** Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon and Enzo Nominated ..YO

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:55pm Enzo and BRendon in the Have nots

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm HOH Brit and Enzo brit apologizes to Enzo for putting him up. She tells him there is no way he is going him but she needed to pick a pawn and he’s never been up yet. She talked to MAtt right before the nominations to be the pawn and he said no so she went with plan B. Enzo understands tells her that he’s going to fight hard for POV. She says that this week there could be a tie and if there is she won’t be voting Enzo out. Enzo asks her if Brendon wins will she take out Matt, she says yes but she wants him to keep it a secret. Brit swears on her family and Nick that enzo will not be going hom this week. Brit brings up all the bullshit brendon told her right before the nominations. Enzo tells her not to worry about BRendon he’s going home this week and Matt is gone next week.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:20pm POOL Lane, Enzo, Hayden, Brit.. Enzo saying that in the have nots Brendon was telling him that he’s going to win POV tomorrow then HOH then take Brit out. Enzo: “Then your back on the block next week”. Enzo starts to give hayden advice on how to be on slop. Enzo: “Day 2 or 3 you will feel like shit the rest of the time it’s alright”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:25pm Pool Brit and Hayden Brit asks him if Brendon is mad. Hayden says no he’s doing alright, we all know Brendon has to go so we’re cool with it. Hayden says the best thing she did was call them up and talk right before the nominations he thinks it prevented a blowup. HAyden wants to confirm they are still on the same page if Brendon gets the POV. Brit says yes they are but thats the worse case scenario she really wants Brendon gone.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:34pm Brendon and Enzo backyard couch Brendon: “No matter what happens don’t lose lane”. Enzo: “What? ” Brendon: “Don’t lose LANE”. Enzo :”yeah (he gets up walks away)… dinner was good yo”

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179 thoughts on “** Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon and Enzo Nominated ..YO

    1. no they can’t make a power move, when are they going to get it, this is not a game about friendship its about winning 500,000 dollars, one word for all of them except brendan(brendan put up matt and lane)—Dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Brendon on the block and going home is a power move of a sort. Get him out and then watch the shit fly tween the rest of the HG’s


      1. yeah these houseguests are so full of themselves thinking they are the best season of BB to ever hit tv.. HA pleeease! i hope they come home and read allllll the comments about how much this season SUCKS in fact i hope Julie tells them on thursday how much people think they suck and how boring they are so it’s double eviction time just to spice things up and i hope Julie tells them they HAD to bring rachel back because everyone else is so boring that nobody wants to watch. wouldn’t they love that?? their egos would be shattered, better sooner than later tho cuz they’ll find out soon enough what a waste of a season this casting was.. k i’m ready for BB13 .. let’s just call 12 a dud end it now and start fresh.. now that’s a show i would watch… thursday instead of double eviction julie comes on tells them they are all way too boring and uneventful so America chose that ALL be evicted and a whole new cast is taking their place BYEBYE

        1. I so feel you Earl…I am sooooo ready for the next season…AG and CBS owe us fans a season early….can we please have a Spring Big Brother???? Prob not, but this is torture! This is the worst season/cast ever…things will get interesting if hayden wins pov and takes enzo off the block and brit replaces him with matt

    1. OH NOES NOT THE MEOW MEOW ….hilarious….. i fele you but he has to feel what t s like to be on the block he been sittin pretty since day one

      1. dont worry yo !!! the meow meow has 9 lives..remember !!!! enzo all the way !!! hes the only entertaining hg on the feeds…yo !

      1. I feel like the only ones really trying are Brit, Brendon (although he needs to play for himself), Regan and Matt. Like the meow meow, in general like cats >^^< (I have 5) so I like his nickname but DO something besides play pool and chew really gross in the microphone!

  1. HAPPY AND EXPECTED from Britney…Enzo has not done anything…he is just as useless as Kathy and it’s time for him to go and Brendon is just a whiny crybaby that is completed attached to someone he only met for 6 weeks…how lame…i say GO BRIT!!!…as much as she trash talks…she is a good competitor and deserves to be here over more than half the house

    1. and the rest of them aren’t cry babies, ragan cried all week, brit cried and wasn’t even put on the block, and I’m sure if matt didn’t have the dpov he would be crying also, lane was pouting about being on the block, so its not just brendan

    2. FU. Who is the biggest bitch in the House? Ragan or Brit? Hard to choose, that both are. I Brendon wins POV do you think Matt goes home. I hope so, so we can see Ragan have a melt down. Maybe he will just give up. One can hope.

