Big Brother 12 Spoilers- Brendon: “It’s pronounced neanderTAL not neanderthal”


9:15pm HOH Lane and MAtt MAtt’s telling him that Ragan and BRit are very fired up about winning the HOH they know your guys are not the targets if Brendon wins. Matt was telling Brit and Ragan that Brendon and them are the only three that will be really fighting for the HOH.

Matt i don’t blame the brigade for not wanting to win HOH because if Brendon does win HOH he’s going to put Brit and Ragan up and if POV is used he’ll back door me. Matt is kinda hoping that Brendon does win HOH and take Brit or Ragan out then the brigade can get HOH the following week and take Brendon out then. Matt is sure that Ragan is going to collapse under pressure but brit could win it. Lane: “You know it’s not bad if he wins”. Matt: “Even if I go up it’s 3-1 I stay because of the brigade” (4 deep yo).

Matt wonders if one of the brigade is teh sab and they are voted by America to get me out next week do you think if the other 2 memebrs in teh brigade will tell me that a breigade member is trying to vote me out? Lane doesn’t think any of the brigade members will turn on the other until final 4. Lane doesn’t think theres any chance it’s a Brigade member he gets pissed off thinking it is. Lane: “There no way any of use would be the saboteur we’re not that stupid”. They agree that Brendon needs to win HOH this week to take out either Brit or Ragan.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm Enzo, Kahty and Brendon Brendon is asking them to please vote him out because Rachel deserves to be here. HE says that everyone in the house is saying it’s not personnel so why keep him over Rachel. Enzo explains to him that he’s voting with the house so brendon needs to get all the votes in the house. Brendon says if Kathy, LAne, Enzo vote to keep her then thats the house. Brendon knows that it sounds unappreciative for wanting to leave but he’s thought about it and he wants to go. Brendon says he’s fallen in love with her he’s wants to give her this. Enzo (jokes) that maybe Brendon should hit the exit button and leave that would be easier. Brendon: “I would just hope that there’s not 2 people in here that would try to vote Rachel out just to spite him even more”… He thinks that would be a whole new level of maliciousness. Brendon swear that if someone does that he will make their life a living hell. Enzo and KAhty really don’t say much, Enzo cracks the odd joke. Brendon tells them that he thinks Lane is the sab because he’s going around doing what Annie did. Brendon eventually leaves. Enzo and Kathy start talking, Enzo asks Kathy how many times tonight has he asked you that. Kathy say not once. Enzo: “He’s asking me all the time yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm Hammock Ragan, Brit and Rachel Rachel is BLANK and ragan is trying to get her to understand why everyone is pissed at her. Rachel is denies everything ragan Pleads with her to go away because he’s “in reality” and she’s in a BLANK up DRUNK VEGAS world.
Ragan tells her that nobody has said a cross word to anyone except for Rachel. rachel doesn’t get it other people have Said BLANK in the house. Ragan: “theres a difference between playing the game and attacking people”
Rachel: “I haven’t attacked anyone”
Ragan: “I don’t get your behavior don’t understand I’ve seen a lot of my 34 years and I’ve seen a lot of BLANK go down and I don’t know what to think of your behavior”
Ragan tells her that there is things that she did that blows his mind and for her to come back and accuse other people of doing the same thing is shear madness to him.
Brit interrupts tells them they shouldn’t try to bring up past events.
Ragan “when i’m having trouble with a friend and we decide to talk about it I own up with what i did i apologize for it and we move on and that is the way we interact” .. “We at least try to understand a fraction of what the problem is”
Ragan brings up B/R calling people pussy’s and screaming at people that they are going to go home
Rachel: “who said that”
Ragan: “floaters got a life vest.. it’s called being gracious it’s sportsmanship”
Rachel: “uh uhh uh me and kristen have nothing to do with us”..” kristen was yelling at me to and what about when Kristen went off on Andrew”
Ragan: “Oh my god Rachel because andrew said on national TV that Kristen and hayden are hooking up at night.. she’s responding to something not creating it”
Rachel feels like she the victim
Ragan: “all i’m saying is you’re not a good sport when you win you do what you did in the knock out Comp when you lose you cry and whimper”
Rachel denies what she did as being anything substantial
Ragan: “huh what wre you talking about?
Rachel starts crying: “I have nothing to say you don’t want to talk to me I’m sorry i’m tha bad guy i’m sorry i’m sorry” She runs away crying.
Brit: “oh my god she doesn’t live on this planet she lives on the planet I never did anything wrong.. Her denial is preposterous”
Ragan: “I cannot believe she denies she’s never caused arguments, she never was a poor sport she’s never made a face”
Ragan: “did i handle myself ok?”
Brit: “yes you did”
Ragan: “we’re operating on a entirely different level”
Brit: “I would live my lilfe with no responsibilities”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Brendon starts charging outside.
Brenodn: “What the HELL DID YOU SAY to her.. BLANK YOU Ragan you’ve gone from being her friend to this BLANK YOU”
Brit: “starts to giggle”
Brendon: “You and Matt are in an alliance you planned this out”
Ragan: “your so dead on your a greusome twoesome”
Brendon: “I can’t believe you”
ragan: “your a early man you a neanderthal”
Brendon corrects Hayden in how to pronounce neanderthal. Bit starts laughing like crazy.
brendon: ” screw you I’ll win HO and i’ll watch all you cockraoches scramble ”
Brit get up and starts walking like a cave man Brendon geting freaky mad at her. He insults her height and her fiancée Nick . Brendon storms inside looking for rachel find out she’s in the DR and stays by the door talking to himself.

