** Ragan WINS POV ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: POV competiton is happening right now!!

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10:30am Up in the HOH room Britney and Brendon are talking. Brendon is confirming that she will stick to her word about not putting him up next week and that he will do the same. Brendon says that he wants someone here that is fighting just as hard as he is. Brendon says that he fell in love with a girl and that Rachel would want Britney here too … especially since she is a girl and that she is fighting to be here. Brendon asks Britney what type of competition will be. Britney says that she thinks it will be a physical challenge. Britney says that she would rather play for the POV than not …just so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Britney and Enzo says that they hope Enzo has a fire under his ass and will win something. Brendon says that if it’s a split vote then the HOH gets the deciding vote. Brendon says that if him, Britney and Matt can make an agreement to keep each other safe and that they can keep winning shit … they will go far in the game. Brendon says that they don’t even have to make an alliance or anything. Brendon says that he doesn’t want people to be thinking that they are working together and that if they can keep it a secret they will go far. Brendon says that doing that isn’t against the rules it’s the HOH making deals. They talk about the saboteur and who they think it could be. Britney says that she thought Rachel was the saboteur originally because she is the star of the show and has a larger than life personality.


10:43am Big Brother cuts the feeds to the TRIVIA screen…. it looks like the POV competition is happening right now!!
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267 thoughts on “** Ragan WINS POV ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers: POV competiton is happening right now!!

    1. I guess it depends who you’re rooting for. This is a HUGE POV for Ragan, I think he’s in a lot of trouble this week.
      I’ve been rooting for the Brigade and they should be fine again this week. Since they can’t get Brendon, I don’t think they really care who goes as long as it’s not them. Worst case scenario for them is Ragan wins and saves himself and Matt goes up vs Lane. Even then, Matt has the DPOV and would put up Kathy or Brit in his place.

        1. If Matt used it he would most likely put up Kathy since he’s close with Britney. In that case it would be a pretty nothing week. Honestly, the DPOV kind of ruins the week. Brenden could make a huge move and take out the Brigade (which I’d really respect him for) but Matt would never let that happen. Either Ragan or Kathy will most likely go this week so either way, we have a floater out of the running.

          1. matt probably would put kathy up but, it woul be in his an the brig. to get rid of brit

            she is a power player amd could be the one that keeps the 4 brig members from

            making it to the final 4 actually kathy would be the best choice for them to take to final 5

      1. Actually it does for the person who wins it. Ragan is now safe & Matt won’t have to use his power to save him if he wanted to.

    2. it sucks that they don’t show these competitions on the Live Feed. I mean, what if this game lasts like 2 hours or more? what a rip off. they need to show this shit on the Live Feed. thats kaka yo.

    3. I wonder if Matt could put Brendon up with the DPOV even though he is HOH. … hummm … I didn’t hear any restrictions against it when he opened Pandora’s box … That would be fabulous and create a ton of drama in the house … lol …

      1. “I wonder if Matt could put Brendon up with the DPOV even though he is HOH”.
        The HOH is safe for the week. This would be a good topic for another drinking game.

        1. I hope he doesn’t get put up. I hope Brit gets put up, and see who matt chooses to take off the block with his d pov. He is trying to talk brit into getting brendan to put him up against lane, and brit and ragan can’t understand why. I wonder if she will do it, because she thinks it’s a gamble that could send lane home, or will she figure out and think matt is playing her. I hope these two dummies put two and two together and realize matt must have gotten some secret power from pandora’s box.

          1. that would be perfect then itd be matt and lane and matt would use his dpov and put up kathy and shed go home…yessss

    4. After 24 hours of crying Ragan has got his energy back. POV ENERGY. He is back to his Brendan bashing. This guy is so full of it. He is the biggest HYPOCRITE. yesterday he was so ashamed of himself for being so mean to B/R, he regretted the things he said, and with the stroke of a win he is right back to bashing. NOW we know the real Ragan. SUCH A FAKE.

    1. it was funny how she was all worried this morning, she went up to talk to Brendon hoping that she won’t get backdoored if Ragan or Lane get the POV. lol. she was paranoid. Brendon was like “don’t worry you’re safe”.

