* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The house guests get their first punishment.. And Lane says he’ll nominate Enzo & Ragan…

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12:45pm Big Brother calls an end to the lock down. As the first punishment Big Brother has taken away all of their utensils and cups. (WOW that’s a tough punishment) Enzo, Ragan and Britney talk about how they will need to drink out of bowls. Ragan says how can we cheat? Britney says that there isn’t any way to …there no way to fail to comply. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Hayden and Lane are talking about who they can put up as a pawn. Hayden says it is probably best to put Enzo up because they want Britney to stay on their good side in case she wins next week. They say they would rather put up Enzo and for him to get made because he cant win competitions. Hayden says that they need to win POV and get Ragan out this week. Lane tries to think of what to say to Enzo. He says that he could say that he promised Britney last week that he wouldn’t put her up and that he doesn’t want to piss her off because this POV is big. Hayden says that sounds good …that will work. They talk about how they really need to make sure they get out Ragan this week. Hayden says that if he wins HOH next week he will put up Enzo and Britney. Lane says what if he says to Enzo. Hayden says so you are confident that Britney and Ragan don’t have something. Lane say no. Hayden says cuz if they are the life long friends we are screwed. Lane says that they will know this week. Lane says that he asked her and she promised him she isn’t.

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1pm- 1:30pm Up in the HOH Britney and Lane are talking. Britney asks Lane who he is going to put up. Lane says that he thinks he will put up Enzo and Ragan. Lane then asks Britney if she would take Ragan off the block if she won POV. Britney says NO! Britney says that she hates it when he asks her stupid questions. Britney says that she thinks its safest for him to put up Enzo and Ragan. Lane says to the camera Enzo I have to put you up as the pawn. Lane says that he won’t put up Hayden. Britney says that she knows where his loyalties lie, and that he likes Hayden more. Britney says maybe she will win POV and take Ragan off. Lane then jokes and says then he will put her up so she cant use it on Ragan. Britney says that she has her suspicions of who has the prizes from the competition. Britney says that she thinks she knows who has them. Lane asks who …I don’t have any. Britney says that Hayden asked if the jury house knows if they got prizes. Hayden joins them up in the HOH. Britney talks about how she did her duty last night as the pawn and doesn’t want to go up. They talk about how really need to win HOH next week and that Ragan has to go because he will be good at it. Hayden and Britney think that a long skill will be the next competition. Hayden jokes that he needs to get on the elliptical and get up his endurance. Britney says okay Brendon …its not like they are going to get you to run a treadmill for the competition. They talk about how they have to win the POV and they cannot let Ragan win it. Hayden thinks that it will be the blending faces competition.  Hayden says that he is about to go down and get in the pool.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Ragan and Enzo are laying out by the pool.  Enzo asks where everyone is? Ragan tells him that they’re upstairs plotting …that’s how it goes. Enzo says that he really needs to win the POV but if he doesn’t he doesn’t. They talk about what the next punishments will be. Enzo says that he thinks the third punishment will be a good one. Ragan thinks that it will be a past house guests put into the house to make their lives miserable. Enzo says that he really doesn’t want to see anyone from their season …that he already knows them … put in someone from a different season. Enzo says that he is pretty sure he will go up and that he doesn’t care …because theres the POV tomorrow and he’s really going to go for it… Enoz and Ragan talk about when the next punishment will be given to them and about when they will find out about the saboteur. Ragan thinks that they will save the saboteur until the finale. Ragan and Enzo talk about needing time off after the show is finished. Enzo says that he wants to take another week off after to be with his family and the new baby. Ragan says that he has to start immediately after on the monday. Hayden comes out to the backyard. Ragan tells Hayden his theory on the punishments are that America votes on what the punishments should be… Hayden says that anything is possible .. Enzo says yeah anything is possible …like you could get a hair cut.

