*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit wants to know Whose the Pee Bandit, Enzo: “I sit like a B!tch wasn’t me” Hayden “Sorry”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

9:40pm Kitchen – Lane, Brit, Enzo and HAyden Everyone just getting up, Enzo is saying he’s going to eat some toast then go back to bed. They talk about the blackout they had and how enzo was freaking out. Enzo and Brit bring up the POV comp construction outside, they both say its much louder then usual. Enzo is convinced its a physical competition and he’s amped about it (LOL he thinks because there loud putting it together it’ll be a physical comp). Hayden shares a dream he had where Big Brother lets a pheasant into the house and tells the remaining houseguests the person who catches it get a prize. Hayden says he almost caught the pheasant, Enzo: “ohh BLANK getting messed up in here”
Brit to Enzo: “you peed all over the place last night…you have terrible aim”
Enzo: “I sit like a BLANK when I piss wasn’t me”
Hayden: “Sorry I was 1/2 asleep”

They all start munching on their cereal as loud as they can into their mics. trying to figure out what was up with the power outage. They are starting to think it has something to do with the competition construction because as Enzo puts it “some serious BLANK is going on out there”. Brit says Enzo was freaking out when the outage happened. Enzo explains he thought they were going to evacuate the building he was looking forward to getting out. Brit tells him hey have never done that in the past. The closest was after 911 when they gave the last 3 houseguests a chance to leave early.

Enzo brings up Ragan studying, he walked in on him and he heard Ragan listing off all the names in a certain sequence enzo says it sounded BLANK up. Lane and Hayden add that Ragan has lost his mind.

Enzo brings up the middle box on the memory wall how they all though it was the 14th houseguests and wanted to get them out first regardless of who they are. Brit says Brendon was starting to be corny from day one when he was talking about the middle box. Enzo brings up the Athletic Alliance with Brendon and how hard it was to be in it with him because he was so corny. brendon had wanted to out the AA if he got nominated bu Enzo didn’t want him to he told BRendon that the AA is a secret he has to keep until after the game is over. They all do some light Brendon bashing talking about Rbendon saying he was a body builder/astronaut/ninja/sushi chef.. etc etc

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:54pm Ragan studying

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:49pm Ragan still studying, everyone else sleeping


11:48pm Everyone on the feeds is sleeping, even ragan has stopped studying

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:13pm Everyone Sleeping I’m starting to hope Hayden’s dream comes true.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:44pm HOH Brit is saying that POV must be tonight because usually it’ll be noon on Saturdays and they haven’t received any word about it. Lane agrees, talk changes to eating candy.

1:18pm Bubbles

1:51pm Bubbles… WTF yo

2:31pm Bubbles… WTF yo

2:58pm Enzo wins POV

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125 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit wants to know Whose the Pee Bandit, Enzo: “I sit like a B!tch wasn’t me” Hayden “Sorry”

    1. nothing wrong with that, i love a shapely women skinny women don’t have curves gotta have a lil bit of weight to get the nice curves ya know. i appreciate milkshakes,fries, and cheese burgers for giving women who may not have good genes the RIGHT thickness… LOL

        1. Shit, Dany you need help, she is a nice looking young girl, look past her personality, she is hot. How much do you drink during the day, you are a goof.

    Hey, Ragan fans with the short memories. Just the other day…..
    Ragan: I wanna be inappropriate zing bot… Hey, Hayden. How many 12 year old girls do you make blow you? Hey Matt, how many comatose patients in hospice have you fingered? Zing.
    Ragan is a piece of shit, and he got his wish, he is totally inappropriate. The comments aren’t funny, and it gives you a peak into what kind of person he really is.
    Brit and Enzo are hanger onners.
    Lane and Hayden haven’t DONE anything. It has just worked out for them, that’s all you can say.
    I don’t think anyone on the show deserves the money, and I sure as hell hope none of them make the next BB All Stars show.

