Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden laughs and says that Brendon didn’t get enough complex carbohydrates before the paint can competition…

10:10pm Big Brother gave them some alcohol. Hayden and Lane play pool as Enzo works out. Britney brings the beer and one bottle of wine out into the backyard fridge. They got 4 cans of beer and a bottle of red wine. Lane, Britney, Hayden and Ragan are now all sitting around the hot tub talking and joking around. They make fun of how Rachel told the floaters get a life vest and how she came back into the house. Ragan says that he is surprised that Annie didn’t knock her the BLANK out. Enzo says man, I would have punched her in the face especially if I knew I was going home. Lane says that he wonders if Rachel stole the line from Janelle. Hayden says that he thought Rachel was such a skank. Britney tells Ragan that she is sure his fight with Rachel made Perez Hilton’s blog because of all the homophobic comments Rachel made. Ragan says that he wonders if CBS edited the fight to show Rachel using the gay slurs. Ragan says that he knows he will be able to find it on YouTube. Meanwhile, Enzo is in the kithen still working on making his space ship out of tin foil and other things. They talk about all the many jobs Brendon had. Hayden says that he wonders if he’s even 30 years old. Lane says that he thinks he’s been fired a lot. Hayden says that he thinks Brendon’s resume is two pages long. The conversation changes to talking about Kathy. Hayden calls her a dirty mind old lady. Britney says that she was horny. Lane says yeah, she said she hasn’t been with a guy for a year. Meanwhile, Enzo is in the kitchen building his space ship.

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11pm Britney, Hayden, Lane and Ragan are all gathered around the hot tub. Britney is talking about her mom and how she doesn’t like any of her boyfriends. Lane asks if she likes Nick? Britney says loves, no, likes, yes. Britney says that her mom doesn’t really like anyone. The conversation changes to the Wrap Party in Vegas. Lane says that he is scared to meet Britney’s mom. Britney says she’ll like him. They say that he mom is just being protective. They all say that hey don’t want to see Rachel at the Wrap Party. Britney says or ever again. They talk about how hard Kathy had it the first three weeks. The conversations changes to talking about the last POV competition. Lane talks about how right before Double Eviction, it felt like the season was never going to end.

11:20pm – 1am It’s Music Time: All the house guests have to stop what they are doing and start dancing. Hayden, Lane, and Britney are dancing in the backyard. Enzo is in the shower dancing and Ragan is dancing in side the house. Ragan dances his way into the bathroom where Enzo is dancing in the shower. When they’re done Hayden and Lane get the grill ready to grill some hot dogs. Britney says that she wants to go upstairs and listen to some music, but that she is afraid she won’t hear the music to know when to dance. Lane tells her that it won’t be for awhile. Britney decides to go up and listen to music for a bit. Hayden, Lane and Britney are now all in the HOH room playing with the dominoes. Meanwhile, Enzo and Ragan are in the living room. Ragan talks about his backyard conversations with the live feeders and how he gives tips to future Big Brother house guests. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

