Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Results Lane WINS

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:53pm Kitchen, Enzo, Brit, HAyden and Lane. Enzo is asking them if MAtt was campaigning for votes. Lane says he was trying to get votes but once Hayden told him he was voting for Enzo to stay MAtt stopped trying. Brit: “Matty Knew he was going home”.
Lane wonders if maybe the people that go to the Jury house may miss the game and after a week will want to be back. Brit agrees, she points out that if you go home next week you only have to stay 2 weeks in the jury house. Enzo says it’s best to get out in the beginning or go the distance.
They start talking about how dumb Brendon was in the game. Lane: “Brendon is really smart with numbers and reading books. Enzo laughs at how clueless

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

brit says she was given the option to be chained to brendon during his Chum and only be there for 16 hours or she could of waited until brendon was done the chum and be chained to him for 24 hours. She really didn’t want to be chained to him. Hayden asks her if they talked much game. Brit explains that Brendon talked game twice to her, once he was warning her about “y’all” being in an alliance. Brendon wanted me him and Ragan to for a team and take y’all out. Brit laughs, hayden: “brendon played himself”, Enzo laughs calls him a dodo. They all are laughing a about brendon being worried when he got out of the POV comp thinking that he was going to go home. Enzo says he told him on the bench that he better hope Ragan doesn’t win.


Brit wonders why ragan makes a funny fase when he played in the HOH. Lane says he does that when he plays pool. Hayden: “He’s giving someone a H***ER” (hayden is starting to say some douchey things)
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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214 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Results Lane WINS

    1. I can’t wait to see her face when she goes home at the hands of lane. She calls brendan dumb but she is the ultimate dumb. Either way or or ragan is going home this week. I hope it is her first then ragan. I hope this is the one time ragan wins pov, and enzo or hayden is up against brit, and it’s a tie vote (because ragan will vote to keep brit ) and lane is forced to say, “I’M SORRY BUT I CHOOSE TO EVICT BRITTANY”. I would love to see her face.

      1. I agree that would be the best scenario, not because I want Brit to go but because she needs to know Lane is LYING to her

      2. he wont evict brit if ragan is still an option.and that is probably his target since ragan knows about the brigade.

    2. Why would he look like a total douche? She is the one with a ring on her finger, a man at home and she has been trying to hang onto Lane’s c**** the entire time!! It is a game and it is what it is, plus she’s running around calling people dumb. Who is the dumb one now?!? LMAO


        1. I think Brittany and Lane are the “friends” in this game? I might even go as far as saying that Lane could be Brittany’s fiance or Lane is Nick’s brother or something….they def know each other….just saying….

          1. so, yeah, yall think there is still a life long friendship! HAHAHAHA that was the sabatour making up lies like they were ment to. The only smart one in the house has been enzo and hayden. they played smart by holding back on hoh’s and vetos. they are in an alliance with in a stronger alliance. and while the truth of the brigade is out….they alliance with each other is still hidden from everyone. so laugh all you want but they will be the final two.

          2. FOR SURE LANE IS NOT RELATED TO BRITTANY! One of my neighbors is VERY good friends with Lane and his family…. in fact the cow, “Susan” that was mentioned in his letter during HOH room reveal is named after her! haha
            He has a brother but BRITTANY IS NOT HIS sister! FOR SURE… NO WAY. I KNOW FOR A FACT!

            1. PLUS… Brittany and Lane met on the show and he is NOT related to Nick at all either!
              I know for a fact…. for sure. These speculations can be put to rest.

  2. the brigade is still strong! LANE just won HOH! if it was that ball game they were playing last night, i had a feeling lane would win. he was kickin a$$ at it! lane enzo and hayden are my boys and they are safe for another week! bye bye brit or ragan! no more crying in the house after next week!

    1. why do you like them? with the exception of hayden they have floated thru thanks to MATT. then they betrayed him and go around talking about how everyone else betrays them. and as for Hayden taking all the prizes. They have no loyalty to anyone not even a fellow brigade member who got them this far! I will throw up if Lane Hayden or Enzo win the game. they are all-talk douchers.

