*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo Wins POV


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm HOH Enzo and Lane. Enzo is talkign about the POV and apparently he did something to Ragan that Ragan thought was too aggressive. Enzo: “We’re fighting yo if that POV was in a pit bulls mouth i’m punching it in the face to get it”. LAne: “The brigade is winning everything now yo” Enzo: “We’re in the final 4 we did it”. Lane tells him when he was at the top and was screaming lane became a enzo fan right then. Enzo says he’s “super amped up” ready to win HOH next week. Enzo: “Why the BLANK is ragan pissed this is a fight.. i was more hungry than he was”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:19pm HOH Brit, Hayden, Lane and Enzo There talking about the POV comp. Brit says that it took so long for production to get back to them she thought they would had to redo it. Hayden and Enzo both say if they had to redo the comp they would of quit. Enzo goes on and on about how it is a fight.. he’s fighting to survive. Enzo told Ragan it is what it is he doesn’t care about Ragan’s vote he doesn’t care about ragan if ragan comes at him he’ll bring it, Enzo: “BLANK Ragan”. Enzo thinks Ragan should just walk out the door cause he’s gone on Thursday. Brit leaves the 3 guys alone. They are talking about the HOH and how it’s critical it is. There all feeling like they have the game in the bag. Lane reminds them that he can’t play for HOH so it’s up to them 2 to bring it. Hayden: “We’re the best alliance ever”. Lane: “THE BEST alliance ever” Enzo: “I’m getting blasted yo… no ones ever done this BLANK before”. Hayden doesn’t think there next HOH is a quiz he’s sure they can beat brit at anything else. Lane brings up last year and the won Natalie won was a quiz.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:30pm HOH Lane and Hayden They start talking about who they can beat in the final 2. Lane thinks they can beat Brit. Hayden doesn’t think so, hayden thinks she’s won too many competitions. Lane: “I want her gone next week” Hayden: “Of course we need her out”. Hayden we got out goal you and me in the final 2.. Enzo comes back in tells them he can’t believe the brigade is winning all the comps now “yo 3 in a row yo”. Doesn’t take long for enzo to start talking about Ragan and the POV. lane: “you turned into the devil you were a demon”. Enzo brings up that maybe they should backdoor brit. hayden quickly says that Brit isn’t as smart as Ragan they need ragan out. Enzo doesn’t think they should base who goes home on what the next HOH will be he thinks they should just send home the overall stronger player. Hayden offers to go up as a pawn against Brit, he already has a speech planned.
3:40pm HOH hayden, lane and Enzo Enzo telling them that he doesn’t want to go back to work after this he wants to do something big.. go on auditions.. whatever. Lane brings up there bar and grill idea, hayden says he’s game for that. They go over how awesome there alliance was and how they ruled the game. Lane points out that them 3 were the most trustworthy people in the house. Hayden: “We were running a business our side alliances reported to us and we knew everything that was going on”. Enzo thinks they did a good job but the game also depends on LUCK. Lane brings up the fortune cookie that he had before coming ont eh show it read “a unexpected event will give great fortune” Lane plans on framing it when he gets out of the house.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:10pm Lane and Hair playing domino’s

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:15pm Brit and Hayden Brit is saying that ragan studied for 10 hours a day and he still didn’t win. hayden is glad Enzo won because he hadn’t won anything yet. brit: “it’s good that enzo wins because now he’s calmed down he won’t be as thirsty to win the HOH”. Hayden: “OH my GOD i’m so excited”.. lane comes down from HOH.
4:50pm Kitchen Brit, Lane and hayden They are talking about Ragan being in the DR getting all pumped up by production to go get votes. Brit thinks Ragan is going to fight hard for votes this week. Hayden says that Ragan is smart player he should know he’s going home.
5:13pm kitchen HAyden, Brit and LAne Talking about snowboarding in the back country

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:15pm Enzo listening to music

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:12pm Domino’s and Sadness (not much going on everyone is just keeping to themselves) You get Ragan saying the odd thing in the cabana room. Ragan: “Ohh what a humiliating day”