      1. Yeah but Brenden said he only wants to keep people who are fighting to stay in the game and Kathy definitely does not qualify.

        1. WHAT? Not even close. A haggard abused leather-skinned Rachel Hunter that was ridden hard and put away wet would look better than Kathy in her wildest dreams.

  1. Matt is sitting pretty to win this season if Ragan can pull it off and win POV. Then no matter what Kathy or Brit will get evicted (hopefully Kathy).

    1. Isn’t this the last eviction that the dpov is able to be used? He still has several weeks to go. (as you can tell, I’m not a matt-fan lol).

      1. Did they say, whe he won the DPOV, it was good for two weeks or two evictions? If there is a double eviction would it still be able to be used at the second one?

    2. I hope brendan put brit up on the block. matt is trying to get her and ragan to go to brendan and tell him to put up matt. i hope he doesn’t fall for that. i hope he figures out that it’s a trick.

  2. God, I really hate Britney. She has totally thrown poor Ragan under the bus (the “wrong hands” that shouldn’t win the POV.) She could at least be nice about Ragan when she knows he’s going home BUT instead she has to smack talk about him.

    And what a fool that Brendon is…. Rachel SHOULD NOT like Britney —- Britney has been a super-witch about Rachel since day 1 (remember the Monet-Britney conversations). And I never thought that Rachel cared to have Britney around when she’s gone — Rachel is probably worried that someone will take her man when she’s not around.

    1. sadly, i honestly think Britney does not know any other way to be…her mother must have screwed her up bc to me there is nothing worse than a mean girl (and i mean one at her level who gets pleasure out of other people’s pain) or a bully…this is who she is, a hateful abusive insecure person and anyone who likes her – I would SERIOUSLY question bc people like her bring no good anywhere or to anything (i am not talking about the game here)

      as for Brendon, I think he is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass, trying to be nice to put things on an keel – until he decides what the best strategy for him is – at first i was thinking that this was a bad idea, but people are starting to come around to him, slowly

      1. I think Britney is funny and smart. I don’t care who she throws under the bus since this is a game of deception and she’s trying to win. I don’t think she’s the nicest person but she’s entertaining as hell and I’d rather watch her than any of the other house guests this season. Most of the people in the house make fun of the other people so if you hate her and her only for it than you most likely have a problem with her that has nothing to do with it (her good looks maybe?).

        1. The ONLY thing Britney has going for her is her good looks and killer body. Personality-wise she is someone that you couldn’t stay in a relationship with as she is a totally spoiled brat. VERY HIGH MAINTENANCE! She’d be great for a weekend rendezvous though…LOL.


    2. I must have missed something, what did Britney do to throw Ragan under the bus, I thought last night on BBAD, she was trying to cheer him up. Fill me in, please.

  3. I don’t want Britney to work with Brendon! :(
    however, it is nice that they have made up from their fight. i’m very happy about that.

    HOH is going on right now, so that means you got: Ragan, Lane, Brendon, Kathy, Enzo all competing. I hope Brendon wins it.

    1. they did not make up…britney does not have a conscience, she does not know how to make up, she shakes your hand with one of hers and then stabs you in the back with the other…

      1. Hmmm, do you think it’s possible you’re being a little dramatic? Britney didn’t kill five people and then have a nap, she just made fun of some girls for wearing ugly clothes and acting annoying. Besides, you seem to talk as much trash as her so I don’t see what you have against her?

  4. Just one question: if Brendon wins the POV and takes Ragen off the block, and puts up Brit, can Matt use his DPOV, take Brit off the block and put up Ragen again? So, Brendon thinks he has alliance with Enzo and Hayden, another one with Cathy, and another one with Matt and Britney. But, we all know that Cathy is only with him now because he is HOH. Enzo and Hayden are with him for the same reason and so is Matt and Britney. So, really, who does Brendon have on his side?

  5. it doesnt really matter who wins the veto, in the sense that matt can use his diamond veto. He has just got to chose whether to save brigade or his buddy

      1. He would definitely rival Marcellus from an early season who didn’t use the veto on himself late in the game when he trusted Danielle.