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1am – 2am Up in the HOH room Hayden, Lane and Briteny are talking about their pets. Hayden says his dog got bitten by a rattlesnake in the face. Lane says that his dog Tucker was bitten on the foot by a copperhead snake. Lane says that his dog was okay because they got to it quickly. Britney says that she doesn’t let her dog go at her parent’s house because there are so many snakes around and she is worried that her little dog will get bitten. Hayden says goodnight and leaves HOH. Britney and Lane are alone in the HOH room. Hayden, Enzo, Ragan are downstairs in living room. Hayden and Enzo talk about Eminem. Hayden asks Ragan what his favourite competition has been? Ragan tells him that it was the surfboard competition. Enzo says that the paint can one was fun but hard. They talk about how the paint can competition and the rope challenge looked easy but it that it was a lot harder than it looked. Enzo says that he loved watching Brendon on the paint can. Hayden makes fun of how Brendon was standing by bending and shaking his legs. They laugh at how funny Brendon looked up there. Hayden laughs and says that Brendon didn’t get enough complex carbohydrates before that competition. Hayden goes and gets into the shower. The music starts again and he starts dancing in the shower. Lane, Britney and Enzo are dancing in the HOH room. When the music ends Enzo says that was a good one. Enzo tells Britney and Lane that Ragan is going to have a funny speech tomorrow. Enzo makes fun of Ragan. Enzo and Britney impersonate how Ragan was during the POV competition. Enzo says that he thinks they will show Ragan screaming like a BLANK during the POV. They start talking about the music. Lane says that he wonders what would happen if you were in the shower? Enzo says he got caught in the shower and Hayden just got caught in the shower as well. Enzo says that he liked dancing in the shower. Lane says that he wants to have the music start up when he’s showering. They talk about how think the music is going to keep coming till 4 or 5am. Lane and Enzo laugh about how paranoid the house makes you. Britney says that in the very beginning everyone was so bored, now they are used to it and have a schedule. Enzo says he still gets bored. He just keeps thinking about only having two weeks left. Enzo says that they needed that double eviction. Britney and Lane agree. Lane says that he is looking forward to his one on one with Julie this week from the HOH. Lane says that will be good airtime. They start talking about being recognized after Big Brother. Britney says that she doesn’t think that Enzo will get recognized as much because of where he lives. Britney says when Lane goes into Walmart people will probably go crazy. Enzo says that Big Brother is one of the top reality shows. Enzo says how do you not love Big Brother compared to other reality shows?!! Britney agrees. Lane starts talking about the Real World and says the cast members on that show are like celebrities to him. Enzo and Britney say that they don’t watch the Real World. Britney says that since they’re a CBS show they will only do CBS related interviews. Britney says that they won’t be going on shows that are on other networks, Enzo says they’re going on Oprah and then says that he knows she watches Big Brother.

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2:10am – 3:30am Down in the jumanji bedroom Hayden is using the dominos to study the weeks in the house. Up in the HOH room. Lane is talks about his HOH tweets. Lane says that when he gets out of the house he is going to get on Twitter account. Lane says he has never been on Twitter and that he wants to get Twitter so he can tell everyone where he’s going to be, and what bars he’s heading out to. Lane says the guy told him to include some game talk when he tweets but he just wanted to give shout outs to his family. Brit says they told her the same thing. Britney is called to diary room and she tells them guys goodnight as she leaves. When Britney comes out of the diary room she heads into the jumanji room. Britney and Hayden are talking, she tells him that Enzo and Lane were talking about how famous they are going to be after this. Britney says that Enzo thinks he is a huge celebrity now. Hayden says that he probably is. They talk about the after effects of Big Brother. Britney says that she doesn’t feel like life is going to be any different for her after the show. Britney says her life will probably be the same minus her having a job. Hayden says that the double eviction was the best time to get Brendon out. Britney agrees and says that then they didn’t have to put up with him all week. Hayden talks about Matt and his lies, how he lied about his age, and about being a hardcore Big Brother fan. Britney asks why would you lie about that? Britney says she is a hardcore fan and it hasn’t helped her in the game at all. Enzo joins Hayden and Britney in the jumanji room. They talk about dancing to the classical music. Britney says that she thinks it is coming again in an hour. Enzo says that it will be until 5am. They talk about random things hotels, celebrities, their jobs. Then they decide to go to sleep.
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3:50am Big Brother plays the music for them to start dancing. They all slowly get out of their beds and dance or bounce around until the music stops and then they all get back into bed. All the house guests are back asleep….

7:25am All the house guests are fast asleep…

9am They’re still sleeping…

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If BBAD or the live feeds showed the JH then I would definitely watch and subscribe. I come on this site just to catch up on what is happening because BBAD and the feeds are boring. I really only log onto this site every other day because there is nothing going on. The game is boring and predictable. I am tired of the stupid gossip and making fun of the evicted HGs. I once thought the banter between Enzo, Britney and Ragen were funny, but not anymore. The same thing is said over and over again. I really hope next year’s cast is better than this year. I won’t remember this cast after the season is over. But I always will remember BB11 and BB 8 (my favorite).




