**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilage – Ragan: “Brendon is so frightened right now I love it ” Matt “Well he should be he’s in all sorts of f*ck next week”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:37pm MAtt and Ragan Hammock,

Ragan: “Brendon is so frightened right now I love it ” Matt “Well he should be he’s in all sorts of BLANK next week”. Ragan: “Creepy Creepy staring guy”. MAtt: “Brendon staring?” Ragan: “Yeah”. Ragan saying that the person walking away with the most to gain from a final 4 deal is enzo. Ragan telling him he needs to work it harder.. Matt says he has been he talked to Hayden and Enzo for hours last night they know his position. Ragan: “god I can’t trust Kahty”. MAtt: “yeah of course you can’t she’s just as bad as Brendon she’s on his same level”. Matt and Ragan briefly talk about all of Ragans Campaigning he’s been doing and Matt thinks Ragan better turn it down because just in case Matt leaves ragan needs to stay as long as he can. Ragan: “Creepy Creepy”. MAtt: “He’s staring again.. he’s a creepy dude”
Ragan: “Come on big brother Karma.. you got something good coming to you” MAtt appreciates all the hard work Ragan been doing.

Ragan: “I think it’s funny what that BLANK was saying I never got a chance to fight for myself.. well BLANK you, you had a chance to play for veto” (Rachel was saying that because she didn’t have a chance to play for the HOH” Matt brings up how it sucks he didn’t have a chance to play for POV. They start doing abs and brit comes by, tells Ragan all the things they hid last week is still hidden.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00PM Brendon The most worried guy in the BB house tonight.. he’s 2 glasses deep.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm Brendon, Hayden and Enzo Studying Going over the big brother says event earlier today. Brendon wants to go over the order he doesn’t think he accuracy of what they did is as important. Brendon almost has it all down but none of the three are anywhere close to how well brit and ragan know the events. Enzo seem more interested in eating nuts and checking out the tournament bowl.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:45pm Jumanji Room Matt, Ragam, LAne and Brit Matt saying he’ll leave the flag but only have it at 1/2 mast. Ragan asks what the HOH room (Hayden, Brendon, Enzo, KAhty) is doing.. He doesn’t understand what they would have to talk so long about. Ragan: “I really wonder what is going on up there” Matt doesn’t know but he thinks it’s no good. Matt: “theres a fine line between recon work and crossing over to the other side and they are crossing it, LAne agrees. (MAtt mat be clueing in on whats Hayden and Enzo are up to) Ragan tells them that Kathy is upstairs..Ragan: “is there something fishy going on is it just me?” Brit and matt agree something is going on.
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Midnight Jumanji Brit, Kahty, Ragan and LAne
They are talking about the comp tomorrow and decide it’s going to be a quiz. Matt is pretty annoyed with Hayden and Enzo, He keeps saying something is up and how can they be up there for so long. MAtt tells them that Hayden got called into the DR and instead of hanging with them he runs back up to the HOH. Lane wonders if Hayden/Enzo will even put Brendon up. Matt thinks they will throw the HOH comp tomorrow. Brit says it pisses her off that Enzo and HAyden are not trying to win the HOH comp because they know her and Ragan re the targets of Brendon. LAne gets up to get ice water says It could bite hayden and enzo on the BLANK. They talk about the next couple of comps, matt tells them this next HOH is pointless it’s the POV that is important. Lane thinks Hayden and Enzo will throw the POV comp matt disagrees.

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119 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilage – Ragan: “Brendon is so frightened right now I love it ” Matt “Well he should be he’s in all sorts of f*ck next week”

  1. Ok hayden says he only likes really hot girls but yet he went for Kristin who’s eyes are too close together and looks like Hayden with longer hair. And Brendan who went for the red headed zit face parrot. These guys make me laugh

  2. Enzo is a little turd. i hope he gets his sorry ass evicted next week with Brenda in a double eviction. Then the jury house will have the two most disgusting (Rachendonasaurus) and the two most useless players (Kathenzo). It’s too bad Kristen or Annie didn’t stay longer than one of these four.

        1. Wow I can’t believe u thought I thought it was real. Stupid stupid stupid.;) painfully stupid, Kathy stupid. No but seriously they are all idiots and I cannot stop watching the train wreck.

    1. Seriously, Kristen. What a piece of work she was!! I’m from Philly and was completely disgusted that she comes from where I live.