6:20pm Kitchen Enzo and Hayden Enzo talking about the POV and Ragan. He said that if Ragan would of brought the fury there would be 2 hits on Ragan. Enzo says when he “hit” Ragan he made a cry, Enzo: “Like i stepped on a kitten” Hayden impersonates Ragan by making a sick whimper. Enzo says that both him and Ragan saw the CD but Ragan was closer they each ran for it and collided. Enzo says he’s ready he’s coming out with the brigade if he wins HOH (HAHAHAH nice) . Enzo goes on and on about how good it feels to have won POV and be on top of that hill (the hill and the cd were part of the POV comp) Hayden goes on about how awesome they are winning all the comps. Enzo: “Ragan’s being such a little BLANK.. he’s lucky i didn’t throw him in that clam and tie him up with that veto thing”. Both the guys are itching to go outside, Enzo has his night all planned out it involves working out, eating into the microphone, talking about how awesome the POV is, talking about winning the money and going in the hot tub. They wonder it there is a luxury challenge tomorrow, Hayden thinks it’s next week.

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yo finally


The final 5 seem to believe they are the best ever. That everyone loves them and they gave us a great season. Are they playing in the same game we have been watching???? They all SUCK!!!!The brigade is a joke. They did nothing accept skate on matt’s coat tails. We all can go on and on but it all adds up to the same thing. BB12 will go down in history as the worst!!!!!!!!!


not really, bb12 has great ratings, some of the best in bb history, and bb 9 sucks way more than this season i will admit i liked bb 11 better but this season is awesome


I can’t wait for Matt to see how he is not the most hated player this season by far.


Actually, it was pretty good up until now. I loved Ragan setting Rachell straight! THAT was a GOOD show! 😉


just because this season has good ratings doesn’t mean the final 5 and the brigade have impressed us and “MADE” the season…what a pile turds.


This is the worst bunch of no talented … clueless BBplayers I have seen in 12 years… Brandon trust the greaseball with no skill or brains … haden is a colloege not talent headcase… brityney is ahigh class tralier park princess with lans her little puppy..

Matt out played himself .. he had the game in hand and if he and brandon and ragen got together the other loser would have been packing long time ago ….BB you need to get players that have some breins and personality.. this show was like watching paint dry .slow, you could miaa a week and not miss a thing … bring Rachel back just to make these losers rethink the game .. I hope BB says no winner this year due to bad ratings


Seriously? I can’t even read half of that. Why even waste your time?


FINALLY! Please get rid of Ragan. His crying is killing me! He is funny but sorry time to GO! Then next on target Brit. I can’t stand her she is so superficial and the nerve of her to speak ill of basically everyone. As if she’s God’s gift to the world!


So you rather see dumd dumber and the dunbest wins , at least Ragan played the game. the others like Rachel said floated to the end.


wtf is the point in watching anymore reagan is gone then brittany


Good and GOOD!


I agree. after brendon left, who wants to watch a bunch of nothing in the house. brendon should have won–look what he did to survive!

Amy L.

After Andrew was kicked out it was over for me. All the interesting people got voted out. Just boring meatheads left after Brit and Ragan leave.


Well what do ya know? All you have to do is back him in a corner and he finally starts playing the game. Good for him I guess.


I guess once all the tough competitors are gone someone has to win.


if you put an elephant in a 4×5 room with a mouse, the mouse will run around for a while thinking he is safe until the elephant falls down and smashes the mouse. same deal as the brigade.

Kathie from Canada

Well put Rockstar!


not everyone left is a nothing buddy, britney won 3 povs and a hoh and ragan won 2 povs and the hayden won 2 hohs so there is still some competitors left go enzo yo

BigBrothers Big Brother

C’mon. It’s nobody left in the house. It’s like playing cards against yourself. The others probably threw the comp to let Enzo win.I wouldn’t give any of the BG’s my vote. Useless the whole lot of them. I’ve actually stopped watching and just check in on here for updates. Now that I see the Stooges have all but wrapped up this game. I’m done until next year, if there’s a BB13.


