Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon “Begs” Enzo to Vote him out this week

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8:30pm Taj Brendon and Enzo Brendon breaking it down why he needs to go over Rachel. Brendon doesn’t know what the hell they are going to do they are outnumbered he doesn’t think him staying will be a good idea. Brendon explains that Enzo is the pawn to them (Brit, matt, ragan) just like Kathy is, if they win HOH they’ll put Brendon up against either Enzo or Kahty. Enzo doesn’t know what the BLANK the house is doing he’s not even sure where the vote is going. Enzo: “If you stick around though you gotta fight YO you gotta play” Brendon: “yes of course i’m just saying Rachel may have a better chance”. Brendon says that Lane is telling lies about him, Brendon: “He’s doing the same thing Annie did”. He brings up the comment about Brit having a tiny brain. Enzo: “oh yeah like Annie did right Yeah yeah”. Brendon warns him that Lane is going to attach to Brit, Ragan and Matt and cruise to final 4. Hayden walks in Enzo tells him they need to figure out what is going on in the house straight up yo. Brendon wonders if he asks lane to vote him out if he’ll do it, Hayden doesn’t know what Lane is going to do but Hayden thinks what Brit wants to do is going to be what lane wants to do. Enzo adds that Ragan and MAtt are together so consider their oppinion to be the same. (GRENADES) Brendon tells them that Matt is scared of Rachel because she is so strong mentally and phsycially. Brendon says unless they have another midget endurance comp Matt and ragan won’t win HOH. Enzo: “I like rachel to yo but your sure you want to give that girl 500k dollars”. Brendon: “I’m not giving her money I’m giving her a chance”. Brendon says he’s 100% sure that Kathy will vote Rachel to stay because she has nothing to lose. He reminds them that Kathy moves to whoever has the power. Enzo tells him to talk to lane and ask him straight up. Enzo and Hayden leave walking buy the kitchen Enzo goes up to ragan and MAtt at the counter says, Enzo: “YO it’s like he’s begging me yo” MAtt: “For what man” Enzo: “To keep Rachel yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm HOH Hayden and Matt

Ragan wants to talk about the future what they are going to do after Rachel goes home. Matt i ssure that if Brendon wins HOH then either himself, ragan or MAtt are going up. Matt thinks that other people know this so they may not try as hard in the HOH comp. There a lot of people that are safe if Brendon wins HOH all they have to do is act a bit upset and nobody will care, MAtt: “You me and Brit have to work our BLANK off trying to survive”. Ragan says they need to go talk to Brit. ragan is confident that Brit will not fold under the presume plus she’s very good with the quiz questions. Ragan tells him he’s getting a little nervous about Thursday. Matt: “don’t get nervous get juiced up.. Brendon is going to be plenty nervous when He finds out he’s staying”. Matt: “I’m nervous i’m so nervous HA HA HA all I can do is stand there and watch” my only chance is veto thats where my mind is at. Ragan: “I will be the target between me and brit”. Matt “yeah pretty much yeah your the target”. Brit comes in

Ragan tells her that they may need to really fight for the HOH this week because there players that won’t bother because they know they are safe. Ragan goes through all the scenarios, telling her that Brendon is fighting for his life he’s going to get it unless we prepare. Brit and Ragan decide to pick it up and start getting ready for HOH. Ragan: “This is going to be a really great Thursday or a really bad Thursday.”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:00pm Enzo and HAyden debriefing after talking to Brendon Enzo telling him they should keep Rachel he thinks Brendon is dead weight to keep around and they can manipulate her. Hayden says they need to stick with the plan, Enzo agrees. Enzo is going to start working Brit about putting Brendon up with kahty if she wins HOH. He is worried that he’ll go up as a pawn against Brendon . HAyden thinks they have to watch for Ragan he might use a brigade member as a pawn. Enzo is sure there safe either way for one week, “theBLANK donkey” is the target, plus they control the votes.

