**updated** Big Brother 12 – No double Eviction? Brit had enough of Kahty “she spends all day s*cking on his balls”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:30pm Everyone but BRendon and KAthy They are talking about how Kahty is pissing them all off. Enzo brings up that KAthy has been trying to say the saboteur message was BRit, Brit gets pissed about how kathy one minute is trying to be her best friend and the next she’s throwing her under the bus. Brit: “she spends all day sucking on his balls then she comes out here and says how much she can’t stand him” Brit brings up that it was the same thing with Rachel she was saying how much she hated Rachel then once Rachel came back in shes running up hugging her.
Ragan: “The one quality I dont like in a person… if your going to talk mad BLANK about them then when they walk back in the door you don’t run up and give them a hug the second they are back in” . Enzo brings up that Brendon was upset last night because nobody hangs out in his HOH room, The group starts to laugh. They all start talking about how disgusting Brendon in and how much they can’t stand him, (enzo says a bit, Hayden doesn’t say anything) Brit: “if he walked down there right now and his legs snapped off his collar bone broke and his chest exploded I wouldn’t feel sorry for him” Ragan: “ohh i wouldn’t go that far”. Enzo says that he’s buddies with Brendon they talk and BLANK, ezo rips on Brendon just like he’s sure Brendon rips on him. Matt: “he’s lied to each person in the house he’s made deals with everyone”. Ragan brings up when Brendon is nominated he whines and complains, he says things under his breath he calls us pussy and when he

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

nominates us he’s in our rooms telling us to not take it personally and to be a good sport about it”. Hayden agrees that BRendon is a poor sport. Matt: “The pretzel note is actually against the rules that is real not his stupid ledge being too small in the HOH comp” Raga: “did you notice that when he won a comp that was clearly geared towards him winning I went up to HOH said good gob, you worked very hard to win that… you deserve it” Hayden: “Yeah I remember you doing that” Ragan: “why the BLANK does he put someone on the block for the 3rd week” .MAtt: “and when we nominate him next week he’s going to be another little BLANK you just wait”. Ragan explains to them that Brendon and Rachel go out 2 decent good people in the house (Monet and KRisten) and when they won HOH they got the sabetour out, Andrew and Rachel some of the more crazy people here” Enzo tells them that Brendon is going to walk up to everyone in the house next week and show them his two fingers and say, “see this… this is how many jury votes I’m worth”. Enzo: he literally thinks he’s not going up next week because he says he has a deal with everyone”

They start talking about double eviction and Ragan is sure it’s not going to be because a) they haven’t started to set up the set b) they will have to show the saboteur storyline tomorrow and theres not enough time to do a 2 evictions, a POV/HOH comp and the sab message all in one show.

They start to talk about Rachel and how her fight episode will be tonight. Matt thinks that tonight episode will be one of the best. They rehash the fight, everyone laughing when Ragan told her to to go make him a drink. They talk about how shocked Rachel will be when she sees herself on TV, Hayden thinks Rachel will just like it. Ragan thinks how you play the game is more important then if you win or lose, ragan: “It’s a honor to have Rachel not vote for me if I make it to final 2”.. They talk about doing just the tip tonigt.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:10pm lane, Ragan, Brit and enzo sleeping Lane going over what he’ll say to Brendon if he put shim up “I don’t have a real reason for putting you up just like you didn’t have a good reason for putting me up” Brit tells them that if they don’t want to win HOH then she does want to win. She goes on about her conversation with him this morning how he’s asking her who is studying. Brit: “He really doesn’t want Ragan or LAne to win.. but he thinks Ragan will get jittery” ragan: “I think without rachel he’s just a plain character he’s not very interesting”. Enzo: “I know he’ll come up and ask me or Hayden to use POV but I know what to say to him… I’ll tell him that if I use POV then they will put Hayden up because everyone thinks we’re tight… and hayden will say the same if he wins POV”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:20pm OGRE and Hayden, talking about cells phones and of course Brendon has a family member or friend that he can tie into the topic of their conversation

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:35pm Brit and Ragan going over the big brother says game they played this morning. Ragan and brit have it fully memorized. Brit comes to the conclusion that all the big brother says things have to do with have nots so it’ll be used for the end of have nots

