*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – A Toast to Final 5 and a moment to reflect on evicted houseguests Enzo: “Rachel is from the Flintstones or somthin”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:14pm Talking about cougar hunting
Hayden says week one he said in this DR that Kathy is a cougar and he bets she’s going to start hitting on him. Lane says he likes older women and he told that in the application so when he saw Kathy talking down the stairs eh was like OMG they did this on purpose. Brit brings up rachel and how dirty she was brit wants to spray the Big Brother House down with roach spray. Enzo brings up Rachels memory wall picture says they took it on her good side because her other side has a giant pimple on it. (Bashin B/R was fun when they were in the house now it’s just Douchey)
Enzo: “Rachel is from the Flintstones I don’t know where she comes from”
Brit: “I remember when Lane asks enzo week one if he was real”
Lane: “I never thought there was someone out there like you.. I thought it was an act”. They all start talking about how awesome they are. HAyden doesn’t think the audience would of cheered as loud for Brendon and Ragan as they did for him when he won HOH.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:24pm All the remaining houseguests in the kitchen Hayden telling them that after he won HOH Brendon ran up to him and was begging him not to put him up. hayden told him that its all cool Brendon is safe. HAyden laughing says then his ass was sent home. Brit tells them that Brendon is going to be shocked when he finds out how badly he was duped.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:27pm Kitchen a toast to final 5

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:05pm Lane called into the DR they are all talking about the sab. Enzo is positive Matt was the sab because he thinks the only way to guarantee to have someone accept the position is to offer them the DPOV along with it. Enzo wants to be the sab if he get the DPOV.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm Enzo and Hayden on the storage room grabbing some wine Enzo is very worried that Ragan is getting close to Brit and those 2 might start talkig to Lane. Hayden isn’t worried they can pull Brit back to them. enzo tells him if Lane puts up Ragan and one of us and Ragan wins the POV then we are screwed. Hayden tells enzo to not worry so much they will talk to Lane and Brit tongiht and make sure they all know Ragan is the target (Please Lane put hayden and enzo up and bring some excitement into the house)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:26pm Ragan: “You know some people rach are playing this game and others are only looking out for themselves”. hayden says that the other day Brendon was telling him that Rachel turned out to be exactly like he thought she was going to be. Brit: “when I first saw rachel I tought she was porn acrtess who retired because of ta STD”… Brit: the grossest thing I saw her do was the day she set up the obstacle course and she in her bikini tried to crawl underneath it but she wouldn’t fit with her whole butt sticking out”. Hayden brings up Rachel wearing a bikini when working out. Ragan: “you know the charade game… WEIRDEST BLANK thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. He talks about he charades they did in the HOH room when one person would go outside in front of the HOH cam and the rest would watch on the HOH TV

11:46pm Enzo: “Today I’m not only a donkey, i’m a donkey with 3 legs”. Lane tells them that he won’t be getting his HOH key for another hour because they have to do DR sessions with everyone.
Ragan: “I have the diamond power of dildo”. Enzo: “I have the diamond power of donkey”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:50pm Jumanji Lane and Hayden There talking about how set they are. Lane tells him they could not of asked for a better situation. Lane goes through worst case scenario is Ragan wins HOH comes off then Enzo goes up and Brit goes home. Lane: “we’re guaranteed final 3 you and me..You and me are going to win”. Lane says that they are both the most popular players in the house, America loves them.
hayden says he so excited to even win 50K, Lane brings up that he had no idea it was going to turn out this way in the beginning they got there asses kicked.

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226 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – A Toast to Final 5 and a moment to reflect on evicted houseguests Enzo: “Rachel is from the Flintstones or somthin”

        1. Does it make you feel good to make fun of someone…I am sure if you take a good look in the mirror….you wouldnt be happy…..Please grow up….and please feel free to come back with lame comments..it doesnt matter…I put you in your place have a good life…

    1. Well these people may suck in your eyes, but some of us had Ragan and Brit from the begining and Lane with them… if it works out that way. (final 3)
      I have BBAD on sho and it was cutting to fishes as it did on CBS tonight, during the after comp talk. I didn’t pay for live feeds on replay.. I paid for showtime after dark. I don’t want fishes. I don’t care if they’re talking about production or DR sessions. For those who were paying for live feeds.. it only came in a few minutes before on BBAD vs. paying for live feeds via Simon and Dawg. Btw Dawg, I voted for you outta sympathy… but in BB house, I don’t know how I woulda voted. I am not totally dillusional or paranoid.. YET! Simon and Dawg, you all keep me coming back here year after year. Thank you both! I really do appreciate all your hard work.
      Now can you post the pic’s of Hayden picking his nose at the kitchen table while they are all waiting for Lane to come out of the Diary room? Hayden wiped it on his other hand. HG’s are all wondering why the house is so dirty…. DUH!!!!! ugh~ and PukE!

      1. I agree with you! I think a “fans ” edition of BB would be awesome. The posters, the blogs, etc. Now there’s some drama. Are you listening AG?

  1. Ugh I wanted Brendon to win. Now I don’t care who wins….Maybe Ragan….just cause now he is the underdog and he was smart enough to figure out the Brigade.

    1. yup Ragan deserves to win since he’s figured that out…the other people in the house were too stupid to see it…aka dumb*ss britney

      1. enzo created the bergade because he knew he wasnt gonna winn shiet and he needed someone to take him to the end like wooow! and honestly this show is gonna suck now that brendon is gone!!!!!!!!

    2. I dont think hayden won hoh! he did not press the button before brandon! yea , he got the names on it first, but rules was, press the button first,,,,, BRANDON WAS THE FIRST TO ACTULALLY PRESS THE BUTTON! HE WON HOH… NOT RIGHT!

