Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that they’ve got to beat Andy Dick and the albino in the HOH competition..

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12:15am In the have not room are Matt, Britney and Ragan. Matt says that all of Brendon’s studying is for naught; it won’t help him, let him study. Britney and Ragan say that the house facts aren’t HOH questions. They talk about Kathy crying earlier. Ragan says that she is just depressed. Britney says that Kathy acts annoyed when she tries to console her. Britney then says that she is tired of trying to be nice to her, no more!


Up in the HOH room Hayden and Brendon are studying still. Hayden tells Brendon he was trying to cheer up Kathy. They talk about the new saboteur message. Brendon still thinks it was Lane since he has access to the Taj. They talk about the note being planting and agree that the saboteur isn’t Matt. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Britney for BLANK. Brendon says no one would vote for her to win. They both agree that they want her in the final two but that taking her to final two she would back stab anyone to get there. Brendon talks about Matt leaving and says that Ragan will attach to Britney. Hayden says that after tomorrow its a 1-7 chance. Bren says that it will be a battle to get to final two. Brendon tells Hayden that he has it easier. Brendon says no one will vote Kathy out, even if she’s on the block. Brendon tells Hayden to work on Lane. Brendon says he sees Ragan and Britney trying really hard for HOH. Hayden says that Enzo will do better than people give him credit for and may win HOH tomorrow. Brendon says that a lot of people will fight to see her gone. Brendon says that once Ragan and Britney are gone no BLANK talking or back stabbing. The conversation changes back to who the saboteur is. They talk about Americas vote and says it couldn’t be Kathy. Hayden says that every night the lights are off but last night with the note the lights were off. Hayden says that even if she is the saboteur she is on our side and she won’t affect the vote. Brendon says that he sees America voting for someone entertaining. Hayden says that maybe America voted for someone they love to hate. Brendon says because America votes for people they love its got to be Lane. Brendon says that the final four with him Enzo, Hayden and Lane would be cool even if he’s the saboteur. Hayden says he needs to go to bed. Brendon keeps going on about Lane as the saboteur. Brendon says that no one will vote for Lane at the end since he’s won nothing. Brendon says he sees Hayden beating Lane if he’s in the final two.
12:40am In the kitchen, Kathy is talking to Lane. Matt joins them in the kitchen. Matt asks if Kathy if she feels better. Kathy says that she feels something …a that feeling something isn’t right at home. Matt asks her if she is having a premonition. Kathy says that whatever it was she felt it. Lane tells Matt that he wished tomorrow would just get over with. Matt says that Brendon is wasting all this time studying because he’ll never win HOH. Matt says that if he is in jury house he wants to see Brendon walk in with a black eye. They both call Brendon scum. They head into the bathroom to talk to Enzo saying him and Lane are wallowing. Matt asks if he learned anything new that they don’t know. Matt says if all goes well Brendon will never play another HOH.

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Up in the HOH room, Brendon is talking about enjoying the house without any drama. Brendon says that if he makes it through another week Lane will get over it. Brendon says that Matt gets cocky and says Kathy is important because she’s a solid vote. They talk about if Britney wins. Hayden says him and Brendon will go up. Hayden lies and says that he will work on Lane for a vote. Brendon starts talk about how the house will a better place with Britney gone. Hayden is trying to leave HOH. Brendon keeps going on talking about Hayden has 8-10 seconds to answer and to run things through his head with a before or after. Hayden says if he doesn’t know he still has a 50/50 chance to get it right. Brendon says to pattern answers if he stands next to Britney or Ragan. Hayden leaves the HOH and then goes into bathroom and laughs about being stuck up in the HOH.

1:15am Hayden is talking with Kathy in the backyard. Hayden tells Kathy that he thought they would get a saboteur message today especially after Enzo found the saboteur’s note last night. Kathy says that Matt never asked her to vote for him. Hayden asks not even once? Kathy says no. Hayden tells Kathy that he is glad he met her, if you or I go home next week …hopefully Britney goes home. Hayden asks her who he should put up if he wins HOH. Kathy says Britney. Hayden says that the only problem with that is he would lose a bunch of jury votes for doing that. Hayden asks who would I put Britney up against, someone that would be a pawn? Kathy says that it would have to be Enzo. Hayden says no I wouldn’t put Enzo up, I couldn’t do it. Hayden goes on that if he puts up Britney he has to put up Ragan against her. Hayden says that he hopes it isn’t a double eviction tomorrow because he needs time to think about his decisions. Hayden asks Kathy if he should put up Brendon vs. Britney. Hayden says that he thinks the votes would be split and then he could actually decide who goes home. Kathy says Britney is going to make it all the way and win the game if she doesn’t go. Hayden says that if he does that then Brendon would probably win the POV and that would work out perfect. Kathy says she is scared that Britney will win HOH. Hayden tells Kathy that she will be safe if Britney is HOH. Hayden says that as long as Brendon doesn’t win POV then Kathy is safe. Kathy tells Hayden she just has to make it to the $50,000. Kathy says that she needs at least that. Hayden tells Kathy he is going to go in and talk to the guys.

