Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Blow up Aftermath, Brit to Brendon: “No wonder your family doesn’t support you, you humiliate them.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Brit crying after the blow up Lane site beside to tell her it’s alright this is how the game goes. Lane tells her to toughen up she’s a southerner we have more emotions than this west coast people. Lane tells her Brendon id doing his last hurraay right now because he thinks he’s going home but he’s not he’s staying here and he’ll have no one. ragan asks her if she’s alright Brit says yes she’s not use to yelling like this. She asks them if they heard the comment about her height. Brit: “He said what you going to do 3ft nothing” Ragan said he never heard it (I heard it). Lane tells her it’s time to get up and go win a pool tournament.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Beside the DR Door Brendon is talking to himself saying he was raised differently then the people outside and how Brit and Ragan are liers and they’re attacking Rachel. He gives his side of the story which is messed up but there some truth in it. Brit goes into the Kitchen see’s him siting beside the DR door talking to himself and says “No wonder why your family doesn’t support you, you humiliate them.” (I swear it sounds just like pazuzu) Brendon : “Ohh thats a good one gee willikers Nick such a lucky guy after he’s done hooking up with all those chicks”
Brendon goes on saying he’s so exhausted, he won’t stand for it anymore. He believes Rachel is an amazing person and she does not deserve to be talked to like Brit and Ragan do. He doesn’t care if he looks like a crazy lunatic, he won’t put up with them being mean to her. Brendon: “I don’t want to look like an a$$hle on TV, but I’m not going to stand by and let people treat people like that.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:50pm Taj Brendon and rachel are drinking some wine. Brendon goes over his blow up with with Brit and Ragan, Rachel goes over hers as well. Brendon tells her he won’t put up with people making her cry he got really mad at Ragan and Brit. Rachel tells him she went over to apologize to ragan and he takes it so personally, Rachel: “they wouldn’t even listen to me” Brendon: “I’m so sick of both of them thinking they are so high and mighty” Rachel cannot understand who they can be so mean to her what did she do that was any worse than the rest of them. She keeps repeating that she went over there to make peace with Ragan and Brit (Rachel really does live on a different planet)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm Just the Tip


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:30pm Brit sneaks up to the taj door and listens in on B/R’s conversations. She finds out here talking about the Salem witch trials and how it’s just like that in the house.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:40pm everyone else outside in the pool tournament Brit comes back and tells them there is no way that Brendon is going to quit.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:52pm Pool tournament with a bit of B/R bashing They mentions that in 30 minutes Rachel is going to come out the sliding glass door drunk with her crazy jokers face on.

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Allison Grodner’s family doesn’t support her because it’s an architectural impossibility. Not even her bra can support her. We’re lucky the planet is still in orbit.


u get fired from cbs??? we dont care about what u have to say about AG.


False. Some people do care .


I definitely enjoy it.


I could care less also!


I’m shocked this thread isn’t deleted by Simon yet. He has been deleting everything else that has personal attacks on it, why not one attacking AG?

Other K

you may not but I sure do. I love AG jokes.




Chima?..Is that you? a bitter little thang aren’y ya?




Aww, BBAD is over. I wanted to see another fight!


You know what…we’ll all be winners when Brendon and Rachel are out of the house and Rachel attempts to introduce Brendon to her clients and he runs off and crys as she partys away in Vegas…VICTORY!


brit is so full of it. she’s talking about rachel crying, i mean this girl crys over stupid stuff. Like being called spoiled, and now short, that’s crazy. Ragan has been called worse and so has other people and she’ is crying over what brendan says. she’s talking about his family, i bet her mother must be really proud to know she still has a little girl. now nick on the other hand may not, he needs to find him a woman.

Vegas =]

Wouldn’t it be funny if brittney and lane hook up. LOL


you’re right, funny, I don’t think he looks at her that way. I think she likes him though.


