb eventually if she wins more hoh’s im sure she will give him the boot hes really her only competition same with her using it on the dumb members of the brigade or useless kathy is a complete waste the only person i think he maybe can trust is ragan cuz so far hes shown he has his back

        1. Mady, I agree Matt needs to put up Brit. The Brigade has stated several times she needs to go, and Lane has openly supported the need to evict her sooner than later. Ragan may be the only vote to keep her. Also, it makes Matt look good with the Brigade because he would be saving Lane and taking the jury house hit off the other three. He knows Enzo/Hay are waffling, but has not called them out to prevent burning bridges he will need next week. That keeps the Brigade in tact another week, which is the status quo, which is all Enzo, and the boyz seem to be able to handle. If Brit ultimately sees Matt as a strong player, she could in theory vote for him to win, so all is not lost if he puts her up. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE DPOV come out, YO!

        2. “hayden n enzo only want to vote him out cuz they think they have to choose between him n lane ”
          that’s not true – they were wanting Matt out before nominations. They were even planting the seed with Brendon.

    2. What’s wrong with playing it safe sometimes? Whatever gets him further in the game is the smart move. He obviously has no problem getting his hands dirty and winning challenges when needed so I don’t think he is making decisions based on cowardice.

    3. It’s not a waste. He has to put up Kathy for many reasons. It you really think about all the situations, she is the best option. He has Brit & Ragan on his side, why would he want to throw Brit out? He can’t put up Enzo/Hayden because he would probably lose in the end with jury votes. He can’t put up Brendon or Lane, so she’s the only option. I think it is a power move for him because she wouldn’t vote for him in the end anyway unless it came down to Matt & Brittney.

    4. Actually it would be smarter for Matt to evict Kathy because then he can still play both sides, the brigade and the R/B allianc. Also it keeps someone with a bigger target on their back (Brit). He’s got to think about more than today and who he’s pissed at. In two weeks time they would want him out over Kathy, but that would not be the case with Brit, no one trusts her.

    5. Getting rid of Brit ensures that once Brendon is gone, Matt is target number one. Without her, the only way he can make it to the end is if he and Ragan alternate HOH from now on and win the POVs. Even with this bunch of floaters, that’s not likely. He will have to start taking out Brigade members and get the blood on his hands. If Hayden, Lane or Enzo win HOH, Matt and Ragan are done. They don’t want to compete against him. They were fine letting him win for them and making enemies while staying squeaky clean themselves, but they don’t want him to be around when they have to start playing for themselves. Enzo would rather compete against Hayden and Lane who are as useless as he is than to go head to head against Matt.

      Matt needs Brit to stick around for two more weeks to help get Brendon and at least one of the brigade out. Matt would have a hard time winning against any of the brigade in final 2. He would win against Ragan and I think he would beat Brit, especially if she was the one that broke up the brigade. Putting Kathy up tonight isn’t a waste of the DPOV. It’s a smart move. It basically nullifies any power Brendon thought he had this week. Imagine how he would feel if at the end of his HOH, he ends up losing the only person that gave him any respect this week, the one he trusted the most. Brit would be grateful. Lane would be grateful. Enzo and Hayden will be shocked, but they will be inflated with brigade power delusions and fall back into step. The only one pissed off will be Brendon, but he is going to be pissed off no matter who gets put up in Matts place, so who cares. Sure, Kathy would be pissed for 5 minutes before her ass is sitting next to Julie, but Matt won’t make any new enemies.

      1. – Must not forget . . . . . fickle. HGs change with the more time they have to think, assume & over analyze. More than one week out – is an assumption. We all know what happens when one ass u me s.

      2. Instead of concentrating on the perceived insults, and backstabbing, read what Chloe has to say very closely. Her logic is flawless. Matt is very lucky that Chloe isn’t in the game. He would be the 2nd smartest HG. Let’s watch tonight and see if Matt has the smarts to think his position through as well has Chloe has.

        1. All very true. However, remember that Chloe knows some things that Matt doesn’t. That said, she is right on the money as to what he SHOULD do. I also think Matt eliminating Brit would burn a partial bridge with Lane wether Lane wants to admit it or not.

