Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says the only way Kathy could ever win a competition is if it was a chain smoking competition!

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1am Britney, Lane, Enzo, Hayden and Matt are in the living room. Enzo, Matt and Hayden are doing sit ups on the living room floor. Ezno is falling out of synch with Matt and Hayden. Enzo says that this is the NEW BLANK! As he starts punching on each sit up. When they are finished their workout Britney asks Enzo if he has masturbated. Enzo says that he has even though other people were in the bedroom. Hayden says that he heard him moving around. Everyone laughs. Britney says that those sheets are his forever. They all laugh. Enzo says he is done with doing that. Enzo says that he is going to wait to see wifey! Enzo is surprised that they are already 43 days into the game. They talk about how innocent everyone was in the beginning, and how nice everyone was. Enzo thinks that they all sat down too soon (the first day) and started the meet and greet. Enzo asks who was the first one to speak? Britney says that she thinks it was Andrew. Enzo says that he thinks Rachel was the first person to talk. Enzo farts. Hayden says that he wishes he could do them like that. Enzo says it’s a skill. They conversation changes to Matt talking about his band called “Shooting Blanks”. Matt says that they made some music videos. Britney says that she has to look that up when she gets out of the house. Matt says that the band isn’t together anymore but their albums are still out there. Matt says that you can buy their albums on itunes and Amazon. Matt tells them about how music royalties work, and how he gets paid. Matt says he owns all the copyrights for his songs. Matt says that his band toured all over the US. Matt says that some of his songs have been licensed for TV shows. Enzo says that he is going to have to come out to see Matt and that they will go into a real studio and laying down some tracks. Hayden says he’ll spit the rhymes if Enzo writes them. Britney tells Enzo to spit some rhymes for her. Hayden asks Lane if he requested any music for tomorrow? Lane says that he has been requesting Tech 9 for weeks. Lane and Britney decide to go to bed.

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1:30am In the kitchen Matt and Ragan are talking about the upcoming POV competition. Ragan says that he is afraid of a puzzle that involves a lot of physical stuff. Matt says that they haven’t heard much building coming from the backyard. Ragan asks do you think that if it was you and Lane, you could get the votes? Matt says that he thinks he would have the votes to stay. They head into the cabana room to talk. Matt says that he wanted to play in the POV so badly but says his name just wasn’t in that bag. Ragan thinks that if Brendon won POV, that he may take him (Ragan) off the block and replace him with Matt. Ragan says that he would go home if he went up against Matt, Brit or Lane. They start talking about the have nots food choices. Lane and Hayden come into the cabana room to join them. Matt says that there is nothing to snack on. He says that he isn’t into the eggplant or escargot. They talk about how tomorrow is going to be a big day. Lane goes to bed. Hayden says that he was so shocked when Lane picked him to play. Hayden says that Brit told him that she told Lane to pick him for POV. Hayden says that he was pissed when Kathy got drawn for POV. Hayden tells them that he requested the band Pepper for music tomorrow. Enzo and Hayden talk about where they want to sleep. They agree to sleep in the Taj bedroom. Enzo tells Hayden that you can dream better in there because it is darker. They start to talk about how Kathy could make it to the finals. Hayden asks what if they give Kathy some magical powers? Matt says that crazier things have happened in this house. Hayden says that he thought Matt and Ragan would have gone up together, and maybe Britney …but not Lane. Matt says that he wants to be the one to take down Brendon next week. Hayden says that Brendon isn’t stupid. Hayden says that Brendon doesn’t have a lot of common sense but he isn’t stupid and that he knows his days are numbered in this house. They talk about what a surprise it was for Brendon to put Lane up on the block. Enzo says that Brendon threw the whole house off with that move. Matt says that he wonders if Big Brother always does the thing where they keep the house guests up all night.


