Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he has more meat than there is in the fajita package.

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8:40pm Britney and Lane head out of the HOH room Britney asks Lane who he is going to put up. Lane says that he already told Hayden that he was going up on the block. Lane goes out into the backyard to play a game of pool with himself, while Hayden works out. Britney comes out and tell Lane why don’t you rack the balls and I’ll play you. Lane says what?! Britney asks Lane if he is sticking with the blue stick all the time now. Britney says that she laid out all day and didn’t even tan. They talk about how the seasons have changed. Britney asks Lane if he dips? Lane says no but his dad does. Britney tells Lane that he has really good teeth, and says that people who dip have crusty yellow teeth. Lane says that he has a phobia with teeth. Britney says that he has great teeth, and that they’re really white. Britney ask Lane if he has ever had braces or a retainer. Lane says that you just brush them …all the time and it brushes them into place. Lane says that he has worn a mouth piece his entire life.  Britney says that she can’t even get a drink of her coffee because he keeps messing up her shots and then she has to go again.

9:15pm Meanwhile Ragan is making TGI Fridays fajita mix. Ragan show the package to the camera and tells America that the package says that there is enough for three fajitas. Ragan says that he has more meat on his balls than there is in the fajita package. Ragan says that he can put all the meat from the package into one fajita.
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Enzo is at the table making a space ship out of tinfoil, nail polish, q-tips, and other things. Britney comes into the kitchen and talks to Ragan about the fajitas. Then they start making fun of Rachel. Enzo gets called to the diary room. Britney says that Rachel had told her that she just doesn’t like her because she is intimidated by her. Ragan says oh yeah I didn’t hear her say that first hand but I remembers her talking about it.  They talk about how if you haven’t lived with Rachel Reilly you don’t understand.  Ragan says that Rachel is like a fresh breath of …. Britney says of diarrhea. Enzo comes back and continues to make his spaceship. Enzo tells Britney that he still has a lot of things to make for it like an engine and a propulsion system for it. Ragan and Britney continue to imitate Rachel and talk about the fights with her. They bring up all the things Rachel said to them like how Rachel told Ragan he’s bad at being gay. Britney is sitting at the table talking to Ragan while he eats. Britney is telling Ragan about when she was on vacation with her dad he was taking to a guy trying to get to meet her and that he was gay and her dad had no idea even though he was there with his partner.


9:30pm Enzo and Hayden are jogging around that backyard. A helicopter is flying above them and they are yelling and waving at it. Enzo asks if they are a UFO?! The helicopter leaves and they go back to jogging around the yard.

9:35pm In the kitchen Ragan and Britney are joking around. Ragan is getting ready to make cookies. Ragan says that some of them are big like his penis. Ragan says that they really need to do something tomorrow …like a tea party …a gang bang…. mutual masturbation ….because today was so boring. Britney starts talking about how Hayden and Enzo were up super late talking about the same sports stories that they have repeated a hundred times and that she was trying to sleep. Britney says that she didnt have her sock puppet on so she couldnt say anything…so she tried to warn them with a couple deep sighs …but that didnt work so she grabbed her blanket and stormed out of the room. Ragan gets called to the diary room …and Britney heads out into the backyard and jumps on the eliptical while Enzo and Hayden continue to run around the backyard. Britney tells them that it is already hard after 43 seconds….
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9:50pm – 10pm In the backyard, Britney is on the elliptical in her UGG boots, Enzo & Hayden are running around the yard and Lane is sitting there in silence watching them all workout.. Ragan is in the kitchen still making his cookies… he keeps saying the Rachel line “EWWWy GOOWIE YUMMY COOKIES..” in his annoying Rachel voice… After Britney gets tired of the elliptical she gets off and starts walking around the backyard.. Lane says that she must be sick …that its not like her to exercise..

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117 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he has more meat than there is in the fajita package.

    1. Yeah she does! And with the ugg boots! Almost makes me forget what an evil little person she is. However with the sound off (so as not to hear her and Ragan continue to bash R/B) it, combined with the dancing is almost bearable to watch!

  1. Now I have been around a long time and I have spent many hours in mix company but I don’t think I have every just out of the blue brought up to them if they have imagine someone else pubic hair. Britney just asked them if they can imagine Brendon’s. Wow, are they hurting for conversation? That girl is seaching pretty low to find something to make fun of tonight.

    1. Brendon’s sex face, now his pubic hair. I’m thinking some of the other posters are right. That Brit has a crush or something on Brendon.

