* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo turns and looks at the camera and says we’re going to out brain the brain, we’re going to out gremlin the gremlin… I created him.

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12:20am Hayden, Enzo and Lane are talking in the Taj bedroom. Enzo tells Lane that he thinks Matty is the saboteur. Hayden says that if he wins the POV he will pull Enzo off the block. They hope to get Britney to put up Matt in his place. They talk about what they would be willing to do in a how bad do you what it competition. Brendon says he would do anything. Enzo says that he said it from the beginning, Matty could be the saboteur. Enzo turns and looks at the camera and says we’re going to out brain the brain, were going to out gremlin the gremlin.. I created him. Brendon and Enzo head into the in the have-not room, Enzo farts and says yo that’s the broccoli. Hayden joins them in have-not room. Brendon wonders if telling Britney that Matt was the saboteur will be compelling enough to get him put up. They say that the saboteur has to still be in the house. They think the only way that Big Brother could get someone to be the saboteur would be to offer them the Diamond Power of Veto. They talk more about Matt being the saboteur. Brendon says that when he opened Pandora’s Box, he got one good thing and one bad thing for himself, and Rachel coming back to the house which he thought was a good thing. Brendon says that he knows matt got a good thing and a bad thing happened to the house, but he thinks a bad thing happened to Matt and that he’s the saboteur. They talk about all the evidence again and again. Brendon and Enzo are convinced. Hayden isn’t saying much. They talk about whether Lane will use the POV or if he will even try to win it. Hayden says that he will work on Lane. They start studying the events of the house and the saboteur messages.

1am Ragan and Matt are talking in the cabana room. Lane comes in and is curious where Britney is, they tell her she went to bed. They tell Lane that Britney is so freaked about this POV competition. Matt asks Ragan about how the what would you do for the veto competition usually works. Lane heads up the HOH, Britney is still awake with the lights on. Lane tells Britney that they need to talk. Lane tells Britney what he is going to say is important and she can’t go tell anybody. Britney says she won’t. Lane tells her she needs to make a big move this week and back door Matt. Lane tells her that if Hayden or Enzo wins POV they are taking Enzo off. Lane says that Matt is a bigger threat than Brendon. Britney says that if they backdoor Matt, Brendon will still be coming after her. Lane says thatBrendon would put up Ragan, Britney, and that Ragan would go. Britney asks that what if Ragan won POV? Lane says that they haven’t thought of that. Britney says if Brendon wins POV tomorrow, she is on board with getting Matt out but if he doesn’t win the POV she says she feels safer with Matt than Brendon. Britney worries that her and Hayden are just trying to get her to do this because it will benefit them. Britney asks him if he likes her or Hayden better. He doesn’t really answer. Britney says she wants a final three deal with him and Hayden. Lane tells Britney that the only way to get Matt out is to back door him. Britney agrees. Lane tells her that he thinks Matt was the saboteur. Britney thinks his arguments for Matt being the saboteur are interesting but she says he swore on his wife that he wasn’t. Britney then remembers that Matt asked her tonight if her and Lane were the pair of lifelong friends and thinks Matt could put her and Lane up against each other. Lane says that the game has really started now and getting rid of Matt would be a big move. Lane says that the only way to get Matt out is this week ideally Hayden or Enzo will win POV. Lane tells her that Brendon told Enzo that he thinks that Hayden and Lane are the pair. Lane says he went from being the saboteur to being in the pair. Lane tells Britney that him and Hayden already discussed that if Enzo was in the finals he would win and they can’t have that but they wouldn’t tell Enzo that. Lane says that Hayden is down with the final three being him, Lane and Britney. Lane and Britney start talking about Nick. Britney says that she thinks Nick still likes him even after making her cry. Britney says so what happens tomorrow isn’t that big of a deal. Britney and Lane are talking about her being the last girl. Lane says Kathy hated Britney and that she wanted her to go home. Britney asks why? Lane says that she got in with the guys and figured they could take her further in the game. Britney says that she’s loony, she has problems! Britney brings up how Kathy is always talking about her morals, and says she’s got none! Lane says can you believe that after this week, we will probably be down to five people?! Lane says I know you don’t want third… Britney says don’t worry about that and says she feels good going into the last HOHs against him and Hayden. Britney brings up the previous competitions she has already won. Britney says that she beat him both times in endurance competitions. Lane asks Britney what flaws does Nick have, something her mom wouldn’t like? Lane asks her if her mom doesn’t like her hanging out with Lane because he has tattoos? Britney says that her mom hates tattoos! Britney’s say that her mom would say ick! Lane asks her about her brother. Britney says he’s seventeen. Lane says that he’ll be old enough to buy porno mags soon. Britney says that her brother has asked her to buy him a porno mag before! Lane asks her about her other brother. Britney explains the two sides of her family. Britney says the people in the photo are the ones she lived with, her mom, stepdad and little brother. Britney says the other side of her family is her dad, her stepmom, her older brother and a younger sister.

