*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he doesn’t care if his wife’s mom is even in the room ..he’ll tell her to hold up a leg while they go at it..

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1pm – 1:25pm Ragan is in the Taj bedroom talking to himself, he says Dead man walking … waiting patiently for my Thrusday execution. The cameras switch to the backyard. Lane says this is it next week. (Talking about how all the people in the backyard are the people who are going to be left in the house next week.) Britney yells its CRAZEE … with a double “e” Lane start teasing Britney about how she chose the show over her fiancé Nick. Lane starts saying that its okay that he will take Nick out and introduce him to some nice girls. Britney starts getting annoyed and says that she didn’t choose Nick over the show …she says its just like how Enzo didn’t choose his wife over the show. Enzo its different he is married. Enzo says that his wife has already cheated on him a bunch of time …and that he doesn’t care he’s going to get out and love her just as much. Enzo says just kidding baby … she wouldn’t do that. Enzo says that when he gets out he and his wife are going to go at it… that his neighbours are going to hate them. Enzo says that he doesn’t care if his wife’s mom is even in the room …he’ll tell her to hold up a leg. Enzo starts talking about how much he loves aeronautics…. any thing to do with the military …and UFO’s. They try and figure out what the speed of sound is… and figure that it is more than 550 miles per hour. (It’s 761 miles per hour) They start talking about how Ragan is going home and that he knows it. They keep talking about how this week is in the bag… can we just fast forward to Thursday …its done already. Enzo says that he keeps thinking he is going to say the wrong name when he votes. Hayden says yeah don’t mess it up this week.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Hayden says that in Ragan’s speech he accused him of hooking up with a clam. Enzo and Lane are laughing and Enzo says yo! don’t even worry about that ..he speech was too long they will edit that shit out. They talk about what if they were given a challenge in the DR where if they got someone to cry they got $25G’s … Lane says that he would already be at $50 G’s Enzo says that he would go straight to Britney because she cries at that drop of a hat… I would just start telling her that Nick is cheating on her and shit. Enzo heads inside to get something to eat. Hayden and Lane are outside talking by themselves. Lane says that his HOH power sucked …he put up two Brigade members. Hayden says awe it doesn’t matter none of us are going home. Lane asks Hayden if he is going to move to LA. Hayden says oh for sure. They talk about how they can make a lot of money together because they made it to the finals.  Enzo comes out with at pita sandwich.  They talk about how they like Ragan but that he is a little annoying with his Big Brother season 10 and 11 talk. Big Brother cuts the feeds…
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1:50pm The feeds come back and Hayden is telling Lane that Enzo told him that his wife works as a CFO for a fortune 500 company. Lane says that Britney told him that Enzo told her that he really wanted to win so that his wife could take a year off. Hayden says WOW .. he really doesn’t need the money. Lane says that Britney doesn’t either … she is what 22 …she has a degree she just got a house ….and the worst thing that has happened to her was that she had to ask her parents to make her car payment before she came in here. Lane says so what everyone does that! Hayden says at least she has a car. Enzo comes back outside and tells them that both Britney and Ragan are sleeping. They talk about how they bet Big Brother has already gone out to their families homes to interview them. They talk about how pretty soon they will be at the finale and doing interviews in the backyard.