  3. Omg I don’t hit women but I would love for someone to punch Kathy right in her ugly face. She makes me sick how 2 faced she is. I hope Matt puts her up tomorrow. I will not feel bad for her at all

    1. Agreed! Although I think Matt is playing a good game and may just win it. He doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Ragan and Britt. They are the biggest hypocrites to ever grace the BB house.

      1. I agree this has been the worst year of BB. The chars are lame and flat, the brigade are stupid they just lay around and act as floaters. They win nothing and do nothing BORING..
        Ragan cry baby weiner, Kathy OMG…Brittany is at least funny sometimes..Matt please just dumb luck not entertaining..Hayden can’t pass a mirror without staring and flipping his pretty boy hair..Enzo forget about it….I think the Home Shopping Network is more entertaining right now….

  4. Brendons two glasses deep – I’m about four! I wish CBS would tell these people to let loose a little! I hope next season has an interesting cast. Maybe a mixture of season 8, 9 and 11.

    SN: BBGrandma, I enjoy your post and look forward to your comments! Please don’t stop commenting on this site because someone took offense to your opinion! :)

    1. I so totally agree……Leave almost everyone out of Season 12 for the next All Stars (with the exception of Rachel – purely for the drama, not for the laugh) I would so love to see Remi, Russell, Dick, Eric, Zach, Ronnie, and Jen (and possible Amber, not for game play, but for her non-stop crying sessions)

  5. Allison Grodner is so frightened right now; she thinks she’s pregnant. Bitch probably just overate again. You’d be surprised what 12 rotisserie chickens does to your stomach. Actually, no, you probably aren’t surprised that it makes you fat.

      1. DRINK! I hereby instate a new rule on our drinking list of commandments. Any time someone asks me if I’m an evicted or rejected house guest, we drink! O-pah!

    1. Do we have to take the 2 of you on the Maury show to see if you are the father? After all didn’t you say you went on a date with her? Who knows what else you did that you didn’t tell us? :p

      I kid just in case the humour dosn’t come across.

      1. If she gives birth to a rotisserie chicken, then I will gladly step forward as the responsible rooster, err, father. Who would pass up on a mobile machine that can pump out dinners from their vagina without even needing to be in the kitchen. I’d skewer so many dinners on her cavernous vaginal stalactites that we could open up a restaurant if BB ever gets canceled.

  6. Who chooses what camera is shown on BBAD? Why would they show us the 4 tools in the hoh for the last hour of the show and not show us what Matt, Brit, lane, and reg are talking about. Why do they think anyone wants to see kathys ugly face

    1. I hope Enzo is put on the block. He really has shown he is lazy and useless.

      He is funny and all, but it is now the real game and he is indeed a huge floater.

    2. They (Enzo, Hayden and Lane) have been worried about Matt being with Ragan and Brittney for a long time. So that is the name of the game Let’s face it, Matt has been playing all sides since day one. Remember his HOH when the whole house wanted Brenden and Rachel on the block and he put neither of them up. PRETENDED his plan was to backdoor one of them.

    3. I hope he does but I think he wants to prove he’s still brigade. I think it will be too late and he’ll get rid of Kathy who would be a vote either way for him

  7. watching bb after dark and i am sick to my stomach over a few things.1. enzo must stop eating…sounds like a super pig. 2. kathy is such a 2-faced bitch……she needs to go.all she’s good for is smoking. 3. it is getting more and more difficult to watch brendon’s mopey-ass facial expressions.he has a look of part consipation and part bewilderment. he must go.britt and ragen are becoming my fav’s…….fiesty lil devils.oh and 4.enzo and matt must stop playing with themselves on camera (yes, i threw up a bit as i was typing that).

  8. Instead of having live feeds online. Showtime should take one of it’s channels and just play BB all the time instead of just for 3 hours late at night

    1. Yeah, CBS should totally give away all of their profits, that’s totally plausible. Sadly, I also wish it would happen, even though it never will.

  9. To Brendon fans, I wonder ;) if they would be such big fans if they spent 2 hours listening in on his conversations…without going to any other non-Brendon feeds. I doubt it.

    1. But he has no self respect given the whiny way he acts around Rachel, she pretty much owns him. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but he does seem to have a few screws loose.