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180 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers- Brendon: “It’s pronounced neanderTAL not neanderthal”

  1. Bullying a women, REAL MANLY brendon… this house has not only brought the pussy in him out but the pathetic loser. he is going to snap, but after rachel is evicted. they did this to themselves their just being HUGE hypocrites

      1. No, Rachel is the one who starts shit and then Brenden interferes because he can’t let anything play out on it’s own. Rachel goes up to groups of people and starts fights and then Brenden comdemns them for ganging up on her. But the only people Brenden will start fights with are people who are smaller or weaker then him. He’s never been in a fight with Hayden or Enzo. He picks on Britney and Matt and Ragen and Kristen because they are easy targets. That is rthe definition of a bully. Britney may be catty to Rachel but atleast they are evenly matched.

    1. he’s not bullying a woman, he’s standing up for a woman. and ragan is wrong, it’s a game rachel doesn’t have to show sprotsmanship if she doesn’t want to. what he doesn’t know is that andrew was not lying. he’s fighting with rachel when he has no clue what he is talking about. Kristen did say first she was going after rachel so did monet, and everyone else in the house. they never gave her a chance to see what her personality was, because they wanted her out from week one.. She has every right to not have sportsmanship being attacked by everyone from the beginning.

      1. i totally agree with you……everyone has been after those two which is their fault. they can have a romance after the show. thats why they are such targets but whatever. rachel n brendon (somewhat) have fought to be there. unlike everyone else they have not been scared as hell to win a comp. so how the hell was she suppose to REACT (ragen) when everyone wants her on the block. yea she does some stupid stuff and she says some stupid stuff. but she does not deserve some of the stuff that they have accused her of. I honestly think they are all jealous of her….not for personal reasons but as far as game reasons. And have i mentioned I CANT STAND KATHY! PLEASE GO HOME OLD LADY….YOU ARE A WASTE OF SPACE ON MY TV SCREEN. And she is talkin about how she is a have not and she cant eat and B and R keep waking her up at night. Bitch aint nobody tell yo ass to jump off that damn paint can anyway. You did that yourself. Im sorry to talk to bad a bout an elder but she just works my nerve when i see her PRETEND to care about R and B and ask them if they are okay and then proceed to bash them to the other houseguests!

        1. I’m not a R/B fan but I totally agree with everything that you said. This is a game and I don’t know why everyone choose to have selective memory when it suits them. Kathy really why are you still on the show because you will be sitting in their suitatation soon enough, as will Ragan and Britney. You really don’t have to beat people when they are down and you know they are on their way out the door anyway (same thing Ragan/Britney accused Rachel of doing to Kristen). Not to mention the very thing that upsets Ragan and Britney so much about what R/B did is exactly the same thing that Ragan/Britney is doing. Ragan/Britney now are just as bad in my eyes because of how they handled the whole thing.

      2. Sportsmanship? This is not the Olympics, this is Big Brother and Rachael seems to realize that. There is so much hypocrisy to go around that everyone looks ridiculous. Enzo and Hayden are the least offensive in all of this. Enzo with all of his antics gave really good advice to Brendon tonight and that was to exit the game if he wants to ensure Rachael stays – unless it’s a double eviction.

        I don’t like Ragan anymore – too bad because I was rooting for him before all of this. Britney tried to stop the conversation from unfolding.

        1. Britney should have left the hammock and shut her mouth because this really didn’t have anything to do with her. She continue to say I will leave and let you guys talk because this has nothing to do with me. All the while she is punching Rachel in the stomach. Britney seems to only get bold when she can piggyback on someone else bashing. I see Britney and Ragan in a whole different light now . Although I’m not a Rachel/Brendon fan I hope Brendon wins HOH and so that I can see Ragan/Britney reap what they have sown!

      3. You know what’s funny? Brendon was NOT standing up for his man (Rachel)! This was a calculated act, similar to Andrew’s, to get himself out of the house. He had no idea what was said and just assumed he knew. He chose two to the three people in the house he thought he could get away with bullying. He is a coward and an idiot (Neandertall?!?). He and Rachel are poor sports and the makes people mad….people keep you in or send you home. Rachel is competitor but after competitions you still have to be friendly so you do not piss people off. Too bad they learned their lesson too late, oh wait….no they haven’t. They will get the opportunity in the jury house though.

      4. It’s always bullying a woman when a bigger man goes after her personally. He didn’t say “Hey, Britney, stop talking to Rachel” he attacked her appearance and her boyfriend. That’s not standing up for his girlfriend. That’s being a misogynist asshole. You people are retarded.

    1. How do you he wouldn’t? Brittney/Ragan provoked him, that’s why he did that.
      Maybe if Lane/Enzo did that, he would stand up against them also. I don’t know.