      The second HOH will be won by Lane or Hadyen, and you know who goes up. :)

      Let the games begin.

    1. Could happen. But I’d rather see Lane win than Enzo. I hate how this has been happening though. Brenchel will vote purely out of spite, no doubt!

  2. Now it’s meowmeows turn to stress. He has had it easy this whole season!
    I know people are saying that this is not a bold enough move but last week Matt and Ragan were Brits sanity, friend, confidents. She would be a bitch if she put them up. I am not a Hayden/Enzo fan so i am happy they went up. I was a fan until they had no problem of getting rid of Matt.

    1. Oh give me a break. Matt is the biggest player – he has everyone on his side – the bitches Brit and Rag and then the guys….except Brendon. Who wouldn’t want him out….he’s the biggest threat – in my opinion.

      And that’s a compliment because he is playing a smart game. Just have no respect for someone who has no problem making his wife sick for money.

    2. hugabug: I agree. As you can see by my name, I was a Hayden fan until Enzo & Hay tried to overthrow the only Brigade member who plays to win. I cannot stand Brenchel but I think I would vote for Bren over Enzo because Bren (although he is a candy ass bitch) tried to play while Enzo hasn’t done $hit all season….other than backstab his own alliance.
      I want Matt, Brit, or Ragan to win this season. They have all played hard.
      But then again if Bren wins, all that money goes to Rachel and she’ll likely take the $$ and dump his ass.

      1. whers you proof the game is being rigged in his favor, oh thats right you have none keep whining and making up shit, thats whats brenchel fans do best

        1. Nah, just a coincidence that two HOH competiitions were exactly the same and built for a little Ewok like him, and then it just so happens that he gets a FREE PASS that wasn’t earned from the DPOV… he got a get out of jail free card and should already be w/ Rachel at the jury house

        2. The game isnt rigged in his favor, its not rigged at all, even though i disagree with people getting granted with “special powers”. Its too bad that people doing good in the game get blindsided with a power with no chance to defend themself (and im not talking about Kathy, im talking about Jesse, even though im a Jeff fan.) Sometimes BB tries too hard to shift the power, and it can ruin the gameplay. This season is ruined as is, dont try too hard anymore CBS.

        3. Nah, just a coincidence that two HOH competiitions were exactly the same and built for a little Ewok like him, and then it just so happens that he gets a FREE PASS that wasn’t earned from the DPOV… he got a get out of jail free card and should already be w/ Rachel at the jury house

          1. I will be very upset if next year there will be a special power, those ideas have to be thrown out the window, they ruin the game, just like the CDT did

          2. how were the exactly the same??? one was standing on a surfer board and the other on whatever that can thing was……… and he did EARN it you idiot he won HOH and opened pandora’s box, so if that was true what you said brendon didn;t earn that vacation.. like i said keep making up shit, it;s what you do best

            1. Matt did earn the power, but it was lucky, he got it at the right time. Brendon won that vacation. Jeff didnt earn the CDT. America voted for him. It’s unfair i think that CBS tries to shift the power. this year Matt was idiodic with his power, Kathy, C’mon! he should have gotten Britney out when he had the chance. Jeff did use the CDT wisely, but he didnt earn it, thats the thing.

              1. I’d like to believe he won “at the right time”, but you can’t tell me CBS didn’t want him there and that’s why the “right time” was when he won and not someone else.

                1. again you prove how much of an idiot you are…… REGAN wouldn\ve won BOTH endurance HOHs, had he not mad ea deal with matt and jumped off

            2. Production was subtly pushing for Matt to use the DPOV. You can tell because production told Matt, they didn’t see Rachel spell his name out of pretzels, yet Rachel admitted the incident in her DR session. So was production lying? Yes, hence BB is rigged for the interest of what production thinks are rating boosters. We were all dying to see DPOV being played, but Matt was reluctant to use it, he said so in his blog.

          3. It’s funny cause Bren said the two that midget won were for little people.
            The hoh that bren won Rag and the Midget said it rigged for him.
            Can’t please anyone huh, BB?

            1. EXACTLY…not of the comps was rigged, just some catered more to smaller people and some larger as always in BB competitions

        4. Actually, if you watch the live feeds and BB After Dark you will HEAR how rigged it really is. Sadly, all these reality shows are rigged in some ways. It’s a fact. But if you reality fans are determined to live in denial, go for it. Who cares, it’s just a show for entertainment anyway. Just enjoy it guys!

