* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo used the POV and Lane nominated Hayden as the replacement!

Enzo finally won a competition. Beating our Ragan Enzo now has the Power of Veto and since he’s nominated for eviction Enzo used the veto on himself. Lane as the Head of household gets to now choose who the replacement nominee is. It’s pretty much decided that whoever goes up against ragan will be safe from eviction. The Big Brother nomination is Hayden.

11:25am – 12:05pm Big Brother turns the live feeds back on… Hayden is in the kitchen making lunch. Enzo is finishing off making his spaceship. Britney is out in the backyard trying to nap on the couch. Ragan is in the kitchen eating, then he goes out into the backyard. Enzo and Hayden are talking. Enzo says that Ragan is an okay dude. Hayden says yeah he’s alright …too bad we got to vote him out. Hayden and Enzo go up to talk to Lane. Enzo says that Ragan gave a good speech. Hayden says yeah …and he apologized about the cd. Enzo says I didn’t care about that, it was an accident. Enzo says that they were waiting to …for me to snap on him. Enzo says that he aint doing nothing today… just laying out. Enzo says so Ragan out this week… Hayden says we need to win HOH next week. They talk about how one of them are winning this thing. Enzo says unless Britney pulls something and then shes in the finals. They talk about who would have the votes. They wonder if people in jury house would switch their votes if they find out about the brigade.

The feeds cut out and when they come back Lane is telling them that Britney was saying in the beginning that she didnt want to be in an alliance because they are always picked off first. Enzo, Hayden and Lane laugh that they are all in an alliance and they are in the finals. Lane tells Hayden that he 100% has to win the HOH. Lane and Hayden talk about how either one of them is going to win $500,000 and the other $50,000. They talk about taking a trip together. Lane says that he would look like an idiot if he took Britney to the final two. Lane says that she would definitely skunk them in the finals …Lane says that Britney is 22 ..shes ditsy. Hayden and Lane says that they are definitely final 3 unless Enzo and Britney split one of the next two competitions. They talk about how the people in the jury house will understand once they learn that they have been in an alliance since day 2. Hayden says that Brendon thinks the biggest secret in the game is Matt lying about his age. They talk about coming about the alliance if Hayden wins the next HOH. They laugh that if they get t-shirts with the Brigade on it Britney will be the only on not wearing one. Hayden says that he’ll ask for Brigade t-shirts if he wins HOH. Lane says yeah because there is nothing Britney can do about it then.. Hayden says that he will tell Enzo to ask for them too just in case he wins HOH. Hayden leaves the HOH room … Both Hayden and Lane plan to go down and get in the pool. Enzo leaves the HOH to go out to the backyard to work out with Ragan.
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** Updated **

12:15pm Ragan is in the backyard working out. Enzo is laying out on one of the lounge chairs. Enzo says that he would like to crack open a beer. Ragan doesn’t say anything. Enzo goes and gets one from the backyard fridge and goes back to the lounge chair to drink it. Hayden comes out and says you’re drinking already?! Enzo replies its the afternoon yo! Hayden says that he wasn’t saying nothing …he was giving him a compliment.

12:35pm Hayden joins Enzo by the lounge chair. Hayden puts on sunscreen. Enzo and Hayden are studying the time line of events in the house. Enzo tells Hayden that him and Lane won’t take him to the final two unless he wins the next two HOH’s. Hayden asks why do you say that?! Enzo says because you guys are smart you’re not going to take me. Lane comes out into the backyard and asks Enzo if he’s drinking already. Enzo says I’m celebrating …I made it to the final four… I solidified that shit. Enzo tells Lane to have one .. theres 3 more in there. Lane starts playing pool with himself. Hayden, Lane and Enzo start talking about Heidi from the reality tv show The Hills. They talk about how Heidi was way hotter before she got plastic surgery. Hayden says that he hung out with Heidi’s ex-boyfriends friend Colby and Lane figures that its his cousin from his moms side of the family. Enzo says oh now we’re name dropping now yo! Hayden and Lane talk about the bad ass mustang he has… Lane says that he’s got a hot ass girl friend now and he’s a virgin… he and Heidi didn’t even have sex. Enzo says that Heidi probably has a dick now… she is all jacked up …why mess with your face like that … thats your money maker.

