BB12 – The ‘Boys’ Advantage, Brendon: ” when we were playing video games working on hand eye coordination Ragan was dancing, playing with Barbie dolls and listening to TLC”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:14pm Cabana room Brendon and HAyden HAyden saying that they cannot let Ragan win HOH. HAyden: “if we win then we can get one of the three out then it’s us three against 2” Hayden says that they need to get Brit and Ragan out then Lane. Brendon is worried about Brit winning HOH and putting him up again. Brendon is going to put Brit and Ragan up and tell her that shes not the target. Hayden says if POV is used Lane could go up. Brendon: “Is she ok with Ragan going”. Hayden: “I think she is I dunno though I can say for sure… I see her pulling Lane off more than pulling Ragan off”. Enzo joins them, They all bring up how awesome he’s doing in the practice comp. Enzo thinks the comp will be the POV. Brendon heads into the kitchen.
Enzo: “you hear what Brendon has been saying.. i hope the vote is 2/2 so we can out that piece of BLANK out”Lane joins them they ask hayden who Brendon is putting up Hayden says Brit and Ragan.

9:24 Lane and Enzo Lane telling him he’s safe this week so don’t worry. Enzo doesn’t trust anyone beside Hayden and LAne he wants Brit and Brendon gone. Enzo: “I think he gets upset when I don’t hang out with him and it drives him crazy”. Brendon joins them tells them that theres no way Ragan is going to be winning this competition. Lane brings up his conversation with Ragan a hour ago when Ragan told him he was really worried because he felt he didn’t have the skill set to win. Enzo: “the power will shift the power will shift rachel was right the power will shift”. Brendon says that Ragan has only won a puzzle that doesn’t mean he’ll win every single competition in here. Enzo: “Yeah yeah good for you ragan you won a puzzle”. Lane leaves to shower hayden comes in asks them what are they doing . Enzo: “if i win hoh brit and ragan going up ” Brendon says he’ll put up brit and ragan or ragan and lane. Brendon thinks that maybe they should keep Brit off the block to gain her trust for next week. Hayden agrees says that they have the votes so he can put up anyone. Brendon says he’s going to be practicing all night. They start talking about comps and how double elimination works. Enzo asks Brendon if he’s talked to Ragan lately, Brendon says no ragan knows better then to ask BRendon for a vote. BRendon says that his number one target is Ragan and Ragan’s number one target is him. Brendon gets up to grab something to drink, Hayden asks Enzo if brendon is BLANK them Enzo says yeah of course he’s playing both side i’m putting him up with Ragan next week BLANK it. Brendon comes back and says this about Ragan “We have one advantage when we were playing video games and working on hand eye coordination he was dancing and playing with Barbie dolls and listening to TLC” Hayden agrees

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:50pm Backyard Ragan and MAtt practicing Ragan is really worried he’s BLANK in the comp. Matt trying to give him encouragement telling him that Lane isn’t doing as good as he thinks and Ragan is getting better. Matt is convinced that they will make this comp a crapshoot so he shouldn’t get too stressed out. Matt heads inside ragan left alone practicing.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:29pm A juggling Astronaut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:36pm Backyard BRendon and Hayden practicing in the kitchen Lane, Enzo, Matt and Brit talking about college football.

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107 thoughts on “BB12 – The ‘Boys’ Advantage, Brendon: ” when we were playing video games working on hand eye coordination Ragan was dancing, playing with Barbie dolls and listening to TLC”

  1. Ok, place your bets. Will Matt out the brigade tonight on BBAD? I’m regrettably going to vote no. I wish he would though. Doing it tomorrow would probably be too late.

    1. I haven’t tuned in today until now and Im quite surprised that he hasn’t done it already!
      My guess now is that he will do it when he does his speech to be saved for the last minute shock factor! He loves him a good long powerful speech!

      1. There’s a 40 second time limit on BB speeches and no time for other HG to confer with each other. I don’t think he’ll out the BG because he doesn’t know they stabbed him in the back. Brit told him it was her choice, she never mentioned that Enzo and Lane were pushing for Matt to be put up.

    2. As sneaky and coniving as he is he might, but I doubt it, because the only people left in the house that this news would effect is Brittany. Ragan already suspects them, and so does Brendan. If he does mention it it will be because he thinks it will help ragan, but him doing that will take the target off brendan.