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128 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon “Begs” Enzo to Vote him out this week

  1. BB13 just got announced! Allison Grodner enters the house with 14 Diamond POVs, and must beat 14 other houseguests to make it to the end. Will she win with ease? Expect the unexpected! Week 1 she trades in each of her DPOVs for edible furniture. Besides, if she’s ever in trouble she can just cheat. Unless . . . is the jury house edible?!!

  2. A whole conversation:
    “Ball?” “Bull”
    “Ball?” “Bull”
    “Ball?” “Bull”
    “Ball?” “Bull”
    “Bull?” “Ball. Wait…”

    1. I don’t think that’s wrong what he said. i think what was wrong was when he said kathy votes the way the house votes, knowing she doesn’t makes me think he’s just talking to make them think he has her vote, and makes me think he’s trying to start something so they will vote him out because he keeps saying lane is saying things when he’s not. but it does prove everyone else wrong that said brendan will only go after small people because there’s nothing small about lane and he is about to start something with lane.

  3. FINALLY. Matt and Ragan gets it. They know if Brendan stays they will get put up if he wins hoh, they have now figured out the rest of the house is not going to play hard for the hoh competition, they are going to throw it to brendan. Enzo and Hayden me be in an alliance with the brigade, but they’re best bet will be to get rid or matt, brit and ragan.

      1. i don’t they are worrying about him winning, i think they are worried about the others not fighting and giving it to brendan. i think he will win, even if production has to step in. it will be boring if he doesn’t because we already know what will happen if anyone else wins. it’s more exciting if brendan wins, plus this way matt will be forced to use the d veto, because brendan will put matt up. production is not going to have a first time every pov and not have it used. just like the saboteur. that didn’t last so production brought it back.

          1. how is the brigade wanting matt to take the fall? that’s just a fact if b/r whichever one stays and win will put matt up, b/r said that not the brigade, they did however say that they will vote to keep him.

      1. he’s not going anywhere thursday, but if next week is a double elimination he could, and he’s worried because he needs brit and ragan for votes for him incase he gets put up against another brigade member. i would say that makes him worried, because once he uses veto unless he wins something he’s good as put on the block

  4. brendon already saying that the “brenchel tyranny” will continue IF he wins HOH and that an astronomically BIG IF…. umm IDIOT that didn’t work out for rachel did it???? her uncalled for HOH tyranny got her ass out the house.

    1. she’s not gone yet, and if the brigade had any sense they would keep her like enzo said. let her try and out ragan, kathy, and brit, and then let matt out her. if they don’t keep her, they will not make it to final 4 together, brit will fight her way to final 4, and kathy will cruise their with enzo and lane

  5. anyone still think the brigade are still 4 strong? I said from the beginning matt will flip, and he will choose ragan over the brigade anyday. He all but said it himself. He said He Ragan and Brit have to work their asses off to win, why his he concerned with Brit winning? I can see him not wanting to alarm Ragan, but worrying about Brit. The brigade is only 3 strong.

    1. That’s why I like this season. I honestly don’t know what’s going to end up happening to the Brigade. I’ve predict most seasons pretty easily, but for the most part this house gets along well with another. The brigade’s closeness has already lasted longer than most expected. It will be interesting to see which one of the outcomes ends up happening .

      1. they say matt is the brains behind the brigade, i think it’s enzo. he’s the only one thinking strategically for the brigade, matt is only looking out for himself, and ragan

    2. the brigade are hanging Matt out to dry anyways, they are not even trying and wouldn’t win if they tried so that leaves Matt a rogue member. he is smart, he tried to get B and R on his side but he thought maybe another brigade member would step up and take HOH but no one did, no one could, the only person Matt has in his corner is Ragan, he needs him. If the brigade is going to let him down and not win anything, Matt should be able to protect himself.

  6. Possible reasons for why Brendon is throwing this week:
    1) He’s going to make $200,000+ a year soon anyways.
    2) He has a secret plan
    3) He just wants to get away from Rachel. He got laid, he just wants out now.