    1. Worst BB in history! The comps are boring, the people are boring and BB is not enforcing the rules. No eating when your a have not, no pretzel messages and no study aids. It was all a mental and physical game early in the seasons. BOOOOO BIG BROTHER! YOU SUCK!!!

      1. I agree. Britney is a whiner and Ragan is a drama queen. Enzo is stupid and Lane and Hayden are ok but a bit boring although Lane can be funny occasionally.

        1. I totally agree! And I have been watching since Season 2. I don’t know how long I can be loyal to a show that is loosing its edge. Casting director should be fired!

  2. I just want to hear Ragan go over the faces ONE MORE TIME. OMG, could they show him doing this MORE? WTF is CBS thinking? I guess they’re not, which is why we ended up with this house full of clowns. blah blah crooked smile blah blah mole on right cheek blah blah …… I try to turn the channel, but it’s like watching Bob Ross when he used to paint “happy little trees” on PBS. You sort of just stick around and go into a trance. Except, at the end, there’s no pretty picture, just a lingering headache from the drone of Ragan’s voice……

    1. I used to watch Bob Ross paint his happy little trees (remember, it’s your painting and they can live anywhere you want them to) and so I know what you mean. I also scram when Ragan is talking. His voice is grating. Enzo’s lip smacking is a close second. Maybe first. I dunno.

  3. Yawn…im so bored…i think i will read a book. i don’t even care who wins POV..does it really matter? someone comes down then Brit goes up, then she pouts and Ragan comforts her, then they go to seperate rooms and nothing happens. I am sure glad Ragan likes the house like this..so peaceful and so quiet, no drama..yawn…What could happen to make things interesting? Nothing.

    1. jl, I HOPE Ragan is smart enough not to comfort Britney if Brit goes on the block. Although she back-stabbed him in the past, she’s openly turned her back on him now and there’s no way he can’t be aware of it. Notice that now she’s hanging out with the jocks, she doesn’t even talk to him. Brit is a MEAN GIRL personified.

      1. heh Mimi, its Karma, they both bashed the other houseguest to no end. Now Mean girl Regan is being shunned by Mean girl Brit…Next Brit will be shunned then enzo, these people are ridiculous. Now If brit makes final 2 the most she will get is 50grand. the house is not giving her the money so she can forget about that one.She just cost herself a half million dollars. she wont have rachael, brendon, kathy nor regans vote.so opps mean girl Brit u lose.bye bye

  4. Ack, what is it about men??? they make a mess and then go off and leave it. A guy who cleans up after himself is the stuff of dreams. There’s no excuse for Hayden. He’s a big boy and a grown up — didn’t his mother teach him to clean up after himself??

    1. wait a min i retract that statement i forgot he is married with 2 females in the house…. im sure he didn’t always sit when he pees.. women can get “psycho” when they find pee on the toilet seat, im positive men have been “killed” for this LOL

        1. no, you dont have to. but in high school i was teased unmercifully in gym/locker room for being uncut that I always started peeing sitting down in high school and have pretty much done it ever since out of habit. of course you dont “have” to. hey, maybe enzo has a prince albert and sits down so he doesnt spritz all over?

  5. I have a question, do the jury members get to see all that happens in the house or just what CBS has on their show? If they do, then those people in the house now really need to quit bashing the members of the jury because they are the ones that are going to decide who wins this game. I know if I were in the house, I would not say one thing bad about any members of the jury house.

    1. The contestants in the jury house only get to see recordings of the HOH and POV competitions. Nothing else. They are meant to vote based on their experience in the house.

    2. Many seasons ago (maybe the 2 or 3rd season?), the jury wasn’t sequestered and watched the entire show. There was one finalist who was nice in person but talked horribly about everyone in the DR. She lost BB because they all watched BB and saw her smack-talk after they were evicted. I think that’s why the jury is sequestered now.