  2. Why is Britt working out in boots? Isn’t it hot there? She looks like she is dressed fot holloween. Geezzzz. Wonder if she is really underaged because she looks like a teenager! maybe thats some of the twist. Everyone is not who they say they are?

    1. There is a cool front in that part of the US right now. ON the East coast we are getting the heat they had earlier. Also, it’s very cold in the house. I would wear the same, shorts with Uggs. She may have a lazy eye, but the girl looks hot 90% of the time!

    1. Watching Enzo was so funny….he would talk and then remember to move the puppet’s mouth. It was like watching a badly dubbed foreign film.

  3. Show time after Dark Needs to shut Regan and Britney up they are all the time talking about Rachel and Brendon that is because they are so unsure about there own life. They make after dark not worth watching.

      1. I totally agree.. I mean why else would Britney be imagining his sex faces? Thats not what I think about when thinking about a person I don’t like… they are both ridunkulous! The fact that they don’t realize that they are becoming the very thing they claim to despise is beyond me!

    1. I have stopped watching BB after dark beacuse Brit & Rag…they make me sick. She picks at her self and the picks on everyone else. This has to be the worse BB yet.

    1. The only house guests that were half way entertainment to watch:
      And maybe Brendon.
      The rest should not be any where near a TV camera.
      Britney is on the wrong TV station. With her running around showing her cleavage and legs to a house full of boys, I believe she would do well on a stage, but not this stage, if you know what I mean.

  4. Booooring all they talk about is B/R constantly. They are gone already. Get rid of these idiots. If all I hear about is B/R bring them back. Put the camera feeds in jury house.

    1. i actually really want to see what’s going on in the jury house
      last season they showed the new person entering the house and them watching the video and commenting on it.

  5. That what I say put the camera feeds or at least sound in the Jury House so that they can hear what the people in the house is really saying about them, then let them vote on who should get what money. This is truly terrible, think I will turn the channel now.

    1. i agree with everyone stop talkin about brendon and rachael.damn its ridiculous i hope bb is better next year cause it really sucked.this year and im a big fan

  6. I love how they think everyone hates Brenchal more than them, but all they do is talk about them and steal their quotes. At this point I would rather watch the Jury House!
    Can we have a BBADJH? Please give us a choice…

    Regan and Brit talking about PHilton, Brit says she loves him…So she likes over the top people as long as it’s not Rach. or Brendon. I can’t wait for them to see how they got played in the game, hope the trash talk was worth $500,000 or AChoice $25,000.

    1. I know. It’s going to be hilarious that she won’t get the money, $500,000 or $25,000.
      I believe Ragan or Matt will win the America’s choice.

  7. Now that was funny! When Britney said that her mother at the after party will not speak to anyone that was talking mean about her daughter. OH Boy, lets hope the other mother’s feel the same way about her daughter and how she talked about everybody!

    1. Her family, friends and co workers probably have low opinions of her after watching the show. If they don’t, then they’re just as bad. I’ve never met anyone or have I seen anything close to the way Britney acts. It’s repulsive.

  8. I cant believe on BBAD right now…Lame, Shitney and Wigman all said the only one they wont stay in contact was Ragan “cause of him ummmmmm lifestyle, where he lives” how fing shallow are they…hummmm who are the homophobics now??????

    1. So is being heterosexual also a “lifestyle choice”? Lame with his beat ’em partner Gunter are morally superior because they frig girls?

      1. I was so bored with BB that I’d even stopped reading this blog — but a late night and nothing on tv … so I read and found that Lane, Hayden, Enzo, and Britney are still spreading the sleeping sickness (*yawn*) when they are not spreading the hate. None of those 4 repulsive characters deserve what they want — fame after BB.

      2. THANK YOU MIMI…When I heard about Lame and Gutter beating on someone that really turned me off..I dont believe in any physical violence where is the human factor there? I feel sorry for who ever that person or persons they hurt…I am not perfect but I would never physically hurt anyone or any animal or living thing…remember the DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE ONTO YOU!

    2. That is repulsive to not want to be friends with someone because of their sexuality .Did they ever think Ragan won’t want to hang with them because of their lifestyle choices? Being mean, backstabbing people! I am not defending Ragan, but anyone who has to put up with ignorance like that on a daily basis.

    3. As terrible as Ragan was when he was arguing with Rachel and Brendon, I believe Ragan is too intelligent and has too much class to be around Britney, and Hayden.
      Lane is just duh with a cherry on the top.