1:20am – 1:45am In the cabana room Enzo and Matt are talking. Matt tells Enzo that Brendon will tell you whatever you want to hear. Matt asks him if Brendon still thinks he isn’t going up next week. Enzo says he kind of has an idea that he’ll go up. Matt calls Brendon a scumbag! Enzo says that his days are numbered here, he is gone, no matter what he is gone! Lane joins them in the cabana room. Matt says that he doesn’t understand why Brendon is studying so hard because he probably won’t see another HOH competition. They talk about how they have never won a POV. Enzo says they need to pick it up now! They are going over how close they have been to POV. Hayden tells them that Kathy said that she needs to make final 2 because she needs to 50G’s. They all say everyone needs it. They ask Hayden if he talked to Kathy about the saboteur. Hayden says that Kathy thinks it is Britney. Enzo says so one of you is going home tomorrow. Hayden says unless you got the power! Enso asks if they are splitting the votes or should they wait to see what Kathy is going to do. Matt says this position sucks for Hayden & Enzo. Hayden says that no matter what happens; I got mad respect for you guys! Hayden starts talking about his goodbye messages. Enzo says that it’s been a crazy experience. Matt says to take the brigade to the Final three, anything is possible! Enzo says that whoever remains out of the Brigade after tomorrow has a great shot of making it in this game! Matt tells them to not let it slip away, he says it is totally BLANK doable! Enzo says that the only thing really standing in their way is Britney and Ragan. They knoweveryone is after Brendon and they don’t think Kathy is a threat at all. Enzo says that they gotta beat Andy Dick and the albino! Enzo wonders if they should split the votes. Hayden says they should find out from Kathy tonight what she is going to do and then they will tell Matt tomorrow what’s going on. Matt says cool. Hayden says he doesn’t think either Lane or Matt would throw him and Enzo under the bus by exposing the Brigade. Matt says that he may punch him on the way out. Matt and Lane both say they would not throw the Brigade under the bus. Enzo tells them if he were the one on the block going home he wouldn’t want anyone but the Brigade to win the game. The Brigade are talking about all the highs and lows they have been through in the game. They laughing about Hayden being in solitary. Enzo brings up the AA – Athlete Alliance with Hayden, Brendon, Enzo. They are all laughing. Matt says that they’re the Asshole Alliance. Hayden and Enzo are tell Lane and Matt about all the random facts they have been going over with Brendon, like how many feet of rope were in the last HOH, how many gallons of paint could fit in the paint can. Matt asks if Brendon actually had an answer for that. They say he was doing like diameter by pie or some BLANK! Matt says all this BLANK because he probably won’t ever play in an HOH again, I guess its good for you guys though. Matt can’t believe Hayden and Enzo have been able to stand spending so much time with Brendon! Enzo says that when he’s had enough of Brendon he just gets up and leaves. Hay tried to excuse himself from Brendon and that Brendon held him for another ten minutes giving non stop advice with every other word being the F word. Hayden says that Brendon has no street smarts, but can multiply numbers in his head.