  3. this was the only person who will be a complete mystery. It would have been best for Lane if he had thrown it because he was safe regardless, but now, well now things are going to get interesting.

    1. It would be quite interesting if he put up Ragan (who’s definitely going up no matter what) against Enzo, a pawn (a very p/o’d pawn)…Ragan wins pov, and then Lane ends up sealing Brit’s fate…how ironic would that be?

      1. I agree with you that will be totally ironic. And especially after she called Brendan dumb, and ragan tried to warn her and she would not listen. She really believes she is the Queen B. Rachel called her right when she said Brit wanted to be the only woman in the house. I can’t wait for her to see who the reall DUMMY is, because she is totally being played. Now Lane has to expose his hand. This week should be interesting. Brit will be up in HOH all week happy as can be until next Thursday. I can’t wait. Maybe she won’t fight as hard for the POV lets hope Ragan don’t get in her ear, and hayden and enzo don’t blow their cover by staying in hoh. I also hope ragan don’t put a bug in lanes ear about final three, and make lane feel as if he can’t win against enzo or hayden.

        1. It would be really cool if Ragan was able to defect Lane to his/Britney’s side. If he is able to do that, he deserves to win this game. Hopefully Lane isn’t like Matt and sees that he has an opportunity to turn this game on it’s head. Most likely he wont and Ragan will go this week.

      2. now that i would love to see… and when all is said and done like to see the looks on their faces when they find out about ragan…hahahahaha… I sure dont know where enzo thinks everyone loves him … dang …lol

    2. Lane is a total dum-dum and I can’t believe britney doesn’t see how stupid he is. I think the DR has to tell him what to say in order for him to be halfway interesting in his DR sessions. remember how boring he was in the beginning? and did you hear that gross nasty story he told about the australian girl? a normal person would have kept that to himself.

      1. “that gross nasty story he told about the australian girl” = best story ever told on Big Brother

        I doubt very seriously if a “normal” person would be allowed in the Big Brother house. Normal people don’t make very interesting television.

          1. I know it but I ain’t telling it! I will let one of the guys tell you if you really want to know. It is kind of sick and will make Rockstar puke again tonight.

          2. He’s at a bar and a bachelorette party comes in. One of the girls asks him for his underwear as part of their scavenger hunt. He obliges because they are his silky ones. He likes one of the girls who has a sexy Australian accent. After a night of drinking, he follows her home and they start making out. He gets into position for 69, becuase that’s the nice thing to do. She lowers herself down and a cloud of dust comes off her crotch, like she hasn’t bathed for 2 days. He knows it’s nasty but he goes for it. After one taste, he can’t take it and pulls away, only to have a stringy trail connecting him. He’s at that point where he knows it’s either going to snap back or hit him in the faced. It hits him in the face. He’s so disgusted he can’t have sex. She asks him what’s wrong & he tells her he’s too drunk, rolls over and goes to sleep.
            Sorry to everyone I just made gag. QAZ, you’re welcome.

      2. can someone link me to this story? i didn’t catch it and now i’m curious. Although i don’t want Lane to win, I have a crush on him

  4. Now we’ll see whether Lane reciprocates Britney’s bidding, but I’m guessing not. Guess this means its over for either Ragan or Britney unless one of them wins veto.

                  1. LOL! i was just thinking that. his mother and wife must be so embarrassed. granted he has mic under his chin but we dont hear everyone else doing that. its just so nasty

    1. I didn’t watch sun or Wed. Ragan is the only one I like now. I’m beginning to think the jury house is going to be more exciting than the BBC house.
      I would like Brit but she turned her back on Matt.