The worst AND best alliance in BB history! How in the heck did they get all the way to what looks like the final 3? Floaters? Riding Matt’s coattails until they evicted him? Manipulating others throughout the game to do their dirty work? I guess it doesn’t matter since BB style points don’t count when you’re padding your bank account with $500K.


the only reason he won is because there are less players. if everyone else were there he never would have won.

Yae Dum Dum

The only reason that c**k sucker meow meow won is because he had NO COMPETITION!! All the good HG’s are gone–kinda lame if Bro-gade would have lost this POV since they make up 75% of the house right now!!!!!!! Hey you jerk meow meow look at the odds–it would be almost impossible for Bro-gade to lose this one!! And the jerk had to have help from production and play unfair to win–how lame!!! Hate to say it but Gaygan is most deserving oof them all as he played this game better than all of these losers!! Meow-Meow–GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY–you are a loser who leechs off your wealthy wife and does not need this money!!! Too bad you can’t buy a brain with it!!!! Robin Kass–you totally SUCK at casting!!! If the Meow Meow thinks he has a movie or TV career after this he is more delusional than I thought!! JUST FADE AWAY—PLEASE, you moron and take those 2 dummies with you!!!!!

beau beau's chocolate pee pee

Its a Festivus Miracle! Throwin’ Grenades YO!


What? Enzo won? Must be fixed. BB wants Enzo wearing the penguin suit for the rest of the season. LOL, just kidding about the fixed part, everyone says it, so I thougth I would too.


he got to take it off lat night he don’t have to wear it anymore, the “costume curse” i dead


That means Ragan is gone. The next HoH is the most important one ever for a guaranteed final 3.


actually next pov is the most important winner decides who goes home


Great. Now Enzo thinks he is the king of big brother and we are going have to listen to him brag for the rest of the show. kill me now. kill me please


The line forms behind me…


OK… getting in line, He thinks he is the all mighty…joke joke gag gag. got to say the tail end of this BB 12 is not gonna be worth watching. Those last three of the brigade must of been the tags inside the hat… poor choice of players… Anyone gonna watch the movie that Enzo seems to think some bozo would produce… ROFLMAO


I’ll watch that movie! Enzo is much more entertaining than people lining up to be killed because of a TV show. 🙂


Marianne.. its going to be a children’s movie titled ” The Little Penguin that Couldn’t” lol!


I am standing behind you in line.


im 4th.




Proudly 6th!


I’m pulling an Enzo and pushing you both out of the way in the “kill me now” line.


That would be Enzo’s style. shoving……apparently he shoved poor Ragan out of the way so he could “win” the POV. He had to shove to win because he’s such a loser.


Yes, it’s Ragan’s turn this week, and Britney next week. Very predictable. So disappointing.


I’m done. With Ragen and then probably Brit next week, I’m done. Dumbass brit should have listened to Ragen, kept Matt, and she would have at least had a shot. Who wants to watch Enzo play with his nutsack, not me.


It would have never come to this had stupid Matt not put up Andrew and Kathy way back when. It paved the way for Brendon to stay. Then Matt lost his balls when using the DPOV (after all that self-groping) and wouldn’t divorce the stupid Brigade, even though he said.. HE SAID they were not trustworthy. And his bad judgement caused his own demise, which caused Britney to trust seemingly every word out of stupid Enzo’s mouth. And here we are, on the verge of having a bunch of dumbasses left in the hous.


LMBO @reply…so true!


Couldn’t agree more, Matt’s big mistake was not taking Enzo or Hayden out when they told him he was toast. He knew right then and there that he was odd man out in the Brigade, and if he told that annoying Succubus Brittney about the Brigade she would have never trusted Lane again. He would have been able to rally the rest of the house. Then we might actually have something to watch for the next couple of weeks!!! Kathy was a stupid choice for a “Super Genius”.