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* Updated *

2pm Hayden and Enzo are alone at the hot tub talking about who will go up on the block. Hayden tells Enzo that he thinks its best if there is a pawn that goes up. They talk about how either way they are okay. If they put up Ragan and a pawn then they get rid of Ragan. If Ragan wins the POV then they put up Britney and she goes home. Enzo tells Hayden that they are going to the final three yo! Enzo says that he just hope that Britney doesn’t pull a power move and put up Hayden and him if she were to win the HOH. Enzo then says that it maybe better to put up Britney and a pawn. Lane comes out and tells Enzo that he really doesn’t want to put him up as a pawn because he was just up there but that he has to. Enzo tells him it’s up to him, but he that he thinks its just better to put them both up at the same time. Lane asks Hayden if he wants to go up. Hayden says no not really. Lane says yeah you haven’t been up in awhile… it`s different now. Enzo asks him if he just wants to play a pool tournament over it… Hayden says no. They talk about how the jury votes will go. They ask Hayden again if he wants to go up as the pawn. Enzo says that he doesn’t think they will be making any power moves and that who ever wins the POV …they will only use it on themselves. Lane, Enzo and Hayden talk about how they have been together since week one… and that they are so close to the final 4 and 3….Lane says that he thinks they are all pretty much guaranteed final four …they just need to get past the POV. Enzo says that before he came into the house he said that he would snake anyone… but that he cant snake them … Enzo says that he thinks its gonna be final 1, 2, and 3 right here. They talk about how Ragan has to go this week… Enzo says that Ragan wont even talk game with him… he’s just like its all down to the POV. Enzo asks them if and when they should out the Brigade… Enzo say that both he and they know that he doesn’t stand a chance in the end against Ragan or Britney.. Just three do-do’s till the end…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:18pm hairdo and Enzo resting outside dreaming about how awesome they are. Ragan in taj studying (This guy has his shit seriously figured out)


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wil someone please tell me what the hoh was !!…i didnt get to see it and was just wondering what sort of comp it was…thanks 🙂


They didn’t show the actual competition, but it was something to do with poker and a teeter-totter contraption they used to launch balls 🙂


Oh, unless you mean the HoH that Hayden won which was aired last night? They had to answer which two HG’s had won HoH twice, then run down find the names which were buried in piles of packing peanuts, bring them back one at a time and hit a button. PoV was a before/after quiz regarding events in the house, which Ragan won. Following that was a second HoH which Lane won (described above).


yeah i saw the one hayden won on tv i thought they showed the one lane won on the live feeds but i guess not…thank you though!! 🙂


None of the competitions are shown on the feeds…they always block them out. The only way to watch them is on the show. They will show Lane’s HOH on Sunday night.


LOL.. Man, if Enzo can’t win competitions, he definitely will win in the comedy department…
Hayden said anything is possible. Enzo said yes, anything is possible..like you getting a hair cut.. Hahahahaha!


Lane will be an idiot if he doesn’t put Brit and Ragan up. If he puts up Ragan and Enzo and Brit wins POV…she’s taking Ragan down and then forcing Lane to put up Hayden. Brit and Ragan then have to power to get either Hayden or Enzo out. Even worse split the vote forcing Lane to choose.


Why would she take Ragan down if she wins POV, he is better than her at endurance comps as well as quizzes so she wold be smart to get rid of him. She knows she will beat the 3 remaining BG members in a quiz.


If Brit makes it to final 2, she at least has a chance if she’s up against Ragan. If she’s up against a member of the Brigade and the jury votes for who they liked the most, chances are a Brigade member will win.


Because at this point is who will take you to the final 2…ragan would take brit..hayden and enzo wouldn’t if she was thinking that way…but however i don’t think she will go against lane


Britney is blinded by Lane’s and Hayden’s charms. She won’t save Ragan if she wins the POV. Doesn’t seems like she’s an independent person to me.


LMAO..anything is possible, like you could get a hair cut. good one, i love hayden, im rotting for him, cause his game plan is the best; win things when NECESSARY. be loved by everyone. its a social game, &’d he’s doing it right, even if he comes of as a floater, i really don’t think he is. just my personal opinion. TeamHayden. i’d just like to say; this is the worst bigbrother season EVER. lool, but i can’t give up on bigbrother being watching it since i was 8.