      1. Matt messed up his game and also messed up Brit and Ragan’s game. This is all his fault. I don’t blame her for putting Matt up after he threw Ragan under the bus. How was she supposed to trust him if he would stab his best friend in the back? Of course she doesn’t know about the brigade, and Matt didn’t tell her. She also doesn’t know that Lane, Hayden and Enzo set Matt up to campaign for Ragan to go on the block. She doesn’t know that they told Matt they would do the same. Matt got played, and now that Lane is HOH, Ragan and Brit are toast. I hope Lane surprises me and puts up Hayden and Enzo, but I doubt it. He can’t beat Hayden in final 2. He can beat Brit and probably Ragan. If it’s between Enzo and Lane, it could go either way.

      2. To be fair, Brit’s loyalty was always to Ragan not Matt. When Matt threw Ragan under the bus to protect his precious Brigade, he sealed his own fate. I don’t blame her for doubting him. How can she be safe when he tried to evict his best friend in the house? Britn would never have done that to Monet.

  5. Can’t wait to see what Lane does with his win. He will not want to put up Brit and he will be stressed for sure if Ragan wins Veto. Brit will be soooo mad! This will be an interesting week!

  6. Season officially over. This has been the worst season ever… far. BBAD should be absolutely pathetic from here on out. I guess there’s nothing to do now but root for Brittany. God, I can’t believe I even said that.

      1. In my opinion the winter season was one of the best. They had a full blown orgie and there were constant fights going on. They were a lot like this cast….they thought they were the best show ever…lmao. This season doesn’t have one single All Star on it, even though they think they all are. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I still can’t believe Enzo got away with eating and not wearing the suit right. I did notice he had the entire thing on for the live show.

        1. I have to disagree on both accounts. First of all, I’d love to see Britney on an All Stars season. Second of all, I HATED Season 9. That was the worst season in my opinion. There wasn’t one person I gave a crap about. Most of the people were either totally hateful or just boring (similar to this season, yes). The gay guy that year was dispicable, he made fun of one of the girl’s father’s suicide.

    1. BB9 wasn’t bad at all, and considering it only popped up because of the whole writer’s strike thing, I looked at it like a bonus season anyway. Natalie was one of the craziest people ever. I think it’s funny that this season thinks they’re amazing and entertaining.. but what is the craziest shit that has happened? Ragan got catty to Rachel, and a few minor comments and shit talking? Brendan and Rachel were boring as hell, and CBS stuck to them for the network shows out of necessity. The production has been doing all they can to spice it up.. pandoras box 3 times.. the saboteur twice, blah blah blah. In 9 there was screaming so loud that spit was flying, James literally swinging his dick around, and Natalie squirting milk out of her breasts on BBAD. More than once. No contest. Matt from 9 beat up his pregnant girlfriend and threatened to kill her father, look up the mugshot. Adam the winner was busted selling Oxys. That’s what he used the half a mil for. What does this season have? Seriously. What is Lane gonna do with the money if he wins, buy a Mustang? Hayden will go to Aspen or something and ski, or go surfing. Nobody has any personality, and those that do are abrasive/annoying/boring. I’m disappointed. BB12 = worst season even, and if it goes off the air, dog forbid, it will be their fault.

    1. ragan already got on Brits ear about the boys working together. If it is ragan/Enzo up, Brit could win pov and take ragan off the block, forcing Hayden up against enzo.

    1. Its team lets talk about everyone thats not here because they are not worthy but we are because were both backstabbing crabby bitter biatches

    2. Regan-Dirty mouth, dirty man. Dirty on the outside, dirty on the inside. Did we ever see him wash a dish, wipe a counter, vacum the floor? Filth falls from his dirty mouth, hg bashing, baby bashing, what a hateful person. I’m glad he goes tonight–let him cry in front of Rach, she will be laughing for all of us.


        1. we had this huge guy in gym class, he could out lift all the muscle guys but he couldn’t run to save his life nor could he do a back flip however if you are a fan of SNL, Chris Farley was huge and could do amazing flips with his body.

          1. There is a difference between lifting for aesthetics and strength. Look at Power Lifters or guys in those world strongest man comps compared to someone cut like Brendon. The fact Lane could do that means he’s a beast… it was impressive.