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1:30am Enzo, Hayden and Brendon are trying to going to sleep in the have not room. Matt and Ragan are trying to sleeping in jumanji room. Britney and Lane are the only house guests that are awake in the HOH. Britney tells Lane that her mom told her to just fade into the background in the house. Britney says that didn’t work out for her, she’s a loud person. Britney says that she is glad she stuck around so long because they’ve gotten to see who she is. Britney says that people have told her that when they first met her they didn’t like her. Britney says that she makes weird faces. Lane tells her that Hayden told him once that he didn’t think Britney liked him because she was making mean faces at him. Britney says she thinks she just has sinister face. Britney says she has never smoked a cigarette, kissed a girl, or had a one night stand. Britney says the worst thing she has ever done is drink …and get a speeding ticket. Lane says he has done way worse. Lane says that he’s been arrested. Lane tells Britney that his mom is really funny and that his dad tries but is nothing compared to his mom. Britney says her dad is way smart but is not very funny. Lane asks her what her dad does? Britney says he’s an electrical engineer. Britney talks about her stepdad who she refers to as her dad. Britney is tells Lane about the dynamics in her family. Britney says her older brother would love to come to California for the wrap party and that he hasn’t really been many places, he has to work really hard. Britney says that if she won Big Brother she would love to go on a vacation with him. Lane brings up his brother. Britney says Lane’s brother is like a bigger version of you, and that she can’t imagine.


Matt cant sleep and goes up to the HOH and joins Lane and Britney. Matt says that he is really bored. Lane asks Matt if anyone is up. Matt says that everyone went to bed a half hour ago but that he heard them yapping in the have not room about fifteen minutes ago. Matt says that he wishes they would have talked a little louder, he thinks they thought he was asleep because Enzo had walked by and saw that Matt was in his cave. They start talking about the POV competition. Britney says that she doesn’t think it will be a what would you do for a veto competition. Britney says that they haven’t done that since season 7, all-stars. Matt and Lane talk about Enzo, they say that production may not love him anymore….(The feeds cut out) When the feeds come back they talk about other possible competitions they could have for tomorrow’s POV. Matt says that there is a weird vibe in the house now and that no one is hanging out, no pool tournaments, and no ones playing just the tip….
2am Hayden and Enzo get up and leave the have not room and go into the heading to the bathroom. Enzo says don’t BLANK with the BG. Hayden says the real BG. Enzo says if they save Brendon and next week they win HOH, they can put up Britney and tell her that she’s the pawn against Ragan. Then if Britney wins POV they can put Brendon up. Enzo says she made Britney swear that he wasn’t going home. Enzo says he thinks Lane has her. Hayden brings up, what if Lane and Britney are the pair? Enzo says that if we get rid of Matty, he’s going to throw us under the bus. Hayden says so what if Matty reveals the Brigade, they still have three people playing in the HOH. They hear the HOH door open and they stop talking. Matt comes into the bathroom. Enzo tells him Hayden is in there taking a smash.

