Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother lets the house guests sleep in late… still no wake up call..

11:10am – 11:45am Enzo gets partially dressed and goes to the washroom then comes back to the have not room and gets back into his cot. He is wearing one white sock and one black sock. Enzo tells Brendon that its 11am already. Brendon gets up and goes to the storage room to get new batteries for his mic. In the bedroom, Ragan whispers to Matt that maybe they are thinking about keeping us up all night. Matt then gets up and goes to the storage room to change his batteries as well. Matt and Brendon talk about staying up late. Brendon says we could sleep till 4pm nobody would know the difference. Matt says yeah but the live feeders complain about it being boring. Matt leaves the storage room and goes back to bed. Brendon runs around and starts his laundry, makes coffee and feeds the fish in the cabana room. All the other house guests are still in bed. Matt is laying in bed with his eyes open and just staring at the wall….
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okc watcher

I really wished these people would be taught some etiquette for eating. They smack like crazy and chew their food with their mouth open. Gets gross! Britney’s tongue comes out everytime she closes her mouth like a baby does. I thought they were adults!


Britney doesn’t know any better because she’s country.

Saying So...

I can’t even watch when Ragan and Enzo are eating. With Enzo you have to hit the mute button… It’s disgusting.


Of all the backstabbing, lying, character assassination… the way the house guests eat is what bothers you?

Saying So...

Yes. I figure on BB backstabbing and lying are a given. Horrid table manners should not be.,


That’d be my hot button. I might get violent.

okc watcher

I agree…all the other stuff is playing the game. But come on…eating like that is disgusting! LOL


another boring day in the house.

i would rather watch Rachel and Brendon smooch all day than this.

tipsy topsy turtle



You’re right Matt, this is boring. The houseguests doing NOTHING!

Just a Thought

LOL! I was thinking along the same lines. He is worried the people who watch the live feeds complain when they are sleeping too much, well wait until he reads the comments of viewers when he get a chance. We find the whole sease pretty much boring. I think those few moments of possible excitement have been keeping a lot of us hanging on, just in case…. just in case…..


I am first, wow.


If you say so, and I’m trying really hard to believe it too.


If only Matt could find an opportunity to talk to Brendon alone, and out the Brigade, to get Brendon on his side. Who knows when he’ll have an opportunity like that.

Just a Thought

Seems he just had an opportunity, but didn’t take it. I think he knows he is going home so he is working on Ragan to go after the Brigade. He’s all but told Ragan they are the Brigade and he was part of it. Maybe that is why he doesn’t out them, so he isn’t seen as more sneaky that he thinks the other house guests think he is?


I was being sarcastic.


I think…or at least I am hoping….that Matt’s plan is to out the Brigade in his speech on Thursday night. This would be his opportunity to catch Ragan and Brendon by surprise without giving Enzo, Hayden or Lane the chance to defend or explain themselves. If he stays the Brigade will be “no more” but it might just save him.


Matt looks like a little kid standing next to Brendon!

Youth In Asia

Must be a tough neighborhood where you are if the kids have full sleeve tattoos and beard stubble. 😉


you should see their parents!


Matt IS a little kid next to Brendon!


LOL! Tru Dat!!!

BigBrothers Big Brother

They both look like crooked , bent back old men from the movie ‘Cocoon’.


Matt looks like what He is-a BIg RAT!


What is Matt thinking? He obviously has given up.

Just a Thought

Nothing he does will keep him in the game and if the Brigade comes out it just makes him look worse because he was part of it. I do find it weird how H/E/L are treating him like the plague now? Makes no sense. You can dislike someone and want them out, but you liked this guy and just know you can’t win if he is next to you at the final two. I guess they just feel like douche bags for back dooring him?

tipsy topsy turtle



GOOD-hit the road worm!

mike hawke

I’m thinking, that if Brendon and Mat were to ever get into a fight, Brendon might win.


With one arm tied behind his back, standing on one leg.


Brendon wouldn’t hit someone that small. Now Enzo might..LOL


Auh, yeah! Matt is 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and he has barely a speck of athletic ability (Rudy reference!)…


I’ve seen smaller guys take down bigger guys…..but having watched them all summer i’d dare say neither of them would be much use in a fight.


gee-Ya think!?!

Wait for it.

