Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen doesn’t think she’ll stay but look at her in the Hippietard


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:15pm Taj room kathy and Kristen Kristen has her deal all ready She’ll offer to never put brit up while Kathy will work the Monet angle. She’s convinced that will be better then any deal rachel can offer. kathy tells kristen she’s going to be honest with her she doesn’t think brit will use it she’s heard brit too many times saying it, Kristen knows she doesn’t think brit is a risk taker and she’ll play it safe util she cornered. Kristen believes she would go out with a vote of 5-2 vote with the votes coming from Ragan and Kathy. Kristen calls brit a floater says she’ll never stick her head out for Kristen. kathy: “I think Brit’s been mind raped”, Kahty thinks it’ll be hard to get brit alone from rachel. Kristen is pissed at Andrew for what he said, “hayden and I are the only 2 honest people in the house and he made it look like we’re liars” Kahty proposes that Andrew liked kristen in a relationship sort of way, Kristen agrees “Jews seems to like me” Brendon walks in to grab something, tells them about whatys he’s cooking.. leaves. Kristen “I think deep down that Brendon is a very good person and I feel sorry for him being with her”…”That women rachel is crazy” kristen adds that she’s pissed off that she’ll be sent home by rachel everyone else in the house she’s fine but not rachel. Kahty mentions that she’s seen a lot of crazy people and rachel is one of them.
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:48pm Living Room Ragan and MAtt, ragan is teaching Matt all about how to build his abs up. Says it’s a mix between consistency and diet, he needs to work his abs 5 days a week and watch his diest and after a year he’ll see results..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:56pm Kitchen Lane and Brit There talking about how rachel has to go soon, Brit says they’ve been saying that for weeks. Lane: “In 2 weeks i’ll reveeal who I don’t like” brit ” I already know who.. Brendon and rachel” Lane:” well in two weeks if there still here i’ll tell them”. Lane tells her that not matter what happens to them next week at least they know they’ll be spending the rest of the summer in a badass house. Brit whispers that she has no intentions on using the POV, Lane:”good cause i’ll go up”. Theres a audio leak from the HOH room where Brendon and Rachel are talking mad game. They Want hayden, Matt and then Kahty gone in that order, Brendon wants rachel to offer up the 5grand to provide them with safety next week.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:10pm Kristen gets the hippie tard and runs into the taj.. Just like everyone predicted she looks great.


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51 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen doesn’t think she’ll stay but look at her in the Hippietard

  1. Rachel will probably be pissed that Kristen looks so good in her outfit. Glad that Kristen at least seems to be in a good mood about it now.

    1. Im not a big fan of Kristen. I can’t believe so many think she’s hot. I think if anyone’s hot it’s going to have to be Brittany:D.

  2. Simon…..”just like everyone predicted she looks great” LOL I totally agree. Only Hot Kristen can pull that bizarre shit off.

    1. I love Enzo. He’s the most down to earth persn in the whole house. I hope he becomes the next sabotour. VOTE FOR ENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Casey won the banana suit and walked out the door. I guess it’s goodbye don’t let the door slam you on the ass as Kristen walks out too in her suit. It is now a curse to win it.

      1. No, that was Lydia who was eliminated in the suit, second time in BB11. You may have been thinking Michele because she put on a pair of devil horns before doing her plea speech the night she was evicted.

    1. Kristen is definitely history but Casey went into potassium overload with his banana suit and got bitchy. Kristen seems in a better mood, has a plan and looks f’n hot in that skin tight outfit (cept for the wig… yoiks).

  4. Brendon is prepared to spend $5000.00 that does not belong to him. What an altruist. I really hope he marries Rachel. That way only one marriage will be ruined.

    1. I find Brendon’s thought process confusing. I get what he says to Rachel about “play smart”, but his thinking of how to do that is seriously skewed. Everyone says that being in the BB house/game messes with your head, and I think it’s messed with Brendon’s more than anyone. I get a headache trying to wrap my head around his thinking.

    2. Another example of what a shit he is. It’s all about him. As much as I hate Rachel, he has all the signs of an abusive spouse. Its her money, idiot. She is HOH. I wish she’d wise up and toss his ass out.

        1. Im usually on here every night Grandma, but just been reading evreyones comments, and last night you ladies seemed to be a bit on the angry edge, so I felt for my safety, I would just read, smile and keep my hands off my keyboard, lol

          1. I guess I am not suppose to have an opinion. But, sometimes I have to say something about things that I don’t agree with. I wasn’t mad but some took it that way. Sorry if that kept you from getting on.

            1. You don’t have to appoligize for having an opinion Grandma and you really didn’t keep me from posting, the fact is, that so far this season, I really don’t have a fav and I really don’t hate any of them either. Its just a game and so far this season, its not very exciting yet. Im still watchin though, hoping it gets better before its over.

  5. Kristen used to be my least favorite, but Kathy has topped her in my book. Kathy has jumped allegiance over and over. And every time I watch, she’s laying around whining (much more than Brendon). She’s sick of this or that, wah wah wah. Ugh … most annoying in the house. Rachel can be gruesome to watch/listen to, but at least she’s done something. Plus, Kathy claims integrity that she doesn’t have. But .. she risks her life every day! (yep, cancer but smokes).

  6. omg Kristen has one of the best bodies i’ve ever seen! so sexy. she’s got some great legs that lead up to an amazing ass! it’s like that ass is just propped up on a pedestal. and she’s got some perfect natural tits.(i’ve seen her bare tits in the shower)
    plus, she’s got some sexy feet. i’m a foot guy!

  7. It’s amazing that Kristen feels that she doesn’t deserve to leave the house. Why? What has she done? She wants all this help from Britney, but where the hell was she when Britney was up on the block?????
    I’m really sick & tired of the people that have not made tough decisions and moves in the house that once they are up on the block then they try to play the game. While all t he while they wanted nothing to do with anyone else in the house, especially Kristen. She only talked to a few people. Now she wants Britney to stick her neck out & risk so much to help her. Come join her and she will help Britney! Well she hasn’t done anything in the game yet,, how is it going to benefit Britney to have Kristen out there to help her! Help her how??????

  8. Hippetard? really , you can so see your cameltoe in the shots too kristen. and britney stop thinking of other people think of yourself in this game, you won the veto dont give it to kristen, b/c then rachael will hate you even more then before you won it you deserve it , and most likely if you were to use it on kristen you will go up instead, then you really will be going home.

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