*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – How Rich is Lane’s Family and CBS is getting desperate for storyline material


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:15pm Lane and HAyden Lane saying he sucked at his DR session today. Hayden says his DR session was about how he was trying to get Lane to put up Brit. (with never really happened but I guess they needs some storyline for the broadcast). Lane says he saw Hayden laying in the sun all day. Hayden says it was nice but as soon as he was out of the sun it started getting cold outside. Lane wants to work out soon hayden thinks its a good idea because it’s starting to get cold. They agree to cook up burgers and Weiners for Dinner. Lane heads to the kitchen. Lane joins him suggests that maybe they should grill up some chicken and burgers instead. Lane agrees, Enzo walks by and says he’s up for some burgers and chicken.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane and Hayden head outside to start the BBQ, Lane is surprised at how cold it has gotten. Hayden starts up the BBQ, Lane says he likes feeling the heat when it’s cold outside. Hayden wonders how they are going to eat the chicken without utensils. Lane: “I’ll grab them and eat them like chicken nuggets”. They head inside to prepare the chicken. Hayden says that brit doesn’t like grilled chicken, lane says she likes hot dogs to. Hayden: “Lets just dot he chicken we can do hot dogs later”. Lane: “Sounds like a plan”

They head outside to start grilling. Theres a crow cawing, Lane: “I just love hearing crows like that reminds me of life on the ranch”. Hayden: “How many acres you guys have lane: “Only a hundred in Texas but he’s got some other places leased.. In Oklahoma theres Acres” Hayden: “Thats sick” Lane: “MONDAY DOWN”…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:22pm HOH Lane and Brit Brit asks him if he’s going to work out tonight. Lane says he ‘s going to work out so hard he cries. Lane is starting to go crazy in the house, he has to start from square one with his workouts when he gets out. Lane: ” I don’t understand why they have such a shitty weight set here” Brit: “They gave you a new bench” Lane: “thats a 2 person weight bench it’s crap”

Brit tells him it’s do or die on Thursday. Lane thinks everyone is in danger next week, He says that enzo would put him up with BRit and if Brit wins the POV then Lane is going home. Lane says him and Hayden are both gong to invest their money in the oil field because they want to retire when there 30. He explains theres wells out there that if you put 250K down in 6 months it pays you back. Brit points out that 250K is probably all they will get after taxes. Lane calls her a Debbie Downer. BRit thinks his Oil investments is risky, she’s going to put hers in the bank and use it to buy a house. Lane can’t understand why she wouldn’t want to invest her BB winnings in oil, Lane: “I’ve never met someone that didn’t want to make money”. Brit says she wants to make sure there is money saved away for her kids when they want to go to college.
brit is feeling like she’s lost the game, she doesn’t have a single jury vote and she needs to win or she goes home. Lane tells her she has Jury votes because she’s won a lot of competition.

Lane: “Go do something with your life go work out your life is BB right now and your pouting all daY”
Brit complains that the today was soo boring. Lane: “Today is done be happy” Brit: “Today has just begun we’re going to be up until 4am” Lane: “This week is over for me theres no competitions and we know what is happening on Thursday” BritL “I’m not Stupid I know what is going on here.. I know that the conversations you me and Hayden are having are the same as you enzo and Hayden are having…. She knows that her and enzo are the ones to get the shaft unless they win the comp” She goes on and on about being the only person in the house that got nothing, she lists off all the prizes everyone had. She points out that even LAne got 50 bucks for pandora’s grand. Brit tells him that her and enzo are the two that do not have anyone taking them to the final 2 and that has her worried. Lane: “I would much rather have you in the final 2 then Hayden”
Brit: “You are so in love with Hayden”
Lane Tells her he’s going to be good friends with both Hayden and Brit after the show is over so she should just chill out and focus on winning the comps. Lane tells her they should just relax and tan all day.. he’s not stressed at this week. Lane explains that even if he goes home next week then he’ll be in the jury house for a couple weeks then he gets to go home and live his life and be with his family… Lane: “Once i’m home I’ll shun the 50 thousands and the 500 thousands… If I don’t win the money now i’ll get it 6 years from now working a job” Brit says her mom will be mad at her if she doesn’t win. Lane tells her that she’s got a lot of exposure from being on this show she doesn’t want to be known as the girl who sat in HOH bitching and moaning all day long…


7:51pm Lane tells her that enzo came up to him and Hayden and told him that he knows nobody will take him to final 2 so he’s prepared to win every competition to get there. Brit doesn’t want enzo to win the money she doesn’t think he deserves it.
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151 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – How Rich is Lane’s Family and CBS is getting desperate for storyline material

    1. I find it hilarious that Britney is pissed that Lane would take hayden to the final 2 and not her. Wouldn’t be surprised if on Wednesday we see her in the DR session saying “Hayden better not get between ME AND MY MAN!!!!!!”