1:50am Ragan decides its time for bed and says that he needs a victory tomorrow. Hayden, Matt and Enzo get up to leave the cabana room as well. They talk about how that they really like Ragan but that they like Lane more. Hayden says that Brendon thinks that Britney is closer to Matt and Ragan now than she is to Lane. Matt says that Lane winning the POV is the best scenario. Enzo says that he wants Britney to go up on the block. They agree that they are screwed if Ragan wins the POV because Matt would most likely go up against Lane. Enzo says if he wins POV he is taking Lane off the block and will really push for Brendon to put up Britney. Enzo says that would be the only way he would use the POV if Brendon agreed to put up Britney. They say that they would then vote out Britney because they think Ragan is due to win HOH and if he does he would put up Brendon for sure. Hayden says that he thinks at first Brendon was going to put up Britney and Lane but that Britney got to him with her crying and he decided not to put her up. Enzo says that he would love to backdoor Britney. Matt says the reason he didn’t get put up this week is because he promised Brendon he wouldn’t come after him. Matt says that Ragan wants Kathy out so if the Brigade is left with Ragan and Kathy, Ragan will be gunning for Kathy. They talk about how the perfect Final six members would be all of the Brigade members plus Ragan and Kathy. Hayden says that if we make the final four then we are coming back for an all star season! Enzo says that he thinks the Brigade would be a huge target in an all-stars season. They talk about how genius they have played the game so far and that no one suspects their alliance. Hayden says that his side alliance was the hottest! Enzo says that Lane will come back this week if they get rid of Britney. Enzo laughs at the thought of the Brigade going to final five with Kathy! They talk about how they are going to throw the Brigade in her face. They talk about the brigade t-shirts. Hayden says that they could get one for Kathy too and that it could say deputy on the back. They talk about how they have to get rid of Ragan before Kathy. Enzo says that he thinks the only way Kathy could ever win a competition is if it was a chain smoking competition. Enzo says that he thinks America loves the Brigade alliance. Matt starts talking about the Big Brother 5 alliance the Four Horsemen. Matt says that they started to break up at Final six point. Enzo says that he doesn’t know anything about the Four Horsemen and that he needs to watch that season. They talk the Brigade going up against the Four Horsemen.

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2:20am Enzo, Matt and Hayden are still talking. Hayden tells them about the conversation he had with Kathy, when she told him that the group in the have not room was making fun of her and she overheard them. Hayden says that Kathy’s feelings were hurt. Matt says that they didn’t mean anything by it. Matt says they told her they were just joking around. Hayden says poor thing, you guys were BLANK! They start talking about how they want the order of the evictions to go. They says that they want Britney out first then Brendon, Ragan and last Kathy. They agree that if they can get Brendon to agree to put up Britney and one of them has the POV they will use it to take Lane off the block. They head for bed. Enzo and Hayden head into the Taj bedroom and goes to get into the big bed and says that it smells like Rachel…. But its big! Hayden says that’s what she said! They laugh. Enzo and Hayden talk about if one of them wins they need to keep Brendon and take him with them. Matt comes into the Taj bedroom and tells them that he just saw Brendon come down and go into the diary room. Matt says that he wonders what Brendon could be doing going voluntarily into the diary room at 2:30 in the morning. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon is the saboteur now. Matt leaves to go back to the have not room. Enzo tells Hayden that he thought he heard Kathy run away from the door and that he thinks she could be feeding Brendon information. Enzo says that there is something going on yo! Hayden says that if Brendon were still around they could get him to put up Matt and Lane, get one of them out and then turn around and vote out Brendon the next week. Hayden says that in the final two he doesn’t want to be sitting there with Matt. Hayden says that the situation with his wife could come into play. Enzo says that he thinks that if you take Lane to the final two you could have a problem as well. Enzo says that Matty scares him, but that he isn’t sure why. Enzo says that he thinks Lane is with them solid, but that he worries Matt has gotten really close with Ragan.

3am – 3:35am Enzo and Hayden talk about hanging out after the show is over. They talk about how it would be BLANK up if Matt was the saboteur. Enzo says that Matt swore on his wife that he wasn’t the saboteur. Enzo says that he wonders if when they make it to final four if the Brigade start to fight with each other. Enzo says that of course if the Brigade members vote him out he’ll be salty but it is what it is. Enzo says that he’ll get over it, he believes in fate, and that there is a plan. They talk about how they may have to keep Brendon around for a couple more weeks, they want him to do their dirty work for them. Enzo says that if they keep Brendon he’ll be loyal to them till the end. Hayden agrees. Enzo says that the more he thinks about it the more he think it’s a good idea. Enzo asks Hayden what he’d do with half a million. Hayden says that he would get his mom out of debt, and pay his and his sister’s loans off. Enzo says that if he won he would help his parents and his brother, and that he would also like to be able to let his wife stay home for a year. Enzo says that he really wants to catch the saboteur in the act. Enzo says that there is something fishy with Kathy, she is all feisty now. Hayden says that Kathy turned from a mutt to a thoroughbred.
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7:25am The feeds come back and all the house guests are still sleeping.

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I cant f**king stand enzo he needs to go!


Same here. Funny how he says Kathy would only win a competition if it was chain smoking – what could Enzo win? Houseguest most full of shit? He hasn’t wont jack… except a TV and it was only because he was lucky but if I rememberly correctly he was the 2nd one out!

Hot & Humble Librarian

WOW! How quick to get rid of Brit! I guess it’s because she’s good at POV’s….how boring this show will be if we’re left with 4 weeks of the brigade. Gah!


On the contrary. It’ll be fun to watch them try to maneuver around each other the way they have maneuvered around the rest of the houseguests except bu then they’ll know each others moves.