WOW , i find it funny all the hate for the brigade, call them floater if you want, but they are going to final 4 and not getting any blood on their hands is good. Not as good as Dr.Will or boggie. Matt really should have put brittany up with dpov and he might still be safe. Brendon is crazy bad sport. But he wins and plays hard, too bad he is not smart enough to see the brigade for true colors. Ragen wow, that dude is worst bb person in bb history. He cries more than old girl from 2 seasons back. Dude quit crying and man up. Really is boring, but not as boring as last season or the season with the couples(only season i quit watching). BB please put some fun, exciting people back on this show, who really like to play this game

mike hawke

They can no longer be considered the Brigade without Matt.


i think its funny that will and boogie had all of what the brigade has. youre right, they can be proud of making final four with no blood.

but will and boogie each had
1. matt’s sneakiness
2. enzos authority
3. hayden’s good guy image
4. and lane’s flirting/charming abilities

what takes 4 guys to do, will and boogie did with two.
the ultimate bb player needs those 4 traits


yes matt is sneaky, but they caught on to his sneakiness 2nd week, he’s just lucky brendan and rachel were the targets,
Enzo has no authority,he was safe because brendan and rachel were the targets
Hayden has a good guy image for about 2 weeks, he’s just lucky brendan and rachel were the targets
Lane is only flirty and charming to brit and he’s also lucky that brendan and rachel were the targets
Plus there were dumbass idiots that could not keep their mouths shut when brendan and rachel had control of the house

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

There isn’t time on Thursday for Matt to have a major hissy fit at the voting ceremony AND to have an impact — since it’s double eviction. He might out the brigade but he won’t make a difference.


Mimi, what if Matt is getting the timing down perfectly for outting the Brigade? If he does it too soon then everybody will be talking and he will end up looking like the back-stabber. If he does it too late they won’t have an opportunity to react with hasty new alliances. If he does it late tonight, then everybody will be staying up late talking about it, giving Ragan a better chance. If he does it in the morning, everybody will be all a-twitter trying to decide what to do — and he just may be able to say, “look guys, I kept our secret until the end, but you outted me when there were still non-Brigade folks left in the house, so I have no choice to let my friends know what you have been up to, and it’s not protecting them!” Then he MIGHT be seen as loyal to the non-BG’s, their alliances will instantly be questioned, and they will have time to gestate on the possibility that Matt isn’t the evil one after all.
Just a “what if….” scenario…


I do think matt has a bigger plan, he is not going out without a fight


Brendon is the only one that does anything! He’s been a hard worker and it shows by the simple daily chores that he does around the house. After awhile you’ve got to forget about the cameras watching you, and fall into your normal lifestyle routine and it shows- the others are lazy, looking to latch onto someone to pull them through and Brendon is working hard to stay. He’s earned the money. Man, Enzo, you sleep all the time, and when you’re awake you complain about being tired. Ragan- you and Rachel both fed the drama, now that she’s gone, it’s you that’s creating it!


not a big Brendon fan but like you said…..he does just about all the chores, has worked his ass off in comps so he deserves to win……..lmao @ matt…..he was just saying over and over…what am I gonna do? nothing to do around here…….well duh, loads of dirty dishes to be done……try that or clean something…..same goes for the rest of the lazy bums, leaving it all to brendon………they all complain about the filth, ants etc and do nada about it


What Matt should do is tell the guys if they vote him out he’s voting for Brendon. That means Brendon will have (Rachel, Kathy, Matt) three of the four votes he needs to win BB. One more vote…game over.


Enzo could say the same thing. People can’t worry about the Jury at this point. They need to get people out of the way. Ratt first!

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

A good plan — it would also make the three Bozos go after Brendon, perhaps….they all 3 are really planning on taking Brendon to the finale. BTW, Kathy has said that she hates Brendon in interviews — I really doubt if she’d vote for him — although the houseguests might think she would, I think that Hayden KNOWs he has Kathy’s vote.


That makes a whole lot more sense than “outing the brigade”. That will do nothing but make H/E/L mad and they will
not vote for him to stay (well, Enzo can’t vote). He still will not have the votes to stay in the house. Telling them that he’s going to vote for Brendon in the finals would make them think…. maybe.
I’m NOT wanting Matt to stay though because of the wife lie – that’s just wrong on so many levels.


I like this idea…


I tip my hat to Brendon he reminds me of my best friend who is always so motivated (I secretly hate him). It just shows how responsible and mature he is. I don’t think he does it for show, this is just a part of who he is. Clean. Respectful (to those who deserve it). Healthy. Mature (considering….). So for those of you who hate him, I get it. You hate what you can never be, even though you secretly wish you weren’t such unmotivated slobs.


Funny cause on Britney’s Bio, she listed “cooking & cleaning” as 2 of her “hobbies”. Bawaahaahaa!!!


Big Brother you need to get some real players and have a winter show to make up for such a lousy summer show this has become……. all these guys do is play pool and they can’t even do that well……sooooo booored of watching


I agree a winter show will make me feel better for wasting this money. Also Enzo has cheated too
many times. Everyone knows he is cheating on the food. Is he getting the two penalty points from yesterday?


I would love a winter show. The year of the writers strike we had one…probably cheaper than a scripted show


matt says that live feeders are bored when they sleep
well guess what matt u are even more boring when u are awake