  9. Can you imagine having a teacher like Ragan, saying all the things he has said and now talking about a gang bang or mutual masturbation? He should strive to be respected. Show class. He is disgusting. Repulsive. I swear to you that if I had a class with him lined up, I would CANCEL.

    1. But Hayden, Lane, and Enzo talking about their s$xual exploits, Enzo’s uncircumsized dong, Lane’s sex exploits, their one-night stands with ho’s, Britney talking about the pain of losing her virginity (all things I heard in my week watching live feeds)… THESE are all OK, fine, upstanding topics??? Sure, Ragan is crass and not as funny as he thinks he’s being — but if you are calling him out, call out the rest as well.

    2. He’s a college professor, he just talking like a college student. I am sure they don’t care, now their parents might and the school might.

  10. bbbareback, if you remember the approx time of the discussion from the Live Feeds, you could email Perez Hilton. That would be some sweet revenge ;) — especially since this blog said that Britney likes P. Hilton . . . does she know that he also has that “lifestyle” that she just dissed . . . and he also ;) LOL ironically lives in CA.

    1. It is not a Diss to not hang out with someone because of their lifestyle…
      I do not hang around with golfers because of theirs…they always seem to be golfing…
      BORING! not hateful…

  11. Britney mom needs to send her to charm school to learn to respect people because she is sure low class person. Regan needs to give up being an educator because he is just down right nasty and should not be teaching people with the way he is.

    1. Ragan is in for a BIG surprise when he gets out, seeing that Brendon is liked more than he is and that a lot of people think he’s a “douche”. I think Ragan said something about hoping people don’t think he’s a douche. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he locked himself in his house and cried himself to death.

      1. I have a feeling that when Ragan gets back into society he will learn how most of the public felt about him….he will shut himself up and do some real crying. I wonder if he will have his job after BB. Just sayin’…..

    2. So every college professor has to be a saint? I can understand your point if he was an elementary school teacher, but he’s not. A lot of college professors say inappropriate things in the classroom, but he can’t outside the classroom because? This man has been locked in a house for damn near two months. Newflash: there’s nothing else to talk about. They have no clue about current events, they’ve talked about their home lives already, and the weather basically stays the same. He was making a joke. Get over it.

      1. We don’t have to get over it. We can express our opinions for or against, just like you expressed YOUR opinion. And if the posts bother you, don’t read them.

  12. Why did everybody dislike Brendon so much? I can understand disliking Rachel that’s a given, but what was so unbearable about Brendon? And also why is Ragan the most popular person in the house (among the fans)??? Why did y’all vote him as the sabotuer? He was awful at it, never did anything but the lame messages. C’mon America, there’s no way we can like Ragan more than Enzo. Nothing against Ragen, but Enzo is fu**ing hilarious!

    1. JB, did you ever actually watch the Live Feeds? If you watched Brendon for an hour when Rachel was in the house — or for an hour in the first week after she left — you’d know why many people can’t stand Brendon. He spouted off obnoxious stuff all the time — just like Enzo does. And watching Enzo for any period of time — no, he quickly does not seem funny. He has said tons of hateful sexist and/or prejudiced things about most of the people in the house.

    2. Actually, before Brandon got eliminated, the poll here showed he was the most popular at 38%, I believe. The longer people watched him away from Rachel, I think the more started to like him… or at least tolerate him more than others. He’s surely not without fault, but IMO, he is a whole lot better than the rest of the bozos here. Ragan may get more votes than the remaining guests now, but that’s a reflection of how much the others are hated.

      1. Brendan was good entertainment -he bothered everyone else, and that’s why he was liked. When he left, the rest of the HGs said that this was now a “vacation”, and they can now relax. He did not play the game to win, he played for Rachael, and to be with Rachael. He even told them to vote him out and keep Rachael!!

      1. I watch tV and BBad I voted for Regan I do think he is funny but also he is the underdog and the only 1 that had real loyalty even the BG’s r turning on each other. I hope Brit takes a smart pill and wise up and realign w/ regan

    3. The most disgusting thing about Brendon was his awful taste in women and how he acted so gross about his obsession with zitface mcgee

    4. Because he played with his little head. He had a big scarlett R stamped on his forehead. He tried to fight Rachel’s battles for her and became desperate when he couldn’t. He wouldn’t hear the start of a conversation someone would have with Rachel and when she started verbally attacking people because she can’t communicate like an adult, he would take over. Brendon just started mimicing Rachel and they both turned into caricatures of themselves.