I love how the Brigade members think that they are the best BB players of all time.

Dear Brigade,
Yes, you have kept your alliance a secret. Congrats. However, only one person in your alliance has won anything and that’s the first person that you are ready to cut out of the group. Yes, I know that Hayden won the first HOH, but is that really “winning?” No one ever wants to win the first HOH so can you really call that “winning a competition?”


I agree

dany 1

the only entertaining shit last night was when the brigade was on !!


tired of enzo being jealous of britt. she has just as much right tothe money as anyone else there. he keeps saying she’s too young to have all that money but how old is haydon?he (enzo) is getting a lil sickening.




Yes he is (enzo). I don’t like those 3 together enzo, haydon and brendon they are sicken they think they have it all figured out I hope someone burst there bubbles. I could not stand them talking last nite I had to turn the station do not enzo especially because all he does is run his mouth and think he knows everything.


Enzo lies to everyone so easily that I believe outside of the house he is a psychopathic liar and scum bag. I also believe Kathy could beat him at anything, he is only a winner at pool. What a loser!


agreed…..and to think i liked him in the beginning.i am also,terrified skanky rachel is coming back……anyone else think so? i know in the past they brought people back. i wish kristen would be brought back.


Keeping Brendon is a baaaaaad idea. I hope we don’t get to see that play out. I hope Brit wins HoH and puts him up and that he doesn’t win PoV.


matt,s band are actually really good except matt looks diff there. just go to youtube and u can see their music videos


I think it’s so unfair how enzo and hayden are thinking about ditching matt. enzo isnt doing shit except makin jokes and talking while matty is doing all the work he won 2 hoh, was attacked in a house meeting while everyone kept their mouth shut and now everyone wants to get rid of him even the brigade. and i dont understand enzo making fun of kathy.. like he has done any better


tired of enzo and hayden in general. would like to see them exposed and targeted.

Scurvy Otto

OK, just listened to some of Matt’s songs. Ugghh, he better stick to conniving. As a musician myself and have recorded a couple albums, Matt’s vocals are horrendous, I dig punk but this is generic GreenDay or somethin!


Britt is disgusting. I hope she goes home


I am so tired of the stupid Brigade!!!
I´m just wishing they start turning on each other because it will be so boring without Britney


they have turned on each other, it’s only another few days before all hell breaks lose


Enzo is starting to bug me too. He makes fun of Kathy, but she has done better than him in competitions. She knocked out Rachel. He hasn’t done anything. He is always one of the first out. He talks about the brigade, but I am starting to think that the other three would keep their side alliance over Enzo. Hayden told Kristen in his goodbye message that he would have chosen her over the brigade. I think he might have meant it, but it’s easy to say that when she is out. I also think Lane might save Brit and risk Matt or Enzo going up. As for Matt, I think he is totally prepared to use the DPOV to save Ragan. Hopefully he would put Kathy up in Ragan’s place and Lane would be safe. Matt has said to Ragan that he thinks Enzo is the sab. Enzo is now talking about keeping Brendon for a while. What an idiot. The only reason it’s a good idea is because it keeps Enzo safe, since he has been sucking up to needledick since last week. It certainly doesn’t mean Matt or Lane would be safe. Enzo must realize that he couldn’t win against Lane or Matt, so he needs Brendon to take them out to keep the blood off his own hands, and since Enzo probably couldn’t win HOH against any of them. He’s all talk. The brigade is falling apart. Brendon’s nominations might break them up, even though he has no idea. He thinks he is breaking up alliances of two by putting Lane and Ragan up.


enzo is so concerned about getting everyone else to do all of the dirty work in this house. the dude is scared to make even the slightest ripple, yet he talks sh*t non stop. i hope he beatboxes his way right out of the door into the jury house. all talk no action. that’s enzo…


Like Enzo’s one to talk. Win something besides a 3D TV already!!!


Funniest thing to happen in BBAD last night was when Ragan was crying about it being either him or Matt going home. Then Ragan says how he’s good about reading other people’s game and said, “Matt has SO much integrity!” Wait until they find out about his lie about his wife! People with integrity don’t make up that kind of lie. Concealing the DPOV is game play. Creating a sick spouse is disgusting. And how pathetic is Ragan acting right now? He’s doing exactly what Rachel did, and he was ruthless about HER crying?? Hello, pot? You’re black! Yeesh!


+100 for Hayden, for requesting the band pepper, they are awesome


Stop hating on Enzo. He has done plenty in this game!

1. He came up with a nickname for himself
2. He wears hats

I’ll get back with you later on his other accomplishments


I like the hat, I’ll give him that. Other then that he needs his balls broke. that’s all I’m saying. Vinny, Vito, take care of that for me please.

