Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Britney Haynes Pageant Queen

Big Brother 12 Spoilers - Britney Haynes

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Britney Haynes is Age: 22 and lives in Huntington, Ark where she’s a Hotel Sales Manager. She’s cute, She’s squeaky, She’s Sweet and she’ll probably keep her clothes on (sorry Hayden). In her interview she warns “I am so much more than meets the eye! I look like a typical blond from the south, but I’ve got a lot of spice to my personality. I’m a good mix of Chelsea Handler and Martha Stewart.” In a interview she laid out her strategy to pretend to be nice and elusive “people want what they can’t have!”. She’ll probably leave the fact that she’s engaged a secret and she looks like the type to pull the “I’m only 18” card. Britney says she is not single and is seeing someone right now, “I’m not coming on Big Brother looking for a showmance”
Check out Britney Haynes Interview
See the competition she’ll have in the house Big Brother 12 Cast

Some digging found her to be the Semi-Finalist for the 2004 Miss Arkansas Pageant
big brother 12 britnay haynes

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she looks different