    2. Don’t believe that lie. Britney is trying to portray like she’s Miss California instead of the country girl that she is. I bet back home, she chows down on chitterlings and Hog Maw like it’s nobody’s business. She probably even carry around bottle of hot sauce and some corn bread in her purse, just in case.

    1. I don’t think he’s telling him the whole truth. A hundred acres in texas isn’t really that impressive. My MIL bought 80 acres in TX for 165K and it had an 1800 sq ft brick home with it!

        1. That would probably cost a good amt depending on where it was. Try a place called United Country.com. That’s where my MIL found her property.

            1. Land in Texas and Oklahoma (Wyoming has REALLY cheap land) is unbelievably cheap compared to Colorado, California, anywhere on the east coast. It is not uncommon to find a house in Texas under $200,000 that is very large and comfortable and may even have land that comes with it. People are pissed that Lanes family may have money…..maybe they worked really hard for it. If people don’t like their own situation, then stop complaining and change it. Just like people who complain that teachers have the summer off……if you want summers off, then become a teacher. This is a game people….if doesn’t matter what the people in the house may or may not have.

            1. People who ranch need a lot of land. You can also lease it out to outfitters and hunting guides, oil and gas companies and just for water and mineral rights. It is an investment for many people.

    2. Why does this make Lane a bad guy? Should he just disown his evil family because they aren’t on welfare? So he signed up to play on a reality show. Um I do believe Capt. Kosher makes a pretty penny in Miami where it cost about 500K just to get a crack house. (I’m exaggerating a bit) I don’t get the hate on lane cuz his family is wealthy.

      1. The “hate’s” on Lane because he’s a lazy SOB whose parents gave him a job playing golf with clients but who thinks that’s too much work too apparently. He’s got the mentality of a teenager.

        1. Yeah, you’re right. He should have turned down that job when his parents offered it to him. Words to live by my friend: “Get by on what you got, and take what you can get”. If somebody offers to pay you a lot of money to play golf all day, or if someone offers you a house, only an idiot would refuse it. It’s one thing to say you don’t want Lane to win because he is from a rich family, but to start trashing him as a person because he had some good breaks in life is just ridiculous.

            1. I absolutely agree. Has anyone noticed that Lane is the one person in the house right now that doesn’t trash talk people. The one smart thing that Enzo has done is not call Brit the names he calls her in front of Hayden in front of Lane because I think Lane would knock him out cold. I think Lane is a good person, and rich or not he should win over Enzo Brit and Hayden for game and being a better person.

              1. Maybe Lane doesn’t bother trashing people because requires too much effort. He plays the game like he obviously lives life: just skating by and not caring enough to make that much effort.
                In case you missed it, Lane says he likes getting in fights for fun. Do a search on his arrest with his brother where they assaulted another football player. Geez, some people are blind.

          1. if you think you deserve to win then you need to show me what you’ve got. you should have been entertaining, made moves, or at least done something in the game…

        2. Hello..he went to college, and he is a SALESMAN, what do you think they do? They PLAY goff and smooze the client to buy the product…..from seeing him on BB I am betting he is damn good at his job too…

      2. I agree, why hate Lane because of his family. You should hate Lane because he’s big, stupid, lazy, hairy, and a flaming redneck.

      3. I agree. Lane doesn’t have anything his parents have. Lane said himself he takes potential investors out to play golf and eat. If this is what is parents allow that’s on them. we would have another story to tell if his parents owned all this stuff and didn’t help him at all. Lane is just as broke as the next guy in the house. His parents owns everything all he mentioned having is a car and a home, which so does everyone else in the house except Hayden seem to indicate he doesn’t own a car.