  7. Give this man the 500k now. Nobody in that house can beat him and he’s not going to take Britney or Ragan with him, which would be smart.

    1. even if brit wins, she will NOT take ragan off the block. she was just throwing ragan under the bus on BBAD telling the 3 guys that ragan told her that its her and him vs the boys and that they cant be seen together at all this week. brit is not gonna be stupid and side with ragan when she can roll thru with enzo hayden and lane. if ragan and enzo are nominated and brit wins, the nominations stay the same. if ragan wins, brit goes on the block and bye bye britney.

      1. if she’s already throwing ragan under the bus just after slamming matt for doing the same thing, i hope she does go home….by lane’s hands

        1. Brit has been throwing Ragan under the bus for the last THREE weeks. She threw him under the bus when Brendon was HOH. She threw him and Matt under the bus last week when she was HOH. And she’s throwing him under the bus now. Nothing new … Brit is only loyal to Lane. I hope her Lane-loyalty costs her 500k, 50k, and 25k.

  8. We’ll possibly have a repeat of when Memphis went with Jerry over Keisha for final 3. We’re gonna see one pissed off Brittney!

  9. Lane and the rest of the Brigade only win because the strongest and nicest competitor, BRENDON is gone… They could not even win anything when Brendon is still in the competition. Any one of the Brigade is not deserving to win the BB.

    1. You must of missed the HOH competition tonight where Hayden showed Brendon how a true division 1 athlete can turn on the jets…

      1. i love all these brigade haters. the 3 true brigade members are still in control no matter if anyone likes it or not. get over it lol. ragan is a sissy and is goin home FINALLY! he whines and complains about not being the player that he is, and yet he is that player. a whiny crying bitch. yeah he won pov tonight…but so what? if he wins again, brit is goin home. so, idc who wins pov this week. the BRIGADE are in control! ragan is a 100 percent hypocrite and its time he is sent packing.

      2. Listen here stroke job…. You claim he has never played a D1 sport in his life… Here are some stats for ya buddy boy… Straight from the ASU website… Pathetic I might add but none the less division 1 baseball statistics… 7 at bats 1 RBI 0 hits and 5 strikeouts… So now that we have established your opinion has no value whatsoever and my opinion is of equal or slightly greater value we can all come to the conclusion that the almighty Brendon couldn’t compete with the raw d1 talent of Hayden Moss… I in no way hinted towards his overall intelligence so I don’t understand why you ventured into that topic but as to your claims that I am as dumb as he is I think you might want to first check your facts take a long hard look in the mirror and question your own intelligence before you question The All Knowing…

      3. Did you miss the part where Hayton did not hit the button after the comp but Brendon did I do not beleive that Haydon should have been HOH and they should bring Brendon back that would be fair.

    2. Didn’t matt win hoh twice and send home brendons ally Andrew and his girlfriend Rachel? Then wasn’t it Hayden that sent Brendon packing? The brigade sent brendons whole alliance home. Now they are starting to win comps because that was their stratagy but they have to win pov and the next hoh to really pull it off. So far they have played a smart game. No one in the jury house hates them and no one even knew about them until the final 7. I know floating was boring to watch but that was their stratagy and it working. You got to give them some credit

  10. Simon, how do you know Lane won? live feeds still off……did you see it on BBAD? was recording BBAD and starting to watch it now……cool that Hayden got a basket, don’t recall that ever happening before

    1. That would be amazing. Then they would have to fight each other while britney watches on the living room tv. Then she starts crying when Nick starts getting the crap beat out of him. Enzo would be like “wack that nerd, yo!” lmao

    2. would be funny his pandoras box is filled with someone coming back into the game. be so funny he opens it and it unleashes someone back into the game and that person cannot be put on the block or nominated for that week. now they are talking about rachael being a skank but this is the skank vote that they will need. Godddddddddddd ignorance at its worst. please shut this show down now. cbs make it juicy cuz this is as dry as the saharra.