I agree…I was Team Matt because I am a huge Dan fan and thought he would play a similar game….instead, he rolled over and played dead. Disappointing…too many “super fans” caste which made for a very predictable season.

everyone sucks

i like cheese


I do too. Mozerella is my favorite


gouda for me


Me too, semi-matured


some people just dont get things.

Go Lane!

So the obvious replacement should be Britney but Lane wants her to feel safe. Will he put up Hayden now as the pawn?

I’m glad Enzo won. It IS about time.


He should put up Brit from what I think. Do y’all think if Lane wins, Brit will fianlly leave Nick and go after Lane? He has the $


omg now enzo is going to be bragging for the next 2 years ughhh


Yo. I did it yo. bro. yo. meow moew. shun.


Classic… yo he shunned him yo. no penguin outfit = unshunned

everyone sucks

the moderators on this board suck ass


Sucks so bad makes me want to check their posts obsessively everyday and post comments on their sire. super suckers. hahaha


keep all animals from this guy LOLK


how come this page does not load well with firefox?


I have Firefox and everything works fine for me.


I have it loaded on firefox, no problems here




As long as Enzo or Hayden are not the final two, I am okay with the outcome, I know that Lane is also a floater, but for some reason, he doesn’t bother me the way those two do.
Brit make a huge mistake by not keeping Matt. I hate to see Ragan go, he tried hard all season, those other three, nothing, then all of the sudden, they start winning. Kudos to them, I guess they played a good mental game.

everyone sucks



Damn Enzo won I wanted him to get evicted well i guess Ragan or Brit is leaving this was a waste of a summer watching BB worst season EVER!!!!


That’s it for me! See ya guys next year!


I agree totally Lizzy my feeds run out this weekend andt there is no way I am even the slightest bit interested in the three idiots that are left. Couldn’t be a more dissappointing outcome.


I will stick it out until Ragan walks out the door, then I’ll tune in for finale.


CAnt stand Enzo now we got see him play w/ his nut sack and chew like a cow for the next 2 weeks man mayb he was aggressive w/ Ragan and he will get disqualified fingers crossed

BigBrothers Big Brother

Nah. It was divine intervention (Production). They’ve set this pretty little path for the Brigade to make it to the finals. What a disappointing season indeed. That makes two in a row I won’t see to the end.


There goes my hopes lol Yes this season was horrible how did these losers get cast out of thousands they pick these duds


Lane was jerking off in the shower last night. Just letting you ladies know.


lol thank u ill pass watching that didnt he get caught doing that last week


Hey what time Jordan some of us guys want to see that too LOL!!!


ummm… 1:15 AM cam 3



Mikey Deez

Yo, about time Enzo won, yo…



Enzo says he’s “super amped up” ready to win HOH next week —– slow down there chief take it easy, bruh. Baby steps
L-Zo. ABOUT DAMN TIME u won something u can’t take home ( flat screen tv) with ya.
Finally you rep’d for the Tri-State….now wifey and lil’ G can be proud LOL.
Finally lived up to the name “Amazin’ Enzo”….. now when u get the chance backstabb Hayden

The Excitement

He’s gonna have to. Hayden is Enzo’s biggest competition now.


who played the smart games of course Enzo , he got on the block one time and he lasted this long with winning what , a punishment of a penguin suit some punishment, they say he ate when he was on have nots and he is still here fighting, so go figure the brigade down to the final two, brit might make it to the final three but after that 2 of the three brigade members will win some case so all you Enzo haters he played smart and layed low and didn’t fight anyone to the end so meow meow to u all.


finally i found somebody on this site who is speaking the truth, go enzo yo meow meow


Enzo did not play the smartest game. Kathy would still be there if Matt had chosen someone else to leave, and Enzo is only slightly better than that. Enzo is there because he relied on the bragade (Matt) and wasn’t seen as a threat. If you can’t win comps then you can’t say you played a good game because you’re really only there because “shock” someone else was a bigger target than you. If Enzo wins I’ll vomit.


Finally yo.