        1. I like lane, hes a big goofball. BUT…the person who says so what he has a house and a car. he has a RESTORED 69 Caddy or Lincoln, AND a HUGE pimped out motorcycle, they showed it so fast am not sure if it was a harley but it was def in the 30-50k dollar range, it was a big toy, all tweaked out.

          and his parents BOUGHT him the house, he doesnt live with them. so not eveyone in the bb house has what he has. Most of them are in apartments, including brit. she doesnt own a home.

          But irregardless, who cares, its whomever is playing the game best. If Ragan goes home then i hope Lane or Hayden wins it. or Brit, as she won a lot of comps….

          btw, Hayden doesnt even seem to have a job anyway, what does he do for work, anyone know???

          1. …Just thought to let u know that the word “irregardless” isn’t correct; it’s REGARDLESS.

            Thanks to Simon n Dawg for making this lifeless BB season n it’s HG’s tolerable. You guys deserve the money over the elite morons left on the house. Shout out to Qaz-Allison Grodner’s nemesis, and other fans on here! Peace!!

          2. I think Hayden is a baseball player for Arizona State University, so I am guessing he dosen’t work. He said he hasen’t made $5K in two years, so even if he did work it’s not much.

            1. Hayden played in only 7 games in 2008 as a junior at Arizona state, getting one hit/RBI after playing at several different junior colleges. (I think Div1 teams play 50 or 60 games in regular season by the way, so he wasn’t a star at all.)
              He told Kathy something about blowing out his knee but I don’t know if that’s true or if he just wasn’t good enough to play Div 1 baseball.

  1. I was always under the impression that rich folks are brilliant, intelligent, nice and clean looking people….. But instead, we got Jethro Bodine aka Lane.
    That’s alright. Even if his money comes from his parents, it’s still green and it’s all good.

    1. Do you not see your comments as ignorant and bigoted as hell? Because the guy is southern and because Britney is Southern, they are inbreds and not up to your level of society? Would you say the same things about Ollie or Andrew? Doubt it, but it’s okay to be a racist as long it’s against those evil rednecks. Did your college degree teach you that? Or is it that you are so bitter cuz your welfare check didn’t cover all your expenses this month? Bitter much?

      1. Lane is rich, but he’s no Einstein.
        I can almost here Lane: “It’s a wonderful thing to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. In fact, we do it back home, all the time.”
        Incidentally, it was Einstein who said- “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expect different results.”
        And Britney, hell no, words can’t begin to describe this true hillbilly.
        You can’t come on here and take things so seriously.
        Okay, you can if you want, but do me a favor: Bite me!

      2. Yep, I moved to the South and it is full of inbred idiots. It’s a stereotype and a fact. And Lane fits right in. Big ole dumb redneck!

        1. Lmao. Then don’t move to the South. We like it here. Fot the time being, this is still America until racist idiots like you vote it out of existence. You can go live with the high class people somewhere else!

  2. Team Christ vs The Brigade
    Jeff, Jordan
    Evel Dick
    James and Chelsea
    Jessie & Natalie
    Brendan and Rachel…for shits a giggles!

    1. There should be a spinoff to BB called BB Alliance Showdown. Every major alliance from all the seasons of BB will compete, I am guessing that the BG can only beat the Sovereign Six from BB6. That alliance will fall apart from within. Either James, Janelle or Howie will betray the alliance and Kaysar will be the third or fourth HG evicted for the fourth time.

    2. Jesse has a lengthy record now, including. A drug ring with Adam & kicking his pregnant fiance … I don’t even think cbs would be that desperate to put him on!

      1. Actually, it’s Matt who was involved in the drug ring with Adam and the assault on his pregnant girlfriend, not Jesse. I’m not crazy about Jesse, but he’s still in a better sphere of humankind than Matt.

        1. Holy Shitballs, could you imagine how awesome a show it would be to have Matt and Adam and Team Christ back…. to dream the impossible dream…OMG i would friggen love it. Yo!

  3. I don’t like anyone that is left…I wanted Brendan to win. But it seems like Hayden is the only one that could really use the money. I hope everyone votes for Brendan to get the $25k prize. That would just blow everyone away that he is a favorite and everyone else is a LOSER!!! I think that would be the best part of this whole season!