      1. huh, good catch i just watched it again, hard to tell when the camera angle is from the other end but it def doesn’t look like hayden hit the button.. really too bad these remaining house guests suck, all interest gone.. BB’s double eviction episode took all the fun away

        1. After reading some of these comments I just watched it again too and here’s my take on the “catch”. All Julie Chen said was “The first HG to LOCK IN the correct answers wins”. She didn’t say anything about hitting the button. So, I assume “lock in” could just mean put the two correct names on the stand. If so, then Hayden did clearly win, even though he did not hit the button. Brendon hit the button, but he didn’t have Rachel’s name on the stand. It’s one of those things you can debate about b/c of the way it played out, but ultimately the producers have the final say I guess.

      2. This reminds me of everyone saying last season how Natalie cheated on the “log roll” of the last HOH. AG insisted her hand was on the key, but in the end it didn’t make any difference. I’ve heard that behind the scenes are a bunch of people who are watching, so it would be hard to cheat and get away with it. I wonder if one of them informs Julie Chen whose name to say or if she just said Hayden won b/c that’s what she saw from her angle? If Brendon would have won, I think it would have been one more week in the house, but too many people were working to get him out. I don’t think he was really shocked to be evicted, he had to know despite what everyone was telling him that they really wanted him out. All the promises and side alliances were just to cover themselves in case he won. But I think he always knew that if he didn’t win the rest of the HOHs or POVs then he was gone. And he was right. I feel bad that he’s gone b/c now this is going to be an even lamer show. At least Brendon added drama and was actually fighting to be there.

  2. brit keeps throwing it out there that the viewers hate brenden. hope shes in the jury and he gets the viewers vote. wench deserves that reality.

    1. Yes!, you right, and I can’t wait to see her “not make the final 2”, she blew it. She will be getting a big wake up call here real soon. They are laughing about how Brendon was duked, well I will be happy when she finds out she was too. She is the worst trash taker of the whole group, and her princess ass will be going home

    2. viewers will vote for brendon. and furthermore brit keeps talking sh..t about rachel…she’s been gone..move on and figure out that these guys are freakin you without a condon…unless shes swallowin, she done to

  3. “Brit tells them that Brendon is going to be shocked when he finds out how badly he was duped. ”

    Same goes for Britney this week, I’m afraid.

    1. At least Brendon got some out of his romance with Rachel, Britney will get nothing out of her fauxmance with Lane.

      1. Britney is a bitter girl. This BBAD trash talking of Brendon, Matt and Rachel is unreal. EVERYTHING they are saying about others is what they themselves are, I NOW hope they send Ragan and Brit home so they can see how the Brigade is lying to THEM!

  4. Ragan is the only one who deserves to win at this point, and I really can’t say he is even my favorite, but at least he has competed. If someone who has never won a single competition wins, it would seriously make a joke out of the show. I’m not sure if I’m even going to finish watching this season.

      1. A girl has to do what a girl has to do! Damn, good looking girls know how to manipulate men… neanderthals are easy to figure out.

        1. Brit is going to have her holes worn out this week and a very sore mouth, because she has a lot of “doing” to stay in this game.

    1. that’s “killed” her! Unless you’re translating from another language. : )

      Geeze I’ve wanted to do that so many times, when I see people post messages about the idiots in the house and then misspell simple things. Don’t you all have spell check?
      Moron is spelled this way, idiot.. this way.. dumb ass and so on. Correct pronunciations would follow if you could hear me. I would also teach you how to eat with your lips pursed together, to take into consideration that your mikes are in their proper place, without the rest of hearing the smacking of your lips. We don’t want to see your food being chewed. There you go HG’s.. get down with ME’s.. (manners and etiquette) You’re being rude and we mute thee.. Grenade~ BoMb~ We hate the double E’s…
      I’m too old for this s*it.. someone thump someone on the head! LOL

  5. I have given up on bb its just ridiculous how they bash people like this. its getting beyond bashing. its more getting into peoples characters now and its not cool.

    1. Yea, they think they are better than everyone else. I hope they find out how disliked they really are. They think they are going to be popular. I just hope they get booed when they walk out.

  6. The beat would be if Regan wins pov then Enzo and Brit are up on the block. Then Regan votes Enzo and Hayden votes Brittney. Then lane has to choose between Brit and Enzo. That would be the only time this season that we couldn’t predict. I would take Brit because I know Brit is taking me to the final 2 and she is the only person who has a chance to beat Regan. If Regan loses pov then it’s another boring week of BB

    1. Mike, that would be great but I fear it just won’t happen — I can’t imagine Ragan winning a third POV for his 3rd time on the block!

    2. Brit takes him to final 2, and Hayden takes him to final 2. Def in Lane’s best interest to get rid of Enzo if he has the chance.

  7. This is the worst season of big brother yet, the only person from the Brigade who somewhat deserved to win was matt and now he is gone, and brendon worked so hard and now he is gone, Ragan will be next to go, then brittany and then a stupid brigade member is going to win


        1. Brendan did hit the button first as Hayden just put his hands up and didn’t really hit the button, so technically Brendan was hoh and its wrong the crew of bb allowed Hayden to become hoh

        1. I thought the same thing last night watching it live. I watched it again just now on CBS.com and from what they showed you couldn’t see Hayden hitting the button. I think when he did hit the button the camera being used was the one behind the foam pits and Lane’s head was in the way of seeing Hayden hit the button. Secondly, Brendon hit the button before he even had the second name up on the podium.

          1. I recorded the west coast CBS show and the camera facing the HG’s from behind the buttons shows Hayden racing toward the camera, struggles setting the name in the slot then quickly pounds the button with his left hand. CBS changes camera shots immediately after, but watching it in slo mo makes it easy to see. Hayden got lucky by finding the second card seconds after he found the Matt card otherwise Brendon would have won.

    1. I was actually really excited about this after dark thing but now i find i leave it on but i mute them cause i hate how mean and nasty they get. theres no need to keep trashing these people. they are out of the game so let it go. they could talk common interests or life stories or anything really but all they seem to understand is gossip.