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136 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 – No double Eviction? Brit had enough of Kahty “she spends all day s*cking on his balls”

  1. Did I actually see that when Brendan saw the sab note – please tell me that I was imagining it …..did he really say that he knew ‘a lot about handwriting analysis

    1. Laura: lmao….I don’t know (I didn’t catch it) but holy crap that boy needs to stop talking. He is cute as long as he is mute, you know?
      On a side note – SIMON – I haven’t been able to get on all day due to “server issues”. Just want to see if it’s just me or a site thing. No big deal….just need my daily fix, lol. xo

  2. Predictions for Brendon’s Pandora Box and tonight’s show:

    – I think that there is more to Brendon’s pandora box than we know, just as there was with Matt’s

    – I think that we will find out that more on tonight’s show

    – I think that Rachel either saw Brendon and/or he was able to get messages from her — for example, maybe he had a camera feed into HOH room? Or maybe she was able to talk to him in diary room — remember she went to diary room on her own TWICE — once after Ragan fight, 2nd after Brit fight

    – I hope that he didn’t get a special power for this evening’s show but I don’t think he did. He’s not hinting about a special power

    – But I worry that Production is trying to do stuff to keep Brendon around for the drama so they might be giving him something to keep him safe next week

    – On a related note, I bet Production is convincing Matt to not use DPOV on Enzo and to use it on Kathy. I think Production finds Enzo good for tv — he provides small funny soundbites they can use — while the majority with the live feeds dislike him

    1. Britany, by a far margin, is the best houseguest for the tv show.

      She is cute and is absolutely hilarious in her DR sessions.

      Enzo is not that funny on the tv. His ‘Jersey shore’ persona is getting very old and boring.

      Ragan’s saboteur DR shtick is nauseating.

      1. It is puzzling how you fail to notice Britney’s personality. She is the nastiest person that I have seen on this show in the last few seasons. I don’t know what’s so cute about her in physical terms, either. Lazy eye, short legs, flat ass, fake tits (I don’t have a problem with that myself, many guys do), and a mouth like a protruding anus. She’s only sort of, kind of, cute because she’s young. Compare her to a bikini model and it becomes laughable. All she does is complain and bash people behind their back. If you still like her the way she is, it means you have an adolescent crush on her, plain and simple. And it is pathetic.

        1. AGREE 100% she is such a negative person. She talks about Brendan thinks he knows everything, well all she talks about when she is not bad mouthing people is herself.

      2. Brit by far is a hypocritical snob. she talks about kathy, but evidently her memory only goes back a few seconds. She trash talked Rachel behind her back, and sucked up to her to her face. I can’t wait for her to see herself and hear what people in the house say about her, because at least B/R knew people didn’t like them, but brit thinks everyone likes her and they don’t.

        1. I agree Brit is the biggest bitch ever! I used to like her now i can’t stand her bitching ass all she does is talk about Brendon which leads me to believe she may have a secret crush on him! LOL, I can’t wait til her ass get’s kicked to the jury house!!!!

      3. Britney to Brandon: Brit: “if he walked down there right now and his legs snapped off his collar bone broke and his chest exploded I wouldn’t feel sorry for him………….well, who is the disgusting human being in the BB 11 now? SERIOUSLY? who thinks of violent things like that? and for all those people who likes Britney? really???

      4. This is the Britney you really liked? ……Brit: “I hope america hates rachel because that means more people like me.. i ripped on rachel big time… rachel is so freaking nasty”
        Brit: “I sat in a bath tub with her i’m a bio hazard”…….if Brit hates Rachel so much, why does she hug her and make Rachel feel, she’s her friend?

          1. Funniest person in the house? ALL of these people are dreadfully boring. I think after this season is long over everyone will remember the fish more than the HGs themselves (other than maybe Rachel). The only thing keeping this season alive for me is this message board..the HGs suck!

      1. yeah..they wanted her to tell brendon to put matt up so he had a reason to use the dpov..other wise it would have been pointless

      2. i know it;’s rigged, im just saying they claim they don;t rig BB and survivor, yet it’s obvious they do…. like how both matt’s HOHs was rigged for smaller people, and rachel’s 2 HOHs was rigged to cause drama in the house, and brendon’s gear towards the strongest which it;s obvious he’s the most athletic in the house…..

