Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon’s saving Rachel if he gets POV

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:30pm Brendon, Enzo, and Rachel Taj Room Enzo working b/r yo.There going over the sab theory’s Enzo is playing very friendly to them there laughing telling jokes.

Brendon is acting tough saying he got into Ragan face today and he’s not scared to get into Matts face. Brendon says CBS and Big Brother production are going to need to turn off the live feeds because he’s not going to stand down from Matt. Enzo keeps playing along. Rachel gets called into the DR. Brendon leans beside enzo says this house is full of pairs, Ragan and Matt, Lane and Brit. Enzo:”you have to talk to Hayden yo” Brendon says he will tells Enzo which ever one goes home out of me and Rachel you and hayden need to team up with and take them all out. Enzo just flows with the conversation never agrees to anything but still is active in the conversation making Brendon think he’s on board. Brendon: “If I win the pov i’ll use it on Rachel”. Enzo: “no no man don’t do it man don’t take the risk yo”. Brendon: “I dont’ care about the risk i’m doing it to save rachel, when i go home you have to team up with Rachel and get Hayden on your side “. Enzo: “i’m telling you if you win pov you better use it on yourself yo”. They go back to joking around Enzo tells him not to worry about the POV until after the game is one.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:53pm random chit chat they get to go outside at midnight they think they’ll get to practice for the POV competition.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:20pm Hayden and Enzo TajEnzo: “Yo i’m playing Brendon big time yo “Enzo tells him a quick summary of the conversation with Brendon conversation. Tells him Brendon won’t come after us next week he wants to team up with us. Enzo says Brendon told him he’s using the POV on rachel, Enzo: “I was telling him don’t do that bro don’t do that keep yourself in the game then you me and Hayden talk” hayden: “Thats Huge..thats Huge.. ” Hayden gives him a quick rundown of the Salvatore, tells him to keep a look out for unusual behavior. Enzo just hopes it’s not matty. Enzo wants them to have a Brigade meeting (yo) and damn fucking soon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:37pm Kitchen at midnight they get to go practice for POV.. brendon tells them all he has the machine from 12 until 2 then other people can try. Enzo tells Brendon the coffee he made was good. Brendon: “It’s my special blend” Enzo: “What saboteur blend”. Lane and Enzo start joking about the saboteur. Enzo says once you get to the final 4 there will be 3 sabs and you’ll be one of them and you won’t even now it. He goes on to say they’ll have the sabs fight it out with their bare hands.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:16am POV comp practice

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:19am Brendon saying that he once bowled a 267 he tells Rachel “I got 6 strikes in a row.. after everyone goes to bed i’ll show you my special techniques”
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:22am Enzo tells them they can have a fashion show using the bowling alley. He then goes up to practice, picks up 3 balls throws them and knocks down 3 pins. Everyone is in shock Enzo: “Thats it i’m just practicing tis once”

12:38am Ragan and Enzo are the only ones to get all three pins down.. Enzo: “Batting a thousand baby “

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Other people can try after 2 brendon?? wtf lol no, everyone can start at 12, cause he wants them practicing tired, effing menace. Brendon is more pathetic than I already thought, he came here for find a vegas bimbo, not to win 500 grand.


hater 🙂


yep we haters for telling it like it is, and seeing right through brenchel to the core if their true selves from week 1, him being as big pussy, and her being a ho who gets whiny when she can’t get her way…


I completely agree! Brendan is such a whipped pussy and Rachel is nothing but a Vegas ho that loves to brag about her “clients”. These 2 people are so annoying, the only thing that could be better than 1 of them going home thus week is if it’s a double elimination week and they both go home this week!
Why can’t Brendan see that Rachel’s playing him by getting him to use the POV if he wins on her than save himself those big boobs he’s constantly staring at must have made him brain dead too!
People are tired of Brenchel. They never had anything to do with the other house guests and they got so arrogant and threatened the others because they thought they were above others.
Brendan needs to open his eyes, take them off of Rachel’s boobs and really think about himself, whether he wants to win, and if he really think Rachel will settle and be willing to give up her Vegas ho lifestyle.
Last point and question for everyone, who has bigger balls, Rachel or Brendan? Or does Beendan even have balls?


