Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says he had a dream about Howard Stern… Enzo was like Yo, what are you doing you’re Howard Stern you don’t need to do that!!

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12:50pm – 1:25pm Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back up Brendon and Britney no longer have their hand cuffs on. Brendon is in the bathroom showering and Britney is making lunch. Hayden and Enzo are sitting at the table. Britney tells Hayden that he looks like he is in a daze. Hayden says that he is tired. Britney asks him how he can be tired he slept till noon. Hayden says that he didn’t sleep the entire time …its hard to sleep on the cots. Britney makes some nachos and sits down at the table to eat it with some bean dip. Hayden grabs a spoon and eats just the bean dip. They talk about how its pretty good bean dip. Enzo cooks some more of his Broccoli oil and garlic on the stove. Britney leaves to go sleep up in the HOH room. Ragan is sleeping in his bedroom. Matt, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are all sitting around the table talking about random stuff. Hayden asks Enzo for some of his broccoli. Enzo says yeah its part of the have not experience. Enzo tells Hayden that the best thing to do when they are have nots is to sleep …because when you are up you want to eat.


1:20pm – 1:40pm Big Brother tells the house guests to check the storage room. When they go in there they find cake mix and icing for Britney’s birthday cake. They talk about how someone has probably already patented Enzo’s Meow Meow phrase. Enzo says whoever did that… he is gonna find them and stalk their kids, people are garbage. Lane says if someone stole that name and marketed it, they are gonna come to you and sue you for using it. Matt says that someone has probably already made it into a porn site. Enzo says that he had another weird dream last night. Lane asks him if it was a wet dream. Enzo says that he had a dream about Howard Stern sucking a midgets dick…and that Enzo was like Yo ..what are you doing you’re Howard Stern you dont need to do that!!

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1:40pm – 2pm Matt, Enzo, Lane, Hayden are sitting around the kitchen table talking about those porn rooms where you can go and watch a movie and j-off. Enzo says thats disgusting yo I bet it smells like nut sack and jizz.. They talk about how shitty it would be to have to clean that shit up. Matt and Enzo says that you would have to be so hard up for money to do that and that neither of them would ever do that no matter how bad they needed money. Enzo says that he wants to write meow meow across his penguin suit. He wonders if he is allowed to …Matt tells him to just start doing it …and that they will tell him if hes can’t. Enzo talks about all the new t-shirts he is going to make when he gets out. All the guys go into the cabana room and find a fish that is caught in the coral. The get a chair from the kitchen and Hayden reaches in and pulls him out. They say he is breathing but is dying. Enzo says that Nemo is about to be out…. fish filet, look at him… thats what shun is right there, someone needs to unshun him. Matt says that they to try and flip him over. Enzo says that it looks like he’s looking for a place to die. Matt says that maybe they should hand feed him. They talk about if he is sick he is going to make all the other fish sick..

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64 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says he had a dream about Howard Stern… Enzo was like Yo, what are you doing you’re Howard Stern you don’t need to do that!!

  1. broccoli and bean dip is amazing!!!!! i don’t know how that is a have not food. I had it for dinner the next day. Thanks big brother for dinner ideas.

          1. another reason why I would never want to be on BB. I would be made fun of.. I would be tarred and feathered for sure. haha
            Kathie – our Mary Browns is really good. Swiss Chalet is only in the city but I’ve never had it. I see the commericals and want to try it.. someday.. for now I’m sticking with Mary. I don’t like her legs but I love her breasts. hahaha

  2. Brit needs to put up Hayden and break up the brigade, or what’s left of the dummies. Then that would out Enzo. I don’t think he could beat Hayden. If it is Matt going home..I doubt I keep watching this season. I just can’t stand Enzo’s mouth and the way he acts anymore.

    And the BRIDAGE actually thought they were gonna make it all to the final 4. Lol
    I knew this from the beginning that they were gonna self destruct.

    1. Eventually Matt was gonna pay for all the blood he has on his hands. He had a major role in the evictions of Monet, Andrew, Kristen, Rachel, and Kathy. As more people got evicted more people got pissed at Matt. Britney: pissed cuz Monet left, Enzo: pissed cuz Andrew left, Brendon: Pissed cuz rachel left, hayden: pissed cuz kristen left. Now all these people are after him and all he can do is sit and wait til they evict him.