      1. I have to agree Rastefererous. It is a game. I am tired of people thinking they or others are entitled to things just because they don’t have a lot of money. The winner of this game should be the person who played the game the best. This is not about redistribution of wealth…it is game play, pure and simple!

      2. you are so right, it’s a contest with so many dynamics and luck. but there are those we like better and those who could really impact their lives — so naturally we root for them. Really, It doesn’t make a difference to me who ends up with the money, but what would be interesting is that their contract provide disclosure of how the funds were spent for the first year! Then we could all get really judgmental and they would extend their 15 minutes of fame……lamborghini? roadkill restaurant? 100 besties skiing at Steamboat? LOL

    1. You’ve been buying Hayden’s line too, eh? Hayden only needs the money so that he doesn’t have to get a JOB. He’s 24 and going no where and he knows it. If he wins the $500K (about $360K after taxes) he’ll have blown it within a few years (especially if he invests in a restaurant business he and Lane have been talking about- one of the most difficult businesses to have success in and something neither knows anything about).
      Lane’s working for the family business (by his own admission mostly going golfing with clients) and apparently doesn’t want to even do that.
      Lane, and Hayden are both lazy, unmotivated children and washed-up athlete wanna-bees avoiding the reality of growing up and getting a job like the rest of us.

        1. wow….for your information, without PHDs, there would be no college, moron! and they only go for 3-4 more years than a master’s program. did you go to college?

        2. Dear a:jnk:oihj:oh: :-) point taken. your rant against education proves your point, but what color is the sky in your world to criticize anyone trying to accomplish anything?

  4. SILVER SPOON…….Hayden takes the food out to the grill and Lane follows him after putting on a jacket. He gets a jug of water and heads over to the grill. Lane loves hearing the crows, makes him think that he is back on the ranch and you hear crows in the morning.  He says that they have a hundred acres and some places that they lease, but in Oklahoma they have five thousand acres.

    1. Land is cheap in both places. That amount probably wouldn’t break $100K in value. If you want to impress me, own 1000 acres in Boston. Ka-Ching!

        1. Where I live a million will get you a real nice house on an acre. 40 minutes down the freeway a big house on a small lot. lol Rich is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. Groudhog day….good one. Watching this show now makes my want to jump in the tub and drop a toaster into it. They should do a triple eviction…or a all-out cage match.
      How about a Pandora’s box, that if the HOH takes it actually sets off a large explosion that turns the house and HGs into a large crater. That would be good TV.

  5. im voteing for brendon to win the 25k.he was the only one in the house that i felt should have won the game.i dont like his girl but i like him.hopfully he will win the 25k.

      1. Do you really think that nasty comments are needed you sound like the lame people in the house, why are personal attacks ok does it make people feel better about themselfs, do you know her personally so that you can say stuff about her do you know she has SDT’s ? I do not think so why are people so mean ???????

  6. I Can’t believe these slanker, floater, brain-drain brigaders are going to win. The only two real players left are Ragan and Brit. Ragen leaves this week, then Brit next (unless Lane pulls a twist). Once Brit is gone, there is no longer any reason to watch this show.

    1. there is no reason to watch now, I would rather watch the jersey shore more than these idiots, (I hate the jersey shore)

  7. so this is as good as it gets? a conversation about chicken? I think I will go watch the paint dry on my walls. that is more exciting to me. where has rogaine been? is he campaigning?

  8. for the comments that say that this season sucks and it’s borinr – if the show/live feed is sooooo boring, as 90 % of you state, why do you people keep coming back to this website( that actually updates every min spent in the house) and you keep bashing on the HGs…you really come off stupid and ignorant and very hypocritical…

    1. we like the show, we just hate the houseguests, if you don’t like reading our comments you can always stop reading them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. if i thought something is boring, i know for a fact i wouldn’t be coming back to it every 5 min to say how much i dislike watching it….i don’t know what you particularly posted, neither i care, but this was meant for all the people that keep saying the live feeds are boring, yet they keep coming back and commenting, not to the people disliking the cast……i’m sure your or my everyday life is just as boring, if not worse, if it was filmed 24/7

      2. and wouldn’t you agree with me that people who constantly bash this season/cast, should just switch the channel/website and move on with their extremely interesting lives, because if i actually am gonna waste my time reading these comments, i would like to read something that makes sense and has reasoning behind it?!