      1. He ruined his game first by hooking up with Rachel and second by putting Matt up against his own better judgment because Rachel wanted him to. Rachel is motivated by revenge for Matt because he took her out, and also because he didn’t kiss her ass when she was back in the house. She also knows that Matt is the one person that Ragan is attached to, so she knows if he leaves it will make Ragan sad. In no way is putting Matt up a smart strategic move for Brendon. He should have put up Brit. (glad he didn’t because I like her). I am so glad that Matt will make his HOH pointless when he pulls out the DPOV tonight and hopefully puts up Brendon’s only friend, Kathy. He will be shocked, his HOH is wasted and he owes it all to Rachel and her petty grudges. I don’t feel sorry for him though, he did this to himself. He could have ignored her and done what he wanted to do.

        1. If matt didn’t have the dpov, putting him on the block would’ve been a good move and it really doesn’t matter because brendan has a good chance of winning hoh tonight it is mental, because lane hayden enzo and kathy won’t win matt is only good at endurance so he is only competing against brit and ragan

  10. It’s gonna be fun tomorrow to see Matt pull out the DPOV.
    However, I think he’ll most likely put up Kathy as the replacement. He has more reason to now: 1) he’s pissed that she didn’t tell him about Rachel’s pretzels til after the fact; 2) she’s the #1 suspect as the Saboteur.
    Brigade yo!

    1. I really hope not. It would be a waste for him to use the DPoV to evict Kathy, because she can’t win anything. Matt is getting more and more suspicious of Enzo and Hayden, and that’s why I think he will use it on one of them. When Matt finds out that Enzo and Hayden are going to vote against him (and he already suspects they will), he will know for sure that the other Brigade members are closer to each other than they are to him, and he will want to take one of them out before they get another chance to take him out.

  11. I really wish that enzo would go up tomorrow. I want brit, lane, matt and regan to team up because at least they are trying to win competitions. I doubt this will happen though but hopefully matt wises up by tomorrow and sees that the boys are against him!

      1. That would make for an incredible evening if that happens. Keeping my fingers crossed. Enzo is on my last nerve. And what will Hayden do if Enzo leaves? Thinking less and less of Hayden as the days go by.

  12. Where does Lane stand in all of this? Obviously he’s kissing butt this week to stay, but who is he more loyal to? Brittany or Brigade? Because I see the house spilt into two even teams with him being the swing vote next week…I kinda think he’ll just stick in the middle or with the power. Lord knows he won’t win it….

  13. Hey bb12fan. I agree 100% with you. I hope that happens too. But I think Matt is to loyal to the brigade. Hopefully Enzo opens his fat mouth and says something that makes Matt want him out. If not Enzo then hopefully that 2 faced Kathy

  14. If I was Matt I would ask Enzo right in front of lane if him and Hayden made up there minds yet on who there voting out. Put him on the spot. These people are so afraid to say anything in front of someone. I would call Kathy out in front of Brendan and ask her why she talks sh** about him and then hangs out with him. The guy has the DPOV. Start stiring things up please.

    1. Damn straight. I’m tired of this garden party. Sick of the damn pool tournaments. These characters are playing way too safe and if a no count lazy ass like Enzo or Sleeper Cell Kathy wins, I’m done with BB. Two seasons in a row with this bs. I also noticed this cast seems to spend a lot of time talking about their potential fame/reputation outside of the BB House. Maybe that’s the issue? They only came on here to further their aspirations at being actors/famous instead of truly trying to win money?

  15. I think Matt is catching on, but I think it would make more sense for him to keep Hayden and Enzo around…neither of them can win anything. Matt should put up Britney, get her sent home. Then you have Ragan, Brendan and Kathy left. If Ragan happens to win HOH he is gonna put up Brendan and Kathy, send Brendan home. The next week if Matt wins HOH he can just as easily put up Hayden and Enzo or try to backdoor one of them…the Brigade is 3 Jury votes for him, I don’t think he will chance burning that option. Leave them, let someone else take them out, go final two with Ragan..he gets 3 Brigade votes and Brenchal’s vote and wins

  16. Hey guys I was thinking about this pretzel message. It doesn’t seem like a big issue because everyone told Brendan that Rachel wanted Matt/ brit out, but mostly Matt. And didn’t he put up the 2 anyway; it seems like a no brainier he was going up. Those 2 did take out a pretty big player in Kristen. I hope Lane wins this thing, but he needs to win something, he hasn’t done much in this game. He’s a riot and down to earth.

