Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that Ragan’s a dummy … he reads into everything.. its gonna be a double eviction ..go play Sherlock Holmes at home ..

11:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen to wake up the house guests. 12:10am The live feeds come back on. Matt and Ragan are in the bedroom ….Matt is talking about the colour of his pee. Ragan starts talking in a robot voice. Meanwhile out in the backyard …Brendon give a shout out to Riverside …and throws up some gang signs …Big Brother doesn’t want to listen to him either …they switch the cameras to the have not room where Enzo is speaking Italian. Enzo gets up and says that its time for el penguin to come out. He picks up the suit and says you got to get washed …this shit is dirty!!
Watch everything LIVE as it happens!!
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12:30pm Hayden heads out to the backyard and Brendon talks like he is the host of a talk show. He welcomes Hayden and then tells him that he was just talking to the camera about how you experience every emotion in the house but intensified. Enzo comes out …and Hayden welcomes him to the show. Enzo says happy anniversary to his wife. Hayden and Brendon also say happy anniversary to her …and Brendon says that he can’t wait to meet her. Hayden says that he’s going to go take a smash then get in the pool ..then take an out door shower… Brendon is trying to remember the singer of the music this morning. Brendon says that he can’t remember who it was but that he was rumoured to have gotten with Mick Jagger. Enzo asks …what Mick Jagger is gay? Brendon says that he doesn’t think he is gay but that he has rolled around with a guy. Matt comes out and Brendon asks who the singer is that is rumoured to have been with Mick Jagger. Matt says that its David Bowie. Enzo says what David Bowie is gay? Brendon asks Matt if David Bowie is openly gay. Matt laughs and says UHh YEAH! Enzo says woe… I didn’t know he was gay!

12:40pm In the bedroom Matt is telling Ragan that he wishes had a fast forward button …then says wait a minute no I want a rewind button… Matt takes about how he wishes he could just pass the time but theres nothing to do to pass the time. Matt says that he doesn’t even want to do a speech tomorrow. Matt says that it is his third time up and just doesn’t even want to bother. Ragan says that he could just say something nice to everyone. Matt says yeah … I did that the first time. Matt says that maybe during the next day he might just have good conversations with people before he goes. Ragan says that this is going to suck. Matt says yeah it sucks. Matt and Ragan talk about if it will be 3 people in the finals that the jury votes on. Matt heads to the bathroom and talk to Enzo, Hayden and Brendon about how the finals play out, whether there are two or three people in the end that the jury votes on. None of them really know, Hayden says that he only watched last season.


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12:50pm – 1pm The conversation changes to talking about survivor. Ragan comes in and asks if Matt asked them. Matt says yeah …they don’t know. They talk about how they don’t think there has ever been a tie in the end and that its always been a landside. Matt heads back out into the backyard and tells Enzo that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Enzo asks him if he is going into the pool. Matt says no. Enzo says that the world finds out that he is a penguin today. Matt thinks that Enoz will get his clothes back next week. Enzo asks him if he thinks it will be a double eviction. Matt says no but if it is I think it will be a two hour show. Matt heads inside. Ragan comes out and sits down with Enzo .. Ragan says that only Matt would eat slop on his last day in the house. Enzo says yeah. Ragan then says holy fuck its hot!! Hayden comes out and Ragan asks him if the hot tub looks better. Enzo says yeah I think I’m gonna go piss in it. They all start talking about how fishy it is that they got to sleep in today… They wonder why the backyard isn’t locked down for big brother to set up the competitions. They keep saying that something is fishy.. ..something is off.. Ragan says that he isnt sure whats up … he thinks maybe it will be a double eviction where it is spread out over the week … Ragan goes back inside. Enzo says that Ragan’s a dummy … he reads into everything.. its gonna be a double eviction ..go play Sherlock Holmes at home .. Brendon comes out and Enzo and him start running through the saboteur messages.