      1. You are right, Mimi, and that was season 3. Danielle was the one that bad talked everyone in the DR and called that guy the devil (fingers on head to imply horns). That is when Lisa won over her, due to the HG’s seeing the footage.

    3. The members of the jury house only get to see competitions. They do not get to see diary room sessions or anything taped from random conversations.

      1. yeah actually that sort of ruins the game…comps dont show enough…whats the point of the jury then? why not have it be america…we actually see it

        1. Too many people on watch the shows on Sun., Wed., and Thurs. They only see watch CBS (Grodner) wants them to see. Using that info to base your vote on would be a joke. America needs more info in order to vote.

            1. I totally agree. My mom and sister only watch CBS and don’t follow the game anywhere else. When I over hear them talk, they have NO clue what is really happening. I just smile, knowing that I know the true colors of the house guests. The really funny thing is that they pride themselves for being so in tune to the game. Oye!!!!

    1. What else is he going to do? He’s probably bored out of his mind. The other 4 spend their time talking ABOUT him and other past house guests; they don’t talk to him any more.

  6. Joe Mama: No, the jury members do not get to see everything that is happening in the house. Not even the CBS shows. They see competitions and ceremonies and that’s it.

  7. Ragan knows he’s everyone’s target and he’s going home if he doesn’t win POV what else is there for him to do? If Ragan wins POV Lane will have to choose between BRit and Hayden.. Big Rama.. Brit goes up and you have a Kessha sized melt down, hayden goes up and enzo will go through a ollie sized melt down.

    Nominations stay the same then we have this same boring shit going on until Thursday but substitute Ragan studying with Ragan sleeping

    1. Simon, ;) just what I was thinking (see my reply to Lance!). I hope that BB fixes the comp so that Ragan wins just so that you guys have material to blog about.

        1. We are so deep in the game we don’t even mind if they fix the comps anymore . lol
          I don’t like the riggin but for Ragan and some good tv …. LETS DO IT BB!!
          That was the best when Keesha had her melt down, I love her but the was one of the BBAD hands down.
          All Jerry did was stay in his room laying down in bed because Memphis( good for nothing) and Dan told him to.

          1. i’m not sure that we’re accepting it, more like dealing with it and hoping they cheat in a way that benefits our rooting interests.

        2. Simon i might of missed it when is the POV? And sorry for another of being unemployed and can’t donate but enjoyed the site!!! thanks!!

          1. glad you like the site.. I don’t know when the POV is I thought it was going to be tonight but theres bubbles on the feeds right now so who knows.

  8. I am a man and I used to pee all over the toilet seat when i was a kid. That being said BB really needs to make a restroom for guys and one for the girls. Thats just common sense ….isn’t it?

  9. I would like to see Enzo win the next POV and take himself off the block. Then Lane puts up Brit and they evict Brit. I don’t blame Enzo for being mad, he thought the bridgade was good, but then Lane puts him up. Come on Enzo, clue in. Win this POV and then the next HOH. Knock Lane and Hayden out before they take you out. Like to see the final two be Enzo and (Hayden or Lane), and then everyone votes for Enzo.

    1. IF Enzo wins this POV, it’d be smart to take out Brit — because Brit is the only side-alliance left in the game. Lane has an unfair advantage over them while Brit is still in the house. Hayden would be smart to win POV and taken down Enzo — then presto, Brit HAS to go up and Hayden and Enzo would have the votes to get her out. But Enzo and Hayden have consistently proven that they are not that smart.

  10. geez anyone who grew up with a sister knows you keep the darn seat clean. I remember being 7 and having my 10 year old sister tell me I need to come back in and wipe the seat

    cmon hayden, cant you do anything right?