    5. Personally,I dislike Brendon because of how he only fought with Matt,Ragan and Britney. He acted like he thought he was superior.All his swearing also made me dislike him.and I don’t like Enzo for the same reason I didn’t like Brendon:he acts superior because of the brigade.he isn’t funny to me.

    6. Enzo is a loser the guy was funny the first 3 weeks then he became an a$$hole. Calling the girls b*tches and c*nts. Of course not to there faces because he’s the biggest fake I’ve ever seen. He would also make sone out of line comments about Regan and him being gay. And it’s not like he would say things things in a fight or something. He was saying this because one of them won a competition orwas studying for one or he said it just because they were still in the house. Everyone in the house likes Enzo and they never say anything bad about him. They guy flipped out and wanted to go nuts on Brit because she said she thought he was the sabatour. I mean seriously Is that a reason to want to flip out. The sab was boring. It’s not like the sab threw challenges. All it did was spread lies. Not one thing was true. CBS doesn’t want people to see the true Enzo because they need a character that everyone can root for. That’s why on these sites there are a very few people who like him. They have seen the true Enzo. And if the jury house was aloud to see the true Enzo they would never vote for him. And if Matt would have been smart and told Brit that Enzo wanted her out and told him that he should have put Brit up with the DPOV then she would have put Hayden up and Enzo would be gone. When people are on the block Enzo says “let death take you”. But when he’s up he acts like a baby. I hope he goes home next week so we can see what a baby he will be. But I doubt he will because production doesn’t want him to go home.

    7. Brendon became hated due to his association with Rachel and how he behaved around and with him. He was much more tolerable when Rachel left, well except his private conversations to Rachel. That was just creepy. I don’t understand a guy that gets that deeply attached to someone that quickly.

    8. Brendon was well liked when he left the house. I think Racheals strong personality effected people seeing him as her. It was like when they saw the pair, they were one. I think after Racheal left Brendon was well liked. Actually the best liked in America. I think him (and Matty) deserved to be in the final but I guess things just don’t always turn out the way we want them too.. To bad for Brendon because he was a hard player…

  13. Havnt watched for a few days. The only character I’d like to see win is Regan. Second Brit. Down with the bg or should I say the big goofballs.

  14. I just can’t believe that 3 morons like Enzo, Lane, and Hayden are looking like the likely top 3.
    Regan and Britney might be delusional bitches, but at least they are intelligent and articulate compared to the rest of the house. britney is too young. she’ll feel ashamed of herself 5-10 years down the road.

  15. I hate that it looks like brit will slide to the finals…its ridiculous…get her the heck out

    instead they get rid of people who cant win

  16. Enzo has to be the dmest person i’ve ever seen. He mus also have ADD. He can’t concentrate for long, carry any discipline, or remain loyal past a few heartbeats. He’s going to float through the end of the game.

  17. Brit said that the double eviction on Thursday the HOH is always the before and after. Is that true? And if it is then it just shows you that production wants to see the brigade in the final 3 because they knew if Regan win he would have put up hayden and Enzo. Then Hayden wins pov. Then lane goes on the block and Enzo goes home. That shows me that BB wants the brigade to make it especialy Enzo. Then they make this pov a physical comp probably like the banana one last year. Of course if you can body check someone a rip the cd out of there hand Regan is at a disadvantage. I’m not a fan of regan but I can’t stand Enzo. I want to see how he will act if he gets voted out.

      1. Oprah is a very rich black woman who has her own show. The housguests think they will be on oprah because she’s a huge fan. That’s why I asked. I can’t believe you have never heard of oprah. She’s one of the most famous people alive.

  18. BB has ruined pandoras box. They have over played it and everything but the DPOV was lame. Everyone knew what they were getting except Brittney. Matt knew it was the DPOV, Brendan knew it was a getaway, lane knew it was a money tree and what he had to do. But Brittney go a box with a question mark. She knew it was a past guest but she should have been told who it was at first since everyone else knew what they were getting before opening it. I think that when they do PB the hoh does not get to see what it as before opening it. They just have to take that chance and see if it’s goo or bad. Example. Matt should have only saw a box with a question mark and after he opens then he finds out it’s was the DPOV. I mean if you can see that it’s a DPOV before u open PB then it’s a no brainer of course your going to want it.

  19. They should make a PB where if the HOH opens it and it’s a bad one then he’s evicted immediatly and an evicted house guest of Americas choice takes over as hoh. Or if you open PB then you lose all your power as the hoh. They have to make it interseting. Everyone will open it because the punishments are lame. They need to make so people think twice before opening it. Another punishment on the house could be no food ( only 1 bottle of water to drink per day) and no running water for a week. If people can do it on survivor for 39 days then people in the BB house can do it for 1 week.