Tom & Jerry

Totally unrelated to this topic but Who would Love an All-Stars Cast made of like:
Men: Alex,Russell,Brian,Brendan,Evil Dick,Joshuah, & James
Women:Renny,Kail,Rachel,Sharon,Lydia,Danielle, & Jen.
What do you guys think???


no offence but I hope you don’t get your wish

Tom & Jerry

Who would you pick then Rockstar?


ugh enzo is irritating me…hes like jealous of brit or something just cuz she wins povs hes so quick to want to get rid of her…i really hope she doesnt get backdoored this week..and the brigade is so quick to want to get rid of the only member of their alliance who wins anything…i hope ragan or kathy go this week and brit wins hoh so enzo can be scurrying around suckin up to her…i was always a fan of him but have just gotten really annoyed with the things he’s said this week…who is he to talk anyways he never wins shit

sickoftheir shit

Enzo is going to LET his wife stay home for a year? Like really? He will LET her? What kind of loser italian man makes his wife work in the first place? Why can’t he afford to support his family now? That is pathetic.


I agree. So sad. I was an Enzo fan but now I’m starting to dislike him. In my very humble opinion, men should be able to support the wife, 2.6 kids and a dog. If not, well no comment but that is me being humble.

Go Brenchel

Does anybody know what the slop that they eat consists of? I would’ve thought oatmeal or something similar but with Rachels expression I doubt that. lol.


it is oatmeal but some people don’t like it. one of my friends hates it and will not eat it to save his life


I don’t get what is up with the new wave of big brother fans. Since when do you have to win a competition to be good at this game? Have any of you heard of Will? I mean seriously… if you win this game without winning a competition that is one of the best things you can do. The competitions are for people who suck at the actual game of Big Brother. The games are in place to save the people who have no clue how to interact with a crowd.

The brigade has basically decided who has gone home each week. Why win competitions if you don’t have to? I may be in the minority here… but I’m correct in what I say.


11:55am still no pov results


Simon I tried to reply to your post last night but for some reason I wouldn’t allow me. But anyways I just wanted to tell you I know how much you hate BB now that Boy George is gone and I hope you will be able to make it through to the end, as painful as it may be. Hang in there, buddy ;0)


I think what pisses people off is that they have such bravado and have nothing to show for it. Man up, win something, shut up. Sure the end game is to be the final 2 and then win but for me I want to be entertained. I’m watching. If I’m not watching and x is not watching and then x and 50 of his friends are not watching, there will be no game because the ratings have plummeted. I would like to see them do something, anything, dance around, say something funny at least.


I agree. Let everyone do the dirty work for you. No blood on your hands should equal jury votes. I say win when you have to(pov). I believe Kathy has no skill at all. I am surprised that she is a sheriff! She should be able to sense the brigade is together. Enzo and Hayden are smart by getting a side alliance with Brendon. They know he is going to JH. He will tell Rachel how they were helping and that equals two jury votes.


matt has really not won 2 hohs ragan gave them to him if they had both stayed up there on the 2 hohs whos to say if matt would have won both. justing wondering


how did Ragan give him the HOH wins? Matt at no time promised Ragan anything during the competition

Cindy horne

Brendan has to kick butt with these awful HG. Matt, Bye Bye… But not yet with his special veto !!! The little gay guy could loose money & house to stay in. Sounds good. Kathy isn’t a threat. Not smart enough. Watch out for butt kisser Brittany!


does anyone know who was nominated

sickoftheir shit



I realize Enzo has not won anything so far. But I think the rest of it is smart. Trying to get out Brit and wanting Matt out. If he does make it to final two there is no way he would win against either of them. They have won things to get further in the game. Unless he got all of the Brigade and Brendons vote. Matt would win cause he has won things andddd they would feel sorry for his wife. They prob would not find out about him lying about his wife until after votes were cast. Keeping Brendon and Kathy around works better for Enzo’s game. Maybe not for the brigade but it’s a game. You have to do what is best for you. And keeping brendon around isn’t a bad move. Every other brigade member wants to keep their side alliance around to benefit them,.

I think Enzo has great strategy but needs to step up in competitions.


ragans definitely not a cry baby compared to brendon…at least ragan has reasons to cry other than his girlfriend being upset with him for not doing everything she wants…


You think just like me. I can’t stand Britney. Multiple faces little girl. I couldn’t stand Hayden before, but I like him now because he’s intelligent enough to know that Britney is up to no good. Enzo and Hayden wants her out, and that’s fine with me. That’s right, take Ragan with her. I used to like Ragan until he called himself calling out Rachel and Brendon, and tried to embarass them. Funny Britney and Ragan tried to show off to everyone in the house that they were against Rachel and Brendon, and little did they know they will be the one to go next. Now Britney is at Brendon’s mercy and Ragan is looking stupid.


Why is Rachel back in the house?