BB12- The Athletics, Brendon: “I would love to punch ragan in the mouth he thinks he’s a level 200 big brother black belt”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm backyard couch Kathy and LAne Kathy is going on and on about how she doesn’t like Rachel and the only reason why she talked to her nonstop during her 24visit was to try and prevent Rachel from causing drama. Kahty: “walked her to the door, gave her a hug and sent her out the door closed it and ran out here to tell uall she’s gone”. They start talking about their home towns and they realize they live very close together. Lane use to always think that people that didn’t capitalize on big brother fame were making a big mistake but now all he wants to do is go home and back to his normal life.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm HOH The Athletics Enzo points out that last week everyone use to hang out in HOH but now nobody does. Brendon: “oh i guess i’m not as cool as Matt”. Brendon: “I don’t know about you guys but i’m not going to vote brit to win the money becuase all she does is sneak around and stir BLANK up”. Brendon tell them that Matt, Ragan and Brit cause all the trouble and drama in the house. Brendon: “I was going to vote Brit out” but after talking to Hayden I chose to put matt up. Brendon: “Ragan wouldn’t accept a deal with me for next week so BLANK you i’m taking your friend out this week…Who the BLANK does Ragan think he is anyway.. level 200 big brother black belt”. Brendon: “brit and ragan are pathetic they think they are so smart in this house”. Hayden: “well they do know a lot about this show” Brendon: “big BLANK ” Enzo: “you can study for so long but then you can do the quiz and come in last place”. they start going through the comps Brendon pointing the comps that he beat matt and brit in. Brendon: “I would love to punch ragan in the mouth I’m going to send one of those mother BLANK home” Hayden says that if they win HOH this coming week they will put Brit and Ragan up. Brendon mentions that before she left Rachel told him that every week the power shifts. Enzo thinks that brit or ragan will win HOH next week and then Brendon will go up. Brendon tells them they need to not look like an alliance. Hayden says that Brit and Ragan think that him and enzo are on the same page as them. Brendon: “Brit and ragan are so stupid.. i’m glad they are have nots they deserve it brit is a BLANK she needs to respect her elders”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:15AM Gremlin cave

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


12:25Am Lane showering

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No Kathy big liar, the only reason you were kissing Racholes ass was for one or two Jury votes!


you are so right!


Really Brendon, you want to punch Regan in the mouth…..the weakest man in the bunch! You are a pussy! You make me sick! No I am not regans biggest fan, but he just moved a notch above your tard ass Brenda!


Muc loves little guys. He is nothing like Brendon. He would hang with your Chi’s and make sure they were always in the shade. Thank you and your little guys for the paws up. Muc is sleeping on the couch with the fan blowing on him. I have rub that belly a lot today.


you took the words right out of my mouth!


you people get so anal and cynical…hell sometimes I want to punch my boss in the mouth and she’s a lady….lol…we have all said “I want to kill you” or “I should punch you” as a means to express or disdain for someone….you folks need to lighten up…seriously


Geez, and you just sank lower than Brendon… nice mouth


your right beth, LJ talks to her 96 YO Nana the same way, do ya think?


hahahah………..guitly as charged!! I get a little fueled up late at nite! Im kool this morning yo!!


Reagan wants to talk shit like a man, he should get his ass beat like a man!
Don’t talk bad about someone, then when the time comes say “I am small and weak”
Then you should not talk shit to a bigger person.


i agree! and respect your elders? maybe if you acted older she would ugh i can not stand himmmm


“Rachel told me that every week the power shifts”…..”She also told me to keep my small balls in my pocket for easy access for her….well that was when she was in the house….now I keep them in my mouth cause they taste so good”…….


You are so bad but I love it! LOL






12:25 Head shot of lane showering
12:26 Eyes closed imagining full body shot of Lane showering
12:31 Back to reading spoilers


I am with you 100% on that one! Mmmmm….yummy….



Dixie Doll

OMG! get outta my head!


Lmao LJ. I can’t stand Kathy or Brendan either. Enzo is pissing me off as well. He says Brit Matt and reg don’t deserve to win yet he’s the biggest floater I have ever seen. What makes him think he deserves to win? Why because he’s 35 and losing his hair? Does that mean only old people should win? This guy has no clue. The 3 best players left are Matt Britt and reg. So is he saying that the best players don’t deserve to win?? They keep saying those 3 are playing for themselves. Lmao Hayden, Brendan, Kathy and especially Enzo are all playing forthemselves. I really can’t stand these idiots. I wish I could be there for the finally and call Enzo out on all his bull. Hopefully Julie chen will call him out and show everyone just how much a hypocryte Enzo is. But CBS only shows the funny side of Enzo so america loves him. They will never show the side of Enzo that we see on BBAD, and online, or read on this site.

just a thought

You are correct, the 3 best players are Matt, Brit and Ragan. The rest are all talk, floaters or just too idiotic for comment. I really don’t like any of the players. I really wish I could! I feel like it’s an election year and you have to vote for the lesser of the evils. So, frustration. I could have been on Matt’s side, but he lied about his wife being sick. He can play the game and that was a dumb move that really made him lose all credibility for me. Brit is just mean. Ragan is either being nasty like Brit when things are going his way or crying when things aren’t. Enzo is just a big mouth bragging about what he isn’t. Hayden seems to follow Enzo around like a lost puppy. Lane doesn’t really do much. If he played the game and won things, I’d probably be on his team. Brendon seems to thin he is a knight in shining armour defending his fair maiden who was evicted. He is delusional! Their relationship was like watching a bad, bad soap opera. And then there was Kathy, do I need to say any more?