  20. Worst season, worst twists, worst houseguests, worst decor…..BAD! I haven’t even picked a player I liked this year! My initial hope was Matty, but he was a major disappointment. They all suck, send them all home.

  21. Brendon – A weak bully trying to threaten people into doing what he wants and being laughed at because he thought he was controlling people when he clearly was not. A 12 year old in a man’s body – almost crying one minute because he didn’t get his way and becoming aggressive the next as he tries to force his way on others…’you had better not put me up’; You’re not going to put me up are you? You’re not going to break you word and put me up are you?’. You’re in BB you weakling! Weak and pathetic – hurt and whining to Rachel that she should have been ‘nicer and more understanding’ when he was hurt and down, which he usually was until she left….needs to control his woman’s thoughts and actions, needing constant approval…

    Enzo: Delusions of grandeur after BB; not at all funny or amusing. Defined by his lack of intelligence and small vocabulary – swearing proved that. Does not deserve to win – luck got him where he is along with his alliance with some smart people. The Brigade got by mostly on luck and it was refreshing to hear some of them say just that! At least they haven’t paraded around saying how smart they are – except for Enzo. Hasn’t worked at the game and has relied on luck and his friends…Finally, Lane is at least considering these facts and considering eliminating him instead of Brit.

    Ragan: Brave, very very funny, intelligent, fun and entertaining to listen to, stood up to Rachel and Brendon, played hard to stay in the game and continues to do that, engaging, would want to invite him to my party, smart, charismatic, has toughened up in recent weeks, willing to trust and care for those who did not return the trust, unknow to Ragan at the time, able to respect him in many ways unlike Brendon and Enzo, brings life to BB unlike B and E, hilarious….would like to see him win the game.

  22. Enough with the Brendon and Rachel bashing! The show wasn’t on for fifteen minutes (BBAD) when Bitchney and Eeewie Gooey Cookies started in on Rachel. My god its pathetic! I watched for a bit longer but closed my eyes after that!

    1. If Brit goes I think that Ragan will stop, because it’s always her that starts. If Ragan goes, I don’t think there’s anything that will stop Brit.

  23. brendon at least won quit a few things as for enzo,hes a wimp and should have been voted off weeks ago,and the only way he won pov was bye knocking regan out of the way poor sport thats what he is

  24. Can’t watch BB after dark any more…so sick of Brendon and Rachel bashing! Want to see the jury house! This season sucks!!

  25. OH MY WORD!!!!! WHY is it that Brittany & Ragan keep bringing up Rachel?? They only have really bad things to say about her, Brittany knows everything that was said & done by Rachel…. OH MY!!! Get over it, she’s out of the house already, HELLO!!!! We can not watch the after dark show because of the two of them… All it seems is that they are soooooo jealous, OR they just haven’t gotten past middle school.. Enough already.. This from two so called adults, Yeah right!!! ENOUGH, move on get past it.. GROW UP!!!

  26. Enzo should win and this is why- Hayden got the money and the trip, Lane has Brit, Brit got to be on TV, Ragan got to be with Matt and watch him play with his balls all the time. And Enzo knock the shit out of Ragan. I think he should win just for that! I’m glad someone gave him something to cry about. He’s more of a crybaby and a bitch then Brit is! Enzo you got my vote yo !

  27. I am so sick of Britney. I hope she watches herself and sees how disgusting she really is. I have wanted her gone for weeks. She is so infatuated with Rachel its not funny. She makes me sick when I watch her.I really wish Lane would put her up and get her out. They’ve been so boring, and why arnt we seeing jury house, they have to be more entertaining than this. Last nights episode was boring. Ugghhh I’m aggravated!

    1. You haven’t seen the jury house because last week was a Double Eviction show, no time for it. Like Kathy arriving to meet Rachel would be that exciting anyway. You’ll see all the people arriving at the JH I’m sure this Thursday.

  28. This season is super lame and boring. I loved the drama caused by the Vegas prostitute…and now she is gone. I agree though, Bitchney needs to travel a little bit. Get out of her small town and experience what is known as – difference in cultures. They should get rid of her. As for Lame, Hairwig and Hair loss…those three were the boring – personified. They keep talking about coming back for All Stars…doubt it.

  29. Britney is like a spoilt girl who has everything handed to her and complains when she doesn’t get her way. She looks down on everyone and she is so annoying.