  8. Boy, my TV is like a screen saver tonight. They keep switching to the fish! I don’t know what they could be talking about that they don’t want us to hear but it must be something really interesting because nothing else has been that much.

    1. I think production is having a meltdown trying to get Lane and Britney to be the new showmance for the rest of the season… they probably cut the feeds so they could have some romantic alone time without us all peering in at them…HA!

      1. Buddhistgirl69, you think? Damn, that I would have like to see but since it wasn’t on fish for very long, maybe not.

        1. BBGrandma, Lane hasn’t had any for awhile, he didn’t need the feeds down very long to get his business taken care of… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

          1. According to some of the Lane shower shots, he was in there shootin’ off. The shower is his romantic room.
            Ptiy to all those who walk in there after…!!!


    2. So that what it was huh? Rachel slamming the door in Britney’s face, and that’s why Britney is still mad and ran her mouth against Rachel?
      Britney is pissed because she’s a little girl and she knows damn well she can’t do a thing to Rachel, thus, it’s eating her up inside. Anger, hate, I love it. This little girl is not going to let it go. She can’t because she’s too scare to say anything to Rachel’s face, so she has to do it behind her back. Must sucks to be Britney. All that anger held up inside, eating her away.

  9. Enzo hating is pointless, he is America’s favorite. You people all must be from the midwest or west coast. You have no friggen idea what cool is. (yo) Enzo is the meow meow, how can you not love that. He is the funniest guy in the house. Without him it’s a serious snoozefest. I say Brit and Enzo…I would love to hear these two dish the house as final two!!!

    1. Enzo is pretty much being hard on himself tonight. He said himself that the fans are probably tired of him by now for not winning anything. He said, “they are saying you’re funny but do something! You can win anything.” He asked the others if they thought his wife was ashame of him. They said no.

      1. Poor little penguin having to go home a loser… guess what Enzo? You were a loser before you got on television and you remain a loser! No expectations there… your wife is wondering if you need her with all the action you’ve given yourself over the last 8 weeks though!

    2. ^^^^ LOL this = hilarious…this is a parody of what some idiot would say if they were rooting for enzo right (like that is even possible at this point)? You got this make-believe moronic person down PAT, GOENZOYO…lol you even got the dumbest name someone who would like enzo would of picked…you are a genius comedian my friend. Keep your eye on this one….hands down best hilarious comment I’ve read in awhile on this forums.

  10. Fish are better than these 5. Great job BBAD, serious. I can’t watch anymore bashing of people who are out of the game. Talk about sore winners?!? The five assholes, can’t Allison Grodner just stop the show right now for this year and do a reset on BB.

    1. Every one of them knows that Brendan, Rachael, Matt, are more deserving to be there than they are so they are trying to talk themselves up to feel better about themselves… by making others look bad, they feel good!

    2. Have you never watched Survivor when the last survivors go and light the torches and burn the masks of those who are now gone? It’s an inglorious task, but survivor makes them speak of nice things about those who have gone. It’s much better if they are honest and can see things for what they are. And Everyone in the house feels such a calm and peace. Amazing to me.. that even though Ragan lost he was as happy as if he had won.. because of the wonderful peace that came over the house. (with the exception of the 3 legged donkey). laughin*

  11. I’m from new York and I think Enzo is the biggest a**hole ever. He was funny at first but after watching him on bbad and seeing him call women b*tches and c*nts. And then say stuff about Regan being gay, he makes me sick. He’s a piece of garbage. He could have played the same game without Bering a total loser

    1. Yes, I agree Mike! Enzo is wondering if his wife is disappointed he isn’t winning games??? No dumb, dumb… she’s just alarmed that you hate women and have no respect for them!

    2. Thank you! I’ve lived all over this country and never heard men talk about women or other people this way. And I’ve lived in many large cities!
      Maybe it’s my Chicago upbringing that moved me into acceptance of all, but I really believe it’s about what is fair and what is human right. Not rights, by law.. what is right.. by humans. done~ Not churches, not politics.. not anything but what is favorable to humans as a right to be themselves.
      I’m not rich, I’m not gay, I’m not favored in any sense of the word, but treating others as I want to be treated is what I do. The moon is egg shaped.. but I don’t think that has anything to do with how I feel. Laughin*

    3. A New Yorker disliking someone from Jersey? Shocking! Doesn’t everyone from NY pretty much think they are superior to all New Jerseyans?

      I like the SNL skit when “NY Governor David Paterson” rips New Jersey every chance he gets. Then the blind Governor wanders aimlessly around the studio walking in front of the camera every so often. Funny stuff.

      1. Lol that guy does gov Patterson perfectly. The only reason I mentioned I was from ny was because the guy above said only mid western people wouldn’t like Enzo. So I wanted him to know it’s not just the mid west. It’s the east coast as well

      1. omg…whats wrong with you?….when a woman conducts herslf as she did on national tv…what the hell are people supposed to think…hello……………shes a filthy skanky ho…..she is exactly what you saw on tv….no respect at all for females like her……and her stupid laugh…and her…”IM A VEGAS GIRL”…bitch please….you’re from the S.C…..idiot twat

      2. wait *re-reads* nope did not say anything about me being better than anyone, im the last person to say something like that, BUT i call a spade a spade, i can’t look past certain things like some people do, and i have TONS of respect for women, and know that they are better then that and to portray yourself in that light telling little girls it;s OK to dress like this, is a SHAME. im sorry if i offended anybody.

      3. and i don’t live with my mother she lives with me, i take care of her. i may be an asshole and call it like it is, but im no child LOL

  12. i hate lane and hayden after just reading that they think that america loves them…i hopoe they go home and get their asses beat :)

    1. I think the whole cast pretty much thought that way. They have been saying that for weeks when the others were there saying it, too.

    2. Agree! They think America loves them??? Polls show Hayden is at the bottom. Ragan is #1. The rest of the trigade is at the bottom. America does not love ego-manicas. Sorry guys, we hate you!

