Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Lane that the girls will come up whispering telling him they want him to get inside their panties..

12pm – 12:25am Hayden goes back to the jumanji room to lie down in the bed next to Enzo. Britney is in the kitchen by herself playing with her bead picture maker. Lane is in the bathroom. Lane heads into the bedroom Lane, Hayden and Enzo talk about exchanging the cards, dominos, and all there other things for just one board game. Enzo says that he’ll even throw in his tinfoil spaceship. Hayden says OHHHhh.. that’s a deal of a life time. Lane puts on his black durag and his blue baseball cap. Hayden tells him that wearing his hat like that builds his street cred. Hayden says that the only way to get more street cred he would have to kill someone. Lane goes into the kitchen and asks Britney if she was at a bar would she approach him like that? Britney says oh yeah all the girls will want you. Britney says that the girls will come up and whisper to him telling him they want him to get inside their panties. Lane asks you think so? Britney says oh yeah cuz you’re famous now! Lane heads up to the HOH room to listen to the Eminem CD. Britney tells him to listen to the Almost Famous track. Britney is alone again in the kitchen she comments that her Big Brother 12 Memory Wall picture looks like a cheap Mexican blanket. In the jumanji room Hayden and Enzo go back to sleep.

12:50pm – 1pmBritney is playing solitaire at the kitchen table and talking to the live feeds. She says that she doesn’t remember the rules ..its so much easier on the computer. She asks can you put down anything other than a King in a blank space… I don’t think so. Meanwhile, Lane is up in the Head of Household room listening to the Eminem CD and Enzo and Hayden are sleeping..

1:10pm – 1:35pm Britney gets called to the diary room. All four live feed cameras are on Hayden and Enzo sleeping.. At 1:30 Big Brother switches the feeds to the “We will be right back” screen. They flash back and Britney is in the kitchen she says please will you be nice to him. Lane says what?! Britney makes coffee and heads up to the HOH room to listen to the Eminem CD. Britney says that this is probably the funnest thing I’ve done since I got here …listen to a cd and play cards …its like multi-tasking.

2pm All four live feed cameras are on Britney playing solitaire and listening to music.. Hayden is called to the diary room … and then CBS Big Brother cuts the feeds …

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81 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney tells Lane that the girls will come up whispering telling him they want him to get inside their panties..

  1. What a bunch of stupid, boring, and lazy people. With cards, you can play many many games . . . much much better than ONE board game.

  2. The houseguests are getting so boring SLEEPING all the time. Send Matt back in the house or something, because I can’t take this. BOREDOM.

    1. This is the exciting life right here. Move over Bruce Willis. You ain’t got nothing on these people. What can you do Bruce Willis? Huh? Huh?
      I have news for you Bruce Willis. These people can play cards.

    2. i don’t even think that matt could take away the boredom..there’s only one person that can get everyone else riled up and that’s rachel. but, rachel, likes hayden, enzo and lane.

  3. Common guys, as a “sure winners” of $25K, $50K, $500K – PLAY CARDS FOR MONEY” !!!!!!!!!!!!! that U think you already got . at least it will be emotional and show us “FLASH FORWARD MOMENT” :) to the good times (post-big brother) when you are tearing each other apart and no steamboat plans for the brigade anymore.

    Brit to LANE – “girls will come up to him whispering telling him they want to get inside their panties…” Really ???? really ?????

    1. Yeah, and the girls can join in on Lane’s fun 8 seconds game. The way he’s talked about his other hook-ups, he’s just the kind of immature, frat boy living off his parents with deluded dreams of being a big star that you want to have sex with.

  4. Anyone else think britney is being totally disrespectful to Nick by flirting with Lane? and allowing him to hit on her ad nauseum?

    1. Yes. If she was flirting to get farther in the game, maybe it would be ok, but she finally has admitted and knows NOW that Lane’s not helping her get any further.