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2am Matt says that the scariest outcome for tomorrow’s HOH is Kathy winning, who knows what she is thinking. Hayden says that Kathy can’t stand Britney. Matt wonders why Kathy hates Britney so much Hayden says that Kathy told him that Britney told her that she was going home. Matt says why would anyone say that to someone’s face! Matt and Enzo leave the room. Hayden tells Lane that he hopes he has the coup d’etat. Matt comes back in he says he wonders if Enzo has a power. Matt says they shouldn’t make too much of it or they’ll make him crack and he’ll lose the power. Enzo says that he wants to get down to the final three with Kathy and Michelle! The guys laugh. Lane says Michelle is playing the game now! Kathy left the game and Michelle is playing now! Enzo says Kathy is like Jekyll & Hyde. They say Kathy is the one cleaning and Michelle is the one leaving saboteur notes! Lane says that he hopes Ragan or Britney win HOH tomorrow because the next week they’ll have three Brigade members playing in the HOH. Enzo says that he thinks Britney would put up Brendon and Kathy. Matt asks Lane if he is still close with Britney. Lane says that it depends on the day, today I made her cry. Hayden says his side alliance with Kristen was named Undercover Lover. Matt asks really? Hayden says no. Enzo says that the best would be if Ragan won HOH and then Brendon would go home. Hayden says the next week he could win HOH and he would put up Kathy and Britney. Lane says he is worried if he votes against Britney then he’ll lose her vote in the jury house. Enzo says don’t worry about it, it’s a month away,they’ll get over it. He brings up that they voted out Rachel and Brendon is already back on their side! They talk about the possibility of a secret power coming out during the live how tomorrow! Hayden says god what if Kathy stands up! Enzo says nah.. Bro I don’t think there’s no powers. They all decide its time to do a brigade diary room session. They all get ready in the bathroom, Hayden and Lane put on bandannas.  They all go over to the diary room door and wait to be buzzed in.. then they head inside.


2:45am The Brigade comes out of the diary room. Matt tells them he is going to bed. Lane, Hayden, Enzo are talking about Kathy being the saboteur. Hayden thinks if they offered her money she’d do it, Enzo says if they offered her cigarettes she’d do it! Enzo tells Hayden and Matt they have to hang out outside the house! They say how much this position sucks, but say it was bound to happen. Enzo says that they got a good chance of winning this even if they are smarter than them. Enzo says they got street smarts. Hayden says that big foot asked him if Lane has a crush on Britney. Hayden says he’d hit it if she weren’t engaged, Enzo says if he weren’t married he’d hit it. Enzo says that if it weren’t for the Brigade they wouldn’t have made it this far in the game, if they had been on their own individually. Enzo asks Matt if he thinks his wife likes us. Matt says hell yeah! Enzo says if they can get the big donkey out this week then they have a great chance at the game. Hayden brings up that fact that he regrets saying hang loose at the end of his goodbye message! Hayden says that he doesn’t like pegging himself as the surfer dude. Enzo says that they are all hugging tomorrow when the eviction happens, he says he may cry ..and that you may even get a kiss. Enzo says that Britney has gotta go. Matt says that he loves Ragan. Enzo says Ragan is gay in a straight way. They all agree they like Ragan. Enzo tells the guys that they made the experience for him… that meeting them and being in the Brigade made the game for him. Matt says that we gotta get Brendon out next week. They start talking about the possibility of a double eviction tomorrow. Enzo says that he could see it going from 7 to 5. Enzo says they have been half assing everything and he wishes they had done better in the competitions! Matt goes to the have not room to go to sleep. Enzo tells Hayden that his wife breaks his balls more than she strokes his ego! Hayden laughs, and says that he can’t wait to meet her. Enzo says she is the cutest thing ever. Hayden asks if she has sisters. Enzo says she has one sister. Enzo talks about his wife saying that she is cute but she’s hot as BLANK too. Hayden says that’s the best! Enzo says that he likes a Megan Fox type. They both agree a girl has to be tan, they don’t like chalky pale white girls like Britney. Enzo says he likes dark haired girls when green eyes. Hayden brings up the girl he was seeing before he came into the house and says she was the coolest girl he’s ever been with. Hayden says he has only dated one girl that wasn’t a blonde. Enzo says he really didn’t have that many girls before he married his wife, he could have had more, he says he has slept with 20 girls. Hayden says he is picky, his number is lower than 20. Both Enzo and Hayden say that they wouls love to do a movie after this if they were offered it. Hayden and Enzo decide to go to sleep..

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4am All the house guests are asleep….
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159 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that they’ve got to beat Andy Dick and the albino in the HOH competition..

    1. I think the DPOV can be used on anyone, that is the way the message read, also didn’t Matt say hBrendon might not see another HOH and the only way that would happen is if Matt put him on the block and he was evicted tonite.

      1. Now that would be an awesome move if it’s allowed. I am sure Matt has asked production what he can and can’t do with the DPOV. I hope you aren’t getting my hopes up with this!

      2. No, Brendon can’t compete this week because the outgoing HOH can’t compete. He could have been alluding to the fact that he’s the next to go.

      3. Matt cannot put Brendon or Ragan up tonight. But I do think Brandon will play in the HOH comp. if Matt using the DPOV

        1. Why can’t he put up Ragan? Ragan is no longer on the block. I know more than likely he will not put him up, I just want to know why he couldn’t if he wanted to?