      1. when lane came at him about the comment he made about people throwing the surfer comp , brendon backed down, so he wouldn’t talk to hayden, enzo, lane the same way he’;s going at 2 weak people

        1. That doesn’t matter Ragan talk they same way to a woman also. Nobody seems to be upset about that and to think I use to really like Ragan.

      1. Exactly and people don’t think that’s woman bashing….give me a break. Ragan is no better than Brendon. They both talked harsh words to a woman!

    2. True dat. Brittany was dumb to get involved, too. She didn’t need to provoke Brendan. That doesn’t help her game. AND…more importantly, why is Regan trying to reason with Rachel? She will never get it. You don’t talk to crazy.

  2. it was ragen who siad the neanderthal not hayden just trying to clariffy that for you bro. It was so hillarious though when that happened then brit started crying after he went inside and talked to himself.

    1. Brendan is starting to lose it. When he was just sitting there talking to himself I couldn’t stop laughing. The guy’s brain hes already voluntarily exited.

  3. Lmao…B/R are both psychopaths especially Brendon with his Im going to stand up for my girl crap…They are so annoying

    1. they’re loyal psychopaths, because i never see matt or lane taking up for brit or ragan. those are the two psychopaths to believe matt and lane have their backs, they don’t even realize they are on their own. now that’s psycho

      1. Lane doesn’t HAVE to stand up for Britney. She fights her own fights, whereas Rachel has her man-slave fight her battles.

  4. That whole scene with Brendon was hysterical. He needs to stop ass-uming what happened during conversations that he did not witness. But I loved seeing Lane give Brit a hug to calm her down. That was so cute.

  5. it’s going down! The delusional vs. the rest of the house.
    Rachel deliberately started a fight with Ragan to try to hang on to votes. *fake tears entered here*
    Little did she know, she just sealed the fate of both she and Brendan’s meltdown.
    They will share a room in the nut hut!
    Click your heals 3 times BB fans.. they’ll both soon be gone. : )

  6. see how two faced brit is, when she had the chance to confront rachel she didn’t, instead she tells ragan they don’t need to discuss the past. then when she gets an audience she says something to brendan. She is so fake until its not funny, i can’t wait for her and ragan to see how they are being used/played. those two are the biggest dummies.

      1. oh yea i would love to see that when that happens. they just dont know but they (brit and ragen) are right behind rachel in that jury house

    1. Dude….two-faced Brit? What on earth were you watching??? Britney and Ragan lay in that hammack speaking calmly and logical to Rachel every second. They didn’t attack her personally, yes, Ragan said she wasn’t being a good sport and he doesn’t understand her behavior. That’s about the furthest thing from a personal attack that has been done on the show. All Britney did was call Rachel out on lying about not coming out of the house and saying “I didn’t even have to say anything to him”. She definitely did that, she definitely did the laugh at Ragan, she did everything they said, pretty much exactly as they said it. But, Britney didn’t two-face anything in that conversation, she called it like it was and she tried to diffuse the situation. Period. But, film at 11:00, you don’t win Big Brother without being two-faced in some capactiy.

        1. Amen to that! Brit and ragan are screwed for next week, but I really wish they weren’t. :( they were completely rational and spelled it out like you would to a little kid… Or a las Vegas stripper

          1. AND when she re-told the story to Brendon she did admit she was laughing at Ragan…then in a blink of an eye denied it again and tried to cover it up – she is very good at admitting some things then forgetting other things….do you think it’s a black out / drinking issue?

      1. oh please no matter how they try to rationalize it they dont like rachel. they blame her for doing shit that everyone has done including past seasons. they need to win a hoh before they can talk about sportmanship. britney had no business in the conversation. what the hell she was involved in the fights because she was a threat to them. she was winning stuff and as soon as you start winning you become a threat. they are attacking rachel on a personal level everytime they say she has std’s. they dont know that. they are not in the bed with her in her home every night and im sure they dont have her medical records. When you bash someone the way they have that’s personal. it has nothing to do with game. And im sure no where in the contract does it say show sportsmanship. If i saw everybody congratulating each other after a comp and holding hands at every competition i would not watch the shit.

  7. Let’s start from the beggining,
    Creepy psychotic Brendon meets whorriffic drunk Rachel in the BB12 house! After a week of knowing one another, the begin a whirlwind romance of drunken vegas stories, table dances, and conversations of “science”…it was a showmance made in heaven…after making it halfway thru the game, Brendon contracted Rachel’s herpes..thus causing him to be unable to win the HOH, (which he blamed upon a small ledge…), anywho, once again Brigade member, Matt won an endurance competion. Matt nominated Rachel and Brendon, whom after realizing everyone hated them went on a herpes and alcohol rampage, after losing POV, Brendon realized he sucked at life and wanted to sacrifice himself for his Vegas escort girlfriend. The pussy sabertoed Brendon, and the drunk vegas escort, Rachel then proceeded to gay bash, and pick on people half there size….

    To be continued…

      1. Ohhhhh! Look at you…loooook at youuu..gettin’ all fiesty wit ya keyboard! I’m gonna say that I choose to see the right side of the argument, which is, Rachel is an escort in Vegas, and Brendon is a sabo-toed pussy who picks on girls who are half his size.