      1. No, because there is a very remote chance Ragan might end up in final 2 and such information might affect his vote.

    3. If he did it tomorrow in his speech he wouldn’t have a chance
      really to sway anybody. He wouldn’t be able to prove it so it would
      be useless. If he’s gonna do it, he needs to do it NOW!

  2. enzo is so not one to talk. ragan only won a puzzle? enzo ain’t won nothing. and ragan had a 50/50 shot at matt’s 2 hoh’s. who knows which one would have truly outlasted the other on those 2 endurance comps. the bg is so not giving ragan enough credit. that could be good for ragan, maybe.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Brandens key is missing from the picture wall… I thought i heard Ragan mention something about an HOH key when they were having the barby.????? Missing key has me wondering ????

    1. could it be because brit has it because she’s hoh and she had it from when she nominated him and it wasn’t in the box to pull keys. Don’t know just wondering.

    2. Last week (while I was still watching live feeds), Ragan’s key was missing even after he won POV. It didn’t mean anything.

  4. Showtime After Dark
    Ok I’m already paying for premium cable so why the hell do I have to keep on being subjected to Showtime’s commercials for their stupid shows? Enough already!

    1. It’s only a 2 minute break every 15 minutes for a total of 8 minutes an hour.
      As BBGrandma says, it’s a good time for a bathroom break and to fix a drink.
      Besides, Dexter, Weeds and the new Big C are good programs.
      Lighten up.

  5. So BB has a comp that Ragan will be the worst at …. BB appears to really want a boring final 5 of lazy liars + stupid Brit + boring Brendon …. what comp will BB stick in there so that Brit remains in the final 4 — I refuse to believe they want an all penis, all thrown challenge, remnants of brigade + Brendon final 4.

    1. how would you know what the comp is they are practicing for? you must be watching live feeds still or BBAD plus your comment about CBS commercial……..for someone who professes to be done with BB, you sure are full of info and comments on here…….IMO, think you are full of it

  6. if matt goes home instead of deadbeat enzo this game is screwed and not worth watching who the hell wants to watch 3 deadbeats like enzo hayden and lane boring also talk about throwing somebody under the bus how about hayden going along with all there shitty remarks about kristen what a dog

    1. I think so to and thats way Matt is not outing the Brigades it will show them that is loyal plus the shock value will make it for good ratings

    1. I’m thinking he’ll out the brigade at the last minute in order to save himself. Timing is everything. If he does it too soon they’ll have enough time to counterattack. Probably won’t matter thought. Britney has head so far up Lane’s ass she can’t see what’s right in front of her.

    2. I think Matt isn’t trying to stay for the same reason he didn’t try when he had the DPOV. I think production has told him something about Enzo getting a penalty vote or two for eating. He knows he’s safe just like he knew last week, so why piss anybody off by campaigning too hard?

    3. Notice that Lane only left Britney once Enzo came to take his place. It’s not a mistake, Matt’s time with her has been limited all week.

  7. Simon, I’d like to see a comparison of before / after photos of the boys :). Looking at the pics from recent postings, Brendon, Ragan, and Matt all look a lot more muscly than I think they were at the beginning of the seaons. :)

    1. Yeah, ok, Brendon has worked really hard in competitions. But that’s only part of the game. Playing the social game is even more important. How do you think Enzo Hayden and Lane are this far? For one, it’s because of the alliance, which is part of the social game. Two, nearly all of the other houseguests have simply liked them! They’re good at getting along with people (Hey there Jordan from BB11!). No one besides Rachel (and Andrew I guess) has liked Brendon, making him BAD AT THE SOCIAL ASPECT OF THE GAME. He isolated himself with someone like Rachel, who is hated by all the HGs. So saying he deserves to win because he’s won the most comps is ignoring the fact that he has sucked at every other part of the game!

      1. Brendon has fought to be there since week 1. He doesn’t talk trash like Brit. That girl has a very dirty mouth. He keeped his work to Brit which I would not have done that. I think he gets along with everyone for the most part. If I was Brendon I wouldnt talk to anyone there cause they havent treat him very right.