    1. How awesome would it be instead of Brigade shirts being printed if Matt, Britney, and Ragan came out of the DR with Team Gremlin shirts after this eviction..GO TEAM GREMLIN!

  3. Enzo hasn’t done shit the whole game, he has been riding coattails from the beginning. Its about time they make him fight, he is funny but such a pussy.

  4. Just the Tip:
    Ragan – Dry your eyes and wash your mangina. The kiddies in school are looking up to you. NOT.
    Matt – Never lie about someone you love having a fatal disease. Let’s hope your wife never gets ill.
    But let’s DO hope you get spanked by karma SOON.
    Britney – Don’t bring your Ms Teen Arkansas act to BB. It didn’t win you a crown, it won’t win BB.
    BROgade – There’s no “I” in BROgade. But there are 3 cowards and a low-life.
    Brendon – Just hurry to the jury house and get busy, BITCHES.

    Thanks for tuning in…

  5. Nick and lane look a little alike. Maybe there brothers. Wasn’t it wierd how at first Brits mom said at first that she doesn’t know where Brits and lanes relationship would go but she would stand behind her?? (or something to that fact). And then later she mentioned Nick

    1. I know. I thought that was a bit strange. I mean if I were Nick I wouldn’t be very happy with what her mom said. Not very supportive of their engagement!

      1. I don’t think Mommie likes Nick. Did you catch in the letter to Britney her mother ended with let’s take a trip when you get back. Like she hasn’t been away from Nick long enough. Maybe she was including him in the trip but something tells me she wasn’t…………………..

        1. i agree, mommie doesn’t like nick. i think nick cheated on brit and that’s why she cried so easily when brenden said that nick was probably banging other chicks.

    2. I thought the same thing. Also, if they are engaged, and the one person they all love is on TV, wouldn’t you think they would interview them all together??? Seemed fishy. I wonder if Brit used a fake engagement ring to fend off any possible showmances? As though maybe she couldn’t trust her beauty queen self??

      1. If she pretends she is engaged then the girls don’t feel threatened by her and she wont put herself in Rachel’s shoes and find a soul mate. Its a good lie to help her to just play the game.

  6. if Matt was smart he would be telling Britney how Enzo has been gunning for her and wanted to get her out before Brendon. If Brendon won POV that would definately change her mind on who to put up as a replacement for him instead of putting up Matt. Hoping Matt wins the POV

  7. This is the time that Hayden needs to step up. He needs to win POV, take off Enzo which would force Brit to put up Matt. I doubt she would put up Lane or Ragan, so that only leaves Matt. Hayden, Enzo, and Lane can take this chance to vote out Matt as there may not be many more. Then they can focus on Brendon next week. If they want to win, this will be their best chance.

    1. Vote out Matt thru a backdoor and lose their votes in the jury Matt and Ragan. Matt has already said if brigade ousts him he’s not voting for them.

  8. I hope Brendon goes home, the house will be better without him and all his bullcrap. He is such a hyprocrite, he talks how Britney didnt keep thier deal he never keep his either. Brendon is the biggest crybaby ever. And if Rachel came back I would stop watching she is the most annoying person I have ever watched on Big Brother. I thought it was hilarious how Ragan put her in her place and didnt take her crap. I also love Matt he is so funny he is the only one that is really playing the game.

    1. Your a F’ing idiot. Have you been watching? You must like Ragan. Only and Ragan lover would say something so F’ing stupid. Way to go moron!!!!

  9. I hope Brendon goes home, the house will be better without him and all his bullcrap. He is such a hyprocrite, he talks how Britney didnt keep thier deal he never keep his either. Brendon is the biggest crybaby ever. And if Rachel came back I would stop watching she is the most annoying person I have ever watched on Big Brother. I thought it was hilarious how Ragan put her in her place and didnt take her crap. I also love Matt he is so funny he is the only one that is really playing the game.

    1. brit and ragan are hypocrites, cry babies and I can’t forget annoying, I am not saying this because I’m a fan of brendan and rachel, I don’t like anyone this season, and as far as matt he needs to quit calling himself supergenius and start calling himself DUMBASS
      his big power move was voting out Kathy

  10. I can almost not believe that Brit would be so in Enzo’s favor over Matt. If Matt is backdoored, he needs to tell brit how Enzo plans to get her out next week and Hayden and Enzo wanted her out last week! And what has Lane done for her? He does not even stick up for her

  11. Enzo, Hayden, Brenden: Yes. Britney: No. Brit tends to tell people what they want to hear. She’s not going to tell Enzo that if Brenden wins POV, she’s putting up Hayden even though they told her they want Matt out.

