Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney sure enjoys slop!! Kathy tells Brendon that something ain’t right …

8:10am Big Brother cuts the feeds to wake up the house guests.  8:20am The feeds come back. Hayden and Britney are in the storage room changing their batteries.  Hayden goes to the bedroom and Lane complains about being too tired and that he is going back to sleep.  Hayden crawls into a bed and grabs Britney’s soft blanket.  Brendon comes down to the kitchen and then goes back up to the HOH and gets back into bed.  Britney is in the kitchen; she gets a glass of milk and uses it to swallow an Advil.  Britney starts making slop on the stove.  Kathy is in the bathroom getting ready.

8:44am Britney sits at the table and eats her slop and from the look on her face I don’t think she is enjoying it. (lol)
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8:50am After Britney is finished enjoying her breakfast she goes back to the have not room and tries to go back to sleep in her cot.  Kathy is the only house guest that is up all the rest are trying to sleep more.


9:50am – 10:20am Kathy says that something ain’t right… right now … I just feel it. Kathy is worried something else is going on. Kathy tells Brendon that Matt and Britney are not nervous at all and that something is going on. Something in my heart tells me something ain’t right. I don’t know what it is but I just feel like something ain’t right. Brendon says that no matter what who ever wins the POV if I feel like someone is doing something …we can use the POV and get rid of them. Brendon says that he is going to pull them up here individually before the POV competition. Kathy says that she knows they (Brendon and Kathy) will are the target in the next few weeks and if they can get someone else on their side then they can get rid of them. Brendon tells Kathy that he doesn’t trust Matt or Britney. Kathy says that she can’t eat or sleep because something doesn’t tick right! She says she would have sat up all night and smoked if she could have gotten into the backyard. Kathy says that she doesn’t know whats going on and that she knows they are gunning for him and her. Brendon asks all of them? Kathy says no not all of them. Brendon asks well who’s still talking about taking me out? Kathy says Britney. Brendon asks what makes you think that they want to take me out?… did they say that after they came up to talk to me? Kathy says well no, I just know that they want to take you out. I don’t care what they tell you, I saw it before when Rachel was HOH, but they want to send you to the jury house. I don’t know your reasons for putting up Lane but, I know that they want me out and you right behind me. Brendon says that if one of us wins the POV …Ragan is going to be really anxious for us to use it on him. Brendon says that they could use it as leverage to get him to spill all the beans about Britney and Matt. Kathy says that she is going to sneak back down stairs before someone notices she is up talking to him … Kathy says that the thing might be happening soon. Kathy says again that something ain’t right. Kathy tells Brendon that they might be coming up to talk to him to get him to put her up as a replacement ….and if they do all he needs to do is holler down at her to tell her to come up and that she will know what it means. Brendon says oh yeah …I would love for them to try that. Kathy heads down stairs. Kathy goes down and lays in her bed and stares at her monkey…


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Kathy needs to put her cop skills to work & figure out those idiot brigade members!


yea something isnt right kathy. you’re still in the house


sorry that was too funny.something aint right she’s still in the house lol thanks for the humor today


Whatever else you may want to say about any other houseguest- that they’re ‘floaters’ (Lane, Enzo, Hayden), that they’re bitchy backstabbers (Britney, Ragan), that they’re cocky (Matt), at least they are nominally entertaining. Kathy provides no entertainment whatsoever in the game. She doesn’t win competitions, which is fine if that is her strategy, but she’s so boring! Even the occassional time she tells a story, it’s a complete yawnfest. I personally would love to see her go over Britney or Ragan. At least we’ll get one more week of catty remarks and bitchiness, instead of more laying around in bed, chain-smoking in the back yard, and playing with the sock monkey!


I agree. Kathy is also upset that the Have-Nots have been talking about her — she doesn’t realize that EVERYONE has bad things to say about her…. but that Enzo and Hayden are smart enough to say them behind her back and be friendly to her face.

sickoftheir shit

When did Kathy form an alliance with Brenda? WTH


Who is Benda ??


I just lost what little respect I had for Kathy , I know it’s wise to make nice w/ the HOH but come on . For 2 weeks now Kathy has been on the I hate R/B band wagon ,she really is the worst …

texas girl

Kathy is a sneaky bitch! I hope she goes soon, she is a waist of space. And I use to like Enzo and Hayden now not so much.


All the HGs are a waste and boring as hell! So there’s nothing new again this week and probably won’t be until the end of the season. This is the worst BB season.


They are all sneaky and talking about each other. It is Big Brother!


I also watched the conversation on the feeds: She also said that she was really upset with how the Have-Nots had been talking about her in the Have-Not room and that she’d overheard them. And she made a comment about Ragan crying all the time because he’s sure that Brendon will put up Matt’s name if the POV is used. She also said that Ragan wasn’t happy that he picked her name out of the bag for the POV [well, d’oh of course not, because she won’t use the POV on him and if she did, then Matt would go up…and poor Ragan has really bought the sick wife story.]