2pm – 2:50pm They talk about how they never really trusted Matty. They talk about how Matt was trying to get Hayden and Lane up on the block. Enzo says that the plan was that they could talk shit about each other to throw people off but not tell people to put one of us up on the block. They start talking about who everyone thought was the saboteur. Hayden tells Enzo that Kathy thought he was the saboteur. They think that Matt was the second saboteur. Enzo starts to get pissed and asks why do people think that?! Lane says wow you really hate it when people thought it was you?! … Enzo says well its stupid! I didn’t do nothing. They talk about how Britney talked shit on every one in the beginning. Enzo starts studying asking them who got evicted on day 55 … Hayden says I don’t know you tell me. Enzo starts naming off names and dates. Britney comes out. Lane asks her where she’s been. Britney says she took a nap. Britney heads back inside. Enzo says she gets so crabby when she sees us talking.. Britney comes back outside to eat her lunch. Hayden talks to Lane about how long it takes to become a pilot. Britney keeps complaining that she wants to go home. Lane says you made it to the final four and you turn into the devil. Hayden says you can trade places with me …why didn’t you say that before. Britney says no ..I don’t want to go home I just want the game to be over. Hayden and Britney talk about how they can’t wait to be home so that they can walk around naked and not have to get dressed right away after a shower. Lane gets called to the diary room. Enzo yell oh you’re gonna start this shit now! Hayden says what are we gonna do now …give us a football!! Enzo says give us a person to play with. Hayden says yeah give us a midget! Britney says I want to check the mail!! Hayden says that he cant wait to go to the movies. Britney says that he is asking for something too big …shes just asking for something small. Britney and Enzo hang out on the couch and talk about random stuff.. Enzo talks about his wife and Britney talks about Nick. They talk about nicknames they’ve given to their friends.
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4:20pm Hayden silent on the hammock

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:37pm Ragan Feeding fish

(nothing but silence on all 4 cams)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:15pm Sleeping and “Sexy Bitch Abs”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:55pm Cabana Ragan talking to himself He’s making a mental list of everything he needs to get ready for the upcoming semester.

Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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111 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he doesn’t care if his wife’s mom is even in the room ..he’ll tell her to hold up a leg while they go at it..

  1. hayden is the only person who actually needs the money left in the house. im 23 and live at home with my parents and can’t find a job after college. give me the money!

    1. I agree that Lane, Brit, and Enzo don’t need (or imho remotely deserve) a dime, but Hayden is in a better position than Ragan. Ragan is 300K in debt for student loans alone — His father came down with Alzheimer’s just when Ragan started college and he had to take out loans for everything — including rent and food. Lane is rather offensive talking about Brit — Lane has gotten his car, his house, and even his job from his parents — heck, his parents even paid 100K to bail his brother Gunter (Lane’s beat ’em up partner in the breaking into the apartment and beating of a college student) and I’m guessing that his parents might have had to pay some money for Lane for that same incident.

      1. No one spends 300K on school loans unless you are studying to become a brain surgeon. And that Ragan is not. If you live at home and attend a college in your area you can get a degree for less than 50K. Especially to become a teacher.

        1. Ragan had to take out money to pay for more than just tuition. He had to take care of his father (put him in a home, pay for meds/docs, etc.) PLUS he had to pay for his school, car insurance, rent, etc. If his parents were poor it’s understandable how he could accumulate a large debt. $300,000 seems a little steep but he owes more than just his tuition.

          1. I hope that the posts on this web site stay around long enough for the HG’s to read how popular they are and how excited everyone is about their business plans after the season ends. I would be so embarrased if people talked about me the way these people are being discussed, I would never show my face in public.

        2. Hooked, I love how people with no clue spout “facts” on this board. Who do you know that has a PhD that cost less than 50K? It’s people with faux news “facts” like yours that are the reason that education and money for student loans suffers in our country. I went to grad school 12 years ago, had a stipend for 2/3s of my tuition, and still ended up with more than 20K in debt for ONE year of school. That’s 20K in debt for only one year of school — 10 years ago. And even if you could live at home for undergrad (which Ragan couldn’t because of his dad’s disease), who is lucky enough to have a PhD program at a university in their backyard? Multiply that by undergrad years, increases in costs (ed costs go up each year!), all the years of grad school, and compound interest because he’s not paying off his loans yet — and yes, you can have 300K in debt. And that’s very sad, because there is no way he’s going to have an easy time paying that debt at professor’s salaries in CA.

          1. I guess your education didn’t include math 20X4 is only 80 grand. I live fifteen miles from a major university and a phd would be easy to achieve with a whole lot less money than 300K. I have two children that graduated with master degrees and one is studying for a PHD and for both of them we’re no where near 150K let alone 300K. I believe that most large cities would be able to handle it too.

            But hey if it makes you feel good to defend such a stupid statement, have at it. As for his father’s illness, children are not held responsible for medical care for the elderly. That is what medicare and medicade are for.