This is just about the only place I get my BB news since I knew Matt was going home. Sad season. Ragan has my vote and everyone else in the house still sucks!


My favorite season was Big Brother 5 with Jase, Holly, Nakomis, Scott, Drew and Diane. There was no shortage of drama. and they didn’t focus on the ex houseguests so much.


I have to admit that the last ‘punishment’ was very entertaining. Lane was halarious to watch dance. Other than that BBAD is so BORING!!!

My words!

I just LOVE it when the camera lingers on Ragan shoving food in his mouth and smacking his lips and chewing with his mouth open. Thanks, BBAD, you are cruel. But I will make a deal with you, CBS…. keep the camera away from Enzo when he is eating and I will tolerate Ragan.
Last night I wanted to sew Ragan’s mouth shut and put a bag over his head.

BB King

A much more entertaining punishment (for viewers anyway) would have been three former HGs returning to the BB house. America gets to choose who they want to see return and I am almost certain that everyone besides Kathy would have come back. What an interesting dynamic that would have been. Too bad the ones we love to see are gone.


Andrew, Annie and Rachel returning might have been a good punishment.


their dancing really funny


Out of all the house guests that are left, I want to see Ragan wins, but stop the BS will you Ragan?
First of all, Rachel didn’t use any gay slurs, anti gay remarks blah, blah, blah.
She said that you- Ragan, wasn’t good at being gay. That you think you can act like that because you’re gay.
That was all she said.
It was more like she was calling you an amature gay man, who uses his gayNESS, if you will, to get responds from people.
Get it right. Stop throwing the gay card out, because it’s not working.


I think Ragan needs to heed his advice he gave to Rachel, because his act is getting old and uncalled for.


I see.

BritRae is Goneeee

It’s turely amazing how BORING BB after dark is. Now the regular BB on CBS is strating to get boring as well. I hate to say this but CBS is just straight wrong and made a mistake in picking their cast this year. Horrible to the max!!!!!

Brit you are not god’s gift to earth. You are nothing in this game. Stop talking shit because you really are making yourself look really bad to america right now.


I bet her family and friends are embarrassed.
I bet her boss is thinking twice about her and how effective she would be with her hotel customers. In my opinion, Britney flushed her credibility down the toilet.

My words!

Too late…Brit cooked her proverbial goose weeks ago with her catty remarks and vicious comments. I wasn’t a Brendon fan (until the last) and I wonder if Brendon ever thought about making insulting remarks on Brig’s wandering eyeball.


He did. So I guess it’s ok. They all make comments about each. People need to stop being sensitive and get over it.


I cannot believe how boring & unimaginative this year’s HGs are being. I think BB needs to spice things up as this year’s cast was able to almost “predict” what comps were next, when the double eviction would be, etc. there’s really not too much that’s unpredictable at this point and these HGs don’t even have real life conversations that are interesting! “Oh, we’ll be celebrities when we get out of here.” Hmmm yeah, for about 15 minutes, people!


Did anyone notice in last night’s episode that CBS made a point to show Hayden hitting the button in the HOH (they showed it twice)? I know there has been alot of discussion about whether if he hit the button or not (myself thought he did not). I guess CBS heard the cries and showed the footage. As for Enzo’s rule breaking (eating when he is a have-not), no response from CBS…


I did notice that. You couldn’t see that he did that on the original show. Still, I hate that they waste so much episode time by rehashing the previous episode 3-4 times. Each time they have a new episode you know you can miss like the first 10 minutes without missing much.


The reason why they basicly showed everything all over again is because these people are soooo boooring that there Is nothing else they can show. That’s why they added these punishments. But even the HGs make that boring. The lame five are the worst.


I noticed that as well, but I replayed the actual show from that night and he NEVER hit the button. WAS is face shown at the same time? Or was it just his HAND? I complained to CBS like someone on here suggested and told us where to go( at the bottom of the CBS page) oh well I guess they feel they have covered their azz!