      2. 2nd biggest idiot. Marcellus was the first. He was on the block and won pov and they told him he was safe and he believed it and did not take himself off the block, thus he was evicted.

      3. I thought that was Marcellus. Sorry I forget how to spell his name. He wins PoV and dosn’t use it, and then gets booted. :p

  6. So, if Brendon wins and takes Ragan off the block – he will probably put up Kathy or Britney. Now, Matt can use his DPOV and take off Lane – most likely it will be the two girls now. Either way you look at it, all the Brigade is safe with Matt pretty much holding all the power! In Ragan’s defense – he has done better at competitions than Enzo, Lane and Hayden!

    1. The Brigade should be ashamed except Matt. None of the others have done anything in comps (except Hayden the first night) I like Enzo but, I am getting tired of him not being able to win anything.

  7. The guy who begged to be voted out last week says he only wants to keep strong competitors in the game. How can anyone take anything he says seriously?

  8. Poor Brendon is so desperate to find a friend in the house that he is confiding in almost anyone who will listen. At least when Rachel was there, she could remind him to gather info without giving away anything of consequence or making promises. There is no way he should be “studying” with Enzo and Hayden and correcting them when they miss the answers to possible quiz questions. He just can’t resist showing off how much he knows.

    At least Kathy has a clue that things are not what they seem. It’s not reasonable to expect someone in the house to “guess” or figure out that there has been a four-way alliance since day one. But for Brendon to think that anyone has jumped ship and crossed over to his side is ridiculous. I had hoped that somehow he was playing mind games with The Brigade members. What am I saying? That would be a Matt strategy. Matt is the one person who has successfully played every angle. I don’t even think anyone (except B/R) will even mind when they give him the money and then find out he was lying about his wife’s disease.

  9. If anyone is going home, it’s Enzo, unless he gets POV. Matt thinks ENZO is saboteur and therefore use DPOV TO GET RID OF HIM.

    1. I keep thinking Enzo will go up and then Matt will be planning to use DPOV but decide not to because it might bring Rachel back or something along those lines. In that case I think Enzo would go home. Maybe that`s just wishful thinking. Not that I dislike Enzo, I`d just like it if things got shaken up a bit.

  10. According to another site Ragan won the POV. Don’t know how accurate that is but this certainly makes things interesting.

  11. As much as I love Ragan, his blubbering all the time is beginning to get really old, really fast. I think that he is in serious need of some kind of medication. Normal grown men just are not reduced to tears all the time the way Ragan is. I know he is sensitive and all that stuff, but I worry that if a disaster would ever hit Ragan in his personal life, and heaven forbide it does, he would not be able to cope, if he gets this upset in a game.

    1. Wow! Dr. Indiana I presume! Does Dr. Valentina and Dr. Dum Dum also concur with your analysis of Ragan’s psyche? I wonder who you would react if you were in that house? Ragan, is a sensitive person – to his and other people’s feelings! This is not a weakness or a psychological illness -it’s aclled being and acting like a “human being”!

    2. This is literally the creepiest and weirdest comment I’ve ever read. The fact that you’ve thought this much about it is troubling.

  12. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! So happy he won. 20g in his pocket :) Then I wont feel so bad when he goes. Come on Brendon, put up Matt I dare you! LOL

  13. I kinda hope Enzo goes home. I’m getting tired of his smart ass remarks about Kathy when he is no better. He is trying to ride everyone’s game, and wants to stay without working at it. I like Ragen, and I’m glad he won. I bet Britany thinks she is going up, and is why she is so down. It would be funny if Brendon put Matt up and he used his powers…

  14. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! So happy he won. 20g in his pocket :) Then I wont feel so bad when he goes. Come on Brendon, put up Matt I dare you! LOL
    LOL!!! That was exactly what I was thinking…go Matt!

  15. Well, this certainly makes things very interesting.. Now who will Brendon put up. my guess is Matt and he’ll be forced to use the DPOV.. now begs the question (which I don’t know if this has been answered or not) can Matt put up Brendon or is he safe? I do think Kathy will be shown the door this week

    1. She was on The Early Show…it was pre-taped right after the Thurs. night show. Julie asked her the same questions she asked after Roacho was evicted from the house. When asked about her future with B – she kinda himmed and hawed and said that she’ll probably move to LA. Julie also asked about her statement – “No one gets between me and my man” – of course she laughed in her annoying way and didn’t really say anything…other than that – nothing new. It lasted all of about 2 minutes.