Brendon’s saving the last piece of chicken for Allison Grodner. Enzo: “Who ate all the KFC, yo?!”


I had to look that name up after seeing half a dozen comments. Didn’t know Allison was also a boys name. That is one ugly dude though!


Pathetic…. Where are all the b/r fans now.. thats sportsmanship..!!


hey Im here im a fan of Rachel not Brendon just cause they are a pair means nothing to me


They’re on the block. I think they got a right at first crack on practice.


Or…. The are on the block cause they are douche bags and they have no additional rights than anyone else.


I’m a brenchel fan (more brendon than rachel with all her whining and all) and don’t really care how annoying others think they are. They deserve to play more than any of the others cuz they’ve played harder than the rest. All the others do is sit around and talk trash and make really mean personal attack and wait for others to “make bold moves” because they’re so weak. I can’t wait to see when Brit and Ragan are crying like 4 yr old girls when they’re on the block soon enough, I’m sure their lamenting will far surpass anything Rachel’s doing now. Hope it happens sooner rather than later


Apparently you missed all the times Brendan and Rachel madevfun of the other houseguesrs and made threats if the others didn’t do what they wanted, and they are such snobs for not making attempts to at least be friendly to the other house guests because they were so arrogant to think they were going to coast to the final 2 together.
If you treat people like crap eventually you turn into crap.


I can’t stand him. That constant idiot look in his eyes, like a baby deer stuck looking at the headlights. I don’t remember seeing this big of a he-pussy on TV in a long, long, time.


Britney has definitely competed in beauty pageants. I found a transcript of a police interrogation involving one of Britney’s most fiercest competitors. Apparently, the victim was disqualified from the Jr. Ms. Arkansas semi-finals due to “human spontaneous combustion.” The following is the conversation, the eyewitness overheard between Britney and the decedent:

Britney: “Cuse me hon’,did you just use my mascara?”
Victim: “Just a little, why?”
Britney: “Oh, no problem.” (Her right eye starts to twitch and then rolls to the back of her head), with her good left eye, Britney spots her victim’s 84 oz aerosal can of hairspray on the dressing table.
Britney: “Oh, darn, could I use just a teeny spritz of your hairspray, I need to lacquer down this darn carlick of mine.”
Victim: “Sure hon’, (handing Britney the canister) here ya go!”
Britney: “Thanks! By the way Is it true that this stuff is flammable?”
Victim: “Yes it is, so if I were you I’d put out that cigar you just lit.”
Britney’s head starts to spin on it’s spine. When it stops. She removes the cigar from her dry, vomit encrusted lips and flicks at her victim’s feet.
Britney: “But y’arn’t me, y’arnt Blanche!!!!!
Victim: My name isn’t Blanche. It’s Rose Nyland!
Unfazed by Rose’s response, Britney then spray her victim from head to toe, ensuring that the cigar ignites the hairspray, and within seconds her victim is reduced to cinders. Britney walks over to the remains, hikes up her gown, squats and then extinguishes the cinders with a long piss. She picks up her still lit cigar, takes a puff and says, “That’ll teach you to never, ever, ever, ever touch something that doesn’t belong to you! And one more thing Rose, you wern’t neva gonna win this pageant! So now y’arn’t eva gonna leave it – neither!!!!


Thanks Simon. Britney is my favorite. Buenos Noches!


that would make a gruesome movie, you need to get that story to hollywood


This game confirms the rumor that Russell “The Troll” from “Survivor will be making a special guest appearance. Unfortunately for the HGs he’s volunteered to be the “bowling ball” they have to use for the competition. For immunity, Kathy has also volunteered to take Russell place if he should sustain an injury! Team Pazuzu for the Spin!!!!!!!!!!


You are hot tonight! LOL


Rachel is definitely related to Ronnie!!! Their headshots prove it!!!!


The houseguests were amazed that Enzo knocked over his three pins by banking them each off the side of the runway. pro.


Kathy is worthless. Did she just “mock” shoot Rachel? She is an officer of the law?