    1. wtf are u talking about?!?!? u obviously dont have have the feeds !!! britney will 100% backdoor matt if brendon wins pov !!!! get your facts right !! or get the live feeds !!!

      1. Its summer and not everyone wants to sit at their computer and watch grass grow. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if they don’t have the feeds.

          1. Brit has a thing for Hayden. I don’t know where it came from, but she does and he will not go up. Sad to say, they will backdoor Matt. They all feel no one will stand a chance against Matt in final 2 because of the sick wife story.

      2. actually I’m hoping Brit is smarter than we think or maybe Matt and Regan can speak logic to her. Hopefully they explain to her that if she puts Matt up he will go home and she won’t be able to play HOH and will be target #1 against the guys, and even if she makes it to the final 2 she can’t beat any of the guys for the money. Most already said that they would vote for Brendon due to staying against the odds. If Brendon goes, B/R/K and whoever out of E/H/L would vote against her. Everyone would vote personally not game play out of that group. She needs to take Matt or Ragan to have an even remote chance at the money. I think she’s smart enough to know this and I also think if she tells Matt how hard people were trying to get him up he’ll turn on them and out the brigade and team with Ragan and her. Hopefully she would put Hayden up as a replacement or Lane to solidify that either Brendon or Enzo go home. If Lane was put up then it would probably split B/H for Enzo, M/R for Lane, Britney casts vote for Enzo, Lane moves to team against Hayden and Brendon. That would be best case scenario for my likes. I have faith in my girl and that’s why she didn’t put Matt up

  12. LMAO!!!

    Like I said, Matt should have taken out Britney when he had his chance. Just for that, I hope she takes him out! If Brendon goes, then I hope Britney takes it all just to rub it in the face on 200 IQ Matt.

    1. I seriously don’t think Britney meant what she said. The fact that ran down to Matt immediately after her last convo with them show where her loyalties lie. She tells people what they want to hear. Like she did last week with Brenden.

  13. Is the PoV competion today? I thought I herd Enzo saying something about they doing it today. I thought it would be tommorrow. Anyone know?

  14. Oh wow this was shocking, NOT.. I have guessed every eviction right this whole season, they are wusses. If everyone hates Brendan so much, take hime to the final 2 with yourself, duh its a guarantee half million dollar win. That makes no sense to me, yeah take a “friend” with u and have a 50/50 chance of winning. Idiots!! Here’s my hope, Brendan eins pov, matt goes up and out. Brendan wins hoh buh bye Bitchney. Then ragan. Just my thoughts

    1. I’m guessing you haven’t been paying attention. Most said due to the fact Brendon would have to fight so hard to stay they would vote for him if he made it to the final 2. I undertand your logic but you should vote on game play not personal likes and dislikes. Althought it’s obvious this season that it’s going to be personal with Rachel and Brendon. I’ve hated guests in the pasts that I believe deserve to win. I hate Brendon this year but if he somehow makes it to the final 2 he definately deserves to win.

  15. I heard on the radio today that lanes real name is nick..they are the two people in the house that know each other. Makes sense since we’ve never seen Nick and how Brit and Lane are sooo close. We will have to watch and see it akl play out.

    1. I thought there was a picture of Nick and Britany together in the HOH room. If that’s not Nick, then who was the joker in the picture that she said it was Nick?

  16. I hate this…..I really think Matt has played the best game, but I can’t even imagine how the people who actually suffer from the disease that he says his wife has feel. That is just too horrible. He could have made up a different lie to get sympathy. I truly hope that he doesn’t win. I don’t remember the disease he said, but just imagine how pissed you, me, etc. would be if he said a disease that one of our family members suffered from. Sorry to get on this soapbox, just frustrating…….

    Go Lane, Enzo and Hayden, …………Brigade minus the gremlin…….

    1. I agree, I pray to God he does not win. Everyone likes him and him playing for his wife makes them like him more. They will be disgusted. If he wins, I might not watch this show again, but if they play with strategy instead of personal like every week has been besides 1 and 3, they will evict Matt within three weeks.