        1. marinara i don’t have the feeds or the BBAD so I read the stuff on here to keep it. the show has been boring, but this site has been fun. ever your posts have been read by me. all Michelle and I were saying was that this years BB cast has been disappointing is all.
          Have a great night
          peace and carrots

        2. we like the show, we come on here to make fun of the houseguests because they are a bunch of idiots with no personality, so if you don’t like our comments we are not making you read them!!!!!!!!!

  9. I”M JUST VENTING: Simon, you next project is to get me on BB 13. I tried out in two city Spartanburg, SC. and Charlotte, NC. Of course I thought I was a great candidate for the show but doesn’t everyone. Seems like they had a cast they didn’t really need the money with an exception of a few, which is very disheartening. I have been married for 19 yrs. I have two children ages 23 and 18. My husband and I have been hard workers throughtout our marriage and he has had to move us several time because of his job , so I have always had to give up my job because he is the main bread winning and I really wanted to be on BB just to help my husband put my 18 yr old through college. When you hear that Lane’s family owns (planes) that really make me mad. But no matter what I will always be a fan of BB. Thanx Simon and Dawg for an outstanding job!!!!

    1. the problem is you are normal they only pick people who have either emotional or mental problems, if you don’t believe me look at this cast!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Why do you end everything you say with fifty exclamation points? Are you 12 years old? I think there’s a direct correlation between retardation and the amount of exclamation points one uses.

        1. haha@Kathie… I like to watch the ‘ho’mances.. It amuses me.. -hangs head in shame- I really wanted Dick and Jen to have a huge love affair.. but it was not meant to be, still could have been fun though..

          1. Wouldn’t have been fantastic to see Brit and Ragan in the house with Evil Dick?? He would have eaten them both alive!

            1. …and spit them out as toothpicks. I would love to see ED in the house, chewing up Ragan and Brit’s bashing and turning it back to them.

      1. There is no amount of money worth my marriage but I am not above backstabbing, lying and just doing whatever else I had to do to stay in the game and by the way I don’t look over 35 so that helps!!!!!

  10. Maybe next year they should have someone in the house who is not “playing” the game. They will be there until the end, they can’t be voted out, and they can’t vote during evictions or for the final winner. They are just there, and everybody knows who it is. They can play in comps, be HOH, put up whoever they want, but that’s it. Maybe even let them leave the house to sleep so they get a break from the isolation. Someone will be playing with a clear head and won’t get sucked into the powerplays and schemes. Their only role is to take power away from the HG’s – no more throwing competitions or setting up backdoor plans. It might be a way to make sure everyone is playing the game.

  11. So what we are heading for is a trust-fund baby finale. Both Lane and Britney seem to come from basically filthy rich families, apparently especially Lane. Britney will probably reconsider things with Nick now that she is finding out Lane isn’t blue collar after all and is loaded. If you listen carefully you can hear the wheels churning in her shallow materialistic mind. This season is becoming more of a disaster every day as truths are finally emerging. Dr. Will…paging Dr. Will.

      1. Surely you’re not hating on Will. He and Boogie had the best joint DR sessions of all time during all-stars. Those guys were absolutely hysterical. Throw in Evil Dick and you are talking about the three best to ever play BB.

  12. Well…it sounds like Brit is maybe starting to wise up…if she is smart ( IF) she will team with Enzo..since he is feeling the same thing she is about Hayden and Lane. At least that would be some action…a little game…let’s get Brit and Enzo to pull a GRENADE and SHUN Hayden and or Lane. That may be their only chance at this point.

    1. That would mean that Enzo and Brit showed some signs of intelligence. Not gonna happen. A box of rocks has a better chance of ruining Lane and Hayden’s final 2 plans.

        1. Well at this point her only chance is to team with Enzo…Regan is gone…so unless they vote out Hayden..which is highly unlikely.. she needs to get smart fast and see that Enzo is her only other option. Shit, Hayden and Lane will throw Enzo under the bus for their final two if given the chance… and Enzo, just like Brit is starting to see the writing on the wall for final two… if nobody makes a move it’s Hayden and Lane…I say Enzo and Brit need to team up for final two.

  13. the live feeds get cut every five minutes because they are talking about the “suggestions” the DR is giving them. nice

    1. A day late and a dollar short. But maybe they are planting seeds in the minds of Enzo and Brit….maybe…hopefully…awww c’mon yo!