  7. I personally think that Matt is smart enough to realize that Hayden and Enzo are going against him. He hasn’t tried to campaign to see where the votes are – even though he has the DPOV – not knowing for sure where the votes will go. I think tonight will be epic but I also believe that something “unexpected” will happen. CBS has to throw a little something in there tonight!

    1. Matt is bobserving behavior. If he was really on his game, he would mess with their minds and campaign as though he didn’t have the power. He is missing an opportunity to see ‘true colors of the HGs.

  8. that is the story of BB12. Almost everyone playing the game safe. I bet you next season when it’s cast, they will have people in there who is not allowed to play safe. They will pick people who like to take chances

    1. Yep, I would like it if production always screwed up their game play and gave them the “unexpected”. That way we (and the houseguests) would never know how something would turn out. Or they could involve america’s votes each week to determine the person ousted. Just a thought. LOL

    2. I hope next season they would do 2 things
      1.Everyone gets to compete for HOH even if you won the prior week
      2.If you put someone up on the block and they win POV they name the replacement

      I think that would take the game to a whole other level, you would have to compete every week, you would have to take chances and get your hands dirty, and finally could you only imagine how hectic that house would be then

  9. The big fix is in to get rid of Brendon. If I were Matt or whomever else ends up final two, I would want to be up against Brendon. He would only have Rachel’s vote for sure, but the rest of the HGs have spent all of their time openly hating on him. Seems like an easy win to me.

  10. 2:20pm est, everyone still in the HoH room in lockdown. Brandon all alone in the bathroom. He finally comes out, and takes his picutres while everyone else is sleeping.

    Brendon packing up. I guess getting ready to leave the HoH room.

  11. You can really see, this is Brendon vs the entire house. Not one person willing to be with Brendon and keep him company. How sad. The HoH room seems so cold.

    Brendon the only one awake and moving about.

  12. This is the worst BB season in history. Disgusting and boring personalities,endless pool games, ,etc . Even cameras operators work is worse than ever.WTF? Did CBS hire new team? Casting director should be fired.

  13. So, I’ve been wondering…what exactly is in the slop??? I’ve wondered this for a while but just keep forgetting to ask.

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing. It probably has all the necessary nutrients to be considered safe but made to look as unappetizing as possible. Personally I would have a problem with the consistency of it. What did Andrew get because he said it was not kosher and he could not eat it?

  14. Is it true that there maybe a power out there that overrides the DPOV? This happened in Season 3. Does anyone know about this?

    1. They haven’t mentioned it on the show or D.R. sessions if there is one. The DPOV was the be all end all ultimate power, or atleast thats how it was hyped.

  15. These HG are not very game smart. If I knew we all had to pack and there was no DE, I would know instantly there was a secret power out there, and after thinking back to who was HOH and who had Pandoras box that only leads to MATT!!

    1. You are assuming that these HGs are bright – quite a stretch. Of course when Matt uses it, they will all chime in that they knew he had a special power.

  16. When matt used the DPOV and either blindsides kathy or Brittany, i feel sorry for them, because neither of them will get the good bye messages. if they do get them, then the whole things was set orchastrated by BB, because no one will know, except for Matt, right up to the live eviction.

  17. I think it would be perfectly fitting if Matt would put up Enzo in his place tonight. (that is assuming Brendon is not eligible to be a replacement.) That would do a wonderful job of shaking up the house. Enzo does not have Matt’s back and personally, I think that is wrong considering Matt is the one carrying the weight of the Brigade in the competitions. The Brigade would have been in trouble long before this were it not for Matt.

  18. Brendon bored out of his tree just like me. Everyone still sleeping but him, he still in the bathroom. Door is open now not closed. He put on a head band, and playing drums on his legs to kill the time.

    1. Dis agree, Britney standing with 2 or 3 vetos, Ragan with a veto and lasting until next to last in two endurance comps, they certainly don’t look like floaters.

    2. What exactly has Brendon done? He won 1 HOH comp and 1 POV comp? He has spent the rest of his time up Rachel’s behind or running around trying to defend her honor (good luck with that full-time job Brendon). He may be a very intelligent person but he has absolutely no common sense what so ever (which makes him a big dumb oaf). I also think that the only people who had any chance to win the HOH that Brendon won were H/E/L and I think all three of them let Brendon win so they wouldn’t have to get their hands dirty and put him on the block. So he won a random guessing POV, which was dumb luck. I don’t see where Brendon has done anything more in this game than Brittany. At least Brittany didn’t throw the 2 POV’s that she knew were going to be a big headache for her to win.