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2:15am – 2:40am Enzo, Lane and Hayden in the cabana room. Enzo says its getting serious. Lane tells them that he told Britney about their plan to keep Brendon around this week and back door Matt. Lane says she is worried that if Brendon stayed, he would put her up. Lane said he would put up Britney and Ragan but she’d have the votes to stay but Britney asked him what if Ragan wins POV. Lane says he was like BLANK. Enzo says Ragan won’t win POV with the three of them there. Lane says after talking to her, Britney said she would put up Matt. Lane tells them Britney is worried that Matt would put her and Lane up if he were HOH. Hayden says if they don’t save Brendon this week they have got to win HOH this week. Enzo says this is what we came on the show for, we have to play now. Lane says that Matt gone and its us three and Britney. Matt comes into the room. Hayden starts talking about the Brigade coming out to the other house guests. They laugh about getting their Brigade t shirts. Matt says there is no way that Britney would put up Ragan in place of Brendon if he wins POV so it will be one of them. Hayden says so Brendon can’t win. Enzo asks why didn’t they didn’t get a message from the saboteur? Matt says because we didn’t get the saboteur out of the house. Matt and Enzo are talking about the Brigade making history in Big Brother and how they kept it a secret alliance since day one. Matt says that Rachel was bragging about making history as the first evicted house guests to return for 24 hrs. Matt says that is nothing compared to the Brigade’s secret alliance. Lane comes in and says he almost fell asleep in the diary room. They decide they all want to go to sleep….
** Updated **
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8:25am – 9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Big Brother continues to turn the feeds on and off and show the we will be right back screen. When the feeds are showing the house guests are still laying in bed talking. Brendon says that he hopes for a surprise guest visit during today’s power of veto competition. Big Brother cuts the feeds again from 8:50am – 9:10am when then finally come back up all four cameras are of the have not room. Enzo, Brendon and Hayden are all still sleeping in their cots. All the house guests are still sleeping.

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First… Where are u j q p


“We’re going to out fat the fat, out Grodner the Grodner”


Brit has got to STOP picking at her nails!!!!! DRIVING me CRAZY!!!!


Me too…that and picking at her split ends… or her legs or knees. She’s a picker. But then Brendon picked his nose in the Have Nots Room last night. Doesn’t the creep know he is on camera. Caught Enzo with his hands down his pants playing around too.

The Excitement

and she constantly lotions her legs and arms up.
it’s kinda sexy tho.


now things are getting interesting.
hopefully the plan to backdoor matt works. it turns out the other members of the brigade are as brainless as we thought. i cannot wait for ragan’s meltdown once it happens! he will surely turn into a rachel!


i think you meant “are not as brainless”, and you’re absolutely right.


And I can’t wait to see it!


yess ragan will say that they were between him and HIS MAN!!!


You do realize of course that backdooring someone requires…you know…actually winning something? As it stands right now, in my eyes, the only people who come close to deserving the money are either Matt, Britney, Ragan or Brendon. Everyone else can try winning something before they get their hopes up.


Hey BBGrandma, you’re probably not up yet there in PDX but did you see balloon boy after his shower last night on BBAD? It looked like he has an extreme receeding hairline, especially for 24-yrs. That would explain the comb forward – helmet – ski dude style. I’m sure somebody else caught this besides me!


The way they’re going round and about this, they’re setting Hayden up to win. Hayden is cool with everyone and no one has catch on yet. Matt is cool with most, and everyone knows that. Britney plays all sides and following directions from all sides. She’s a tool. Tools are not natural leader, so they usually would not be the last one standing.

Enzo is calling the shot, so he thinks, while it lasts anyway, unless he’s successful at getting rid of Matt, he has lost his power. Brendon is just going to have to wait and see who is really on his side. Ragan is not part of the game because he’s like entertainment to them. They don’t even mention him that much as if he’s non threaten to them. So Ragan doens’t have to think about staying until the end. His stay in the BB house is almost over. Thanks to his outbursts to Brandon and later Rachel, house guests look at him as if he’s a joke.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Hayden win. It would be better than Brit or Matt winning.


I wish that someone would catch on to Matt’s lie and write it is an HOH letter that he is such a liar. I think that it is terrible that BB let his wife go along with it in the HOH letter to him.


I agree.


you guys are crazy!! of course bb would go along with it, do you know how freaking boring this show would be if people didn’t ‘back stab or lie, or change loyalty’s or cause drama. the goal isn’t to be an “honest winner” the goal is to WIN THE MONEY no matter how you have to do it, and they also need to keep it entertaing


Also, Brit showed a sweet side last nite in the bathtub. She not only had a dialogue about the timeline of events, which was interesting, she had glowing comments on her entire family: Her dad (stepdad) is the smartest man alive, her mom is even funnier & bitchier & direct than she is, her little brother was her best buddy and is still her reason for everything. She has had a happy life and a loving family. She said Nick is such a good person, he treats people really well, everybody loves him and she’s lucky he loves her, that she learns a lot from him. The camera was zooming in on her pictures as she was talking to them and to herself and to the camera.


what is just the tip


That’s their fake talk show that they do late at night. I think they only show it on the live feeds.