    2. I don’t think there is a Nick, just part of Brit’s “game”. He wasn’t on TV w/her parents. Now think, Big Brother hauls in Matt’s wife, Brendon’s ex-girlfriend (and mother) but there is no Nick? I don’t think there is a Nick – at least not as a “fiance”

      1. on jokers site i just read an interview with nick dated aug 30, and he does exist. he says that brit makes fun of people all of the time and that brit’s dislike of rachel started way before they entered the house. he said that when brit and rachel had the interview to be on BB, brit came home and talked about rachel then. he was asked about brit’s mom and he said that brit’s mom does not like any of her boyfriends as she is protective of brit and that he hopes that brit’s mom will respect him as brit’s husband

    3. this will sound weird but maybe nick and brit have agreement that is ok to flirt but no sex!! And if Enzo is like on camera imagine what he is like in the real world and just what kind of wifey does he have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They may all have agreements with their significant others as far as how they will go. But Enzo is still a @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    1. And so what? Why would I buy one of his t-shirts? Ok, if I was naked, it was below 32 degrees outside and the only options were a Andrew t-shirt and a Enzo t-shirt — then I would buy the Andrew t-shirt. BTW, don’t be fooled by the “a portion of the proceeds” is going to charity — it doesn’t even say what portion — it could be a measly penny.

      1. Mimi, if you are not interested in Andrew’s shirt, then that is fine. I was just letting people know that he was selling his shirt on ebay just like we were informed on this board that Kristen was selling her hippi -tard. You don’t have to get smart and nasty with me because I do not attack people personally on this site.

        1. Chessie K, it was:

          1) Already posted yesterday on this site;

          2) Not a personal attack on you;

          3) If the comments here aren’t for snide comments about the BB players, what are they for? A fan page, LOL???

            1. oh no, she was making fun of you! I heard her say something about your mama and now she wants you on the block to get backdoored !!! wtf is all the drama over an internet post. grow up or take some meds.

              1. She also said your mother dresses you funny and something about a big toe. Oh yeah your hair is bad and your boobs are fake….I think?

  5. I read on another site that Lane’s dogs, Tucker and Vivian had gone missing. They were able to find Tucker, but Vivian is still missing!!! I hope that they find Vivian as Lane would be crushed if something happened.

    1. Yeah you must like it when he plays that game with his buddies of when your in the middle of the act ie doggie style when they all come in and he holds you down until he finishes while they watch… sounds a little like r*** to me?!?!? The fact that I heard him say this twice on live feed makes me think how much respect he has for woman. NOT!!! I guess when you come from all that money he feels that he can do and get away with alot… I would hope you have more respect for yourself then he has for you!!!!

      1. i wasnt talking about anything he has says….im not a psycho big brother fan that watches the HGs every second of every day so i didnt know he said anything like that… just saying that i think hes hawt! those muscles…….damn!

        1. Well a-girl you wrote “I wouldn’t mind if Lane got into my panties’ not that I think Lane’s hot and so muscular that I wouldn’t mind if Lane got into my panties. And I know it was a joke but what Mimi and I are trying to tell you and others girls out there that Lane and guy’s like Lane have no respect for girls if they brag about this “8 second game” of theirs. I would hope that you are attracted to a man by the way they treat you and not just their looks.

          1. i do look for guys that treat me well, ive never had a boyfriend that didnt…..well i had one that treated other girls very nicely while he was treating me nicely, but now i think of him as an asshole…….anyway i just said that because i think hes gorgeous and muscular….i didnt know about his douche baggish ways

            1. That’s good a-girl keep looking for a guy that treats you good and respects you. There are too many desperate girls/woman that put up with guys that treat them less than they should be treated. And guys can fool you, once they get what they want they could care less of your feelings. If I didn’t see or catch Lane bragging about those times I would have thought he’s an ok guy. Truly I was amassed. Talk care a-girl!

      2. sounds like this may have happened to you, TAP….she can think a dude is hot without you getting all nutso on her. Obviously they wouldn’t air that Lane likes public unconsentual sex with women on CBS so give her a break.