  19. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up for what we have planned tonight. To better combat the massive amounts of traffic we are getting for 30 minutes after the live show ends we will be operating without the comments working. This is to ensure that the site does not go down for the people looking for spoiler results etc..

    I will turn the comments back about 30minutes after the show ends. If I do not do this the site will most likely go down and no one will be able to visit it.

    Get ready tonight is going to be the best night for big brother

    1. Simon, thank you so much for the work that you do. I have been visiting this site for several seasons but didn’t start posting myself until this one. You and Dawg have, by far, the best BB site and I love reading all the comments. Keep up the good work and thanks, again!

    2. Thanks for the advance warning Simon, I’ll be happy to just be able to get “in”. Any comments I might want to make can easily wait a half hour. Keep up the great work!

    3. Simon – You might want to post a blurb on the home page about that so you won’t have to keep repeating this all day.
      Maybe use that “Breaking News” gif I sent to attract visitors attention to the news.
      Just a thought…

  20. Yes it looks like it will be a doozy. I just hope it dosn’t fizzle.

    2:53pm est, Brendon finally lays down in the bathtub. He is still awake, you can hear him sighing alot. Everyone else still motion less. This is what 2, 3 hours of lock down now?

  21. 3:00pm est, everyone up. I guess when the “we be right back” message came, that is when production woke up the HG. Everyone getting out of the HoH room now.

  22. Enzo staying with Brendon but not helping him take his stuff out. Guess he was holding the door for him. “Thank you” from Brendon for Enzo holding the door for him.

  23. Lane using an electric trimmer or shaver now. Regan sitting behind him looking at some coookies or something. They start to talk, maybe not.

    I don’t beleive it, Hayed goes straight to bed. Same with Enzo. Talking about crap. I can’t stand the stupid grin on Enzos face so changing back to Lane shaving LOL

  24. Double eviction tonight – House guest will cast their Votes eliminating Matt – Matt will use the DPOV to save himself causing an automatic elimination for Lane – Brendon who is still HOH has to nominate two more HG’s – Kathy and Britney – HG’s have 1 hour to vote 1 of the 2 nominees out of the BIG BROTHER HOUSE – There sound good?

  25. I believe it is Matt that gets to select who goes up in his place as the holder of the DPOV.
    Tho I’d LOVE to see Britney ousted!

  26. Matt if he chooses to nominate someone. If he takes himself off the block he dosnt’ have to nominate anyone. Then the choice will be Brandon and Matt has no blood on his hands and Brendon has more blood on his hands.

  27. I’m hoping that Brendon is very upset by the DPOV. Frustrated and angry. His plan of getting out his arch enemy Matt is thrwarted! Rachel will be so upset with him!!! Let’s have a big scene.

    1. Remember how angry Jessie was last year at being put up. And of course who can forget Chima’s loss of her HOH choices! Balistic!!

    2. It’s his own fault for listening to Rachel instead of doing what he knew was best for him, which would have been to get rid of Brit. He should know by now that Rachel makes decisions based on personal matters. She got rid of Monet, not because Monet was a threat, but because Monet was a pretty girl who quickly became friends with Brit and was well liked by the guys. Her insecurity made Monet a threat in her own mind only, she was afraid Monet would try to take Brendon from her, but what she didn’t realize is that Monet would never be interested in a pussy like Brendon. So she took Monet down and thought it was a power move. Next, instead of taking out a big player, she took out Kristen. Again, there was no strategy and nothing smart about gunning for Kristen, it was all about petty jealousy and not wanting her own showmance to be diminished by Kristen and Hayden.

      This week, just days after she was evicted, she comes back and picks a fight with Ragan. He stood up to her. Everyone except Matt and Ragan kissed her ass while she was there. Not only that, Ragan stood up to her pitiful attacks and left her speechless by turning her own words back on her. She wanted to hurt him, but he was safe, so she goes after Matt, who also was the one that got rid of her. She left the message, which as far as I am concerned shouldn’t be allowed, but as it turned out, I love that she was able to mess up Brendon’s game once again, and that he was stupid enough to listen to her. Getting rid of Matt is just plain dumb for him, even without the DPOV. He needed to get Ragan or Brit. out. If Matt did go home, he removes a huge target when he is lame duck next week. The smart move would have been to try and strike a deal with Ragan and Matt. But Rachel ruined that for him.