  11. Idk how to feel about this, like I do love lane…. But I also love everyone else left & I really don’t want to see Ragan OR Britney leave AT ALL. I started to get really annoyed by the rest of the brigade after they were campaigning to send Matty home. He’s the only reason why they’re there. Even though I have been hardcore BG since day one, I am a little upset about Lane winning HOH this week.

    1. He wasn’t the only reason they’re there. They seem to be master manipulators and have been very effective at keeping themselves off the block. Which is one thing Matt couldn’t seem to master. Even the few times they were on the block they could talk people out of votes. It’s the old adage, “work smarter not harder”. On a separate note, I don’t understand all this talk about winning competitions. Big Brother is a strategy game with little mini games in it, it’s anything but a sport. The competitions are quite boring, I’d much rather see people manipulate other people than answer a question or hang from something.

  12. Hey just because the person u like got the boot doesn’t mean you have to bitch, The Brigade is going to be the best allience ever becuase the had the best plan stick together look dumb and weak, and vote out anyone that can be exciting or make big moves quckily


      1. The fact that they pretty much had to win the competitions to stay doesn’t make them the best alliance. The best player ever will be the one to win the war without winning a single battle. This argument will go on and on. Plus, they didn’t have all the BS twists to put up with and all of the other crap production puts in now.

        Also, you can stop those annoying big letters by pressing your Caps Lock key once.

      2. ok come down on the caps, i can agree with u to a degree the guys in chill-town we 1000x better players but they had o fight every week to stay in the game and in BB2 Will vted out Mike to get a head in the game it has and always will be Dr.Will and his sidekick Mike, where the brigade was 4 guys, who stuck together until they had to pick between each other at a vote

    2. the brigade will never be the best alliance, are you forgetting will and mike, dan and memphis, danielle and jason, the brigade is even a stupid name

  13. He’ll plan for jury votes and put up Ragan and Hayden. Hayden will be told he’s only a pawn and the plan is to backdoor Brit if Ragan wins POV. Lane will start crapping himself if Ragan wins POV because Lane would really rather Brit than Hayden in final 2 . . . both of them have played a very similar game (the “aw shucks I’m just a dumb ole, good-hearted country boy”) and I think both recognize that they are both each other’s toughest comp for votes in final 2.

      1. haha@Grandma it’s true.. I don’t handle the queezies well. I saw Titanic at the movie theatre and puked when Leo and Kate started spitting..

  14. I predict Lane puts up Hayden and Brittany. Telling both they have to backdoor Regan. This will keep my boy safe another week and insure he goes final 3 (yo) Lane will convince them that Regan will not win the POV and these two will fall for his country boy charms. (yo) HAHAHA Shun and face and meow meow!! I friggen love it!

    1. Enzo is fixing chicken and the others are just talking about stuff not about the show. When Ragan was in the DR, Britney was telling the guys that Ragan told her not to hang with him this week because they think they are a pair working together. Enzo is mad because he still has to wear the penguin suit. Right now Ragan is still in the DR. Britney isn’t eating because she thinks she is getting fat.

    2. sure. ragan is in the diary room probley crying like a little bitch. brit, hayden lane and enzo are all talking in the kitchen about going to final 4 together and finding ways to out ragan. oh. and enzo is about to cook his chicken parm. thats pretty much it.

  15. I’M over this bb. I dont care who wins. zzzzzzzzzzz~ I’ll tune back in during finale.3 idiots left and 2 mean girls,lol/ Who all are there by pure luck

  16. nothing really they are sitting in the kitchen talking regan in the diary room. brittany is so fuking stupid she told enzo hayden and lane how reagan told her that 3 of them are in the alliance and how now basically its all of them vs reagan wtf brittany this bich is so stupid i fuking hate hayden cocky idiot needs to go took al the prices in pov and is proud of it

  17. Hmmm…methinks Enzo and Ragan are going up!
    And I’ve been meaning to ask this for days….I must have missed the event that caused Matt to be called a Gremlin. Can someone enlighten me? I remember reading Simon talking about how everybody thought he spoons weird or something and there’s a bat cave? lol

  18. Ideal situation: Lane stays true to Brit. Ragan and Enzo go up. Brit wins POV. Ragan explains to Brit about the brigade. She pulls him off the block leaving only Hayden to be the replacement. They vote Enzo’s nasty self OUT. Ragan wins HOH next week. Up go Lane and Hayden. Brit wins POV and doesn’t use it. Who cares who goes home then. Brit wins final HOH and takes Ragan to final 2.