Does CBS/BB ever see what everyone is saying about this season casting? Also, on the same line does the house memebers get to read (after the show ends) what folks are saying & how they are viewed? I have never missed a season and this one is the worst! If this was my first time watching I would never tune in again. Hoping this season will be a lesson learned for both CBS & cast.


I think it would be fun if next season they bring back all the best showmance couples. I know a lot of them broke up after the show was over, so they bring them back and not tell them they’re coming as former couples. That season could be really fun with Jase and Holly, Diane and Drew, Jessica and Eric, April and Ollie, Jeff and Jordan, Brendon and Rachel, and Hayden and Kristen. Now that cast could be really fun.


Don’t forget about James and Chelsia, that was fun to watch also. :-)!


Actualy that would be good because I’m sure some of them are pissed at each other for whatever reason they broke up. And some may even get back together. There would be alot of drama in that house




how about next pandora’s box they bring back andrew
lmaooooooo , can you imagine everyones faces
like “who’s this again .. ?”


Just want to say a big “thank you” to Online Big Brother for taking the time to write out everything for us BB fans! Great job – you made the whole BB experience extra special!
Thanks to all!


I read this article on line I thought I’d share with you guys——–/Big Brother 12 is all but over for me folks! There are No Bandwagons left to jump on. The show is still on and has a few weeks remaining but I, like many Big Brother fans, no longer have someone we can get behind to win.  In other words, we have no one we can support with a clear conscious.  Whether it is due to lack of game play or developing a dislike of players due to their mannerisms or their choice of technique for dealing with others over the course of the season, I’m not sure.  In the past, we had our favorites and our villians and stood firm.  This year, fans have come out strong for a character only to be forced to change their views a week or two later.  The question is:  Why has this occurred?
Personally, I started out on the first night liking Andrew.  Then, the saboteur struck and I could see Andrew in that role.  Live Feed Updates reported that he did something questionable and I had to rethink my opinion of Andrew.  At that stage, I couldn’t back Hayden because of his early Brigade alliance and Brendon and Rachel had the only game going.  This smart crew of house guests was threatened early and realized that Brendon and Rachel were a super couple (or maybe camera hogs) and put them up.  This had me shaking my head early.
After Andrew left, I just couldn’t pull for any one individual.  I had friends who were in Camp Matt or Camp Hayden or Camp Rachel.  Sure Matt and Rachel were playing the game, but Hayden suddenly decided to go to sleep.  His showmance with Kristin was revealed as Andrew left the house and the others saw it as something that had to go.  Rachel put up Kristen and she was gone.  While some are/were pulling for Britney, I just didn’t have the heart to cheer at her antics.  Her game play seems to be based solely on hours spent breaking words and trashing people either on the block or out of the house.  As Ragan did the same thing, I just couldn’t support him either! 
So why in this final five can most of the fans of Big Brother 12 not have a favorite? My thoughts are that all the real game players are now out of the game.  Of the remaining characters, only Britney has won more than two competitions. Ragan has come on strong but I can’t ignore the Head of Household competitions that he has thrown.  Lane, Hayden and Enzo cannot seem to decide who should stay awake from the competition and only wanted to eat, sleep and maybe work out.  Britney also receives kudos for taking breaking her word to an all time low.  Every time she promises someone something she turns right around and does the opposite.  Yes, I know it’s a game!  But does she.  These are the people who will be deciding who gets the cash in the finale.  Ragan falls into the same trash talking, breaking trust category.  His performance as the saboteur as so minimal that it amounted to nothing more than a joke as he performed only the easiest suggestions given.  Kathy, in particular, and the others soon realized that the saboteur was nothing more than a joke! 
Why have so many of us jumped from person to person in our support?  I honestly think that there was no one individual this year who stood out.  All these house guests knew the game and how it had been played.  In the past, we have had heroes (Jeff) and villians (Evel Dick).  There were clear cut people who could play the game and knew how far to stretch their antics without getting in trouble.  They knew their roles.  The Big Brother 12 crew that we have left claimed to have knowledge of all of the past seasons.  They even had opinions of last year’s winner Jordan and trashed talked her as a floater.  I had a hard time with Britney, Hayden, Lane, Ragan, and Enzo in particular after Jeff and Jordan’s visit.  They were all over themselves praising them.  I wanted to cry:  “You idiots!  You spent the first few weeks trash talking her!  Now you love her!  Get a life!”
Another disappointing element of the game this year has been the house vote.  No one wanted blood on their hands and of these five, they always were sure to vote with the house.  They wanted the showmance of Brendon and Rachel destroyed, they took every chance they could get to break it up.  Funny though, Rachel and Brendon between them held them off for more weeks than Britney and Ragan could count.  The only house guest who refused to vote with the house was Kathy and basically that is why Matt took the opportunity to get her out of the house.  I think Matt said it best:  Controlling the house controlled the ultimate winner.  Too bad that this turned on him in the end but the remaining house guests are still acting as a pack and not as individuals.  In the end, they’ll have to vote for themselves and this could hurt them with the jury.  It certainly would give us, if we were given the opportunity, a multitude of questions which would put the finalist on the spot!
Big Brother 12 Season Ending Poll
5 – Good
4 – Above Average
3 – Average
2 – Below Average
1 – Not Good