    2. Rachel basically just said that she thinks they voted her out because they are afraid of her. It was a really short segment. OH! And one of the anchors made fun of Rachel’s Botox comment.

    3. It wasn’t a big deal. It was her talking to Julie right after the eviction. Talk wasn’t long, just that she was surprised she was evicted.

  16. Come on Brendon, put up Matt, let Matt take himself down and put up Kathy in his place! Lane will be safe and lame Kathy can go away and be pathetic with Rachel. Just 3 days ago Kathy was saying what a complete piece of shit Brendon was and now she’s kissing his ass, she makes me sick. Now Matt doesn’t have to worry about taking Ragan down but everyone would understand if he saved himself. Perfect! Ali, I want Enzo to go home too but I don’t think Matt would risk getting the entire Brigade mad at him even though he should with Enzo and Hayden scheming behind his back. I still want a final four of Matt, Ragan, Brit, and Lane. They all deserve it.

    1. Three days ago Brandon WAS a piece of shit and he has admitted it, explained that it was all game and appologised for it as well.

  17. I hope Kathy goes home. She has not done anything in the game. Enzo either he sucks at everything and he is gross too. Matt, Brittney, and now Brendon are the only strong ones left in the game. Lets go Matt!!!

  18. YAY! Ragan won and Matt has dimond power of veto! This week is great. Brendon is so stupid. He’s getting played and doesn’t even know it :)

  19. Ragan uses POV and takes himself down:

    Brendon puts up: Kathy Matt does nothing and Kathy is voted out

    Brendon puts up Matt, Hayden, or Enzo and Matt uses the DPOV and puts up Kathy or Britney and they go home.

    So, anyway you look at it, Kathy or Britney is going home this Thursday.

    1. also brendon told enzo he better win something for as much shit he been talkin so it;s possible he’s going up… then lane gets voted out unless matt uses DPOV so brittney or kathy still

    1. So now she’s sucking up to Ragan again….after she was sucking up to Brendon this morning and was telling everyone else that she was ok with Ragan leaving? She and Enzo are the biggest 2-faced suckers in the house! I wish Ragan and even Brendon would see through her and Enzo.

    1. not necessarily…the brigade wants Kathy in the final five, so if it is Matt who is naming the replacement Brittany will go home

  20. I am a huge fan and have gone back and forth of who I want to win but at this point I am lost…
    Brendan: Just shady and a wuss he needs to go
    Hayden: Two-faced and for an athlete he isnt very good at comps
    Lane: Hasn’t won anything
    Enzo: Lazy, two faced and hasnt won anything
    Kathy: Un-social, lazy, and always out first in comps, hasnt even come close
    Ragan, Brit and Matt are at least competitors and they have all been pretty straight forward (outside of Matts hatred for B/R and his lie about his wife)

    I mean really at this point the best thing Matt could do is put up Kathy and Enzo and either way a useless player is out….

    1. yea… i agree with everything u said…Matt is fed up with the brigade because they are the laziest non-competitors in the house that aren’t even trying…Matt would have a better chance if he aligns himself with his new BFFs aka Britney and Ragan and take everyone else out…because his alliance has done nothing so far…and aligning himself with them, they can dominate and take out everyone…Britney and Ragan at least try

    2. Its redemption time Matt! Karma, being the bitch she is, can also be very forgiving! Doing the right thing – an act of kindness – could cancel out the bad karma headed your way. Whatever you send out – good or bad – comes back to you 3-fold.

    3. matt can only change 1 nom. regan and brit are the scum of the show. you must not know the def of straightforward. they are the most twofaced in the house.

    4. Matt knows he’s the strongest member of the Brigade. He’ll want to keep those guys around, so it will be a cakewalk for him the rest of the way.
      Matt needs to get rid of Brendon, because Brendon is the only one gunning for him. Matt’s on good terms with Ragan and Britney, and the Brigade.
      I think Matt is the most deserving of winning this game. But he is a bit of a douche for lying about his wife, and shoving his hands in his underwear all the time. ugh.