      We want Britt and Ragan to go to final 2.

  13. The reason they keeeeeep talking about Rachel and Brendon and Matt is because they were the only interesting ppl on the show. Now that everyone left in the house is boring….they have to talk about all the drama and interesting stuff even though it is gone. Ughhhh…. I may stop watching this season. Terrible. Though I would like to see the finale to see what everyone says about each other then.

    1. I agree… Enzo does NOT deserve to be there. And had the penalties been played as in previous seasons.. he would not be there. He’s a disgusting, vile human. done~

      1. isnt a a salesman of some sort. i wouldnt by anything from him. we all know where his hands have been would you shake on a deal . how his family can sit at a dinner table with him is beyond me he sounds like a dog licking his ass when he eats .i feel sorry for his wife

        1. Last night on BBAD, I hit the mute button big time when Enzo was sitting at the table eating that jerky. Smack Smack Smack,….. Eating like an unmannered pig in his house is one thing, but on national TV?…..and imagine having to eat in public with that worthless lazy bum.


    1. If you want to bash someone for misspelling maybe you should check your post before sending it. It’s their, not there.

  15. Goodnight all! Here’s to Lane putting up Enzo and Hayden… please lord, I will be good for a week or so!… I will try to be good for a week… this time I will try! Promise and pinky promise… please get rid of the horrible penguin before we have to call Batman to do the job…thanks!

  16. i think brit is going to look stupid when she sees how they used her and shes all talking shit about how brendon is going to look dopey wow theses people are the worst group of people in bb history in my opinion idk what do you guys think?

    1. @ Marie. I agree with you 100%. She has some nerve saying how stupid Brendon looked. I really hop Regan wins pov so Brit and Enzo go up. And then Regan votes for Enzo to go. Hayden votes for Brit to go and then lane has to choose who goes. That would be so awsome if that happened. And how do these people think they are the sh*t. They think there the best cast ever. I hope when people interview them they don’t baby them. I hope they call them out and tell them that people thought they were boring. They think there going to be in movies and in allstars. Lmao. Matt would get invited back before the 3 stooges did. I wish I could see brittneys face when she sees how she’s getting played. I was hoping Brendan would win hoh and Regan would win pov and Brit would have had to walked out the door right after Matt

  17. OH MY GOD!! Just got home from a Goo Goo Dolls concert and haven’t check in all day!! Haven’t even read any spoilers,…just turned on the dvr’d BBAD and WOWA WOWA WOA…..
    HOw freekin crazy is all of that!! Just had to express myself!!

  18. So Im guessing Matt did not throw the Brigade under???
    How funny ….cant wait to see Rachels face when she sees her biggest love and her biggest hate walk in to the jury house together!!!

  19. britney is the biggest trash talker sooo twoo facedd i hope she leavess nexttt week and enzoo cantt win shit if his life depended on it. sucks that brendan is gonne now dont wanna watch the show anymore!!!!

  20. Watching BB after dark right now and it’s straight disgraceful. All of them talking shit about past house guests, like their god all mighty. This is a disgrace to all house guests and their family.

  21. Now I hear Raegan saying this is the BEST 5 PLAYERS LEFT IN BB HISTORY? Someone slap this guy and hurt him badly

  22. live feeds……brit, enzo are blitzed…..comparing lane to his younger brother, gunner…….they are hilarious…..wish they would take it to the backyard so they have an in-house audience lmao

  23. Simon, after late check in tonight and catching up and seeing what went on with BBGMa’s inposter and the obvious abuse of imposters, Can You Please next year find a way for us to have a sign in process so that our names are individual to us and we can avoid all the useless drama………I have almost checked out of here numerous times, but have decided that the crazies win when you do that, but next year Im not sure how involved I will be if I have to spend have the day in the late eve after a long day just searching out the posts to make sure no one posed as me and offended someone else etc. A sign in process would solve all that mess!

    Thanx for your consideration!

    1. Yeah theres been a rash of people impersonating the regulars. For the remainder of the year all I can do is blacklist the imposters so if everyone cane send me a message if there name is being used then I can react quickly.

      As for next year we will be having a login system so people that are trusted do not need to be moderated and can communicate freely.

  24. perfect scenario: lane puts brit and one of the brigade member up for eviction thinking he’s gonna backdoor ragan. (he has won pov’s when he needed to). ragan gets to play in pov. he wins and takes brit off the block. another brigade member goes up. hayden or enzo leaves.
    aahhh, one can dream.
    i know it’s never gona happen. brit, i love you but the boys are only looking out for themselves.

    1. LOL! Sorry that just cracked me up thinking about LANE and all of his BOYS ‘drunken escapades, spot lighting,(-the killing of innocent varments), fighting and then are ready—————-BACK DOORING RAGAN————— Hey after all he has been in that house a L O N G time!!!

  25. the problem with this season is the nominations are so predictable. i want some mystery…and some power moves. getting matt out (one of the only interesting players) was the only mildly large move anyone made…and it was the worst move for brits game! shes going to be pissed at lane when this is over. such a lame season.

  26. I really cant believe what happened lastnight two big bullets gone. Now one of these idiots are going to win. Im rooting for Brit and Ragan now. I don’t want these floaters getting anything. Brit is dumb she thinks Lane will protect her but he wont.

  27. hi this is allison i have already decided i am going to bring rachel back and give her the 24 carat gold hoh and let her evict any one she wants as long as NOBODY admits that the whole show is rigged and the out come is decided

  28. Just rewatched the hayden hoh. It is impossible to tell if he hit the buzzer because lane is in the way of the camera.

  29. Wait so hayden lane and Brit all have horses and Enzo has said that his wife has alot of money. I don’t get it. In my book if you own horses then you have alot of money. So how can any of these people say the other doesn’t desereve it because the others have money. They all have money so I guess in there eyes none of them should get it. They should just end the show now and give the 500k to charity.