Pretty sure she wasn’t crying over being called short. It was wrong for Brendon to just come out and say crap about Nick banging other girls. I’d cry too if I knew I’d get kicked out for hitting someone because I know if he had said something like that to me, my first instinct would be to slap him in the face. She only talked about his family after he insulted her and said what he said about Nick. Maybe you should flashback and actually pay attention this time. Start with Ragan and Britney on the hammock when Ragan called Rachel out. He was very calm about it. He didn’t throw out any insults. He spoke the truth and OF COURSE it made Rachel soooooo sad. So she goes and complains to Brendon that these horrible people are hurting her feelings so he comes out and starts attacking Ragan. Sorry folks. Brendon and Rachel bring this crap upon themselves. Rachel has basically told the entire country that she’s trashy (see the post about waking up covered in puke and clutching a wad of 100s) and Brendon screwed himself by handing his balls to Rachel. If anyone’s family should be humiliated, it’s Brendon’s. How’s his mother going to feel when he brings Miss Vegas home? And I hate to call you out, Bill Nye, but Neanderthal can be pronounced either way.


“She only talked about his family after he insulted her and said what he said about Nick.”

are u serious?? all she does it talk about him. she cried because she knows there may be truth to it. if she thought otherwise she would have just yelled back.


NO but ALL Britney does is talk shit about B/R…….you really think that is something for her parents to be proud of…’s disgraceful………wouldn’t want to be her co-worker…’d get some nasty shit said about you. What irritates me about this whole situation is that as an adult I get to control how I act and react to situations…..don’t tell me b/c B/R did this….i’m gonna be a crazy bitch that rags and rags on people. Didn’t your mama teach you if you have nothin’ nice to say then don’t say anything?


I agree with you. What I see is old high school bulling going on. I believe that she does this outside the house also. Because she enjoys it to much. It is not just a game. She is too good at making fun and humilate them. She can give it but not take it. This cast does not realize that this could cause damage control at one point. All week I have watch on BB after dark making fun of B/R(over the top). Yes I am also burned out with B/R love for each other. It gets old and sickening. But on the other hand I am very dissappointed in the rest of the crew. For example, Matt with his wife disability,bad move lot of people are angry about using this disease as a joke. Enzo’s state is disowning him. I read an article in i believe that they are not backing him up because he has protrade NJ of being Idiots. Ragan of all people should know how it feels to be rediculed and he is just as guilty. Brittney is the gueen of the pack when it comes to being mean. Another example Brabdon’s toe. I am curious what are there flaws? Make Brandan is the way he is because of people like them in the house. Who knows. I can see one crew or two threw the game but this is over the top. NOT FUNNY! Yes they do not do this to their face but absolutly to our country.


what else is she crying for? either way being called short or saying your man is sleeping around. what is that to cry about. if she’s secure in her relationship nothing brendan says should bother her, and if that offends her that he’s talking about her hiance then she should understand how brendan feels with them talking about rachel.


She’s a female. I know I’ve cried after heated arguments before. It’s not like people are made of stone.


I think she’s more upset that he’s yelling at her. Brendon needs to let rachel fight her own battles if she’s being “bothered” by ragan and brit. When he jumps in and starts yelling, then it looks like he is coming out of nowhere because no one said anything to him. Brendon and Rachel should have never isolated themselves from the rest of the house. They could have been in “love” and hung out with everyone. They think that the can be in an open, strong alliance, bully people around, and take out people for personal reasons, and then be babies when they lose.


Not to mention Britney should have gotten out of the hammock to let them talk as she kept implying she would do. She put herself in the line of fire so when you get shot you shouldn’t cry about it…..That’s what happens when you interject yourself into something that has nothing to do with you.


What the S*&^ , Brit is constantly bashing of Rach/Bren almost all day and night for weeks and keep throwing insults with lane earlier today so bren can hear. Then he fights back and poor spoiled little Brit goes and cries to lane, Rach and Bren dug their own grave!, but everyone of the house guest have done just as much bashing. Brit has had her nose into every conversation and egging it all on. She is just as bad as the rest. She has made more jokes about them, than anyone else, I don’t want to be in the water with her I might catch something and worst. How old is Brit 7 years old. People think if you say something mean about someone and then laugh if off as a joke, is ok. Brit has cried almost the all show long. She digs at people, brown nosing with whoever is in power and smears everyone. They need to get rid of rach/bren/brit/matt and Regan, their game is about smearing everyone and trying to make themselves seem like they are a victim. Poor me!


Their “bashing” was more comedy then it was being mean. I mean has anyone ever heard how insulting rachel gets in her eviction videos? I mean sometimes from reading these comments, (and this is not addressed to you), you get the feeling that no one has ever not liked someone and said things behind their back, or made jokes behind their back about what that person has said that might have been stupid. I don’t think they say it to her face because they don’t take them too seriously, therefore it’s not necessary.