    1. Ah, so Lane pretty much has to put both Regan and Brit in order to 100% guarantee that one of them will be evicted…I wonder if he’ll figure that out though, or if we’ll see your scenario come into reality.

  19. They started talking about jury votes and how Enzo already has 2 votes, from Brendon and Rachel, and possibly a 3rd from Kathy. He was agreeing with them but once he started thinking about it, he tried to make it seem like he wouldn’t get any votes. If they were smart, they would get Enzo out because a lot of people in the jury house may vote with their emotions and give him the money because they think he is a good guy.

  20. Right now they are laughing about Matt lying about his age. I don’t know how they know this now but they think it was a silly lie. Telling them he is 30 and he really is 33. Big deal they say.

  21. the best case scenario is lane puts up enzo and ragan….brit wins pov and takes off ragan…but lane will prob put up brit and ragan….I will seriously hang myself if haden or enzo make it to the final 2

  22. omg hayden, what a fingerful of snot you got and wiped on hand and now enzo smack smack smack, brit pick pick pick……….what a refined bunch of nimnods

  23. I personally wanted Matt and Brendon final two. Those guys played hard especially Brendon! This sEason is the worst BB ever!!! None of these people deserve to win! Thanx to Matt, lane, Enzo and Hayden are still there they can barely win anything. M over BB!

    1. i completely agree lauren…i always wanted matt brit and lane final three but after really thinking about it tonight matt and brendan deserved to be final two the most…..i say they played the “best game”…but still neither one of them one…just goes to show that either people who play good can win…people who play dirty can win…and people who don’t play at all can win… is crazy

  24. now that lane is HOH maybe we can finally get to see his stuff now taking a shower in the hoh room….please simom and dawg look for that for us…PLEASEEEE

  25. I’d be happy if Brittany or Regan wins. It will come down to the POV this week. So glad Brendon is gone! I’m sure he’ll win the 25K now. Oh if they knew that Regan already won the $25K!

    1. Ragan winning 25K? He earned 20K for his weeks as an extremely boring saboteour but as far as I knew that was it…

      I’m bored with this season! I say from here on out America votes on who goes home! :D

  26. Ok why does BB cast people that aren’t huge fans of the show? Hayden, lane and Enzo watched last season and that’s about it. They aren’t huge fans. I would rather see an entire cast of people who are on this site and order the live feeds and watch BBAD rather then 3 guys who don’t even know who dr will, evil dick, Janelle, boogie and everyone else. It bothers me so much that they even picked these 3

  27. now that Lane is hoh maybe we can finally get to see his stuff when he takes a shower in the hoh room…please dawg and simon look out for a pic of that for us..PLEASEEEE

  28. Hey Simon and Dawg
    u should put up a poll on who we dislike the most.
    That would be awesome!
    Atleast L- Zo knows he sucks LOL

    1. This is who I dislike the most in order of appearance from most to least:
      #1-TIED Britney for being a blind dumb ass + Enzo for being Enzo
      #2- Hayden for being so arrogant and hairy
      #3-Ragan for the weepy emotional wreckage
      ……….and tied at #1…. Lane for being a dumb animal killing hick… he better nominate Enzo and Hayden to win back any respect he may have left from America.

  29. the best case scenario is they take all of the remaining houseguests to the jury house and bring back the players that actually did something, and I’m not just talking about winning competions, I’m talking about actually doing something worth watching.

      1. None of these clowns earned anything…. and there is still no payday in sight for any of them. I wish CBS would pull out a contract that has the clause that if they are not deemed entertaining to anyone in America, we get to vote them out and replace them with any jury house member… then we might have something to watch!