    5. Britney reminds me of the girls in high school who had to were really shallow and so insecure that they would simply make fun of people around them, in order to create a posse of people who would simply agree or join in and also so that their imperfections wouldn’t come to light i.e. Britney’s lazy eye
      Brendan is a wuss ‘cuz of what exactly? And Kathy might just be playing a ‘role’, I think she’s way to underestimated…

  21. Brendon will put up Matt as a replacement now, because Brit promised not to put him up next week if he didn’t put her
    on the block. Matt will use the DPOV, replace himself with Brit or Kat, one of them will go home because the BG will save Lane.

    1. You’re right – Ragan takes himself off & Bren will either do Brit or Matt, who will save himself & then Brit WILL go up. I think Kathy will be safe & Brit will unfortunately be gone! =(

    2. It would be in Matt’s best interest to replace Ragan with Britney since she is his main competition to win BB. The Brigade’s 3-man voting block would then eliminate her. They would be smart to keep Kathy since she poses no threat in comps and won’t win if she makes the final 2.

    3. Hmm….that sounds very plausible. I think if Matt gets put up and he uses the DPOV, he’d chose to put Kathy up instead. I sure hope he does that anyway.

    4. I think you’re right about that move. Enzo cracks me up, but he needs to win something. If he wants to be a serious contender for the big money if he is there.

    5. I hope that happens, then I think we will see Rachel in the house again.
      Pandora’s box means good &/or bad.
      HOH (Matt) gets good (DPOV) but if he dares to use it the house gets the return of the HOH’s evictee (Rachel).
      If you watch Julie’s exit interview with Rachel she is careful not to disclose any secrets from the house.

    6. Lynn, your scenario is the most likely one to occur. However, I would like to see Matt flip it entirely by taking both Lane and Brit down if she gets put up. This forces Brendon to put up Kathy +another Brigade member, effectively shifting the votes and forming a new alliance of Ragan, Britt, Lane and Matt. Even if Kathy goes instead of one of the Brigade, the other side is weak with The Ineffective Enzo,Hapless Hayden and Baffled Brendon.

    7. Thats great!! Hope is Brit but her or Kathy either way is good. Hope next week Brendon is gone
      Now that loud mouth gross a^^face is back who knows what will happen with her putting in her two cents


    No reason for Kathy to go up as a replacement and if Britney doesn’t go up, Matt will use DPOV and put her up as he would have keep Kathy around. Too bad she would have her birthday in the house and we lose the funniest one of the season :(

  23. does anyone not see how the story of this show is going. Whoever is voted out then the one who got to stay wins HOH next. I see this trend. tthen the one on the block who is favored to go wins pov..naw bb is fishy fishy fishy

  24. i really hope hay and enzo talk bren into putting matt up. matt finds out, uses dpov and replaces enzo. enzo gets evicted and kicks matts ass on his way home, not the jury house

  25. I hope Brigade talks Brendan into putting up Brit – otherwise Matt will just take himself down and put up Kathy, although I would think the Brigade would want him to put up Brit – but since they don’t know he has the DPOV they obviously won’t tell him what to do.

    Using the DPOV may cause trust issues with the Brigade since he would have to show he had it in the 1st place and then justify that he used it in the best interest of the Brigade and not just Matt – i.e. saving Britt.

  26. C’mon Brendon put up the weasel! Force the weasel to play the DPOV so it’s one less vote for him in the jury house and puts a bigger target on him for the next week. Matt knows if he uses the DPOV his chances of winning the game become smaller and the target on his back gets much bigger. Another lie that’s revealed. Now, that Ragan is safe he needs to expose more of Matt’s lies as the sab, to undermine his game for the following week.

  27. Brendon will look so stupid. He’s gonn put matt up as the replacement nom. Thinkin best case scenario& the boom Dpov. So matt then will put up kath and that is boring!!!