        Thanks bietch!

        1. But those competitions are sooooooooooooo unfair!!! They’re designed for midgets, so it’s really not Brendon’s fault! Production is just against him.

  8. Brit started it with brendon she just cost herself 500k . Ragan and her think they know it all and do even see the lame brigade. All lames!

    1. Exactly. they are worried about brendan and rachel, and don’t even realize they seal their own fate without them. brit should have stayed with rachel while she had the chance, no she wanted to play both sides and she’s going to be the one gone, maybe not before rachel, but i guarantee you she will be gone next week.

      1. I hope Britt is stuck in the jury house with Rachel and no one else. Then maybe she will figure out that she may be good at sharp comments, but very bad game play. Then Ragan, what a fun time in the jury house. Jury house will be more fun than the house.

    1. Exactly. Not that I’m a supporter of B/R, but to single out B/R while Ragan and Britney are every bit as nasty or probably more at this point just isn’t fair.

      1. Its not faaaair ={ its an effing game. Rachel is NASTY. she doesn’t get her way and she cries waaaaa. Brendon is georgeous on the outside but he is emotionally unstable. He’s probably a mamas boy. These things make him highly unattractive!

  9. Its not ok for brendon to talk chit to brit , but its okay for ragan who is till is a man to talk shit about ragan along with the whole house. come on its like being bullied in high school. I dont condone bullys action. The house do it to to them every week. And its more than old. LAME! They all got what the deseved from brenchel. Their all still giving the i hate brenchel show.

  10. Does anyone know when the kitchen scene happened that Ragen is talking about.. I really want to see it on the flashbacks.

    1. I believe it was Saturday. I think it was the day that they lost the POV. It was during BBAD, so it was at some point between 9:00 and midnight house time. Rachel was wearing that purple top, some heels and black stretchy pants (why she got pseudo dressed up I have no idea). But, if you can find that outfit during that time frame, that’s the day. I’ll check a bit for it and if I find it I’ll post it back

  11. I’d just like to point out that Annie DID call it week one, that Rachel was a little nutso. Annie didn’t deserve as much of the flak that she got.

  12. Not that Britney doesn’t say funny stuff from time to time, but she does steal her material from NBC’s Thursday night schedule. Yelling out “dealbreaker!” is from “30 Rock,” and the name of their talk show, “Just The Tip,” is one of the names of Andy’s band from “Parks and Recreation.”

  13. I like brit and ragan. But we dont want harmony in the house. we love drama. They deserved what brendon gave them tonight!

  14. “Ragan tells her that nobody has said a cross word to anyone except for Rachel” all you do ragan is talk about b/r.

    what kind of professor are you? take a good look on the mirror.

  15. Ok this Just The Tip is getting to be ego-masturbation. I just want them to keep fighting, not talking about their fights. We already saw it go down, we don’t need their commentary.

    1. but if you switched to another camera you could watch Rachel painting her nails, that is interesting isn’t it? What is wrong with you? haha

      1. LOL. Very, very good point. This is the only night so far that I wish I had live feeds. Simon should fraps the feeds tonight if there’s any more fights.

      2. im glad that rachel was painting her finger nails cuz it looks good on her part. it will make them think that they did not get to her. that she is over it. all they want is for her to be in there crying her eyes out….throwing people under the bus, and actin crazy causing more drama. that wat they want. she should just ignore them til thursday.

  16. Yes~ Some drama~
    It’s not that exciting… I’m kinda disappointed. Can’t wait until Thursday when we can see the live evictions and possible Brendon’s family reacting to his choice of……. girlfriend….
    Then again, why do I get a feeling they’re going to say:
    “We’re going to support our baby boy regardless of who he chooses to love because it is true love even if the girl he’s in love with a crazy hypocritical over emotional disgrace to all women everywhere.”
    WHY do I get that feeling?

  17. Brit is bad, bad news…constantly talking behind B/R’s back. Ragan is not far behind. Mix those two gossip queens with the self-rightous B/R and you have lots of hate in the house at the moment.

    1. AMEN. she is such a follower like what did she have to do with it. she keeps trying to get lane to come to her rescue like brendan comes to rachel’s rescue, but lane won’t even speak up for her and she is to stupid to figure it out, yet she keeps flirting with him.

  18. This is really a picture of real life. People make me sick. Rachele and Brendon have had their moments, and then some, but these others are really sick. At least Rachele and Brendon where playing the game. I am sorry I chose Ragen to be the Sabature. I can’t wait for reality to hit Britt and Ragen in the face. Of course they won’t have anyone to cry to when Rachele and Brendon is gone.

    1. Ragan isn’t as bad as Brit though. We’ve all known that Brit was a catty/bitchy player since day one. With Ragan though, his hands are somewhat dirty, but he doesn’t go looking for trouble and doesn’t comment when unprovoked. Britney does fit your description though; she’ll talk behind backs and bully for as long as she remains. It’s MUCH more tolerable now that her sidekick, Monet, is gone, so it’s at least bearable.