    I stil lthink getting rid of brenden was just stupid…what was hayden thinking? they should have got rid of brit and learned from matt’s mistake of kathy over brit…but noooo

  11. Omg, I cant believe Brendon is gone, they gotta lotta nerve dissin him so much considering he was playing the game harder than anyone else. Ragan is now being the smart one although Im tired of his frankenstein square head and I was devastated when he won the POV and Brendon got the boot. Haydon and Enzo have done nothing but take up space since this season began its a shame theyre still there. I dont even know what to say about Lane, these people have no presence, no character, no ooomph. Britney was funny at first with her DR remarks but I wouldnt want her to win because shes catty and the big doe eyes have worn thin…I think Ragan should win for putting in the effort and I think Brendon should get Americas fave ..,if he promises that he wont spend a nickel on Rachel.

  12. BB might want to fix today’s comp so that Enzo wins POV for the drama that would ensue – with Brit on the block. But poor BB — it’s almost impossible to fix a comp for Enzo unless it’s rigging the buzzers . . . like the reward POV and the penguin suit. Other than when BB’s fixing the equipment, Enzo has proven that he doesn’t have the skill set to win any comps! Maybe BB will make the comp — “things in Bayonne, NJ.”

  13. Since Brendon is gone I would perfer Enzo and Lane in f2 and Enzo winning. I can’t stand Brit or Ragan and can only tolerate Hayden.

  14. Brit needs to win POV and take Rag off the block. That’s her only chance b/c lame is going to kick Brit’s spoiled a&& to the curb like a hore on a Saturday nite. I can’t wait to see her bitch slap Lame when he puts her on the block.

      1. Who does she think she can win $500k with? If she is such a big fan she should b able to run thru the scenarios and figure it out. F2 with Rag is her only chance. I would like to think she is not stupid. Why go thru 3 months and be blind at the end. I have hopes for the surprise to the brigade.

  15. In the comments today on Bitchy Big Brother Blog, a commenter from Ft. Worth explains how Lane comes from a super super wealthy oil family and that he’s only playing the hick. It’s not surprising to me that he’s from super rich family — when I was still watching the live feeds, Lane describing his job that he was given and doesn’t seem to have to work too many hours and Lane describing how he switched schools in high school — his parents got mad at the school district, picked him up at high school, and the next day he started high school in another state!! What kind of family has the money, job flexibility, and the multiple house to move to another state in ONE day — just because Dad is mad at the school board?

  16. Sleeping is a good thing to do after studying. The brain processes and organizes the information while sleeping. Hopefully, it works out for Ragan and hopefully BB has fixed today’s POV for Ragan’s skillset OR:) if they’ve fixed it for Enzo’s Bayonne skillset and are also planting a giant seed in Enzo/Hayden’s weetle brains that Brit is a bigger threat than Ragan.

    1. WRONG!!! I can’t stand Enzo. A lot of people cannot stand Enzo. He reminds me too much of the idiots I grew up with with that mentality of his. It makes me sick. I grew up in NY and most of the guys in NY and NJ all have “that” stupid mentality. I hope he goes and then Brit. I can’t stand any of them truthfully. I hope next year CBS is much more selective in who they pick for HGs. Maybe then I can forgive them for this years idiots they picked! LOL!!!!

  17. america’s favourite isn’t Ragan…on other blogs; the top 3 are Enzo, Hayden, Ragan.
    by far worst season ever, but their ratings are still up cause people..love to hate the cast members.

    1. Enzo and Hayden may be favored among people who’ve never watched the Live Feeds. Enzo got a very good edit from CBS — even Julie Chen says in her blog “he’s a likeable guy.” — seeing the prejudiced and sexist hate against other contestant that he spews almost non-stop on the live feeds — in between chomping food and playing with himself — I didn’t find him likeable at all. My guess is that the ratings are so good because of the economy — Prior years, I hardly ever watched BB — this year, I used to watch because I’m unemployed so no late night at work and no vacations to other places for me!

  18. i wan t ragan to win power of veto because he is the best player in the house in my opion, so he can take him self off and either hayden the retard or spoiled brat brit goes up but i want hayden to go up.