man what the hell is the bg thinking. none of them can win, hayden won on matts gracious acceptance of a dollar and enzo and lane cant win anything physical for the life of them. yo enzo is seeming like the crook even more and more yo trying to turn on the only person with a brain in the bg. well lets hope matty sees this nonsense they are pulling and destroys them in the veto


Thats why this is a good idea. They can’t beat Matt at a competition and they know it. They need to get him out now b/c he will probably win HOH next week and it will probably be one of them that leave. He has carried them this far, now it is time to say buh-bye to Matt! The only competitor left after he leaves is Brendon and Brit. Brit cant play next week and Brendon is on their side and will more than likely nominate Brit/Ragan leaving the remainin Brigade members safe. In my opinion, this is their best option. Hopefully they can convince Brit.


If you think about it, the only person in this group that has not created an enemy is Hayden.
He’s the only one who everyone likes. Maybe he’ll get the jury votes if he makes it to the end.
I wanted Matt to win, but if Enzo is going after him, it’s not good.


Yeah, Hayden is starting to look like the only real good choice.


Choice to win. (in case anybody gets confused)


Yes!!!!!! Get Matt out!!! He’s a good player, but I hate him. Finally they’re thinking about playing the gAme.

Other K

Britney would be stupid to get Matt out. Him and Ragan are her only chance at making it to the Final 3. Lane would never take her, he’s more concerned with his buddies.


Unless she wins HOH, Brit is probably going on the block for the second eviction on Thursday, no matter who else wins HOH.


He’s not a good player… he wants to hide the fact that he’s some super genius? I don’t think so. He’s not some super genius. If he was, he would have researched an illness before going into the game that was a little more credible in case anyone else is in the house that’s in the medical field… DUH. IF he’s going to lie about his wife being ill (which I think is BS and not something I would want to be married to anyway yuck)… then anyone in the house can be lying about what they do for a living… like Andrew. So super genius, he is not. Oh, and he had the opportunity to get rid of one of the Rachel, Brendon pair when he was HoH for the first time, and he didn’t. Again… he’s not a good player. He’s a lucky player, at best… and I can’t wait to see him go home this week!!!


he’s not a good player?? how is that, he ensured HIS safety the following week when rachel won hoh, he got rid of the person that would’ve surely won hoh instead of britney, he played the dpov and kept himself an alliance in the house, even tho those people are turning on him for god knows what reason. matt is the best GAME player this season, it hasnt been personal with him minus his dpov speech, and he single handedly has kept the brigade in the game. say what you want but give the man credit where credit is due. the lie was all part of gameplay, so let it go, and also the illness he researched obviously even fooled andrew so there you have it matt should win send the unreliable brigade members home, hell even second place is money for him so thats all he needs, think about it if anyone had a brain they’d take him to the end seeing as how he would get no votes to win DUH


He did research the illness. He chose a very rare one to reduce the chances of anybody having any type of experience with it. Lies are part of the game. I don’t understand how people can justify one lie but not another.


It’s a pretty big lie.


yes totally agree with you, if everyon is going to rip on matt for lying then you also need to rip on everyone else for lying. cause EVERYone in the house has lied, and a lie is a lie, no matter how big or small. and matts a freaking awesome player
GO MATTIE! i hope britney does use her head and realize the only way to final 3 is thru matt and regan! put hayden up and send enzo home!!!


I think the only chance for some excitement is if Matt goes on the block. He’ll suspect he’s going and will scramble until Thursday. If he goes you will have a Ragan melt down to watch. If it stays the way it is and Brendon goes, it’ll be like watching paint dry for the rest of the season.


I hope Britney isn’t that dumb to not see that they are trying to get her to do her dirty work. I guess she’s not catching onto how Lane isn’t giving her the answers she needs to know. She should tell Matt about the back door after they see who wins POV. Too bad, she’ s not aware of what’s going on with that Brigade stuff. If so she should have put up Hayden and Enzo and kept her fake deal with Brendon not to put him up on the block.


Hate to tell you, but Britney is that dumb. She spent too much time talking behind people’s back that she’s not aware of the alliance Hayden and them have. She’s not even aware that she’s a tool.


I don’t think Britney is dumb at all it was a rhetorical question. She’s made it further than any other of the women. It’s hard to be aware of what people are actually saying when it’s behind your back . Like how Rachel wasn’t aware of the extent that Britney was talking about her. It’s also easier to judge when we can see everything that’s going on. Even Matt, probably isn’t aware of the Brigade’s plan. I am hoping she will be use good observation skills before it’s too late like how Lane doesn’t answer her directly etc. So I hope she doesn’t fall for their plan and remembers that she’s a woman and the men tend to band together.