    2. Probably because he has made it this far with the whole house against him and he’s also kind of nice and does not go back on his word unlike other people, basically because hes not a asswhole

      1. I understand this but what kind of person could actually like Rachel? She is despicable and the way he fell for her was completely insane. I wouldn’t want to hang out with either of them in real life, especially her. I could probably handle Brendon in very small doses.

  8. First I have never seen a show where someone was voted out on penalty votes…I would think if that was going to happen they would have started to set it up on tonights show by showing Enzo eating. They did not. I hope Brit makes it thru and she and Enzo can make it to the end. I do like Brendan more now but he has too many people against him. I am going for sympathy… I like Brit and Enzo for final two. I’d be happy if either got the dough!

    1. I agree that CBS would be setting it up. The CBS commercial yesterday set up that the brigade and Brit were coming after Matt. The CBS commercial today for tomorrow would surely be setting up that there will be a major “scandal” tomorrow But the CBS commercial only highlights that Hayden thinks Matt is trash and that trash will be taken out tomorrow…. No, it doesn’t appear that BB is going to start playing fair now….

    2. The season is SO bad,that they have to have a REALLY big shoe {thank you Ed Sullivan) on Thursday. They are indeed contemplating outing The Amazing Enzo for sneak-eating, and the lack of wearing the Penguin suit as required. People are watching nonetheless,so who knows…What they SHOULD do and what they WILL do is completely in the hands of,oh,about 3 peoples’ hands right now…we’ll see

      1. I believe that is what BB is planning on doing. The only difference between Enzo and Jen is the fact that Jen blatantly ate the burger knowing she would get a penalty vote. She was asking for it. Enzo has tried to hide it by sticking his head deep into the fridge and sneaking candy. So they may overlook it but they shouldn’t. I still think Matt knows something and that is why he isn’t trying too hard to stay.

        1. I think the producers will ignore it because they want to keep Enzo around, he has good sound bites and the Jersey Shore type is v.popular right now.

    3. Although Jenn’s vote would of been unanimous, I believe she got a penalty vote for eating a turkey burger when she was on slop and wearing the leotard.

    4. Jen from BB8 got a penalty vote for eating while she was on slop. It didn’t end up doing much, as the whole house voted her out. They didn’t show this until the eviction night episode. And she only did it once. Enzo has been breaking the rules constantly.

      I think even one penalty vote could shake things up. I’m still not sure about Brendon’s vote. If he and Ragan vote to keep Matt and there’s a penalty vote against Enzo, then Enzo is dunzo 3-2.

      That’s what SHOULD happen, in my opinion. I find him repulsive. Hey Enzo…you’re lazy, no one cares that you’re uncircumcised, and you’re basically another Kathy. At least she did SOMETHING. Someone had to clean that nasty excuse for a house. I’d be scared to walk around barefoot in there as dirty as it has to be.

      1. I would love it, but I don’t think BB would do that. The last few seasons they are really lax about rule breaking if it doesn’t involve destroying equipment. Last year, I recall that the only reason BB punished Jeff for taking a sip of Gatorade was because someone ratted him out. Maybe I am wrong about that. Honestly, tonight on the episode was the first and only time I have seen Enzo wearing the full penguin suit. Kristen knew she was leaving, but she still wore the whole unitard with wig all week and exited that way. If they let Enzo get away with this, it is just saying that nobody needs to wear the costumes because there are no consequences.

    5. Why would CBS start enforcing the rules now?
      Don’t forget about the message Rachel left with the pretzels during her 24 hour visit. When the HG’s complained about it, Production said that they “missed it” and would review the tapes to see if it really happened. Then they used the video as a major portion of their broadcast and no penalty was ever assessed. It seemed that they condoned the cheating by Rachel.
      Now they are allowing Enzo to cheat plus shortening the “punishments” (16 hours of “Chum Baths” instead of the stated 24 hours). WTF?
      Shame on you CBS for perpetrating a fraud and encouraging cheating!

        1. Nope. Just another production “mystery play”. Just like Rachel only stayed 20 of the supposed 24 hours for the Pandora’s Box punishment for the house. Production is just making up “new rules” as it goes.