I know its a typo by “I’m rotting for him” is too funny to pass up.


Çracks me up. I love these kind of typos because it isn’t just a badly spelled word, it’s FUNNY.


@ hello there. Bro I don’t know how you work 3 jobs when you don’t even know how to read. I didn’t start the whole thing about people not deserving to be there because they have money. Enzo, hayden, and lane sit there and talk about what houseguest should go because that person doesn’t need the money. So all I’m saying is that if that’s how THEY want it then none of them should be on the show because they seem to be all doing ok. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not harping on people not deserving to be there if they have money. I’m saying that THEY are the ones saying it and who are THEY to talk. Try reading something fully before you respond to it


So according to you, if a person is financially stable, or that they appear to not in need of money, per your translation, then they don’t deserve to be on the show.
Okay, where are the welfare reciepients, babies’ daddy, babies’ momma…that ought to make an interesting show. You ought to admit that your one dimension way of thinking is not workable nor is it fair to the majority.


Is Enzo allowed to hit mental midgets?


LOL… Hit away..
I’m just kidding. I would never condone violence.

The Baby Ate the Dingo !

HOLY MACKEREL .. you are thick !


No, according to the people on the show, people who have money don’t deserve to win. Mike pretty much spelled that out for you. Enzo has said many times that Brit doesn’t deserve to win because she’s young and spoiled and her family has money.


Bro your still not getting it. The houseguests are the ones who brought up the fact that Brit didn’t need the money so she should go home. So I’m saying that if that’s how “THEY” feel. Then none of them deserve the money because they all seem better off. I’m saying that’s how THEY. The word THEY means the HOUSEGUESTS on the show big brother


I hear ya Mike ..that is true ..if they say that Brit doesn’t deserve to be there,then neither should they ..and just because they say her parents have money,doesn’t mean she does..we all like to have our own and not depend on our parents ..


Give it up Mike, he simply isn’t going to get it 🙂


mike your obsession with making ppl understand what your saying is well kinda lame.. stop saying bro so much its well kinda lame..


When someone replys to something I said and they are misunderstanding what I am saying then I’m going to try to explain to them what I am saying. So if you don’t like what I’m writing then scroll down. This wasn’t meant for you any way. It’s lame that you would jump in a conversation that you know nothing about


Saying something is “kinda lame” over and over again is kinda lame.


Thank you everyone for understanding what I’m trying to say to hello there. I appreciate it.


So, you think some of the players don’t need the money?


Fantasia was on American Idol.


Hello There……Read it again!! Your brain is not computing what he said. Your wheels are spinning but your going nowhere.


Excuse me Mike, but yesterday, you said something about you live in an apartment, and how your grandma is 88 and has to work…and how Enzo married a rich girl and doesn’t deserves this and that because they got money.. blah, blah, blah,….
If I mistake you for someone else, then tell me.


And how you never went outside of the United States, but Britney and Enzo traveled extensively? Now, if I’m quoting you wrong, tell me, but I believe you compared your financial situation to them.


Yes I said that but the first thing I wrote was how THEY think that people don’t deserve to be there and I said well if that’s how THEY want it then they should put all players that don’t need money. I was bringing it up because of what Enzo was saying and then the other 2 guys started saying about people not needing the money. I didn’t bring it up Enzo did. I wasn’t saying that I think they should just put poor people on it. I was saying that if Enzo feels that it should only be people who need money then he shouldn’t even be on there. They were not my words they were enzos


I’m confused. So Enzo brought up your living situation, that you live in an apartment?
And Enzo also brought up your grandma’s financial situation, that she’s 88 and still working?
I’m just kidding.


Mike and Hello There are the lifelong friends.


Lol. That was a good one


Drink! lol


Right, Brit was a pawn. Funny. For about 2 minutes. Lane and Hayden are afraid of her? Wow. 2 REAL tough guys. This season started out bad and has gone downhill. Zingbot, you should be the winner.


zingbot gets my vote lol..:) most entertaining and funny ..haha was it jessie??