    2. Why should’nt he know what Rachel and the others talked about it would not be cheating as everyone knows what either one knew the other would and it was pandoras box so yes he should get something know different than Matt did. So if all you guys saying they are helping brenden stay in so aren’t they matt. And the rope comp could have been one by any of the guys the only people it did not go for was the women Britt, Ragan and Kathy but realy it was more aimed for lane to win as he is from the country and a big boy.

    3. i bet if Matty uses DPOV, which he better, Brendon will get to play in the HOH comp since his HOH power was reduced….that’s what they did with Chima when Jeff used his power.

  3. How can Kathy suck what isn’t there?


    It sucks that I can’t watch the show on tv any more because now all the fireworks are happening. Is there any site that has a recap of the tv episodes or do I have to wait until the episode is online?

  4. hypocrites much? matt should not complain how unfair it is b/c everything is rigged in his favor. the power, the fake illness letter and fake b-day. i dont care if no one likes him but i am TEAM BRENDON all the way

    1. As usually Matt, Britt and Ragans fan club have know common sense they must be blind cant see what realy is happening.

  5. Live Feeds: Lane, Ragan, and Matt in Have Nots. Ragan says, I wish that someone has the coup d’tat. Matt, yeah, that would be great especially now that we’re all on board about the saboteur.

    (Sounds like Matt will be using DPOV on Kathy….)

  6. i really excited for tonights episode just cuz i want to see matts diary sessions cuz i’m interested in what hes thinking…whether or not he thinks hes still in with the brigade and who hes thinking about putting up when he uses dpov…hopefully kathy or enzo!!

    1. His diary room musings will be edited to death. They’ll probably focus on some thought he’s working out verbally to make us think the opposite of the truth to make it more of a shock when he nominates someone.

  7. So ready for tomorrows eviction! If Matt uses the DPOV, $10 bucks enzo’s says “I knew it yo, I knew Matty had some kind of secret power” – knowing good and well when it was told to him, he blew it off. Wanna see fireworks, yo!

  8. Why are they saying that Brendon sucks bcuz he made a deal with everyone? I dont get that. Brendon gave everyone a deal in exchange of not nominating them. The deal is off with whomever he did nominate, duh. It’s not like Matt, Ragan and Lane did their part of the deal already. Brit on the other hand, will look bad when SHE breaks their deal after Brendon fulfilled his part of the deal with her.

    1. What I don’t understand is “all” the hate is going towards BrenDone when each and everyone in the house is a douche bag, including BreDone but especially Ragan who is a nasty, bitter, weepy PROfessor. I’d hate to have to be in his class.

  9. Nick must be dating Britney for her looks. Her personality sucks ( too much of a witch) I hope Nick is ok with Britney getting a lazy eye on the show. You could really see it in the last picture

      1. Carol condones Britney’s behavior…i guess she’s looking right through a mirror image of Britney….and btw…it’s ‘DITTO” not “DITO”

  10. Raga: “did you notice that when he won a comp that was clearly geared towards him winning”
    Ain’t that some bullshit Ragan’s talking. When Bren does it he is crying. A few days ago Brit said bullshit like that the other day. My guess is the deeper u get in the game the harder the hoh comps.
    Ragan also said B/ R gor rid of two decent ppl Krist/ Monet….. would u have rathet see your boyfriend or Cock Eye go home.

  11. I am team Enzo all the way & Brenden..
    Bren is playing the game the way it should be played in BB… I think that when the house guests see the feeds they will realize that he is a good person and was always trying to knock Rach down a size when she was on her power trips… As for Brit, she is a shame-ful disgusting daughter..

    How big of a person can each of them be? 7-1 ganging up on Bren. It’s revolting

    1. Really? Brendon is insecure but I liked him kind of — UNTIL I started watching the feeds. I can’t stand him now. He’s boring, he’s a prat, he’s constantly rattling on how horrible they were getting rid of Rachel (his girlfriend of 4 weeks — who he’ll see again in a few weeks). He’s fame hungry with his agent and his appearances on reality tv. He’s incredibly not perceptive about himself (talking about others when he does the same shit). AND ENZO is even worse.