The remaining five see themselves as the be-all and end-all of Big Brother competitors and guaranteed a place in the next all-star competition.  As it stands now, we basically have two groups left in the house:  the catty people who did do something in competitions (Britney and Ragan) and the floaters who threw competitions, ate as much as they could, and slept their way through the game.  Of the final five, I see no one who deserves a berth on any future All-Stars.  In fact, people I have talked to who watch the show want Annie or Andrew to be given a shot!  The general consensus is neither of these had the opportunity to play the game!
One final item needs to be address about Big Brother 12.  Ragan, Britney, Enzo, Lane, and Hayden feel that fame and fortune is their due for making it to the final five.  They think that they have hundreds of fans who will fawn on their every word and love them devotedly.  While the average television viewer could easily feel something for one of these five, Diary Rooms will shot any preconceived notion of these five being fame worthy down.  While Britney’s diary rooms have been funny, a certain amount of cattiness has come through.  Basically, none of these meet the criteria of fame that Evel Dick, Jen, Jeff or Jordan has had for this show.  To take it a step further, none of these five have the same characteristics or charisma that Rob and Amber of Survivor, The Amazing Race, and other shows have.  If I could offer any of these five advice it would be:  Don’t quit your day job!


when did regan break his trust?? he was on Rachel and brendon’s side until they started with the cockiness and arrogance when they had power, and he shifted which was the right decision if he had stayed with brenchel he wouldn’t been out maybe even b4 them


he got mad a rachel when she called him out, for his alliance with matt, which everyone already knew about


that pretty much sums up this season’s cast, the brigade fans are probably the same people who were mad that jordan won!!!!!!


When RR was voted out, the last wild card left. So it’s mostly boredom. The only thing that would be even mildly interesting would be if they did something a little off script. Like send Hayden home this week,, then Brit win HOH and send Lane home.

BB King

Even though the BG may be narcissistic idiots everything they wanted to accomplish in the game they did. Every event which transpired, the BG was the catalyst in that events occuring. They may well be the best alliance in BB history, getting everyone else to do their dirty work and winning only when necessary.


the best alliance as you call them are afraid to do anything, they want to put brit up but are scared to death to do it, I want someone to tell lane to man up and just do it


I’m not disagreeing with you, but i will guarantee you have a bunch of replies, saying best alliance my ass (or something along those lines)


BB12 Staff ! ! !
. . . . Biggest BB Upset Ever ! ! ! Stir things up and bring back some interest to BB with those who REALLY PLAYED the game! ! !


I agree bring matt or brenden back, either one and kick out enzo for cheating!!!!!!!!!!


Oh big brother. How boring you are now. Even doing pandoras boxes every week doesn’t make it more interesting. They are grasping at straws. When Hayden won that HOH instead of Brendon the producers were prob like SHIT what are we gonna do now.