  9. Ok how did lane get on BB12. I just read online that this kid and his brother forced there way into some kids house and beat him severly. I just don’t get it. Even though he hasn’t done anything like that on the show YET. How could they pick this guy out of all of the people who tried out.

  10. They’d show him doin it tomorrow if they are. He’s been eating food. And breaking the other rule with not takin off that stupid thing he is wearing

  11. Scott, but the commercial (I don’t watch the show) says nothing about a scandal on tomorrow show. On Project Runway, whenever they have a rule-breaking contestant, they hype it up — BB would do the same for the ratings.

  12. Mike, where did you see the story about Lane and his brother beating someone up? That’s something that could curtail Lane’s dreams of post-BB fame.

    1. Hey Mimi go to It’s on that website. It has a picture of lane Elenburg his brother gunter and his sister. But his sisters face is blured out

    2. I heard the guys talking about how Lane’s parents bailed his brother out of jail with 100k. One of the arguments that Lane doesn’t need the money. And that Lane’s parents bought him his first gym.

  13. Rockstar, everybody saying Enzo cheated by eating and should get a penalty reminds me of last year when everyone was howlering about Natalie hanging onto the rope. Remember?

  14. If you have a hard time finding it try to google lane and gunter elenburg arrested. I googles it because I remembered lane told Brit he was in jail so I wanted to see for what. You would think that someone who has done something as violent as that would never be aloud to be on a show like this.

  15. If enzo is repeatedly breaking the rules he should go. why does bb have rules if they arent going to enforce them. and maybe they arent saying anything for the surprise effect. I can only hope. I am so tired of him. I’d rather see matty and brendon fight it out, even though I can’t stand brendon.

  16. you would think people have to fill out questions to get on the show, and hiding somthing that big could be a problem for bb. there have been other reality shows where people have been sent home for lying on the forms.

  17. Moaner, that has always been one of the rules. You have been missing drinks! None of this “not watching anymore” stuff. You have to stick it out with the rest of us.

    1. Weird…occording to the timestamp on one of those wedding pictures, today is their 3 year wedding anniversary…….or has that already been stated….sorry if it was I missed it!

        1. I can say I think Enzo is attractive. Not all women give a shit about hair (Hayden is fricken ugly) so I could see a cute girl liking him. He is really funny and alot of women like that. Shit, I’d go on a date with him.

          1. On your date with Enzo, be sure to go out to dinner in a nice restaurant….and watch the other diners watch Enzo smack his food. Poor things, they don’t have a mute button.

  18. I did some reshearch and bb has imposed penelty votes for cheating on the food, and they could as well for not wearing the penguin suit all the time. come on bb, play fair.

  19. I think at this point in the game Im kinda rooty toot tooting for Regan to win HOH……..I know everyone has said in the past that he is a whiner, but i dont have the feeds so all I have seen (BBAD) is a lot of crying which is ok………he’s an emotional guy…whatev’……but I think even with all that emotion, he at least stood up for himself when it came to Rachels attacks where everyone else just talked smack behind her back and then kissed her ass…..and…he has done fairly well in competitions for the most part…….My gut (big as it may be) tells me that this is going to be his competiton to win! Unfortunately if it is a double eviction, he still may be in trouble after the fact!

    1. right now it’s a toss up between Ragan and Brendon. Ragan needs to win HOH or he is a goner… I don’t think he has been half as emotional since he has been able to eat. It’s a new Ragan now. He’s in the game and he is out for blood.

  20. Why would they tell Matt that Enzo was going to be penalized and not tell Enzo? Enzo hasn’t said anything about it, has he? I remember Jenn being called right into the DR. If Matt knows something and Enzo doesn’t, that is not fair either. I am not for either of them so that is not a one sided comment.

    1. I think they would tell Enzo and being the idiot open book that he is, we would be noticing something is wrong. If they did say something, I would think he would be wearing the whole suit. I don’t see why they make people wear these retarded costumes if there are no consequences for not wearing them. Brendon didn’t wimp out of the chum bath and he shaved his head. Enzo not wearing the whole suit is a slap in the face to everyone else, especially Brendon. Being the whiny pussyboi that he is, I am surprised Brendon isn’t complaining about it.

  21. Enzo’s pictures look like the rejected cast from Jersey Shore… The Lost Generation. They even have their own little Snookie

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