        1. Apple no this hasn’t happened to me, I don’t put myself in that kind of situation, or associate with men that has such low respect of woman. This isn’t a personal attack on anyone this is what was said. Read it on Joker or on this site but it is a game to him and he said it more than once. The second time he was telling Enzo and it freaked him out that Enzo’s response was “Yo man that sounds like r*** to me.

  6. I said this last night, but it bears repeating. If a poor 24 year old or even a middle-class minority 24 year old had, with his brother, broken into the apartment and beaten up another college student (so badly the other guy had face fractures!), wouldn’t HE BE IN JAIL? It seems very strange that this alleged crime doesn’t appear to have been prosecuted and I wonder if family wealth and influence had anything to do with the lack of prosecution and heck, even the lack of reporting on it. You can’t even find it on the Austin KXAN site where it was originally found.

    1. It absolutely had to have something to do with them having money. Lane has been very mild tempered on the show but I can’t believe they would even let him on knowing what he did. And your right if that was a mid to lower class person or a minority, not only would they have been in prison but they definately would not be on big brother.

      1. Hey tap it’s true. Lane and gunter elenburg busted down some guys door and they beat him severely. You can google it and see for yourself

    2. that’s horribe. i just googled lane’s name and found the article. the police say that they were just going to report it as a”drunken” fight”. I guess his family’s wealth and influence did play a major part in their deicision. If he were a minority, he would definitely be prosecuted and thrown under the jail. the victim should have at least tried to sue them in civil court. I’m sure that he would have won.

      1. And weird that “drunken fight” would be an excuse not to prosecute. They allegedly left the scene driving a black suv — at a minimum shouldn’t they have been arrested for drunk driving? And being drunk doesn’t absolve of responsibility — I’d imagine a good portion of all batteries occur when someone is under the influence.

        1. i just don’t understand why the victim did not go further with the case and try to bring charges against them.. You think maybe his family paid the victim off not to prosecute?. Is the victim a minority? It didn’t say in the article that i read. just curious. My whole perception of Lane has just changed. I like him a little at first because he went to Texas Tech and I am from Texas. When I see him now, i kind of look at him with disdain.

    3. If he was a minority I’m sure he would have been charged, but its all about money, I’m sure his family paid the guy off so he would not press charges

  7. ARE LANE AND BRITNEY GOING TO HOOK UP? HE SEEMS TO LIKE HER. And bb should have some more competitions, either for fun or for money, just smaller amounts like hundreds or below.

      1. You know a-apple it’s obvious you’re very young and immature with all your responses. I guess this form is good for you! As it seems you have a bully mentality.
        Or have been bullied and this is your way to vent…

  8. On the live feeds,Lane is trying to teach Enzo how to fly a plane. It is hilarious. Lane told Enzo that when you get ready to land the plane, you have to call it in and Enzo said what do I say? ” Cessna Cessna, 125, I am about to land this bitch”!! LMFAO

  9. Seriously? Why r people so worried about his legal troubles? Its so interesting to see people sit back and judge without knowing all of the facts…that’s exactly who I would want sitting on a jury!!! Quit being so judgmental and jealous of other people having money, it’s pathetic. Would it make you feel better if we singled them out and made them pay more taxes??? Please leave race out of it, give it up already. Do you live in a glass house?

    1. Nikkie, throw all the stones at my house that you want — I’ve never been involved (or even alleged to be involved) in the beating up of a person that resulted in the student being in the hospital for 11 stitches and face fractures. Heck, I’ve never broken into another person’s house. I’m very interested in hearing all the facts — I’d love to judge with more information AND I’m very curious why there aren’t more details post-incident available on the web. And if you truly think our justice system doesn’t sometimes have very different results for those with money or sometimes for those who are minorities, then turn off faux news because I have a bridge in NY to sell you.