      4. If Brendon stays in the house, he can’t play HOH tonight. Matt meant that Brendon would be evicted next week and not get to play for the next HOH.

      5. No he said that because he thinks Brendon can not play in this weeks HOH and will be voted out next week. But I think since they gave Matt the power to take one of the HOH’s noms down that Brendon will be able to play for the HOH this week.

        1. Honestly, I don’t believe Brendon will be able to play in the HOH Comp. This is the CDT, so I think it will work the same as the POV. And honestly, I believe Matt will be voting to see who goes home after he uses.

          Not sure why, but I think that is the way it will go. It would be pointless for the DPOV to be like a CDT, I think it just carries the same power as the POV with the extra two steps being he can use it ANYTIME and can nominate ANYONE available.

          Just IMO

        2. did chima get to play for HOH after coup da tat was used?? NO and you could take 2 people off and replace them with the coup da tat(making the CDT more powerful than the DPOV), so how would the DPOV allow the current HOH to play in the next HOH??? uyea of course unless producers cheated again like they did with the letter rachel left brendon(something you cna’t do, but BB says it’s OK this time)…. and if what you said made any sense we would all know what it will do and nowhere did julie say that DPOV when used will allow current HOH to play that weeks HOH,,, keep making up bullshit defending brenchel, every time y’all post it makes less and less sense

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Get rid of Enzo and Hayden. Britney, Ragan, and Matt is the main reason the show doesn’t suck as much

      1. I have a strong feeling that Enzo, Lane & Hayden may never win a comp. Even if they try. Enzo is so full of hot air.

        1. Enzo was my main man, but he’s wimped out on me, I thought he was going to mix it up in the house and be a straight shooter, a warrior. When Ragan told Rachel she had no friends in the house and Enzo wussed out and ‘said I’m friends with everyone’. It came off as so pathetic and kiss @ss! And I hate the vulgar names he calls the girls behind their backs–how’d he like someone calling his mom that! I’m liking Matt more and more, Brittney’s caddy one liners are so entertaining, love her, and Hayden is still the most adorable muppet! Go Matt, Britt or Hayden!

          1. My idea of a perfect evening:

            Matt uses the DPOV and puts up Enzo.
            Matt, Brit, Ragan vote out Enzo
            Hayden, Kathy vote out Lane

            Alliances change into:
            Matt, Brit, Ragan & Lane vs. Brendon, Kathy & Hayden

            Only problem is this – Does Lane align with Matt, Brit & Ragan? Or does he go to Hayden’s side? I think this would be a VERY interesting spin. What do ya’ll think?

            Don’t bash me… I love the BRIGADE, just trying to think of a way to spice things up, so to speak.

            1. I was thinking about the same thing last night.. I’m thinking Lane will go with Brit’s side because one of Matt, Ragan or Brit will be winning HOH tonight.

              1. No…Brendon only votes in the event of a tie.

                Lane would have 3 votes -Matt, Britt & Ragan
                Enzo would have 2 votes – Hayden & Kathy

          2. spazzz: I am with you 10000%! I loved Enzo and now I cannot stand him. I totally have a reality-show-crush on Hayden. Matt is brilliant and he is the only Brigade member who is not a pansy ass. Brit is peepants funny and she makes the show. I was also very impressed with Ragan and how he didn’t back down to the parrot. It’s getting good!

    2. Worst idea ever IMO, they’re the only ones actually trying and winning at comps. Besides, with how boring the house is you need to have some shit started. Damn, otherwise these HGs are like watching paint dry.

    3. Hell yeah, we can’t have people stirring up shit on Big Brother! We want them to sit around the backyard roasting weenies, singing campfire songs and having group hugs. NOT. That’s why we watch BB, for the lies, the backstabbing the scheming. Otherwise I’d just rent the entire collection of some nauseating TV show, like The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie or something.

    4. I want Britney out for the obvious reasons, and although I don’t care for how Matt with his nasty come backs when arguing with Brendon and Rachel, he has shown that he’s a game player and deserves to go further in the game.
      Matt is strong player and so far so good for him. If anyone deserves to go all the way, it’s Matt. I know some of you guys don’t like Matt because of the wife sick lie, but it’s a game and lies and contradictions are a part of this game. Everything goes, and that including Britney tonight. Go Britney, go….go right out of the Big Brother door.

      1. My first paragraph in my comment, I meant to say Ragan was nasty to Brendon and Rachel when arguing with them….NOT MATT.