  12. Live Feeds: Brendon and Enzo enter HOH. Brendon turns immediately on the tv to watch other houseguests. “Where is everyone? What’s going on? He mumbles to himself. He continues staring intently at the tv. Enzo mentions saboteur. Brendon suggests who was in the room — if Britney, Ragan or Matt then that’s suspicious. Enzo says well no, because Brit was in the room to get the black blanket. Brendon confused. Brendon still staring at tv TRYING to SPY on other houseguests says “Britney was acting suspicious this morning. I was out there with Kathy and Britney was staring at us trying to listen into our conversation. He says I was thinking like what what get a life stop trying to listen into everything. [Pot meet Kettle] as Brendon himself continues to spy using the tv.

    … more sabo talk. Enzo says, I don’t think it’s Kathy. Brendon suggesting Lane AGAIN.

    1. Seriously folks, watch how much Brendon stares at the tv whenever he’s in HOH. He barely looks at Enzo because he keeps looking at tv. He’s like a scary freak staring at his neighbors.

  13. Who would u rather have in this season of BB?
    Jerry bb10 or Kathy
    Gnat bb11 or Brit
    I love when Matt & Ragan do the Jerry impressions :-)

  14. Matt uses the D-POV to remove himself from the block and in a totally weak move names Kathy as the replacement. WAIT FOR IT………..then Brendon stands up and giddily announces, “Ohhhhhhhh, I’m sorry Matt, but MY Pandora’s Box gave me the power to over-ride any other power used in the house any time over the next two weeks”.

    Not taking the time to think it through and waiting to use the power to save himself next week, Brendon acts impulsively and looks over the remaining HGs eligible for nomination (the cousins or half brothers are safe: Ragan…POV & Matt…D-POV. DRINK!) and decides that he is taking Kathy off the block and putting Bitchny up in her place. That leaves Lane vs Britney. The house votes out Britney who has to be dragged from the house kicking and screaming to join Rachel at the jury house. Britney wouldn’t know what hit her! One can dream can’t they?

      1. Just thinking of ways the producers can put some sort of spark in this God awful boring season, Mike.

        A power (Brendon’s Pandora’s Box reward) that would trump another power (Matt’s D-POV) that would trump another power (Brendon’s HOH) would certainly do that. The Britney kicking and screaming to be banished alone with Rachel is just a pleasant result.

  15. 7:45pm est, Ezno smoozing up with Brendon in the HoH room. Oh I am really disliking Enzo. I just don’t care for fake people. He is being fake to everyone. He will turn on anyone depends on wich way the wind blows.

    I would love for Matt to put up Enzo to see the shock on his face. That would be priceless and make up for the crappy season.

    1. can you imagine either being married to thar scum bag or having him work for you…wonder what his job thinks of him…and the way he is so abusive i bet his wife is scared shit of his lazy ass and his 6yr old jeans he wears on weekends that have not been washed in 6 yrs..imagine the cheese smell on those puppies!

  16. Brit tells Matt that it’s her birthday on Monday. Matt asks her if someone used the CDT and put her up would she be mad? Brit says yes. I think Matt is going to put Brit up.

    1. Mike, I thought that at first….AND then I remembered Matt’s conversation with Hayden and Enzo last night where they were talking about putting up her and Ragan….and underestimating how angry she’d be…..I think he was saying it because Hayden was in the room and would hear her answer.

    2. DO IT MATT! If he actually takes the time to look over the other HGs, there is no one that is a real threat to him other than Britney or Brendon. The other Brigade members couldn’t win a spelling bee if they had to spell “cat” and were spotted the “c” and “a”. If he gets rid of Britney this week and the house eliminates Brendon next, then Matt should end up in the finals against Ragan (his cousin or half brother…DRINK!!!!). You probably now realize the main goal in the majority of my posts is to get you people hammered…LOL.