            With his father’s illness, he probably did have to pay his own way, but so have alot of other people.

            As for his actions an uneducated moron has better life skills than Ragan has. There are just some things that can’t be taught.

            Sorry I ruffled your feathers.

      1. That amazes me! How do you not believe in evolution? It’s like not believing in gravity, or prime numbers. I wonder what their thoughts are on Santa Claus…

    2. Just because he needs the money, doesn’t mean he deserves it. He seems a bit laid back and not one to work hard to get it, that he is looking to “be famous” and to get some kind of “gigs” out of this. I don’t think someone like that should have 500k just handed to him. The problem w/this season is there is no one left that I would like to see win it. Those that played hard are now gone and we’re left w/those who didn’t try too hard until they truly had to. That is where I would like to see the game change. Yes, floaters play a bit on the social side and also alot of laying low. I’d rather see them all have to play for the competitions, that they receive a penalty of some sort for dropping out early. Is it fair that those who win competitions get targeted and voted out? I don’t think so. I really think Brendan, or even Matt (though I didn’t agree w/his gameplay) should win the 500k. Last year, Jordan won, who truly did little until the very end….Jeff gave her the win in one of the earlier comps. Did she deserve the money? This is really the part of the game that I don’t like most of the time. Janelle played hard, she didn’t win the money. The one exception was Evel Dick and that is why I liked that season so much…..I felt that he earned the win, but for the most part, a floater will win this game almost every time.

      1. Jordon ruined BB last year. Now everyone wants to be a floater to win. Let’s not make any moves, we’ll win in the end. Soooo boring… I think there should be a combination of things.. Viewer vote, cast member vote, how many times they made the feeds go down for saying crap they shouldn’t and if they don’t play to win, they are made leave. The only two people who deserve to be there are Britney and maybe Hayden even though his last win is kind of sketchy..

        1. I agree with you completely. They need to change the rules so that people have to actively win some stuff to make it through the game. If this season is indicative, BB is just going to be a bunch of floaters trying to do nothing to make $500K. BORING…

        2. Hey Rockstar – how ’bout imposing a penalty when a player is caught on camera intentionally throwing a competition?? The other HGs should at very least be told, or maybe even shown the tape??

            1. I’m specifically thinking of the last one Matt threw and gave the camera a thumbs up. Had the other HGs known, it might have really changed things that week. At very least maybe some probing questions would have been asked. But then again the others are as dumb as stumps, so perhaps not.

    3. Hayden doesn’t NEED the money. None of them NEED the money, but at least Ragan has a few degrees to show for what he spent (by the way it sounds like he was taking care of his father and going to school; in other words it wasn’t just for student loans because he couldn’t work) and a college professor job close to earning tenure to go back to.
      Hayden on the other hand (or any of the brigade members left for that matter) clearly doesn’t want to work.
      At 24 years old he said $5000 that he won in the one HOH contest is more than he’s ever made in ONE YEAR. That means he’s yet to have had a full time JOB. Even a minimum wage job in Arizona will net you $15K per year.
      He lists himself as a college student at 24, because he clearly has yet to get a degree after going to multiple schools apparently on scholarships or on his parents’ dime (he doesn’t talk about student loan debt at all).
      He only “needs” the money because his aspirations to become a pro baseball player didn’t work out. He’s just a ex-jock who just wants to work out doesn’t want to get a real job.

    4. the game and who wins is not about who needs it. i hate when people tell others they don t need the money. play your hardest and smartest and see who wins and in my opionion that would be lane….and he doesn t need it lol

      1. Enzo and Britney have shown themselves to be despicable people. I don’t think there is any chance of them wising up. And CBS / BB obviously want the boring, nasty final 4 since they chose a POV comp that wasn’t what Ragan had been studying for. Their edited show bares only a dim relation to the reality that you see on the Live Feeds — from their edited show, Lane and Hayden are handsome and witty, Enzo is “likeable” and funny, Britney is funny and smart. YUCK.

        1. I’m talking about Enzo and Britney should wise up and vote Hayden out this week.
          Keep Ragan and form an alliance with Ragan. Then next week, they should oust Lane.