So what. She’s no good at the games, she doesn’t deserve the second rate treatment. And, If I were stuck with Rachel I’d be concerned with who didn’t make mock gunfire gestures at her. Me, I’d have an imaginary gun case I’d open in front of her everyday, and then pick up the imaginary parts to my sniper rifle, and clean it, and occasionally check the imaginary sights in Rachel’s or Brendon’s general direction. So what she’s a sheriff deputy, don’t blow something trivial like that up, it just makes you look bad.


i saw that too, well she is a “southern” officer they do silly shit like that, i think she be shooting people because i don;t think she could catch anybody


No way – really we are going to watch her cry for the next hour.. Rachel has dug her own grave – she challenges them all and says “bring it” and she is the first to break. Her pouting while everyone is trying to practice the POV takes the cake. I do not feel sorry for her – everyone has been fighting since they started this game – she is way to cocky and needs to go. Brendon needs to let her go. He will have a better chance if he does. Right now he should be practicing.


Gag me with an effin spork. My theory of Rachel’s mental age stands. Reminds me of a little fat kid I knew when I was 13 at a birthday party. He had this ridiculous fascination with a girl our age named Kaitlyn. That night was his night to make the move. He went for it. It was a brutal, car accident of a turn down. The rest of the night he sat at the bowling alley (not on the lane mind you) with this boo-f***ing-hoo look on his face. Him, I only barely wanted to punch in the ear because his adolescent dream girl just rejected him. Rachel, different story.
Dear Rachel: Suck it up. You’ve been acting like you were handed some imaginary crown, surrounded by your royal court of people that pretend to like you because you have this synthetic, momentary power. What freaking world do you live in – oh – Vegas – that’s right, how could anyone forget, you’re like the anti-tourism campaign. The whole game isn’t about winning competitions, it’s also about being a real, humble, down to earth person for at least 3 milliseconds, so as to give people the slightest opportunity to remotely find you kinda tolerable to be within 54 feet of. She should have quit channeling Paris Hilton, or whatever other vapid celebritoid she no-doubt idolizes. I was wishing Lane would get fed up with it, and return the ball a little too hard and harmless bounce off her breast – as a warning shot of course – and obviously I don’t wish everytime I see her a [paintball]sniper shot would come out of no where and tragically reveal the actual twist – THE ASSASSINATION.

For all those out here that somehow find it in their kind hearts to support the “special” house guests, I’m sorry. She just needs to leave. She was not clear on what show she was going on.


rachel would NOT save brendon if she won , it, i can’t believe this guy, i hope they don’t stay together to see what this ho is gonna put him through, and he’s gonna apologize everytime


If that HO puts him through the wire, then that’s his fault, not hers. He has no common sense whatsoever! Rachel should have played her game, and tried to get rid of MATT’s ass!

Rachel is wild, so what? It is what it is, and I have nothing against that. We as a people tend to portray the lifestyle we were raised up in, and I’m sure Vegas gets pretty wild. I thank Rachel for at least giving us something to talk about, or else this season would have just totally sucked! It still sucks, just not as bad if Rachel were not in the house.

Jessie, Gnat, Russel and Chima FTW!!!!! Now that’s a brigade dude!!!!


Rachel’s not playing the game, she’s playing Brenden, and she’s going to hang him out to dry, he’s too wimpy for her! And if she were playing THE game, she’d be smart enough to know how to work people like Brittney and Enzo are! Rachel just wants attention–women like that any attention is good attention! when she doesn’t get it she turns on the crocodile tears and poor pitiful me, no one wants to watch me play in the sandbox. She’s histrionic or bi-polar for sure! And she didn’t grow up in Vegas she moved there in her 20’s. I got nothing against wild, I’m just saying Brenden can’t handle that mental crazy hot mess!


im sure brendon is an awesome bowler but unless he plays with a tiny bowling ball , he gonna have a hard time with this one, but he might win and the plan stays intact, the target is rachel “RACHEL”


SMH @ brenchl hoggin the bowling alley, what “arrogance” what “desperation” HAHAHAHA rachel pulled the pin from the hand grenade and brenchel is the casualty…… don’t blame her she thought it was a Ms. Potato-head

Uncle Cool

POV Enzo!! (I hope)

Wouldn’t it be great if he took off Brendon after Brendon saying he would not use it on himself?