The Excitement

the Brigade just made history!
Final 4!


there is no brigade for the final 4 matt is out, brit does not count she was not part of the brigade


what? history of the a wholes…they all think there going to be super stars ie sports announcers….the next al pachino…start a restaurant ……not do anything just say i m a reality star. their delusional. what monsters we ve created. luv to hate. lol


i meant a …holes


Not thrilled with Enzo winning. Maybe I’m one of the few who will actually watch til the end because I like the game. I think it’s been a good season. Hey, the earlier HGs failed at getting out the floaters. That seems to be the way the game goes. Doesn’t mean Big Brother sucks now compared to other seasons.


Enzo is really feeling himself right now! It’s going to be alot of shit talk tonight on bbad——-Enzo says to Britney that he (Ragan) is a sore loser. He talks about Brendon being a sore loser, c’mon now.  He is a sore loser. Enzo says he now has to win 2 HOH’s.  He wants to wear the thing.  He says he was shunned, now he is giving shun. (Ragan is alone on the bed in the Cabana Room laying on his back looking at the wall.)
The penguin suit was lucky. Walking around in it for a week was good luck!  He paces and eats out of a cereal bowl.  He says we are in the final four, that is crazy.
He talks about the thing hanging from the mouth and how he wasn’t about to give it up.  He wanted it and so I should give it to him?  He tells Britney that he is going to listen to music and then shower.
Britney asks if Lane is up there and he says yeah.
He asks Lane if he can shower in here. Lane talks about the song being so hard. He said that the song……
What is he complaining about?  That he was more hungry for it than he was?  We both knew where it was and he was more hungry for it.  Lane says that going up there to get it and then shouting it out, man, you got fans from that one!
Enzo goes on to Lane:
Ragan yelling that I hit him?  We were in a fight, if it was in a pit bull’s mouth, he would be punching the pit bull in the face to get it.  It was a fight, we are all here to win man. 


So how did he hit him and where I wonder how it happened any ideas??? maybe Enzo gets kicked out


Tackled, pushed, shoved. Maybe like on the Survivor challenges when they get super physical like Rugby reminiscent


So, Enzo HITS another houseguest, and During a Competition? Then Enzo admits hitting Ragan. Why on earth would Enzo not be given his walking papers by CBS, sent out of the BB House, and sent home- And NOT to the jury house for violating the rules.


exactly send him home!!!!!!!


ragan is obviously overeacting it was probably a tough physical skill challgenge and enzo was giving it his all and some where along the line got a little bit to rough to win the pov with ragan, jesus everone is acting like enzo walked right up to him and knocked him out cold to win the pov hes not going to get kicked out for playing rough to save his life in the game


I haven’t been able to download anything since you switched servers. Once I click on read more it freezes.


Brit will have to do some major flirting for any sort of chance to keep Ragan in the house.


Britney’s gonna have to put out if she wants Lane to take her to final 2. Allison Grodner, get the official Big Brother condoms out. ITS GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe he will be tricked into not taking himself off the block, which happened during a previous season, and he will be the next to go

BigBrothers Big Brother

Hahaha. You think he’ll pull a Marcellas? One can only hope. He’s stupid but more desperate than stupid so he’ll use the POV, unfortunately.


So, sounds like Enzo broke the rules in his POV comp. Wow, no big surprise — since he’s broken rules all along and BB has never penalized him. BB gets more disgusting every day. I believe I’m done with even this blog — nothing against Simon and Dawg but there’s nothing about BB anymore that interests me — it’s fake-azz crap that production can’t even fix in a way that’s interesting to me. . . with Ragan gone, there is not a single one of them that I would root for or even care to read about. Wrap it up, give the 500K to any of the scumballs (Lame, Bozo, Hairden, and Brat) and get them all the movie, tv, t-shirt, and bar tour deals that they want. Oh, and blog readers, take a drink


It order to stave off further obscene calls from AG, Quiznos has agreed to offer Enzo a 6 month contract as their new spokesman. He will be joining the cast of their current spokescats, the (obnoxious) “Singanimals”.