  7. Brendon is trying so hard to get himself evicted to save Rachel,but WTH will he do when she goes and not him? Will he actually stay and play or will he just say to hell with it and ask production to let him leave?

        1. Yeah I think you guys are probably right,but I’m hoping that he stays and actually plays his own game. It’d be more interesting to see him fight to win instead of wimping out. 500k is worth taking a serious shot at winning.

    1. i think he will fight. and i think regardless of what hayden and enzo say they will use him to do their dirty work. the brigades are 4 members, and each one of them want to win. they are not going to let the next member of the brigade come between them and a half million dollars. who better to use to get there but brendan. matt has ragan, lane has brit, and hayden has kathy, enzo has who, i keep telling you all enzo is thinking ahead. he knows what’s going on and he don’t have to fight or win anything to know that, but he knows the end is near, and he needs b/r to win.

  8. i wish they hayden would LISTEN to Enzo. He is so clueless. if he wants to get further in the game he will keep rachel, because she will go after brit, matt and ragan for sure, all he and enzo will have to worry about is lane, then her, an easy way to final two, but Hayden doesn’t think. if they keep brendan and if brendan does win hoh this week he won’t win anymore, leaving ragan to put hayden and kathy up, because ragan won’t put up matt, and he won’t put up brit because brit is his friend, and lane is a friend of brit and he needs votes to win he won’t want those two mad at him. The brigade has been sitting around being lazy too long they don’t know how to use their brain. Only Matt (not a real brigade member) and Enzo are thinking strategically.

  9. Brit and RAch talked about sororities at one point — any sisters out there? what sorority were they in? Can you girls give us something we don’t know? How ’bout any friends or neighbors or work buddies of any of these HGs????? We love getting exclusives!!!

    1. surprisingly rachel does well in the outside world, she models, participates in pageants, she teaches chemistry at the college of southen nevada, Ragan is an author of several homosexual books, and has his own radio podcast on sirius radio he’s a poet and has won several titles.

  10. Hey everyone, i think it sucks so bad that either Rachel or Brendon has to go this week and I think the saboteur twist really sucks. Thats why we should all write emails to cbs telling them to have the saboteur lock the front door so both Rachel and Brendon can stay. I personally don’t like them but once they leave we all know that this house is going to be super boring. I don’t know about you guys but I want to watch some exciting and dramatic TV, and Brendon and Rachel staying for at least one more week will cause some drama!

    1. i wish cbs would watch this site to get a feel of what the viewers want to see. whatever became of B/R and their manual reading.

      1. I wrote to them and told them that it would be the greatest episode of big brother yet if the saboteur locked the door and neither Brendon nor Rachel left the house, I don’t like them but I want to see the drama that them staying for another week would cause!

        1. Yeah, because that would be fair. And let’s not forget that CBS has a massive forums site for BB reader comments. Allison Grodner doesn’t give a shit what any of us think as long as the viewer numbers are up.

    2. The saboteur “twist” was way better the first time they did it only it was called “America’s Player” and Eric did a pretty good job with it. I doubt that BB would not do an eviction this week. I think that it’s too early for that just like the HGs are already thinking of the double eviction week and it’s still too early for that as well…..unless BB decides to actually get creative and throw in a better twist.

  11. it will be so exciting to see brendan win hoh, put ragan and matt up. kathy wins pov and matt is forced to use the diamond veto and is the only vote, and of course he will vote brittany out, because he can’t vote out the brigade or ragan just yet. Now that will be an exciting episode to watch.

    1. I agree. However, Ragan might go home instead of Britney because unless the brigade is braindead, they know Matt and Ragan are friends and friends mean an alliance.

      1. yeah but if matt uses the d veto he is the only one that will get to vote, besides everyone knows lane and brit are close, it wouldn’t matter to hayden and enzo which one goes, but it will matter to matt and lane. this is my point with all the focus on matt/ragan brit/lane, kathy is going to cruise to the end you watch.