  30. They act like everyone likes Hayden because all the fans cheered for him on the show. CBS tells the people to cheer they would have done that for everyone. These guys are the dumbest people in history. I hope if someone grins this forum makes it next year they talk about how boring this cast was

      1. Are u calling me a bozo? I know they cheered for Matt and Brendan. But then H/L/E/B were talking about how they heard the fans cheer when hydan won hoh. Then they said if Regan or brendan would have won they wouldn’t have cheered.


      1. I only let them out of my dungeon alive because they licked my boots clean and grovelled at my feet for awhile… : P

      1. simon this is your site boy. it bad to ad the year suck for u. its ok i be on next year it will be better simon

  32. Remember how Brit told Matt he was safe — and then turned on him oh so quickly? It would be sweet sweet karma if Lane turned on her and nominated her. Unhappily, I don’t think he’ll nominate her — and Ragan will be going to the jury house next week. I totally do not respect her for all the trash-talking of Ragan that she joins in on. Does she really think she’s one of the boys? Does she not realize that the boys trash-talk her when she’s not around?

    1. isn’t that why she put matt up because he backstabbed his friend, what about her, she told ragan she wants him in the house and now she is backstabbing him

  33. I hate many aspects but, For PPL THAT HATE THE SEASON AND REMAINING HG…..Please STOP POSTING EMPTY BS! lol But you’ll watch bc all like looking to be ENTERTAINED! lol And tonigts show was most tense stuff all year now it’s crap! Haha hypocrisy at the best level. So no one deserves to win? That’s your standards btw, go make the lame casting and you get to vote.
    Deserving of $ by “good overall viewers standards”.: HAYDEN- nice to all, but not Enzo fakish, gentleman, Liked by EVERYONE in general; except maybe bitter Brendan but too late now (1-2 votes who Cares?), lost a full MLB paycheck due to injury btw, better morals than most anyone there for sure, 2 HOHs (no matter how easy, they count and hE MADE SMART NOMINATIONSS), and has no real money in life right now, and using the money to aide his family (mother buy a house etc)……seems alright to me by most hatred ridden posts definitions of deserving- what about you?!?!? Post hatred not entire show hatred trolls…..;-) GRRAAANNAADDDEE def.-strong play by someone using smart nonthreat social play at beginning, yet smashing them up with efforts and smart play when it counts. That’s GrANaDe!

    1. Simon, who watches the live feeds all the time, has said that Hayden is acting increasingly douchey — I trust his judgement of Hayden’s show character more than you . . . . And when I was still watching, I saw plenty of instances of less-than-stellar, less-than-kind Hayden trash-talking and spreading LIES about others.

  34. The only way that Brit and Ragan can defeat the brigade is if Lane puts up one of them with a pawn, (preferably Hayden because he will win no matter who is is sitting next to in the finals), the other one wins POV and uses it. That means that the only person that can go up is Enzo, and one of them goes home. Really, this would be good for Lane too. He can beat Brit and Ragan with the jury, but he can’t beat Hayden and might not beat Enzo. Now is the time to realize that the first one to move against the rest of the brigade will be in the best position to win. If Enzo and Lane want to stay true to final 3, they are just handing the prize to Hayden. Maybe they will figure out that he is the one that took all the prizes.

    1. They already know that, Hayden told them he won the 5 g’s and the vacation. If Lane is smart (big if ) he would take Enzo and Brit. If he go against Brit he wins cause of Brendan, Rachel and Matt’s vote. Enzo could win, but Lane will look better for competitions to people that give a rat’s ass about that crap, like Rachel and Matt. Lane’s best bet is to take Brit and Enzo. (yo)

  35. Cheater, Beater, Meater, and Bleater in final 4 :(

    1) CHEATER (Enzo)

    2) BEATER (Lane – with his bro, breaking into and beating up that college guy AND his self-pleasure act in the shower)

    3) MEATER (The 6 yrs in college w/o degree, hairy, no meathead – Hayden)

    4) BLEATER (Brit is always bleating trash about someone)

    1. “Self-pleasure act” ??????????? Did he jerk off on Britney in the shower already? damn, that girl is doing some hard work to win this game.