    1. You seriously need to get off this “they have money” wagon.
      1. Just because someone owns horses, doesn’t mean they’re rich. These people that own horses are southerner. It’s a way of life for them. Enzo’s wife being rich, or Enzo married a rich woman should not be a reason for him not to be on the show.
      2. Seems to me, you’re hating on folks because they have a little assets or cash. Why?
      3. If you want something hard to get Mike, you have to work hard for it. And that’s probably why these folks you see on Big Brother 12 have what they have, or it could be that their parents worked hard all their lives and they’re benefiting from it. That’s how it works, family taking care of family.

      1. FYI- I worked 3 jobs to put myself through college. Nothing was handed to me, still, I don’t resent folks who have more than I do. You can’t sit around all day, keep your mind on other people’s money, counting it and knowing damn well it’s not yours and never will be Mike.

    2. in texas and arkansas horses are cheap and most of the are on ranches working we dont have them for racing or show hell most of the time there pets

    1. Me too. I’d rather see Dawg getting $500,000 than any of them.
      But since Dawg is not playing the game, and if I have to choose one person I’d choose Ragan.
      Ragan was nasty in his confrontation with Rachel and Brendon, but at least he has intelligent and wisdom. The rest of the house, well, you know what Fred Sanford said:
      “You big dummy.”
      In my book, Britney would be better off if she concentrates on the game instead of bad mouthing former house guests, you little freak.
      Hayden, now that’s a waste of space, and hair.
      Enzo, he’s alright, good for a laugh now and then.
      Lane, keep playing that dumb little girl with no mercy.

  30. I can not stand any of them where did they get these people that you have to trash someone in such a personal way to make themselfs feel like better people, I hope when they all get out the people around them tell them how they came off as nasty terrible people.I do not wnat any of them to win can we protest and pick someone to come back PLEASE PLEASE CBS

  31. Hey Simon, just logged on at 8 am EST – checked back on comments where Lane won HOH. I find that like BBGrandma, someone is writing stupid, immature comments using my name. Any way you could look into this?? Appreciated.

      1. Thank you so much for helping me out Simon. I so appreciate your efforts. This is usually such an enjoyable site to visit. It is a shame when someone abuses the privilege of posting. Keep up your excellent work.. And D\awg for the win!!!

  32. As far as lane idk..Has he said really bad things bout others?? I don’t member to much on him?? He has laid real low..but is coming out..I think he is geniune to brit all though he says he is 2 the brigade.I think she got into his head also..cuz he is not dumb..and realizes brit will take him to the final 2 hayden will take him to the final two if brit is there..but i think he wonders if hayden really would if enzo is & he knows enzo would take hayden… I wish ragan would win pov..just to throw there plans off…but things he says lately..idk if i really want him to win..:( I just want him to throw a damper in the brigades yo plans:)..P.s I wish i could see what matt did to the brigade?? I don’t think he did anything to them..other then he was a threat

  33. Why do people get so personal with others who post their opinions? You all need to get a grip……chill. No one’s killed a child here by posting their opinions. lol Anyone who gets offended from someone’s opinion that differs from their own…needs to step away from the computer and live something called, LIFE. lol loossseeerrrsss…..

  34. Also I love reading everyones comments about the house guest consistently bashing other hg..which yes is annoying..but read all the comments and isn’t that what most of the comments others leave are doing?? Bashing cbs bashing the producers..yelling its fixed when it didn’t go there way??Number one biggy…Knocking the house guest who are knocking the other house guest lol Sorry just saying:)

    1. You are so right about this. I’ve been wanting to say the same thing. Put yourself in their position of being filmed 24/7. I know I would get caught picking my nose or scratching myself, everyone does it and they don’t even realize it. Bashing others because they are bashing others is being a hypocrit in my book.

  35. This show sucks this year. All season it’s been a house vote. Now we have the 3 stooges in power. I hope Ragen wins POV and gets them out. I know that’s who they’ll put up. I’m done watching anyway, so it doesn’t really matter who wins. Whoever picked this cast needs to be fired.

  36. Hi folks…reading through these comments..some are quite amusing. However, remember it is a game and IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! We have no control over simple-minded and rude bigots who feel the need to smash talk others. We have no control over CBS rigging or manipulating game outcomes. Lets try to enjoy the rest of the season and hope that back-stabbing and trashing is not the wave of future BB strategies. I am sure this season will go down in the books as one of the worst..but we are all still watching!!
    PS Thanks Simon and Dawg for the site..those of us in Canada who can’t get the live feeds enjoy the updates!!

  37. I thought what everyone might think about the “Secret Lifetime Relationship”
    Post you picks !
    The obvious might be Kathy & Britt as they look alike…sorta
    BUT my pick is Britt & Lane

  38. Well that did not come out right !!

    What does everyone thing about the “Secret Lifetime Relationship” ?
    Post your picks !

    1. I wish it would be true..It be something to actually look forward to:) but truthfully i think it was just a sab thing…cuz i think bb would of let the viewers in on it by now for a twist..They usually let the viewers in on that type of stuff..

  39. Enzo WILL win something…and you just know it’s gonna be when he is in final three. Lane will be loyal to the original brigade. Hayden…mmmm maybe not but if Lane gets another win it’s going to be those three. I would actually prefer it to be Lane Brit and Enzo…but we can’t have it all. (yo)

  40. Remember when there would be players that actually thought for themselves instead of listening to some guy who they just me. Remember when the votes would be 5 to 4. Or 4 to 3. And then people would scramble and switch alliances to get further. Remember when everyone tried to win hoh and pov comps instead of 75% of the house loosing on purpose so they can float on by the entire season and do nothing. Rachel Matt and Brittney were super fans and all 3 fell for these 3 floaters. Meanwhile they were saying they wanted to get rid of the floaters. Lane is skating through all thanks to Brit. It’s dad that Matt got them there and then turned there back.