BB King

Well you may be right about that. Brit did complain that the producers wanted Brendon to win the Double Eviction HOH comp and he was not far behind Hayden. But I believe if that’s truly the case then everyone elses box except Brendon’s should have been empty of the Matt and Rach cards.


if BB brought back ANY of the BB12 HGs they would be making a huge mistake. neither played good enough to even be officially considered for All-Stars. bunch of idiots neither one played a good game, people need to stop pretending they did.


everyone who got evicted, the way they acted in the house is what got them evicted.


these people would get killed in an allstars season, can you see dr will and mike laughing at them, I’m not a fan of evel dick but imagine him in the same house with these idiots, brit would have a reason to cry


him and evel dick would slaughter them, especially rachel she would again be put in her place but this time not by a “gossip girl”


Top used BB phrases:

1) Throw under the bus
2) Do their dirty work
3) Blood on their hands
4) back dooring
5) throwing the competition
6) But first….(julie rocks)
7) …on the block..
8) …playing the game..
9) …i’m just being myself…
10) omg.. its just a game!

…what else?…






for this season the top one is I don’t want to go on the block


LOL!!!!!!!!!! And who could possibly ever forget the ever-annoying ‘libations’, ‘That’s what she said’, and ‘BAM!’. Ugh.

Mickey in Mass

And “yo” at the end of every sentence!


I do have to admit that this season sux! I only watch on Thursday nights b/c the show really blows. And, who else is getting fed up with the 15-20 min reruns before each show. CBS has to have some interesting things to show us besides repeating the HOH comp and who was voted out 4 and 5 times before each episode.

I guess if I had to pick a winner it would be Brit But really do not care who wins …. my guess this season will end and it will be the last we here of any of these housequest.


I have to wonder why they only want to trash talk Brendon and Rachel. I guess the other six just aren’t as interesting as those two, or they are still more threatened by them than they want to admit. In any event, I’m sick of hearing them do this, get a life and talk about something else. I happen to have liked them both. I don’t know if there showmance will last, but if it does then I say good for them. Lots of people meet in much stranger circumstances and go on to have very happy lives together. I agree with the article “blah” posted, it seems pretty accurate. The BB producers could have made this season exciting if they would have sat down, put on their thinking caps, and come up with some new comps. They knew this cast was all fans, so wouldn’t that tell you that you need to come up with new things instead of continuing to recycle from seasons past. Even now they’re anticipating when the morphed faces POV will be, probably next week. I’m also disappointed with the producers for not doing something about Enzo’s eating while being a have not. He should get some punishment for continually breaking the rules, I think they should start docking his stipend for each time he eats. Like a lot of people I just can’t find it in myself to root for any of the remaining five to win.


When are they going to have the POV ceremony?

rachel's Nipple

today. noonish i think


All of you have completely missed the boat. The Brigade members have absolutely played this game the best of any alliance ever in BB and yes I have watched every season. This game is about social interactions and who can manipulate the other HGs the best. The Brigade members have absolutely done that better than anyone else. The POV and HOH competitions are distractions to create the illusion of that being the most important aspect of the game. But again, it is all about how the HGs play each other. You can say all you want that manipulating someone is wrong, but that is the real game that is played in BB.


exactly. side-alliances made them almost imposible to vote out. Winner winner, chicken dinner

rachel's Nipple

Finally someone with an intelligent comment. Brigade owns. The “super fans” are hating (maybe getting old n grouchy) Tell me when in BB history has an alliance started day one and lasted to day 50ish. Touch it. Feel it. Love it. SSSHHHUN!

Chris J

Have to disagree. Firstly, POVs and HOH are not just distractions. There have been amply seasons where these “distractions” have provided players with opportunities to stay and ultimately win the game.

I think the issue with this season is that the entire group was so explicitly not playing the game that a group coasted to the latter stages of the game without even trying.

Matt had every indication that he was the number 4 in the brigade. They basically told him the prior week to his eviction when they made it clear they would vote for Lane. Still he thought it wise to remain loyal to them, turn on his best ally so he could remain the bottom rung in an alliance. Really?