1pm – 1:10pm Britney joins Enzo, Hayden and Brendon out on the backyard couch. They talk about Britney getting the HOH camera soon, probably around 1:30pm today. They talk about how no one wants to take pictures anymore…and that no one has wanted to since week 3. The conversation changes to anniversaries. Britney says that he and he old boyfriend used to acknowledge their anniversary every month. Brendon and Hayden both think that its crazy to remember it every month. The start talking about UFC and boxing …
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BBAD on the DVR
Hayden and Brit in the hammock. Brit says “I love Lane to death, but I don’t think he needs the money”. Hayden agrees. With friends like these…..
After all her talk about vacationing in Europe, you think she needs the money? Helz naw. Spoiled little bitch.
Ok, I’m starting to want Brendon or Lane to win. That is, if the zingbot can’t take it.
PengwEnzo is just hanging on for dear life (to his nuts).
Ragan still loves Matt. I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Just My Muc

Dear BBGrandma:

Some friends of mine who visit this site, recently emailed about you. I am sorry to hear that your “Muc” is not doing too well. As you know, I too have experienced the anguish of watching someone I love slowing slip away before my eyes. For me, it has always been more painful when that someone is your pet. It is their silent companionship, unconditional love and innate ability to sense things about us that others can’t, that makes us love them that much more. They know when we are hurting, or may be in a bad mood, and remain at our side without questioning us as to what’s wrong or what can they do to help. It is in their presence that we find solace. I feel that when they are not feeling well, all they really require of us is to feel our presence. It comes by letting them lay on that couch that they were always told not to, or by simply holding them, or gently scratching them on the neck.
Animals, like humans, have their own distinct personalities. They can never be replaced. In my life there has been only one “Zaydie” and one “Gypsy” (my two Persian cats). And for you there will always only be one”Muc”. He is the one that stay by your side for almost two years when you were bedridden, and is now at your side while you enjoy yourself talking and laughing with us other “familiar” strangers. I will always remember your story about driving around doing some errands, while “Muc”, the Great Dane, sat in the front seat keeping you company. While stopped at a red light a group of “kids’ pulled up beside you and said, “That’s a big effen dog!” I am sure, inside, you said to yourself, “That may be, but he is also my best friend, and I am lucky to say that he’s just my “Muc.”


jimik60, thank you so much for a very lovely and special comment to me. I appreciate so much you taking time to say such warm and thoughtful things to me and Muc, You are correct, he is my best buddy. We got back from the cardiologist today and we have another 3 to 15 months together. It is my turn to be his constant companion as he was mine. Again, thank you so very much for your kind words. They meant a lot to me, especially today.


Hello BBGrandma! Hope your doing well.


Just my way of saying thank you and to let you know that because i am not on here anymore, I still think of you. I have some friends who troll this for updates and let me know what’s going on. I am glad they let me know about you and your situation. Its nice you got good news about Muc. take care.


Just wanted to ay thank you and I am glad you got some good news today! I have some friends who troll this site for updates and they email me with any news. I got one last night about you and Muc, so I thought I let you know im thinking about you. Take care and have Simon help you if you feel like your “swimming with sharks”. Especially on night’s like tonight and tomorrow. take care BBGrandma and Muc.


Glad you check in, I miss your comments and hope you and that wonderful creative mind of yours are choosing up. Remember life is sexually transmitted.


Thanks electra. I am trying to preserve what’s left of it – meaning my creativity and my sanity!

Saying So...

I saw Enzo’s comment about ‘pissing in the spa”…They have been complaining that the spa smells like pee, and I figured it was Enzo all along. He’s so well mannered, ya know?


Jersey…pure Jersey

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Enzo needs to go. I want to see him cry when he’s evicted.


Ugh, the show without matt will be boring, he’s the only one who had actual logical game play. I’m not saying it was good game play, but still. So much for the brigade, yo.

Floater Power!