    5. how are they any more of s…. starters then Rachael and Enzo????? To me Enzo is the s…. talker. Two days ago he was talking all kinds of stuff about Matt and that he didn’t trust him and he needed to go to Hayden. He is the one who has talked people into putting other people up.

    1. Rachel walked in the door and and directed her “bitches” comment right at Regan. Then she laughed at him when she found out he was on the block. Then she told him “F U”. She pushed and pushed and was so shocked when he finally wouldn’t take any more and tore her a new one. I suddenly loved Regan. And rubbing his face in the cookie thing. Why is she so surprised when someone fights back?

      1. Rachel was sent back to unload a truck full of shit on Ragan. She did her job and it makes good TV. Ragan is a big boy, he has shown that he can dishes out more than what Rachel could throw at him. Ragan hit below the belts many times when arguing with Rachel and Brendon. Ragan is nasty. You can’t convince me that Ragan and Britney are genuinely nice people in real life.
        As far as Rachel goes, she’s probably used to getting attention. Probably is a daddy’s girl. But hey, Rachel has her way, but one thing Rachel doesn’t do is hit below the belt…You can have fun, make fun, get upset, but you have to some dignity about yourself. Rachel’s comment: “I’m back you bitches.”, were meant as a joke, a little stab at whoever falls for it.
        If Ragan felt for it, that was his problem and he needs to work on his insecurity.

      2. I agree….I have a whole new level for Ragan. I hate his constant bawl baby stuff but I clapped and cheered when he let Rachel have it. She asked for it, she always does (and then denies because she is a sweet person) and I relished the look on Rachel’s face when Ragan walked away, leaving her with some pretty sturdy slams to consider.

      3. ragan is a douche. he didn’t snap. this is pretty much what i am sure this guy is like when everything isn’t going his way, regardless of a three dollar ho asking if he wants cookies.

    1. That’s some BS*&T Matt does not deserve to win. Once people find out about Matt lie about his wife it’s over. When he plays the DPOV everyone is going to wonder what else he has lied about

        1. I so hope he doesn’t make it to the final end. He and Ragan are disgusting. Matt’s continuous smirk on his face… I wish someone in the house could knock it off.

        2. i think i could get over it …. right after i gave him a hard knee to the nuts.

          “getting over it” is the biggest character flaw of most people

      1. They will not find out about Matt’s lie until the game is over. I believe Matt has a strong chance of going all the way. He’s smarter than most house guests and have the inner strength to over come any challenges that may come his way. I didn’t like Matt at first because he sounded too cocky, but as the game goes on, and you see how he won challenges, you can’t help but think positive things about him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Brendon and Rachel too, but it’s a game, and Matt has every right to play his game.

      2. Would you get over the Matts wife lie, come on people, its part of the game…this is BB, its expected, a lie is a lie, let it go! Would you lie about a health issue for 500K?? I would! At least he actually a plays the game, what a bunch of losers this seasons, (Brenda and Bozo the biggest 2) I hope the Grimlin makes it to the end.

    2. Enzo before Britt. And who cares about the wife lie. The game is all about lieing. If they believe him then more power to him.

  1. This has been the longest, most tedious week on BB. The only break was the 24 hours Ra-tress came back into the house. WOW, the conversations just keep going in circles. I can’t wait for tonight because it should be a good show and cause some action to happen this coming week.. I hope Matt puts up Brit or Enzo because putting up Kathy would be lame and do very little to change the game. I still can’t believe Matt thinks getting Kathy out is a power move. I am bummed that I won’t be home to watch the live show and read everyone’s reactions. Thank goodness for DVR.

    1. I think that if he takes out Enzo he could lose support from the other Brigades. He may be just watching his back. He hasn’t won HOH yet.

      1. True, he would most likely lose votes with the brigade. It’s hard to tell. Matt is defintely playing the game, but at some point, someone will be taking out the brigade memebers.

      2. Hasn’t he already lost the support of the other Brigade?…don’t know about Lane, but there are Hayden and Enzo kissing a** to Brendon, and from their comments, they are clearly not for Matt now. I would love to have Matt put Enzo up. Get that yack yack floater OUT.

        1. Enzo is so full of hot B.S. air, he needs to float on out of that house. Hes become so annoying, he is all bark and no bite. Bow wow, not meow meow….

  2. I have never seen so many crybabies in my life as I have seen in this season of BB. That’s all they do is cry. I really wish they would quit. LOL!!

  3. I want enzo out!!!!!! i wonder who matt will put up in his place tonight, i hope its kathy. Does anyone know if he can use on the HOH????