  19. I voted for Dawg as hottest hg ever:) btw– funny that Evel Dick’s daughter Danielle is not in poll– she was definetly a stick shape person!!!

  20. The 3 stooges are winning. Moe (Enzo), Larry (Hayden) and Curly (Lane). Has anyone else noticed this resemblance to this little group?

    1. yes and i am surprised no one with photoshop talent hasnt put together a really great photo of the 3 of them superimposed on the stooges.

    2. Please do not insult the three stooges like that, they were very funny. Two of them are idiots and they all are boring, all five of them! LOL!!!

  21. Ok I have decided that next year I cant buy these feeds … big brother should have there asses up doing something .. make then clean the fish tank ..create a game for them…freaking soemthing … if i wanted to watch soemone sleep all day I would go hangout at the old folks home …wait even at the old folks home they play bingo and chit .. this is just painful … cmon CBS you are killing and alienating your viewers by allowing this crap to continue ..

  22. Beat ’em up Lane. So Lane and his brother Gunter allegedly broke into a guy’s apartment and beat him up in an incident over a girl after a night at the bars (starcasm.net). I read on a recap of BB that BB showed Lane saying about Britney: “Britney looked absolutely banging. If she was at a bar, I would quickly find her, get to her boy friend, knock him out, and buy her a drink.” So not only does BB fix competitions, it accepts brutes to be on BB, and THEN it condones the behavior by showing a clip about that sort of attitude on the tv show?!!! WTF!

    1. Who are you pulling for? I agree w/ your Lame statement, he is a pampered rich athlete and thinks he can get away w/ anything. I just want entertainment and that’s why I wanted Brit to pull off Rag with the POV.

    2. You’re so annoying MIMI….He was joking….You’re the type who thinks “Well now, If it’s on the internet it must be true !) BB would not have people on that has a police record…Wake up, there are so many phony sites out there…You sound ignorant. You really should stop the postings… I”ll break you down…word for word….Ba ha ha..(Actually, it would be fun to do…so ….carry on !!!!) :)~

    1. nope… I went to bed last night while they were awake which I never do even when I’m 7 hours in the difference… there was nothing going on.. it was wretched

  23. I want matt to win fan favorite juste because he was a great competitor and he was gonna give 50 000 $ to help people that had the disease that he said his wife had so he was gonna put the money to good use plus he played a great game

  24. I hated this rigging comps when it was in favor of Brendon and Rachel, but right now Ragan is the only person who I could really stand to see walk away with the half mill. Maybe if Matt is the 4th vote for him Ragan will be more willing to forgive him. If Ragan leaves I’m tuning out until finale night CBS, so you better make sure Ragan wins just lik you made sure Brendon won.

    1. they did not rig anything for brendan, brendan won because he had to, he was focused on winning, plus the rest were just useless idiots

      1. Even if you don’t believe Matt’s statement that BB had rigged his buzzer in the last week’s POV, what about the facilitation by BB of a pretzel message from Rachel to Brendon (against the rules) OR having a HOH contest with ropes that weigh 25 pounds — obvs. no way Britney or Kathy could have won that HOH! And the weight of the rope info comes from Julie Chen’s blog on EW.com . Even if you don’t think BB actually fixes the game, it does constantly manipulate it to attempt to determine the outcomes that are good for ratings.

        1. the pretzel message isn’t any worse than kevin and natalie’s calender they made last year, besides matt had a chance of going on the block with or without the pretzel message so get over it, and the rope challenge lane hayden and enzo had a chance to win that, brendan just wanted it more

      2. LMFAO @ he won because he had to that made no sense…no he won because he was the most “athletic” in the house…so while it wasn’t rigged it was gear towards him…

  25. Simon, is the house so boring there is nothing to update? I feel for you, but thanks for plugging away with this crew.

  26. BB needs to implement a penalty system for just floating right through the game. It should be lose three straight comps and you get to be a have-not, a portion of your earnings is garnished if you get to be final two and/or subject to a penalty vote the next time you are on the block. This way you won’t have people like Enzo or Kathy ever playing this game again and the audience will finally watch everyone playing in their optimal level.