    1. Are you just a total moron? Are there any other words in your vocabulary, or is that as far as they got in the 3rd grade?

    1. soooo true! After Brendon left, I really don’t care…I do wish the “spoiled brat” would get ousted though!

      1. YAWNING!!! This is the most boring season EVER!! Last season was fun, the previous was even better. I miss Evil Dick and his antics. Hell I miss Russell and his ‘rat a tat tat’.

  2. Not just can we fast forward to Thursday, but can we have a Mulligan? Let’s delete this shit and do it OVER! With a different group!

  3. It can’t be Enzo and Brittney. Even if they make it to the final 3 they won’t take each other. Brit will take lane or Hayden and Enzo will take lane or Hayden depending on who would have made it to the final 3.

  4. Re-post I posted this comment it didn’t show up, I will try again.
    Is Enzo ever going to recieve punishment for breaking sooo many rules. Why does BB have rules, they say they give peneltys. What about the pov push. It would be great if on live tv they strip the pov from Enzo for that act. Would make a great night of tv, and might salvage a boring seasson. I’m afraid at this rate BB will be cancelled. The only reason people are still watching, is we are hoping for a crazy ending. That doesn’t include bg 3

  5. how are lane and hayden talking shit about britney being young when they’re both 2 years older than her and how she doesn’t need the money when lane’s mommy and daddy buy him everything

    1. $500,000 is too much money to give to any of those jokers (except for Ragan).
      Big Brother should give it to Simon and Dawg……that’s after I get my 1/2 of the cut for suggesting it.

        1. Simon, since we’re on the topic of who needs the money…….
          it seems that most people are bored with the leftover HGs and so they are not excited about the possibility of seeing a thrilling ending to BB12. Does this affect your bottom line? With a lot of people not watching the feeds, not watching BBAD are they possibly abandoning you too??? I can see where having Anybody other than the brigade’s boredom over the next two weeks would be good for your business. Any grenades coming?

          1. From what I gather Hayden, Lane and Brit all come from wealthy family’s. Lane and HAyden are probably the most well off of the bunch. Enzo has money but its not his it’s from his wifes side.

            The poorest is Ragan but he’s going home so I would say next poorest would be Enzo or Brit

            1. there are a lot of people around but not a lot posting.. last year there was give or take 150-200 comments per post however there seems to be less and less people commenting the past few weeks. The last 2 weeks were nuts last year so hopefully it will be rocking here as well…

              I think the live feeders are a little bored. They want a fight and some game play. I blame Rachel. I really do.

            2. Hayden has money??? Wow, I should have caught that, Steamboat isn’t cheap! Are you and Dawg making any money even with a bad season? If you’re having trouble making car payments, just let us know! You guys work your fingers to the nubs for a few months. Time for a September donation …. unless you have big bucks yourself!!!

  6. now that ALL the personality has been evicted the show is very hard to watch,…. they need to bring back a few people and really shake things up,…. it would not even have to be Rachel and Brendan,….. it could be Kristin,…. or Andrew,….. bring back 2-3 of the best woman players in BB history to turn the house on it’s end.

  7. I never expected Ragan to just give up like he is. Dead Man Walking?! That’s worse than Matt’s moping around all week. Looks like the professor isn’t as smart as he claims.

    1. Ever since Ragan woke up to Matt’s manipulation, he’s gained clarity. He figured out the Brigade, and he knows Britney is with them. He’s done and he knows it; the only way he was going to stay was to win HOH or POV this week, and he did neither.

  8. Is Enzo just a giant walking brainfart or what??? The guy is an absolute pig – I feel badly for his wife and daughter.

    1. He has the brainpower of silly putty, that has been dried out. He talks smack, but never delivers. He can’t stay loyal for more than a nano-second before he tries to throw someone under the bus. He’s rude, crude, and disrespects everyone, including his wife. He is the programs weakest link. I’d call him a tard, but that would be an insult to tards.
      He also looks like an adonis who’s been interchangingly been hit with a shovel and pitchfork, then covered in acid. Then God said, “… that’s not enough, I’m make his hair fall out and give him a over-excited colon.”