  4. I really want to see both Kathy and Brendon out next to join Rachel. Then I want all the rest of them to play it out however it goes. I don’t think I care right now who wins. I just want to see who will do what. But I wouldn’t mind if Enzo goes pretty quickly as he gets on my nerves in a big way.

  5. I think its a tad ridiculous for all of them to “joke” of being “stuck” with brenden…

    yeah that ragen is really a peach…

  6. matt will sit there trying to claim hes so smart to get out kathy…

    this will only keep the focus on brenden with everyone expecting brenden and a pawn…then its a week of BRENDEN CANT WIN HOH!!! HES A NEANDERTHAL! HE HAS BIG FEET! hahahah

    yeah…kill me…why couldnt brenden’s pandoras have been something good….some say the game is rigged…no….if it was rigged, brenden would get a power…instead, we will see ragen talk about how great matt is etc after this “move” to get out kathy…it will be pretty disgusting

    I dont plan to watch…I was hoping kathy would just go next week to double eviction

  7. Ohhh Bitchney: “I’m tired of trying to be nice…” That statement by Brit pretty much sums up her entire existence. I wonder if someone in the house were to actually scratch Brit if they would find hideous slimy green scales underneath.

    1. When she cries, she expects sympathy and everyone to rally around her. When someone else cries she’s tired of being nice.

      1. Left out the key word: TRYING. Because let’s face it, being nice is not in her repertoire. IF she’s nice she had to TRY hard.

    1. With this cast they’re all dumb enough to do that. They’re so concerned about not hurting anyone’s feelings. This isn’t big brother. It’s THE BIGGEST LOSERS! With Enzo and Kathy being THE BIGGEST LOSERS!

  8. you want to watch a housemaid and a bunch of guys playing pool all day instead of fights breaking out … why dont you just go watch a documentary on animals, thats more entertaining then these house guests

    1. Unless you’re really into watching Enzo play with his dick and balls. He can be such a pig. And then he smells his fingers.

      1. So does Matt.I really hope enzo and hayden make the mistake of telling him before hand they aren’t voting for him to stay.or he chooses Kathy.

  9. This is the weirdest season ever, I gotta give it that. This is the first time I’ve been to this site in the last few years, read everyone’s comments and agreed with 99 percent of you because you’ve all got seriously valid points. I honestly don’t care who in hell goes home or stays, but it’s finally getting interesting at least;)

    1. Dude, if you think Megan Fox looks like a transvestite, you need to get your eyes checked. You couldn’t lick a dingleberry off her ass she’s so out of your league. Megan Fox’s worst piece of ass she has ever gotten is still going to be 20 times better looking than you, dude. Nice try though.

      1. Megan Fox is flipping HOT. holy crap. Not many girls even come close to her. She can’t act and has the personality of a dead fish but she sure does look pretty and that is all that matters in life.

  10. Too many narrow minded people making one sided views on here. Everyone that has gotten this far in the game is making their individual strategy work. Britney has won 3 POVs because she HAD to or else she would have been voted out. Brendon has won 2 POVS and 1 HOH because he HAD to. The brigade has the numbers and the ability to swing other’s votes to their side so the Brigade has all the power. Ragan played a great POV game because he HAD to. Hayden won POV cause he had to. It’s amazing how the people that need to win somehow find a way to do so. Enzo has never been put on the block nor has his name ever been mentioned to be put up, so like him or not, his strategy is working best by not having a target on his back. Kathy isn’t a threat in anyone’s eyes so what is wrong with that, she knows she can’t win challenges so she kisses butt and does whatever she has to do in order to stay around. Brendon, Matt, Ragan, Britney have the biggest targets on their backs. Why? Because they win the comps!!! Sometimes winning isn’t everything. The ultimate goal is to be around for the final 2 for the chance at winning the $500,000. Some of the jury members will vote for the one’s that won comps, and some will not vote for the people that played a part in their eviction. Didn’t Jordan win last year by riding someone else’s coat tail? Hmmm??????? How soon we forget.

    1. Wrong…. Gnat road the coat tails of Jesse and never won anything. Jordan won a POV (I believe) and once Jeff was gone she played the game to the fullest all on her own!!!

        1. She lied about her age, and the only thing she stayed true to was her one shower per month schedule. You could always tell when PigPen was lying because she would always start talking real fast and pick her nose. She was WAY grosser than any of this years HG’s.