  19. Brendon strikes me as the creepy stalker boyfriend that you break up with, but can never shake..”she loves me, she’s just confused right now”

  20. Brendon is such a douche bag. He obviously has anger issues. But he is such a pussy he can only bully women or guys smaller than him. He is the true definition of a punk ass bitch.

    1. Brendon is just an emotional guy and seems like he has probably had some bad relationships havent we all. But id rather have him than a guy who treats me bad. And plus he is a guy with a plan for his life he is about to be making some serious dough….id be with his ass too. doesn hurt that he is cute.

      1. It’s obvious that some chick broke his heart .. BUT, to say that he is a “nice” guy when he is doing the same/lame thing the others are doing is not a reason to act like a DOUCHE! Sure, he has done well with his life, if it’s true, but that doesn’t mean he should act like a whiney ass follower! He needs to grow a pair! SN: there’s bad guys, nice guys and those in between – and he is definitely one of those in between guys… The aggravating kind.

  21. “Team Hypocritical Delusional” a.k.a brenchel, i can’t wait til they’re chosen for all-stars so we can witness them making the SAME mistakes and get evicted even sooner than this season…

  22. Wow, finally something exciting happens while I am watching the feeds!! Whatever else you want to say about Brit and Ragan, they did handle themselves rather well while Brendon was going off on them. As for Brendon, although I’m not a fan of his in any way, shape or form, I do understand wanting to stick up for someone you care about. HOWEVER…Perhaps they should mention on “Just the Tip” that it is better to do so when you have all information on hand first. He didn’t even have a CLUE as to what the conversation was about between Ragan and Rachel. And to intterrupt a moment of raging on someone to correct a mispronounced word seems to be rather dumb. And though there have been times where I think Britney should be called out for her delicious ability to mock people, it is certainly not appropriate to try to physically intimidate someone who is significantly smaller than you.

    1. he didnt bully anybody brit was the one who jumped into his face and brendon walked away did you even watch the feeds??? and brendon was initially yelling at ragan but then brit laughed and made fun of him. So get your facts straight that brit is a bitch.

    2. Brit started it and it wasnt even her fight and ragan is still a man !lol. she needs to learn to quiet her mouth sometimes. you act like he hit the girl. The house are mean to them all day everyday. Its not even equal. Its out of control. I dont even like brenchel.

  23. wonder how the campaigning would go if brit and regan are on the block next to each other and loses the pov and have to kiss everyones tale for votes.hmmmmmmmm lets see how that friendship ends up..mean girl against gossip girl ahahahahahh

  24. Exactly!

    Everyone is just in the “I HATE BRENDEN & RACHAEL” bandwagon. I like Rachael, I know she seems like a bitch but how could you judge someone from watching a tv show. Britney and Ragan, there so stupid. They always talk, but I see no action. I know who I’m voting for America’s Player, Rachael why. She played the game.

    1. “I know she seems like a bitch but how could you judge someone from watching a tv show.”

      Whaaaaat?! Have you even been watching the same show? It’s easy to judge her from watching a tv show. She does seem like a bitch and she probably is a bitch. She’s definitely made herself out to be trashy. She deserves all the bashes from Britney about being a nasty skank. She flaunts her Vegas lifestyle, brags about a bikini contest where she woke up covered in vomit with a handful of 100s, and basically said that her clients pay for “whatever they like.” Bitch? Maybe. Trashy? For sure.

  25. I don’t know if anyone is watching bb after dark but ragen and Brittany making r**** analogies.For those two too sit and talk about anyone else being rude is such a double standard all they ever do is talk shit about people.This season is def a huge disappointment:(

  26. I’m a bit baffled. I’m not too crazy about Brit and Ragan’s constant bashing of Rachel and Brandon and I do realize they are being used by the Brigade. But, why would Brit/Ragan align them self with Rachel? She encourages being targeted. ‘Bring it on’, ‘floaters get a life vest’, the constant stupid arguments with other house guests, the smirks and as Ragan says, lack of sportsmanship (smile to their faces but laugh behind their backs is much better) all but cancels anyone wanting to be in any alliance with her. BB is also a social game, let’s not forget that.

  27. Yeah but you probably felt this way When you were 12, not 25 or 30. These two are emotional train wrecks. They are going to be VERY embarrassed when they watch the season and see what America really thinks of them. Mature adults don’t fall in love in two weeks, teenagers do. Their parents did a terrible job raising these two.

    1. No, he is smart and not picking sides. It’s a game. And he probably knows Brit said horrible things about them anyways and deserves a little of her own medicine. Little brat can dish it out but can’t take it

  28. How can people keep defending Rachel after she blatantly lied about walking by Regan laughing like a hyena? I’m not saying the Brenchel bashing by Regan and Brit is right by any means, I don’t like listening to it either, but come on. I would call her out on it too if I was stuck in that house with her. If that’s just “game play” then she deserves to be evicted. Obviously Rachel can’t handle the truth about her own behavior and feels like she being attacked when she gets called on the stupid, childish things she does.

    1. U really think shes gonna remember laughing at ragan?
      As much as she drinks every night is a blur for that chick lol
      But I’m still a b/r fan….. gotta love the underDAWGs.