  28. I am all for the Brigade but I absolutely hate how do nothing Hayden, Enzo and Lane keep ragging on Matt since they have not done anything in this game. I hope Matt uses the DPOV if he is put up and he is replaced with Enzo or Hayden even though Kathy needs to go definitely. I’m happy Ragen won, he definitely is not the weakest player in the game.

  29. Yeah Matt will get put up used the DPOV and put up Kathy and Kathy will go home.. no surprises this week. It’s a fact.

  30. I assume DPOV cannot be used on HOH or POV winner (ie can’t put Ragan right back up on block). Best tv drama imo would be if Ragan used POV, Brendon puts up Enzo, and Matt doesn’t use DPOV.

  31. i feel like kathy will go home since she has become close to brendon. they will want him to have nobody and he will go home next week.

  32. Enzo and Hayden are planning for Matt to go if Bren decides not to put up Brit as replacement for Ragan. That’s going to change everything!! That means the Brigade will definitely split up because Matt has the DPOV!!!! OMG… I’m sorta freaking out because it’s gonna be a big change if this happens. I can’t wait to see Enzo & Hayden shocked like hell because they didn’t know Matt can save himself!

  33. When the brigade were talking, even matt said final 6 is brigade, Kathy, and either ragan/Brit, he didn’t care which one. Since ragan saved himself, he wants to keep kathy, and Brendon is safe from eviction this week, Brit is going home regardless.

  34. I wish someone would post that Ragan won the POV. Any less than 500 exact postings and I’ll never know who won POV.

  35. Big Brother 12 Updates 1:00 am BBT Saturday, August 14, 2010 – A reason to go back on the deal…

    Ragan says Matt, I really hate him.  Matt says makes it so much sweeter doesn’t it.  Ragan says yes, because I’ve been quote unquote throwing competitions.  Matt says we talked them out both time… he’s f* gone next week.


    Ragan is having some slop that Matt has prepared.  He looks relieved for a change.  He says I was such an asshole this morning when they woke us up.  Matt says the DR?  He says yes, I feel bad now.  


    Matt says it might have been Andrew, cause they had Jessie do the gorilla.  Ragan says so Britney thinks there is a way to keep you, her and Lane.  She based it on a convo she had with Brendon.  He whispers, Brendon thinks Enzo is the sabo.  I think Britney might feel like she obviously wants to keep Lane inthe game and I would like that too.  Matt says no doubt.  So I don’t know how legitimate the opportunity is to deliver…  They eat their slop.  Matt says she should talk to lane about that.  Ragan says I was so nervous, so nervous… How!! How!!  I mean I sat down before you.  Matt says I like slop!  He takes his bowl to the sink.  Matt says I have to cure this injury before the next HOH.  He says it feels like a pinched nerve.  He says I moved my leg this morning and felt this pop and it has been hurting since.   He says a year ago, I reached for the phone and popped a rib out.  Ragan says I don’t think the bone in your leg would pop out that easy.  Matt says I would have liked that puzzle.  Ragan says if you go up are you definite you have the votes.  Matt says yes, and if he puts me up, I have a reason to go back on my deal, which is good.  


    Matt says did he say it was Enzo or did he imply it was Enzo.  Ragan says Britney said he said it was Enzo.  Matt says interesting…  We’ll see what happens after the ceremony.   (Zing seems to be the word attributed to the competition…)  Matt tells Ragan to be nice to the BB people, they are nice people.  He says I will.

    Brendon comes downstairs.  Brendon says nice not to have sweat dripping down every crevice of my body.  He walks to the bathroom and is immediately paged to the DR.

    Matt says I could use more sleep.  Ragan says the good thing about crying all day is you’re really, really tired.  They talk about the puzzle and Brendon walks through saying I was trying to copy off of you.  Matt says kathy was histerically horrible.  The worst I have ever seen her.  Ragan says did she jump off.  Matt says it is not possible for her to have fallen.  They giggle about how she was acting durin gthe comp.  Ragan says I know she is only 40, but she is definitely our Jerry.  Matt says I can’t wait till you see that on TV.  Hayden comes in and congratulates Ragan.  He says I was impressed with your puzzle, you killed it.  