  11. I want Matt to win. IMO, he should try to get rid of the others in this order:
    1. Hayden (Matt should backdoor him with the DPoV because he is with Brendon)
    2. Brendon (since he can’t compete for HoH next week, it will be the perfect time to get rid of him)
    3. Enzo (if he leaves, then Lane/Britney will join Matt/Ragan)
    4. Lane (if he leaves, then Britney will stay with Matt/Ragan)
    5. Kathy (she will leave because she can’t win anything)
    6. Ragan (I don’t think Matt can beat Ragan in F2 because Ragan has no blood on his hands)
    7. Britney (Matt has the best chance of winning against her)

    1. Great strategy, only problem is if he does do that and he doesn’t win HOH next week then he would be going home next.

    2. if he did all this and was responsible for it happening then he would win against anyone…so he would take regan to the end.

  12. The Brigade cracks me up. I would love CBS show the 4 guys walking side by side in one of those slow motion/power walks…then show their latest comp loss.

  13. This is hilarious, Enzo and Hayden, not being smart enough to figure out why Matt is not compaigning, and Ragan, just fricken crying all the time. That shit gets old, but did you all catch the BBAD, with Hayden blasting all the pool sticks, it looks as if he really meant to do it, but he really did not, just misjudged his distance away from the pool sticks, but it was fricken Hilarious. The other part at around 10pm, is when Enzo found the dead moth and show it to Brittany and shit flipped out and flipped over backwards in the hammock. I laughed for about 10 minutes and kept rewinding it, funniest I have seen all season. This group is boring, but I believe it will get interesting when Matt uses his DPOV tonight, puts Kathy up, and now Matt will have 3 strong with the Brigade and have Brittany and Ragan backing him. Brendon needs to go, the guy is an absolute idiot, and is totally full of himself. Enzo, talks to fricken much, even though he is hilarious at times. Hayden and Lane need to step up and take charge in this game. What is up with Brittany always picking at herself, wholly cow! This is my two sense worth.

  14. for the brigades sake…

    brit out tonight, followed by regan or brendon, then kathy.

    that is when they should get their brigade shirts.

  15. Getting rid of Britney or Kathy is the best move. Nobody will care if they go home except Ragan if it’s Britney. Then next to go would be Brendon or Ragan. Kathy can go at any time, I don’t think she will ever win a competition, so keep her until the final 5, get rid of her, then it’s every man for himself.

  16. Also, wait till Ragan finds out that the wife thing is a total lie, he will be disgusted with Matt. That was the wrong thing to do. Matt is a solid player, but goes over the hedge on his lies.


      1. AIDS face??? How can you make a seriously pointed post like that and end it with something so stupid. My brother died of AIDS in June of ’06, and I’m 100% sure nobody ever called him AIDS face. Also, that’s a pretty big leap you’re making there from making up a fake disease to someones underage daughter getting gang-raped by gang of AIDS victims. Wouldn’t they ALL have to have AIDS, otherwise gang-raping this fictional girl would just give each other AIDS??? Do you see how silly your serious post sounds now?

      2. Who? Priests, terrorist villages, white people a century ago . . . probably neanderthals. Judging by the thin skin of people on this site, I’m guessing most of you never payed attention in history class in school. The world has been, and is, a pretty mean place. Try not to get so worked up about a bunch of stupid people like us commenting about a bunch of snobby people living in a house.

  17. Wait!!! What is so interesting about tonight. It’s obvious that either Brit or Kathy are going up. That’s not interesting or exciting. Now if Matt put Hayden or Enzo up then that would be exciting and interesting. I’m sorry but Matt isn’t that smart. Hayden and Enzo are up in the hoh with Brendan. Then they have been hanging with lane alot. And now Enzo asks Matt if his wife would like them. To me I would ask myself why ask that question unless you have been doing shady stuff behind my back and my wife hass been watching. Then last night Enzo was talking to Regan and kept saying he felt bad for matty and he needs to talk to matty. Then he would catch himself and say lanes name. Maybe I’m the only person who noticed it but. I’ve always known when someone was bullsh*ting me

  18. The brigade is not strong as Enzo and Hayden would like to get rid of Matt regardless him being on the block this week or not.
    On the other hand, Matt still believe in the brigade.

  19. Enzo needs to win HOH so he can get a basket. I think he forgot his Mange shampoo. Hopefully that will be in his basket along with a dictionary so he can expand his vocabulary while he’s in there. What the hell is up with that hair??? That is worse than the worst comb over that I’ve ever seen. And Ragen is a complete embarassment to the gay community.

  20. I got a question to all the laides out there. If you are sitting down, alone or with a male beside you, do you sit with your legs wide open, even when wearing pants?

    I am curious, it looks a bit boring now, who wishes Rachel back in to stir shit up?