  14. it seems like Ragan got some “inside info” from DR . bc @ 8pm he gave brits some info while in HOH room just after lane left.looks like he was saying that someone plays brit around. Hopefully , its gonna change bb’s dynamic

    1. it isn’t game talk.. it’s ragan talking about what the dr told him and blaming BB for making him “try” this week when he knows there is no chance. I also think when they were whispering on the bed before the feeds cut out that Ragan was telling her that they want him to go after her for not sticking by his side this week.

      1. I think production has been happy to see Matt and Ragan go because Matt and Ragan don’t play their games. Hayden, on the other hand, and Lane are only tooo happy to say in DR whatever DR wants. Last time I watched CBS show, Hayden was saying how sorry he was that brigade was breaking up — even though he’d been campaigning for Matt’s ouster for 2 weeks on live feeds!!!

  15. lanes family own the mineral rights or lease them on the land. most people do not own them even where there homes are

  16. blah blah blah Lane’s lazy….blah blah blah Lane’s family has money….blah blah blah Lane hasn’t made any moves….blah blah blah. Get over it, if you make it far in the game you made the right moves, sometimes no move is the absolute right move. Get over it people, I will repeat again, you don’t have to win the competitions to be the best player in the game. It’s who wins the war, not who wins the battles. Pay attention!

    1. yah but who really wants to get handed a big ass trophy when they have really done nothing to deserve it while every man around them is wounded in combat…

      1. I’m guessing the winner who didn’t get wounded because the outmanuevered the enemy. Just like I’m sure the sniper’s spotter feels he’s a winner even though he never pulled the trigger. But, he snuck behind enemy lines just like the shooter and went undetected to get back out. Without him, that sort of thing doesn’t happen. Sniper is nothing without his spotter. If getting Matt out was a power move, Lane was Britney’s spotter.

        1. the best move Lane could make is to get together with Regan and listen to him. That would at least creat a big move and some sxcitement. Everything Regan said earlier to Brit made perfect sense for Lane.

    2. @acesandeights Maybe YOU should pay attention.
      Even though it might work, the Brigade’s gameplay (if you want to call it that) is BORING. Period.

      1. If you check your digital guide, you won’t find this show listed in the genre of suspense. If you want pure excitement, maybe you should stick with contact sports, football season is upon us, or NetFlix yourself something in the thriller genre. This is Big Brother, it’s not supposed to be exciting, it’s supposed to be interesting, which it is. Some of the people are not interesting to watch, I don’t dispute that. What is interesting is how these seemingly uninteresting people manipulated all the rest to get where they are. I seem to be the only one of the two us who has paid attention to that. Everybody seems to be upset that none of the Brigade members never engaged in cuss fights with the rest of the house. lol They didn’t have to, they did what they needed to and nothing more to create problems. Even the Brigade is responsible for removing part of the Brigade. lol

  17. Lane’s job taking people out to lunch and golfing with them.. He’s a professional
    schmoozer for the family business. That’s what he has done to everyone in the
    house to make it this far “schmooze them”.
    I’m surprised none of them have talked about being on “Dancing With The Stars”.
    Oh wait that would be too much like work.. can’t see any of them wanting to do
    that .

  18. what is the point of brenchel bashing now? what’s the point of reading these boards anymore? i’m sorry simon and dawg, but i’m pulling out and going awol. i can’t stand these people but i will watch the episodes to see who wins but i can’t take how boring these people are. hopefully if they have an allstars next season the players will know how boring it can get and actually talk about interesting things for us. and hopefully no one from bb9 will be on it. goodbye everyone. see you on the survivor forums.

  19. k seriously i was watchin the tv guide channel last night y’kno with those scrolling headlines in the left corner of the screen and one actually read: “Producer credits high ratings on CBS ‘Big Brother’ to a likeable cast” wow….. wow..

  20. The ratings are high because every one us who watches the live feeds, Showtime After Dark, and chatrooms, also, still tune into the show, even tho we know what happens already. On the show, they do seem more interesting and not as nasty and mean. The show doesn’t give up Meow Meow’s dark side of Brit bashing or the nonstop snickering and bashing that Ragan and Brit do. We are plagued with too much info and unfortunately, we brought it on ourselves.

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