    Bathroom:  Lane says they want Kathy out.  Enzo says who.  Lane says Britney and Ragan.   Enzo assures him that he has three votes… (Sounded like they might want Britney to go home instead of Kathy?)   (Enzo is in the shower without a mic so I’m not sure what he is actually saying).  Lane and Hayden go to the cabana room.  Hyden tells him that he isnot going home.  He says it will be Matt or Britney.  He says Brendon told me he was not going to forget what happened last week, but me and Enzo are gonna push hard to get Britney…


    Lane says I don’t think America is, it’s someone in here.  He says I’m trying to think who I’ve made fun of, I’ve never said anything about you hair…   Hayden says worst case scenario, Matt goes up against you, and leaves, next week… Ragan or Britney win, they put up Brendon.  Enzo says Matt has a good chance of going home man.  Enzo and Hayden say they are going up to talk him into putting Britney up.  Enzo says Kathy ain’t going nowhere!  They are wondering how Ragan finished so fast.  Hayden says it will make good TV, even though it sucks for Matty.  Lane sys Ragan crushed it, made me feel like an idiot.  Enzo talks about Kathy saying she was dizzy, just a dizzy broad.  lane says she needed a cigarette.  Enzo says we should be outside by 3 o’clock.  Hayden says I’ve been sucking at these competitions.  Enzo says I want Britney out of here.  He says he doesn’t want her making it to All Stars.  Enzo says I have a bad feeling he is gonna put Matty up, bad feeling.  Enzo says Matty would have Ragan’s vote and we have Kathy, and me, and Hayden and Brendon’s (nope, Brendon can’t vote… duh)  Enzo wants Lane to go up and talk to Brendon to get Britney put up.    Enzo says Matty does good on HOH’s, if Britney goes up, we got a chance… Ragan will probably win HOH this week and if it’s a double eviction, Matty will win the second one.   Enzo says I’m frustated with the comps, I give up.  

    More talking about Kathy playing her dumb card.  Ragan comes in.  Enz says who do you think he will put up.  Ragan says you can’t believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.  He says floater, floater, floater, but keeps Kathy.  Enzo says he like Kathy.  Ragan says he has nobody else.  Ragan says I found out he definitely wanted me gone.  Enzo butters him up with you will definitely win HOH next week.

  36. I don’t know if this has been said, but Brendon has said that he’s after floaters and his first noms support that. If it’s true then Kathy and Enzo are are the next obvious targets. probably Kathy first and he’ll give Enzo a by this time, but, as he has already told Enzo, “You better start winning”.


  38. people have been supposing that brit or kathy are on their way out the door. i don’t think that is necessarily true. if matt is smart he’ll jump the brigade ship…and say put hayden up on the block…and everyone will vote to save lane. and really the only person in the brigade left to be angry at matt would be enzo…and we all know he is too lazy and bad at this game to win anything. so it would not be too bad of a decision for matt. he would of course still have brendon peeved at him…but either way that is unavoidable.

    of course there is also the possibility that brendon puts up kathy or britney instead of matt…which means the DPOV would not be used and then yes brit or kathy might go home…but lane might be in hot water too. cause matt, ragan and kathy/brit might vote out lane….again matt has to grow some balls though.

    so to sum it up…this week is going to be great because it could go so many ways! love it! the game has finally gotten interesting :)

  39. Ragan tells Matt that the guys are gone against him. He figures out what is going on and decides to back door Enzo. now that would be awesome. Britney would vote to keep Lane for sure, Ragan and Matt would vote for Lane. Enzo goes home

    1. he is on slop because when brenden won hoh, he had the opportunity to nominate 3 people to be on slop; matt,britney, and ragan were his choices. i don’t know anything about the slop pass.

  40. Yay for ragan. Happy he won 20 grand. Seriosuly, the ppl in this house are morons. Its the half way point and you don’t keep strong competitors at this point. Brendon is a dumb ass. Get out the strong ones. Carry kathy, lane and enzo as far as possible. The three of them can’t win shit. Why hasn’t anyone figured the brigade out. I mean kristen planted a seed and now with lane choosing hayden over britney to play veto, it should be clear as day something is up with enzo, hayden and lane. They’re all morons. Hopefully now ragan can stop crying and figure out what is really going on.