  17. Team Enzo and Brendan? Enzo is a piece of garbage. He should be ashamed of himself. He talks just as much about Brendan as Brittney does. The only difference is Brittney doesn’t pretend to be brendans friend the way Enzo does. There is no team Enzo and Brendan. Next week if Matt wins and then Brendan wins pov you will see Enzo drop him all together. Enzo talks more shit then anyone in the house. He throws the word bitch around like it’s nothing. That’s really sad since he has a daughter now. How would he feel if his daughter grew up and went on this show only to see some ugly, balding, idiot, floater from jersey calling her a bitch every second. He makes me sick. Atleast Brit actually wins comps. Brendan says stuff like Brit is only playing for herself?? He must be a real idiot because if there is anyone playing for themselves it’s Enzo. He doesn’t try to win because he doesn’t want to get anyone mad at him. Brendan says he wants to get rid of floaters yet Enzo and Kathy are the biggest floaters in the history of BB. Brendan is a moron.

  18. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO BB looks good. I get to see what I missed online. The look on their face when Rachel came back in the house LOL.

  19. God am I slow! I just realized that last week when they made all the HG’s pack their bags wasn’t because of a possible double elimination but because if the DPOV gets used then the new nomination has to be packed and ready for possible elimination. They will probably make everyone pack up again tomorrow morning.

      1. This is on TV right now. This was on the Live Feeds a few days ago. Watch BB on tv and you will see all the juicy parts.

  20. I haven’t seen any of the live feeds but OMG what CBS is showing between Rach and Ragan is hysterical!!!!!! Ragan has turned into quite the little diva bitch and he was my choice to win at the beginning, not anymore!!!!

  21. LMFAO Rachel ” Does anyone in the house dislike me?” nobody says anything, Enzo while walking away “I am a nice guy, I am friends with everyone” Well if this comment dosn’t show the house how 2face he is, then nothing will, but I guess they already know about him.

  22. the fight between gayboy and the waitress is too funny. from one bitch to another , each is acting like each is the bigger bitch. she called him out though, she said fo you have to be such a bitch because you are gay? LOL too funny although she will be getting alot of hate mail from the gays for that.

  23. After watching, Ragan deserved the comment Rachel made anyone would be mad and say the first thing that could hurt that person. Not saying it was right but I do understand.

    1. I totally agree. Ragan is hilarious and is defending himself because Rachel clearly came into that house wanting to start drama. Nothing Rachel did was sincere or nice so she deserves to be put in her place. Plus watching her try and come up with comebacks is just painful…haha Ragan had the best zingers!

    1. Ragan screaming at Rachael saying he’s a nice person….. That’s not what he showed America this evening. Nice people generally keep their cool when having a heated conversation and definitely don’t resort to make disparaging remarks like he did…. The perfect poster boy for civility !

  24. As a gay man, I am absolutely disgusted by the way Ragan is acting. It’s awful. He’s truly an embarrassment. I’ve been a Rachel fan from the beginning. She may be a little over the top, but she has been attacked since day 1 and anyone else would be a little bitchy too if they had to fight for 5 weeks. Ragan’s mocking of Rachel is just gross. He looks like a troll and I don’t know any gay guy who would touch him with a ten foot pole. I hope he’s evicted ASAP.

    1. that was very nice of you to not side with him just cause he’s gay and you are too. he was being overtly mean to rach. it makes it look like all gay men are women haters and bitchy and hopefully the viewers are smarter than that. I have several gay friends who are nothing like ragan.

    2. I know several gay people, kin to two gay people and none of them are like Ragan. They are kind people. Very nice also. He is horrible. I hope he goes home soon.
      I too am a Rachel fan and will vote her fan favorite. I feel sorry for her because Ragan and Britt have treated her so horribly.

  25. So production does show us the message Rachel made. I think Production wants Matt on the block so he can use his DPoV.

    I guess we are all stoked for tomorrow to see what happens. After this, what does BB production have? Nothing, so hopefully Enzo gets nominated becasue it’s going to be a boring game if the brigade are intact.

  26. where do they find some of these people, Enzo , jersey shore is plain out ignorant, Kathy, how in the hell did she become a cop, she is like a bump on a log, Brit, is just a southern hick, Lane, his mind is like Texas, miles and miles of nothing. Ragan, is the biggest cry baby EVER, Hayden can’t think for himself, and Brenden is a know it all, but at least he plays the game and plays hard.