Matt: Hey America, I have a secret that I have to tell you. I’m not a genius, but I am a super diabolical homosexual man =D

Matt and Ragan

On behalf of the entire gay community, may I say that we don’t want him.




The Penquido needs to go.. I think he has sleep apnea that’s all he does is snooze.




Does anyone know who played the Zingbot or was it just a no name person who played him? Also was the voice done by somenoe different than the person in the Zingbot?


hey I know this is in the wrong spot but in one of the blogs or something they were trying to match up people in the house wtih other people outside the house. well I think lane looks alot like Duane Lee from Dog the Bounty He talks like him,and walks like him.


David Bowie isn’t gay. He’s married to that model Iman. Maybe Matt just wishes everyone was gay so he can have a shomance with them.

Youth In Asia

David Bowie said for years he was Bi, but changed his mind and then changed his mind again.


His ex-wife Bianca said he & Mick Jagger slept together, and they never denied it. He’s androgynous, bi-sexual, a great performance artist, and he really doesn’t care what others think about his sex life.


Ziggy Stardust Rules!


4:30pm est, Matt and Lane sitting down at the dinning table, do some quizes. Lane has the ceral box covering something up so Matt can’t see the questions. All 4 cameras on it so can’t see nothing else.


alright, i have been reading alot, not posting and I TOTALLY GET that Brendon deserves the cash in the end for winning all of the comps. HOWEVER, I cannot for the life of me get over the fact that he was willing to give up his game to a girl he knew for about 35 days. For THAT, he does not deserve the money. I think he is a nice guy, delusional in the fact that Rachel is “his future wife” and just insecure.
I cannot support him winning the money, because I think it will go to the train WRECKRACHEL……that is just not right…..


Brendon was overpowered by Rachel. He was just in the path of the train.


But, he allowed himself to be in that position which IMO demonstrates his weakness.


I agree. But, Rachel is a train wreck wanting to happen.


Well he really had nobody also
They put him on the block day one and made it clear they didn’t like him
I think like all book smart people is socially ackward and gravitates to anybody that just shows a liking to him
Him saying that was just what u said in the heat of a moment
If it was true he would have followed Racheal out the door
He’s still there and he wants the money heck everybody does

okc watcher

and how do you know that Brendon wasnt playing Rachel?? Was she his game??? You know it gets lonely in there…


Read his HOH blog. He says to his family & friends that he’s deeply in love with her.


oh please, the guy is pathetic!


who do u think deserves the money LANE

David Webb

LANE the TEXAS HOMO does not deserve the money! He is dumb as horse poo and has not won anything. He deserves NADA. And what an A-hole with the way he was strutting around the house talking about how he was king and that he rules his work out. THIS GUY IS A HOMO AND A MAJOR TOOL! .


Why does everybody have to be gay these days?? If I were gay I would be pissed. And Lane is not dumb, they just edit him that way on purpose.


Agree. Calling someone gay is the only insult you can come up with? Really sick of the homophobic comments. Not only are those posters not funny or original, they are boring as hell.


Haven’t any of you people ever fallen in LOVE and done REALLY STUPID things? Does anyone remember TOM CRUISE JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON OPRAH’S COUCH because he was so in LOVE with KATIE! (That is her name , right)


I’ve totally spazzed out when I’ve had crushes or been in ‘love’… Brendon’s relationship with Rachel was maginfied by 100% because of their life and death closeness.

Still a Tool

Yeh, and Tom Cruise was ridiculed for that as well. Besides, I think he knew Katie for longer than THREE WEEKS too before he did his Oprah “dance”.

Brendon’s has shown himself to be emotionally immature and exceptionally needy.

He’s constantly name dropping and trolls for compliments on his cooking in his quest for validation. He whined about the competitions being fixed when he lost (but not when he won of course), had his little hissy ball throwing fit in the bowling competition, and just last week whined to Britney about it not being fair that he was still being targeted.