And she’s no bigger tool than the rest of them, but everybody has their opinion and preferences on who they like or judge more than the others.


just because she made it far in the game does not mean she is not dumb!!!


So sick of Enzo and Brendon I could scream.


I agree. They act like two whining old men.


why u like how ragan and brit are whining all the time about stupid shit give me a break


On BBAD, Enzo and Brendon were in in “the dark” Have Nots Room…I guess they have forgotten about the dark light camera that sees things. Brendon was yapping…whining again….and he was picking his nose and there was Enzo with his hands down his pants fondling his stuff. He did that outside on the grass. Classy acts, these two…!!!

Beach Girl

Matt constantly has his hand down his pants and does not wash it. Gross…I feel for his poor fake dying wife.


Can’t stand Enz-Mo, either. I hope enzo gets evicted this week. he’s just lazy, along with Larry-Lane- and Curly-Hay


I don’t think Enzo deserve to win he has done nothing!!!!!!!!!


I totally agree with you. He is all talk and no action.


Sometimes people who has done nothing wins this game. It all depends who ur up against.


exactly if enzo was smart he’d keep matt cause who is gonna vote for matt, i mean these people are obviously gonna vote personally so it wont be necessarily who played the best game


The only thing Enzo (has done) does in this game is the same thing Matt does.. sits around with his hand down his pants. GEEZ. Those boys weren’t scolded enough for doing that as children, obviously. Either that or they have some nasty fungal infection… GO TO THE DR AND ASK BB TO GET YOU SOME CREAM!!! I HATED Adam for always touching himself. Is this something that BB wants for each season now? Guys that will incessantly stick their hands down their pants? Are they aware that they are actually on television? And last night’s AD with Brendon picking his nose… LOL has he ever seen BB when the lights are off? Yep, nightvision. WE SEE IT ALL. Maybe he thought he was safe in the darkest room of the house? I don’t know. This season absolutely blows.


Matt did win two HOH’s.


I do not agree. Enzo was responsible for creating a four person voting block the first week. This alliance has allow him to remain off the block until this week with a 1-7 shot at a $500,000. So far he has played a great social game and has not pissed anyone off as of yet.

The Excitement

Enzo is the master of manipulation tho. He’s the one that created the Brigade and got everyone to believe in trusting one another. And they have.
Enzo hasn’t won any competitions, but he’s done very well(2nd place) in a couple of them.
Atleast he’s actually using his street-smart skills to strategize, unlike Jordan who did absolutely nothing but be cute.
Enzo is playing this game very good, yo. He keeps getting beat by Britney, in the competitions. lol! I love the Meow Meow!


Words cannot describe how much i hate enzo


Enz-Mo and his other 2 stooges, blechhhhh!


Actually I think of the 4 Brig members All of them are floaters except Matt




I seen on a commercial that Matt said it may be time to cut the stings with the brigade only if Brittany tell him after the POV what they are trying to do to him he may out the BR (brigade) because he is no dummy


The 3 bafoons(Enzo, Lane, Hayden) are always thinking of these masterminded plans but don’t have the brains to back them up. They won’t last very much longer. The brains(Brit, matt, Ragen) will get them out sooner or later.
Enzo needs to go. Why is everyone afraid of Enzo? He ain’t got shit. Enzo is a wuss who likes for other people to do his dirty work. Kathy had better game than Enzo has.


Oh, and Enzo thinks he has America on his side. That’s funny Enzo, think again bro.

Other K

Lane is really proving the kind of slime he is. He’s setting Britney up to leave next week. He’s trying to ruin the only friendship she has in the house cause he knows that if he, Brenden, Enzo, or Hayden win HOH next week, she’s going home. I hope she doesn’t let the real neanderTAL in the house ruin her game. Matt is a much stronger ally then Lane is.


I agree, Lane is really making himself look bad by doing the others dirty work.


Hayden enzo and lane are traitors! I hope the pov does not get used and Brendon or ensign go home.


Enzo-Mo says he wants the brains out, so that just leaves those 3 stooges.