Regan, thinking (or knowing) that his one ally was leaving decided to cry instead of trying to form an alliance with the only non-threat to win (Brendan), and therefore a non-threat to him. He continued to target Brendon! Completely senseless! The same can be said for Britney, but she is so warped she hasn’t even realized she is an outsider! At least Regan realizes!

I think any other group of individuals who have seen Brendon’s worth in the game. Instead of trying to align with him to get the most dangerous players out, they kept targeting him…. because the house wants him out!… Since the house can be crowned the winner…. Surely, one of the brigade will win the game. But will the others look back with regret? I suspect they will.

The Playa

the hoh and pov winners are most remembered, the people who played hard both ways


Am I the only one who has noticed that this house is like a bunch of vultures, they prey on the weak and then unanimously evict them. There is no individual thoughts going on in their heads. It’s a shame bc Brit could’ve done so much better, now at best, she’ll only get 3rd place.

Chris J

Exactly! Britney’s game got side-tracked when she put up Brendon! Knowing there were other threats in the game, who were much more likable, she could have used her HOH to target someone else, like Hayden. She is in with Matt and Regan. She “thought” she had Lane. She could have used her deal with Brendon to get someone else out. In stead, she opted to be a part of the cool crowd and brainlessly put up Brendon when she had a plausible excuse not to….

From that point… I could see the end for her game.


Every year it starts out that way where they all vote together not to upset anyone OR to piss off the HOH but you are right usually within three or four weeks they start to become a little more independant but not this year. This ‘GROUP’ of house guests made up their minds that they wanted to keep the house like a “vacation” and ANYONE that made waves or started ANY CONFLICT they were the next to go! IMO Rachel and Brendan were the only two that weren’t afraid to speak their minds, step on toes, lie if they had to (its BIG BROTHER) you are suppose to lie. AND say what you want about Kathy but she was the ONLY one that went out on a limb and voted for a friend. MATT is in a whole different catagory. He LOST MANY MANY VEIWERS WITH THE LIE ABOUT HIS WIFE!!! LIE IN THE GAME NOT ABOUT YOUR ‘BRIDES’ HEALTH! MATT was soooo afraid of getting blood on his hands that every time he did win a “power” competition he would play both sides (to keep peace) a WASTE is POWER MOVES. DPOV= KATHY??? ECT……………The list goes on with MATT!!!


They have to make them do all this weird shit because without matt this show is BORRRRRING! Grow a pair Lane, make your move and take out Hayden or you will lose to him.


Not to get off of the subject but can someone tell me when did Brenden and Andrew formed such a ‘STRONG’ bond? I don’t recall it playing out before us on live TV? EVER??? Could they have been the long time ‘FRIENDS’?

Mike can you people say this is the worst cast. According to the lame 5 they are the greatest cast in BB history. According to the lame 5 they have the best charcters ever, according to the lame 5 they have the best and funniest DRs ever, even though they can’t see each others. According to the lame 5 there going to have millions of fans who just want to be in the same building as them. According to the lame 5 there going to be on every talk show including oprah. According to the lame 5 there all going to be asked back for allstars.


LOL according to lame 5, crack is healthy


I’m sure I’m going to sound stupid but who exactly is the “Lame 5”?


Lame 5 are the people left in the house


Oh ok thans Mike, that totally makes sense. Funny name for them, I love it.


Mike, you are soooo right.


Has anyone noticed that “who is your favorite” numbers have changed??Regan used to have 27%,, now he is down to 26%-how did that happen???????

Also, I have not been able to vote. Is it closed already???
Simon, can you tell me where I go to vote, please?


the poll percentage is based on total votes therefore if total votes goes up and Ragan is getting less then 27% of those his number will drop, For example DAWG was at 14% not he’s at 12%. VOTE DAWG!!

The poll is still open if you haven’t already voted it’s at the bottom of this post

You can only vote once until we reset the poll on thursday


Thank you, Simon. It all makes sense now.