Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden to Barbra Streisand “The only way to stay is to get Kathy up on the block”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:15pm Jumanji and Have nots room Kathy and Kristen talking through the door at Hayden in the havenots room. Kathy tells them that it’s just the 3 of them in the house, everyone else has turned against them. They tell Hayden about there plan to talk to Brit, hayden doesn’t think there is a chance because brit went right for the POV when she could of got a prize. Kristen knows but she has to try at the very least. Kristen just thinks it’s going to be hard for her to talk serious game with people when she’s wearing this outfit. Hayden says they practiced so hard for this competition and brit only tried it 3 times, he calls it bullshit. Kathy says that brit lived at Chuckee cheese so thats why she was able to pull it off. (kathy had made up a code word “Blue” so if anyone walks by Hayden will know to stop talking it didn’t work when matt walked in for a second) Kristen isn’t feeling like theres any hope she goes over the POV competition again and says if brit was a friend she would of not gone after the POV so hard she would of left it for us. Hayden says he was one point away from winning the comp, can’t believe he was so close. Hayden again says Kristen should think twice about talking to brit it might backfire, Kristen sticks to her guns says she’s going to try regardless of the odds. Kathy Leaves to go to the Kitchen. Kristen and hayden touch finger through the crack in the door. hayden tells her Brit took the POV because she didn’t want to risk enzo, matt or lane to go up. Kristen says that this shows you who she’s playing with. Hayden feels like he’s in jail right now, wishes he was with her, Kristen: “I really want to stay to be with you and i really hate going out because of Rachel thats why i’m going to fight”. hayden asks if she’s alone.. She says yes.. he wants her to make sure. Kristen takes a look around, “Yup all safe”. He tells her she needs to convince them to take hayden down and to put up kathy, if she can do that then she’s staying. He doesn’t think they will agree to take Kristen down. Kristen nows it’s all a long shot but she’ll think of something. Talk changes to her unitard she tries to explain it to hayden says she’s ok with it except for the creases in the crotch. hayden assures her she’s looking good in it… All the guys start piling in Lane, Matt, Brendon, Matty, ragan all telling her she’s looking hot. Rachel , brit and Kathy in the kitchen. .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:12pm Jumanji/havenots room Kahty, Matt, Enzo, Brit, Kriste, and hayden in the other room… going over the POV comp talking about who got the best prizes and which prizes they would of preferred.

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Is it just me or is this one of the worst and most boring seasons ever?!?


Yes Joey this is the most boring big brother so far……….ugh


Yeah, it’s the most boring season ever. Still not the worst, as in unwatchable. That was season 9. But boring as hell. Every time I think its going to get good, the HG ruin it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristen got taken off the block and Kathy goes home. There hasn’t been a smart eviction yet. Kristen in the house would probably mean more cat fights between Rachel and her. If she leaves, we will have the brigade, branchel and Ragan and Kathy making nicey nice. I hope Brit stirs the pot for us, but she would risk pissing everyone off. That said, no matter which side she picks, she is the bottom of the food chain. Go Brit!


It’s on late night when the boys are talking about selling stuff from the bb experience, signed tv in enzos case. The boys talked about how people were going to pay to play pool with them. Ya right and that is a small table they will not be good on a regular table. It’s not editing that’s putting a bad taste in my mouth it’s these ungreatfull, entitled meatheads. I enjoy the game, the thought and action, understanding emotional players and how they react.


Omg she does totally look like Barbra Streisand! LOL!!


I think she looks Flo from the tv show Alice.


More like Will Ferrell


I think she looks like a cross between BARBRA STREISAND and a Cabbage patch doll.


I’m not a Brigade fan but I think it was really mean to stick Hayden in the Have Nots room for 24 hours like that.


it was an awesome idea Ross. It gives Kristen a chance to fight


Fight for what? 🙂
It would be fun though if her and Rachel starts pulling each others hair… >:D


if she wanted to fight, normally if someone was locked up for 24 hours, you could conspire against them and maybe change the game play but as usual Kristen is just being her wonderful annoying self and doing nothing but thinking she is entitled


Simon you are too funny!!!! LOL! Kristen does look alot like Barbra Streisand!!!

big fan

Does Kristen not see that Hayden is out for self? I don’t doubt he will help her get the votes if he’s off, but why would he discourage her from trying to get off. I think it’s a long shot and they know it. Brit is not going to use the power of veto. They are only hoping Rachel puts up Kathy, but at the end of the day I dont care how much Rachel says she wants to get the floaters out, she wants to get Kristen out more and if Kristen gets off she will go after someone she thinks is a threat and Kathy is no threat not even to her.


because r/b want to get kristen out this week haydens just there because he has a showmance with her.


I’d love it if this backfired on Hayden and Kristen convinced britt to use the pov and they put up one of the brigade and Hayden went home. Wait till Kristen gets evicted and goes home and sees how he threw her under the bus to save his own butt. That will be the end of that showmance.

jason voorhies

dawg shouldnt brendons pic also say hoh ? duh cause he sure is too 🙂


Did anyone catch what Matt told Lane in the pantry ?

Brit told Matt: Kathy said that kristen wants to talk to her about using the POV on her.

Matt then told Lane that Kathy said Rachel wants Brit to use the POV.

I can’t rewind, no DVR is this right?


Simon, thanks for the tagline. You must be exhausted. You almost set a record with that last thread – consecutive posts that DIDNT mention BG/G. It was refreshing to be able to read comments about someone besides BG/G, but alas it was so fleeting! AG must be on here looking for filler for tomorrow night’s broadcast.