Oldie but Goodie

There’s an old saying: don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Well, Brit dishes all day long. She has since she got there, but she does it behind everyone’s back. Someone said something to her face, and she can’t take it. With how mean spirited she has been, you’d think she’d be a little tougher. She hates the guy anyway, what difference does it make what he says?


She needs to shut her little smart mouth… Dont start a fire if you cant handle the heat!




Right on the money topgun… read my mind!!!

The Excitement

this was an incredible fight night!!
I bought the livefeeds about 4 days ago, and am hooked. I saw it all happen Live. and i’ll probably watch it again on BBAD. (i’m on the westcoast)
but OMG.. I looove Britney! she looked so adorable trying to fight against the Neanderthal.
i’m so glad she didn’t get hurt. i wish i was there to protect her. but she looked so cute! but she was so crazy to be egging him into trying to hit her. that’s crazy yo!
it’s all bojangles tho. she’s ok. i just hope she chills out before she gets hurt.
Brigade is running strong. all the shuns!


you are like a stalker dude. u want to protect her??? creeeeeepy!


Protect her from what? She keeps talking crap about R and B and she keeps on provoking Brandon, then cries when he tells her off. She’s a troublemaker who plays victim when someone talks back. And even then she goes behind their back and starts making fun of them all over again. I know her type. She’s has a nasty personality.


I agree with goofy. Anything Brit’s got coming, she’s asked for. I don’t believe its strategy – she’s just a nasty little bitch.


nasty is a bit much. everyone on here talks about houseguests being mean for talking about people behind their backs as if they’ve never done it. They say mean things on here about brit as well and then ridicule her for doing the same thing. Brendon and rachel did it too before they were put up. Rachel thinks she’s better than everybody in the house and she uses brendon.


Exactly, protect Brit from what? ? All she does is bash, bash, bash. It’s too bad B/R will be voted off. I’d like to see what would have happened to Brit if they stayed. She listens in on private conversations then throws her little spin out there AND all the other stupid HG’s believe every word she spits out and distorts. I guess this is how she plays the game. After all it is only a game. And we all remember Nasty Natalie from last year..


Ive had a million of Britneys…
Its called Insecurity!
Bash out and play the victim!


When was this fight? I thought I knew what everyone was talking about but the fight I saw Britney was not crying. Was this on BBAD? If so what night?


brit is gnat reincarnated


yes except nat wasn’t a cry baby like brit. nat only cried pretty much about jessie




the only chance regan has at winning 500k is againsy brenden. too funny.


Ohhh. Looks like they hit a soft spot. Haha. But it is true. Ragan cannot win against anyone else.


u stfu. he is right. stfu stfu look at me, im so imature


I have to disagree, Brendon has nice arms but I can’t stop laughing at the perplexed look on his face. He always seems so confused with what’s going on .. Hello, it’s reality! Besides, Hayden has a better body! 🙂


I agree with you FelonyMelanie!!! 100%!!!

Dixie Doll

Brendon doesn’t even come close to Lane in the hottness department! Brendon’s personality has made him less attractive than Jerry from Season 10. YOU’RE GOINNNN HOOOOOME!


Are you kidding? Lane is fat and ugly.


1) Lane is definitely sexy.
2) I don’t know if I’d prefer Jerry over, Brendon though… That’s a bit much, maybe i’ll just settle for Ronnie.


LOL.. Lane is jjust UGLY!
sorry if you guys like hat type and think its hot..


Can’t stand Brit and Ragan! They r so insecure about themselves they have to talk about everyone else. Can’t wait for Brit and Ragan to be on the block! They made a big mistake not alining with Rach or Brendon cause brigade will get them out!