  29. Well I don’t think Brendon and Rachel have been fighting for their lives the entire game. Week 1, yes but every week since, no. Rachel has carried Brendon to where he is now in the game. Rachel is a solid player, Brendon absolutely NOT. He fails to come thru for Rachel every single time she has needed him to step up to the plate. Rachel downfall isn’t her game play, but her choice to saddle up with Brendon has led to her demise.

    1. totally agree. her and b should have hooked up after the show. she is a great competitor. i would love to see her on all-stars. i think she would do better because then she can see what she did wrong this season.

  30. I agree…rachel has alot to work on….seems like she drinks alot and whatever. but she just livin her life to the fullest. cant knock her for that. she has no kids no husband so she is free to do whatever she wants. unlike brit who is marrying someone that I read she has only been with for 8 months and lived with for 2. I just think rachel’s problem is that she lacks self-awareness! she does not realize how she is coming off to other people.

  31. If Kathy wins bb12 i will be disgusted. And fans are already mad about Matt lying about his wife. i read it in a article in the national inquirer.

    1. National Enquirer???? Really????? People really read that crap????? So when people tell you to get a life — THAT’s the life you’ve chosen????? Oh my, what a waste of sperm.

      1. well i dont really read that mag. my mom had a copy and i just happened to look through and i found an article about bb. and i can see how people can be mad about matt because the disease that he is referring to is a very bad disease. it strikes younger people and i heard it is really painful. i dont think people will respect it. they may not be totally mad about it. but they wont respect it. A lady was pissed about it because her 2 year old has the disease and its not something to joke about. If matt was going to go that route Matt should have just said that his wife is sick and the docs are trying to figure out what the disease or disorder is.

  32. Ragan is Monet 2.0
    Maaaaan if Enzo makes it to the final 2 that dude will
    be sitting pretty bren and rach.
    I love how the brigade didnt say shit while it was poppin’ off
    but a soon as Bren left they are all supporting Rag and Brit. R u ok
    is everything alright? What happend? What was he saying?
    They dont want lose b/r votes. Too funny

    1. Blah, you have me LMBO……..your analogy about the Bridgeade is right on point. You have to give them credit they look as if they are covering themselves very well so far!!!! Still SMH

  33. gaj29 says:

    “And have i mentioned I CANT STAND KATHY! PLEASE GO HOME OLD LADY… Im sorry to talk to bad a bout an elder ”

    You called Kathy an “elder.” That is hilarious, lol..


    Rachel is a disaster.

    Brendon is ridiculous.

    Britney is a bitch.

    Ragan didn’t do anything wrong in telling Rachel about herself. Ragan’s problem is his hypocrisy in ragging on people. If he wasn’t so yoked up with Britney, he probably would be a lot less snarky about Brendon and Rachel and he’d be handling them better while their spazzing out with their failing strategy. It’s clear that Britney is toxic. Just as negatively influential as Rachel’s overreacting, alcohol-dependent, man-clinging, I’m-the-victim butt.

    Kathy going back and forth saying “I’m proud of you,” is a mess. If her “game” is picking up now, she better continue to keep a low profile until she can pick off some Brigaders. wtf…

    The best part of all that drama is when Britney cried. All her smug, self-satisfied superiority and derision and she starts crying because Brendon called her short and said her man was digging out some strange. She mocked him to his face and then cried when he mocked her back? Whatever kind of idiot/bully/pussy Brendon may be, Britney deserved a curveball for her recent behavior. He’s extremely shortsighted and definitely misguided, but Britney deserved that shit. Hell, she healed fast. He barely even grazed her hatin’ ass.

    Ragan better get something really destructive to do as Saboteur. Trying to make Rachel recognize and acknowledge her behavior might have been an act of sabotage… A good start. Did you do that, America? ;)

    (sorry if this is a re-post)

    1. Britney got exactly what she had coming…..My mother always told me “if you mess with trash it will get in your eye”………………and Britney is still running her mouth. Crocodile tears just to get sympathy!!!!

  34. HOH:  Enzo comes in the room, gets the bottle of win from the fridge says it’s white… then tells Ragan I think they are going to sleep, I don’t think they are going to do anything tonight, then returns to the kitchen.  Ragan says to the live feed audience:  Everything is contrived.  I get it, He is trying to get Rachel to stay.  I hate people attacking me especially with all the other stuff I have going on  – it is just a lot of pressure.  This is the point in the game where people crack.  This is the point of the game where Lydia and Chima broke down.  I’m not a weak player.  He looks like his is about to cry and pulls the blanket over his head and sighs.

  35. How is she not able to control her actions? Jordan being a fan of Brendon and Rachel has clouded your judgement. She seems to be 100 percent healthy and is a grown woman. She acts like a wild teenager having sex with a man infront of a live audiance, she drinks knowing when drunk she will be out of control, she is completely capable of controlling her actions yet she chooses to do all these immature actions.

    I do agree Britney and Ragan are rather rude towards Brendon and Rachel but the way they act, they are asking for it. Rachel displays no self respect and embarasses her family with the way she acts. Would you really support your child if she did the same thing?

    Think about it.