Is it sad to say that I hope now Brit/Ragan make it to final 2? Those 3 lugheads make me wanna puke!


No if Brit was smart she would see through Lane and go with Ragan.


They had to remove the cups and utensils because there was mold growing on them. Why do they feel the need to feed the ant army they live with?


Good one! aka hazardous material!


All 5 of them are idiots. It’s just a matter of who fumbles their way into final 2. Then, the dumbass crew that makes up the jury will decide. It’s not about who will be the best player, just the luckiest. None of them qualify to win.


Envo coulda, woulda, should, all talk and througing games = nothing. What is it a guy thing? If I was in the house I would have to hurt him, or lose it!!!


I want to see Enzo’s reaction when Hayden gives him the reason why he’s put him up as a pawn. Chew him up and spit him out Enzo. The boy’s hair is growing into his brain cells.

The Baby Ate the Dingo !

Your brains cells are too damaged to notice Hayden ain’t HOH ! Gosh, you are thick !


Bite me!


seriously who cares about ANY of these players – i have watched EVERY season of bb and i know im not alone when i say this season is simply dreadful – i cant “not” watch but my god its painful – cmon bb its not that hard to find more interesting ppl than this – maybe if you picked a more racially diverse cast it would help 🙂 – that being said YES i will be watching till the end and YES i think most of you are just like me and could really care less who wins this season..


you are so right. been watching BB since it started. Never has there been such a lame cast. this is my first year of not having a favorite. Don’t know why but still cannot give up watching. hope this Pandora’s box gives us drama. brigade is stupid to think BB would give lane $91.17 as a reward. does anyone have any predictions for the rewards/punishments other than the cups,etc?? this year has been nothing but oxygen thieves on BBAD.


Haha i think its more like..who you don’t want to win the most..Instead of who you want to win lol..


She might have a little ass, but damn, Brit’s got some nice tits. Man, I would freaking pork those funbags ALL NIGHT.

midget gidget

We prefer to be called Little People.

My brother is two inches taller, he’s called Stretch.


If lane puts up Enzo and Ragan, britney could easily win the pov, and if she does theres a 50/50 chance she would use it to take off ragan because ragan could convince her that the 3 of them are in an alliance and we need to take them down and she would use it on ragan, heyden would be the only one elligible to go up, then ragan and brintey control the votes, i think ragan could convince brintey that there in an alliance and they need to take heyden or enzo out.


He already tried she listened up to the point when the guys came back and talked her out of it…idk be amazing if she did..but i don’t think she will take ragan off..she isn’t even associating with him..and she told the guys everything ragan said which is a sign of her loyalty

julie chen

Im so disappointed Brendon was evicted 🙁 ..
The only good part of last night was when I got to interview Brendon.
I love him and especially the picture of him and his boner ..
Love you Brendon Villegas!! Hes my man, Rachel can go suck it ..

XOXO-Julie Chen


bttere watch it, getting between rachel and her MAN, she might cut you, but then again she really don;t care about him like he was let on so you might have a chance just don;t get caught and lose the billions your hubby is worth




Doesn’t Lane realize that if Ragan wins the POV it will be a split vote once he puts her up against Enzo. Hayden would evict Britney and Ragan would evict Enzo. Therefore, he will lose a friend and vote in the jury house from Britney. I’m hoping that Britney wins POV and takes Ragan off which would force Lane to put up Hayden. It won’t happen but one can hope. I’m starting to loathe this season. FLOATERS ARE GOING TO WIN! UGH!


if brit was SMART she would take ragan off…but shes putting way too much trust in lane..actually all 3 of them now…she needs to team up with ragan if she wants any chance of getting to final 2


Entertainment Weekly put BB on its must see list. Pictured Julie Chen, along with self-proclaimed genius Matt, small town mean girl Britney and polarizing couple Rachel and Brendon. All the interesting HG’s have gone IMHO.