I can not believe these people how they talk about everybody behind there back Brittney needs to go she is such a back stabber and a twitt, sneaky, and skum and Regan gives a bad name to gay people, no wonder why he does not have anyone in his life. I feel sorry for Brittney boyfriend he is really stupid if he does not realize what is going on with Lane and Brittney they are hooking up, and Kathy I am really diappointed as a mother and I am shock that she goes along with all the back stabbing I am really disappointed with this season. Brittney is in the tub last week dogging everybody and now is kissing there ass…………


Lane and Brit’s relationship is odd to me. They have a brother/ sister old married couple dynamic. The way they argue, the way they joke around. The way they hugged in the hammock. The fact that they even went to the hammock to talk. I really want Julie to reveal that Lane is really “Nick”


Wow, I guess everybody was right from the beginning calling out Brendon as the posterboy for douchebaggery and major toolness. I thought he was just misunderstood and I’m usually a good judge of character. Or maybe Rachel’s toxic juices had muddled his brain.


I feel honored to be posting on a forum with all of these standup people who have never said an unsavory word about anyone behind their backs. It sounds a lot like the Brendon and Rachel case of being in total denial about what goes on in the world. But, hey, either way, I’m glad to be among angels as pure as the driven snow.


Because, it is so TRUE..


Wow I never thought of Lane and Brittney being related they just might be they both have the same personality scum I like Lane at first but he turned out just as bad as the others and sneaky I hope Enzo takes it all from Matt…Matt using a illness just turned my stomach I hope he gets no votes just for that. I hope all the houseguest gets to read this blog, so they can see how bad they really are expermental rats is what they are.


The people that think that Brit and Ragan shouldn’t be talking bad about Rachel and Brendon must have missed the point of the show. This is Big Brother, not “Lets be Best Friends”. I think Brit and Ragan are the most entertaining part of the show. I loved the “Just the Tip” tonight, and the “cat fight” that Brendon tried to pick with them was hilarious. Funny how most of the people that want Brit and Ragan to stop are B/R fans. How soon they forget that last week, Rachel was going on and on about Kristen, most of it not true and fueled by her own fantasy and jealousy. And she didn’t have the balls to say it to Kristen’s face. At least Brit and Ragan make fun of Rachel for things that are true. Rachel keeps whining about how everyone is kicking them when they are at their lowest point, but she did the same thing to both Monet and Kristen and even to Andrew. She is a hypocritical skank with a double standard and an exaggerated sense of self importance. The rest of the house is playing the two of them like a symphony. They really think Brendon’s pathetic attempts at getting himself voted out are working and that Rachel is staying. I can’t wait to see their reaction when Julie says, “By a vote of 6 – 0, Brendon……… are safe, Rachel, you have been evicted”. This will be almost as good as Chima’s reaction to the coup de etat and her subsequent meltdown. Maybe Brendon will be too heartbroken to stay in the game without his cheap hooker.


Brenden is definitely more attractive than Lane. Lane likes to beat people up and is a jerk in real life.


This season is the MOST lame season of all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t stand Britt, she is a cross eyed witch thats talks crap about everyone. I hope Nick finds someone else.


This season, IMO, has become the most interesting season since I started watching BB. I cannot understand why people say it sucks, other than the B/R fans who are pouting. Watching the Brigade work the house is just awesome; the HGs have no clue and each Brigade member has a side alliance to distract everyone from the real one. Last night, they said if they make final four, they will ALL be asked back for the All Stars. Go Team Brigade, 4 deep yo!

brit is hot but a bitch

at least brendon and rachel are playing the game and not riding coat tails like everyone else in the house. The brigade sucks ragan likes to suck and brit is a bitchy little girl. Kathy does nothing but has big boobs.


The only ones who have been playing the game are Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Matt.

What has Enzo, Lane, Brit, Hayden or Kathy done? Hayden won once early on, but nothing since.


Brit won 3 POVs

sigh 23

Brit won 3 POV’s.and people need to stop bashing Brit and Ragan.Yes they bash Brendon and Rachel so does everybody else they have nothing better to do in a house with no outside communications.its just obnoxious to complain about it out doesnt matter anyways the brigade will probably make it to the final four. i hope Lane wins if thats the case.


They are all playing the game in their own way. Rachel and Brendon aren’t playing the game anymore than Matt. They are just louder and more outwardly obnoxious most of the time. Besides, people may be playing it in a low key or “lazy way” but they are still playing the game. If they are in the house, they are playing the game.