And she said that they had been much meaner about them (B/R) than Brendon knows. He’ll see what she means when he watches the clips after BB ends. [ I was hoping that Kathy would spill at that point that it wasn’t just Bitney, Matt, and Ragan but that Enzo and Hayden had also been involved in the smack-talk becasue Brendon just assumes it’s the trio who was talking about B/R but it’s everyone!]

Kathy and Brendon also talked about Lane choosing Hayden and that Matt and Ragan were really mad about that choice. Kathy said that Lane probably didn’t want Bitney conflicted about who to choose [while we all know that the two-faced witch is happy-dorey with her supposed friend Ragan going home.]
[Brendon seemed to imply that the POV can be used to get Lane down — that he’s really gunning for Ragan, Britney, and Matt.]


Oh and she’s wondering why Matt and Britney aren’t that upset….well, Britney knows that Lane is staying and she’s OK with Ragan going home…. and Matt knows he has the DPOV (and imho he should use it to keep Ragan but Matt is too weak-charactered, I think, to do that…instead he keeps buttering him up with talk of sick wife so that Ragan will vote for him on the jury.)


Brit should be fine with people going home that aren’t her. That’s how you win BB.


Hello People

How come nonone is talking about who could possibly be longtime friends.
Im thinking it is Kathy and Brittany…..I think Kathy is Brittanys mom.


because we are drinking…DRINK


Moaner…..after this season I may need to put my name on the waiting list for a new liver.


There are no lifelong friends in the house. It was mentioned like one time at the beginning of the season by Annie, who also said she was saved from the block that week. She lied. It was just a saboteur move to stir up paranoia.
If there were friends in the house, I’d put money down that at least one person would have gotten a clue on the live feeds. Why wouldn’t they talk privately about it even once? They would. Plus, it’s never been brought up again on the network shows.
I’m more curious what Julie was talking about when she said something along the lines of it might not be the end for Rachel. I can’t remember the wording, but implied someone might come back. Can’t be the early people because they weren’t in seclusion. Will probably find out within 3 weeks or so.. after the DPOV business is taken care of. If Brendan is safe, I can’t see a way Kathy isn’t going home. Unless Matt decides to let Brit/Ragan go. He does have the votes to stay, so presumably he could be on the block and not use it. Whatever happens, it’ll be obvious and pro-brigade. Then Brendan is out next week unless he wins POV or there’s some weird twist.


I want Ragan to win the Veto, pull himself off, have Brendon put Matt up, have Matt pull himself off and put Kathy next to Lane. I know, I know, you all say he would have used his power unwisely but she needs to go!! She does nothing, brings nothing to the game. And this way he wouldn’t piss off anyone really except “maybe” Brendon but he would get over it.


Hopefully Hayden wins POV and doesn’t use it. Then Matt can use the DPOV on eviction night to put Kathy up in Ragan’s place. Kathy goes home and Brendon’s HOH was a waste. It would also reorganize the alliances. If Matt is smart he will see that he has no chance if he sticks with the brigade too much longer. He must know that none of them will want to be sitting next to him in final 2, and he also knows that they have been throwing competitions all this time, letting him get the blood on his hands. I do think that Enzo and Hayden might start winning when it’s down to 4 or 5 players, and Matt would be the obvious target. At this point, I think he would be smart to pull in Brit and Lane and turn on the other two before they send him home.


Kathy gets up and goes to the HOH room and wakes Brendon.  She walks in the room and takes a place on the bed.  She says I want to you for a second.  He says I want to talk to you after all that stuff you told me.    She says I don’t know, but something is not right.  I couldn’t sleep last night, I’m not lying, I have already gotten up, taken a shower, put my makeup on… something ain’t right.  Brendon mumbles and says he’s going to turn on the screen.  She says yeah, they are all asleep right now and that’s what I wanted to come up and talk to you now.  He says well, what do you think?  She says I don’t know, Brendon, I wish Rachel was here so I could ask her, because I honestly don’t know what is going on.   I do know they are gunning for me and you.  He says yeah.

He says all of them.  She says not all of them… He says who is still trying to take me out.  Kathy implies Ragan and Lane.  He says have they talked about it since they have been up there?   She says not to me.   He says then what makes you think they are still after me. I just know them.  They can come up here all they want, I know what happened when you and Rachel last week.  They come up here and say.. I could be blowing your head off right now, I mean I’m just tellin you the truth because I want you here with me, cause I know you are on my side, flat out.  She says all that stuff that happened with them, all that drama, all that crying with Rachel that they made her do and stuff, you know, its just, its just, they are trying to get you to the jury house, I don’t care what they tell you.  She says I don’t know what your reasons are for putting up Ragan and Lane, but I do know that I’m right there and you are right behind me or I’m right behind you.  Unless we get someone else on board, they are fixing to run this game.  Brendon says that’s not going to happen.  