They need to add a 4th night to CBS’s weekly schedule because I don’t know what the point is of just the 3 nights. Everything is so compressed, you don’t know anything that really goes on in the house. It’s like a mini appetizer. People just watching the CBS shows have no idea what the contestants are truly like in that house. Maybe they need to move it to another network that would allow a daily 1-hour show. That could maybe even give people a better taste and get people to subscribe to the full feeds.

BB King

The last time a complete player i.e. one with both social and competitive skills won BB was Dan from season 10. These HG’s are one dimensional, either they have social skills but lack competitive ones (one ex. Enzo) or they have competitive skills but lack social prowess (one ex. Brendon). Gone are the golden days of BB. Start a new show called BB Champions with all the champions from the past seasons competing for the title of ultimate BB.


Great idea BB king. I like that alot


Thats like the uk doing right now right?? Ultimate bb..uk has more walk outs though..has anyone ever actually walked out of bb?? I no a couple got kicked out..but any actually leave on there own??

BB King

Ultimate BB UK is like our version of the All Stars I believe. My idea will only include past champions and no other HG is eligible to play, though two wild cards will be given to America’s choice of players.


I totally agree!!! Enzo needs to go.. and I wasted my money getting live feeds to hear all the 2 faced ppl in the house talking about B and R, as well as everyone else. I don’t think anyone left deserves to win at all!


They’re awful. I truly enjoyed the last 2 BBs, 10 and 11. I liked those characters, they were interesting, IMO. Both casts had some meaningful conversations at night. Had fun. Like Dan chasing Keesha around and Keesha laughing hysterically or all the flirting with Renney. Russ and Jeff talking really interesting stuff. Even Jessie and Natalie scheming was fun to watch… you could see their minds at work. This year it is like watching inexperienced high school kids who know nothing other than gossip.


Hey Rhodes Scholar, you don’t have to say IMO; we know it is your opinion because you wrote it.


All true.

tony b

Plus, when did this whole ‘vote as a house’ shit start. It used to be people voted on their own and the HOH didn’t care what the ‘house’ wanted and vise versa. That is where things have deteriorated. I am a die hard fan and will watch Big Brother until it is taken off the air. I am not going to threaten to not watch in the hope that production reads this and is going to step in. But this season has been pretty lame. And the players simply aren’t that good at it this season. I do give the Brigade some credit for somehow managing to be a floating alliance.

Oh well. Hopefully there will be more seasons and the next one will get back on track.


I think Kathy was the only one that didn’t vote with the house when she voted for Monet. Canadian Fan said that last night, too. Lets hope that BB learned something from this and next time they will get a more diversified cast. And, maybe not go just for looks and add a few more older people. More personalities with more stories. Add some new comps and mix things up so the houseguest don’t know from watching past season what to expect. No surprises this year.


Explain why the house rules are ignored without consequence this season!?!? The reason all the votes are unanimous is that they are all discussing them in detail! The rules were there to prevent the very things that are happening.


If Kevin and Ronnie could do a chest bump, which is technically “fighting”, and not get kicked, then a few rule infractions aren’t going to send somebody home. And, Chima threw water on Russell. Evel Dick poured tea on Jen. Sometimes, I wonder just how far a person really could go before security came busting in. One of these days you might see a BB murder. Too bad it won’t be among these last 5.


Somebody was expelled cause he was drunk and held a knife to someone as a joke. I bet you can’t punch someone of somethin like that. And Eric and Jen had a wrestling match as a joke. So it does take a lot for expulsion.


Not to mention Enzo eating while being a have-not.


First i wish one of those punishments would make hayden cut his freaking hair….
Second of all i think lane n britney are the life long friends they r way to friendly with each other….
Last but not least i hate everyone else in the house now i was rooting for brendon
now i dont care who wins this is gonna be even more boring now with brendon gone
atleast he would make them run for there money now they just gonna slide right in n take it all home…..idiots all single one of them in house now




im hoping they will take enzo out while they have a chance. that would be beautiful.