Sorry meant BG/B


Oh, I thought you met Boy George and Georgie Girl. But I guess that would be BG/GG.


Never mind, Lane just said it again to Enzo.


All Hayden needs to do his grow a beard and mustache and he can be Kris Kristofferson. Then Babs and him can do a medley of songs from “A Star Is Born” which in turn would drive out that demonic mess occupying the HOH Room. “Dimi kwhy, kwhy you do this too me!”


oh jimik, you are pricelsss. haha


Hayden has no personality


Danna, I agree. Mud puddles are more interesting, at least you can jump in, get dirty and make splashes.

hayden is a baby



No kidding…..his and Rachels diary room sessions are the worst. Hayden shouts at the screen the whole time and everything he says is scripted. Rachel is the same way but add “like” after every two words.


BB : PLEASE have a comp. where Hayden has to cut his hair!

hayden is a baby

can they send him to some sort of a personality class?

hayden is a baby

I am 28, ive lived the past 10 years with MS

Hayden, stop being a freaking baby, its one day with contact on the outside

hes so boring, and such a cry baby…I wish they would keep kristin now over him….

The Excitement

now i see why jewish guys like her!

hayden is a baby

hayden and enzo etc say such bad things about brenden’s character!

brenden at least is a good guy, the others are flat out brutal…as people and as HG’s.

Im sorry “brigade” but its been quite the poor showing…to pat yourselves on the back for “owning” jury because 4 idiots made a handshake….they cant win a comp, they cant get anything right…and they havent even been sabatoged…there is a CHANCE that if brit gets close to rachel AND kristen in time, they could actually toss up a brigade member in place of kristin

if they did that on accident…thats more than the brigade has done all game against 2 people they hate on relentlessly.

maybe instead of the hating, and the crying, they should talk some game…instead of having 4 morons ALL throw EVERY comp they could actually win, then complain when they get a crapshoot comp..


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Hayden and Matt have both been HOH which did involve winning a competition.


Ya but Matt had a chance to give the Bro-gade some props by putting up Brachel and he took the easy way out. And Hayden won the first week and saved Rachel. They say one thing and then do whats best for them at the time. I think the only Bro-gade member that has done anything was Hayden and that was him acting on his own hunch, about Annie being the Sab. Other than that the Bro-gade is a joke at this point. I hope they step it up soon or they will go down as the worst alliance in history, well almost …..they have managed to keep it a secret longer than most.

Uncle Cool



Kathy to Kristen: “I still say we oughta hire a wrangler to go up there and beat the shit out of them.”


Hell yeah

hayden is a baby

kristen “I dont think I deserve to go home”…really kristen? and rachel did deserve to go? brenden? while you have done nada? meh

she thinks shes a huge target, its hilarious…rachel is the only one who cares, the rest figure its no blood shed on them

hayden is a baby

feeds cut out every 3-5 mins…getting ridiculous!


Woahh.. Last Year Was Straight up AMAZING!! So… GTFO and STFU Simon dude


My “safe house’s” position has been compromised by AG’s Intel. Goodnite all and Simon get some rest. It was fun – thanks!


I can’t take this game this year! Now Kristen is saying how innocent she is that she didn’t do or say anything, she deserves to stay in the house. It’s amazing to me that people who have done nothing to advance in the game can sit there and say the things that they do. She says that she hasn’t done anything to anyone! BECAUSE SHE HASN’T MADE ANY PROGRESS IN THE GAME! All she does is talk to Hayden to have him do her dirty work for her by passing along her opinion to him to pass along to the guys! She won’t commit herself to any direct answers of what she would do but she wants Britney to risk her position in the house for her! She hasn’t even talked to Britney directly, & her & Kathy have talked trash about everyone in the house this week and last when she was up. So I hope Britney doesn’t fall for this BS! I use to like her, but she’s going to throw Kathy under the bus if she’s pulled off & she has no problem with that! But she’s such a decent player! Give me a break!!!!!!


love to see Matt or Ragan as the new sabotageur…………….have you voted yet?


This season is boring. Although, I have only been watching it from BB 8 all stars. I always want everyone to act like adults and get along and see what happens…. Nothing. So my question is- What was the best season in your opinion? I’m
Making my boyfriend watch it w me. Which he is getting into but I wanna show the game! He likes ass holes but I was thinking maybe the one with dr. Evil & friend looked great. I think evil dick would be appealing also.


I think we got spoiled with such a great season last year, and now we expect that greatness every year but it hasn’t been all that great this year.


last season was great? since when? everyone here were saying it was the worst one ever

Yae Dum Dum

Bb11 was the best season since all-stars. Chill town was awesome!! If you do not believe me go to Qirkeydudes old BB episodes and watch Chill town and it will remind you of how great they were!! Don’t forget both Will and Boogie have won the half million. Even after people in the all-stars house had their MO!! Fantastic stuff!!!


So which was the best season? And how many people actully got famous? These guys are acting like they are going to get out and everyone is going to pay just be friends with them or tray them like A-listers. It’s frankly embarrassing.


well. there was ronnie last season around this time. that was entertaining.

it’s not that some of these people don’t have personalities. they are just young with no life experience and nothing interesting to say.
picked for their looks and age to appeal to a younger audience.
plus, don’t forget that big brother wants you to hate them, so sometimes they pick the most scripted sounding, annoying diary room statements on purpose. it’s all supposed to keep us entertained, but you can’t just eat it up.