      1. Chloe, that is a very good interputation of Rachel and how she was playing her game. And, yes, she has now ruined Brendon’s game. Well, maybe not ruined but threw him off of it again. He was on target before she came back. In fact, I think he was playing much better with her gone. I am sure he is going to really blow his top with Matt uses the DPOV. I think he already said he would. Good show tonight!

  28. In my ideal world Enzo aka Bozo goes up.. shaking an already shaky.shady Bragade… enzo evicted.. BrEndon has a meltdown of scientific proportions. :) … Enzo looses his ability to say, Yo….. and can’t meow… What I think will happen is that Kathy will go up in Matts attempt to salvage the Bragade long enough to win the POV…
    I would like Britney to be in the final 3.. she and Ragan are the only ones who make me laugh…

    Lane who?

    1. i agree on Matt putting Kathy up, it buys him time to properly assess the brain damage that Hayden and Enzo may have suffered through their endless, mind numbing sessions with Brendon. Matt may win the next HOH and then realize its time to cut the cord with the brigade, they’re only dead weight. It will be sad to see but Matt has already discovered where he stands in the pecking order of this brigade even though he is the only one that produces results.

  29. 3:33pm est, Lane and Brit in the Cabana room? They sitting togetther, side by side, brit with her legs closed for once, but Lane with his legs open and his left leg touching Britns Right leg.

    Now they are apart. But she really close to Lane and she is suppose to have a fiance? This is a person who dosn’t act like she has a fiance. If she really did have one, she should never be this close to another male.

    1. OMG!!!! Brittney is sitting in a room ALONE with a MAN?!?!?! I bet you think Nick now has the right to behead her. Where are you from, Backwardsistan? It’s the 21st century and neither of them have acted inapropriately – get a grip.

  30. Well this may infact be the last season of BB. I read an article this morning about Endemol Productions. John de Mol, the owner of this Production Company and the money behind BB, Deal or No Deal and Fear Factor, is 3 billion dollars in debt. He (John de Mol) is working with Goldman Sachs (poison) to financially restructure this company. Its a shame, but hopefully he will sell the rights to these shows to a more lucrative Production Company – (anyone but MTV – pease). If the rights are up for graps – the possibilities for a restructuring of this show is vary possible – especially if the rights are bought by either Showtime and/or YouTube. Just thought you’d like to know.

      1. Explains a lot of why this season, especially, is so untnteresting and to most a disappointment. I can’t wait to hear CBS’ response to this article. Probablt waiting until after tonight’s show or next week to keep interest in show.

    1. Thanks I didn’t know that. Thatwould explain why Deal or No Deal is not around anymore and it was a popular show. I can’t see why CBS wouldn’t try and buy the show themselves then, since they are suppose to be getting the most ratings right now

    2. My husband just retired from the radio/television industry in Canada. Reality tv is absolutely the cheapest to produce. If the audience numbers are decent, it shouldn’t be hard to pass production off to another entity. Time will tell.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, hope it doesn’t really mean the end of Big Brother. I would think CBS would want to keep it going since the ratings are still holding pretty high but trying to guess what network television executives will do is harder then playing the stock market.

      1. Big Brother has more ratings and brings in many more viewers. It is also cheap to make. BB is filmed on the lot, only gives out a 500k prize for a summer filled with tv gold. It’s not going anywhere. It’s just another reporter who has shit for brains.

        1. Did you read the article? His facts and sources are solid. Is it too hard to ask that an informed opinion be made! Besides, this is good news for this site and the show. The fate of this show could easily be placed into the hands of the right people!

          1. Yes, I did. It might be true to the other shows but not for Big Brother. BB just got lumped into the article because it is airing now. The reporter has no clue about BB. It’s just shock and awe to set people off.