Karma, Karma, Karma. Yes this game is not called lets be friends, however since I have been lookin at BBAD for the last 2 weeks it has been centered around B/R bashing Rach/Brend yeah some of it was funny at first but sh*t gets old, enough already. But lately all I hear from Brit/Rag is how Rach/Bren are such bad people and I agree some things do make them look undesirable, however your showing us that your one in the same. I’m just say’n anybody who has any sense of good within them does not spend the entire game doing what Rag/Brit is doing. In my opinion she comes across as very sneaky and the type of B*tch from highschool that everybody was always given the beatdown because they were always up in the middle of sh*t! OMG-somebody kill me right now. I’m so over it! NEXT!!!!! I have been watching BB since season 1 and this is by far the most lame season that I’ve ever watched. Again, just say’n…….

BigBrothers Big Brother

I was hoping Brendon did his house meeting last night. That lame attempt at defending Rachel was laughable. I get defending her when you are there and a part of the convo but to come after the fact is kinda stupid.

Now I do believe Ragan and Brit did attack Rachel in that exchange. Brit shoud’ve just left the conversation and let Rachel and Ragan talk. There was no reason whatsoever for her to stay and interject her opinions. It just gave an audience to Ragan’s thinly disguised attempt at chastising Rachel. I do believe Rachel has done bad things in the house and gets a little crazy. But overall, I do not believe she is a bad person. The non stop personal attacks against her and Brendon have been a bit much. I cringe when I hear the whole house jump in and bash them.

They did seal their own fate when they isolated themselves and chided other people and forced alliances (like making Enzo swear on his family) so I’m not surprised they are where they are. But to see the whole house become silent or leave the room when either/both of them show up is downright childish. What has Rachel or Brendon done to any of them that could be considered so unforgiveable? Its a game, develop thick skin and learn not to entrench yourself in alliances that should be fleeting at best.

I was disappointed when Kathy the Sleeper Cell participated in the ‘Tips’ talk show. I like the show because it provides comic relief but I wish they would become less harsh on B/R and even make fun of themselves some in that segment. That would show more good well and sportsmanship.

I also wish B/R would take ownership of the fact that they put themselves in this predicament. It didn’t just happen.


People you guys need to chill its a game. Everyone in the house is talking about everyone Brendon and Rachel talk as much trash as everyone else. Those two really need their mouths washed out with soap for their language. so why cant they just play a game and not use all the bad language they use. Ragan and Britney was telling the truth about Rachel and Brendon is just a puppy following her around while she is trying to train him to her liking. Everyone in the house has lied Matt for one, Ragan has, I really dont think anyone in the house has told one ounce of truth to anything they say. Its a game and everyone gets mad at everyone that pulls for different people. Each person has their own person they want to pull for in winning this game. Trashing each andy everyone is not necessary I think.


they all talk about r/b and have been since day 1. b/r are sticking up for theirselves against the hipocrites who all think they are high and mighty and their shit dont stink. the great part is that after all its said and done ragan, brit and kathy will realize that r/b were their only chance at geting in the final four. cant wait till ragan or brit end up in jury before brendon.


what does awaiting moderation mean?

Common Sense...

Dude, Brendon is so, so hot- even w/ the daily diarreah that drips from his douche mouth, he is still one of the hottest guys BB has ever brought to our table. Truth.




What I see is old high school bulling going on. I believe that Brittney does this outside the house also. Because she enjoys it to much. It is not just a game. She is too good at making fun and humilate them. She can give it but not take it. This cast does not realize that this could cause damage control at one point. All week I have watch on BB after dark making fun of B/R(over the top). Yes I am also burned out with B/R love for each other. It gets old and sickening. But on the other hand I am very dissappointed in the rest of the crew. For example, Matt with his wife disability,bad move lot of people are angry about using this disease as a joke. Enzo’s state is disowning him. I read an article in i believe that they are not backing him up because he has protrade NJ of being Idiots. Ragan of all people should know how it feels to be rediculed and he is just as guilty. Brittney is the gueen of the pack when it comes to being mean. For example Brabdon’s toe. I am curious what are there flaws? Maybe Brandan is the way he is because of people like them in the house. Who knows. I can see one crew or two threw the game but this is over the top. NOT FUNNY! Yes , they do not do this in front of their face but absolutly to national TV just as bad especially when they go home and deal with real life. I realize this is a game and it is expected now and then from someone. They can give it but can’t take it. Much as I am sick of B/R. I kind of like to see them stay out of spite for all the ridiculing they get. LOL