12:40pm – 1pm Lane goes and sits with Britney on the couch. Lane asks her why she’s pouting …she isn’t nominated… she is in the final 4. Britney says that she isn’t pouting its just her face. Britney talks about how she just wants to go home already… she doesn’t want to go to Vagas or any of that she just wants to go home and not have to care how she looks all day. Lane tells her that she’s not going to be able to relax that people are going to be wanting to take her everywhere. Britney starts talking about how she wants to go work as a commentator for the NFL.

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What an idiot…

Aaron C.

Britney’s screwed.

Lane and Britney should be final 2. Hayden and Enzo don’t deserve it. Enzo doesn’t deserve to win anything. What a piece of work that guy is YO.


Let’s get one thing straight…No one DESERVES anything. It’s a reality tv show with a cast that was priviledged enough to get picked to play a game. So calm down. You might have your favorites but no player deserves anything.

Ragan Needs Professional Help

Well said. I am not happy with any of them winning $5.00, let alone $500.000. This sucks!


Then why the hell are you on here… its so annoying that you people always get on here saying no one deserves anything they win… thats fine your entitled to your own opinion but get a life then and get off here!!!!!!!!!!


well sais kelsey well said, if you dont like the season and you keep saying that it sucks then why do these people waste their time reading updates and commenting on updates about a season they apparently hate, get a life people

Aaron C.

Calm down? WTF are you talking about? Sounds like you are the one getting riled up.


Why hate on Enzo, he was the only one along with Matt really playing the game. He is just smoother with his game playing than everyone else. Lane have done anything, but ride on all of there coat tail. He didn’t even want to win the HOH, so he didn’t have to put know one up.

mary g

totally agree!!! Brit and Lane are my two top picks.. Hayden and Enzo need to go Home!!!!!!!


Enzo and Hayden must be idiots! HELLOOOO Lane will NOT nominate Brittany. Enzo or Lane will HAVE to break up Brittany and Lane if they want a snowballs chance in hell, they keep talking about how it is soooo cool how no one knows about the brigade but they are looking like complete idiots because Brittany and Lane are playing them right under their noses…. i bet they are the life long friends


Lane has told Hayden and Enzo that he wants to be put up next to Brit if they win the HOH on thursday. Hopefully this week Lane’s loyalties get tested either with Brit winning HOH or Brit being on the block and Lane winning POV.


why are Hayden and Enzo so loyal to Lane?
A. be voted against a brigade member (Matt, which i dont blame him)
B. he has nominated BOTH of the remaining brigade members for EVICTION!!!!!


Lane is really playing a low-key game and he is playing it great. He’s in the brigade, yet he has both of them up on the block and their satisfied to be there. Meanwhile, he and Brit are in another alliance. He has set himself up to go far.

Good move

There are no lifelong friends, and Lane knows he would lose if he were in the final 2 with Britney. Britney would end up getting Hayden’s and Enzo’s vote out of spite for Lane not taking either one of them to the final 2 (Plus she would get Ragan and Kathy, and probably Rachel too). Lane putting up Hayden as a pawn is the right move. Britney feels like she can trust Lane now, so if she wins HOH next week Lane knows he’s safe. Ragan is going home either way this week, so there’s no reason to make Britney upset or paranoid by putting her up on the block.


You mean if britney wins POV next week Lane will be safe, the POV holder will have all the power next week not the HOH.


yea….its all about the POV!! HOH just guarantees your safety.

Good move

Yeah, POV, sorry. The same logic applies though from Lane’s point of view. I think he’s the favorite as it stands right now.

Truck Tucker

They’re NOT lifelong friends, dude. Come on!!!


There is not life long friends !!!!


Two words when it comes to how stupid Lane’s thinking is and what he’s letting make his idiotic decisions…

Little Head


Is Lane thinking by ensuring Britney gets at least 2nd place money he will get some “action”? Flawed thinking! She is using Lane all the way to the finals to get a nice payoff so she and Nick can live happily everafter. I don’t care what anyone says, if she pulls this off then she definitely deserves the money. Britney should win next HoH sending her to the final 3 where (unless I’m overlooking something) she will again win one of the HoH rounds to make it to the quiz round to determine who gets to go to the finals and who goes with her. Lane vs Britney final. Congratulations Britney…2010 BB winner.