        2. I agree that BB’s ratings are doing well, which means they’re making tons of money from their commercial ads. Just wanted to let you know that $550,000 isn’t the only fee though. Not only do they have to pay a bunch of camera men, Julie Chen (expensive), and constant food for the house (and Allison Grodner lol), but each of the house guests gets about $1000 a week for being on the show. I think last year it dropped to $750 a week because of the economy, but most people don’t know this, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Clearly that doesn’t add up to be enough to cause financial troubles, but it should open some peoples’ eyes as to why people like Kathy love floating. She gets a grand a week, and if she makes it to final two she gets 50 more grand.

  31. Matt to Regan, something about (I missed it beacue of a phone call) someone went up to Kathy, I think brit that kathy will be going home either next week or the week after and then she will go after all the gays for what ever they said. They are wispering and talking really softly.

    Sounds juicy wish I didn’t miss all the details. Did you get them Simon or Dawg?

    1. She’s going after the GAYS??? What did they ever do to anybody……except make one HELL of a movie, right Carol?

  32. I am not shure if that is Matt Bullshitting to Ragen or if it is true. If true, it looks like Kathy and Brit could be the new Rachel vs everyone. Time will tell if this is true or not.

    1. both of them should have to play by theirselves since they have floated with the power every week until the veto meeting. at least rachel won the power and wasnt scared to have blood on her hands and said things to peoples face. i just wish everyone would confront kathy and catch her in all the lies….i cant belive that no one cast member was the guts to ask about what they have heard from someone else.

  33. Brit with Hayden and Enzo. She says she wants HoH, that if they do not want it, throw it. Then feed cut out.

    So people must know that other people are throwing the competion now.

  34. Did someone answer this already…..why is Brendon packing? I know the entire House has to pack due to DPOV but I would think the HOH would be excluded…unless its double eviction, which could be the case, in which case please ignore this post..la la la la

    1. He may just be packing to stay organized when it comes to moving all his stuff back downstairs from the HOH room. Not sure, though.

    2. If they are going to have anyone pack besides the two eviction nominees, I would think that they just automatically have everyone pack as to not tip anyone off of things to come.

    3. Doesn’t he have to pack just to go downstairs? Also, BB may be asking all the HG’s to pack insinuating that there will be a DE.

  35. Brendon walks in, Enzo, Hayden, Brit walk out LOL.

    DID I JUST HEAR THIS? BRIT” WHAT’S WRONG MOTHER?’ Yes I did hear wrong. It is Ragen. Ragen is crying again in the Have nots room.

  36. Idk why most of you guys hate brendon, hes a better player that almost every1 there! He does complain, but look at everyone else…

    1. Are you kidding, he is the biggest baby, outside of Ragan I have even seen on Big Brother. He bitches everyday day about something and this guy thinks he knows it all, always has an experience with everyone else’s thought. He is such a sissy, and I believe he is like this outside of the house. Catch a clue and watch the after dark stuff, he really should have just stayed out of the Rachel fights, because it was not his place, Rachel was strong enough to handle her own self. Can’t wait to hear how their relationship does outside of the house. I will give it one month.!

  37. Ragen laying down with his right arm over his head. Sniffling and sighing. Not even talking to Brit right now, who is just waiting there for him.

  38. Brit leaving Regan alone, Ragen about to say something then the feeds cut out.

    So that is what the noise is. Brendon vaccuming.
    Brit with Enzo and Matt. Again they asked if she wants to win HoH she says yes, but then change the topic.

    1. she has no intentions on winning hoh. besides since she is so two-faced, if she did win wonder which personality they would reward….lol.

  39. Simon and Dawg, I know the countdown ;) continues until DPOV is used….I hope we get to see a few more final pics with Matt wearing his bling bling … pretty please.

  40. I watched Ragan unload on Rachel last night and was appalled. That was so not necessary. He needs to take a look in the mirror. He accuses people of things he does routinely like insult people, call them names, make fun of them, etc. I used to like him but lost all respect for him last night. Rachel is not perfect but no one deserved that.

    1. You only saw the CBS editted version. If you had seen the pre-events via the Live Feeds, you might have very different feelings.

    2. Exactly. She got exactly what was coming to her. Which is why all she could say was “OH REALLY” “OH YOU’RE SO FUNNY” She knew all of what he was saying was true and had no good comeback becasue of it.