    2. Nikkie Its not about his legal troubles. It’s about someone who was put on a show that has a violent background. Remember that year the guy put a knife to the girls neck and then after there was a huge uproar on how the guy had a criminal record. How did they know this guy wouldn’t lose his temper and fight someone. All he does is talk about fighting in bars. This is a site where people talk about BB and the HGs of BB. They are doing nothing in the house right now that is interesting so people are bringing up things about them. I don’t know Mimi but she has every right to talk about whatever she wants to about the HGs. They all sit there and say they want to be famous. So anything they did or do good or bad is going to be out there now.

      1. oh yeah, lane seems like a real wild tiger on BB….NOT grow a pair and stop shaking in your boots mike. Maybe you and ragan can share a tissue to blow your nose.

      1. Yes it was, and it is clear we share different views on things like this. Not interested in any bridges for sale in NY either, lol thanks though…I felt like I could state my thoughts on the subject just as others have, my bad. I do not think our justice system is the greatest but I do believe in people making poor decisions and not having to live them down for the rest of their lives. Those are just my personal thoughts on the subject and if his money played a factor in the charges being dropped or reduced then sounds like he got excellent counsel for the money. Guess we can chalk that up to a defense attorney doing his job…this topic is boring me now. I certainly didn’t post to make any enemies that’s for sure.

  10. No matter who would be there after the final 4, it was going to be boring either way. With that said…I’m happy the way this is going. :D

    No Matt, No Ragan, No Kathy and No Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. who do you think should get the $25,000? also,can anyone get it or just the people in the jury house? if anyone can,i pick kristen……if only jury house then i pick ragen or britt.(for playing a decent game n for being entertaining).i sure as hellllll would not pick enzo (yuck) lane or hayden n matt was too wierd n was such a lier. the diary room must be filling their heads with visions of fame because they (esp enzo) keep bragging that they/re famous n gonna make a lot of money because of they way they played the game.aren’t they smart enough to know out of the hundreds who’ve played the game maybe 2 (jeff n jordon amazing race)
    have gone on to do anything other then bb related…really…….such a-holes they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *thanks to the person/people who ran this site……it must have been especially difficult this year as the hg’s we mostly boring but you managed to keep it entertaining.

  12. I sure would like an upset, when Enzo say I evict you Lane not Briney. That would be a great show. Because even if hayden wins and takes Britney she is not gonna win, Hayden would. If Britney win and takes Enzo, Enzo wins. That would make my day, as this season has been terrible. All they did was use their foul mouth and play pool. Britney and Hayden were just as bad, Hayden is also no angel. Dont like him at allperiod……..
    Andrew and Brendon were more respectful than that. Wish Brendon would have used his head instead of his pants( just to be half way polite),
    Did vote for Brendon on the 25k. So did all my family and friends. ( that will teach then) and Brendon will not give Rachel the $.(LMAO)

  13. I think that the smartest thing would be for Hayden to take down Britney, Enzo go up, and then out!. That would leave Brit, Hayden, and Lane. Seems to me that this would be the best scenario for Hayden.
    Now that would be entertaining for me.

    1. Because Hayden will have the hardest time beating Enzo in the final 2 so the best thing is to take out the one person you may not be able to beat. Hayden will beat lane and Brit in the first comp so all he would have to do is win one more and he wins. If Enzo sneaks out a victory with the last hoh he could win because he will not take Hayden

      1. Why does everyone think Enzo is unbeatable? He only made an effort in the social part of the game. He let everyone else do the dirty work and floated through the game. A lot of people have zero respect for floating and that includes several jury members. Do they let jury members see any of the DR comments?

  14. A funny moment was when Enzo and Hayden told each other that Lane is gonna win 50k no matter what…. they didnt realized it but they admitted that they both would pick Lane to go to the finale if they win HoH instead of them.

  15. Britney isn’t still flirting with Lane she is being sarcastic with him and mocking
    him. How he is famous the girls will be all over him and what song to
    listen to on the cd.. Almost Famous. She is mocking them all really about
    their conversations on how many deals they will have etc.

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