The Playa

do lane & hayden realize that neither one of them will beat britney or ragan
they need enzo in the final.
it seems like they think enzo is expendible…enzo has not won anything.


Larry Moe and Curly got much farther than I thought they would.


Curly being enzo right?


He’s the one with the least hair. Hayden diffently can be Moe. Larry, will I guess that leave it to Lane. But, he doesn’t have the hair unless we get him to put his finger in an electrical socket.


Aww your giving them to much credit lol..larry curly and moe were worth watching lol


im thinking production has them talking about rachel n brendon cause thats the only thing that is intrested in the house….Brendon n Rachel brought alot of drama and they played the game they didnt care who they threw under the bus they were good game players now all the ones left are floaters and useless having to vote for one of them as winners
A very sad and boring season for sure….and doesnt everyone think these pandora boxes have been lame no action at all on pandora box es BORINGgggggg


Hayden, Lane and Enzo are acting like they did something great to get this far in the game. They are so boring and supporting players to all the others. There has to be a way that Ragan and Britney see through them. Actually, I think Ragan has…but the other is totally mesmerized by three “wise men.” LOL


When are nominations being made and when will pov be played.


Nominations will be today around 4-5 POV is tomorrow probably in the middle of the night.


You da man Simon!


Did you not see Hayden with his finger up his nose to his second kncukle at the dinner table last night. After he dug around he pulled it out to investigate his stash and then smushed it into his palm. I’m sure if cameras were not on him it would of went to where it normally goes. This explains why he doesn’t have any lips. They have been sucked into his mouth from constantly enjoying his own mucas. Well we’re on the nose picking problem with these houseguest I have to say I’ve never seen a season where so many men constantly have their hands down their pants. By the way who needs forks or knives certainly not Hayden his fingers work just fine. One more thing maybe they think someone is going to steel there junk (in their pants) probably wouldn’t be a good take for the junk theif.


oh gosh member adam?? He did some nasty crap lol…guys put there hands down there pants and the girls adjust there boobs lol..


Really disliked last night when they all were able to talk between the competitions. DE use to just go from one to another with no talk between hg. Really hopes Ragan can get to Britney but with this cast & the way they operate, forget it. It’s like everyone is afraid to go against the HOH wishes. Every eviction with the exception of I think two voted together as the hoh wanted them to. Use your brains HG


Ok the whole house is against Ragan. At least he is smart enough to see it (Unlike Matty was). One thing that would be cool if they let the past house guest vote the next evition! Hope one of the rules is to bring Matt and Brendon back! They both deserve to be their honestly. Hope they do and Matt @ Brendon are in the jury house talking game right now. As, for myself if they do not bring back past guest I hope Ragan wins. Go team Ragan! He studies and works hard, and has not throw anyone under the bus. (yet)

BB King

Ragan is the number one target as of now because he knows about the BG. It will be hard for him to win BB. He must win POV for a third time, win HOH next week, win POV again the week after and so forth in a redundant cycle until he is in the final two. It’s almost near mission impossible.


He might just do that. he is playing against the idiots ya know. They couldn’t win shit.


If Tom Cruise can do it, Ragan might do it.


I hope Ragan can pull a grenade out of his ass. Goodbye idiots.


Rockstar! That can be taken wrong!


Grandma – I’m innocent, I swear I am innocent..


Not for years, you haven’t. Who you foolin”?


Grandma – you don’t know half of it.. It’s only in the past few years where I umm, figured stuff out. haha


Enzo cheated the game so the game may have cheated Enzo. He may have had ZERO chance of winning the last HoH for example as he was unable to find ANY names in his pile. If I were any of the remaining house guests I would definitely bring Enzo with me to the end. He’s a fall down chump that nobody will vote 500k to.

Regan needs to expose his knowledge of the 3/4 Brigade to Brittany ONLY if she wins something so that they have the leverage to break them up.


Brit can’t keep her mouth shut and Ragen knows this. That’s the only thing stopping him from spilling the beans. But he can’t go out like Matt did. He’s gotta say something in a last ditch effort at least.