Enzo *


I am so over Brit, Ragan and Matt.. If either of these 3 win I’ll freak. This by far has been the most boring predictable season. It’s been so obvious what everyone was going to do. I’d love to see a huge power move by someone that no one would expect but given this group its not likely. I havent had a chance to read the recaps but are any of the HG’s expecting a DE this week as they had been expecting the last few weeks? It doesn’t seem like they are. I’m hoping Brendon wins POV just to throw a wrench in Brit’s plans.

Uncle Cool

Enzo really is becoming a turd. I liked him before he started hanging with Brenda.

The other floaters are also getting on my nerves. Lane and Hayden have to get booted out along with Enzo. The Brigade is no more.

Matt is a superior player and so is Britney. Even Brendon is playing the game.

Ragan is playing mind games, but he is still playing the game.

I want Matt to win.


I want Matt to win so we can see everyone’s reaction when they find out his wife does not have the illness.


lol i agree!


You said it Uncle Cool!


Brit needs to tell Matt that the guys are pushing for her to put him up and backdoor him. She needs to tell him before the POV. He needs to be told that all of them are pushing to keep Brendon. It’s better for her if he knows now, instead of having to talk about it in the event that someone uses the POV. I hope she thinks about the situation and realizes that there is no benefit to her by getting Matt out at this point. It only helps Enzo and Hayden and means she is still their biggest target. She is safer if Matt stays, at least for now. Enzo and Hayden and Lane need to go. They have done nothing but ride Matt’s coat tails, and now they want to keep ND and turf Matt. I hope Brit doesn’t have to get her hands dirty. Brendon is so deluded if he thinks he controls Kathy’s vote. She is the only person that had the cojones to vote against the house. His sense of self importance is embarrassing to watch in action.

BB King

Lane is the dumbest member of the Brigade, which makes him the dumbest houseguest. He couldn’t muster a cover-up explanation to Brittney regarding what would happen if Ragan wins POV next week. At least Enzo, though a game-loser has social skills, with which he can manipulate the other Brigade members (excluding Matt), Brendon and possibly Britney (we’ll soon find out).


ENZO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just A Viewer

Hasn’t it occurred to any of the HG that Brandon is playing the best game? He was totally obnoxious and they voted out Rachel. He is again being crude, rude and whiny. His only chance of being there at the end is to either 1)win HOH and/or POV every time or 2)go in as the choice of last man standing. The HGs are finally realizing this BB contest is not a friendship vote and a vote between any one of them and Brendon would probably get them the 500,000. As they cut their ties to their allies and retain Brendon each HG remaining has a better shot at ultimate win. Also, Matt’s lie about his wife is backfiring! GREAT! Most of the HG realize no one would stand a chance against him and his “dying wife” at the end.
I don’t like anybody this year! Where’s the integrity? Certainly not with Ragan or even the departed Kathy.

BB King

At least Enzo has social skills, which he can use to manipulate the Brigade (excluding Matt), Brendon and possibly Britney (we’ll soon find out). Lane is the dumbest houseguest, he couldn’t even muster an explanation to Britney regarding what would happen if Ragan wins POV.


I’m really hoping that Matt gets some time with Brit and explains to her that she needs him there to protect her since she can’t play the HOH. Obviously she sees that he has a target from everyone trying to get her to backdoor him so she has to know so she needs to realize she needs to have someone with that target still in the game when she can’t compete and if she tells him about everyone wanting to backdoor him he’ll play for his life with the POV and if he stays for HOH. C’mon Brit take some time and use logic. If enzo or braden win, put up Hayden. You can’t beat anyone other than ragan or matt in the final 2 anyways. Use logic


Totally agree. Brit needs Matt at least until double evictions are over. If Brendon wins POV, she has to put up Hayden to ensure Enzo goes. This is good for Matt, Ragan and Brit. Matt, Ragan and probably Lane would vote against Enzo. Pussyboi would vote to keep Enzo. If Hayden wins and takes Enzo off the block, she should put Lane up as a pawn, but I don’t think she would, so this would be the worst case scenario. If Enzo wins POV, she has to put up Hayden or Lane. Brit doesn’t know about the brigade, but with Lane pushing for Matt to go up, and with Enzo and Hayden telling her the same thing, she must conclude that they are working together. She already knows that if Matt is still around, he is a big target and that keeps her relatively safe. She also knows that the only person that Ragan would vote for against her is Matt. I think if it came down to Brit and Matt on the block, Matt would be the one leaving. Hopefully the nominations stay the same this week and Matt or Ragan win HOH. Otherwise, Brit is a goner.