    1. how are you floating if you trying and lose a comp….. now if you meant if your constantly “throwing comps” then OK, but don’t tell people oh if you can’t win a comp we’re going to penalize you for it..

      1. they were not throwing anything, they were trying to win realized they couldn’t win then they threw it, (reminds me of natalie), thats not the same as throwing a comp

  27. Why is it that people think Brit is a spoiled brat? Just because that idiot Brendon said it? Did anyone watch the episode that featured her family ? Didn’t look like a mansion to me? Her family were down to earth people. Is it just because she competed in a couple of pageants, when she was,what? 13? She wears the same clothes all the time..always in her black sweats….and always in sweatshirts, or tee-shirts except for the live shows. Brit is hilarious..and adventureus ! Listening to her on BBAD…She was an exchange student in Greece..She’s traveled to Europe. She moved to NYC by herself. Twice! First time not knowing anyone, and roomed with people she didn’t even know.(If she was so spoiled, she would of been in her own apartment with her parents footing the bill). I bet everyone bashing her are jealous girls…can’t stand a pretty blond girl, because they can’t stand themselves! ha ha…Loser chicks love to blast on the pretty ones…I hope she wins…

    1. She is a brat because of her actions — her back-stabbing / selling out of her friends and her constant flirting with Lane. I don’t judge her character based on money — in fact, I think Enzo is just as spoiled and Lane is the one who’s been spoiled by access to money. BUT your use of roommates in NYC is hilarious — everyone (even I when making 80K+ a year) has roommates in NYC — you can’t live alone in a decent apartment in a decent neighbborhood unless you are making boatloads of money. Saw a recent article that said a 250K lifestyle in most of America would cost 540K in New York.

      1. YOU STATED: She is a brat because of her actions — her back-stabbing / selling out of her friends and her constant flirting with Lane.
        IN MY WORLD: Back-stabbing / selling out..etc is NOT the definition of a spoiled brat. Who doesn’t do this ? Remember it’s a game. There is $250,000 at stake here !!
        YOU STATED: BUT your use of roommates in NYC is hilarious — everyone (even I when making 80K+ a year) has roommates in NYC — you can’t live alone in a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood unless you are making boatloads of money.
        IN MY WORLD: That was exactly my point ! If her parents paid for her own apartment while she was there…that’s “spoiled”
        YOU STATED: Everyone (even I when making 80K+ a year) has roommates in NYC — you can’t live alone in a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood unless you are making boatloads of money…… (I cleaned up your misspelling, tee hee!)
        IN MY WORLD: I lived there ON MY OWN, with my middle class income ,at great apartment ! You wrote EVERYONE in NYC has roommates…insinuating that you KNOW everyone in NYC…That statement is just moronic.(and excuse me but YOU’RE the one who is hilarious with this statement:) Just saying..
        Just keep them coming…because I do love a good debate Mimi…


  28. Can any1 tell me why the boyz think they r gonna be stars after this. Enzo thinking hollywood directors are gonna be calling him to due moviesnot to mention he thinks he is gonna be a rap star lol what he looks like a grandpa thats going bald. THESE guys think of themselves why to much I hope Brit wakes up and Ragan gets it together and take the BG down cant stand them

  29. On the live feeds they are jerks. If I was Enzo’s wife I would be so ashamed of him. He is so annoying all he does is use the F word over and over. Smacks, scratches his balls, walks back and forth all the time. He does not deserve any money because he is stupid. Hayden is sickning all he does is mash his bumps and move his ugly hair around. Lane is getting stupid. Britt has gone to pot relying on these losers. Poor ragan I have not liked him but he is the only one that does deserve this. Brandon needs to get the favorite fan money. This season has been a crappy season. Don’t think I will waste my time next year on this show.

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