Go Brigade!!



I do not think Kathy is an officer of the law and if she is she needs to be fired for that act alone, I know it must be easy to get caught up with all these people, but come on that should not change a person, she is just a pieace of work and I hope she is gone very soon !!


That’s ridiculous. On what grounds should she be fired? That she did something unclassy that offends you? This is still America. She has the same rights as the rest of us.


Yes this is America and that is why you can disagree with me,and I am allowed to have my opinion, but this is a game and she should know better. All I am saying it goes to show that she has no class, and maybe if she can pretend to shot someone over a game then maybe she should not be alowed to carry a gun.


I find it laughable that Brendon is impressed with himself for getting in Ragan’s face. The guy is literally half his size! Get in Lane’s face, then you can brag.


Yeah I thought the same thing….BUT you know that won’t happen!! Lane would crush him!! GO BRIGADE!!


If Kathy would stop worrying about the cigs and start competing I’d have a little more compassion for her, but I think she just gives up where she can go smoke. She doesn’t even try.
I give her this…She’s still there!!!!
If Brendon uses that POV on Ratchel he is stupid. She is using him. He is to ignorant to see it. She told Brit she wasn’t moving to CA, she was staying in Vegas. Then she tells him she will move to CA. LIE! She could at least said “No Brendon, you save yourself” but she didn’t. She will let him take the fall for her. I hope he loses big time! I hope she loses. Karma is a bi*&^ and Ratchel is feeling the same way Kristin was last week, minus the hippietard, but she gets the point I think.
Face it Ratchel, there’s not way out. When you get home you will also see what AMERICA thinks of you. That will be the biggest bite in the A&& you’ll have. HO.


Wouldn’t it be fun to print off all of the comments on every single post and mail them to Rachel after the show ends so she can REALLY see where she stands? And I still say, Brendon’s stand in his community will have changed when he gets back home. And if he hauls Rachel with him , he’s gonna need to move somewhere else.




Kathy aka “Chucky’s bride” is worthless. If she really is an officer of the law, then what a sad state of affairs….nevermind! I guess to be honest, you guys got exactly the Big Brother crew you’ve longed for, simple minded, no fuss, polite, no game playing boring ass people.


PLEASE tell us how you really feel!!!…………….LOL……………SPOT ON!!!


OMG please don’t fire Cathy for a stupid finger gesture, my paycheck can’t handle another able bodied person on un-employment…Please think before you speak about people getting fired for something so trival…remember he has casts’ the first stone…


Somebody above made a good point and it is that this season would be completely, 100%, boring if not all the drama with Rachel. In previous seasons, we had strong guys going head to head. This year, they all banded together. I do not consider Brandon a strong guy, because that requires more than just muscles. Imagine this year’s BB without Rachel? They may as well had cancelled the show because there would be no point to it. The rest of the cast are too bland, too secretive, too little exciting. There are no fireworks coming from anywhere other than Rachel.

I can’t belive I’m saying it, but we should be thankful for her. Once she goes, I may as well stop watching and just read this blog for the results.


Maybe when Rachael gets voted out…Ragan can be the new Rachael!! What do ya think?


I hope somebody else picks it up. Maybe Ragan or maybe the Brigade will finally turn on each other. Or it will be like Brandon just said. The rest will just sit around and do nothing.


goofy – I agree however, the guys are eventually going to start fighting and conspiring against the other, it’s just been a long summer and maybe the warmer temperatures have us more annoyed or something. Rachel has made it exciting for me because everyone hates her so much.


I don’t get the big deal about Kathy pretending like she was shooting. I do that all time. And as for her deserving to be fired. If they don’t fire some of these out of shape police officers I see all the time than they should fire her. Other than that, she is a lazy player. But Brendon is also a big waste of a house guest. I wish him and Rachel would play to win the money and than see where their dysfunctional pairing leads outside the house. I don’t find him jammed up her butt chivalrous.


Seven on two it just ain’t fair, its f’n boring
grow a PAIR already!


Okay – the sab said that they ‘were cruising’ to the win………….is it just me or do we all get the hidden message because cruizing is a gay term and ragan was toying with them or i am overthinking this message