      1. pff! he best donate AT LEAST 50% of his winnings to make it better (if not all of it) and then in that case why even make up a lie to win a game that’s gonna cost you half your prize money anyway?? it’s a stupid lie a stupid game play and could actually hurt him if people figure sympothy will win him the game.. makes me laugh how ragan goes on about matt playing with integrity for his sick wife all in one breath LOL wow these HG are dumb, boring and LAME they believe what they want so that they don’t have to accept their “friends” could be deceitful backstabbing liars – see all sabatour theories. go brendan!

  17. I’m thinking they are trying to divide the house this week. Britney, Ragan, and Matt against Enzo, Hayden, and Lane. Brenden will probably be evicted this week and whoever wins HOH in the double eviction will win the majority for their side. I still have no idea who they want us to root for. Neither have been really cast in a negative light on TV (even though the Brigade is made up of a bunch of lazy, do-nothing, lying hypocrities) I guess we’ll find out this wekk since the side that wins HOH will likely be the side CBS wants in the finals.

    Britney, Lane, Ragan, and Matt are the ultimate Final 4 for me but it will likely be something like Matt, Britney, Hayden, and Enzo.

    1. It’s okay if you go ahead and have your own thoughts on the game. : ) You don’t have to sit around and wait for CBS to paint a picture for you, jeesh!

  18. Ok who are the idiots that cast these morons?? Don’t they do background checks on these people?? Anyone can tell, if not by talking to Brendon for 5 minutes then by talking to his ex fiancé and her mom that Brendan has serious problems upstairs. I mean come on threatening that if she puts him up he has control over the house vote?? I really hate this guy. He is the biggest baby ever to be on BB. And they way he talks about Rachel like she dies bo wrong. I’m telling you after Rachel sees the episode with his ex and she dumps him thus guy is either going to commit suicide or kill someone. He really is insane. It doesn’t matter who was in the house, any girl that showed interest in the guy would be the most amazing girl in the world to him.

    1. LOL! I’m not sure what’s up with Brendon. At first, I was hoping it was an act. He seemingly has a lot going for him but is stuck in another body or frame or mind. I don’t hate the guy by any means, but something ain’t right.

  19. Lane puts u in the mind of Memphis from I believe BB10 he will probably come in 2nd place & hasn’t won/done a damn thing, Enzo needs to meow his ass back to jersey but he probably won’t this week , Brendon needs to stop bitching/whining & complaining when things don’t go his way, Hayden AKA Shaggy is just as 2 faced as the rest he’s just a lil sneaky with it, Brit or Ragan will probably be gone next week in the double eviction. Oh & Matt…he’ll probably win it all…it remains to be seen.

      1. But Memphis was just as useless. It pains me to say anything bad about Hayden and Lane because I like them both, but so far they are no shows too. But they aren’t nearly as annoying as Enzo. Even Brendon manages to win when he needs to most times. That’s why I’m not sure he’s out just yet. Odds are he’ll win that POV.

  20. BB_GuiltyPleasure says:
    August 20, 2010 at 7:13 pm
    I thought the same thing. Also, if they are engaged, and the one person they all love is on TV, wouldn’t you think they would interview them all together??? Seemed fishy. I wonder if Brit used a fake engagement ring to fend off any possible showmances? As though maybe she couldn’t trust her beauty queen self??
    ………… I agree. She isn’t a ugly chick and I don’t think she wanted to get caught
    up in a showmance. I guess she wanted to keep eyes the prize ( no pun intended…..lmao) no

  21. I really hope Matt finds out that the Brigade is trying to backdoor him. If he makes it past this week he should solidify his alliance with Regan and Brit and get Hayden or Enzo out!!!!

  22. Glad Enzyme is on the block. Time for him to put up or get to steppin’! Enzyme says Brit doesn’t deserve the money but I heard him talking about his Investment Banker wife who hires a maid to clean their house even though he’s the one who only works 5 hours a day. Who’s the privileged one here? Not that I care about being privileged. I care more about seeing him finally having to work for earning a spot on this show.

  23. Lane isn’t ”nick”; drop this, already. If Lane is Nick, why would Britney sit down and TALK to the camera, sending messages out to her friends and family? She literally sat there and talked to Nick about painting the walls at home and about how big of a jerk Brenden was to her.

    1. Simon, I don’t know how to attach a link but there is an interview with the real Nick and it is at starcasm.net/archives/61103. Can you?

  24. Why didnt she put up 2 pawns, hope brendon doesnt get picked for pov then who ever wins it could pull one off and backdoor brendon? Cause now he has a chance to win it for surr.

  25. For those wondering if there is a Nick, go to Starcasm.net/archives/61103. He comments on people thinking he is Lane.