  12. I’m thinking Rachel actually DID make a sinister troll smirk at Annie week one. She probably just wasn’t aware of it, thus her conversation with Ragan right now. Maybe it’s her botox that’s to blame!

  13. Ragan wants house harmony , omg! Go home then. No body wants to see the whole house get along. Thats so annoying.

  14. A comment was made that CBS would not introduce a special PoV and not have it used. You are wrong. They have introduced it, and it was never used the first time. It was called Coup de tat. It’s basically the same thing as the diamond PoV. Mike Boogie had it in BB allstars and was never used. When Jeff used it, he was the first to use it. I am not shure if that was the 2nd time or 3rd time it was given, but he was the first to use it I believe.

    If I am wrong please correct me.

  15. Rachel, just doesn’t get it. Way to go Ragen. Wondering how long it will be before Brendon comes running out to beat Ragen……..

      1. I actually think Brendon is a pretty decent guy. He just dove into a relationship before realizing she was crazy, and now he’s stuck and it’s pulling him down. Look at it this way. If Rachel wasn’t in this game, Brendon woulda done much better, and just have been an all around nice but weird guy. But if Brendon wasn’t in this game, Rachel would probably still have been crazy.

        1. Agreed!! I really did like Brendon at first until he fell head over hills for Rachel. I get a little suspicious of people who fall madly in love (lust) in a weeks time. He really did seem to be a stand up kind of guy until Rachel got ahold of him. Rachel is just crazy all the way around. I think Simon needs to pass out drinks to everyone tonight!! :0)

  16. THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE to Ragan and his speech to Rachel. Kill her with point blank logic. She had nothing to fight with. Perfect.

    1. Funny thing is, Brendon wasn’t even part of the conversation so he really had no right to jump in without knowing exactly what happened. Man oh man, is he whipped. Rachel has his balls right where she wants them.

  17. ugh rachel is such a 5 year old.ragan is politely putting her in her place, and than she storms off. I can’t wait to see her leave. Shes a great competitor, but negates her skills by being such a terrible person to others.

    and brendon? ur a fool.

  18. Finally some drama tonight!I’m gonna miss those ( brenchel)assholes when their gone. The brigade was so busy laying low, being lames!

  19. Brendon might get his ass kicked if he keeps this up! Yeah, lets intimidate Britney who’s about 5’1 – takes a real man to do that. He is this biggest douche ever!!!

  20. what pisses me off is this. Yes Rachael and Brendon have done some questionable things but they sit around and talk about everyone and stabbs people in in the back. I cannot wait until the house turns on each other. Brit is so fake and Ragan is a joke. I hope Enzo or Hayden wins the whole thing. Brit sits there mean girling it and now crying cuz he said nick is banging other chicks. excuse me Brit arent you the one who said u wore a tampon and 2 bikinis when taking a bath with Rachael cuz u were scared of catching something. I wish Brendon and Rachael were on another season cuz these people in this house is a joke without a funny punchline.Brit and Ragan are the new BB mean girls. Kathy is the slick headmistress, Matt is the evil principal, and so on and so on…Just a joke this house and its players are. I will be glad when they watch the season back. Now Regan was all up rachaels but telling her lies and stiring the pot and now the house is against her so he is too along with Kathy come on now. I hope his school is watching. DOn’t want her I mean him teaching my kids..nope.


      1. Brit started with him first and i like brit out of them all. he waouldnt say it to lane because lane didnt say chit to him, he still under the radar,lol. Please! He didnt hit the girl. Lane wont do shit either he’s big for nothing.

  22. She always dish behind people’s back and cant take it back. I still like her though. But she should have kept quiet brendon wasnt talking to her.