Apparently the fact that some women think he’s hunky let’s them see past his poor sportsmanship , immaturity and insecurity.

But he’s just a man-child.


“Apparently the fact that some women think he’s hunky let’s them see past his poor sportsmanship , immaturity and insecurity.

But he’s just a man-child.”



and whats hilarious she’s not really in love with him, but he does love her and is going to get his heart destroyed. he didn’t even understand she was practically admitting that she was a ho ” telling everyone she gets very expensive drinks bought for her all the time, and the story about waking up naked holding 100s is dollars in her hand, you think she got paid for passing in and waking up naked in vomit” hell no, she got paid for stripping/sex”.. many of my boys be falling for skank ho like her everyday, and some of those females are very intelligent most not.


This season has been a bit of a sleeper, Rachel added an element of drama, since she left it has been a snoozer, I think it would be great if the Brigade broke up and they all started telling on each other to their new “Pair Partners” Then Brendon may have a chance and maybe Britney, even though she annoys me with her mean girl attitude…yeah that is real attractive.


Enzo in the penguin suit and Hayeden out back, talking game. Now they recapping I am guessing they are practicing for a competion. I belive they think it’s a memory competion.

Enzo swearing abit when ever he says something. I guess he can’t go 3 sentences without swearing.

okc watcher

or playing with himself


or stealing cookies


I can just picture his little girl when she learns to talk…FU@K…FU@K. He’s one potty mouth man! And he’s actually so stupid, he can’t complete a sentence, he plays off others peoples comment…damn DUMBSA$$ !!!


They think it will be a Before or After competion.


Brendon walks in, Enzo asking when he got the Sabateur message, and Brendon “duh….” I can see he dosn’t want to help him and he plays stupid there LOL. Goo move Brendon, don’t help out the competion.


is the eviction today or tomorrow?


Today is PoV on TV and Tommorrow is evicition. Double Evicition if I remember.


Yes it is Double Eviction on Thurs.


It would be great if the double eviction would happen Thursday night for Matt and Enzo. Yes, Enzo wouldn’t get the chance to save himself, but either did Kathy.

That would be so cool to see the look on Enzo’s face. Julie – “there will be no votes for eviction tonight. (mouths drop open). I’m sorry but Matt, Enzo you are both evicted from the Big Brother house” Expect the unexpected.



Brit comes out with a camera. Saying to Hayden “hollywood Hayed” and snapping some pics.


Enzo is pathetic. Get . Him. Out!


Brit taking pics again with the guys out in the back.


Hayden points to Matt and says go to the Space Ship. Then someone said get Enzo, he is like Captian Kirk with the Space Ship.

Damn I wished I dind’t miss them flying the space ship.


It was definitely a site to see….SMH


Brendon and Matt looking for Enzo. He nowhere to be seen at the moment.


search for Ezno didn’t last long. Not shure what that was about.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Davor, maybe Enzo was hiding somewhere eating LOL.


or maybe Enzo is somewhere jerking off.


Hayden and Brendon out back talking. Brendon saying who to put up running possible scenarios. One of the two said Brit dosn’t need the money, then Brendon says but she wins and plays hard so deserves to stay.


Another example of Brendon only wanting to keep strong competitors in the game when it benefits him. He had no problem gunning for Matt & Brit,and keeping Kathy, the floater. Yet suddenly when he needs Brit to go to final 2 with him because he thinks she is more hated in the jury than he is, Brit’s now one of the people he wants to stay.


Brendon needs to win HoH or POV to stay alive each week. If he doesnt, he goes home. He should win if he is in the final two cause it was him and Rachel against the house, then him against the house, and he would be more deserving against people who had to do nothing like Hayden and Enzo and Lane. Brigade minus Matt might possibly be the worst alliance to ever exist, with Mrs. Robinson giving them a run for their money.


Rachel and Brendon wont last more than a few weeks of real life living togheter.