BigBrothers Big Brother

That Quizno’s commercial is nasty and annoying. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see rats (previous Quizno’s commercial) or kittens anywhere near my pizza. It would be a perfect job for Enzo. Hell, he only works part time anyway.

The Excitement

lol @ Lame, Bozo, Hairden, Brat. those are good nicknames!
but look, I loved the Brigade since Day 1. you can’t deny what they’ve accomplished is very impressive.
But i’ll admit, of the Brigade, i think Lane and Hayden are extremely boring. Enzo on the other hand is the most entertaining one. I love that guy. He’s hilarious. Britney has always been a favorite of mine too. She’s so pretty and so funny and sweet, but kinda mean too.
Who i hope wins the money in this order are: Enzo, Britney, Hayden, Lame.
Lane is so Lame, i can’t believe he has so many fans. the guy is boring as hell.


I am disappointed in this seasn (sigh).


Meh Brit needs to win something next week to almost keep it intrsting, Big brother really need to do a all star season again or really change it up, they all know how to play it and they know that floating can ge you far. They need people who want to win like for the all stars make it more money or something.


I’ve joined the parade of deserters leaving this show for the year, but I wanted to take a second to say thanks, Simon. this is a great site. I’ll probably be back next year.



Change that X to a C…you will get more replies…bah dam dum schehhh!


Glad Enzo won. Good bye Ragan – ya burned me with your snivelling drama queen/victim schtick.


OMG!! when ragan leaves im going to be team britney,brigade don’t really like them


So predictable, so boring, such a pukefest. The only good thing that could happen now is Brittany wins HOH and her and Lane backdoor hair or numbnuts. Still boring.


if these guys go to the final 2 together they will prove they are idiots, they will split the votes,but if they take brit or ragan they will easily get 4 votes


NOOOO!!! screw this season!


yup exactly

angela melini

The only reason the Brigade is winning now is because there’s hardly anyone but them to win. One is HOH who can’t play for following HOH. And then the odds 4 (w/Brit) against one -Ragan). That’s why they are winning because all the other players are gone. I wonder how much they’d win if Brenden and Matt were still there instead of Brit and Ragan? They are a bunch of clowns. I’m annoyed that one of these 3 will win the $500K..Should’ve been Matt and Brenden at the end. Then it would’ve been much more interesting. That’s just my opinion.


Just the TIP:

No one kept the TRIgade safe. People just chose to overlook them. The only people that even tried hard are in the jury house. It’s their fault these guys coasted into the finals. BUT, it’s also a valid strategy to lay low, stay under the radar, and let the stronger players take each other out. Seems to have worked. BUT, as I’ve said, I don’t have a favorite.
But, there were people I didn’t want to win the money. I didn’t want Matt to win due to “THE LIE”. Ragan is a whiney bitch who made the pedophile comments. Brit is a spoiled, lazy brat.
So, looks like none of them will win. But, not too thrilled about the remaining idiots.
If America can phone in a vote, remember :


I figured that was why Lane and Enzo are winning something FINALLY….who else is there but Brit. They all are big time floaters and just look where they are. Go figure…


the only reason enzo won is because hayden lane and britney think they are safe and probably didn’t try to win, that leaves enzo and ragan, enzo had a 50 percent chance of winning


If brit wasn’t such a dumb young blonde the whole game could have wound up a lot more interesting in the end but now it’s gonna be even more boring then it has been. Her boyfriend looks like a pimple ridden hick, it’s no surprise when she meets a real man she’s all over him, small towns have a tendency of producing a more gullible person.