I agree and if he can remember correctly that was Brendon’s downfall. In season 11 that was Jeff’s downfall. When will they ever learn!!!!!!!!

Live from New Jersey

Brittany lasted long enough to get some kind of other show biz gig out of this. If she was evicted early not so much. So congrats to her….Lane is a moron for outting himself as a white collar oilman rather then a blue collar dude. That might hurt him next week…..Hayden is buddying up with everyone and that always bits you in the ass eventually. when everyone’s your best friend you’re bound to slip and lose votes….And finally Enzo is such a buffoon that no one takes him seriously or feel unthreatened by him. A clown is easy to like and hard to harbor bad feelings about. All that said, a clown is gonna win this thing….



Kathie from Canada

Who is Brit?? LOL


Although she is ‘”extremely hot” by BB House standards, young females like her are a dime a dozen in the real entertainment world. She will fade away into oblivion just as she should.




her , rachel and kristen will be instantly forgotten, with the later rachel will most-likely do a sextape with brendon or one of her “financial benefactors” to be moved all over the net and of course like the rest of the “sextape celebs” deny it…


Enzo and hayden are two morons! Enzo hasn’t done anything in this game so he clearly shouldn’t win. Hayden is a puppy dog who can’t make decisions by himself. Hayden needs to go home this week. The three deserving players are brit ragan and lane.


I assume that they will vote out ragen? this is pretty certain


because they are a bunch of dumbass idiots, if they took ragan to the end they would win, if they take their “friends” they will split the votes and may not win


Simon, That makes it even MORE obvious that either his alliance with brit is stronger then that of the brigade OR they are life long friends because he refuses to get his hands dirty where she is concerned, he is basically saying he wont vote her out otherwise, i say its time to get rid of Lane


It looks to me like Lane sees Brit as a potential vote if Enzo wins HOH and Brit wins POV, plus if Brit wins HOH he knows she will bring him with her over Hayden and Enzo. He is just keeping her happy to better his own situation.


it just shows the “brigade” doesn’t exist because if lane was really loyal to hayden and enzo he would quit being a coward and just put up brit


why won’t that idiot Lane nominate Brittney? What is he afraid of?… She’s going to end up
winning the whole thing…


Britney has being played like a fiddler, the funny thing is that she thinks she has some sort of an alliance with the guys, can a person be this delusional???. Unless she wins HOH or POV she will be HISTORY and when the game is over she will have a rude awakening when she learn how she was played and seeing by her ‘colleagues’. At this moment I’m not rooting for any of the HG but will see the finals just out of curiosity. WORST season ever!


Ragen is the only one who I would have liked to win, if only they can blind side Hayden that would be a classic, but it isn’t going to happen, all of them remaining after ragen leaves, don’t deserve the grand prize but if I had to choose it would be enzo even though the guy is crap at winning stuff, certainly brit shouldn’t be final 2, should be enzo and lane


it could happen if lane would realize he can’t beat enzo or hayden in the final two, but he is such an idiot it will never happen

Go Hayden!

I’d vote for Hayden to win just because, of the remaining house guests, he appears to be the one most in need of the funds.


How could this entire cast go so long without once thinking hey those four dudes that hang out all the time, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Matt, that never say anything bad about each other, vote against each other, game against each other, make alliances with anyone – I wonder if they are in an alliance? Ragan sorry buddy you were 50 some days to late. And Britney what a shock is coming. Nobody deserves the money, cept maybe Brendon and Britney for the most wins.


once again, they didn’t realize it because matt is the only one who did anything


Absolutely agree with that. They let Matt do the dirty work then ran around the house throwing him under the bus with everyone else. The funny thing – but kind of pathetic – is that they started the bad talking of Matt as part of their “cover plan”. But being the guys that showed up to the BB House on the short bus, they started to believe their own bullsh*t! They would tell an outright lie to someone, and it would eventually make its way back to them. Except they would believe it!! You started the rumour, you idiots!! This is the same process that has led them to believe they will be so famous after the show – if you repeat the lie enough times you start to think it is reality. This whole thing is like a train wreck you can’t stop watching!!