Patty McLean

I think Matt needs to expose the Brigade. If he does then Brittany may not backdoor him.


Agree. That’ll stir up some drama in the house but people might think he’s the sab and that Matt is lying.


I used to think Hayden was a really nice guy until lately. He is just as bad as the other two stooges.
He’s even talking like Enzo(bozo) now…hey yo bro,. OMG, these 3 make me sick.
I hope Brit doesn’t fall for this shit. She needs to be telling Matt what has been said where Matt will know what to do with the bafoons. I hate to say it, but looks like Brit will go home next. Enzo has already secured his bud Brendon a safe place by trashing the others. Enzo knows Matt is not the sab,. I think he is making him(matt) look bad to make himself look good. Go home Enzo(bozo)


i agree, but the POV today can start realigning everybody for the next few days, no need to play any big moves until the pieces settle again, I’m excited to see who is going to abandon who this go around!!


Hope Brit wins the veto,Brit needs to tell Matt that everyone wants him up


so as predicted tit for tat brit put brenda up against enzo. boy am I surprised (not) I was a BB fan but am slowly slipping away. so lets see unless brenda wins POV he’s gone ( and brit gets played by the floatgades) but if Brenda wins POV Brit will put up haydumb against guidozo and guidozo will prob go next. I called it here and am probably right. this yrs cast was a bunch of bitter “taking it personal” playas and thats why this game sucked.


Enzo is PILE OF SHIT who needs to be voted out all the HG are scared of him cuz hes loud and from NJ. He sucks I want him gone not Matt. I hope Matt and Brit and Ragan team up.


I can see lying about game play while your in the game but lying about your wife dying is NOT game play. So you’d rather a douche win it than someone from NJ who is funny and makes for good TV??? WTF is everyone thinking here…this is a game people and everyone is playing the game….no integrity once you enter that front door…Enzo is the one that started the BG and the Gremlin was the first one to betray the BG by switching teams (literally). Pick a side Matt….are you Gizmo or are you a Gremlin. Britney has no clue of what to do and who will get her further in the game…she should just kiss Lane and get it over with already. And do you see how NOONE has even thought that Ragan could be or was the Sabetour…what’s up with that? I don’t think he deserved $20,000 for stupid messages and a dumb note. Hayden and ND are playing a good social game…obviously…they’ve gotten this far with it. I just hope they backdoor Matty and get him the hell out of the house…and in the Jury house with two of his favorite people Rachel and Kathy and then Ragan will be next. BG to the end baby….minus the slime ball Gremlin.


I would love to see Enzo go home for the shock value within itself. I want to see what the next couple of days will be like in the house. I know a lot of people don’t like Matt. But I don’t want to see him get backdoored at this point.


Matt pretty much has to win the PoV that’ll happen in a few hours or so. Once that happens, ND is gone and it’ll probably be a quiz for the next HoH since it’s double eviction. Matt + Ragan has a much better chance than the other 3 BGs that can’t win a thing. Hayden is in a good shape in the game since he has that nice and trustworthy persona. Lane is also in a good spot and perhaps Brit as well. IMO, Brit has no chance of winning this game unless she gets paired up with Matt or Ragan in the final 2.


lane made a huge…HUGE error

going to brit for a matt backdoor….WAAAAAAAY too early…

if matt hears ANYTHING…he will know its them

and brit…if you think brenden is a bigger threat than matt you are dumb…matt has people still in the house, AND brenden doesnt have the jury votes…he gets 2 MAX….BRIT, I dislike you but…at least make a power move


actually if Brendon makes it to the final 2 the majority said they would vote for him to win because he had to fight so hard to get there. It may even be unanimous against someone like Brit. Even Matt said he would give him his vote. If she gets Matt out now the only protection she has in next week’s HOH is ragan since she can’t play. If she keeps Matt, he and Ragan have the targets if any of the 3 stooges (H/L/E) win instead of her. If Matt wins I’m betting Britney throws the rest under the bus about trying to backdoor him and the brigade is over and 2 of them go up.


I just think targeting brenden is pointless

I would carry him to final 2….why the heck not?


Enzo is a joke!!! He has done nothing in this game … He is the ultimate tag along!