  4. If I was Regan and Matt I would waste anymore time. I would be up there with Brit telling her everything and explaining how she would be smarter to get rid of Enzo

  5. Hayden needs to go. Using other Brit to do his dirty work and since he felt safe, he went for the trip and the $5k. Matt should call out the brigade already or he’s pretty much dead.

    1. A previous update mentions Brti and Brendon talking and saying it is tomorrow, but BB celebrates them on a Sunday. Not sure why?

    1. yea that would give them a reason to give the half a million dollars not the bullshit they have to do. i thin k they give out way too much money ion this show and Survivor no way do they do enough to get that amount of money

    1. I hope that when Full of Shit Enzo gets out of the house he finds out in a big hurry America thinks he is full of bad manners and crap. He’s too full of himself too.

  6. Cbs better be smart and quit trying to keep Matty away from britt because noones gonna wanna even watch after mathew goes..he is my favorite after britt..but if she dumb enough to put matt up! I’m going to hattee her=]

  7. I’m at the point I was last season when I disengaged. I’m gonna see what Brit does. If Matt goes, I’m done. I can’t believe how gullible she is. Hayden is a dick for letting Matt take the fall for him getting the prizes. Enzo, well I won’t even waste any space on that useless player. It’s not that I’m a Matt fan so much as I am an anti Brigade fan. I despise their utter uselessness.

    1. Hopefully Brit suprises us and make a decision on her own and sees the writing on the wall. With that said, it’s been a boring predictable season (Yes, I said boring, someone always writes how they hate we say it, but keep watching. Well, I am saying it and still watching, but not nearly as into it or interested at this point), so Brit will probably do what everyone is saying for her to do. I guess I keep hanging on hoping something good and interesting will happen.

      1. I hope she does too. Maybe today Matt and Ragan will get some alone face time with her without the Stooges popping in to run interference. All it takes is a simple comparing of notes. I hope Matt senses he’s on the line and just go balls to the wall and out the Brigade. What the hell is can they do to him? Maybe that BB house was constructed using materials dipped in lead based paint? How else do you account for the hazy/fuzzy reasoning skills of otherwise seemingly intellegent people?

        1. Gas leak, black mold? You might be onto something, LOL! Or, they are just that way IRL?! I really do think going into that house messes with your mind big time. I am sure I would be a raging bitch in there. Hell, I’d be nuts with a dirty house, let alone other house guests that I couldn’t get away from. I’d be hiding out some where.

  8. im not sure if i will be watching if matt gets evicted. something very wrong about that if just from the talk. i remember how excited brit was when the dpov was played. i think that it could be fixed. im lookin forward too survivor.

  9. has the pov ceremony happened yet if not when????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. I’ve never seen a season where it was so predictable. Every week we know who is going up and who is leaving by Saturday night. This is the worst season ever and it just keeps getting more predictable. Most of them say they watch the show all the time but yet they make the worst decisions. Last week Enzo and Hayden were hanging out with Brendan all week in the hoh. It doesn’t take a genius to know that they were teaming up in some way. If your a true fan of BB you know what is going on up there. So how does Brit, who says she watches BBAD and the live feeds not realize this?? And how does she continue to listen to lane. She needs to do what is best for her. All she has to do is get rid of Enzo because Hayden and lane want her in the final 3 and Matt and Regan now want her in the final 3. So that’s her best bet. If Matt wins Brendan will go home and if Brendan wins Matt or Regan will go home. If Enzo stays she will walk out right after Matt does on Thursday night

  11. Wish the final 4 would have been Braechel against Matney. That would of pitted the 4 who really played this season against each other.

  12. Ah so that is why they were called into the Pantry, to make Brit, (or is that Brendon) to make a Birthday cake for her. Well I don’t see anyone making anything right now.

  13. 6:06pm est, Who is Regan talking too? Is he talking out loud practicing for a future comp? He is naming all the past HG and stuff like that.

  14. Evict Matt he’s a weasel. He’s dirty, grimy, tatt’d, always has his hand in his pants smelling his nut musk. Lies about his wife…….CBS do what you always do and manipulate the hell out of it to get rid of Matt the Rat!

  15. “Enzo says he had a dream about Howard Stern sucking a midgets dick”

    enzo needs to follow brendon and rachel to the psychiatrist after the show.

  16. What the hell’s wrong with the guys in the house this year. Matt’s dreams about Hayden minus shirt and says he’s in some sort of nocturnal homosexual bromance and Enzo dreams about “Howard Playing a Midget’s Flute”. ….and then we have Ragan…. enough said.

    Very sick….

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