The Playa

that why they are not the best alliance in bb history..
They didnt make the final four together…they could have saved matt


I already have stopped watching. Matt was the only interesting player in the game. The retards took him out. I stopped watching. I only visit the boards now.

Go Hayden!

And THAT’S WHY I am voting for Brendon to get the $25 K. He busted his butt to stay in the game as long as he did when EVERYBODY was out to get him.

Kathie from Canada

I’d be fine with that.

The Playa

brendon deserves it.. all bb fans even brendon haters know this…
and the look on the houseguests faces will be priceless….
especially the lame 5 all-stars–opps i mean all-lames

rachel's Nipple

THe house was too focused on Brenchel. Mob mentality FAIL. That is why. OBVI (rachel quote)


I just don’t see what the big deal is, when I’m sure they will vote out Ragan? If it is a tie, Lane will hopefully pick to vote out Ragan. I think it is smart, because why put up Britney and lose credibility right now, when it really is not necessary?


Lane and Hayden being cocky idiots. What else is new?


they won’t be so cocky if brit wins the next hoh, lane will be fine but hayden and enzo will be crying next week

The Playa

brit winning hoh will be great…not even lane is safe…all three of the lames will be fightin for pov..lane is only safe if brit gets it, and then he has to get some blood on his hands…can you say losing one vote please..

Live from New Jersey

Someone tell Lane that BB doesn’t stand for “Banging Brittany” which is obviously what he is playing for!!


if thats what it takes to win the 500k she will


He doesn’t want that little girl with a nasty mouth. He’s probably just looking for a good time while being stuck in the house. Lane said that he has a few girl friends, and I believe him. The boy got oil money.


Don’t you think Britney and Lane are the life long friends? I’m thinking Lane is really her fiance.


Brit’s fiance has been on radio shows. You can google him and learn all about him. Just type in Britney and Nick and hit the “image” feature.


BB didn’t say anything about old friends being in the house. The saboteur (Annie) said it to stir up the house.

Kathie from Canada

Did Julie ever say that to the HGs early on when they were all in the livingroom??

The Playa

there are no lifelong friends…the sab twist was all a fluke, a joke, an f..ing stupid one at that….to everyone on the site there are no lifelong friends, just lames


Did Enzo call Brit unless


commentator for the NFL..HAHAHA


I know. Who the hell does she thinks she is?
I guess all the retired NFL players with Superbowl rings on their fingers would have to step aside, because Britney is coming, and she’s going to announce the Monday Night Football.


WHAT??? Enzo should win NOTHING..he’s done nothing in this whole entire time but sit back and ride others coattails ..that’s not playing the game …if Ragan leaves ,the only other one that has done things is Brittany ..she isn’t my fav either,but she is the only other one that has played this game …none of the brigade that are left deserves zip…all Enzo thinks of is his sloppy eating (makes me sick listening to that)..he walks around like he’s God’s gift and he is stupid ..he talks like a freakin moron.. jmo


I not only don’t want Enzo to win one iotta of anything, but I also hope he gets a good dose of how he isn’t going to be famous, no one gives a crap about him, and he can take his uncouth manners and foul language back to Jersey.


too funny,….. all of these people try to talk about how smart they are and then Lane loses his cajones somewhere in the Big Brother house and lets Britney stay,……very smart Lane,….I hope that the BB cameras are pointing at YOU when she wins HOH and puts YOU up for eviction,…. I am sure she has your vote too,… I think instead of the brigade you ALL should have been called the meow-meow’s because the 3 stooges are a bunch of,….well I guess I really don’t have to spell it out,…..sounds like cushy,…or tushy but with a P.


PUSHY??? Lame…


i think he meant pussy


I don’t care who wins. They are all losers to me. I guess if I have to pick someone, Britney won the most competitions. I just want it to be over.

rachel's Nipple

I don’t care either. Hence the constant checking of OBB posts and the need to comment on the happenings of the house.

The Playa

right…just looking forward to next year


I doubt this would happen, but since Enzo already stated that he knows H and L wouldn’t take him to F2, then why shouldn’t Enzo and Brit vote to evict Hayden?