  30. Britney picks on people, on her knees, lips, nails, hair, ears, and nose, and that’s all she’s good for. Which doesn’t say much. But maybe now britney can watch first hand how she is maybe she will see how annoying her “qualities” really are.

    1. Brit is the only woman in the house, so she has different habits. If it were a man doing the same thing, it wouldn’t be criticized. This is her way, and like Lane using her, she is using him and the others. It’s all about staying in the house and then getting the votes.

  31. Have to agree with a few peeps on here. In past seasons it’s either pretty easy to pick a fave, or a fave becomes apparent by mid season. This season????…It’s like picking the least revolting of a group of dead fish. I get the whole ‘CBS picks people because of their age/gender/sex appeal thing’…for demographics, but wow. I’m not sure you could pick a less entertaining, less drab group of people. Maybe CBS needs to throw aweay the “template” that reality shows religiously follow, and take a chance with a cast of characters that aren’t stereotypical. They may be surprised. Hey..couldnt be worse than this year right?

  32. CBS casting person: “Hey we need a gay man this year, cause he’ll be just like Marcellas(sp) in S3 people loved him remember?”….wrong. They did love marcellas, but just because a guy is gay doesn’t mean his demeanor is the same.
    CBS casting person: We need a few well built guys to get the women 18-25 demographic to watch, they don’t need to do anything entertaining, just don’t wear shirts and work out a bunch”….maybe true. I’m sure some chics watch because of the guys, but i’m guessing they are BB fans to begin with, not new viewers.
    CBS casting person: “One or two chics with implants for the guys demographic 16-75. They can be pigs, annoying and b oring as hell, just keep them in bikini tops are were good to go”….Beer commercials do the same, but they mercifully only last 2 mins.
    CBS casting person: “Ok, now to fill the soccer mom, gen X demographic and add 1 or 2 HG’s that are 40 or older. Chances are they won’t blend with the rest and prolly wont get near the FF, but we need to fill those last spots so w/e..”..blah. I could be way off here, but isn’t Jerry from All-stars the only 40+ HG to or near the FF?.

  33. i can’t wait to see her face when brit is voted out , lane wants her gone but don’t have the balls to send her packing, she is not going to he final 3. unless they get rid of enzo first i hate the way she has treated regan even though i don’t like him either. regan is seeing how tough it was for brendon when he had to fight so hard by himself brit only cares about herself she is a selfish brat. all she knows how to do is talk about people let brendon and rachel go brit i am begining to think you like brendon more than you say.

    1. I so agree! I can’t stand the way she (Brit) puts everyone down! OK she doesn’t like Rachel or Brendon… but come on enough is enough! I getting sick of her stupid imitations! I hope she goes soon.

  34. If BBAD or the live feeds showed the JH then I would definitely watch and subscribe. I come on this site just to catch up on what is happening because BBAD and the feeds are boring. I really only log onto this site every other day because there is nothing going on. The game is boring and predictable. I am tired of the stupid gossip and making fun of the evicted HGs. I once thought the banter between Enzo, Britney and Ragen were funny, but not anymore. The same thing is said over and over again. I really hope next year’s cast is better than this year. I won’t remember this cast after the season is over. But I always will remember BB11 and BB 8 (my favorite).

  35. You people all sit here and bash the HG for talking about the other HGs and what do you think you’re doing? What’s the dif? They are on tv and your hiding behind your computer? So really….the way that I see it, you’re really no better then they are!!
    As for the comments about Ragan needing some class becuase he’s a prof, I’m pretty sure that profs have a life outside of their class.

    1. I don’t spend every waking minute trashing people in front of millions of viewers. If I was on tv I would have more class than she does. Why does she sit around and bash people who could potentially give her a vote for a half million dollars. I also don’t talk shit behind peoples back and then kiss their ass to their face. I’d say this to her face if I could.

  36. This is the worst season yet. I never even bought the feeds because there were no interesting characters. Boring people AG needs to do better casting next year. Also the people that will be left in the top 3 did nothing all season just floated by. It would have been better if players ie: Rachel and Matt were still in the house. As some people already said I would rather be watching the jury house this season.

  37. Ragan has the most Facebook fans out of all the HG’s. Rachel is second. I think Hayden and Kathy have the least but I don’t really remember.

    Just saying.

  38. I cant wait until BB finish. This year sucks. Boring. I don’t even watch the show anymore. I cant stand that two face hoe in the house. All the do is talk about Rachel and Brendon. I am so sick of them. I hope that next year they do a better casting. This year sucks. If they put the jury house i watch that better for the whole hour than BB.

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