  41. Because she is such a horrible, whiny, spoiled little brat :P Its too bad she feels the need to constantly belittle others to feel good about herself because otherwise she is a good player (in the comps).

  42. So Simon … at the table last night after the comps Hayden shoves his finger up his nose, digs around, pulls something out and wipes it on his palm and you don’t post a pic … if it was Brendon you’d have a photo gallery up … maybe you are a Hayden fan in hiding!! ;)

  43. I’m sure this is the last BB – it has really burned out. The competitions last night were so set up it took every bit of the fun out from the moment after Matt’s eviction. This is my final posting and I’ve moved on. I have only stopped by and visited the last few episdoes and BBAD for a few minutes here and there. Seriously boring and non-competitive. I might watch the final episode – maybe. I’m over it. Hopefully CBS can come up with a new and better reality show in the near future.

  44. I think people are against Brit because she is an immature spoiled brat. Yea she has won comps I will give her that. But as a person she is horrible. She talks so much crap about people and they aren’t even in the house now. It’s like when she can’t think of anything to talk about her go to topic is bashing former houseguests.

    Also she is getting played by Lane and the boys yet when Brendon tried making an alliance with her and Ragan she told the rest of the house and called him a dummy. Whose gonna feel stupid when they go up on the block and out? Britney. And it’s funny because when she told Lane she considered them in an alliance he said he hadn’t thought they were. And never right away would say he wouldn’t vote her out.

    Britney use to be one of my faves cause she was funny and won things. But now I just think she is a bitch. I use to hate B/R but now I feel bad for them. And would have rather saw one of then win.

    1. Yeah true..I get that about britney i agree its annoying..I was just saying from who is left in the house game wise she has played the best..because most say no one played the game which britney has is all i was saying:) Also thought lane would stick with the final brigade 3 till last night when hayden and him talked in the kitchen and was saying they were gonna put up enzo first time i ever heard them talk like that so that is were my comment came from ..of course there game talk changes consistently..Just saying that lane seems to want britney now that he realizes he can make it to the final 2 with her and hayden..:)

  45. If Ragan wins POV and Enzo goes up the votes will likely split,leaving Lane to decide. If i was Lane i would have to tell Enzo before the POV that he would go up if Ragan won it,and if the vote splits he is going to send Enzo home.Enzo needs to start(can’t believe i’m saying start when we are down to final 5) winning stuff. He is the Kathy of the house now.He is becoming a joke and if he wants to stay till final 4 he better win.

      1. Simon, could you please make a poll about who is the overall hottest BB HG ever? Or, if you’re busy, and I take the time to go through all the past HGs and email the 10ish names to you, will you post them as a poll? I’m starting to lose faith in the commenters’ taste in women.

          1. Wow, Simon. Maybe it’s just that I’ve had a lot of coffee and I’m completely missing it right in front of my eyes, but it looks like CBS took down their ENTIRE BB9 page due to the drug arrests with Matt and the creepy looking winner dude. You might wanna post just about that for some easy traffic, since it looks like CBS did it without anyone noticing.

              1. Simon, what’s the max number of slots the poll allows you to have? I’ve got the first draft list done, but I’ll trim it if needed.

              2. Simon, email sent. Reply via email if I need to shave off more from the list. I was surprised by some of the hotties from way back that I had forgotten about. Also, do you think BB14 will be the next all stars season since BB 7 was the first? CBS has said they’re casting for BB13, so I’d be surprised if it was BB13, but I’d be surprised if they push it to BB15; there’s so many good all star picks from the past 6 seasons. Although, I guess BB9’s arrests hurt their picks haha.

                1. QAZ…you should also look for ugliest houseguests. AND YES…..you may include allison grodner on ur list even tho she never was. It may be unfair tho….she will get 100% of the vote

  46. If Lane has any brains at all he will put up Ragn and Enzo.thats really the only wayto keep Brit who will know somethings up.then Brit will go if Ragan wins POV but it will be sad to see Ragan leave.The only person i dont like is Hayden.

    1. Idk i think they plan on doing that..putting ragan and enzo up..If that is the case wouldn’t it be hilarious if she won pov and took ragan off haha and her and ragan was save..lol..that would be great..but britney chose her final 3 when she was hoh and that is lane and hayden.. I think lane is trying to honor the final 3 with brit…Idk who he win against though..Hayden or brit..hayden is well liked so who knows how they vote…

  47. Simon if Haydon did not hit the button and Brendon did is there anyway to let CBS know that they should bring Brendon back that Haydon should be disqualified from that HOH.

  48. Regan…”If I get invited back the first question I’m going to ask is, “Did you invite Racheal Riley?” OMG….Regan, do you honestly think you are an All Star? And do you think you are so powerful that you can dictate to CBS who you would and wouldn’t be on with? This just keeps getting better and better.

  49. this season has been a major let down… i have been a fan since bb1, but where’d they find these people for this season… i think they all are former rejects from past seasons… bb needs to implement instant replay… bb would see that brendan actually won the last hoh over hayden… he clearly pressed the button first… rigged?? now all the leftover rejects are sitting around talking sh*t about the jury house members because thats all they have to do… bb thats not entertainment… bb, I think you should switch on the live feed from the jury house and everyone would switchover and watch it instead of the leftover houseguests… this may be my last season of watching unless bb puts them (minus kristen) back together next season with sharp objects in the house…

  50. Everyone should go to CBA.com go to the bottom of the page there is a spot that says feedback when that comes up you can write what you think of Big Brother. I did I think because Haydon did not hit the button like he was told that they should bring Brendon back he did hit the button.

    1. Plus when Hayden went back to get the second name card he didn’t stay in his lane and went to the side of the container that held the shipping waffers, he should of had to go back through the boxes and shipping waffers, even though it may have been one or two steps into that area.