Then Hayden can tell jury house about all the money Lane and Enzo already have in their real lives… Hoping to have Brit and Ragan in F2 because they’re the only ones who deserve it for playing the game!!!!


Not the Deserve it BS again…
ANYBODY LEFT IN FINAL 2 Deserve it hello they made it to the end…

Aaron C.

That a good point


i want this scenario to occur. hopefully enzo and britney realize that hayden and lane are “sitting pretty” cause they want to take each other and should brit or enzo win last hoh…hayden and lane know that one of them would be picked to go. but they are not as smart as we would like to think they are 🙁


first season that i didnt have a favorite player early on, this season really sucks, my last hope was brit would go home this week, lane is such a sucker, they will never be friends after the game, so whats up wit dat


Ya’ll should compare Nicks pic with lanes they look alike


get your eyes checked they look nothing alike, nick is a small dork lane is bigger than him


nick is cuter than lane


I bet she’ll end up with Lane after the cameras are off. Lane got that oil money. And from what I’ve seen of how she behaves during the last couples of months, I believe this little mouthy girl from Arkansas is looking for fame and fortune.

reality what?

You must be his sister or blind….Lane is way hotter!


even CBS edited a picture of Lane and Nick side by side to show how much alike they look. LMAO


I can’t believe thissss! Ughh so predictable and boring..these HGs never wanna spice up the game and do something unespected! Ugh now ragan will be goin home this week then britney..I don’t want hayden or britney to win.they think their better than everyone else and I wonder how cbs is goin to fill up the next couple of shows since everything the hgs are doing is BORING


I didnt say they were the same person idiot i said look alike but then again dumb like u guess u wouldnt notice it


If i were Enzo i would vote for Hayden to be evicted and that would make Lane n hayden think twice about britney wondering if she gave rragan the vote and that would make good drama for the house atleast some excitement..

rachel's Nipple

Ragan has yet to campaign to save himself. Not even an attempt. This guy deserves to go home. I would call him a floater for these last couple weeks but I don’t really know what that means in this game. It looks like everyone has a different opinion on what a floater is and how Big Brother should be played. To me building alliances, scheming and manipulating are the biggest part of BB.


The last time Ragan tried to get in an alliance, he got shut down, if you recall.
And the person who shut him down was Brendon.
“Hell to the NO.”, said the man whose girl friend’s famous claim is- You ain’t going to stand between me and my man.
There is no one left for Ragan to trust. Still, he should go talk to Enzo and little big mouth, and try to oust Mr.Wig.

Kathie from Canada

That would work for me!

Go Hayden!

Ragan really does seem to have holed up this week secluding himself rather than campaigning to stay. You HAVE to keep fighting TIL the end.


I have hated these people from the very first day of the show


Wow brit, i’m about to poke you in your other pouty lips with the way you’re sitting in that last pic. Niiiice. Thanks simon.


brittney is not the great player, come on, she’s immature and tries to make herself look better by talking about everyone else, am i the only person who remembers her conversations with monet? she’s low class, bleached blond, funny looking girl with no room to talk about people


Production should make up some new rules about people who have an IQ of less than 100 will be disqualified comes Sept 1st.
That leaves us with one player: Ragan.
Case closed!

rachel's Nipple

Ragan is so smart yet he is about to go home. He didnt even attempt a campaign. He has played a crap game. Plus he gave up. Threw in the towel. Forfeited. Get him outa here.


why should regan try its 4 against one he know he will not get any votes and he has fought hard to win since matt left , he should be in final 2


This ending is really bad…and SOOO predictable…it’s almost like a bad wrestling match.

Kathie from Canada

I was thinking more like a bad Woody Allen movie.


Rachels nipple..I agree with u..Hayhair lame and elmo have played the game but in a different way which makes them not floaters..they just used other ppl who fought to stay and stepped all over them.that’s why they are considered argueably “floaters”


Ragan needs to out the brigade to Brit and get Brit to turn on Lane. Enzo needs to vote with Ragan, Brit and get Hayden out now…..Lane would have to scramble…..