    3. Rachel deserved every bit of it, it was all brought on by herself. She antagonized him every time a argument started, Ragan finished very strong in the arguments, and put her in the place she belongs. I am not a Regan fan, but that is how it went down.

      1. its a shame that he was only the one who had the balls to confront her since everyone in the house was suppose to feel thesame way.. i think he proved who was the real man in that house.

    4. I noticed CBS edited out the parts about her saying he’s not a man & him trying to get her to tell him why he’s not a man. They all thought she was gay bashing Ragan with her comments & CBS didn’t show it

  41. Matt and Lane in the kitchen now. Matt stirring something in the pot. Just when you think they are about to talk, they turn their backs on each other. I swear we need cricket noises now lol.

  42. Lane talking about the yellow circle under the dining circle table now. Brit and Matt talking about it as well. Matt says it was a square or something pointing to the one in the kitchen.

  43. Enzo eats like a freaking pig with his mouth wide open. I am so sick of hearing chomp away and clanging his spoon against the bowl for the very last piece. He is doing that now and did that last night in the have not room. So nice of him to hog down food in front of starving people. Idiot! Okay, I feel better now. Just had to get that off of my chest.

    1. Enzo’s eating is horrible. He’s always smacking his lips. While this normally doesn’t bother me – Enzo has a sweet tooth and is always in the candy dish/drawer

    2. I was going to say that. He has no class. Eats with his mouth open. Talks with food in his mouth. When he yawns, dosn’t cover his mouth.

    1. I know! nasty! Bad enough to see zit popping, nose-hair clipping, and nail clipping in the bathroom, but filing nails right next to a bowl of slop?! while someone is eating?

  44. Ok how would puting up Brit be a power move for Matt? Matts main concern is getting Brendan out. Hayden, lane, Kathy, and Enzo can’t win anything. So knowing that Brit wants brendan out also together they can win hoh and pov and get him out. Getting rid of Brittney is exactly what Brendan wants so Matt would be helping Brendan in a way. So getting Brit out is NOT a power move for Matt.

    1. that is so incredibly off base.

      who does brenden have? NO ONE has his back…the only reason hayden enzo claim to is because hes hoh

      brit is close to ragen…matt’s friend…THAT makes her a threat, so does the fact shes close to lane, another one of matt’s alliance’s….

      why take out kathy who will NEVER WIN, when you have brit who can win a quiz or trivia, and next thing you know, she isnt putting up lane, she isnt putting up ragen, shes coming after matt, enzo or brenden.

      fact is, its a power move to take out someone WITH POWER…brit has an alliance…

  45. I like Brendon, but he reminds me of the Ralph Machio Karate Kid with the head band on.

    Enzo trying to be his buddy. I am surprised nobody called Enzo out when Rachel asked if anyone in the house hates her, and Enzo said “I love everybody in the house” and walks away. That should show them that he is playing everyone.

  46. Got tired of Enzo, went back to Matt and Ragen. Ragen still crying. He said something about him being a good peson…. feeds cut out. argh. didnt’ get to hear what he was about to say.

  47. Anyone know why Brendouche is wearing the douche rag? I’m sure he has it because he thinks he’s the dragon-slayer, but I am wondering what he’s told Hayden and Enzo. Speaking of Bozo and Hairyden, they should be concerned about the time they are spending with Brendon today. Matt was very perceptive about them when he was talking to Ragan earlier….didn’t quite know that Enzo had campaigned against him, but he was clearly feeling that they were voting pro-Lane and that they’d gotten too close with Brendon.

  48. Enzo must go. He’s so afraid to make waves that he should never have been cast to this show. He eats like a cow and I will be happy if I never have to hear “Hahahaha, ooooh, shit” again. Keeping my fingers crossed that Matt is onto him and throws his ass on the block tonight. That just might throw a little life back into the house.

    1. LOL, why? So we can have yet another player making pussy moves becasue no one wants blood on their hands? BO-RING.

  49. people think brenden will be so upset….no..he will get over it pretty quickly…he hates ragen more than matt honestly…

  50. I can’t wait untill tonight! I think the look on all their faces will be PRICELESS!
    AND I hope someone wins HOH who has the guts to put Brendon on the block. He’s so stupid…pathetic even!!!

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