  51. Ragan is a whiny, drama queen douchebag, gay dude or not. He’s the worst character they’ve ever had. I sure hope he goes home this week

  52. OMG…..Enzo thinks he’s going to do commercials when he gets out. I swear, this is the most delusional house I’ve ever seen. Hands down, this has been the most boring season ever. BBAD was nothing but pool all season. Now they can’t quit bashing fomer players. There isn’t a single All Star on this season. I’d love to see their reactions when they learn what people think of this season. Baller caught all kinds of shit for using the term “retard”…..I think he even lost his job. Well Regan has talked about 12 year old boys and made jokes about r**** and molestation. I hope he gets major repurcussions after the show for his comments.

    1. Oh he(Enzo) is the one i want back doored the most…If ragan just stays long enough to accomplish that it be worth while to watch for me anyways:) However once regan started those rants of whatever he thought was funny..He lost a lot of supporters..He will most likely pay for that crap afterwards you are right on that:)..I think enzo making the dying comments bout matts wife was wrong..however doesn’t seem to matter to people cuz that was a lie initially but he still didn’t no that..and to wish death on her is just as bad..This season zzz for sure:) The competitions this box hoh didn’t even feel like a comp..i thought it was gonna be that question elimination..but one question and a easy one at that..

    2. Enzo is always talking about how he is going to blow up when they get out. He is almost as bad as Amber season 8 when she thought she would be a model. Everyone think Lame is so whitty. He lacks personality and he is trying to hard to show that he has one.


  54. Honestly, I would love the camera to be switched to the July house because that’s where the more interesting people actually are staying. I’d much rather see the interactions between Rachel and Brendon now that he did not win the money and “let her down” as she will absolutely see it. This is where the show could get even more interesting to watch. The ones left in the house, except for Ragan, are basically boring and predictable. We know that Brit is going to rely on Lane (mistake) and the “do nothing” Brigade will carry on as usual. Maybe Ragan and Britney will wise up but I don’t see that happening on her part. She has blinders on when it comes to Lane.

    1. I agree with this BB, make it so! They will have to at this point because I’ve already phoned this season in. This will probably be one of my last comments on this forum because I’m so done with this cast. That is unless they take us into the jury house once or twice a week….

    2. Can’t really say the Brigade has done nothing anymore … even if you exclude Matt, they’ve won three HoH’s now, sent Brendon and Matt to the jury and secured three of the top five spots. Now, you could say ENZO had done nothing lol, but even he has played a good social game to still be in the house without winning a damn thing.

  55. If I’m remembering what you are referring to correctly, the instance which Ragan brought up young boys was in reference to Matt’s dirty Gremlin cave. Quite frankly Matt is molester dirty, what with wearing those lil kid pajamas and having the habit of touching himself like a little boy (which I’m not sure that is what Ragan was referring to). I don’t remember him saying anything about having SEX or anything specific or lured in his comments, which would imply that he would know the limits to such remarks (if that is what he meant). Thinking about this clearly and without your accusing comments…I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean molestation – instead it was something like: “a ugly gremlin like in fairy tales luring young children into a cave and eating them” and not the way which your mind has gone. So if you think about it….you sound a lot more suspect than he does.

    1. I don’t like Ragan AT ALL but when I see such ‘slanted’ comments such as these, with a note of self-righteousness I just have to speak up.

    2. Ragan was acting like zingbot and making statements like “Lane takes 12 year old boys under a bridge and molests them” or something like that. He said something similar to Hayden and Enzo. If you didn’t hear it for yourself, you can’t imagine how disturbing it really was…

  56. Whoever said this will be the last Big brother is clearly mistaken…almost 8 million viewers an episode – huge numbers for the summer….people are still really enjoying it and it will be interesting to see who the house votes out this week. Ragan is a fighter and if he goes up will most likely win the POV. And I do not think the comp was rigged – it’s not like Hayden is a huge fan favorite or would stir things up. Why the hell would CBS want him to win? He’s the most boring person who could have won.

  57. IM(not so)HO — although some of them are like-able, all of these HG’s have countless reasons to be despised. As well, so do all the HG’s that are in the JH. When I first started watching, I could see why there was so much Brendon bashing in the house. But in time, he became the obvious underdog of the house. Everyone was gunning for him, lying to him, lying about him to others, ignoring him, making fun of him, etc. That’s when I unintentionally became a Brendon fan; and was truly disappointed that he was back-doored last night.

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that the remaining jerks in the house continue to bash Brendon. They all had that in common when he was there, so why should it change now? But the good news is 2-fold:
    1. The bashing will be less than it has been. Within a week of Rachel being evicted, the bashing of her subsided significantly. I can only assume that this trend will follow with Brendon. Their bashing is just way too cruel and personal to be enjoyed by anyone, other than the extreme haters (of which there appears to be many).
    2. These HG’s will now have to feed on each other. They each think they have friends in the house, which will make the backstabbing even more painful for each of them to give and receive. The paranoia will be outta control.

    On another note, Enzo really does make me ill. Remember him shitting all over the lid, rim and cover of the HOH and HG toilet? As if that weren’t bad enough, he never EVER cleaned it up and acted like he had no idea what anyone was talking about. Which means someone else had to clean up HIS SHIT! And the way he eats? How annoying! It’s strange how he makes that same eating noise when he makes faces at people behind their backs. And has he ever washed a dish or a load of laundry or done anything for someone but himself (aside from the occasional dish)? His wife and family really must be ashamed.

    Also, does anyone have pics of princess Britt before she got her front teeth replaced? Even better, pics of her with her natural dark hair and her original teeth! And that eye just creeps me out; remember Marty Feldman? I’m not sure if I should laugh or feel pitty — so I’ll just laugh!

    And what about “pussy boy” Ragan? To listen to his zingbot 4k lines that he’s been throwing at a few of the HG’s recently, I’m pretty certain he’s a closet pedophile. I understand why Rachel said what she said, even though she shouldn’t have said it.