  17. Unless something drastic happens (like his wifes cancer not being real coming out), I really think Matt is going to win this. If he plays the DPOV right and uses it to get rid of britney then its almost just going with the motions for him. He is not really on anyone’s bad side…Brenchal might hate him but they will vote for him because of his gamepley so that is 2 of 7 votes. If he goes final 4 with 2 brigadees and ragan..ragan will take out the other 2 if HOH, if not and Matt wins hoh’s then he can get rid of a brigade member via backdoor without going against (ragan winning POV and taking himself off) If he goes final 2 with a brigadee, then he really only has to worry about those 2 other members vote swaying which wont matter. He will get the vote of Britney (she may swing to lane if he is final 2 but i dont think that will happen) and ragan that makes 4 of 7. so it would come down to 2 brigade members not voting for him which seems unlikely.

    The second Matt goes against the Brigade a targt is on his back heavy, u will 3 guys gunning to get u out(hayden enzon and brendan). If one of those 2 wins next HOH next week they can easily put up matt and ragan, they then have 3 of their side playing POV and would have a good chance of winning it and keeping Matt up and then voting him out (it would be a tie with hoh voting out matt)

    I know it sounds boring but that just the way the cards fell for this season

    1. The tattoo on his arm is in French and says “Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave”. That translates to “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave”.

        1. I like my answer better than the actual tattoo itself. Why in the hell would you ruin your body with that quote? I guess that’s why Ragan is Ragan.

  18. I noticed that cameras zoomed in on PB on last night’s show…….appears they are not done yet with that aspect of the game……perhaps “SKANKEL” (Rachael) is not completely gone or hopefully ND doesn’t have a power that supercedes Matt’s DPOV

    1. Wow Bear, I thought I was imagining it but I guess not because you caught it too. Something seems suspicious to me about Brendon’s PB. I just got the feeling more happened than just a day in Malibu. But I’m the king of paranoia so who knows?

    2. I laid out that scenario the other day when I was thinking of ways to liven up this boring season. I was just throwing out a wild idea so it would be weird if that were to actually happen.

  19. I seriously can not believe all you people who think Kristen is ugly! Apparently you were not watching the same girl I was…she not only is very pretty but she has more sense than any other person in the house. Hayden made a HUGH mistake by not telling her about the brigade and dumping them…or at least Enzo and then being totally allied with her. I wanted Hayden to win but the way he is playing now is making me sick…I hate that he is sucking up to Brendon. All the HG sucking up to him and Rachel are disgusting. They should just say screw those two jury votes. Love that Reagan told Rachel that he would take it as a complement that she won’t vote for him…and now Brendon threatening them that he is worth two votes..give me a break he is such a douche I get embarrassed watching him embarrass himself every time he opens his mouth.
    I love the mother of his ex girlfriend..she was great on tv telling everyone how THANKFUL she is that he is not in her family. LOVE IT!
    I hope Hayden can make it through this week and then pull his game together.

    1. I thought Kristen was beautiful and very smart. She should have been part of the brigade…in place of Enzo, at least. I believe Hayden was able to recognize her intelligence and would have allied with her until the end, which would have been smarter than kissing up to BRENDON, who is merely an extension of Rachel.

      1. Yeah I’m sure Hayden was “recognizing her intelligence” and that is why he was trying to get in her pants. Give me a break.

  20. I thought Regan was so wrong yesterday calling Rachel out! He showed his true colors,he is no better that the rst of the bb12 group. It should be interesting to see the Dpov played out. I hope the Brigade throws Matt under the bus after that. As for Brittney, she is in a good position to win the game,because of the Matt haters!

    1. He was completely justified in calling her out IMO. She’s a despicable human being and needs to grow up. She acts like gutter trash and maybe being told how she is perceived will help her realize just how trashy she is. I loved how they asked her if the first thing she did when she got in the jury house is get drunk, because honestly it’s the first thing I assumed she did.

    2. I agree. Being a college professor, he should’ve carried himself with more dignity and just tell Rachel to go away, and ignore her. His replies to her was disgusting.

      1. Ragan was right on. Rachel attacked him verbally and got in his face. He had every right to defend himself. If I was his student and knew he just sat there after some parrot face classless bitch tripped on him, I would have no respect for his authority. Right now, Ragan rocks. He is true to Matt and Brtiney and will not back down. He even won the POV to save himself. I’m not a Ragan fan, I’m Team Matt but I sure have a whole heck of a lot of respect for ragan these past few weeks. Go Ragan

        1. Did you see Regan when Racheal walked in with that nasty face of his and storming off and giving her dirty looks as far as I am concerned that he was the cause of the fight and he is a disgusting human being. All he does is downgrade people on a personal level.
          I hope the kick his ass out as soon as possible.

            1. It would be most appropriate to walk away because when u argue with fools it becomes impossible to distinguish who the fool is. It simply boils down to who won the argument (as Ragan did) verses who actually has class and is mature.