    1. nope, I sit with one leg in under the other but I never spread my legs because many years ago I was at my friends house and her mother was wearing green shorts and we saw her hoo hoo. I am always careful of not showing my bits to anyone unless I want too. haha

    2. Personally…..I would not continue watching if she comes back. I was disapointed that “she” made it to the jury house. I will avoid watching anything that she on. I love reality shows, but trash is trash.

  21. What I would like to see happen in this game is Hayden/Enzo tell Matt they are voting him out then he flips and puts one of them on the block and The Slowgrade is exposed and things get really interesting. Unfortunately Matt will probably put up Kathy which will keep the status quo and we start Pinky and the Brain again with everyone doing the same thing they do every week try to take over the world(Evict Brenden) because I’m sure whoever wins HOH will put him up. Then the odds are in his favor for winning POV and if he does then depending on who was put up beside him things may get interesting.

  22. Matt may pull a stunner and not put up Kathy tonight. He’s methodical in intel gathering. Yes, he is pumping up everyone by saying what a “power move” it’d be to evict Kathy tonight if “someone” had a special power. That may be to throw off the scent and put the house at ease, vulnerable, honest (as it can get)… Then boom! – he puts up Britney. I just don’t think he will put up Enzo tonight. Not tonight.

  23. Who said the Brigade was a thing of the past? Catch up folks. NO WAY!!

    I’ve said it the whole time and I’ll say it again. These cats KNOW what’s up.

    They are together even when they ain’t together. And Matt ROCKS THE WORLD tonight.

    Grenades flying everywhere. Come on Matt, do the RIGHT thing and send Brittney to the hizzy-hoo.

    Brigade 4-Eva!! 4-Deep Yo STILL!!!!

    1. Enzo’s grenade is broken. Matt has all the active working ones in his pocket. It wasn’t safe to give anything to Enzo that was loaded so he has a dud. It makes him think he is worth something but everyone knows that the pin is pulled. The only grenade that will go off for Enzo is the one Matt throws at him in the face.

      1. When Enzo throws grenades, they just fall on the ground, crack open, and a little red flag reading “Pow !’ pops out.

  24. All to often in this game the real players begin to forget about the floaters at about this point in the game and start focussing on who is a threat to them because by this time the pickins are slim for candidates to be put on the block, therefore they try to lock in a target for eviction and forget about that annoying housemaid or doofus that can’t win anything, they’re just not that important. Then before u can say “Bob’s your Uncle” there they are making a pretty good run at the finish line. Look at BB history, there are many that came close to the big prize and some took a nice 2nd for very little effort. I see Matt taking out Kathy tonight for her failure to warn him of a damning message left by a cheating non-player at that time while under BB’s watch and support. BB does have a way of getting involved when the pot needs stirring but too often they take it too far by breaking their own rules or rigging comps.

  25. Britney is a bitch, Matt is a liar and a backstabber, Lane is boring, Ragan is just a sad human being the way him and Rachel has the fight lastnight on live TV both are going to be very disappointed in themselves Ragan was very childish he reminded me of a 2 year old. Kathy is a suck ass, Enzo and Hayden are just lazy and doesnt want to work to win the comps, I really hope that Brendon burns the lot of them.

  26. Enzo & Kathy are no threat to Matt. Brit’s not only a comp threat but her word is obviously no good and she isn’t Matt’s biggest fan. She could win HoH tonight and while I’m sure she will put up the despised Brendon, I’m not so sure she will quickly put up Kathy beside him. And Brendon could win POV to save himself. I think she might go the Enzo route but I also think she is smart enough to know Matt is the biggest obstacle between her and the money and she might put Matt up to try to send him to the JH. With Matt out, she isn’t worried about Kathy and she needs the maid service anyway. Why would she be worried about Enzo/Hay winning HoH the week after? She would be confident neither Lane nor Ragan would put her up and they are more likely to win HoH after her (with Matt in JH). Plus she also knows everyone wants Brendon out in the worst way. I think – for Matt’s game – he should put up Britney. She is a gamer, she has her wiles, she’s sneaky and not to be trusted. She is also bold enough to do it.

  27. just matts 2nd HOH blog (dont know what possessed me but…..) he says the last thing his mother said is dont say something awful like i have cancer…….he said they know him and his bs and wouldnt be surprised. my husband once got motel rooms for my parents on the first floor by telling them my dad was a parapaleagic and we needed to be right next door. I was appalled at the time-my family thot it was hysterical, creative. who can attest to anyones humor?

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