  41. Do you think Matt can put up Ragan with the DPOV? I say no, but my husband thinks maybe. I would think it would be like the HOH – the POV winner could not be nominated.

  42. I can see Brendon point of view trying to put togheter a variety of comp winners.
    He can do good with physical comps, Matt endurance and Brit all the skills/quiz type.
    All go out the window if he put up Matt.

  43. Regan won and you should see how cocky he is again…talking trash about Brendon and Rachel…I would say he is acting how Rachel did…whinny when she loses and power tripping when she wins…The same way Regan is acting right now…

  44. Praying Brendon puts up Matt, Matt uses the DPOV and puts up Enzo or Hayden. They’re all talk, and no game. They just throw competitions hoping someone else will do something. They’re a waste of space in the BB house. People die for a chance like this and if you want to just sit around and talk crap about people, you can do that at home.

  45. The great thing is that there’s a good chance the Brigade alliance will come to light this week. One, if Matt isn’t on the block and decides to use the DPOV to save Lane.

    Or two, if Brendon decides he wants a Brigade member to go home and the Brigade member doesn’t because the others in the alliance decide to save him.

    Really hope they other HGs will be able to figure out this stupid alliance. The cast of BB might be the dumbest ever.

  46. Matt is in a damn good postion right now .. I agree Lynn with you either one of them girls r going home this week … and BG will save Lane .. The look on Brandons face PRICELESS !!! lolol So glad Ragan won,POV not cool seeing him cry last night as Bri looked at the paint drying on her nails …

  47. If Matt uses his DPOV, which I hope he does, There will be a consequence. Rachel will be unleashed back into the house and another Double eviction will be held. Which means anyone can go home on Thursday.


  49. Rachel and Regan was yelling and fighting.
    She wanted to know who would be joining her in the Jury house!
    She must have been back for some competition.
    Has anyone else heard this?

  50. what’s going on right now? wth? hobag is back and caveman’s locked away somewhere…..she said she’s back for 24 hrs then back to j/h……no way BB allows that for jury member…….only allowed to see dvd that next person evicted brings in omg,,,,,,this is soooooooooo not right but still no surprise to further those 2 jerks in the game……..way too much production interference

  51. OMG…. Rachel is back in the house for 24 hours and Brendon is nowhere to be found. Thinking he might have gotten a Pandoras Box or something. Rachel and Ragan had it out, next 24 hours should be interesting!!!!

  52. i know why simon ain’t posted he surprised too…HAHAHA the skank has returned to make brittney and ragan’s life a living hell….i feel a FIGHT brewin….. but this is the HILARIOUS part…… Brendon and Her won;t be able to see each other the whole 24 hours…

  53. Rachel was giving mean looks to everyone and took 2 steps back when Kathy went to hug her. Rachel denied doing any of that though(no surprise there, she also denied ever gloating when she won, which was a lie)

  54. i hope he puts up kathy.
    but i wonder if hes close enough with britney not to put her up.
    because the brigade wants britney out.
    but i hate the brigade. except for matt.
    i think matt should drop out of the BG and make an alliance with ragan and britney.
    because the BG isn’t going anywhere. they are all still there, but they aren’t winning anything!

  55. gosh this season gets worse and worse.
    it doesn’t look good for the last two remaining girls: the mother-daughter couple.
    I just want this stupid men’s alliance to not exist. they are killing every excitement in this season and I don’t want this to be a sausage fest.
    the best seasons have been when a lot of the women were fierce players and stayed until the top 4.

  56. Im glad Brendon is gone while Rachel is back in the house. Now Rachel has to be somewhat nice because no one will come running to her resuce now. I hope she leaves never seeing Brendon…. until he is in the Jury house that is…. :)

  57. I am so excited that Ragan won POV!!!! The only thing that makes watching After Dark at all enjoyable is the hilarity from Britney and Ragan.

  58. Oh nooooooooo Ragan won the veto comp. Now I have to look at him another week. He has an odd shaped head and is the most unattractive person in the house. I don’t appreciate having to see ugly people on television. Damn I really wanted him to go this week, nasty whiny baby!

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