  36. Do some of you people that defend Rachel and Brendon actually watch the feeds? When they are alone, B/R bash everyone else as good as the others bash them. If Brit, Hayden, Ragan and even Kathy are bashing them more intensely than ever, it’s probably because they deserve it for being bullies and for their arrogance last week when Kristen got screwed by Rachel’s irrational jealousy. Rachel talked a lot of smack last week with Brit in the tub. Nobody in the house has never talked bad about others, not even Kathy. I had to laugh tonight when Kathy said about Brendon, “He’s a piece of shit, and I never say that”. Rachel wanted them to bring it on. Be careful what you wish for!

    1. Exactly! People are feeling bad for them caus eof all the bashing, but half the time they’re (B/R) are doing the exact same thing. Especially when they were in power. Besides at least if I have to hear bashin I can hear it from britney who is actually comical about it, unlike rachel or brendon who sound like angsty 13 year olds. Ugh. Gag all these brenchel fans make me want to drop kick my grandma.

      1. B n R have not said anything near as bad as brit and ragen have and i watch every bit of big brother. Its wat i wait for every summer. Brit n ragen go so low when they talk about b n r. Especially when it was brit and monet bashing. R and B did talk about the other houseguests, yes they did but alot of the houseguests they trusted and wanted to keep and thought they could make an alliance with them not even knowing that all the other houseguests couldnt stand them and did not want anything to do with them. And most of the time, everytime rachel won power they were up in the hoh getting drunk, kissing and having sex or whatever they were doing. and it just disgusts me how kathy was up there all that time. rachel could barely wipe her ass without kathy being up there. and now she is so mean to her.

    2. why do people keep saying bullying….wth i havent seen any bullying. these people are grown as hell and obviously they are not being bullied because they are doing what they want to do.

  37. I agree with you 100%. Britaney may be a spoiled little bitch at times ( though I still like her and think she’s hilarious) but a real man does not attack a woman, verbally or physically. Period. I don’t care what the situation is! He was so proud that he defended her honor. What honor? This is not medievil England ( though they do have a round table) I’m sorry I just have a huge problem with any male that abuses women in any form.

    1. You claim that “This is not medievil England” but your own attitudes about women and gender seem a bit dated to me. “REAL MEN” don’t attack women even verbally??? Women are capable of defending themselves. Brit is herself a bit of a nasty, and goes around verbally attacking people all the time. She can handle being verbally attacked herself. Sure, it’s not appropriate for Brendon to physically intimidate someone much smaller than him, but does it really need to be on a man-vs-woman basis? Would it be fair for Brendon to physically attack Ragan? Of course not. Your own chivalrous attitudes seem more appropriate for medieval England.

      1. Screw you brah! Like i said, idgaf if Britney punched him in his god damn face, you DON’T try to intimidate or fight with not only a GIRL, but one half your size. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, it don’t matter! Because when Rachel and Brendon are out of the house and Brendon realizes he lost 500K for an Escort from Vegas…we’ll all be winners!

  38. I don’t like the Brigade at all. Matt is the only one that deserves to be in the comp. He made a good pt as to why he’s the one winning all the comps.

    I think the most deserving are Rachel, Brendon, Matt and Britney.

  39. Brendon is a douchebag! I can’t believe how idiotic he looked last night on BBAD, not even hearing the conversation between ragen and rachel! I can’t stand him, hopefully after Rachels fat ass leaves this week, he’ll be out the door soon after. He was just GROSS!

  40. Just to point out the obvious, for every girl that gets booted from the house it reduces the chance for nipple slips, or honey hole shots.

  41. This group is not very smart. Matt, self proclaimed “best player” ever in BB, has not figured out he would get $500,000 if he kept Brendon to take to the end. Everyone left in the house would win the $500,000 if they were against him at the end because with the mean girls help, everyone in the house hates Brendon.
    By reading these post these guest have had a very large hand in making a lot of you hate him also. I support Brendon and no I am not kin to him, never knew him before the show started. Live in Florida….Go Gators!!!!

  42. Brit and Ragan are shit starters and need to stop being catty. I hope that someone notice that they are floating big time. It is so unnecessary for the bashing and meaness to continue at this level. Either Rachel or Brendon will be going home then new targets have to appear. I cant stand Ragan with his self righteousness. These people are always saying who deserves to be in the house. No one has proven that they should be in the house but Rachel, Matt and Brendon. Because they are the one s who won when it was necessary. Since they didnt win HoH or POV they have proven that they need to go home

  43. I for one do not understand why Big Brother would want Rachel to leave this early in the game. No matter what people think of Rachael, She is a big part of what is making this season interesting. As for as Britney, I was becoming a fan, but i can’t stand spoiled little rich girls. She reminds me of those girls on the Cheerleading squad. They just thought they had the right to judge everyone, and that their opinion was felt by all. Well let me tell you something honey, Most people aren’t spoiled and fed by a silver spoon, So here is hoping you are on the block next week to see if there is a real person inside you fake better than any woman in the BB houseattitude. Can’t wait to see you cry again, so you can run to the Pussy Cat Lane to tell you what and how to do. I like lane, but he is boring!! Vote Brenda out!!! KEEP RACHAEL, THE HOUSE WILL BE VERY ENTERTAINING!!