Ragan already told britney..and she told the guys..and britney didn’t believe him.. I say double eviction this week to …speed up this horride season..:) yet idk if the ratings really got hurt???Hopefully not enough to cancel the show..we should get a bonus show lol


Just three do-do’s till the end…hahaha. Is that a Dawg joke or an Enzo quote?! Either way f’n hilarious.


Simon, you need to post a look-a-like pic next to Gaygon! How bout Beeker from the Muppet movie or one of the retarded midgets from ‘Midget Brawlers’? Gaygon has a giant midget head.


Sure I reckon…. I’m just laying around my backyard doing nothing but making fun of people while the real joke is firmly snuggled in my hand down my pants. “$5,000 that’s more than I have made in 2 years!” This explains why Shaggy can’t afford to cut his hair and donate it to Scooby Doo for hair plugs.
Brit and Ragan speculate about the size of Lane’s PENIS.
Ragan hopes Lane’s penis is one of the HG’s punishments.
Brit admits she has held it in her mouth and that RAGAN’s little ass couldn’t handle it.
Brit invites Ragan to shave with her in the bathtub.
Ragan ask Brit if he can borrow a tampon.
Brit says, “borrow, does that mean ya’ll gunna give it back?”


Aww it looks like he is going to put hayden up to take the easy way out and not make any one mad…what the heck gosh darn people play the game…come on your in a final 2 deal get friggin mad to be put up at this leg of the game…I am shocked and kinda glad lane isn’t going to throw brit under the bus…she got into lane and haydens head..so…who is playing who?? you go girl:) she has my vote if she continues to woo these do do’s to the end..yet still playing to get there also…peoples hatred for hatred is being blinded by the facts out of who is left..she is the ultimate bb player if she makes it to the final 2..


enzo is so damn useless , all he’s good for is running his freaking mouth
he’s one of the biggest floaters in big brother history .
i wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in final 2
cause everyone knows he hasn’t done shit .. so he wouldn’t get any jury votes against anyone


When rachel came back into the house she told enzo america loved him..I think that is were they are getting that from….and it went to his head..

Marco Torres

ironic how she thought everyone loved her….double FAIL


All i say win or not..ragan win pov put a damper in there plans..let them take out enzo or brit..that be so funny..haha Miracle to win 2 though hoh and put up lane and hayden then bye bye hayden or lane 🙂 don’t think odds been in his favor though lol


Sorry be funny if ragan took down the remaining brigade all on his own..I would laugh histerically..they were worried bout him and matt and britney getting to close..so it be so freaking funny to see there looks on there face if one by one went out the door..and only by him winning povs lol…they have to take out there own bridage..sense they say they took out everyone…


I thought this site was to let other people know what went on in BB not to let other people down nor

to curse at them . I think that BB Is ok. and to ask people for money to keep this site up to let other people know what goes on and then use this site for other reason Is un call for I would not pay money to keep this site up and running.


what is going on. I went to a wedding rehursal dinner and there is no info. are they on lock down and we know nothing? boring


OMG, if Brittney could just over ” HEAR ” these guy’s talking like years past would help her & Ragan in so many way’s. The past HG, use to ease-drop & go a long way doing so. These HG are ” DEAD ” not one of them can open a can of Veggies by themself’s. If I was in that house I would sneak-around & try & pick-up any gossip I could & run with it so dang-fast that they would think there was a extra person in there. Remember how they use to sit by the window & listen to the guy’s talking out in the yard ? ” It can & has been done with great result’s ” Watching BB this year is like watching the ” Dead People Walking Show “. I can’t understand why Brittney being into gossip like she is , has not even tryed listening in to other’s gossip.” Everything has been 1-2-3 in the bb house. Just like clock work. This is what we do this week, so study now HG. Sick BB this year, the fun was left last year. Big Time Borning this year. Watching TLC Kate plus-8 & her mouth has been up-graded to better watching this year. Come’s on @ the same time.

watchya doing?