      1. I agree with your comments about Enzo. It’s almost hard to watch/listen to him on the feeds. None of the ones left have any regard to their surroundings or even thinking of cleaning up the house.

        If Enzo says that the Brigade has made all the key plays so far in this game one more time, I will barf. The look of dismay on his face during the HOH challenge that Hayden won – – – Enzo was opening each box inside the bin. Julie’s instructions clearly said to search through the packaging peanuts.

        None of the ones left after Ragan leaves deserves the $$$.

    2. Enzo is a gutter pig with a big arrogant braggy mouth who can’t deliver. Such an uncouth person. One wonders if his wife has the same table manners or does she just ignore him. Watching Ragan eat isn’t much fun either. Neither one knows how to shut their mouths when they are chewing. Smack sounds abound. Looking at Enzo is bad enough.

    3. You can’t take someone like Enzo seriously. The reason that he says the stuff that he knows some people will feed off it. He’s an entertainer. You can’t expect anything else.

      1. Sorry, you haven’t persuaded me to change my opinion of him. He did not get a rise out of me. On the contrary, I have dismissed him as being a pig.

  9. What is all this talk about who NEEDS the money? This is a contest, why the injection of sicialism. If they all feel so sad, split the jackpot evenly. I’m sure the evicted HGs would like to walk away with something more than the stipend.

    1. Pretty sure you meant socialism, and I agree. I could care less who needs the money more, especially in this group of sycophants and backstabbers. Not one of them truly needs the money, they have no clue what “need” really is. The game was not set up to help someone in need.

  10. Am I the only person annoyed at how much Brit and Ragan talk about Rachel? i couldnt stand her either but I mean seriously..if you hate her sooo much then why keep talking about her? When you dont care for someone then u have nothing to do with them…you definitely dont sit around spending ur entire day talkin about them. If i were Lane/Hay/Enzo i would be just about ready to choke out the next person that brought up her name.

    1. Nope. I am so sick and tired of them bashing them. I really hope that B/R can hear them and that costs them the cash at the end.
      I would like to tell Brit and Ragen, we get it, you don’t like them, get over it! Find something else to talk bad about because we are sick of hearing it ALL the time!

    2. They’re all insecure. No one liked Rachel but I actually feel sorry for that crazy girl. All Britney and Ragan do is whine whine whine. Gosh. This season has been terrible. Enzo is mildly entertaining but a terrible player, Lame is super annoying with his over-exaggerated diary rooms & somone needs to tell Hayden to stop yelling in his DRs and actually develop a personality.

  11. BB is really not about who needs the money but rather who can grab the money by almost any means within the BB rule book. It’s about who played the better game, be it rich or poor. I don’t know why Hayden feels the HGs should pity him and subtly show him mercy, just because he is not financially well established. Did he show mercy to Kathy or Ragan for that matter? Both of whom were pretty much in financial turmoil.

    1. Who said Hayden isn’t financially well established? He’s talked about vacationing in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Billionaires vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

        1. Exactly. I am a fan of the SHOW……… not each and every moron that gets picked for it. I choose a fav and hope…that’s all you can do.

        2. it seemed worse last year though… this is what I’m trying to figure out…

          Last year there were tons more comments stating how much they hated the show, this year, BB viewership is up, comments are a little lower and there doesn’t seem to be as many comments about how people are e-mailing CBS and BB…

  12. They are thinking about who most needs the money .. ha ! matt said that his wife was sick now i know that’s not true but they don’t and they didn’t even care or have pity for him so if they’re thinking about who needs it most matt wouldn’t be in the jury right now.. bunch of idiots

  13. Damn ! its so painful to watch, as a bb fan i was looking forward to this season just to be totally disappointed . I think everyone will agree that up until Wed CBS still has a chance to spice it up – JUST INVENT ‘SPECIAL POWER” DIAMOND , GOLD OR PLATINUM , WHATEVER, who cares , JUST DO IT . Otherwise , show will be lost for many not just this season , but next year as well .
    MESSAGE FOR CBS (if they reading)– all the messages have one talking point in common -your production is SO BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think that cbs isn’t going to punish enzo because they are looking for a way to end this show and what better way piss us off so we stop watching. If u aur setting rules then enforce them. If enzo makes it to the end then i truelly believe this season was fixed. Come on cbs do right by the fans.