    1. I’m rethinking some things and since Britney continue to run her mouth and talk smack…I hope Rachel will stay in the house and let’s see how much more smack she will start then. Ragan,poor thing he needs to be nice to everyone because if you look at him wrong he looks as if her will cry like a baby!!!

  44. ragan should know that he is not in reality either bc he is weird, anyone who meets him is going to think he is weird – and not bc he is gay – but bc is a WEIRD-O….i hate to say it but rachel was right, this guys lives a sad, pathetic life in a one room apartment…he gets one taste of being part of the inner circle and this is how he handles it

  45. can someone please explain to me what (specifically) Rachel did that was bad and so different than anyone else has been doing? seriously, bc I want to get another perspective…Rachel won POVs and noone else but Matt did so she was in a position to seem high and mighty (which she was) but who wouldn’t be – and to have people begrudge her?? Don’t they see that?

    If Andrew were here, he would say the same about Matt for getting him out and Kathy is just too vacuous and inconsequential and has no idea what’s even going on to see that her whole game has been played under a bus…when people watch this back, they are going to see how ragan and britney have sunk so low i would be embarrassed to just be in public (esp. Ragan who is an educator heaven help us)

    1. couldnt agree with you more…Rachel has that annoyance about her when she goes into “My Man” but she is playing the game unlike the rest…and Brit.and Regan…are only superior when they have a group of people to back them up….they are what you call followers….

    1. Brendon would be too scared to go up against Lane, enzo and Hayden and I think Brit and Ragan would be too scared to go up against Brendon if he wasnt’ such tool.

      Can I get a GRENADE!!

  46. Brendon never have a girl friend before? He talks about being with some 39 yo from Vegas? He prob never had a girl throw herself at hime before – so aggressive, and easy?

  47. Ragan and Britney are so disgusting, they should be embarrassed. Every time I read this I am in shock that two people like this exist. Ragan is telling Rachel that he does not what to make of her behavior – who the f*** is he? her father? to everyone that matters, he is a pathetic irrelevant person. How is what they do any better? Britney is such a stereotypical small town cliche that it should comfort us to know that her small mind will resume a small inconsequential life after the show is over. These two are on their way out and they fighting the two people who have nothing to do with that fact. What did they come here to do – win or behave like children?? Ragan got picked on bc he was probably a weird funny-looking child, and instead of this engendering understanding and compassion, instead of being evolved, he regresses past his own childhood unconsious wished to disdainful, primitive namecalling and verbal abuse. Britney, as well know from her state university degree -and low achieving job is a grade A moron – but at least try to maintain decorum and decency in public.

  48. I totally agree. Ragan and Britney are just jealous and mean-spirited people. They are too dumb to even play their own game, just ride the shirt tails of the HOH, no matter who it is. They were too ignorant to team up with Brendon and Rachel who would have given them some chance to win. The only way I will continue to watch this season is if Brendon and Rachel are somehow saved. There is no one else in the house even capable of playing the game.

  49. yea i totally agree. Rachel is young she still has some things to learn and to grow. Britney just gets on my nerves. i dont like her at all. and i dont think she is that pretty. Her hair is horrible i wonder if thats her real hair or if she has some extensions. it looks like it or it may just be thin.

  50. Brat and on the Rag are this years Knat and Kevin. I respect Knat and Kevins gameplay better it was all for the game. Brat and on the Rag are way too personal. Let see what happens when they are on the block.

  51. Here is Rachael and Brendans problem. It’s good to have an alliance with someone. But you MUST play your own game, for yourself, not for the two of you but for yourself. You should make deals for yourself and not try and make it that you come as a package. You should not be risking your own game for someone else. That is exactly what they have done.

    When Rachael was HOH she never did anything without Brendan by her side. It was always done as a team. When they were on the block, again it was always as a team and when they were scared of being put up on the block the deal was made as if they were one, not as if they were 2 separate people. Other HG are not going to like the fact that you are trying to play as one. They know that they are always going to vote the same way whether it is beneficial or not.

    Just like when Kristen told Brendan that it would not be wise to keep Hayden over her because of his alliance with the other guys, he did not care, Rachael wanted Kristen out because she was jealous of her and didn’t like her, so Brendan was going to vote the way Rachael wanted whether it was in his best interest or not. You need to play your own game for yourself.

    The Brigade are sticking together and trying to watch each others backs but they certainly do not make deals that involve all 4 of them as if they are 1. Matt made a deal with B/R during his first HOH and the deal was his deal, it was not, I won’t put you 2 up so then you can’t put up me and these 3 other people. He made his own deal for himself for his own game. In the mean time he is trying to watch out for the Brigade but he is not making deals as if the Brigade is 1 cuz they are not 1, they are 4 separate people playing 4 separate games.

    You want to make a deal for yourself then win something and you can make your own deal. Don’t expect someone else to risk their game for you. I think B/R have risked their individual games by hooking up the way they did and always portraying themselves as 1.

    Rachael starts a lot of crap and then Brendan sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong. If she wants to have a screaming match with someone then you need to butt out of it and let her have her screaming match. It’s not his fight. I feel sorry for him (not really) when they get out in the real world. She is an instigator and he feels the need to come running to her rescue, he is gonna get his a$$ kicked every night in VEGAS!

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