Kathy says who do you want to go home most, if you’ll share that with me.  he says I don’t rally care.  I already told Lane he is not going home.  I mean as long as (Mumbles) not matter what.  If anyone uses the POV I see Matt and Britney going up and they know that too cause they are not playing POV.  Kathy says they are not nervous, that is my gut feeling.  She says I’m telling you something else is going on.  Them not being nervous makes me nervous.  The only one upset is Ragan.  She says I don’t want anything I say to go further than here.  If any of those three win, you are up next.  And if Me or Hayden wins, I definitely know you are not going any where, cause you can’t play.  They are running this game right now and they are good at challenges.  She says I don’t Enzo would go after you either.  She admits she doesn’t know much about Lane.

BB tells the Houseguest to get up for the day.  

Brendon says everyone in here is looking out for themselves.  He says Enzo doesn’t throw anyone under the bus.  She says something ain’t right, I know that.  Brendon says anyone that wins POV still aren’t safe.  If anyone uses that POV they are gone.  Kathy says I believe in my gut that something aint right.  Brendon says I’m going to call them up here individually before POV and talk to them.  Kathy says I know they are after me.  If there is a double eviction, you and me will be right after each other.  Brendon says no matter who they want to target, they have to put people up.  He says I like Lane and trust him, but he was also with them all last week.  But then again, he didn’t pick Brit in the POV comp.  She says something is not right with that.  She pounds the bed to make her point.  

Kathy says I’ll do everything I can to get that POV.  Brendon says those f* people have been dicks to you so you don’t have to use it.  She says I asked Britney if I could borrow her facepowder and she said when I finish cooking, then I haven’t seen her since.  She won’t even look at me.  You know me and you are a big target and if we can get more poeple onboard, we can take them out.  Brendon says everyone was pushing me to get Britney or Ragan out this week.  So I’m fine with either one of them going.  Brendon says Matt can’t play and win POV so if one of them does, I will put them up.  Kathy says anytime I walk up, the stop talking.  Brendon says their clique is dissolving fast.   Kathy says I think Lane don’t want to put Britney in that spot to make her use it.  She says I would have set up and smoked all night from worrying if that door had been open.  

He gives her a pep talk about winning POV and HOH. She says a lot went on last week that bothered me.  Truthfully they deserve to be on slop… you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about.  It is really getting to me being stupid and childish.  She says Ragan won’t even talk to me.  Brendon says if one of us win POV we can make him spill his guts to us.  She says he is crying like a baby cause he knows Matt will go up.  She says they called Britney so I’m going to sneak back down.  I just wanted to get that off my chest, something ain’t right.  They think you will put me up…  She says if they try that, holler at me to come up for a second.  Brendon says I’ll do that, it will be entertaining.  She goes to the kitchen for water.


Kathy is a kiss ass that’s the one thing that irritates me about her. She was talking about Brendon too along with the others. I’m not a fan of Enzo and he has proved just as weak as Kathy, but I will give him credit for doing it more in an underhanded way. But I think Enzo gets away with more because he’s a man. Britney is one of my favorites but doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. If she makes it past this or next week that will be a shock.


i would be upset too if i overheard a group of people who I thought liked me sitting around laughing at me….i don’t blame her for wanting to “help Brendon out” especially if it helps her game in the process….i think she is begnning to see that Ragan and Britney are unconscionable, guilesless people who are far worse than anyone knows…noone in the house has been meaner or said worse, more disgusting things about B/R than Britney and Ragan – and no matter what Kathy has done, she really has gone to the lengths they have with her trashtalking (most human beings would’t)




But studies show that most llamas, monkeys, badgers and crocodiles would.

(Why the specificity with “human beings”? You’re kind of nuts.)


Kathy may just be an evil genius, both good cop and bad. I didn’t hear it, but if she told Benson she wished Rachel as there so they could ask he what’s going on, then I must rethink her game skis. She is working him like a suspect.


The worst thing going on in the house right now — and the game changer is that damn DPOV. It will really be interesting if Matt uses it to save Ragan or if he sits on it in order to protect his own back. I don’t like Matt as a human being very much — he’s a sleaze and a weasel. I’m pulling for Brendon right now. I’ve always thought he was a basically good, kind person but that Rachel brought out the worst in him — a potentially very toxic relationship, shall we say? If Matt uses the DPOV to bring Ragan off the block and puts Kathy up and sends her home — well, it is a waste of Brendon’s HOH, but at leas the DPOV has been used and is over with. Brendon will have to align with Hayden and Enzo to go further, and win the POV another time. Perhaps one of them can win HOH again to evict Matt, who is the biggest threat in the house, besides Brendon. Britney is, also, but seems incapable of winning HOH, which she needs to do to continue on..


I think Matt will save it to protect his own back, Matt is really a slime ball, to tell the world that his wife is sick, is really evil, but I think it will come back to haunt him. I am sick of all the crying Ragan is doing, him and Brittany complained the whole time when Rachel was in the house, “because she cried, they talked about her being a bad sport, well look at them, how did they act when Brendon got HOH?