    Lane and Hayden also bother me in big ways, but I’ve done enough bashing for now…

  58. hey simon
    last night felt like the end of the summer as far as excitement in bb12
    until the jury vote
    ragan or brit should win the the end unless hayden or lane win 2 more hoh’s
    enzo should only win if he wins either hoh or pov in all of the next comps (and if he has the penguin on in the end then he should win 7-0)
    ragan and brit are the new brendon.
    one knows it, ragan
    one dummy doesnt, brit

    audi 5k

    1. If the brigade goes up against each other in the next 2 nominations then we will see some excitement otherwise it’s Lane, Enzo and hayden talking about football all day.

  59. These F**king BG is DONEEEEEEEEEEE! THESE guys can’t win shit. The most dumb ass BS of BB history.

    That last HOH was gear up for the athlatic ONLY! Setup by BB…to let Brandon wiin, but he didn’t.

    Any more competition that is a QUIZ or ENDORANCE…ragan and britt will be the last 2 standing.

  60. This group will be know as one of the dumbest final 5 in BB history.
    They are the Big Brother version of The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again.

    Tim Conway (Amos Tucker) – Enzo , Don Knotts (Theodore) – Hayden,
    Elyssa Davalos ( Miss Millie Gaskill) – Britney, Jack Elam (Big Mac) – Lane and
    Ted Gehring (Hank Starrett) – Ragan

  61. These people are so cocky. I hope BB people bring someone else back in to bring some excitement back into the house. Out the Brigade and watch holy hell break loose!

  62. Lane needs to nominate Ragan & Britney. If neither nominee wins PoV then Ragan goes home. If either wins they vote out the other. The Trigade will definitely be 3 of the final 4. They may be totally worthless, but like it or not they will be the alliance (with more than two people from the start) that has gone the furthest in BB history. The fact they went undetected for so long tells you how oblivious and stupid the rest of the house was this season.

  63. When did all of this happen? When I went to bed Hayden was HOH and I was under the impression that he would get it ( the HOH room..ect…) until Sunday and then they would play for the second HOH? Did they play for it right after the LIVE show went off?

  64. The only way this can work out so that the brigade doesn’t make final 3 is if Ragan tells Lane that he knows about the brigade, that Matt denied it but he’s not stupid. He has known for a while now. Lane is pretty dumb, so Ragan has to walk him through final 2 scenarios and hopefully Lane will see that the only way he can win in the end is if he is sitting next to Ragan or Brit.

    Hayden vs Lane: Hayden will get everyone but Brit’s vote (unless she is pissed at Lane) and maybe Matt’s.
    Lane vs Enzo: Enzo gets Rachel, Brendon, probably Matt and Ragan’s vote.
    Lane vs. Brit: Brit would only get Ragan’s vote and maybe Kathy’s.
    Lane vs Ragan: Ragan would only get Matt and Brit’s vote.

    Ragan will have to take it slow because Lane isn’t good with math. Too bad Matt didn’t leave his rubber ducks to help Lane visualize. And Ragan is still too whiny about Matt being gone to actually play smart. What a terrible end to the season. Just like last year it looks like final 2 will be people that don’t deserve to be there.

    1. Excellent breakdown of final 2. I hope something new happens during the nominations.. My bet is that Lane will do jack shit and will stick with the brigade, maybe he’s happy playing for 2nd place.

      1. I predict that if he does nothing he will be third place, unless Enzo grows a brain really fast and realizes that he can’t beat Hayden. But I doubt Enzo will see that. He thinks he is running the show and has the jury in his pocket. It would also mean that Enzo would have to win something to even be able to decide, and I can’t see that happening.

    2. I think that Brendon might actually vote for Brit over Lane, or even Ragan over Lane. It’s a big maybe, but still a maybe. He’s always been about big game players making it to final 2, and Lane had done literally nothing until right after Brendon was out, so he won’t give that much credit at all. I doubt he could get Rachel to vote with him though, but I think he’d give it to Brit, even if it’s foolishly because he thinks their “bonding” time changed her feelings about him.

      1. If Rachel finds out Brit was chained to “her man” she is going to go on a rampage. I bet Brendon doesn’t have the balls to tell her that it was his choice, not Britt’s.

        1. Haha thats funny…but he needed to keep her away from matt and ragan…and stay in her head..and i wonder if rachel will still like her man…sense he will be not winning the money..but i think he will win americas vote if they do that this year..

    3. I cant believe Im saying this. Brit does deserve to be there and if she makes it to final 2 she will win big brother.

      1. Out of the ones remaining yes britney deserves to be in the final 2 wish she stop with her obsessed hatred on bren…I do get annoyed with her continued bashing on bran,& Rachel its getting old..but I think they truly have nothing better to do..but her and ragan need to stop it already…Its hard for people to like them when they continue doing that crap…that has always been my issue with britney…other then that i have liked her..

    4. Matt told them ragan knows…The only way ragan is safe is if he wins that pov..there is no way he will be safe other wise nothing he says will change it…lane will not go against hayden…ragans only other way to stay is brit..if lane does not put up brit and she wins pov and feels threatened by hayden and lane and enzo and takes off ragan..knowing he will take her to the final 2.

  65. Um, sounds like you might be one of Rachel’s old castoffs. no one hates someone they just see on tv that much. good try though…

  66. Britney is this years Keesha. She is going to be terribly hurt when she is dumped by what’s left of the Brigade. I think she has figured part of it out but she is unaware of how Lane is playing a part in this. Not going to be pretty when she finds out.

    1. I agree 100%… she’s getting played and it sucks. She going to be LIVID! And it’s funny because on afterdark last night she talked about how Brendon wanted an alliance with her and Ragan… when she finds out about the brigade she’ll regret doing the BG’s dirty work by putting Matt on the block instead of Hayden

    2. yeah that is true i was also thinking of nat with adam and ryan lol..I felt bad for her..funny thing is they all say there big bb fans watch all the shows..knows the ins and outs..yet No one seem to learn from past guest mistakes lol..

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