          1. Well imagine how things would have gone down if they had brought Kristen back just days after Rachel got rid of her. Do you not think that Rachel would have given her dirty looks, rolled her eyes? The difference is that Kristen probably wouldn’t have tried to pick a fight with Rachel. She probably would have tried to enjoy herself for 24 hours, but Rachel wouldn’t have let that happen. She would be freaking out and trying to start something. Of course Ragan and Brit had unfriendly looks on their faces when she walked in. They were shocked, they were thinking WTF we just got rid of this bitch. Rachel started it. Rachel continued to stir it up and Ragan stood up to her and said what everyone else wanted to say but were too chickenshit to say to her face. They all say it behind her back, so kudos to Ragan.

      2. I would never yell at someone like that, I don’t care how you talk to me, I probably would say
        f*** you and just walk away laughing, ragan showed he has no class either

  21. I’ve been reading all of your comments for days now. It appears to me that most of you do not like Enzo. I’m here to give you reasons to like Enzo:

    1. The things he says. They’re funny, his accent. His gangster way of relating his message.
    He’s genuinely a good person. He sticks to the game and not personal attacks. He can be direct but without all the low blows. I can watch him on another show when this one is over.

    2. He carries himself as a natural leader. Hayden and Lane, Matt, Brendon and Reagan have lots of respects for him. No one dared to mention putting him on the block, and it’s not like Enzo goes around bullying people.

    3. The man loves his wife and baby. He’s a family man. Said if he wins, and his wife gives him $20,000 out of $500,000, he’ll be happy. That goes to show you that he’s not a selfish person. Family is first to him.

    4. When Rachel came back for 24 hrs, and Ragan told her that no one likes her. Enzo was the only person with enough guts to speak up. He said: “Hey yo, I like everyone.”

    5. The man is playing a game without killing himself over challenges or get into confrontations with others, and other house guess just seems to respect him for the man that he is.

    1. I heard that comment about liking everyone. Although he does talk mad trash about everyone behind their backs, I thought that was a nice gesture for him to say that for Rachel. I know Rachel is over-the-top obnoxious, but I felt badly for her when Ragan was saying such awful things to her. Enzo at least tried to lessen the pain and tension a bit.

    2. he flipped on his alliance right away and decided to take out the guy with skills over the baffoon with the small brain. A man grabs life by the balls and steps up to the plate and swings. He doesn’t make other people do his dirty work. He gets his hands dirty.

    3. Really? He sticks to the game no person attacks? Well he’s always attacking Brit in a personal manner (ageism- She’s only 22, Classism- she’s rich and doesn’t deserve to win and the all time use of the ‘c’ word). Oh yeah, he also said Brendon’s body looks like he had a c-section, which I found funny but it was a low blow. Bottom line, they all talk trash. Some just back it up, others don’t know how to (ENZO). Anybody can be a leader if you have enough idiots willing to follow.

  22. Reasons to like Hayden:

    1. He’s not as dumb as people think. He said from day one that Brittany is dangerous.
    2. He wants to get Brittany out of the house.
    3. He tries to maintain a friendship with Rachel and Brendon when most of the house guests were against them. Although it appears that he agree with Enzo, Lane and Matt at times, when it comes right down to it, Hayden is his own man.
    4. He wants Brittany out of the house.
    5. He wants Brittany out of the house.
    6. Did I mentioned that he wants Brittany out of the house?

  23. This attempt on trying to get a “Jersey Shore” charactor on BB flopped. Enzo is lame and overacting with the Jersey stereotype! First off, he hasn’t flipped out or said a bad word about anyone to their face yet. Anyone from Jersey knows that our anger is inherent and we typically blow a fuse in nanoseconds. Talking behind backs and kissing up is cowardly – game play or not. Second, he hasn’t met a “gumade” yet? Come on, any self-loving Jersey guido would be banging a side-piece by now (even Kathy!!) lol…And finally, Jersey guys know when to quit and accept when it’s gone. So why oh why does he still insist on keeping that cancer patient hairstyle!! It’s over- hope is dead!!! lol

  24. This attempt on trying to get a “Jersey Shore” charactor on BB flopped. Enzo is lame and overacting with the Jersey stereotype! First off, he hasn’t flipped out or said a bad word about anyone to their face yet. Anyone from Jersey knows that our anger is inherent and we typically blow a fuse in nanoseconds. Talking behind backs and kissing up is cowardly – game play or not. Second, he hasn’t met a “gumade” yet? Come on, any self-loving Jersey guido would be banging a side-piece by now (even Kathy!!) lol…And finally, Jersey guys know when to quit and accept when it’s gone. So why oh why does he still insist on keeping that cancer patient hairstyle!! It’s over- hope is dead!!! lol

    1. Enzo had not flipped out on anyone because of something calls: Majurity.
      I think you’re selling yourself short.
      Also, why bring up his hair. His hair is genetic. And his hair style is what he’s comfortable with. Why should that bother you?