If Brendon wins the $500K, she’ll stay with him until the money runs out.


They just may last longer than that. Don’g forget Rachel put on a huge act just for the cameras. Who knows, once the cameras are off how she may act.

Remember what she kept telling Regan, it’s jsut a game, it’s just a show.


Big Brother, please find a way for Matt to stay and Enzo to go. PLEASE!!!!


How about they both go? I wish the double eviction meant both nominees went to sequester.

David Webb

Matt is a smuc*! He needs to go. I cannot believe he is displaying is homosexual urges. WHAT A LOSER!


I’m with you. soooo over Enzo, what a loser. He acts like he is the Godfather. Get him out, save Matt. I can’t believe Brit is being so gullible


is this the most boring, uninteresting BB cast or what?


I know right…..where did they find them. Usually you have a cast of 2-3 slackers but they’ve only had 3 cast members to actually play the game. The rest have just been butt kissers and coat tail riders….What a waiste!


I meant waste!


not really


I feel as if the only true player, Matt, is going home. He needs to work hard to manage a split and get Brit to break the tie in his favor. Matt goes I’m done. Can’t stand that lazy Enzo, Creepy Brenden and helpless Hayden. Come on BB.


hey dawg and simon…….u both canadian? just wondering because you spelled color, “colour”
here in the USA it’s spelled color…..have noticed some other different spellings also…….just curious


Yeah, we’re both west coast Canadians


Are you guys in Vancouver? I am from Cultus Lake………great site guys! The best for Big Brother for sure.


cool, your very close to us dawgs on the mainland and i’m on Vancouver island.


There are a few of us. Me, I am an Okanagan girl transplanted to the lower mainland temporarily.


You cut that off just where it was getting good! I want to know about their UFC conversation! LOL


i haven’t read in a few days, does it look like they are sending matt home?? IMO the best finally would be brendon and matt. has matt outed the BG? I think its his only hope of staying then maybe brendon and ragen will vote for him and brit would break the tie.


Matt is going home, unless he wises up and outs the brigade. Unless he’s waiting until Thursday. I hope he tells it.


Wouldn’t it be great if production were giving the Penguido enough rope to hang himself, by not saying anything to him about cheating and eating while being a have not. Then when
the votes come say he has one vote for each time he cheated.. Then he’ll be on his way
to the Jersey Shore to open up his Hot Dog Stand with Hayden.. emmmm I mean

H. Smith

As I said before. After Brendon experiences Rachel’s lifestyle. it will be OVER…… He is not aware of what he is facing. He isnt too bad with her out of the picture right now. Even though he is childlike he is decent in the show without the redhead maniac vip waitress.


I agree that Brendan is soooo much better without Rachel. I don’t understand why they all hate him so much. I don’t know if it is because he wins so many challenges, or as they say, he brags too much. I would love to see Brendan win, but doubt that will happen. I hope he breaks up with Rachel before she can get her hands on it. I have never understood his love for her, but we all know “love is blind”. Go Brendan.

H. Smith

When is the secret about Matts wife coming out….. what a jerk!!!


isn’t it funny how last season bb was pushing the girls to “stick together” because they had male winners the seasons before. and who did they have in the end 3 girls. 😛
this year they were probably pushing for “strong” people in the end to save face. and who do we have…a bunch of apes. just shows how effective they are at guiding the game even before it had begun. we didn’t get as much drama this season though. chima was priceless. judas and the womanizer were pretty funny, too.


then…again.. maybe it’s all random.


God Matt is such a douchbag piece of garbage! The look on his face when he got the backdoor is PRICELESS !! Stick that in your hoodie dirtbag.


Somehow … someway…I’d love to see all the brigrade “out the door”. Neither of them deserve to win. Wishing for Ragan and Brittany for the final two, but it’ll NEVER happen! The name of this game is all wrong…maybe it should be “The Biggest Sleezeball!!”