You hit the nail on every head….

Joliet Jake

I don’t understand why everyone hates floaters, its just a different strategy to playing the game… they basically act like politicians, telling people what they want to hear. I’m not saying that i like the way floaters necessarily play the game but i dont hate it either. I actually think its a really smart way to play. However it’s boring to watch and players that cause more drama are entertaining.


I remember many weeks ago when Enzo made the comment that Kathy was sooo old at 40…….and i was thinking….REALLY???……..Old …..40………So Enzo, what is worse……being 40 and looking pretty good (besides the crazy spider lashes) at 40…..OR???? Being 30 and looking 40???? Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


how come Ragan does not have any avatar? is he being protected here, I mean come on…if you are making fun of all the houseguest, make it an an even field and avoid favoritism.


this post is in reference to the messages that kept waking up the h/g’s……I believe each one pertains to each H/G, there were 13…….”expect the unexpected”=rachael…..”did you say your prayers”=kathy…………reference to insomnia is matt….I haven’t figured out the rest….so it sounds like there will be a quiz about this,,,,,,just about all of them have been trying to memorize them but I haven’t heard any of them say it dawned on them these messages are about all of them


I used to like Enzo but I can not stand to listen to him anymore. He has done nothing in this game but he talks so big.

Uncle Cool

Why doesn’t Brenda want to punch Lane in the mouth? What a cowardly douche.

He thinks that Ragan won’t kick his face in? Why?

Dixie Doll

My guess? Because lane would take the punch like a tickle and then he would KILL Brenda…..twice!

give me a break

My guess is that Lane has done nothing to him and Ragan got little man syndrom.


I love your response.


Brigade= 2 Useless people and 1 low life who tells everyone his wife is sick, and 1 alright guy. Lane, Enzo, Matt, and Hayden respectively.

just a thought

I wish someone would figure out Matt has the DPOV (special power he keeps hoping is out there) and expose it! Ragan can read people well. Is he HIGH? Matt lies and when he lies it is obvious. His face cannot hide it and that weird laugh. Of all people, Ragan should know how to read body language. Man, Ragan is only good for a little drama! Enzo/Hayden are like yo-yos. Get Matt out, no we need to get Brendon out now, Matt, Brendon, Matt, Brendon. UGH!

give me a break

Man reading these are as bad as watching each of the players THEY ALL TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER AND BACKSTAB so dont pretty it up and say oh my god cant believe one would say this when they also say it. Tell it like it is THEY ALL DO IT so just because you have your favorites dont try to make them any better than the other . ITS THE GAME every year they all do it just some are alot more petty than the others.

just a thought

I have no favorites! I’m an equal opportunity hater 🙂


HA! Me too, I just hate Rachel the most! Oh, and Im team Lane just because Id like to see him naked! HA!


I can’t wait to watch Brendon’s face when matt uses his DPOV on Thur. This is going to get good.
Enzo is such a puss. He can’t win shit, but talks about the others like they were garbage. STFU Enzo, you ain’t done nothin in this game except backstab and talk about people. It’s not just the game with him, I highly suspect he is like this is real life. He is someone who talks about their best friend when they leave the room just to get a laugh out of it. As much as I dislike Ratchels ways, I would rather see her in that house than to see Enzo in it.At least she can back her shit up. Go home already ENZO!


Yea, he does talk alot of BLANK … all of the brigade does and matt is the only one winning anything.


The Brigade is such a joke. They can’t win anything. Who are they trying to fool, themselves?


He’s a level 200 black belt skank lover so he can’t help it. But I expect that they will have plenty of drama on their own once they get out. Look at how over dramatic they where in the house.


Okay – I read your message three times and it was still stupid!!!!!!!! Enzo has talked about everyone…….


I read it three times and it is stilll wrong…….


Who is in the athletics? I’ve missed that.


Is it just me?????? I get the feeling that Brandon is just so frikkin judgemental. Even as he walks through the house, he picks up trash, moves a pillow – this guy is just all about controlling his environment………………………………………


Wouldn’t that be funny if instead of an “Allstar” season, they did a “Allstar floater” season???? No one would win anything ever!! They’d all just be fighting real hard to float to the end! They would have to have reverse competitions where the worse you did the better the reward and the better you did the worse the reward….or something like that!
And then they could also do an “Allstar Athletic” season at the same time and that way the floater lovers and the playa lovers could be on different spoiler sites and not have to fight all the time about what is a better game….fighting or floating……

Yae Dum Dum



@rainbowconnection I have the perfect avatar for ragan..

look at this…

do you guys agree… oui or non?