As a former fan of the bro gade I hope Enzo is the one who goes home this week ,he is lazy and seems he has no work ethic just look at the way he talks about his wife she is def the bread winner in the family .he reminds me of one of those guys who can,t keep a job or only works when he likes the job he has what a lazy jackass…


wow if that pic of brendon on the top left is not a picture of early man i don’t know what is. the missing link. “i love you babe… i’m going to evolve for you babe… rachel said she wanted me to evolve, so that’s what i’m gonna do for my babe. that’s what neanderthal do for their babes.”


This is so perfect. Usually I would be yelling at my computer screen at Enzo for being so clueless but this time I was beyond happy.
If Brendon wins the pov tomorrow, he takes himself off and Hayden most likely goes up. The best case scenario is for Hayden to win POV, take Brendon off, then Brit would be forced to put up Matt.
She won’t put up Lane or Ragan. Then Matt will think he’s a pawn, then BOOM, Matt gets evicted by a 3-1 vote.
That’s best case scenario. I just want Brendon to stay.




Hands in his pants must have carpal tunnel from all his computer work, making his hands ache and needing to keep them warm! hahaha.


Come on Brendon win POV and then laugh in Matt’s face.


After Kathy got evicted she did an interview before she went
to the JH, they asked her who does she think is the biggest liar, backstabber
etc etc? Guess who Smokey said? …… Brendon. I guess he lost a vote.


Backdooring Matt and sending him home would redeem this season. THe lookon his smug face would be worth all the frustration we’ve experienced so far. He thinks he’s such a smarty — the DPOV was handed to him! It is time to shake things up — Brendon wins the POV and takes himself off the block and Matt goes up and goes home — I’d cheer and pledge to watch the next BB Season (very much in doubt right now — my BP can’t take the anger this stupid show arouses in me. In other words, it is a hazard to my health). Why would Ragan win the POV — he’s not in danger at the moment? Brendon and Enzo NEED the POV to save themselves — it doesn’t matter which one wins — just take themselves down and put Matt, the Mensa madman up and send his sleazy, slimy a** home. then, let’s see them all rearrange themselves and see what happens after this — the show would get interesting finally.


For entertainment purposes and ratings, Matt NEEDS to go on the block as a backdoor nominee — he’s been so smug all season, thinking he’s the great manipulator and mastermind of this game — the look on his face alone, would be worth the price of admission. Otherwise, it becomes a snoozefest. Matt has had his ride, now it is time for him to feel the uncertainty everyone else in that house is feeling.


I wonder if Lane has the brains to realize that he is at the bottom of the food chain in his 3 man alliance. Enzo and Hayden would help each other first before helping Lane. I even think they would save Brendon before Lane because they think they can beat him in final 2. Enzo wouldn’t beat Lane and if it was Hayden and Lane, it could go either way. Unfortunately, I don’t think Lane is smart enough to figure this out and flip to Brit’s side. He is safe with her until final 4.

If the POV is used, Matt has to out the brigade in secret to Brit. He needs to tell her the four of them made a deal on day one and they have all let him carry them and get blood on his hands, and now they want to get rid of him. This is a good strategy for Matt, because it will show Brit that she would not survive the block against Enzo, Lane or Hayden. The only people she would have a chance against on the block are Ragan and Matt. Once Brit knows the secret, she can work Lane and try to pull him to her corner. She needs to know that he tells the BG that he controls her. That will piss her off and she will realize that she needs to be careful around him.


the biggest mistake for brendon was not making a deal with regan, possibly the only person now in the house who doesnt go back on his word. Its crazy how every house guest who isnt in the bregade are so focused on evicting someone like brendon who has no alliance when there is hayden, enzo, and lane in the house that are obviously friends, strong people, and probably a reason they r still in the house and dont say much against each other. it makes perfect sense to want to get them out over someone who would not win in a final 2 situation like brendon. everyone is playing it really safe. matt played it safe by putting kathy up instead of someone in the bregade, its all boring to watch and upsets me. i think the reason i shoot for the underdog like brendon even though i dont like his game play is because i love the possibilty of him going from a terrible position in the house to an awesome position in the house within a short period of time. i like matt but i would prefer a bregade member to go instead of brendon this week because it breaks up the foresome and makes the winner of big b more up in the air, more a surprise, more interesting.


Matt is a douche! I hope the self proclaimed evil genius gets backdoored! That would be priceless. Hate the meangirls Brit and Ragan. I cannot wait to see the look on dumbass Ragan’s face when he finds out he has been crying and trying to protect a lying scumbag like Matt. LOVE ENZO!!!! Without Enzo what the heck would I have to laugh at??