How would Ragan campaign for himself? It’s not like he’s Matt who once had an inside track with the Brigade. It’s too late for Ragan unless there were a special power or something like that in the house so he could possibly come off the block. Even if he convinced Britney that’s only one vote and she’s not going against the boys/rest of the house.


Ragan needs to out the brigade to Brit and have her vote out hayden and hopefully tell Enzo that Hayden and Lane arent taking him to the final 3…vote out Hayden!

is it over yet

I just want to thank simon N dawg for running such a great site but this is the worst bb ever N it has been controlled by production. Enzo is an idiot N should have been given the boot after cheating when he was a have not N he did it twice… WTF yo!!!So im sad to say that im done with bb unless something amazing happiness but this sucks ass!!


Thanks 🙂

Kathie from Canada

I think BB should hire Simon next season. No doubt that he would have a pantload of twists and turns to throw at the HGs and bring the game back to life!


LOL.. I might go overboard with the crazyness I think the houseguests would all quit.

Kathie from Canada

Isn’t there a song – something about only the strong survive??


Lane isn’t stupid. I wouldn’t put up Britney either if I were him. If she wins HOH she’s would put up Hayden and Enzo. Why put her up and burn a bridge with your side alliance. He already knows she will be put up on the block if she doesn’t win HOH this upcoming week, and that she has to win the POV if she does get put up.


britney neeeeds to either win HOH or POV
i do not want the ‘brigade’ to make it to final 3

The Baby Ate the Dingo !

What you want is irrelevant.

snooze fest

I would rather see the Brigade go then Brittany, I’m so tired of hearing her talk about Rachel all day. Get over it already, and get a life.

Go Hayden!

Yup Lane is the one sitting prettiest these days with TWO alliances in the house with final 5. It’s Enzo and Hayden who are tolerating it. That’s THEIR mistake. I do believe Lane still plans to go final two with Hayden tho. Time will tell!


Britney has the body of a twelve year old with breast implants ..she needs to stop talking about everybody becuase they could easily knock her over with one finger

Vicar Geraldine

hitaylorrsup, you’re an idiot! They all have talked bad about each other not just Britney.


whoever takes lane to the final 2 will win. he has his OWN GYM. dude prob makes 500k a year just living off his mommy and daddy.


Vicar geraldine..ur an idiot as well.britney is the one with the biggest mouth talked shit since the beginning and conitiunes to talk shit about the same ppl who have been out of the house for a month now!


There must be a reason why Britney is still badmouthing Rachel even though she has been gone. We are not privy to everything that they say and do to each other. Even the
people with the 24 hr coverage don’t know. Rachel must have really done something
nasty for a grudge to be carried for so long. We all know Rachel could dish it out
but she couldn’t take it, whenever someone stood up to her she went running to
Brendon to go and bully the people she usually started the fights with.


If you had the live feeds, then I’m pretty sure you saw everything there was to see. You had to work to AVOID watching them on the feeds! Britney and the rest are just incredibly bored and Rachel/Brendon is an easy topic. It would be ironic if Rachel or Brendon won the 25K, and all because the remaining HG’s wouldn’t stop talking about them! The HG’s – through their trash talk – are keeping the gruesome twosome alive in the house, in the minds of the viewers and, as a result, they are still in the game! As they say, no publicity is bad publicity (or so too many people believe).


Since when has BITCHney cared how she looks? I don’t see her get really “fixed up” unless it’s going to be on TV. She’s full of herself.
They should have backdoored her this week. They might regret it.
And, I’ll say for the 100th time, I don’t think any of them deserve the win.


Is Enzo ever going to recieve his penalty for breaking soooo many rules? Why have rules at all. Are they going to , on live tv, stip the pov away from him. Now that would be great tv. A season savor.


He already used the PoV (in real time, not CBS TV time) to save himself and Hayden is now up on the block against Ragan.

Lame Sucks

Lame is a moron and has now turned his back on two brigade members. Hopefully Brat will leave next week, and LAME will be booted out the next. That is what he deserves.


How come people keep saying there are life long friends in the house? There is not !!! It was a lie…… Unless I am wrong??? But I think it was a like from the saboteur. Can somebody clarify? Thanks