  23. I personally dont like any of their personalities. All of them have done unscrupulous things.. But only Rachael and Brendon gets called out on it come on now. This CBS is getting ridiculous. this house is nothing more but a bunch of mean girls in training with Brit as the ringleader…wait til they turn on her dumb behind.whoo hoo.

      1. It wasnt even her fight, She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. she had nothing to do with it. he was talking to ragan

  24. No, he’s not talking to himself.

    He’s talking to you, idiots. Theirs cameras all over the place and he knows your watching.

  25. I agree..Brit is mean girl number one and Regan is mean girl number 2. They talk about Rachael and Brendon who no is not perfect, but then brit starts talking smack but then smiling in rachaels the croco tears..cry chick cry. I was rooting for brit so so much now my rooting has changed.

  26. It wasnt even brits fight. Its like 7 to 1 . I like brit she can dish it and can’t take it. HAHAHA! Hes the only one with some balls in the boring house!

  27. Ragan is a trouble maker, him and kathy and brit will soon be expendable.I cant wait for the brigade to rip them all apart idiots. Brit thinks she is so hot and smart.idiot and kathy and ragan are truly cruel people. wow brit tears magically disappeared

  28. Brendon is doing this on purpose…this is what he wanted and the other HG are falling for it…they are starting to consider taking him out before Rachel…

  29. Enzo seems to be falling for Rachels manipulating ways. He keeps mentioning that they should keep Rachel, not Brendon and if you have notice the last couple of days she has been stroking his ego and giving him the side cocked head look…(while in the Spa adjusting her boobs every few minutes a couple of nites ago, etc)….he is supposed to be playing them, but I think she is starting to wear on him. Plus if he does think that she thinks so highly of him as she keeps telling him, then she would help his game……Am I the only one seeing this?? Hopefully the other guys help keep him on the right path and he doesn’t end up talking them into keeping her at the last minute……

  30. It would really be funny when they evict Rachel on thursday he
    tries to walk out the house with her
    That would be AWESOME tv!

  31. Brenden showing lots of integrity! Just his pure, honest, home bred morals, never talks bad about anybody! Rachel needs a new knight in shining armour! This ones suits rusted up! First he lost his balls and his meat stick, now he’s lost his mind! What a classless moron! I hope Nick beats his pussy ass at the after party.

  32. What I don’t get is how people like Britney and Ragan feel superior to Rachel and Brendon, where they’re every bit as bad as those two. I don’t even see that behavior from Edzo (who’s growing on me – I think he can be pretty cool when he’s not overdoing the Italian gangster thing) or Hayden or Lane. Britney and Ragan are just nasty.

  33. I meant worse than Russell because he picked fights with girls and smaller people, except for jeff. I didn’t dislike Russell, he just bullied people but it was part of his game. He was a great guy and he appologized for what he said.

  34. I don’t understand any of you. It is alright for Britt to make fun of Rachael behind her back. It is alright for all of them to lie and be two-faced to Brendon and Rachael. It is o.k. for anyone to back stab Brendon and Rachael. It is alright for Matt to lie about his wife, about the diamond POV, and Pandora’s box. I have noticed that anything Rachael and Brendon say is wrong according to the rest of the BB house and you all. Why do you hate Rachael and Brendon so much but anything that lying snake twit Britt or that psycho deputy sheriff Kathy or that drama queen Ragan say is fine? I want Rachael and Brendon to stay. I think the entire house has been nasty to them. Rachael and Brendon are the only people that make the house interesting. The rest are afraid to really compete, afraid to use the POV and afraid to be HOH. What a bunch of chickens.

  35. I agree with you. I think Britt and Kathy are the nasty people in the house along with Ragan. Rachael and Brendon didn’t vote off Hayden and Matt or Kathy yet they are all out to get Rachael. At least Rachael is real where Kathy is a closet psycho and Britt is a two-faced closet BLANK and Ragan is an out of the closet drama queen. I think Enzo tries to be fair and not be so two-faced. Lane is a dope.

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