  26. I hope Brendon does win the POV. Not because I like him because I don’t really like any of these house guest. He has played the same type of game all of them have played and they are all backstabber. has brendon stabbed anyone?

    1. No he hasn’t and I really didn’t like Brendon at all but this season has been terrible. No real game play from the HGs, a silly DPOV, stupid HOHs and boring nominations. At least Brendon winning the POV will set off some shockwaves. Man…I miss Evel Dick! ;)

    2. you could argue that brendon has been trying to make deals with everybody since finding himself alone in the game.. but they’re not legit deals and these people are just playing him anyway so IMO you can’t break a deal that never truly existed.. really, they don’t plan on keeping their word so why trash him about keeping his??.. looks like brendons loyalties now lie with hayden & enzo those would be the only 2 he could really backstab from here on out by turning on them.. i doubt he will, they’re all he has & he’s more true to their alliance than matt ..

  27. enzo was a little funny in his diary room session on Thurs.BB. he was talking about the message that he got from the sab and he knew that it was kat because they signed it “S”. he said “S” means sheriff.

  28. I can’t believe the meow meow is still gunning for Matt and they are supposed to be the Brigade Bros??? I think that each of the HGs are all just as bad as the other HGs. They all talk the same crap about each other and they all plot behind each others back(this is a social game they are playing right?). The only difference is some play the game more than others. Like them or don’t but they are all the same back stabbers and liars! If it is bad to lie then it is bad to lie. It should matter if one lie is bigger than another lie.

    1. I agree with you. Why is no one all over the other Brigade (yo) members for turning so quickly on their own. Especially since it has been Matt that has carried them this far. He has been loyal to the Brigade (yo) and they are like ungrateful children.

  29. Expected nominations by Britney. But boring boring boring. Can’t expect much else. This has been the most unimaginative group of HGs ever. At least Brendon winning the POV will shake the house up. Still on Team Britney tho. As long her mean ass is safe, I don’t care! Haha!

  30. Simon – any way you can post a pic of the photo Brit has in HOH and says is Nick? I’m dying of curiosity now!!

    1. Celestial, go to starcasm.net/archives/61103 there are pictures of them together.


  31. the only two respectable people in the house r on the block. (enzo only because he’s consistent.. even if its consistently losing hes still entertaining!) if i was nick iwould have serious concerns with brits relationship with lane. its like kristen jr. except britneys hot lol!

  32. Brit totally reminds me of evel dicks daughter! totally forgother name ha! next BB all stars should be BB villians: evel dick, jenelle, rachel, the girl who cried because her picture was bad, the girl with tattoos who was drunk standing on beds yelling, etc. Need some serious entertainment after this season lol! (sorry forgot their names, i have a life lol). OR more better, can we get a house of real people who havent been models posing in thongs bending over? how about some chunky girls seeing as im a chubby chaser

  33. BB house is like rachel’s vajayjay… wouldnt mind being in it but once u r ur never the same. Paranoid, itchy, need psychiatric help. and u end up missing the good old days yet u have a drinking problem and a need for attention….

  34. Isn’t it suppose to be DOUBLE EVICITION this week? So who ever Brit picks will be going home, unless Enzo or Brenden win the POV.

  35. This season of big brother truly does ‘suck’; I was really disappointed. For example, how the houseguest chose to react in particular situations and handled their problems was very childish and immature. Regan would only make attacks on people who held no actual power in the house, so does this in fact make him the bully? He’s a huge hypocrite and contradicts most of the things he says. Then again Matt makes the choice to diagnose his wife with a very serious disease and use that excuse as his reason to be in the house. Brittney swears on her relationship with the current guy she’s with in order to get her places, this makes her a liar and someone who has no value in the real world. She goes back on her promise with Brendan which shows she is totally incapable of holding anyone’s respect and cannot be trusted. Enzo, on the other hand chooses to be fake to everyone hoping to win the game by only making friends and throwing every competition, hoping someone else does all the dirty work, and not showing the slightest bit of effort. Hayden and Lane do not really show their true colours but they are actually there to cut the poop and get things done (this is clear). No bold, game changing moves, or interesting fights (with decent comebacks to say the least)! The only houseguest that played by her own rules and did not allow anyone to influence her was Kathy, however she wasn’t the greatest player, in fact she was useless. With this entire rant of mine and also proof as to why some houseguests don’t deserve to win the half a million clearly illuminates why not one of them should be in that house… With the exception of a few (Hayden and Lane)

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