For a good laugh watch what britney does every time she’s talking to lane, hand goes to hair and starts playing with it almost instantly, starts batting her eyes, pouting lips…i see that 8 month relationship before she got into the house lasting once she’s done with BB lol


Well the way they make it sound it must have been something physical. I guess BB wanted Regan out because seriously did anyone thing Regan could beat any of them in a physical challenge? I wasn’t a fan of Regan but I hate those 3 more then any of them. There bragging that they are winning comps now? They are up against a gay guy and a girl. I wouldn’t even count that as a win if I beat either one of them.


it is so obvious cbs wants enzo to win..this last pov challenge was in baldy’s favor..it should have been the faces (ragan was practicing all night)..enzo cheats and gets in trouble all of the time!! nothing is done about it. poor ragan…i wish he could stay..cbs is such bull!! ( C)heaters-(B)ull-(S)hameless..if they do not penalize enzo again and play the pov again i will not watch ever again and i have never missed a bb episode..cbs is so lame!!!!


The floater 1 actually wins something! Wow shocking!!!! Neither Enzo nor Hayden deserve to be there! They have floated on thru while brit and ragan had to fight and actually won comps! They say their the “BEST ALLIANCE” ever? Ya ok maybe for trash talking floating on thru! Lanes a toss up.. Brit’s gonna feel stupid after tho .

what are yous thinking

i think its fixed the 3 idiot floaters that everyone else in the game kept safe enzo lane and hayden are all of a sudden winning but look who there competing with enzo keeps on saying its a first for the show yah the first time three floaters have made it to the end none of the three deserve to win


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again “the show is fixed”..I don’t care what anyone says ..I’ve seen it season after season..just little things here and there …come on ,how did these 3 stooges get to the end ..they are so boring ..even the feeds are boring ..I’m so sick of watching and listening to bozo the clown eat in a disgusting manner …he is totally rude …smelling his finger after they’ve been down his da*n pants ..DISGUSTING PIG..none of the 3 deserve to win at all…jmo


Okay, Enzo won POV. It’s not like most of the house is gone now.lol. Also, their alliance lasted longer than it should have because of Matt. Matt should have got out in a sneaky way before he was forced out. When Matt knew they were trying to vote him out he should have put one of them up on the block against Lane when using that DPOV.

I think it’s less of their genius and more because of the type of people that were in the house. There were more passive aggressive types in there. Rachel’s aggression would have been fine if she could have coupled it with the social part. She was too over dramatic and disrespectful in your face kind of way to keep her in there.

I will have to say Britney has made some moves I didn’t like such as talking too much and being too trustful. But she has made it far in the game. She played a pretty good social game in there and won at good times.


I have to disagree about Rachel. Had she been in the house with normal people, she wouldn’t have come off as in your face. Remember Evil Dick and Russell, that was in your face. That is what this season lacked, all these contestants


continued: are chickenshits. You put 13 strangers in a small house and you expect all out chaos, fighting, and screaming. I may have loved to hate Chima, but she never bored me. Rachel at least had some balz.


I agree..I loved the Evil Dick season….never a dull moment ..Rachael made her mistake by latching on to a hg that she only knew 5 minutes before sleeping with him …Brendan and her brought each other down imo..I absolutely hate this season ..I just kept watching, hoping something interesting would happen sooner or later..BUT,it never happened …most boring season ever ..


enzo hit ragan and enzo is still there. that is messed up. if he were to do that in the real world it would be considered domestic violence since they live together. cbs does let the hgs get away breaking rules, but hitting another hg is against the law. cmon cbs quit being a bunch of wusses and do the right thing for once. I don’t like enzo or ragan but in this case enzo needs to go if he really did hit ragan on purpose.


Kevin and Ronnie technically hit each other. Chest bump during their argument. So, if you wanted to be picky…… If the comp was physical, and physical contact was part of it, I’m sure CBS is protected by the mountain of paperwork and waivers that the hgs signed. People need to stop trying to find ways to disqualify people. Geez. It’s like saying football players should be arrested for battery. It’s PART OF THE GAME!


i wish someone would explain this hit…was it intendional or part of game. need to know.thx


me too, Carol. I wonder what the story is?? I also wonder how CBS will edit it? I love the game of BB, but this years cast is lame. Oxygen thieves are all that’s left!!



Ragan is gone! Now Britney and all is good. 🙂