  15. I predict Enzo does make it big after the show. He will star in the remake of “Silent Running” If you get this joke… well done… if not, look it up. I base this on his amazing description of what his stealth fighter can do. Also there should be ducks instead of robots in the new version. We already have what’s his name? Huey? Louie? It’s friggen perfect yo!

  16. If Matt was smart he would have taken Regan aside. Joined up with Rachel and Brendan and made a final 4 alliance. They could have won every comp together and taken everyone out. Matt even said in the mid of season that Enzo is selfish. He would watch him throw comps. Why would you want guys on your team who aren’t going to try. All that did was put a huge target on his back and let these 3 go unnoticed. Rachel and brenadon talked about getting out the floaters but never tried getting lane, Enzo, Hayden or Kathy out

  17. I’m looking forward to jury house this week.. We should have had a small glimpse last week… We better get something this week. I miss Matt. I need to make sure Rachel has not eaten him

    1. There is not much they can do now to fix this shit. I say let next HOH get Pandora..and have it be… you can get guaranteed final three…but you have to let a houseguest back, that can legitimately play. Now who that should be is anyone’s guess. I would vote for someone less predictable…Annie, maybe Andrew.

  18. I think it’s fair to say that Simon has won the greatest BB endurance competition of all, actually having to watch and post updates to the do nothing new, know nothing new live feeds? I think CBS should just end this show right now and declare Simon the winner of BB 12.

          1. oh hells no, that’s me.. but then again I’m not sure how old you are because I have 20 years before I’m PM. seriously gonna be the first rockstar female prime minister… gotta strive for something..

  19. I think my plans for tonight are…watch Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion…get super diabolical drama overload…that way later when BBAD is on I can sit back and say ” Yo, this shit is friggen relaxing yo!”

  20. Does anyone know where Ragan Teaches. I hope his ass is fired after the see some of this stuff he has said and done! I hope nothing but bad thing for him in his future, it no wonder his family hates him. I’m sure he loves using “they pick on me or don’t like me cause I’m gay, He makes gays look bad! Rach has more class then he has ever showed, FU Ragan And FU Brit!!!

    1. Rach has more class then he has ever showed

      regan is bad , but rachel has shown 0 class on the show just like everybody else, get your head outta your ass this is BIG BROTHER everybody talks shit, and there are no limits to what you can and can’t say.

      1. Im talking abut all the Shit he has said about old people and little boys, and he keep talkin shit about people who are gone! so get your head out of your ass!

      1. You mean the things he said to her face when she told him that he was so worthless that his parents don’t want to have anything to do with him (his father is dead and she knew it) or how she went looking for him and offered him a cookie to taunt him when she knew he was a have not, or how she came in the door and within minutes was telling him to Foff and attacking him for being bad at being gay, saying he wasn’t a man? You mean the things he said when she tried picking a fight with him, when he walked away and she followed him and tried to stir it up? People here complain about all the shit talk behind people’s backs, but Ragan is the only one that has had the manhood to say things to Rachel’s face? I think the high point of this season was seeing Ragan leave Rachel standing there with her mouth hanging open, nothing to say, shocked that he defended himself by throwing her own words back at her and telling her real truths about herself.

        1. Sorry about the above T accidently pressed enter. The enimity between Rach and Ragan was actually Ragan’s fault. First he got upset at Rach for implying that Matt and him were in an alliance. Second he blamed Rach as the cause of all of the houses miseries when she came pleading for votes to stay. I am not condoning Rach’s actions, but why kick someone when they are down, as Rach was when she was pleading? Brit and Kathy said nothing at all, but Ragan had to open his mouth. That’s why Rach hates him and it is a fair reason.