  36. Enzo is the only one that provides laughs. Brittany is funny too but yo…what the hell kinda boredom if it’s Lane, Hayden and Ragan left. Ugh yo. Meow meow and Brit all the way!!!

  37. lol! brittney bashing rachel again talking about before the show when the guest hopefuls were out by the pool. big brother repeatedly tells her to stop talking about production before finally saying “i said to knock it off!” lol too funny. big brother is sounding more and more like mom every day.

  38. ok so updating for those who have no live feed. let me know if this is fixed yet….. lane has been called to diary room, brit, ragan, enzo, hayden all in the kitchen drinking (brit havin coffee) and talking bad about people and also talking about rude people. lmao having the hippie vibe loving each other for making final 5. enzo beating himself up all night that he never won any comps and doesnt have a chance to win and they are trying to convince him to relax. oh best part so far, brit wouldnt eat dinner cause she is getting “chubby”

  39. Lane is a Wuss. I bet he doesn’t put up britney, and tell the guys he wants to backdoor her. That way he can save face until after the POV results. COWARD Man Up Lane, tell little Brit that maybe if she had given him a hope of a little something something he MIGHT have kept her around a little while longer. WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!. Ragan was suppose to win HOH :(

    1. For $ 500,000 I would be up in the HOH room tonight if I were Britney and I would give Lane something to consider before he would put my ass up… just saying.

        1. If he has Britney’s boy coming after him with a shotgun he better spend that money fast, at a gun store! Is that the real YOU BBGrandma? what state are you from… I know the answer to that question so if you get it wrong I am reporting you! : P

          1. It starts with an “O”. I have been wondering where you have been. I have missed you. Lane will need a bright light to shine in Nick’s eyes. He can’t hunt otherwise.

            1. BBGrandma, you are correct and I am your neighbor to the north… I love seeing your insightful comments here. I think it is funny someone was stealing your identity here… they did it to QAZ the other night too! Harsh season of BB this year but here we are to the bitter end.

              1. WHAT!!!! Ok, just got on a bit ago…who, what….someone stole BBgrandma’s identity??
                Please tell me BB-Ma that all of our convo’s have been real and that Simon knows the culprit!! Im going to check thoroughly and make sure no-one has stole mine too cause I have a stalker on here and I’ve been wondering if he is going to take it to that level too just to screw me……I just dont get why some people are sooo mean……I hate mean people!

                It is one thing to get all crazy on here supporting your fav’s, but when you get so ugly as to make others think that you are ugly that just sucks!

            2. LMAO at Lane needing a flashlight to hunt…. you got that right. What kind of a wuss thing is that to do… the game wardens where I am from would take your truck, guns, and nuts for that kind of thing!

  40. The only thing I want to see now is Enzo get voted out. He is so pathetic. He couldn’t even find one single thing in the peanuts during the HOH. He hasn’t performed well in a single competition and I don’t think it’s an act. That, plus the fact that he is just totally disgusting with his language and his hygeine and just his character in general.

    1. He is a misogynist of the first order… notice how he talked about women the whole season and Andrew was a piece of work too! Getting a hand *** on a plane? Damn boy, get some class or a hotel room.

  41. I like how Britney is laughing about Brendan warning her about an alliance between the guys, as if he was off his rocker… someone is going to feel like a dumb bunny when she watches what has happened under her nose this summer.

    1. No doubt. I’m watching BBAD and it’s making me sick. I need to turn it off. I can’t stand to hear Enzo eat and all the bashing of Brendon still…..come on already, give it a break.

  42. I already know what’s gonna happpen… Lane puts up brit and ragan, Lane and brit argue, Brit or Ragan wins POV and Lane puts up Enzo or Hayden… that always happens.

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