  25. Even though Matt is suspicious of H/E, I still think he should take out Kathy this week. Brendon can’t play for HOH. Ragan won’t put him up. I don’t think Brit will put him up this week because she is so focused on getting Brendon out. And L/E/H refuse to get their hands dirty so they won’t put Matt up either (not like they’ll even try to win HOH anyway).

  26. This whole season 12 is totally stupid. Here you have a brigade of four men who do nothing but sit around, win no competitions, Enzo eats, smacks and farts 24 hours a day, and then to top it off, keeps his hand in his pants every other minute.. Why would any of you want any of them to win 500.000 dollars. Do you actually think they deserve it. Heck no. That what Big BRother is all about, scheming and winning competitions to get ahead. Then you get mad at people like Brittany who knows the game and works hard at trying to win. Brittany, Brendon, Matt, are not my favorite people, but I do respect them for trying to win at least. You got Enzo sitting there with his mouth full and playing with himself, has done nothing for the game and he is constantly mouthing off , we got to get rid of Brittney, because she might win something and put us up. I love Big Brother and have watched every season, but if Enzo wins this by any chance,I will just quit. What is Kathys purpose there. They all keep saying they are going to use her for votes. What Idiots, don’t they know she is using them to stay in the game. You don’t get to be a sheriff without good physical training. yeah, she is laying low, pretending she is useless until the last minute, then lets just see how many competitions she wins. They are going to be shocked. Have a friend who knows of her and they say she is one tuff chick at the department. She needs to go home this week,

  27. He has no other choice he’s too close to brit to put her up, Ragan would be pissed at him if he did. His only option is Kathy cuz NeedleDick has HOH this week.

  28. Re: Kathy being a sheriff – I don’t know but it seems to me that she would have to meet physical requirements/tests as well as annual qualifications each year. If so, it seems she would work out occasionally in the house. She has all this time on her hands and it would be a way to socialize discreetly…Why not work out some? Just seems natural for someone of her vocation, I’d think, especially having suffered health issues supposedly. Weird to me that she never works out.

  29. Sleeper Cell Kathy might be a Deputy Sheriff in a town so small that she was the only one who showed up that day when they had an opening, so they gave her the job. Remember, some towns are so small they barely have crime so a Deputy Sheriff is a kin to a mall cop in some of them. No requirements beyond showing up, clocking in, taking a few phone calls then going home.

  30. I think it would be perfectly fitting if tomorrow Matt replaced himself with Enzo (unless Brandon is eligible for replacement). That would really turn the house upside down and be totally justified. Enzo is not in Matt’s corner at all and Matt is the one who saved the Brigade’s butt twice.

  31. Brendon doesn’t know how to play bb. He keeps saying he just wants strong competitors to stay in the house and go to the end. This isn’t an Iron Man competiton. BB is 70% mental and 30% physical. He’s so fckn stupid. Saying he’s playing as if rachel is there. He sounds ignorant every time he says it, but I guess he’s use to having imaginery girlfriends so its probably not too much of a stretch for him. The Brigade are just morons. Big dumb idiots, except for matt. I really think the only ones who understand the game and are playing the game are ragan, matt and britney. The brigade keeps running from getting their hands dirty, which is cowardly. Enzo has become very two-faced and I understand you have to be sometimes, but he’s taken it to a whole new level. I would LOVE to see enzo go tonight, but I’m sure It won’t happen and I’ll be disappointed just as I’ve been all season.
    I give BB12 a D+. Pretty much sucks on every level this year.

  32. I agree kristen was beautiful and confident. Hayden shouldve dumped the brigage and built an alliance with her, ragan, britney and maybe matt. They wouldve dominated the game.. Brigage are so damn stupid. Painful to watch.

    1. The strength of The Brigade (other than Matt winning comps) is that they have been able to go undetected this long. It is amazing that four people can keep a secret from the others when everyone is cooped up 24/7 in the same house. I’m not sure any other pairings could have pulled it off week after week.

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