    2. I think Ragan teaches at California State University-Long Beach. After the pedophilic remarks I don’t think he should be around teens entering college. Also for a teacher he sure is degrading to anyone who upsets him, he needs anger-management classes, I wonder if he degrades his students in front of class since he can degrade Brendon and Rachel in front of millions of Americans. A true teacher is a master of his/her emotions, take Dan for example from BB10, the anti-Catholic slurs and Judas comments just didn’t faze him, he knew millions were watching and judging his character. A character he needs to preserve when entering the real world once more.

      1. After BB12, I am thinkin’ Ragan might not have a job. Who would want to be in his class? As for his comments to Rachel, she asked for it. She didn’t have a clue that Ragan could cut her down to size in 2 seconds flat and it left her speechless with the WTF look on her face. She had that coming….She taunted Ragan and she had caused every fight in the house…. I’m thinkin’ Brendon won’t either since his students and staff saw him deballed by a LV scant, watched him play a bad sport, and if they watched AD, heard him unable to say 2 words without sinking down to Enzo’s gift for the F word. Lane is safe because his parents own the company, Hayden is a student so no worry there. Now Brit….will she have the hotel job. One wonders if the people she works around have seen that trashing mouth of hers. She is funny but she is really vicious in her comments.

    3. There was a Catholic high school coach/prof who won BB? He lied his ass off and won. Pretty sure he’s still working at the same school but he has a pretty nice nest egg the lucky bastard.

      1. Right, that’s who I was talking about. His name is Dan and he won BB 10. Yeah he may have been a semi-Will Kirby but he never lost his cool, he mastered his emotions, something every HG should learn from. These HGs forget that the bubble called BB that they live in expires after the summer and they must return to the real world. Who would want to hire or be around people who self-destruct under pressure or are vicious towards others all the time?

    4. WOW. You are clueless. Did you hear the statements via live feeds, in their proper context — or did you only read about them online from a fellow Ragan-hater or only see them in the highly editted CBS show? Ragan made a few not-so-funny jokes, which he even called inappropriate jokes at the time (he wasn’t in support of pedophilia when he said them) and gave Rachel the appropriate talking down that she needed — which CBS edited very poorly to make Ragan look bad. Are you also going to tell Enzo’s employers to fire him because he calls women c*nts — and he’s not joking when he says it? Should Lane even be on BB given his involvement with the breaking into apt and beating up of a guy with his brother (so serious that his brother had to be bailed out of jail for 100K?)?

  21. They should let people vote for Americas Favourite Houseguest and include the people in the jury house. It would really mentally disintigrate these bunch of vain losers when they find out that Matt wins the vote. At least we could all laff at them for 2 weeks saying `America doesn`t like us – wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh `

    Would be funny.

  22. Ragan is a classic case of someone who lost their sense of reality in the game. When he blew up on Rachel he thought he was playing to the gallery, instead he was freaking everyone out, very ugly behaviour.

    Matt was the best player but he screwed up by getting too comfortable. I`m still amazed CBS let Brendan and Matt leave on the same night. We`ve ended up with the biggest snorefest in reality history : I couldn`t care less who wins this season.

    Cast it more like Season 2 and this would never happen.

    1. And you are displaying the classic case of someone watching only an editted tv show that believes the faux reality LOL. I haven’t read ANYWHERE from ANYONE who was a Live Feed subscriber, saw the fight, and defended Rachel. Rachel was being a big bully when she was back in the house, she went down there to specifically torture Ragan (and she told Kathy she was going to), and he was VERY eloquent in his fight . . . far more than you would be.

  23. FUTURE HEADLINE: Big Brother 12 castmember, Ragen, was arrested last night in Petaluma, CA. He was caught in Dateline NBC’s sting to catch Online Sexual Predators. He showed up at a house thinking he was meeeting a 12 year old boy and instead was met by Chris Hanson. Ragen is the houseguest who talked about bringing 12 year old boys into his cave. He also made references to molestation and rape while on the show. At one point he wanted the remaining houseguests to participate in group masturbation. The Dateline show will air next Wednesday on NBC.

  24. Please surprise america with another double viction this week..haha I bet all would be happy to finish it up a week sooner..

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