  27. you see the way they got the SAB looking on the screen does anybody in that hosue notices he sits the SAME way regan does???????????????????……………….

  28. don;t get me wrong i LOVE BB but i would like to see it played fair for all of them, don;t gear Comps towards certain people, and it;s clear most of not all the comps were made for a specific persona to win

  29. Regan thanks that twitter girl for an excellent sabotage idea? WTF? I thought he was suppose to do what america says, not pick what he wants. So bogus.

    Please please BB start giving clues to who the sabateur is so the HG can guess who it is.

  30. I just heard from a friend in pro. that brendon was given the coup d’etat by pandora’s box and that he will be able to over throw the head of household next week because his picks are going to be taken out by the dpov this week. I think that using pandora’s box once in a season is fine, but this is getting too confusing.

    1. Okay, I will bite on this, Tragic. Are you telling the truth or are you pulling my leg? No one else is following up on this so that makes me feel like I am being suckered. If you are, that’s fine. I will give you a big “Good One!”

  31. About that group discussion about Kathy and Brendon – were these people even listening to themselves? Matt: he’s lied to each person in this house. Ragan: when Brendon is nominated he whines and complains. And I’m not even gonna repeat any of what Brat said, including the horrifically vile thing she said about Brendon. Seriously, guys? These people are either stone cold liars and hypocrites, or are totally lacking any real self-awareness whatsoever.

  32. Brit is the baddest bitch in the house… In a good way lol. She’s funny and she is playing a pretty smart game being one of only two girls left in the house. I hope she can make it to the end.

  33. After tonight’s show I cannot stand Ragan. He is one horrible human being. Very vile person. If my child were in one of his classes, I would want a refund. He talks about
    being an upstanding person, but he is not one, nor is his best friend he has been crying for. I think Ragan is just miserable on the inside and outside. SAD!!!!! I hope he goes next week. Horrible person!!!

  34. everything that brit accuses kat of doing, she is guilty of the same. it’s like the old saying goes”the pot calling the kettle black”.

  35. My name says it all !

    PLUS, horrible, nasty, weepy, loud, bitter, 2 faced, etc. Wonder where he teaches and whether there’s still a job for him after all of his disgusting talk ?

  36. Anyone notice who is ALWAYS sitting there watching all the shit unfold and then taking it all back to that dumb boy alliance (3 only) and telling them everything that happened???? KITTY KAT!!!

  37. Reagan absolutly chewed Racheal up and spit her out. if you watched that arguement and actually paid attention to what he said, you would agree. he is very smart and he let her have it.she could not do crap but sit there and stutter while he lit into her. and he left her standing there wandering what to say.

    1. randall: agree 100% with everything you said. Ragan didn’t lose his temper, didn’t curse, just gave it all straight. And he doesn’t back down like the other HGs. Did you see Enzo? “Everyone is my friend, yo”. Enzo dude, htf did you end up in the Brigade? You need to be fitted for cement shoes….yo.

  38. What on Earth people? Are we watching the same show?

    Rachel came in the door like she was Queen of Sheba returning to flagellate her kingdom. She jumped in Ragan’s face immediately and was guttural in word choice. Literally gutter trash language and behavior out of Ms. Vegas once again. Her chutzpah knows no boundaries!

    Ragan responded rationally with deep conviction and yes a bit of anger. However, he kept the majority of his arguments on point and explained the significance of her attention seeking behavior. I don’t think she “got it” but that is due to no fault of the professor.

    Frankly, I am disgusted with the other house guests who sucked up to her once again. They should have all simply said hello to the Righteous Red Warrior and gone back to bed. Enzo was most egregious in saying he likes everybody as a way to leave Ragan hanging. Disgusting person, that Jersey boy.

    1. BB Guilty Pleasure: I think the general consensus agrees with you on this one. She is a nasty parrot BLANK and Ragan is a level-headed rational guy. Enzo is just creepy as all hell. I am a Brigade fan but I gotta say I am rooting for Matty to win the whole thing. He carried those guys and they backstabbed him. Or Ragan to win.

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